Usmanov: Naughty things he could do | Alvarez deal nearing? | Spaniard stays!!!

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Not for me sir...

Good morning people of  Arsenal Blog, Le Grove. I trust you are well, today I reach the grand old age of 27… I’m the same age as Robin Van Persie.

Sure he has more money than me… but I have less grey hair and a better right foot.

Deal with that my friend, deal with that.

What did I get for my birthday? No signings. Thanks a lot Arsenal.

We do have some news today though and plenty of manufactured stories for you to sink your teeth into!

Firstly, Alisher Usmanov has taken his stake to 29%. Once he hits the magic 30% he can cause all sorts of problems at board level. He can gain access to the full accounts of the club and release a steady stream of uncomfortable information into the public domain.

Well, that’s what I thought until I rang the AST and found out that actually, he can’t gain access to anything that interesting. There’s a debate as to whether he can access the information at all. It’s not a legal loop-hole he’s exploiting, it’s a Premiership rule he’s interpreting for his own needs. A rule that wasn’t for the purpose of PR. Still, being part of the Wiki Leaks generation, it would be interesting to know how much we’re paying certain players / managers. It’d also be interesting to see the Directors expenses. Is Ivan Gazidis putting Red Hot House Wives – Holiday Inn Edition on his forms?

Who knows… I know I do would.

Sadly, Usmanov won’t be able to tell us whether there has been a higher churn of season tickets this summer or whether we lost out financially on this tour because of the late rescheduling.

If we can’t get the information from the club, I’d like to find out a few things from you…

1. If you haven’t renewed your season ticket yet, have you had a call asking why?

2. If you DON’T have a season ticket, have you been offered club level?

3. If you DON’T have a season ticket and you’ve been offered one, where was your number last year?

4. If you were on the waiting list, has your number dropped since last year, if so, by how much?

That would be interesting to get a feel of where we are and what the impact of last season has had on waiting lists etc…

Back to the Uzbek…

Billionaire’s don’t like losing. Usmanov is losing at the moment, the Arsenal hierarchy are acting like bullies on the say so of Fiszman and he’s now trying desperately to fight back. If he does hit 30%, I wonder if that would force the club into coming to the table. Whatever we think of Uzbek, he’s earned his right to a seat on the board and ignoring his expertise is probably an unwise move. Though it has to be said, his aggressive purchasing of people’s shares is a bit crude and jumping on the back of negative fan sentiment is more transparent than… err… a clear plastic cup or an Evian bottle.

Player movements have in the main, been very quiet. Now, I can’t be bothered to read up exactly why, but one of the reasons is apparently some change in the tax laws coming into effect and the other is something to do with salaries and us not wanting to pay them out for as long as possible. I’ve only heard this on the grapevine, but apparently we’ll be tying up deals in early July. This news isn’t from my usual source, but interesting all the same. Let’s hope City don’t steal a march on us on any of our targets.

Spurs are trying to sign up Cahill… not sure how they’re funding that.

News is looking good on Alvarez, the Velez President said that he’d be moving to an unknown English club. I know Arsenal have taken a very serious interest in him and they’re very excited about his abilities. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to join us. Still, you’d have to think we’re in with a good chance if we’re sending folk out to South America to meet him. I’m guessing he’ll be coming into the team to replace Rosicky who has fallen away big time after his footballing skills sadly rotted away in our medical centre.

Thankfully, Arsene Wenger invested in GPS technology (probably Gazidis if I’m honest) and our injury record is getting a lot better. He can now see the damage his training techniques are causing players first hand, which is simply marvelous.

That was probably one of the highlights of last season, we had pretty much a full squad to pick from all year. There were no excuses other than poor personnel at the end of the season. When you can’t be bothered to fight for the league when you’re in second, chances are, you’ll never learn. That’s why there’s going to be such a big clear out this summer.

One player who won’t be going anywhere is Cesc Fabregas…

‘”If we make an offer and Arsenal don’t accept it, Cesc won’t come this year. Guardiola understands that.”

Unlucky Cesc, you have all the DNA, shame Barcelona don’t have the money. You must be getting tired of this eh? Your home town club think some unknown winger with a girls name from the Italian league is worth more to their plans than the best Spanish player of a generation. I don’t want to stir things up, but they really must not care about you? They must think you’re a bit desperate as well… you know, like a bit needy.

