Cesc and Nasri give it one more year and we will buy Samba, Gervinho and Cahill

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So we wake up to the news that our captain has said in Spain he is happy at Arsenal and unless he’s told otherwise he will be staying, top, top man Cesc, I love you all over again! Nasri has agreed to stay another year to see if Wenger buys what we need and we are certain to replace our two centre backs, Samba and Cahill will do for me or Vertongen if one those don’t join.

Then I will go into the season confident we can win the league. Time for Clichy to go and bring in Vermaelen at left back, before you spit out your All-Bran hear me out.

Vermaelen is a super tackler, fast and links play well, but even with him at the back we still ship goals, two of the three I mentioned are out and out centre backs, Clichy makes way too many mistakes, the reason we love him so much was because he filled the boots of Sheryl Cole, so we wanted him to do well, Vermaelen often plays at left back for Belgium and he will give us the strength to have a solid back line. Like the old days!

Time to use Nasri in the middle with Cesc, he isn’t a winger, let jack do the mopping up at the back, it’s about time we dropped the DM role as this team is so mobile we don’t need one, Jack can do that job.

Then I would have Arshavin on the wing, we only need one and with Gervihno, if he comes, we have the competition we need to put a size 10 up our Andre and options and cover on the wing.

We are also sniffing around the Brazilian Willian, I think he’s a winger but I’m not sure, he is from a tougher league than the French one but apart from a few youtube clips I can’t really offer an opinion, but any deal that involves getting shot of Denilson, I would take. And after what he said, I’m sure Wenger would too!

Also time to put Theo up front with Robin in behind and revert to 4-4-2 or 4-1-3-2 this team doesn’t need major surgery, it just needs the type of player we lacked and shipped goals, that can be solved by buying in 2 top, top centrebacks and getting a left back that let’s them know he’s there and can stay on his feet at crucial times.

Of course I would love us to buy Benzema and lose Bendtner and Chamakh but that won’t happen, Wenger will replace three tops, but I can’t see him doing more than that, well not to the starting line up anyway.

I watched the under 21’s last night and was impressed by Lansbury, he reminds me of a young Ray Parlour, not the finished article yet but plays with a passion a lot of our team lack, but he’s a year or two off, I would bring him into the squad though as he will grow.

I read with interest that Wenger sent out his scouts to watch Hazard play for Belgium, why? Don’t we know by now that he’s rather good? Does one match warrant a scout telling Wenger ‘yes boss buy him’???

All a bit odd but I want us to tie up these players early doors so they can make the want-aways feel good about next season, I want them rareing to go from pre-season and to get used to our squad and our culture.

I would also bring back Coquelin and put him in the squad, ship out Denilson and we then have Frimpong, Song and him to choose from when we want to go the DM route and I think he is already as good as we have.

I would try my team because when we deploy an out and out DM, our midfield loses a playmaker and if we want to emulate Barca, keeping the ball is a good step and frankly DM’s don’t tend to keep the ball. Well ours don’t!

If players need to protect the back 4 then the back four can’t be that good, a back four of Sagna, Samba, Cahill and Vermaelen wouldn’t let their mothers through, that back four would be tighter than George Osbourne, that back four frightens me, and I don’t frighten easily.

And SSCV would you believe is my lucky letter formation!

Get in there Arsene, this team will win the lot, this team is the team we have cried out for for years, admit the mistakes of the past, get shot of Denilson, Clichy, Squillaci and Bendtner and go back to a formation the players like.

We don’t need the marquee signings, (well Benzema would be nice but I won’t be upset if we don’t) Gervinho I’m not sure about as I haven’t seen enough of him, but after him, no more from the French league, pleeeeeease!

Whatever we do though, I hope we don’t hold out to get these players cheaper, because that can often mean we don’t get who we want, or we lose out, remember Alonso and Schwarzer?

If I had a choice though, I would prefer Ashley Young to Gervinho, he’s EPL tested, quite good, and a massive Arsenal fan, but we missed out on him at Watford and I can’t see us taking on the mancs for him, ho-hum!

I also watched Henderson yesterday and I’m glad we let King Kenny have that one, he’s not a patch on Lansbury.

Come on Arsene, we can afford them from the players you sell, but screw around and they’ll be gone. Do that and you will still get your massive pat on the back from the board as you won’t have touched the war chest, win, win.

Have a great days Grovers, this could be the team and today could be the day we sign them.


