The Arsenal board are just cowards, we are being humiliated and Wenger is clueless …again.

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First of all let’s address the latest derisory offer for Cesc of £27mil coming in, and all our board say is ‘come back with a sensible offer’ Why do Arsenal always take it up the rear end? That’s not being above the parapit, that’s being cowardly and gutless.

Our player is once again in an unseemly battle akin to a divorcing couple fighting over their kid, he will be hurt and upset by both sides but more importantly our fans are once again being humiliated.

Cesc is clearly worth between £45 and £60mil, they know it, but choose to treat us like we are their bitches, what can Arsenal do? Well learn to fight back, that’s what.

1) Tell them Cesc will honour his contract and don’t bother us again for fear of a law suit for unsettling a contracted player.

2) Offer them the same amount for Messi and see what comes back, then act on what happens.

3) Ask them how they feel that Cesc is worth £5mil less than a much older, less talented Villa. Then ask Cesc to ask his dad the same question.

4) Tell Cesc to tell them once and for all he isn’t interested and stop bothering him.

What irks me the most is this player is no squad man, he is our captain, it’s a disgrace.

If none of the above interests them then stick him on the transfer list and sell him to the highest bidder, they’ll be plenty. If he refuses to go to another club, strip him of the captaincy and let him see out his contract, after that see how many offers come in from Barca.

You may all see him as being the innocent party in all this but he isn’t, this is Arsenal and Arsenal are bigger than any player or any manager, which brings me onto Wenger, what a mug that man really is.

Lining up Manuel Jurado as a £7mil replacement for Cesc says it all, I know, if its true, I bet it is though, but that’s not my gripe.

How on earth can it take so long to sign Cahill or Samba, one is for sale at £17mil the other £12mil, what’s so difficult? ManU want a player they just pay the money, same as Liverpool, Wenger screws around to save fourpence and we lose out, if only he was so careful when increasing Denilson’s salary. You know, the player that dissed Wenger and now nobody wants.

Ashley Young, a very talented EPL proven England winger, perfect, icing on the cake? He’s a Gooner, what happens, we are screwing around with Gervinho, who will no doubt be missing in January and take 2 seasons to adjust, and Young goes to the Mancs, great Arsene, thanks.

No wonder Cesc, Nasri, Bendtner, Denilson and Clichy want out, I would too if I didn’t love the Arsenal.

That’s it Grovers, Pedro’s post will follow at 10am.

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228 Responses to “The Arsenal board are just cowards, we are being humiliated and Wenger is clueless …again.”

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  1. Savage

    Suga3, if you don’t believe that getting behind a player can improve their performance, I’m not sure you understand psychology? The collective tension at the Emirates is embarrassing. No wonder the team were nervous in the CC final, while Brum played without fear. Part of that is definitely the fans’ fault, given that they CAN make a difference. You can claim all your human rights as a paying spectator, but you’re missing a trick here.

  2. Raugaj

    It’s really funny that Savage,who might by all chances,have not spent a penny on Arsenal,accusing the season ticket holders and fans who have spent their hard earned money on feeding the parasites Wenger and his love children, accusing them of not supporting the team. The irony

  3. Tinyspuds

    @SUGA3 The thing is no-one really knows quite what happened between Dein and the rest of the board. There are rumours that both sides tried to stick the knife in the back.

    Dein apparently did try to sell to both Kroenke and Usmanov (successfully) but quite likely it was as a way to take control of the board. My bet is that PHW was against Kroenke initially because of the possible connection between him and Dein. Once Dein joined with Usmanov then Kroenke was seen as ‘safe’.