Two years running they’ve told the world you’re not worth that much money… I mean, if someone headhunted me at work, allowed me to hand my notice in, then told me they didn’t want to buy out my £62.80 contract clause, I’d be majorly miffed. I probably wouldn’t talk to that company again.

You know what else I’d do, I’d thank me lucky charms I was at Arsenal, I’d pull my finger out next season and stop imagining injuries and I’d show Barcelona and the world exactly what I was missing out on.

… because let’s be honest, last year all you showed Barca is that in the pressure games, you didn’t want to stand up and be counted.

That’s just me though… you can just sulk if you like… but it won’t force Barca into stumping up another £20million. Financial prudence in Spain is making this happen, god bless FIFA Fair Play and all the sensibleness it brings…

In other news, Roma are over to seal a deal for Mr Clichy. They’re talking £7million, a fair price for a player of his experience. I’ve loved him as a player, he’s hardworking, he’s an Arsenal boy, he’s never kicked up a fuss and his work ethic has never been in doubt. However, it’s clear he’s not progressing anymore and the mistakes have become a regular spectacle over the past 2 seasons. Still, he leaves an invincible and he leaves with his head held high.

I’m not sure about the replacement, it’s clear than Gibbs isn’t the man right now, though it has to be noted that Traore is now a French international, but probably still not good enough. Baines is a name that’s being touted around, I can’t help but think he’s a little average. We’re also being linked with Enrique, I’m pretty sure that’s just a case of lazy journalism… and outside that, I”m really struggling to think of top left backs we could snare?

Abel Taarbt? Get over yourself mate… your comments are embarrassing. You’ve had one good season in the Championship, your attitude is questionable, you chose Spurs over us years ago and even Arsene Wenger wouldn’t be stupid enough to replace Cesc with your inconsistent talents.

Throw that rumour on the pile with Joey Barton and Jermaine Defoe.

Finally, before I go, Geoff has had his say on Arsenal transfer rumours over at the Metro!

Right… have yourself a good day, I’m about to broach the subject of drinking Peroni at my desk in my new job.

They’ll be fine with that, right?

P.S. Check out this post from Arse2Mouse on Gervinho vs Hazard. A very good read.

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448 Responses to “Usmanov: Naughty things he could do | Alvarez deal nearing? | Spaniard stays!!!”

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  1. DaleDaGooner

    Add to GG’s embarrassing exit, taking kick backs, we accept him as a hero today, but make Wenger a Villain and make up non-FACT stories about bonuses and his slapper.

  2. frenchie


    if i remember correctly, you stated that nasri will sign. it will happen. as for other signings–gervinho is in, just details now. from what i have read, the others will be announced come july. come 2 july you can start stressing. until then, relax, take a page from willybilly and smoke some herb and be zen. 🙂

  3. DaleDaGooner

    Rioch fought the board about transfers, they fuck him off bring on someone that danced to their tune and made it go the way they wanted.

  4. Dutchman

    haha, frenchie. I will do that 😛
    Frenchie, yes i had it from a good sourcce that he will sign new contract. But why takes it so long? Don’t worry…

  5. namibiangooner

    most of the players are shit, so is the manager. the better players will all be gone very soon. the players have enough money to last them a lifetime, all they need are trophies. the manager won’t provide the platform to win trophies

  6. Arse&Nose©

    Bergkamp was bargain bucket, he flopped at Inter. Even Overmars was a bargain after he had a bad knee injury. The only top player we bought that was on top form ,not recovering from serious injury, was sol Campbell who was free.

  7. DeiseGooner

    We all know this right?

    1st July – 31st August is the transfer window for France, Germany, Italy & Spain

    England, although the transfer window formally opens on 1 July (internationally i suppose), transfers between clubs in the same association can take place as soon the last competitive fixtures are played

  8. Raugaj

    So we wont get Cahill/Jagielka
    Nasri and Fabregas would be delighted to see the signings of Gervanko and Shamboura.

