Sandro Rosell tells Cesc he’s worthless and worn out and if Nasri’s a greedy little piggy, blame management, they taught him. And the worst kept secret in fixtures? Newcastle away first up!

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Let me begin with Barca’s Rosell, he says that one year on, one year after he unsettled our skipper, he thinks he’s worth less money, or another way of saying his value has gone down and he has a years worth of mileage on his body clock.

I wonder if he feels Messi has gone down in value over the same period, what an unintelligent, dopey prat.

Cesc however should now feel that Barca don’t think he’s worth paying serious money for, because if they prod hard enough, they’ll get him cheap.

Now the real issue for me is simple, if Cesc has all that Barca DNA cobblers in him and the need to go back and play for his boyhood club, then why on earth did he leave them in the first place? Where was the love then? Where were his family and all the advice they give him now?

My guess is it wasn’t the lure of Arsenal and the great Arsene Wenger, my guess is it was something to do with money, the lack of it from Barca and the silly sums that Wenger offers kids, my theory is the reason we get all these kids is we bribe them with copious amounts to sign, how else could an 18 year old Jay Emmanuel Thomas possibly afford to get nicked driving without a license in a Maclaren Mercedes?

This of course brings me nicely onto the situation we have with Samir nasri and his need to earn £120k a week for his services, it’s the culture of money for old rope and greed that has been fostered. Remember Theo earning £60k a week before he was 21 and unproven, hell, he’s still unproven now!

So I don’t blame Nasri for wanting such a massive amount, he sees everyone else at the club earning masses for no return so why not him? (including the management)

Now don’t get me wrong, I want Cesc to stay as much as I want Nasri to re-sign but I also want this continual crap we have to suffer year in year out to cease, it rarely happens to other clubs and the minute it does, their managers nip it in the bud.

This ‘I want to leave’ nonsense has happened almost every year since Wenger won something, it’s really boring, if he reported Barca to the authorities for unsettling a player or un-sporting conduct I bet they’d stop, but he doesn’t do a thing and that for me is why they do it.

People only get bullied because they don’t fight back.

Please don’t say there is nothing we can do, I’m sure there is something in the rule book we could dig up.

Also, have you noticed it only happens to the players that are good? The average players extoll their love for the manager and when they get good, they want out.

Anyway, with luck we’ll keep our stars and buy some decent ones in, either way we need to get Nasri to commit or transfer list him, me, I would do it before August, if not then before January. We’ve been here before and it didn’t work. Once is careless, twice is dumb.

In other news there is, well none! I don’t see why it takes so long to buy a player, especially if he has a buyout clause, now if Cahill’s is £17mil, then surely £17mil for him beats what the Mancs have just paid for a 19 year old. Just do it and move on, we didn’t last year and it cost us, Ivan, go and earn your massive salary.

I am aware that the theorists think that Cahill is a smokescreen for Samba, don’t forget we should have signed Samba in January, I don’t think he’ll be hard to get, he is the big lump we need but we also need Cahill, he has pace and intelligence and for me we need them both, or two like them.

Watching England play in the under 21’s proves to me that young English players aren’t worth what they are bought for, we can’t keep investing in the future as often the future never comes, look at our record, how many years did we wait for Nordtveit, Senderos, Denilson and Vela only for them never to make it, surely it makes more sense to buy in proven talent now whilst investing in the odd bit of potential.

I can see us losing the likes of Wilshere in the coming years because we’ve won nothing, we are just 3 or 4 players short of domination and I have been saying that for years, it’s so frustrating. Every transfer window people come on here and say ‘well the chavs haven’t bought anyone’ and ‘it’s only been open for two weeks, trust him’ – Listen before we know it it will be gone and we will have missed out for another season.

We may not have won a trophy for 6 years, but even if we win this season it will have been 7 years since a trophy and 8 years since we won the league! Think about that! Blimey, we aren’t West Ham, we are Arsenal!!!

Arsene please, please move now before we lose out again. Let’s go into July full of hope and promise rather than sniffing around the bargain basement again for the likes of Squillaci and co.

How many years have we got to go down the same track, all we do is win Jack and lose our stars that we spent years waiting for to come good.

Have a great day grovers, tomorrow you get positive Pedro back, maybe by then we would have signed those players we need, after all, it is Friday!

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  1. tiarnan

    dont mean to be rude lads (lurch) but its a bit pathetic to be sittin in on a friday nite on an arsenal blog isnt it….anyway pass us the remote – whats on the telly?…leave us a drag on that willya…

  2. tiarnan

    lurch – seriously – groove is in the heart?

    for retro feelings Ill give u an a+ – but musically an absolute z………..

    waddabout this….

  3. Lurch LeRouge

    groove mixes perfectly without having to pitch d from KLF. can’t help myself it was my oldschool combo drop

  4. tiarnan

    sorry kwik fit left u out of the jeep earlier – u were driving – lurch was on map duty – next stop -DRUNKENESSSHHH…….

