Arsenal sell for £25mill | We know the positions, so who are the players?

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Where to start eh? I leave the country for 2 days and nothing happens, in fact the only exciting thing I can report is that my iPad has learnt the spelling of Gervinho…

Well that’s a lie, the massive news this morning is Arsenal have killed their career in property flogging off a load of Emirates land for a bottom line profit of £25million (according the AST)! 2500 new homes will be generated at prices totally out if the reach if your average punter… But who cares, I love looking at expensive property!

This reminds me of a horrible story one of my friends told me. He sacked his girlfriend who was quite successful, they split the profit of their own property… this woman scorned did what no man would want to see… She bought an Arsenal flat with the proceeds.

Burner, I’d rather find out my ex was seeing Jermaine Jenas…

Does that mean we have enough money to make a few signings of intent? You bet! This is great news, let’s hope Wenger welcomes this as a bonus, not as a threat to his purist notion of not spending.

Talking of spending, it’s clear that Typically it takes arsenal 90% longer than anyone else to negotiate transfers. Gazidis has probably tried to use most things on his desk as sweetners… Pencil sharpeners, rulers… Cheese and onion crisps. At the end of the day, it’ll come down to Market rate and whether we’ll pay it.

If we don’t, there’s always a nutter with a cheque book ready and waiting with a 40% better offer. Kenny, I’m looking at you son! Interesting that I’ve heard in his personal life he’s tighter than an amazon gift voucher from Arsene Wenger!

This Douglas Costas offer sounds interesting… It’s very hard to know exactly wheat we’re up to… What we can decipher is that we’re after a wide man, a centre back and a forward.

I think there are many smoke screens going off at the moment… So it’s going to be hard to predict anything!

It’ll be interesting to see if we do play Vermaelen at left back, for me, that’s not a great option. You’re wasting a top centre back there. I’ve also heard he’s a horrible left back room a Grover who used to work out there.

I was told that when he was played as a DM for Belgium he was excellent. That really would be interesting! Tenacious, fast, good on the ball, mobile and super going forward. JD and Kozzer were ok at the back last year, with a bit more coaching and preparation next year I see no reason why Vermaelen can’t be given a new role.

Wenger could realise his dream of having Song as a centre back!

Talking of midfield, how would you feel about Joey Barton? Ignoring the fact he’d shank you if you jeered him in the ground, what do you think of his on pitch persona? What about his skill? For me, if he wasn’t a scum bag, he’d be at a top club… Simple as that.

Also, I heard that Sagna’s comments about Cesc that he denied ARE the comments he thinks in private. I think most of the squad expect Cesc to leave this summer. If we can pick up on that from the stands, you’d be naive to think the players aren’t picking up on that vibe from inside the club.

God bless that 8 year deal… God bless it a thousand times!

Off topic, if someone can tell me the last time an iPad crashed a Ryanair plane I’d be fascinated. The old guy sitting next to me is enraged my simless tablet is on during s flight. Muppet. What would Joey B do?

Back to soccer ball. Not much else to talk about really.

I’m really interested to see who else in Europe has the faith in the dross Arsene Wenger has had for the past 5 years. Really, they should be going to equivalent clubs in other leagues… Or at least batting around that area. Who will take Denilson and Eboue? Who will take a punt on Vela? Will anyone bid for Rocky or Squillaci? Who’d be mad enough to put Almunia in their first team?

Other managers know a good player when they see one… We’ll see just how misguided his faith was eh!

I’d also like to know if Wenger has given up on an experienced keeper? If I was him I’d have a back up and he wouldn’t be Fabianski. Thomas Sorenson would be a good signing, maybe even Schwarzer again? Not necessarily for the 1st 11 but there just in case secondseasonitis kicks in with our bolshy number one.

I really like chezzer, all I’m saying is preparation for the worst is always a great idea when dealing with kids.

Anyway Saturday is here, much Peroni is yet to be drunk!

Keep it messy and embarrassing Grover’s and know that 1 in 5 mushrooms eaten in England are Irish.


Waiver: This post was written with an iPad and a skinful under the belt. Excuse the smpelling.

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245 Responses to “Arsenal sell for £25mill | We know the positions, so who are the players?”