  4. Rob The Goon

    The only thing I can say in wenger’s defence is that all the players are on holiday…

    But even that is bullshit because ashley young cut short his holiday to finalise his deal with the mancs

  5. SUGA3


    how can you expect to get behind these self-proclaimed ‘winners’, ‘top strikers’, ‘future Ballon d’Or winners and Barca/Madrid players’ and fucking cokeheads?

    do me a fucking favour, these four are all cunts, not worthy of the shirt, simple as that…

    tension at the CC final? first and foremost, they arrived wearing trackies, that should tell you something about their feeling the sense of occasion…

    so, the fans are at fault for Koscielny being a complete twat?

  6. xto

    An average arsenal fan is the most heart broken fan in the epl, and the board and wenger are responsible,fab has done more for that club almost more than arsene himself, without a trophy n a mediocre bid, he is bound to lose his self worth, I won’t spend my money to hurt myself further, I will rather not watch club football anymore.

  7. xto

    An average arsenal fan is the most heart broken fan in the epl, and the board and wenger are responsible,fab has done more for that club almost more than arsene himself, without a trophy n a mediocre bid, he is bound to lose his self worth, I won’t spend my money to hurt myself further, I will rather not watch club football anymore.

  8. mkv

    Of course its from tribal football but typical Arsenal

    Arsenal haggling over Samba fee with Blackburn
    24.06.11 |
    READ MORE NEWS ON: Arsenal, Blackburn Rovers, Everton
    Click Here!

    Arsenal are locked in talks with Blackburn Rovers for want-away defender Christopher Samba.

    The Daily Mail says Samba has begged Blackburn not to block his dream move to the Emirates.

    Rovers rejected an £8m bid by Arsenal for the defender, as they want £12m-£14m.

    The clubs held more talks this week, with Arsenal also juggling a possible move for Everton’s Phil Jagielka.

  9. Savage

    It would be fascinating to do a count of the name calling and see who does more – Wenger loyalists or Wenger outists? The conclusion would reflect on who has more dignity.

  10. telarse

    Cesc is easily worth £60 million – possibly £80-£100 million at Barcelona where he’d play to his full potential as his body would be there as well as his head (if you know what I mean!)rather than as the huffy cunt he’s been with us for the last couple of years!
    P.S. I’d get Melo and Mereilles if they’re going for just £10-£13 million each.

  11. Tinyspuds

    For those that are saying that board have followed this current strategy simply to line their pockets I’d ask you this question.

    As the boardmember with the largest portion of the shares when the Emirates was built how long did Fiszman have to spend the profits on his shares after he sold them ?

  12. Savage

    Suga3, I would hate to play in front of you. Fact. They would have to offer me a bigger salary to stay. And you would also hate it, unless you get perverse pleasure from being called S***3.

  13. SUGA3


    fuck the ‘dignity’ bollocks, we want the trophies, simples!

    what is so dignified about pinching the kids by offering them ridiculous money?

    what is so dignified about the manager lying to the fans on every occasion?

  14. Whirly Balls

    Increase the ticket price. Buy more poor players. Board members trying their best to squeeze any money left before the eventual taking over process by foriegn owner. Then sell our best players for less than market value.

    Wenger could not buy Young or Jones because English players are way overpriced. You know what, at this alarming rate of no transfer activity (Hey, I know it’s still June), more of our so-called targets will move to another club, and then Wenger will come out and say “We tried to sign him or we almost signed him once” Maybe, just maybe, Wenger’s still bitter not able to sign Eto’o or Ibrahimovich or Cech or even Cristiano Ronaldo when we had the chance.

    Arsenal nowadays is like Juventus. Clueless about everything. I just hope whoever the new owner is, he must have some of Abramovich impatience, sack Wenger if he doesn’t deliver!

  15. SUGA3


    trust me, if you pulled your weight, I would sing your name until I could sing no more!

    credit and criticism where it’s due is my policy!