Sagna Samba Cahill Vermaelen

Wilshere Cesc Nasri  Gervinho or Arshavin

Theo Robin

Bench Ramsey, Song, Coquelin, Lansbury, Kozzer, (Benzema!) etc

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  1. Sabeel

    Bottega (Costa’s agent): “Arsenal have offered the club Denilson in exchange for Douglas but Shakhtar said No! Not interested in Denilson.”

  2. SUGA3


    I wouldn’t mind Samba and Congo will probably not play in the bees nest cup, so I am up for that…

    Fat Sam is a stupid cunt but not stupid enough to play someone with no ability as far out of position as there can be, discounting the goalie, that is…

    I believe that we should have a big fuck off fire breathing monster in defence and midfield, they would do a lot of dirty work creatig space for the agile Time Bandits to do their thang…


    my argument:

    Arsene Wenger is a great manager, and I take my hat off to him for keeping us in the top four, but at the moment his policies are hampering our progress, my beef with him is him being:

    – poor motivator
    – poor tactician
    – pathological liar
    – does not allow any disparity in the squad, which is leftie’s wet dream with all the side effects of no one willing to take responsibility, lack of motivation, etc.

    crap players being on too high wages, which is rendering them unsellable is also a little gem…

    he is spending money on kids as if fucking was going to go out of fashion anytime soon, whilst signing pathetic players like Silvestre and Squillaci

    and oh, don’t get me started on the renewals and non-renewals of contracts of some particular players…

    and now my dear friend, I dare YOU to counter these arguments one by one, coherently and using paragraphs…

  3. willybilly

    Douglas costa is an incredible talent that fergie has been linked with a lot and he has been compared to a lot of great players

  4. ardentgooner

    I hope Wenger now realizes that his so called world class players are shit… denilson, bendtner almunia…no one’s bidding for them even when they have come out and said they will leave…that shows how shit they are…… Shaktar even reject a cash + denilson deal for Douglas costaa….how shit are these players…wenger needs to come out and accept he got it wrong 😉

  5. Maximus

    Billy willy

    Who bought the players that let him down?? Who allows their complacent attitude? High rewards far to young before any on the field achievement and lack of discipline after poor displays as well as inadequate competition for places were all brought around by one man? Lack of expeirence in the squad due to ones own stubbonness towards his ideologies. This is what has contributed to what we have witnessed over that last 7 years and who is behind this????

    The barca, manc points are poor. Uniteds 2nd/3rd team made our 1st team look like girls as you put it in the FAcup as well as numerous other times in recent years, we played well for 45 mins against barca what did we look like the rest of the time we were playing them? Also by that theory it would suggest west brom, Newcastle, Stoke etc are almost there with what they have achieved against us. Also so what if we beat united and barca who won the trophies?

    The finances have been in good shape for more than a year.

    Also you won’t think people have countered your arguments well as u believe your way to be right and vice versa so you haven’t won anything other than in your mind (just like AW in fact)

    Also if AW job wasn’t on the line this year ( he knows it will be untenable if he fails to win a trophy again this year) he wouldn’t be spending like we a purported to be and things would be carrying on the same. FACT

  6. SUGA3


    funny one, I like ripping the piss out of Barca’s Boyz II Men, but clearly the love for Cesc is clouding her judgment a little bit, bless her…

    or maybe it’s just the old cynic talking :mrgreen:

  7. SUGA3

    IMO, OGL just outsmarted himself with D******n and Bendy, thinking that they will come good and he will sell them for something like £20M each, now no fucker wants them and they are both on good wages…

    and combined wages of these two pay a very good player’s salary…

    ditto Rosicky and Diaby…

  8. BOOZY

    i hope fabregas heard rossell said he is worth less than last year- great news.

    barca for some reason feel they have the ball in their court- like barca is the only option for fabregas.

    lets give maureen a call tell him to fork out 45 mil and he’s there’s.


    cesc should come out and renounce all desire to play for barca, and fully commit to helping arsenal win the title back.

    i’m down with any option.

  9. Skandibird

    I agree Suga, very funny.
    I read somewhere young Cesc is on his way on hols with his ‘friends’ Pique and Pyol? I have seen many photos of Pyol/Pique (and some others) at a chicken restaurant in Sitges (the Gay capital of Catluyna/Spain, i.e think Brighton) , BUT, it doesn’t mean ‘someone” is gay, just because they holiday in a gay resort. Apart from that, how is the bike restoration coming along?