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  1. NiXTriX

    Get him Please!!!

    Inter Milan striker Samuel Eto’o has revealed he is mulling over a move to the Barclays Premier League this summer.
    The Cameroon star, who has three years remaining on his contract, had said that he wanted to remain at the San Siro after scoring twice in their Coppa Italia triumph over Palermo.
    But he told Corriere dello Sport: “I am currently considering my options. I have one month to decide as to whether I want to stay put or choose to move to the Premier League.
    “I am now 30 years old and it is very important for me to think about my future before I sign what could be my last contract.
    “I have already shown that I have what it takes to play in Italy and I now have the idea of proving myself in England.”

  2. JJ

    @Pedro – I watched the entire AST Q&A last night. I am being honest when I say that it appeared that Ivan’s mood took a turn for the worst after you asked your question. He looked seriously pissed off for the remainder of the session. NIce work!

  3. Lurch LeRouge

    I concur JJ,

    pedro mugged IG off well and trully with his Q, the guy afterwards drawing allusions to marxist reward structures etc.. buried the hatchet as well.

  4. Jerry

    UTD 19th in the fair play league, what a farce those figures are, shows how refs simply don’t blow up against Fergies men. O’shea, Vidic, Rio, Rooney, Fletcher & Scoles in a team yet they finish 19th. Oh that’s right I forgot, they don’t mean to foul they just cant tackle.

  5. Evan

    Cheers Zeus,

    Agreed i think ivan wrote Pedro/le Grove down on his pad, black listed banter. Good news Seb Larsson set to join Sunderland.

    Has Gervinho nearly signed yet?

  6. Mayank

    tiarnan says:
    June 18, 2011 at 12:58
    Mayank says:
    June 18, 2011 at 12:24


    Sorry to you too – also apologies on the tardiness of my apology Ive a bit of a backlog today – normally Gambon acts like my Saturn, pulling in all the universal debris and meteorites that normally head my way…leaving me generally unscathed…but today his gravitational pull is missing leaving me fully exposed to the baying crowds…

    Damn you Gambon, damn you.

    Haha! No need to apologise mate. Especially on this site, you must be new…

  7. Lurch LeRouge

    If IG noted LG down its because he needs to pay attention more to to the blog, almost every question at the Q&A could trace its origin to this blog.

  8. zeus


    Bla bla bla, fans sentiment at 15 year low, poor management decisions, renegoitate commercial deals tied to on field success, WHO DOES ARSENE ANSWER TO?

    Cue applause from audience and slight jeers from IG’s answer.

  9. Evan

    Lurch Agreed

    I recall Suga3 saying half time team talks should be Le Grove auto refresh, not sure if “cunts”, would be a good team talk 🙂

    Couple of days ago you posted a youtube video, i drink alone, think it was george someone, that song has been in my head since, i relate to that song,if only i had a motorbike

  10. Evan

    Something i don’t like (click in about 1min 10sec, if ya can be bothered) I miss football, saturday and i’m bored, beer one open

  11. Tinyspuds

    Tiaran: I do remember Keanes throbbing vein (cough cough) and for all his faults (IE being a complete cunt) he was an excellent captain. I also remember us beating them without having a captain as aggressive towards his own players. Neither Adams nor Vieira captained in the same way Keane did but were just as effective IMO so I don’t think you need sometime identical to Keane.

    And you don’t need leaders all over the pitch either. You need a few and you need the remaining players to have enough character to respond to those leaders.

    As for your list I’d say that Djourou Koscielny Song Chamakh Clichy and Arshavin are fine as long as there is someone on the pitch to push them.

    As for the others. Not too are first choice and for next season some will be going.

    But we know that in previous seasons Wenger has been hamstrung by lack of finances. Maybe he could have signed more character throughout the squad but maybe less skill would have been the result. The league has plenty of teams full of character who fail because they simply don’t have the skill.

  12. Lurch LeRouge

    George Thorogood. ‘one bourbon, one scotch & one beer’ is a great GT tune as well.
    yeah ‘hookers great, don’t much listen to Thorogood these days but they’re both quality.