  16. fobar

    wenger is going to drag arsenal into shame. I am beggining to hate dis man. He doesnt like the fans at all. To h**l with hm

  17. DeiseGooner

    Did the board say ‘come back with a better offer’ or did the Sun say thats what was said? Who knows what was said. Bit i do seem to remember statements from wenger and board saying cesc is on a long contract and isnt going anywhere.Slagging off the board for the behaviour of another club is a bit out of hand dont you think? Barcas board and indeed their players are a bunch of classless pricks. I expected nothing less from them this summer regarding Cesc. I believe the way Arsenal deal with them (privately), not through media mouthpieces is the only way to deal with them. Making threats and acting the same way to one of their star players seems childish to me. If theres hard evidence for tapping up, then bring it to the authorities right away, no threats, no going public, no nothing.

  18. George G


    If all the board are wenger’s bitches then y did the board get rid of wenger’s main man, David Dein?

  19. gurkhaligunner

    Can`t believe the way my beloved club AFC is being bullied by the spanish scum, we r not fucking Blackpool. This is an insult to both Arsenal football club and club captain Cesc Fabregas this wouldn`t had happened if we had some cuntish people working in the board or the management. I wonder what kind of feed back Jose Mourinho could had given if he was our manager or if we had a that fat Russian as the owner. FUCK

  20. Big Dave

    cesc is worth 50mill, but with one team bidding and him only wanting to go their, we will be lucky to get 35mill

  21. WWW

    I have a problem with the club’s valuation of Cesc, on the one hand we say it will cost £40m+ to replace him, so the head;lines must read “Arsenal to go for Schneider as replacement for Fabregas” or “Gunners raid Spurs for Modric to replace El Capitan” is it fuck JURADO or BARTON or PARKER to replace Fabregas and bank the rest.

    Then again didnt we replace Vieira with a certain young Spaniard for around £400k, that one didn’t turn out too bad.

    Personally, i would go back to Barca and enquire about Villa, Affelay, Mascherano, Maxwell and Thiago. None of them can replace Fabregas but if Barca were to take Clichy, Denilson and Bendtner as well as Fabregas and in return we got those 5 i would be happy. Leaving us only Samba to buy and some dross to flog. We have done deals like this before with Barca, Overmars and Petit springs to mind

  22. Charlie

    Arsenal are the ones winning out here. We keep stealing their young players and as some form of revenge they make offers for our captain which we reject. It’s not as if his contract is close to running out so they can keep going as long as they want and we’ll keep taking any promising youngster that they have. Then they’ll try to claim the moral high ground saying that what we’re doing is morally wrong while everyone can see that it’s BS.

  23. Peter Ryde

    Absolutely spot on sunshine….from being the greatest club in the world we have slowly become a laughing stock with moronic management playing power games to impress two foreign owners. And watching whilst other, Manure, sign English Arsenal supporters like Young & Smalling, both local…..We on the other hand continue give all our detractors a good laugh as we penny pinch our way to being linked with average players that Chelskis/Manure/ would not even look at. Mind you we do have the dynamic duo Dialby (the sick) and Denilson (the innadiquate) who Arsene staked his reputation on along with Vela, Almunia, Eboue, Squillacci, Clichy,Rosicky, Chamakh….with this lot being paid wages for so little talent, who is to say that we can ever expect to stay in the top 4 anymore unless our two foreign owners can stage a coup?????

  24. Tinyspuds

    @SUGA3. Come on…. You know that Austria is Wenger’s preferred choice of pre-season destination. If he had his way he would be going there this season. He has been persuaded / told / advised to go to China instead which suggests that the board aren’t Wengers bitches at all…

  25. SUGA3


    we have a single owner now, so it’s a bit different to the times when the ownership was more shared and it was easier to ‘divide and rule’, besides, we have made a loss this year, so a money spinning tour was a no-brainer…

    still, we are playing some two-bob clubs, no?

  26. George G


    Are u askin or tellin? If the board really r wenger’s bitches then wenger would simply “bring back David Dein” as he is the only one he really trusts. U c when it came to buying players all wenger had to do is tell Dein and then Dein would fastrack the transfer from contacting the club to making the contract. Now wenger is involved and more than just a manager cos none of the board members are capable. Wenger should go back to being just a manager and the only way that can happen is by first gettin rid of hill-wood and other inactive board members.