  9. DaleDaGooner

    A&N….IT’S “Fans” like namibiangooner that really does my head in…not gonna even address the fact that “fans” like this have no clue what we have been discussing about our past. Yes, Wenger could do better, but when u get people just spouting shit cause they are just too envious or too fickle minded to remember anything but the past 6 years.

    I don’t care about Juve, or Leeds or even Milan or that Real should be turning over considering the corpious amounts they spend and Barca still manages to out do them, or the fact that Barca themselves had to stand the sidelines and were lucky enough to snag a gem in Messi and a couple of world class home grown players, or the fact that Chavs and Northern Chavs are achieving temporal success.

    I’m not interested in the Financial stats, but Arsenal isn’t relegated or out of the excitement of winning something, and i’m afraid the frustration of almost getting their but failing is making some others dizzy and deluding others from the real problems or lack of..

    And all that is addressing both sides, AKBs and Doomers.

  10. DaleDaGooner

    namibiangooner says:
    June 21, 2011 at 18:41
    A&N so we never bought a top player i see, well apart from franny jeffers.

    Does this even make any sense? HOW IS THIS IN RELATION TO WHAT HE IS SAYING?

  11. DaleDaGooner

    Have we signed Cashithill, have we signed Shambal, have we signed Alvareshit, have we signed Bartonshit, have we signed Park-a-shit, have we signed Chambershit, get it folks? It’s like someone is allowed few times on the internet after medication.

  12. namibiangooner

    DDG, my post was in response to what A&N said the the only top player we bought was sol and he was a free transfer, so technically we did not buy him since we did not pay for him. don’t know what you on about.

  13. frenchie


    now that you have indulged in some cannabis, what amazing rumors can you report from that dutch fishwrap?

  14. willybilly

    @ Al

    How many times to I have to say this,,,,,

    I was not born in southampton, and I did not support southampton.

    Pedro Admitted to changing my comments!!

    So can every stop using this against me.


    Telling me to write somewhere else kind of goes against the motto of your blog dosen’t it??

    ” A blog where you can have an opinion, not get one”

  15. namibiangooner

    @Raugaj i totally agree. and apart from getting rid of wenger, what other options do we have of returning to the glory days?

  16. namibiangooner

    i also don’t get why someone has to be told to go read another blog when they disagree with something writtn in the post, or if they disagree with the opinions of the poster or author.

  17. Raugaj

    Getting a new dominant CB like Subotic/Cahill.Samba wouldnt be bad either.
    Keeping hold of Fabregas,Nasri and getting a new DM who would relegate Song to the bench(Diarra/Alonso/Fellaini/Parker)
    A new LB instead of Clichy
    Get rid of Shitmakh/Bendtner and bring in a new clinical striker(not from the shitwank French second division though)

    These are over and above selling Clownmunia,Denilshite,Dudaby and possibly Eboue.

    We will win atleast two trophies next season,even with Wenger.That is saying something.

  18. namibiangooner

    Raugaj did you mean diarra from madrid? he for me is to small and will add to our weakness in midfield, but he is tenacious though. or did you mean alou diarra/

  19. Geoff

    Willy and that’s something I have to explain to people like you a lot, you are giving me your opinion. Any chance you can try and understand that?

    If I take the time to write hundreds of posts you should think hard before you give me shit.

    That is disrespectful.

  20. DaleDaGooner

    Your life would be better off ignoring those stupid posts


    Please do us that favor…..

  21. DaleDaGooner

    It’s like telling someone to go support Maltese national team instead of spouting shit on here.

  22. Raugaj

    Lassana Diarra.One of the most underrated defensive midfielders in the world. Was brilliant whenever he played for us.

    If that useless wanker Dudaby was sold instead of Diarra,we would have won a couple of trophies in the last couple of years

  23. gambon


    Unfortunately the senile french skinny wanker chased Diarra out of the club.

    That was fairly early days in his mental illness.

  24. kirby

    i dunno why you lot argue with these akb retards it’s pretty fucking obvious we need to spend some money on quality.

    it’s a waste of time, wenger has done nothing so far to even prove he is going to buy anyone. also you’re arguing with the same people who thought untill recently that our team of bottlers were world class.

  25. Man

    Uhhhhh there is a lot of staccato to check my friend…a lot. I’d kill a 1000 men for that staccato no lie

  26. Wenger the liar

    We still own the dross.