    I was mostly just teasing Kwik Fit with ‘I drink alone’

  13. Monkeyjeffrey

    Just curious
    I went into jjb sport today and saw the new arsenal shirt I couldent believe the cheap stuck on badge and decided to pass on buying one .
    Just wondering if any of you lot have bought one and what you think of it?

  14. tiarnan

    Mayank – yeh Jupiter too, but I was comparing Gambon to Saturn for the “satanic” reference too….but apologies if I misled you that Saturn had a greater gravitational pull than Jupiter…it doesnt


    Keane was a proper cunt – thats what we need ….

  15. goonerboy

    Atwoods site appears to exist in order to justify everything Wenger ever says or does. On the surface it seems to be trying to justify the complete inability of the club to sign the players it has publicly stated it needs to buy by arguing that English players are over-priced.Yet the site appears to be philosophically opposed to the club spending money or competing in the transfer market. at all.
    Theirs is a far more extreme position than the club have ever tried to justify. The market is the market-players like your house are worth what other people are willing to pay-no one sets the market value-and English players have value in the EPL-it is a tough, intense, physical game often played in poor conditions against physically strong opponents -the game is less technical and is played at a very much faster pace than continental football is. Skilful, technical players do not always shine in the EPL-and some cant adapt to the culture and climatic conditions eg-Reyes.
    What cant be argued is that the current Arsenal team are lacking in some of the qualities that the best English players have like physical-strength, determination, obduracy,power in the air. Just 3 wins in the last 3 months of the EPL season, one of them against lower league opposition does tell its own story-the same story of the last 3 seasons. If Arsenal are not going to buy English players where are they going to get those qualities?

  16. paddy

    How short your memories are.. every summer you doom and gloomers say we Will be out of top four and its yet to happen. not one of you on here has the guts to admit you were wrong. People on here Actually arguing we should buy barton? Ha ha ha ha ha. Best joke yet? I suggest some of you people read up on probability. The idea that buying this player or that player would guarantee success is ridiculous and most of you buy into that notion. It may improve chances, but there are no guarantees. How many times does it need to be said before you get it? We simply have not had the money while moving to a shiny new stadium. Project youth was primarily a reaction to that fact (as well as a sensible Long term strategy). Be careful what you wish for people. And tiarnan… No. It is never worth paying over the odds. Once you do it, sellers know you can be held to ransom and the pattern is then set. A pattern we cannot afford. Football clubs spend money like multinational corporations, but they do not have that sort of income on the whole. You are all living in a fantasy world. A particularly tiresome one at that. I have never been embarassed to be a gooner but you lot make me feel that way. I,ve been going to arsenal since it was 4 quid and I was born within earshot of highbury. You new school, glory hunting , whining fairweather fans make me sick. Fuck off and support Chelsea. You know nothing of arsenal.

  17. SUGA3


    first of all, we all grasp the meaning of ‘improving the odds’ as opposed to ‘guarantees’, no one is stupid enough to believe that just chucking a lot of money at the problem alone will bring success, Chelsea managed it once and it will probably not happen again!

    but the issue is that we are NOT improving these odds, hell, with everyone and his uncle strengthening, we are making these odds less and less favourable…

    this time the threat of dropping out of the top four is very real, given that Liverpool are back: Yoonited, Chavs and City are sure to be in the top four next season and there is more than one suitor for the one place that is left…

    as for ‘paying over the odds’, define ‘over the odds’?

    is it above what OGL thinks a player is worth? or is it above the market value?

    don’t forget that with lack of success it will be harder to attract the necessary calibre of players in the first place!

    as for your suggestion to support Chelsea, yawn…

    we have seen the clones of you over the years, they never come back 😆

  18. SUGA3

    …and if you are not succefful, you can only attract top players by paying top dollar…

    and here is where your argument does not hold water, mo chara…

  19. Tinyspuds

    SUGA3: “first of all, we all grasp the meaning of ‘improving the odds’ as opposed to ‘guarantees’, no one is stupid enough to believe that just chucking a lot of money at the problem alone will bring success, Chelsea managed it once and it will probably not happen again!”

    Actually I think some people are stupid enough to believe that.

  20. Raugaj

    How about paying a retarded waste of space called W*n*er 7m per annum and talk about financial prudence.