  27. Murray

    With the way things are going, am actually psychologically ready for another disappointing season.what i experienced emotionally this past season is something i don’t want to go through again.Challenging in four fronts and coming out with nothing was just horrible. So when i hear that cesc’s replacement may be jurado, how the fuck am i supposed to be optimistic? so the first time as an arsenal fan am going into this season expecting nothing but i know somewhere in my heart, l’ll be hoping for the best.

  28. SUGA3


    I am telling you!

    Wenger himself never had it so good, shame that he is not accountable to anyone, do yoou think Dein would allow him to fuck around in the trabsfer market?

    by the way, you may want to continue this convo on the next post’s thread…

  29. Jago

    This is no different to every summer since we have been at the emirates, we simply moved to a stadium we couldn’t afford and now the consequences are being felt. Yes its amazing and yes its going to help the clubs future however for the fans of today we are being well and truly spanked by Arsenal and the greedy effing board. Usmanov is 100% right. There will be NO signings this summer of any relevance because of an arrogant manager who unfortunately is way way past his sell by date.

  30. Tinyspuds


    I’m not sure if it’s the new owner or Gazidis who made the difference. Either way Wenger has had some of his control over ‘footballing matters’ taken away. If it’s a no brainer then it’s a no brainer we should have been making for the last few years

    As for two bob clubs. I guess we don’t want to lose by too many goals 😉

  31. dennis

    I agree with the first part of the article. Wenger disrespects the fans and indeed the Board is scared to deal with both Wenger and the players. Fabregas is a wonderful player, a great talent and an individual who understands his value both on and off the pitch. Arsenal as a Club will be poorer indeed if he leaves now without a suitable replacement. The Board must take a decision.
    Fabregas wants to leave: Simple as that. Grant him his wish and for a very good price too. Barcelona needs a mercurial talent so they must pay the right price.

    Transfer Window: Wenger is making us all Arsenal fans really sick. It is not fair on the fans for Wenger and the Board to believe that Fans are like trees, they would always be there when you need the shade. It is almost wicked to toy with the emotions of Millions of Fans and die hard Arsenal supporters worldwide. The window has remained open, Almost evert Gooner and the Chief Executive of the Club are saying the same thing: We need quality reinforcement, yet the Board and Wenger sit Idly by and just watch our opponents continue to strenghten their squad and laugh at our hollow rhetorics that lead no where. I ask myself sometimes: What does Wenger want? He cannot possibly give birth to a son who will mature next day into the player that he desires. We appreciate the challenge of trying to balance the books and still present a formidable team. But Mr Wenger something needs to give. We love this club, including you. We know you love the club too. We know that Arsene knows best,but Sir just bend backwards a little.

    My suggestions: Scott Parker in Midfield
    Samba and Gary Cahill for defence
    Shay Given for Goalkeeping
    Gevinho and Falcao for attack

    Fire Sale: Denilson, Bendtner, Carlos Vela, Eboue, Out.

    New 1st team players: Lansbury, Frimpong,

    We love Arsenal, Wenger, Board do the needful.

  32. E4 Paul

    I find it amazing how after a few barren years, the prospect of signing some of the players that we have been seriously linked with,appears to really excite some people. After years of continual disappointment, my juices no longer flow when I hear this summer’s potentials.

    This is what has become of my Arsenal. A club whose board treats its fans with no respect, charges them the highest prices, lies to them and then blames market forces or uses some other poncy buzzword in their attempt to deceive us. Our manager, has dug himself so far into trench with his stubborn, inflexible approach that he too does not care how we fans feel. He wants to do things his way on the cheap with the youngest ever squad and nothing is going to get in his way. The players have now begun to mutiny and even blame each other for the collective failures. They too don’t care. So why should I?