  10. willybilly

    @ Suga 3 , Ok i am gad that you give wenger the respect he deserves on what he has done on limited finance.
    your beef is a) poor motivator, firsty that is down to managerial style. do you think that wenger had to “motivate” and by motivate i presume you mean shout, the invincibles? the answer to that is no!! The fact is that it is modern style manegment to let your players express themselves and take responsibility to motivate themselves, after all they are professionals. (brian clough was one of the origionators of this stye, and hes a legend) as i said, the players let him down. i do agree to an extent that when he is angry he is more inspiring, like b4 we beat man u.
    b) to say that wenger is a poor tactician is a very crass statement. you wont find many people in the game that will say wenger knows nothing about tactics. Do barca change tactics? no im not saying we are barca, but we are the closest this world has got. I am not denying wengers over faith in his team, and that can make him look like he isnt making changes. but the fact is that he is trying a system in the toughest league in the world, with very limited funds. Personally i think wenger got his tactics SPOT ON against barca, it was the players who let him down again.
    c) im not going to even entertain the notion that wenger is a pathalogical liar, it dosent deserve a response, name me one manager who dosent lie? and wenger usually does it to protect his team.
    D) the wage bill in arsenal is a lot lower than other top teams,
    e) building youth is an admirable thing about wenger which is respected world wide,FACT
    F) contract negotiation is clearly a board room issue( as gazidis basically admitted the other day) so that is not fair to pin that all on wenger

  11. Man

    “I don’t think he will got to another Spanish club,” added Rosell. “Cesc is of Barca, and if I were the president of another club I wouldn’t sign a player who holds dear the colours of another team.” Rosell

    That might be why they are making shit offers

  12. tiarnan

    Lurch –
    The problem, I find, with Marxists is that theyre so mind controlled that even if I said I had tonnes of evidence to prove that Marx worked for the Khazar Jewish bankers you’d still put your hands over your ears and go “lalalala” at the top of your voice….

    Have you ever read Marxs’ play “Oulanem” by the way?

    Or any of his other occultic writings? Writings in which he states he wants to avenge himself “against the One who rules above.”

    Its also no coincidence that Marxists are “leftists” – this is intentional because to be at the left hand side of God is to align yourself with satan……..

    So, I say to you – name one Marxist inspired revolution which has brought about the utopia promised,,,,?

    The reality is – that theyve only brought about the worst bloodshed and the destruction of Christianity – which is the true aim of Marxism….you know it and I know it – there’s no point in denying that either…

    On another note I do like your choice of art and music though – perhaps we could do an 80/20 split – where we trade insults 80% of the time and for the other 20% we discuss things like the post modern Munchian inspired expression Manuel Almunia makes every time he makes a fuck up….


  13. Sabeel

    apparently, first game is either of following in new season

    Newcastle Away (60%), or
    Man United Away (25%), or
    Swansea away (5%), or

  14. tiarnan

    Suga –

    Never thought about that lefties wet dream…destroying all motivation…thats exactly whats happened good call….

    SillyBillyWilly –

    Pargaraphs man paragraphs if you dont use pragagraphs noones going to read the drivel you write unless you use paragaraphs so I ask why arent you using parapgraphs is it really that hard to press enter is it or what about punctuation are you not able to use punctuation either why cant you do that and you tend to repeat yourself alot and say alot whilst saying nothing are you Ivan Gazidis in disguise or whats going on maybe youre going for the stream of consciousness dollar but even still that woul just exacerbate the matter because your stream would be as brown as the one in Willy Wonka – perhaps thats where your name comes from is it the river in Willy Wonka that looks like someone took a dump in it…

  15. willybilly

    @maximus As ive said numerous times b4 wengers manergerial stye is the same now, as it was when we were winning things. But this time hes had to do it on NO MONEY. So what you see as letting the players have “this complacent” attitude is actually wenger giving freedom (to much maybe) for these young players to grow and form there own values.
    Wenger has made mistakes like everyone( imean the amount of rubbish that fergies signed recently!) But he deserves the chance to spend some money and be on a leval playing field with the other big boys. plus you say that money has been available for more than a year! you know this how? you say about west brom newcastle etc, being as good as barca by my logic, this is rubbish!, plus i think this current barca team would struggle in the prem. How can you lot hate on wenger so much, arsenal were just another boring english team, now they are an exciting world wide brand that will be around for ever, the future of this great club ows ALOT to arsene wenger, you will understand one day i hope

  16. willybilly

    @ tiarnan POINT NOTED ABOUT THE PARAGRAPHS! but my pucntuation is alright on the main.
    im Glad that the only thing you can say against me is about the structure of what i write, and not against my views

  17. frenchie

    are we ever going to see the back of denilson? this is what happens when you place crap players on significant wages.

