Ex-target made available | Potential English signing causing a riot | Cesc on way?

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Good morning Grover’s!

So, not much going on in the world of newspapers this morning…

Barcelona have come to the table on Cesc Fabregas according to Peter Hil-wood. They’ve dropped us a call but they haven’t made an offer. It all seems rather pointless if you ask me?

I think I’d feel pretty miffed about this all if I was Cesc. He’s out here desperate for a move back to Spain and Barca are refusing to pay the going rate for him. It’s like some sort of punishment for his crimes as a teenager. Like how a rich kid is punished by his father when he’s banged up by not coming to the rescue.

They hold the power to release him from his footballing ‘nightmare’ but they’re not going to do it until they’ve won some sort of childish PR battle with Arsenal. Now, as I see it, we could realistically keep him for another 2 seasons without having to worry about flogging him. How is Cesc going to feel about Barcelona if they continue to buy up all his mates for market rate yet ignore him, by far the most talented, for another 2 summers?

Maybe the Spaniard will snap and decide he’ll go elsewhere. That would be funny, provided it wasn’t City.

This did get me a Geoff talking the other day, would his loss be that devastating to club? Or could it be a release that sees us kick onto bigger and better things?

Cesc is part of a short passing system that struggles in the Premier League, whether that is because we lack the players to execute the system or the system is just too one-dimensional to be a success here is up for debate. All the best teams Arsene Wenger has had at the club have been built around power, pace and directness. We haven’t had that since Cesc was put in the middle. We nearly got there in 2008 when Adebayor was our striking focus, but it still wasn’t fast enough and ultimately, there was an attitude fail.

If Cesc is moved out of the club, could we switch up the system? Could we revert to some kind of 4-4-2? Or put together a 4-3-3 that had the pace and the drive to press for the full 90 minutes? Losing Cesc would be a nightmare from a talent proposition, but maybe not as much of a nightmare as keeping on a sulking captain for another year. You’re only as good as your leader, and if he’s not onboard with the objectives of the team, you’re already facing a losing battle…

Joey Barton???

Enrique was pretty peeved to wake up and find Joey Barton had merked his hands

Ooooohhhhhh… there’s a contentious player eh?

He’s been linked with Arsenal in a £5million move by former Newcastle striker Micky Quinn, now, I’ve been here before, no one trusts Talksport presenters, why would you? Remember Mike Parry saying Jagielka to Arsenal was a done deal? For me, the link is possibly the most un-Arsene link I can remember and the source is questionable.

The Bartonator has a bit of a chequered history, from beating randoms in the street, to beating team mates, to stubbing out cigars in youth team players eyes… he boasts a CV that would make most prison lags wince.

However… we’re not here to win PR awards. Is there an element of Arsenal fans getting a little to precious about Barton? Could it be said that if he were our scumbag, we’d hold a different view point?

Plenty of our ex-players have chequered pasts. In fact, one of our current superstars has a chequered recent past. Taking up-skirt pictures of girls in night clubs isn’t exactly stylish, nor is frightening cab drivers who support Spurs. Kanu was reportedly the user of ladies of the night, Merson was a fan of the Colombian marching powder, Parlour was a massive boozer, Silvinho was a passport cheat, David Hillier nicks suitcases, Tony Adams was a convicted drink driver, Adebayor was questioned over slapping his girlfriend and he head butted Nik B on the pitch… but in the main, we forgave because when it comes to football, it’s not about what goes on in their private lives that interests us…

Footballers are there to play football, as far as I can see, Joey Barton is a somewhat reformed character and I think he’s a really top player on the pitch. He’s far superior to players like Diaby and Denilson and he certainly has that grit and edge we lack in the dressing room. Sometimes you need personalities that grate in the dressing room. You need players who won’t let standards drop. I know we don’t have one of those at the moment.

I appreciate Barton might be one of those players who takes things to the extreme, but for £5million, I think he’d be a bargain. He’s 28 years old, he’s a game changer and he’d improve on what we have now.I absolutely don’t subscribe to this constant drivel people spout about any English player we don’t have being average. We have an ex-Under 21 Brazilian in Denilson, captain at all levels, and where has that got us over the past 160 games?

Being technically genius means nothing if you don’t have application…

Ask yourself this, could Diaby, Song or Denilson turn a 4-0 defeat on its head?

Fulham are on the verge of snapping up Kameni… what does this mean for Mark Schwarzer? Could be interesting… we know Wenger looked at Friedel, we know we need experience in goal. I wonder if he might move for the Austrailian?

Finally, if you’d like to read my send off for Eboue, go to the Sabotage Times and have a read!

See you in the comments!

P.S. A big congratulations to Rory Mccilroy, what a performance under the most intense of pressures!

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