    Perhaps this is why Barcelona feel they can insult us year in year out. They sense that no one in the club gives a flying f**k, so they insult us by making ridiculous bids for one of the worlds best midfield players. When really, we should be after their biggest players if only to raise the poor spirit surrounding the club. We should be going after the best and the best are at Barcelona, they’re not at clubs that have just got relegated or just avoided it. Going after players like those do not improve you, well not usually anyway. This is why I have chucked in my three season tickets. I’m no longer impressed by Wenger’s unknowns.

    We need to make a big statement and let the world know that we want to be successful again. To do that, we need to break from the shackles that the management/board have placed themselves and its fans in and forget about profits and think about fan satisfaction. Keeping us happy WILL make them happy too. Spending well, getting the right quality players and trophies will come, as will the money that fans will spend on merchandise etc.

  33. realistic tony

    We do not act like a BIG club anymore…we seem to have grown accustomed to cheap, haggled deals with untested players, even if we have the money to buy top quality players. If the stories of samba and cahill are correct, then why is wenger dithering????…surely with champs league qualifiers coming soon, wouldnt it be sensible to get these guys in and integrate them ASAP. i MEAN WE HARDLY HAD THE LUXURY OF A GOOD END OF THE SEASON TO DRAW OUR CONFIDENCE FROM (WITH OUR CURRENT PLAYERS) DID WE!!!!
    i would put my house on the bet that we make profit if cesc goes for whatever amount…just like the 40 million we got for adebayor and toure and spent less than half of that.
    Its all about the bank of arsenal and the “merchant BANKER” wenger…..not about winning trophies.

  34. leon

    gg suga is telling the truth anyone he has free rane to what ever wants no one at all to push him.look at chealsea i dont think previous manaher did that bad of a job i have seen amanger come and go and been sacked for alot less he allowed the problem to fester for well over 4 years he has not invested more 12 mill in squad in past 3-4 need to wake up the fact the manager the new that had all that success has gone.he has had blinders on for quite few yaers now and he sees is doller signs and looks at quality of the playersjust how much he costs and what he payout in wages

  35. Wavy

    Good post. However, the point of our present transfer ambitions are being misunderstood. Samba and Cahill are not being pursued. They are EPL players and as such can be transfered before July 1st. If they were really on the hit list they would both haave been signed by now. On going talks etc are sheer bullshit. Mark my words Wenger has sorted out who the new personnel will be and they do not play in the EPL!! More foreigners! Probably cheap, probably poor, probably like Cygan and Sylvestre!
    Like the idea of swapping Cesc for Messi, that would test Barca’s resolve to hang on to one of their better players..I imagine we would get the bums rush though. Well, quelle surprise!
    Have heard/read somewhere that Xavi has a chronic knee condition that will put him out of football within the next 18 months. Makes their need to get Fabregas all the more crucial to them. They may well stump up the money wanted for his transfer £60m? If you want something enough you can always find the readies.
    We’ll see in July.
    I don’t think there will be many more new faces at the club, and as for the dross, they have been so villified by the fans and the press, who in their right mind would consider buying any of them? They are no longer worth jack shit! So we are stuck with them until their contracts expire. It’s what happens when you have children… can never be rid of them! They leave home briefly (go out on loan) and then they bounce back like boomerang kids, and then you are back to providing for the little ones – again!
    Wenger’s children, what a legacy!

  36. JEZZA

    couldnt agree more, im sick of wenger and the board trying to save every single little penny, i simple cant understand if blackburn want £12 million for samba then fucking pay £12 million, he could be potentially a new sol campbell for us. it is just riduculously, supposedly we wont even pay £13 million for gervinho and why the fuck does every single arsenal transfer take so bloody long, im sick of wenger and i will put every single penny that i have that we will not win anything next year

  37. Jay

    Fantastic to read so many Gooners waking up and challenging the gospel according to Wenger.
    A gospel it is indeed with the board and management of the team brainwashed by Pastor Arsene and his flock.
    Whilst I cannot take credit for deriving the phrase “in Arsene we rust”, it certainly seems that rusting we are and the vultures of Barca, AC, Man Utd etc.. are circling the Arsenal carcass which believe it or not what used to be a premier Euro team.