  18. willybilly

    @ Frenchie i am glad to have no mates in this place, caus if i did i would probably have the same absurd views as a lot of them

  19. Lurch LeRouge

    not sure you need to me for conversation Tiarnan?

    you seem to manage well enough on your own, besides the high priestess banned books so I can’t say I’m familiar with max.

  20. tiarnan

    lurch –

    haha – Ill give you that one I do tend to go off on a mad one….youre alright fella ive no gripe with ya 😉

  21. Lurch LeRouge

    gripe? haha

    not at the moment at least!

    ill work on it. 🙂

    (runs off to creche for new naughty word)

  22. frenchie

    the more i watch the clips, the more i believe donetsk were completely justified in telling arsene to piss up a rope with denilson offer.

  23. SUGA3


    – the year is 2011, not 2004, Wenger can’t motivate his team, the collapse of the end of the season is the living proof of that

    – wenger is a very poor tactician, he knows only one way, but unfortunately, he does not have all the ingredients to disregard the rest of the teams and let them worry, which leaves him exposed

    – Wenger is a pathological liar and gets paid handsomely for taking the flak for the evil board, he has no problems with pocketing £6M while keeping schtum about them not giving him money, oh boohoo, big bad board!

    – our wage bill is on par with our league position, that’s nothing ‘special’, it is to be expected, besides, Yoonited’s wage bill is only marginally higher…

    – no mate, it is not ‘admirable’, it would be considered as such if we did not neglect the first team in the process and not necessarily giving the right number of chances to the right players

    – did he now?

    Q: ‘Ivan, who is responsible for SN & GC running down their contracts?

    A: ‘Blah, blah, ultimately Wenger decides’

  24. Pat

    Even Schaktar think Denilson is shit!

    If we get Gervinho, Samba, Cahill, Costa, and possibly a LB(unless Verm plays there) I’d be a happy gooner.

  25. leon

    it seems as if wenger may be bringing samba and a striker.but thats no were near enough.this team clearly needs some vocal leaders and and some real rugidness and tancity and this team has few players like that in thelikes wlshire nasri and may be song but there are far to many luxury players.i still think wenger needs to off load players like diaby and diaby and eboue.i not sure couqulin i think he should go out on loan at least another season and wenger should bring in someone like diarra from real madrid wenger should never sold him

  26. SUGA3


    I am buying the spare parts, and looking for someone to do a nice paint job on it…

    the work itself starts at the end of July and ends mid August, grease monkey fun!

  27. G STAR

    Exploratory talks between Samir Nasri and Manchester United have come to nothing and the player now appears likely to remain at Arsenal for another season.

    Cesc Fabregas insists he will not force through a dream move to Barcelona.

    Chelsea have offered striker Didier Drogba a new two-year deal – but he is holding out for an extra season.

    Salomon Kalou has blown the lid off Chelsea’s title failure – by claiming too many Blues stars sulked if they did not make the team.

    Edin Dzeko emerged last night as a target for Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid.

    Barcelona are out to hijack Manchester United’s deal for Udinese’s Chile winger Alexis Sanchez.

    Chelsea have been told they will be wasting their time trying to sign Brazilian superstar Neymar.

    Samir Nasri has rocked Arsenal by demanding a new deal worth around £6million a year, making him the highest paid player at the club.

    Sir Alex Ferguson is plotting a sensational £12million bid to hijack Liverpool’s move for Charlie Adam.

    Aston Villa fans went bonkers last night protesting against Alex McLeish becoming their new boss.

    Real Madrid last night claimed Liverpool were negotiating with them for £15million-rated Fernando Gago.

    Arsenal are lining up a bid to bag Jermain Defoe from arch-rivals Tottenham.

    Chelsea are interested in Barcelona midfielder Thiago Alcantara but his future could hinge on the Spanish club’s pursuit of Cesc Fabregas.

    Alex McLeish is today set to be appointed manager of Aston Villa, despite fans climbing the gates of Villa Park in protest.

  28. incesc

    good news about cesc.

    he’ll have to play well next season if he wants barce to make a proper offer in 2012

  29. willybilly

    @ suga 3 your only two points that in any way constructivly argued against mine. are a) your point on wages reflecting our position, i agree to an extent. but i am still right to say we have the lowest of the big teams. plus arsenal need to keep wages competetive, and having spent hardly anything on transfer fees they have been able to afford to do this. Other big clubs can do both big wages and transfer fees without worrying.
    and b) what Gazidis said about wenger being ultimatley responsible for contract negotiation. But it is obvious Gazidis is like a poitician , shamlessy putting the blame on wenger when any one with a brain knows they have a very tight grip on the finances. I suggest you rewatch him anser that question, he squirmed his way out of it.
    as for the rest of your response to me, i want you to go back and read what i said( and others to) and tell me how you in any way countered what i said? you just repeated yourself, pretty funny really

  30. willybilly

    @ Suga sorry and one more thing , is it wrong for a top manager getting the same money as a player at a top team? I think not, so stop going on about wengers wages. Managers deserve them more than the players

  31. SUGA3

    now if you excuse me, I shall bow to your ultimately superior knowledge of modern football and everything else in general and go shopping…

  32. nuudles

    If I was Cesc I would be SOOO mad at Barca.