    We still have two first team players who havent commited or left.

    We still havent signed a singal player.

    We still need a GK, CB, DM, ST. without losing Nasri or Clichy.

    Another day has passed.

  27. dennisdamenace

    Personally, i find it fucking hilarious when someone states a pure, hard fact regarding how successful ManUre are compared to us in recent years. For instance, someone stated earlier that in the last six years (where we’ve won nothing) ManUre have won more than AW has won for us in his whole of his FIFTEEN years with us!!

    No matter how hard to take, it’s FACT, it’s NOT admiration. Like it or not, they are the yardstick by which ALL others, including ourselves, have to be measured by.

    The “counter argument” was to avoid the facts and dismiss it as ManUre loving!!! WTF? Clever! Avoid the facts by making a derogatory comment.

  28. Pat

    Villa-Boas has been released by Porto after Chelsea met the 15 million release clause. He’s no Hiddink, and Chelsea might regret this.

  29. dennisdamenace

    Wtl – Basically, the transfer window for the EPL opened on the 9th June, and we’re in exactly the same situation we were in when it opened. With the exception of having bought yet another fucking nineteen year old.

  30. DaleDaGooner

    dennisdamenace says:
    June 21, 2011 at 21:10
    Personally, i find it fucking hilarious when someone states a pure, hard fact regarding how successful ManUre are compared to us in recent years. For instance, someone stated earlier that in the last six years (where we’ve won nothing) ManUre have won more than AW has won for us in his whole of his FIFTEEN years with us!!

    No matter how hard to take, it’s FACT, it’s NOT admiration. Like it or not, they are the yardstick by which ALL others, including ourselves, have to be measured by.

    The “counter argument” was to avoid the facts and dismiss it as ManUre loving!!! WTF? Clever! Avoid the facts by making a derogatory comment.

    I wonder what Liverpool are doing

  31. DaleDaGooner

    Within those six years, how much has manure spent, how much has chelsea spent, how much has city and Liverpool spent? This are ALL in addition to the FACTS, when…FACT is our Board isn’t sanctioning enough spending or prioritizing Trophies.

    We’ve already talked about Rioch before Wenger, Graham before Rioch, FACT is Arsenal DON’T SPEND PERIOD!

  32. DaleDaGooner

    DDM…oH?? Really, you are concerned about your clubs failings? Yet you justify looking at Manure’s success? You can’t have it both ways, when we state FACTS, we have to look all around us.

  33. dennisdamenace

    There is a big difference between past not spending, and now.

    Basically past not spending was down to limited funds, being tightly controlled by the board.

    Now (minimally at least in the last three years) we have an Arsenal money making machine and a manager refusing to spend.

  34. Wenger the liar

    Dale –

    I think you will find that in the last six years Uniteds net spend hasnt been that great. I dont understand why people bang on abut money when discussing United, they are an organic team.

    Also your point about looking at Uniteds success doesnt make sense. United are the yard stick to measure by. Who should we compare ourselves to?

  35. dennisdamenace

    The facts are we have the money to rectify the glaring problems within the team/squad, and a manager that refuses to address them. Dress it up how you like, but that is what is happening.

    Once again, i stress, ManUre is the yardstick, how can you NOT look and compare, or by not looking does it make our fourth place collapse easier to take.

  36. Wenger the liar

    Dale –

    Is this the new company line that has been agreed upon today on Le-grove:

    “Arsenal dont spend period”


    Next season the shit is going to hit the fan if he doesnt fix up this summer I have no idea why people are still arguing the pros and cons of points that will make no difference to this fact.

  37. Big Dave

    The french reporter on talk s, says nasri will see out his contract.

    we wont let him , will we? surely

  38. DaleDaGooner

    WTL, DDM…. So why was Rioch sacked? Cause he fought the board about transfer funds, GG, had to penny, pinch, you guys act like what is going on now is a new thing that Wenger invented, he just tailor made for out board, this is exactly how they want it ran..Profit first, then if we can manage to win. Why won’t they bring Wenger to account for the last 6 years then?