    Have to give credit to Man Utd , Liverpool, Barca etc…, they may spend beyond their means but the revenue generated by stellar signings will surely pay dividends in the long term and provide for a stronger balance sheet (which will potentially reduce the overall liability on the balance sheet.)
    I mean, what’s the point in spending money on the likes of Denilson and his wages if his value depreciates rather than increases, given the fact that we can’t sell him( at the time of writing).
    Potential is one thing but overlooking the current malaise within the team after so many years of abject failure is now alarming! Yet, we still pay the highest season tickets in Europe!!

    The tour of Malaysia will be interesting,,,in a country that has a massive Man Utd following, will the locals really want to pay heaps of cash to see the likes of Kosciency, Gibbs, Song, Arshavin and even more cash to buy their respective shirts?
    Hardly the personnel to spread the gospel according to Arsene is it?

    I sincerely hope that we see signings over the next few days or else we can assume that when Arsene and Stan stated that this will be a busy transfer window for Arsenal, what they actually meant was that we are going to be busy selling/clearing out the deadwood that was billed as potential many years ago to reduce the wage bill, and replaced with cheaper signings who also have, yes you guessed it, potential!

    Tis very worrying times fellow gooners!

    In Arsene we rust!

    Is it time to find a new pastor or for the flock to leave the congregation?

  38. PhilF

    We nearly signed Samba in January, we just bought Jenkinson. What are you talking about? We still have Squiilacchi as a back up defender and Vermalen will be like a ‘new signing’. I’m sure Mr Wenger will pick up some excellent bargains on July 31st, thus saving the board millions of pounds. I’m sure Arsene is scouring the French league now some some young talent for the future.
    In Arsene We (T)rust.

  39. Rich

    So when we allow Clichy, Nasri contracts 2 run down were recless? But when we try2 protect the value of other players and let’s face it were going2 get more4 Denilson, bentner ect than if they were leaving on a bosman, were wrong as well ?
    Let’s face it we don’t actually know who our targets are, it’s just ppl who pretend2 be in the know and then the impending media frenzy , whats2 say deals are not already tied up ? And were just waiting4 the new tax yr b4 pushing the deals through
    I would like2 see the club take a different approach this summer with players like Cahill, Fellaini, de Rossi, Barton, harzard, aguero, benzema, Buffon targeted, but casting judgment b4 the window opens is a bit hasty IMO

  40. AnupSikkimeseGooner

    Its all that the board is miserly. They are not concerned enough for the club’s welfare instead they are always trying to save some penny while negotiating and loose out, they sell players and make profits but never use that money to bolster the team. The players are fed up there, even we can’t blame Cesc for his want to go to Barca, although Barca is shameless. How can they value a player at 27 mn pounds when they know that he has proven in one of the biggest league for the past five years or more, is king of killer pass all over the world, provides assits every 29 minutes and is just 24 years of age. The board is the stumbling block on our way to success and needs a shake-up. Sud bring Usmanov in who is concerned for the club and David Dein who was an ambitious figure for the club. BTW I think Wenger is still good at what he does, he deserves to remain.

  41. naija+soccer

    AKB population worldwide in 2002 : 250 million

    AKB population worldwide in 2005: 272 million

    AKB population worldwide in 2008: 200 million

    AKB population worldwide in 2010: 100 million

    AKB population worldwide in April 2011: 45 million

    AKB population worldwide today: 10 million

    Do the math………

  42. duvee

    In relation to the post, who is to say that arsenal haven’t said those things back to Barce. I’m sure the Arsenal board have said something along the lines of:
    1) Tell them Cesc will honour his contract and don’t bother us again for fear of a law suit for unsettling a contracted player.
    2) Offer them the same amount for Messi and see what comes back, then act on what happens.
    3) Ask them how they feel that Cesc is worth £5mil less than a much older, less talented Villa. Then ask Cesc to ask his dad the same question.
    4) Tell Cesc to tell them once and for all he isn’t interested and stop bothering him.