    They are basically saying they would like to have him but not quite enough…

    If they were really serious about getting him why would they go and buy Villa, and now say they are interested in Rossi & Sanchez & etc. If they were really serious then they would make him a priority.

    Them saying Cesc is worth LESS than last year because of “wear and tear”, what rubbish. Cesc is in no way even close to his peak as he will be at his best in the 27-31 window, which is still some way off seeing as he is barely 24… The reason why he had injury niggles this season is because he has not had a proper rest in 4-5 years, every summer it is either Euros, the WC or he had a bad injury late on in the season. I firmly believe after he comes back rested well into a team with crucial injections and more importantly departures of the dross/lazy players he will be even better than before.

    Barca, I hope we get you in the quarters or semis of the CL next year and we beat you both home and away just to rub it in, with Cesc being man of the match in both cases offcourse!!

  33. spex

    The team you mentioned will end up having the same problems. Our issue is the height of the side. I feel we need a holding player who is 6foot to help the defence deal with the direct areial play. If you look at the top english teams they always have 5 players capable of winning the ball at a set piece (minimum). Especially when they go to certain grounds or play certain teams. That’s why in games where we are obviously going to be up against the aerial threat, the idea of having one of the centre backs at full back is spot on. But that has to be supplemented by another player capable of marking effectively at the set piece. Ideally this is your holding player. Even barcelona recognise this FACT of life. Van p could prob do it but he is used to screen the front post at corners where we are particularly vulnerable. We are therefore often left with the two centre backs and players like cesc and sagna marking. This is the weakness that has been exploited over the years. Easily fixed previously, bring in nic b, chamakc or diaby. Nick b and chamahk are better at the marking than diaby but arsene refuses to drop one of the small front men to play them because he see’s this as a defensive move, taking away from attacking potency due to the reduction in pace, and adopting tactics to suit the opponent. He believes in the ability of his players too much to do this. The difference between fergie and wenger I suggest. Fergie will gladly pick a side to beat arsenal rather than thinking about his best side. If cesc, nasri or arshavin played for utd, fergie would gladly drop all three if they weren’t up for the aerial/physical test at stamford bridge or the reebok. But at arsenal certain people are undroppable, even when they can’t do the task required of them on that given day. I strongly believe we have more chance winning at chelsea, bolton, stoke etc if wenger dropped the smaller players who aren’t up for these games physically and played chamakh, nick B, diaby and at least one centre back at full back. He feels it goes against his principles. If we are saying those players aren’t up to standard to play and be trusted to do those jobs against those teams then ok replace them but they must be replaced by players with height so that on any given day, we are capable of fielding a team with a minimum of 5 competent markers at the set piece. In the days of gilberto silver, we didn’t have enough markers so we zonal marked the danger areas. That worked well. We know it did by thehigh ratio of headed balls won by gilberto and the two centre backs at the time from the set piece. Until gallas came and changed it all because he didn’t like it and we lost our way. I’ve heard that we conceeded the least amount of goals in the league from open play and the most from set pieces. Is that a case of teams just waiting for set pieces and not bothering to attack us in open play?…. Therefore my suggestion is we have a side made up of 3 tall defenders, one tall midfielder and a tall striker for CERTAIN GAMES. I suggest if this model is not used, we could sign Messi, iniesta and zavi and keep cesc and still lose certain games.

  34. bennydevito

    For some reason I vs.t post. It says its posted but doesn’t show up and if I try to reload it says I’ve already posted but it doesn’t appear?

  35. tiarnan

    Suga –
    I know poor Boxer ending up in Panathanaikos…

    Wasnt it Napoleon/Stalin/Wenger who sent him there?