    We want to measure based ont he yard stick, fine, but at the bottom of the yard stick, we are somewhere near the top…yes ambition requires we look at who is before us, BUT again, you have to hold our owners\board accountable for that cos Manure’s ownership allow them succeed.

    Whether you like it or not we are someone elses yard stick too, and you are right, but lets not bang on as if we get relegated every season., OK?

  39. DaleDaGooner

    Better managers have gone to Chelsea and got the sack, this lad will experience it too, no news there.

  40. leon

    i think its pretty damming that no one has made any bids on the likes vela bretna or delinson these players are average at what i have been saying for the longest time top young players cost no matter what what wenger has been doing has nothing to do with projest youth its mearly cost cutting excersise bringing boys at 15-16 so he does have pay out to much money quite often central america so go out on loanfor around 4 years most which dont evon make it to the first team at all.most of young arsenal players are not that great fringpong couqulin landbury jet may make it but for there is huge question marks on that in my view huge different between championship and the prem.i dont think that resting all hops on ramsey and wilshire is a good idea at all these are boys 19-20

  41. Wenger the liar

    Dale –

    A lot of what youre saying is true and absolutely none of it will make the slightest bit of difference next season.

    You can shift blame from OGL as much as you want, come next season if he hasnt addressed the issues he has had years to sort out and we are looking like tanking, no one is going to give a fuck about anything youve talked of.

    As far as your last paragraph:

    “Lets not bang on like we get relegated every season”

    This doesnt even deserve a response.

  42. dennisdamenace

    Once again, ffs!

    Back in the (Rioch) days we weren’t making £3.1m EVERY home game, and that’s without sponsorship deals and prize money.

    Back then it would be quite understandable. However, times (and football have changed) for us to progress, push on, show requires the spending of some serious money, not £10m here and there on relative nobodies, because you know what it ain’t fucking working. Unless of course you’re happy with a team with the likes of Denilson in it and with a team that collapses every year, and finishing in the safe zone of fourth……

    If so, you too are of limited ambition, just like the manager and board.

  43. Tinyspuds

    WillyBilly: “Your telling me that if Usmanov, or one of his henchmen publicly outed arsenal for their finances,, that there would not be a another media investigation in to his dodgy deaings in the 80’s???”

    Basically yes. That’s exactly what I’m telling you. Though as I said it wont be all their finances it would be little snippets taken out of context designed to turn people against the board.

    Arsenal aren’t Panorama from the BBC. They’re not going to launch some massive investigation into him and the media wont either. Why should they ? If Usmanov starts giving them information that would enable them to write nice headlines they’re not going to upset the applecart they’ll just lap it up.

  44. DaleDaGooner

    @ gambon, may very well, but I like my team a lot, so I’ll just wait till the season starts and see what OGL does, knowing full well that he is under pressure.

    @WTL ..No one, at least not myself, is shifting blame, I simply pointed out Graham, Rioch faced similar problems, why is it that the current AMG folks don’t talk about the problems these 2 had while at the helm, yes it’s the past, yet it’s the same issue TODAY, Board won’t sanction spending big. No matter how OGL lies and covers up for them, he suits them, they suit him, when we pass blame, lets look at the bigger picture, shall we, FACT is the next manager after Wenger is sacked, will have a hard time going buckwild with the cheque book.

    Of course, my last paragraph has no answer, cause, FACT IS WE ARE still better than the fucking SPUDS! and the Bin dippers.

  45. Tinyspuds

    DaleDaGooner: “So why was Rioch sacked? Cause he fought the board about transfer funds”

    I thought it had something to do with him and Wright falling out

  46. DaleDaGooner one is happy with Denilson and a few others, but you make it seem like THE WHOLE SQUAD IS PISS POOR, and that’s what rattles my cage, the over exaggeration and panic that some show, the desire to see us go down just so Wenger is made to look like a cunt, fuck it make him look like a right arse, but not at the expense of the club!

  47. Tinyspuds

    Leon: “i think its pretty damming that no one has made any bids on the likes vela bretna or delinson these players are average at best.”

    We have no idea what has been going on but it’s unlikely any foreign clubs will be making a move till 1st July.

  48. Pat

    Auclair says Nasri will stay and see out his contract. Stupid move from Arsenal. Either pay him or sell him.