    You are the one who should support the Chavs,you fucking W*n*er arseholelicking Spud agent.Wanker

  21. paddy

    Sugar3. I suggest you reread the comments. Lots of you do not see the difference and lots here are stupid enough to believe that. Not all, but lots. Regarding “over the odds” I was referring to a specific comment earlier that it would be beneficial to pay 3,4, 5 mill over the odds. I disagree. Again… You fail again to explain away the fact that we simply have not had the cash. The likes of Li erpool are just pretending to. Their financial situation is in fact perilous. As for market values. Markets lie. In time lots of people in this country will find out that the supposed market value of their house was a lie and they will be fucked. As will lots of football clubs. Not us… I am a clone? If you mean of lifelong born and bread gooners. Then yes I fuckin am. Positions are too entrenched amongst us fans at the mo. Some blogs are too unquestioning of the business that is arsenal. Most are rabid idiots spouting nonsense. Again people. The window just opened. We don’t know what we will do yet! On players, ponder this. Based on the comments here, most of you would have dismissed Henry and pires in their first six months to a year. Anyone remember how shit Adams coruld be at times when he started? But then he came good….. I will stick my neck and say I think kos Will come good and be twice the player cahill ever will be. Yes he is raw but he showed awesome talent against barca. When he comes good, most of you will say ” I knew he would”. But you didn’t….

  22. Skandibird

    Denmark v Island (U21’s) brilliant game, end to end stuff. Island 2-1 up, Denmark coud/should have had at least 5 goals by now and Island at least 3. This is what football is about, heartstopping.

  23. paddy

    ps. Cheers josip. Raugaj? Hee hee. Listen to yourself… Good lord son…. Grow up. Ever had a debate? Didn’t think so. Now toodle off and play with the other children

  24. SUGA3


    first and foremost, there is no ‘R’ in SUGA3…

    secondly, I know the comment section on here better than you ever will…

    with regards to your point about us not having cash:

    – we had enough cash for two summers running, having sold Adebayor and Toure, it’s just that Wenger chose not to spend it or spunked it on a dud like Squillaci
    – if we don’t have the money, then perhaps we should not be buying army of kids, redeveloping restaurants at the five year old ground, etc.

    markets lie? are you fucking kidding me? when you have the need, you satisfy the need at the price dictated by the current market conditions, wailing about financial doping will not get you a player, paying the going rate will…

    and how old Adams was when he started again? sure as hell it was not 25!

    born and bred? do me a favour…

    I don’t think Cahill is all that, but Koscielny to be twice a player? behave!

  25. SUGA3

    and oh, paddy, we know you are just willybilly in disguise…

    can’t be bothered with this shit, a semi literate who is talking more crap than Wenger and Gazidis combined, laters…

  26. Samir

    Arsenal hit the woodwork more than any other team in the PL last season, yet their own woodwork was struck the fewest times

  27. paddy

    Sorry about the typo sugarr… I would never question your knowledge of the comments section here. I have no desire to match you there, but I can read and I have read the comments today. You seem to wish to question my credentials? what, a real local gooner couldn’t possibly disagree with you? Hmmmm. I assure you I am not alone. Ok I imagined it. I wasn’t born and raised in islington. Shit. That was one wierd dream then. Re kosc. Some start late… Wrighty was still playing over the marshes in his early twenties. I just think kosc displays Incredible.athleticism and potential that I don’t seein cahill, but we are both guessing here. Time will tell etc. Re markets….. I merely meant that price is set and less careful folk might assume this means there is an intrinsic value, but there are

  28. paddy

    Sorry about the typo sugarr… I would never question your knowledge of the comments section here. I have no desire to match you there, but I can read and I have read the comments today. You seem to wish to question my credentials? what, a real local gooner couldn’t possibly disagree with you? Hmmmm. I assure you I am not alone. Ok I imagined it. I wasn’t born and raised in islington. Shit. That was one wierd dream then. Re kosc. Some start late… Wrighty was still playing over the marshes in his early twenties. I just think kosc displays Incredible.athleticism and potential that I don’t seein cahill, but we are both guessing here. Time will tell etc. Re markets….. I merely meant that price is set and less careful folk might assume this means there is an intrinsic value, but there are temporary distortions that people pretend aren’t there. Hence my point about houses. People still turn a blind eye to the huge disparity between wages and house prices. At some point this will be corrected and if you didn’t let yourself get out of your depth based on a false distorted idea of your houses value, you will be ok. If you did, ou will be fucked when the banks come calling. Look I am fully aware that the club takes the piss out of its patrons to some extent, but no more than other clubs. If we had spent that 40 mill on two players, and still finished fourth, you would have said we shoould have spent more. And he did try to spend it. The deals didn’t come off for reasons we dint fully know. Wenger has admitted there is a need for change and more spending. But you lot are determined to be unhappy with him anyway. let’s see what he does this summer.