  43. sam gonner

    May Arsenal Football club not die.Man U have bought Phil Jones and Young without wasting time.All we do is talk,talk and talk.Arsenal board is rustic and selfish.And the coach exhibits poor judgment most times.Who will save arsenal?

  44. caffeinenut

    Love it! The comment about asking for Messi for the same amount of money! Or maybe they should do a straight swap. Haha. Wonder what Barca would say about that. I am a Barca fan, but I’m not happy with how they’ve been conducting business on this matter. A comment with a taste of their own medicine would be nice.

  45. BOOZY

    seriously alexis sanchez going for 40 mil
    pastore going for 45 mil
    neymar going for 45 mil
    henderson going for 22 mil

    and barcelona bid 27mil for fabregas- its obvious they dont want him- they are just making a fool of the club- i’m with geoff- lets bid for messi.

    fabregas + 2 mil.

  46. Keth

    Board’s priority is to make money
    (How do you know???)
    • Built new stadium to generate more income (with borrowed money not with self sustainable model)
    • Dearest ticket price to watch
    • Got rid of D.Dein who was the main tread
    • buying unknown for little then sell it for big
    • Record profits year after year
    • Keep the team balance just good enough to play in the C/League
    • Giving too much power to the man who has a good financial knowledge
    • Reason for failure was identified but missed out on potential signing just to save few hundred thousand pounds ( eg: mark schwarzer, samba & other players)
    • Arsenal “the company” – in use for all financial dealings
    • “Arsenal football club” – in use for selling their products & tickets to fans and supporters.

    Arsene Wenger says one thing and does something completely opposite.
    “only buy if they can add quality to the team”
    Buy squillaci, chamakh & others
    If their priority is football, is it possible:
    • Make record profit year after year
    • No trophies for 6 years
    • Leading players want to leave the club
    • Captain to say “ if you play for Barcelona you are guaranteed to win trophies”
    • After six year of failure Manager to call the fans “impatience fans”
    I can’t believe me leaving this comment because i was big fan of Arsene

  47. Nick the Greek Gooner from Ealing

    You know what Geoff, your fucking right with regards to Cesc and the whole Arsenal approach! I’ve been pro Cesc the whole time, but your right. Either pay the money and fuck him off or let him rot in the reserves, I bet come next summer when the Euro’s are on the horizon his attitude will change?!

  48. gats

    @ Doublegooner.

    This is the best post ever. while the shareholders and certain other people have made hundreds of millions, not just tens of millions, HUNDREDS of millions for their own personel family wealth from the club, the fans have been screwed wit the highest ticket prices in world football, along with the some of the most frustarting football ever, its basiclly pass,passpass sideays,pass backwards and then loose the ball. The board are a bloody disgrace, and wenger has totally lost the plot. Ferguson targets players and gets them, wenger unless they are 16 cant even find it within himself to pay a few extra million for a couple of quality play The whole thing has become farcial.

    The worst thing of all, is that we hav AKB brigade calling everyone that says anythign agasint wenger has spuds, or fake fans. NO u stupid bastards the only fake fans are you AKBI dont support wenger anylonger, but i support the club because it is in my blood, why do you fake arsenal fans and AKB fuuck of somewhere else so you can support wenger, and let us support Arsenal football club you bastards.

    THE BOARD HAs MADE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS, YES HUNDREDS, wake the FUUCK UP. There are a select group of peopel running arsenal that are gaining generations worth of wealth, while they fuck over the club, wake the hell up and kick these AKB brigade out of the club, these are thtrue plastic fans, bloody tracherous rats in disguise.