    I have a sneaky feeling that United tapped him up, much like they did with Jones, and told him to do this.

  49. DaleDaGooner

    Tiny…that was a part of the issue, but he wanted more money to improve on his “mediocre team”

    ddm, back in the Rioch days, Liverpool were splurging, Leeds were flexing….Todays football is different, yes, But we built a stadium ffs, why act like that wasn’t a little hinderance? Truth is we were set aback a bit, BUT the board and Wenger felt they could still do it cheaply this last season, which is where i can start faulting anyone, not the last 6 years.

  50. Wenger the liar

    Dale –

    The last paragraph doesnt deserve an answer and the fact that you dont know why is telling.

    Everyone is shifting blame, its what the excuse makers do best.

    Im out be back in an hour, I look forward to reading more pointless nonsense that will have zero bearing on what will happen IN THE GROUND should this summer go as the last 4 have done.

  51. Dutchman

    WTF, are we going to let nasri stay one more year?!! No fucking way! That would be fucking stupid, and nasri would be a big cunt if he leaves for free.
    But if it’s true, we really have to buy a replacement already. That this replacement is ready next year. But i have a feeling that we will sign Hazard as replacement. But it would be fucking stupid to let nasri leave on a free!!
    Still, i don’t believe that bullshit!

  52. DaleDaGooner

    WTL, yeah, that last paragraph is a feast for you…yes WE AREN’T RELEGATED! We overachieved as shit as the team is, we shouldn’t even be in top 4.

  53. DaleDaGooner

    Ok guys, I’m out…looking forward to tomorrows gripe and the fact that OGL hasn’t been sacked yet.

  54. Raugaj

    Lol.And the season ticket holders are arguing with a yankwank who has never spent a penny on Arsenal. It is so funny

  55. Dutchman

    Oh wait, Gervinho is Nasri’s replacement. Oh and Barton will replace fabregas.
    Wtf are we for a club?? Fabregas and Nasri want to leave and we are buying some shit players if we have to believe the papers. (Gervinho is a very good player, but players like barton???)

  56. Tinyspuds

    Dutchman: “Still, i don’t believe that bullshit!”

    Good. Because that’s probably what it is. Bullshit.

  57. DaleDaGooner

    nope wanker from Malta, Raugajwanker, I’m sure I’ve spent more money on Arsenal than you ever have.

  58. DaleDaGooner

    Funny how the kid behind the name “Raugaj” always use juvenile names to associate with players that haven’t even signed yet. Shows how pathetic your life is. How old are ya? Make sure u use them meds before they tuck you in at the center J***guar

  59. Goonerjim

    I was 12,000 on the season ticket waiting list 2 years ago 8,000 last year, and moved to 4000 this year.

    No major churn in season tickets.

  60. Wenger the liar

    PETER ODEMWINGIE has turned his back on a dream move to Arsenal – claiming they have offered him “peanuts” for a salary.

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger wants the West Brom striker – who hit 15 goals in his debut Premier League season – and he is willing to pay £4m for the Nigeria international.

    But Peter Odemwingie, 29, is unimpressed by the personal terms on offer, and may now snub Arsenal in favour of Tottenham.

    A source close to Odemwingie said: “Peter is not happy that, while the Gunners are willing to meet West Brom’s transfer fee, there will not be much change in his personal terms.

    “The club are proposing what he considers to be peanuts for him.”



    Oh boy oh boy, this is truely THE SUMMER THAT KEEPS ON GIVING.

    Pay peanuts get monkeys and now even the shit monkeys want more. This is a bullet dodged no doubt but it gives you an insight into how we operate none the less.

  61. Wenger the liar

    Surounded by people that have not got a scooby Gambon is truely the voice of reason and truth on this blog.

  62. dennisdamenace

    DaleDaGooner says:
    June 21, 2011 at 22:35 one is happy with Denilson and a few others, but you make it seem like THE WHOLE SQUAD IS PISS POOR, and that’s what rattles my cage, the over exaggeration and panic that some show, the desire to see us go down just so Wenger is made to look like a cunt, fuck it make him look like a right arse, but not at the expense of the club!