  29. paddy

    Sugarrrr.. I assure you i am paddy. Willbilly? As you have noted, I am not a regular here. I have no idea who that is. Your arrogance and self obsession are astounding. this is a big town. Lots of people hold different opinions to you fellas on here. Sorry about that. And as for someone in this comments section referring to someone else as semi-literate. Now that really is something. So in order to disagree with you people I must be both a fake fan and un educated. Ok. Thanks for enlightening me.

  30. Gooby

    have we signed alex oxo chamberpot yet?

    Sandro is the latest spud player looking for an exit, they rate him £35m (hilarious)

  31. Wenger the liar

    Lurch –

    I am not mate, I know you think I am but I am not. I couldnt bring myself to be that thick even if I tried. If I wanted to I could mount an argument on that side of the fence based on far more reason than that mug.

    And last but not least I would never resort to saying something like “go support Chelsea you mugs” because thats just what a total prize cunt would say.

  32. Samir

    YouAreMyArsenal You Are My Arsenal
    Lille GM Frederic Paquet has told mercato365 that he expects the Lille to #Arsenal transfer to be completed next week

  33. Samir

    wsilvaTeam WellingtonSilva Fans
    Blackburn Rovers Chairman admits that Chris Samba wants to play for Arsenal but is trying to make him stay one more season

  34. SUGA3

    paddy, oh, paddy…

    you see, your style of writing and debating is a dead giveaway…

    self obsession? using ‘big’ words and expression when it’s either unnecessary or completely out of place doesn’t make you look smart, you know?

    and logic is not your forte,mo chara, there are quite a few people who have a different opinion to mine, but are able to spell, articulate their arguments, etc.

    and they don’t serve the same old hat bullshit, which was obliterated on here more times than I care to remember, so please forgive me if I am not particularly keen on fending off reheated bollocks with reheated logic…

    so, let’s get this straight: you are disagreeing party first, and the willybilly semi-literate alter ego second…

    this is a big town and people have different opinions? well, dear Arsene lover, sorry to break this to you, but this summer is your fucking Alamo!

  35. SUGA3

    and no, if the club spent £40M on two players and we would still finished fourth, I could take it MUCH better than when there was no effort to improve the odds…

    as for what OGL does this summer, I am doing my best to refrain myself from commenting on that subject, court is adjourned until 01/09 – fair?

  36. tiarnan

    Paddy –

    Fuck sake man – I gave you a lashing earlier in the day – and then gave you the benefit of the doubt – but fuck me I was right in the first place…

    You say youre an old school Arsenal supporter? Bollox – theres no old schooler that gives their blind allegiance to that Binocular happy cunt…

    Youd be best off getting a pair of binoculars yourself so you can see the absolute shittery Wenger has turned this club into….

    Lurch – WTLs post – the “Lose Arsenal Lose Arsenal” bit…? Yeh if it gets rid of Wenger I’ll wear that scarf….Is that the bit you were on about?

    Suga – An bhfuil Gaelige agat? Some good postin there by the way 😉

  37. bobbyp

    Good point about Joey B at a top club if he wasn’t a mentalist. Personally I’d like him at the club. I think he’s a decent footballer and we really could do with a nasty cunt in midfield who breaks up play.

  38. tiarnan

    suga –

    ha man u speak enuf already 😉

    still no signings, or even any hints of one….whens the last time we signed an epl experienced player, a real star of a player? sol campbell?? and he was free….


  39. SUGA3


    and the funniest thing is that Wenger would not go anywhere near Campbell these days, wasn’t he on quite high wage?

    zut alors, that would destroy the leftie wage structure!