    I get so angry when I think about how OGL dismantled that team…Gilberto may not have been the hardest DM but he kept it simple and made the balance of the team perfect…

    Lurch –
    If you wana hurt me just accuse me of secretly reprting back to PolPot.com with lists of names and gravatars of those most in opposition against the Khmer-Wenger Rouge*…(cough cough 😉 )

  36. willybilly

    @Suga if you think wengers got no boss and completely controls the cash you are frankly in my opinion deluded. any way thats your choice, have a good shopping trip, and make sure you “spend some f$cking money”

  37. tiarnan

    willybilly says:
    June 16, 2011 at 20:47

    @ Suga sorry and one more thing , is it wrong for a top manager getting the same money as a player at a top team


    This is like shooting fish in a barrel….

    Of course its not – but thing is to be a top team you need to finish TOP of something – 24 competitions in six years and we’ve not been TOP in anything.

    But all we’ve heard is – “The team is maturing…Theyre a young team….My frozen spunk is playing well at left back…”

    Well if he wants to manage a fucking youth team he should get the salary of a youth team manager – appx 120k a year at a “Top” team…….

    To have a net spend of £50m on our managers salary over the last 6 years and a £ZERO net spend on players in that time is absolutely beyond contempt….


  38. tiarnan

    Right Im off again – Ive more Ikea shite to assemble – took me an hour to assemble a fucking spice rack….

    (By the way I am a hypocrite – IKEA is the retail equvalent of Karl Marx’s nob whacking you on the cheek)

  39. SUGA3

    their boss is a likeable figure tho, driving around in a 15 year old Volvo, no flashy bullshit…

    I know it may be PR, but a good one 😉

  40. willybilly

    @Tiarnan, You obv arent familiar with the term top team, it means a team competing at the top leval, which arsenal has done for the entire time under wenger. So are you saying arsenal are not a top team then? I think a lot would disagree with you. Im getting so bored of everyone on hear spouting about trophies. its getting boring now. What do you think mancinis wage is, more then wengers, and he couldnt even get city into the champs league last year. So does he deserve his money.?
    So go on about 50 million wengers wages, but the amount of money has made the club far outweighs that, so whats your point?
    What arsene has done has ensured the existence of this club the indefinate future in a climate where clubs are dropping like flies.
    The sheer blindness of some on this site is mental. one day you all will pretend you didnt have these opinions, and say i always backed our team and manager even in the bad times. Some of the”fans” on this site remind me of the anti arsenal almost xenophobic views of the twats on talkshite radio. Arsene should be celebrated for what hes tried to do in the epl not villified. The rest of the world give Arsene lots of respect its only in the land of kick and rush football that he is shown so much contempt. Arsenal are doing things the right way, they are not trying to just throw money at a problem and hoping it goes away. they are building for the future, and thanks to wenger, we have a very bright one.. LOSE ARSENE LOSE ARSENAL

  41. Evan

    Good Evening


    Why Arsenal were wearing tracksuits for a Cup Final? and do you realise that Le Boss is not concerned with the fans comments, they are deemed irrelevant unless you have some type of role in the footballing world.

    Surely, even you must cringe and be fueled with anger about some of the things coming out of Wenger’s mouth? My views stem from having multiple weekends ruined by lucklustre performances, no passion, no nothing..

    My problem is with the declining standard and acceptance that the following is regarded as Arsenal quality: Bendtner, Denilson, Diaby, Almunia, Fabianski, Chamakh, Eboue, Cygan, Stepanovs, Gibbs and many of the kids that have been drafted out and will never cut it, but they all get paid very well

    Nasri and Fabregas will likely stay, sounds like a healthy marriage, lets just drag it through the mud.

    And sorry i just read your last comment LOSE ARSENE LOSE ARSENAL. This isn’t Arsene FC

  42. Dutchman

    Some rumour here in Holland. Arsenal are willing to pay some money to buy Douglas Costa or Willian. It is not known which player is the one we are after, but we want one of those players for sure.

  43. frenchie


    costa’s agent stated that arsenal offered up denilson and donetsk said no thank you. is there more to your rumors than that?

  44. Pat

    Owen Hargreaves on a free if he passes the toughest medical known to mankind?

    I’m sure Wenger has thought about it. Pay as you play deal?