    No, no,no……i’m certainly not saying that, what i am saying that the majority of them have an attitude/mentality problem. And, let’s not forget this has not been a one off failing. We are probably only three (maybe four) players short. And,that is what is so infuriating, we are STILL short of the same players to resolve the glaring deficiencies.

    Also, you mistake serious anger and frustration for over exaggeration and panic!

  63. dennisdamenace

    DaleDaGooner says:
    June 21, 2011 at 22:41

    ddm, back in the Rioch days, Liverpool were splurging, Leeds were flexing….Todays football is different, yes, But we built a stadium ffs, why act like that wasn’t a little hinderance? Truth is we were set aback a bit, BUT the board and Wenger felt they could still do it cheaply this last season, which is where i can start faulting anyone, not the last 6 years.

    I think you’ll find Rioch was outed so that Dein could bring Wenger in.

    And, as for the Stadium (yawn) ffs How many times do we have to go over the same ground???? The stadium was and is being paid for by sponsorship deals and a glorified mortgage, it is well under control, always has been.

    Wenger has had serious money for two, possibly three seasons now, i base this statement on knowing someone within the AFC hierarchy, what do you base your statement on?

  64. dennisdamenace

    Also, i know for a fact from the same person that Wenger has been under ‘pressure’ to spend money for the last TWO seasons, and has still resisted.

    So, what makes anyone think he’ll change this time?

    Not for me, my guess is he will out two maybe three fuckwits, and then buy one or two relative unknowns and ‘promote’ from within again, and so the cycle begins all over again……

    How many “one more year’s” are people going to give this stubborn, deluded man?

  65. Geoff

    Morning Dennis, it won’t change until Wenger goes or Wenger buys a few world class players, I touch on it in todays post.

  66. OPG

    After he said to trust him last year I’m not falling for it again, you know what happened he didn’t spend that much on 2 new decent players and 1 average player from abroad and he didn’t want to spend too much on a new keeper. But this summer I don’t know we’ll see. Its still been only 4 weeks since the end of season.
    There’s so many arguments over who we should sign like it’s from a Bugs Bunny episode of Wabbit season and Duck Season, when we don’t know who he’ll sign.

  67. Geoff

    This is why I say he lies to us all the time and there is no reckoning, it’s all one way, he also said he has no money and he clearly does, 3 years ago he said judge me in May…

  68. dennisdamenace

    Hi Geoff.

    Well myself, my brother, and at least a further dozen of the twenty or so Gooners i associate myself with have all not renewed.

    These are ST holders of 20-30 years ffs, no Johnny-come-latelys, proper hard core Gooners.

    We’ve ALL said the same, change or go!!

    We won;t be back until Wenger changes or is replaced.

    We’ve had enough of “one more year”.

  69. dennisdamenace

    You know, when you lose the fan base (and, by that i mean the ones with red & white running through their veins) you lose the heart and soul of a club….

  70. Geoff

    13 years with a box and as many with seasons, I’ve been going since I was at school, that’s me done now, I won’t contribute to the greedy bastards fortune anymore.

  71. Geoff

    I gave them up mate as all the real fans on this blog without seasons and on the list that said they would bite my hand off, didn’t.

  72. allezkev

    Morning all, anyone got any idea when Wenger’s contract is up for renewal, because LeGenius might not get an extension next time, methinks?

  73. Wenger the liar

    Geoff will you please hurry up and post, I am sick of refreshing and seeing the spanish david seamans face on my lappy.

  74. dennisdamenace

    allezkev – 2014

    Don’t you believe it, so long as he spends no money, makes money and the fans keep “filling” the stadium the “management” will change nothing, which may well me further also ran seasons, further excuses…..

  75. Wenger the liar

    DDM Are you arguing with people that posted last year!


    Let me make this more entertaining for you…..

    Arsene is the greatest ever!

  76. dennisdamenace

    I wonder if and when The Uzbek finally gets his 30% if he’ll then offer £14,000 per share for the remaining 70%?

    The Sceptic Tank could make a very large profit on a very short term layout….

    Just a thought.