  49. bennydevito

    Tony says: June 24, 2011 at 09:33 french mother fucker just get out off my team now. come arsenal fans lets get the liein french frog out off our beloved tead. is this what he calls a busy summer?

    Wtf? Another example of racism. Geoff, Pedro, are you going to let this continually go unchecked?

  50. Bush Gooner

    We always seem to gamble on players who “have potential” and are not nearly there yet and I am sick of it! Rare gems like Anelka, Henry, Viera and Cesc come around once every so often which shows what a good scouting network he has. BUT u cannot dine on that forever as u will get found out. Wenger has also signed some complete and utter duds like Jeffers (fox in the frigging box my arse), Stepanovs, and Cygan, and even the replacements have not really been world class. Fergie dont fuck around with crap players in his side as he gets shot of them quick time before they cause him embarrasment (Obertan & Bebe). But we seem to stick with players even though they have been playing crap (Almunia, Bendtner, Denilson, etc)…

    The most important people at arsenal are not the board of directors, but the fans. They are losing the heart and soul of the club by alienating supporters with high ticket prices, not showing any form of backbone when barca do their annual “we want Cesc” campaign, and addressing the real problem which is on the pitch. There are good players about with epl that will fit us nicely and will take us up a notch. N’zogbia (Naturally left footed), Tiote, Cahill, Samba. About £40 mil should be enough for them and we can recoup at least £24 million back wen bendi, denilson and clichy and eboue get launched. Then we can challenge for top honours without crumbling like we did last season.

  51. TOMTOM

    We had an offer for Alvarez turned down and we then offer 8 million for Samba. What the fuck is going on at Arsenal? We sell players for crazy over inflated prices but make silly below market valuation offers when we want to sign a player. We must have a terrible reputation now and most clubs will have no interest in dealing with us. Alvarez,Samba and Gervinho are pathetic transfer targets yet we cant even pay the going rate for these very average players,embarrassing.

  52. PTangYangKipperBang

    Absolute Crap! What a poor blog. Its weakness has attracted quite a few stupid commenters too lol. Some even suggest that our own club is shit because we try and buy players for the best price we can get and try and maximise the money we get from selling a player. Truly ridiculous. What planet are some of you guys on? Maybe somewhere in the Football manager solar system maybe? LOL

  53. Northbank02

    We are the complete opposite of other clubs, cause we do take our time and one suspects we sell before we buy, so there must be true we have become a selling club, just like the Ajax model and look what happened to them they have been forgotten in the last 10 years,,, Is this our Arsenal now, were are all the promises we hardly get anything on the official web site for weeks, not even a wisper about the developments or news re transfers ins and outs. We are the only club in the top four not to have TV Channel a proper one like the ones of Chelsea Liverpool and the Man utd…

    Why was that stopped all we have is Arsenal tv online, we could do better surely!! With all due respect when you want a player you just get the cash and go for it Manutd wanted young and got him thats it! And it hurts to see a gooner go to Man Utd surely a talent that would have loved to join us and we didnt even try for him.. Now we get some player outside the EPL and wait until he gets used to the weather and they usual bull we hear Oh common Get real give us three EPL signings or otherwise we will be worse off then last year!! And as to the Barca issue on Cesc I would have told them two words when they came with that offer F… OFF back to spain and leave our Captain Alone he is under contract!!

  54. Gooner S

    It is June, at least it was the last time I looked at a calendar. Have some patience. By all means moan if we’re still in the same position come the end of the transfer window! Ah heck what am I saying you’re going to moan anyway, you’re the Albert Tatlock of bloggers.

  55. George G

    Ok so we sack wenger then get who? Wenger has always got us to the champs league even with the lazy board. If wenger was able to b just a manager then arsenal would have more trophies by now. Bring Dein, keep wenger, sack the lazy board members!