  45. willybilly

    @Evan I expect that Arsene didnt make them wear tracksuits because he wanted them to feel comfortable and relaxed to be in a good mental state for the final. not as you seem to think, in some sort of act of disrespect to the fans or the competition. Wenger is a forward thinking guy and probably didnt see the need for it, and if we had won nobody would even have mentioned it.
    So what things coming out of arsenes mouth are you refering to?
    And as for having your weekends ruined by “lacklustre” performances. I having watched every arsenal game this season , most of them twice, saw a lot of complacency but not this lack of passion that some people are banging on about. In the main trying certainly wasnt our problem this season, i think thats just a reactionary view to have.
    And yes we have “deadwood” as everyone likes to call, but find me a team that dosen’t. Plus it certainly isnt fair to put Chamahk on that little ist of yours.
    So your telling me your not happy with nasrigas staying?? With all the extra quality coming in, we are going to be AMAZING next year bro keep the faith.
    And when i say lose arsenal i mean lose arsenal as a globaly renowned brand respected worldwide for the way they operate on and off the pitch. i think we could go back 20 years in terms of scouting, footballing technique and finance. As ive said b4 Arsenes brand of football is the reason we are global brand like barca ,united etc and therefore able to compete on a financial basis with the big boys. so as i said LOSE ARSENE LOSE ARSENAL

  46. Danny

    SillyBilly… Fuck you’re funny, I can’t even get annoyed at you. Fucking hilarious, keep it up.
    Lose Arsene, lose Arsenal.. hahahahahahahahahahahhehehehehahahahehehehaaahhheahehaha

  47. Big Dave

    Per Metersacker internacional aleman, mundialista y pilar del Bremen esta en conversaciones con el Arsenal de Londres.. La bundes revienta!

  48. willybilly

    @Danny So do you want us to become another boring english team, who punt the ball up the pitch, with no style, no global brand, oh yeah and no money?
    oh btw what newspapers do you get your opinions from?


    if we sign seb larsson that will be a disgrace

    the guy aint and will never be world class

    chamberlain larsson cahill jenkinson gervinho

    this could be the worst summer ever

    is wenger taking the piss or what


    Arsenal have been rebuffed in an attempt to sign Shakhtar Donetsk ace Douglas Costa, according to the player’s agent.
    The Brazil Under-20 midfielder caught the eye for the Ukrainian side this season during their run to the Champions League quarter-finals and has been linked with a move away this summer.
    And, speaking to Calciomercato.com, his agent Cesar Bottega has claimed that Arsenal have approached Shakhtar with a swap deal involving out-of-favour midfielder Denilson.
    The 23-year-old has announced his desire to leave the Emirates after failing to cement a place in the Gunners’ midfield and will almost certainly depart before the start of the season.
    It had been reported that Arsenal have already offered Denilson in a swap deal for fellow Shakhtar midfielder Willian, who is also Brazilian.
    But Douglas Costa’s agent now thinks that Arsenal are after a different Samba star from the club’s ranks – but they won’t get him unless they pay up.
    Bottega said: “The Gunners have offered the club Denilson in exchange for Douglas but Shakhtar said no. They are not interested in Denilson and would want only money.”

  51. willybilly

    @mark gooner. R U taking the piss or what? Cahill and Gervinho are two Quality signings, especially now it looks like nasrigas is staying, this can only be good. Chamberlain is a great prospect as Fergie well knows and jenkinnson is highly rated.

    Plus who are you to say that is all we are signing? you had a cup of tea with wenger and gazidis today or something?


    tiarnan makes a great point

    in last 6 years we have given wenger at least 36 mil (based on 6m a year)

    and in that time our net spend has been less (not exactly sure how much but it aint as much as we have paid wenger)

  53. Big Dave

    German international Per Metersacker global and pillar of Bremen is in talks with Arsenal .. The bundes die!

  54. incesc


    you say if arsene goes we lose our “global brand”!!

    Are you sure?

    really really sure?????

    im fucking cacking it here!

    what will we do when wenger packs his bags and takes our global brand??


    willy billy

    saying gervinho is a great signing is very premature

    he may turn out to be, but he could quite easily go the other way and be a bendtner

    we needed world class players brought in this summer
    and if that is all we sign and you are happy with that then you are in a serious minority of gooners

    not one of them mentioned is world class, cahill being the only one id say is a decent signing

    if cesc stays (very unlikely) then that is a big plus to how we’ll do next year

    fuck nasri 6 great months in 3 years, he’s another player that when the going gets tough he is back in his shell quicker then a tortoise

  56. Danny

    Oh dear sillyBilly… What opinion did I offer up..? That you’re funny..? Don’t need to read a paper for that, just read your posts… Would love to know where you get your wisdom regarding what’s best for Arsenal. I’ve seen us from 1970 onwards, so I’d like to think I’ve a bit of history supporting Arsenal. When you mentioned how we are revered across the world by the way we do things on and off the pitch, we’ve been respected all over the world since the 30s… (I know it’s probably a shock to you that Arsenal played football pre-Wenger) but in my opinion this current team and club in general is the most un- Arsenal in my lifetime.


    samuel eto says he would like to play in the prem, gab marcotti says he would a move to arsenal could happen if we show some ambition in the window

    eto is a proven world class player with experience

    eto has scored 102 goals in last 4 seasons in spain and italy
    gervinho has scored 31 in france

    eto would cost 10 mil more then gervinho

    but unfortunately wengers ego wants to be proven right and is ready to gamble another season of failure by going for potential and not proven

  58. willybilly

    @ Incesc, A typical response from this man , just a series of questions asking me if im sure of the things ive said. So thats all i can really say bout that one.