  77. allezkev

    Dennis, this friend you have [on the inside] have they mentioned any change around the place since Stan took total control…?
    Also Den, things can change very quickly over a season mate. I’ve experienced Bertie Mee, Terry Neill and George Graham leaving, and nobody saw it coming the summer before it happened…

  78. dennisdamenace

    Wtl – It seems so, how quickly they forget yet another end-of-season collapse, with yet again the same reasons/excuses/players/manager……..

  79. Geoff

    Not a chance Dennis, I can’t work out why he wanted control, he says fuck all, very odd.

    Dial, you must be!

    WTL I wrote it 2 hours ago but I’m waiting for Pedro to stick a picture in I like, too technical for me! 9.15 he says, sorry.

  80. dennisdamenace

    Nope! No change.

    Ask yourself this, is the Yank a fan or an investor?

    If you believe it to be the latter, then why would he really change anything, he wants to make money, and if he can do that without further investment (in terms of players) them why would he rock the boat?

  81. Geoff

    allezkev, the whole stadium from the restaurants to the answering service have his print on it, the other managers you mention were employees, Wenger is much darker and his control has no bounds.

  82. Wenger the liar


    LOL I know mate but it happens every year.

    The end of the season is greeted with, he was so upset he will buy this summer, then he better sort it out this is his last chance and then even before the window has closed the excuses start.

    The final day of the window we get this is the team lets get behind em.


  83. allezkev

    Dennis/Geoff, how bloody depressing!
    But a bit of unrest on the ‘terraces’ can have an effect, even Stan wouldn’t welcome that kind of publicity… Maybe the reaction at Craven Cottage is just the beginning?
    But ‘no change’, i really didn’t want to read that Den…

  84. Paul King

    Afternoon….Just passed Midday here in Dubai.
    Anyone know if we’ve made a bid for the other half of Blackburn’s water tight defence?? (They conceded 59 last season, 16 more than us) or one half of Bolton’s equally unpregnable barrier?? (They conceded 56 last season, 13 more than us)

  85. dennisdamenace

    Wtl – He has been put under direct pressure from the board for the past two seasons to spend money, but has resisted.

  86. dennisdamenace

    Mind you, i was also told that last year our ‘targets’ were identified, and it was the Yank negotiating team that fucked up the deals……..make of that what you will.

  87. Geoff said this…

    After experienced centre backs William Gallas, Sol Campbell and Mikael Silvestre all left over the summer, Arsène Wenger drafted in Sebastien Squillaci to reinforce his defensive options. The Frenchman’s knowhow would prove useful.

    They are fucking delusional, this was the worst signing since Igor Stepanovs and they are saying he was useful, that bodes well for the summer then.

  88. Raugaj is taking the piss
    Yesterday,it was Denilshite,it is Squillashit today.Fucking wankers all like the parasite cunt W*n*er

  89. SurferX


    dennisdamenace says:
    I wonder if and when The Uzbek finally gets his 30% if he’ll then offer £14,000 per share for the remaining 70%?

    Its not a case *if* he would offer 14k per share- he is obliged to do so. The 30% ownership threshold triggers a mandatory bid, where the price has to be the minimum of what he has acquired shares at in the preceding 6 month period.

    But, given that Kroenke has just resisted the Red & White Holdings offer that had just passed- Im assuming he isn’t interested in selling up regardless (of course, we assume that the offer was open to all shareholders- there is nothing I have read that implies it wasn’t).

  90. Bush Gooner

    Dont know if this is true or just lazy journalism, but ccording to the papers (And the player himself!) We could not even muster enough cash for Odemwinge.

  91. dennisdamenace

    Man alive Jag, we’re all pissed off at the moment, but can’t you be more reasoned in your blogging fella, the name calling does your cause no favours fella!

  92. incesc

    dennisdamenace says:
    June 22, 2011 at 09:08
    Mind you, i was also told that last year our ‘targets’ were identified, and it was the Yank negotiating team that fucked up the deals……..make of that what you will.

    wenger probably told them his top price though.

    5 mil for reina…

  93. David

    Might be a bit late,

    But im not sure what to make of Gazidis after that interview.

    Mr. Miles Palmer thinks he’s sided with the fans and thinks Wengers a tit.

    Im not sure I agree.

    When Pedro asked his question, Mr Igor seemed dumbfounded that the whole room wasnt pro-Wenger.