  5. tiarnan

    kwik fit – you really wana piece of me?

    I reckon only lurch could watch this…in fact i reckon he wrote this….

  6. tiarnan

    incesc – if youve ever seen the commitments youll be familiar with this line…

    Jimmy Rabbitte: Do you not get it, lads? The Irish are the blacks of Europe. And Dubliners are the blacks of Ireland. And the Northside Dubliners are the blacks of Dublin. So say it once, say it loud: I’m black and I’m proud.

    LETS GOTO WAR!!!!!!!!!!!

    (with muff!)

    So we organisin a session for the opening game of the season??

  7. Lurch LeRouge

    i know i said nasty things about green people tiarnan but besides the one i kicked in the head in soho last month i really think they are cool!

  8. tiarnan

    Hmmm…well Ive had about 80 odd street fights – mainly against Irish lads – but I too reckon we’re not half bad – but we can be annoying cunts – none more so than me…but kicks in the head?? not my style man…

    Im strung out for a drink here…wad am I gona do…?

  9. Lurch LeRouge

    he was standing when he copped it. it was all over after that, he was fine.

    he laughed at my mustache, acused me of being mexican – was too loaded to find it funny 😉

  10. tiarnan

    itd be gas if we all turned up and silly billy willy was actually a 7 ‘ 3″ skin head with a penchant for makin human centipedes out of cunts who called him a cunt….

    just so we’re clear –

    silly billy willy – you’re a cunt – but ahhhh luvvvv yahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

    i need a fuckin drink…..

  11. tiarnan

    yeh laffin at heads, moustaches, cocks, soiled jocks aint cool….as i said or hinted at – ive prob destroyed more irish cunts than u….

    but nowadays i just love muff – if u need to destroy cock – do so – ill take their muff….we could set up a partnership…..hmmm…wada bout goin on dragons den??

    “Hi this is is Lurch, and Im Tiarnan, he can roundhouse cocks from 30 yards as I rehipnol the shit out of all their muffs….give us 800 quid each for the weekend please….”


  12. tiarnan

    Haha it aint me man – Ill be inventing a new alter ego soon – but havent done one since Norman “wenger” bates….

    hes a right fuckin numptie tho….

    but fair play he gets the attention hes craving….(ask pedro for the IP’s man..)

  13. Lurch LeRouge

    yeah i was gonna ask pedders, but its easy to bypass that shit with an ip mask like the one WTL showed you the other day.

    it was the double posting yesterday that gave you away. i know its YOU! :loll:

  14. tiarnan

    Im lovin this haha

    Show me the double posting….!!

    Mate I like to go a bit mental with an alter ego…this guy is just retarded….

    This is like virtual Cleudo …I need a fuckin drink…mu neighbours fron door was done in with an axe the other night – i reckon they mite have a bit of el vino – or crystal meth sumwer…(not messin came back the other nite, it lukd like jack nicholoson had been on a mad 1…)

  15. tiarnan

    Incesc –

    Id say by the time I land I’ll already have downed two roofies so ill be all yours by about 2.57….

    But by the time Swansea have gone 4-0 up I should be comin round…..

  16. Lurch LeRouge

    check this, 4 posts timed at exactly the same time (designed to throw us of your sent, but it did the opposite! 🙂 ) too coincidental, you were showing off yuou slag!

    and willybilly’s continual reference to people being brainwashed by media and newspaper, its straight out of your propaganda manual 😉

    one and the same!!!


    tiarnan says:
    June 16, 2011 at 15:44

    hahaha……”London Arsenals…” I can see the cheerleaders now mmmmm…
    Rob the Goon & Hitman49 – Liking the gravatars fair play……

    Gambon I wont be with ya at Ascot but if we sign Samba & Cahill I’ll stock up on some nice expensive Dutch Gold n puke my fucking ring too….


    willybilly says:
    June 16, 2011 at 15:44

    @ franchise, is it wrong for a top manager to be paid the same as a top payer?, i think not! plus the pressure on them is far greater, Wenger is clearly cost efficient, so I dont get your point really!


    tiarnan says:
    June 16, 2011 at 15:47

    Lads if Koscielny is so good – why then are we looking to sign Samba & Cahill – with Vermaelen to return also???

    If even Weneger can see he’s shit – why cant you??????


    willybilly says:
    June 16, 2011 at 15:47

    @ Franchise If your gonna disagree with what is said about wenger holding the key to total football and madrid knowing this and therfore wanting him bad in 2010(after not winning a trophy of 5 years), atleast give me a point to work with rather than just stating that im talking bollocks, its getting quite tiresome now

  17. tiarnan

    Willy Billy anint me…or is heeeeeeeeee …hahah….Lurch youre good ….but invincible? haha lets see – I may even bring Norman Wenger Bates back to spice things up 😉

    Nite lads 😉