    @ mark gooner The main flaw with your urgument is that i didnt ever say id be happy if thats all we signed. I just pointed out the quality of the players that you seemed to upset about. You were the one suggesting that is all we were going to sign. You are saying we NEEDED to bring quality in this summer, do you know the date? officially the window dosen’t open till the 1st of july.
    Nasri is going to be great next year, trust.

    @danny you know what i get so much abuse on this site that sometimes i overeact. My snipe about the newspaper was uncalled for and for that i appologise. I also respect the way you talk. I agree that arsenal have been respected since the 30s, but personally i think that having it in this day and age is alot harder. and i dont think that arsenal in the style of george graham would quite have the same global following and respect as we do now.

  59. willybilly

    @ incesc < What will we do?? unless we get gaurdiola(imagine the board paying his wages!!), we will go back to being another BORING english team, with no style, no global brand and no money.
    In terms of scouting we would go backwards. .In terms of technique, we will go backwards and in terms of building for thefuture we will be lost. In 5 years all the magic wenger has created will be gone and we'l be just another kick and rush team, who definatley wont attract world class players.
    does that answer your QUESTION incesc??

  60. incesc

    your the biggest fucking doomer out there!

    cheer up mate, try and be a bit more positive about the clubs future!

  61. willybilly

    @incesc im only trying to defend the le boss, seems like he needs it on this site. I adore this club and am very positive about its future, under wenger. love guns

  62. JJ

    One of the most idiotic quotes I have read in a long time:

    “If last summer we offered 40m euros (£35.1m) for Cesc, since then there has been wear and tear, now he’s worth less,” said Rosell.

    He is player not a car you moron… How will a comment like that inspire him to come play for you?

  63. tiarnan

    WillyBilly –

    After reading all your comments today, I was like “wow this guy must be smoking something..” I said to myself, as I spoke…..

    So I decided to do some investigations….

    The name “Willy”, according to the highly esteemed and peer reviewd website “www.urbandictionary.com” implies:

    “… the penis in a flaccid state unless it is explicitly stated otherwise…By using the term “willy” it desexualises the male member and allows one to talk about cocks while your mother, wife, or grandmother is listening…”

    Example of Usage:

    “Go and put some clothes on, Auntie Jane will be here soon and you dont want your cousin, Lucy, to see your willy do you ? ”

    So then I checked Billy:

    ‘Billy’ is other wise known as a bong. A deviced used to smoke marijuana with, otherwise known as grass or weed.

    Example of Usage:

    Hey man, pass the billy over this way.


    So, I think I’ve cracked it…….

    You’ve been smoking cock havent you?

  64. tiarnan

    Just 6 hours to go before I can write…


    followed seconds later by…..

    “Damn I shouldnt have read the post first, ah well 23rd is a trophy…”

  65. Danny

    What I meant when I said un-Arsenal. Firstly, the relationship between club & fans, I feel we are taken for granted by the club like never before. We are treated like just another customer, there used to be a real family feel to being an Arsenal fan…. Too many fans have been priced out, being replaced by middle class tossers

  66. Danny

    Who have no fire in their bellies and as a result the atmosphere at The Emirates is cold and stagnant… Throughout Arsenals history, there was always a pride and responsibility in representing Arsenal which I don’t see from the vast majority of our players. Poor discipline, turning up for games looking like their mums have just kicked them out of bed and showing no desire and fight when under the cosh(again, the vast majority)..this stems from the manager, he has no fear factor, which means too many players take advantage.

  67. stonroy

    Great start to the season. Get Newcastle and the Mancs out of the way early. We always start the season quicker than United

  68. fosquel

    why is no one considering the option of playing arshavin behind robin and theo? fabregas wilshere nasri
    theo robin

    nasri can run wide on left and theo likes those runs down the right besides we’ve got sagna making his killer runs down the right flank and crossing into the box anyway. With this formation we’ve got options for wide plays and what i’ve always felt we need more of some direct running through the middle, work the ball into the box and let robin smash em in!