  40. OPG

    Peter Hill-Wood has spoken again.
    Hill-Wood said: “Yes, they have spoken to us about Cesc. They have been in touch. But so far they have not made a bid and we do not want to let him go.

    “But he comes from Barcelona so it is understandable if he wanted to go back. However, they have not made an offer so far.”

    Hill-Wood added: “There is money for the manager.”

    Read more:

  41. Lurch LeRouge

    i refuse to believe that willybilly isn’t a doomer on a windup, now which fucker of you’s is it! fess up cunt!


  42. OPG

    It seems we are trying to get rid of some deadwood to free up some funds but the fees and wages may be a problem.
    The Blackburn owners pretty much said exactly what Samba said before he went on holiday and looks like he may stay even though he has ambitions to play for a big club, while they confirmed we made a bid for Jones.
    Owen Coyle has said there has been big interest and they will listen to offers, if we’ve been in talks we need to take action soon.

  43. tiarnan

    suga –
    wimbledon starts next monday – when thats over pre season training starts ….and so far weve signed Jenkinson…haha its a fucking joke….

    dya see the german womens footballers playboy shoot? not bad – then I saw this other german bird – un-fucking-real…

    lurch – i tried to hijack willybillys name- i wrote a big long post – but it wouldnt come up – pissed me off coz it was good…i actually think the cunt is authentic…

  44. Lurch LeRouge

    hmmmm…. bipolar doomer SUga3?? – shit If i’d known you get so upset about a typo in your handle I would have put a 3 in there ages ago! 😆

  45. Lurch LeRouge

    nah theres too many ‘voices’ in his posts to be authentic… I ran it through the agency’s profiling routines… 😉

  46. OPG

    Wimbledon is tommorow actually, a rematch of the longest match ever which will probably be shorter. You wish you could say the same with Arsenal and signing players quickly..
    Also Arsenal are set to announce they have sold Queensland Road, next to the Emirates, to Barratt Homes – boosting Wengers budget to £60mil. Plus if you add selling the deadwood being sold that’s alot, there’s not much excuse not to spend a good amount of the transfer budget.

  47. SUGA3


    oh well, maybe we are indeed heading towards oblivion?

    maybe IG’s response to Pedro’s question was in fact a thinly veiled cry for help? especially with the immediate suggestion that it’s the fans who can make OGL’s position unatenable?


    nah, it did not upset me, I just wanted to start the post somehow 😉

    as you can see, willypaddy just increased the number of Rs in every next post, stupid WUM cunt…

    bipolar doomer?

    damn it, it’s not a windup then, he needs help!

  48. tiarnan

    nah theres too many ‘voices’ in his posts to be authentic

    Surely that sentence has to win some sort of prize?

  49. Lurch LeRouge

    have to admit I agreed with Myles Palmers logic in his analysis on IG’s olive branch to the fanbase at the Q&A…. its a slow process but I think the man could be turning the corner.

  50. paddy

    I am fascinated by your obsession with the idea I am someone else. You may not believe me again, but I am just me expressing my own feelings. Sorry its not more interesting than that. A blog where you can express an opinion? Clearly not….. However I’ve enjoyed being your target practice today anyway. We will see how it all pans out. None of us are psychic after all. Tiarnan. You gave me a “lashing’? Really? Ok….. You really are deluded. But hey, if it works for ya. Honey, sorry, sugar, just making statements like, I am thick, my arguments are logic free, I can’t spell etc, doesn’t actually make it so, and when such statements run contrary to the available evidence you just look silly. You must realise this? Your like the annoying kid in the playground who puts it about backed up a selection of snidey little twats, until one day some quiet unassuming kid kicks the shit out of you in front of your mates. Goodnight boys

  51. jack

    Barton, the bastard should be shot and any so called Arsenal fan that wants that scum to join us should be fucking shot also. you fucking wankers.

  52. CedarBayDave

    i am still apathetic after the season, but trying to get back into it. lets get this shit straight.

  53. santino

    Barton is better than brainless denilson or mental diaby ..And he wont cry whine or faint against big teams.

  54. kingsley

    great….waking up to cesc going for 45million and being repaced by joey barton for 1.5 million. the life and times of arsenal under wenger.