Gazidis wasn’t lying – 4 Targets we’re going for / The exits you’d hoped for

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So when Ivan said he was moving for players now, he was telling the truth. He’s been busier than Ryan Giggs over the past few days and it looks like the fruits of his efforts are coming together.

I don’t often throw names out there that I’ve heard because like I’ve said on numerous occasions, not many people actually get gossip unless it’s from outside the club. I guess the first thing to say before I get into this post is that when a club is serious about transfers there will be multiple targets so it’s very hard to be definitive.

What I can confirm is the talk about Samba and Cahill is very much true. What I can’t say is which one we’re going for, or if we’re actually looking to buy both of them. If we’re signing both, that would be a very bold statement of intent. That would leave us with 5 centre backs. Could that mean a move out of defence for Kozzer or Vermalen or could that mean a move for Vermalen to left back?

The likelihood is that we’re probably lining up both, then we’ll see what happens with price and make a decision from there. It’s a clever way of keeping your options open and regulating price. My case study for this approach is the Nasri transfer a few years ago. We were in talks with Ben Arfa at the time and it was very much 50/50 who we were going to sign. My gut feeling says that we’ll land Chris Samba but to be honest, I’d be pleased with either.

The other player who looks set to join us is Gervinho. The man with the worst haircut since Cesc joined us is poised to sign for us in £12million move from Lille. This guy is a real marmite player amongst those who’ve watched him, what can be said about him is that he’s a wide man and his tangible statistics were better than Eden Hazard’s last year. If he’s coming to us to play out wide, his 15 goals and 10 assists playing for a small club seem quite good. It’s interesting that there was a lot of debate yesterday about him replacing Bendtner. Is that as a winger, or as a front man?

The other player that there is a still a major interest is this Argentinian chappy. Apparently he’s been monitored quite extensively and he’s the business. I’m not sure why there has been a hold up on the deal, but rumour has it we’re still looking to buy up his talents. He’s quite tall, he has good technique and his signing feels reminiscent of Freddie Ljungberg. No one is quite sure what to expect… but we’re expecting good things!

The exits are looking good as well. We could see six players or more leaving and apparently, Squillaci is looking good for the chop. Arsene Wenger’s worst signing in defence? He easily rivals Stepanovs and Cygan. Eboue, Denilson, Bendtner, Almunia, Vela and Traore should follow suit. The only worry I have is about Samir Nasri. If that man goes, I believe there will be a marquee signing to replacing him.

If we make the above changes to the squad, we could still end the summer pretty cost neutral. We’ll be taking a lot of dross off the wage bill and we’ll definitely be able to bring in a lot of pound notes for their services. If we replace those players as above, we’re supplementing the first team with players who have fight and a massive point to prove. You’d have to say that if we make those moves, we wouldn’t be far off next season.

Spurs are going to be solely focused on the league next year, don’t expect them to be flying out their first team for the tin pot Europa League. Liverpool will be battling harder than ever to steal back their top 4 spot. Manchester City will be buying up everyone. Guus Hiddink at Chelsea could be armed with £150million. United have already started adding to the best team in the league. Inaction wasn’t an option for us this summer and like I said to much derision last year, be thankful we finished 4th and the players let the manager down in the way they did. He’s obviously very hurt by what happened and it looks like the message the fans sent him at the last game of the season may have landed in his mental inbox.

Oh, and on Jermain Defoe to Arsenal. No thanks. I can’t believe we’d even entertain it. He’s an English midget who has a private life to rival even the most sordid of reality TV stars. He’s a Spurs fans. He’s disruptive and he managed 4 goals last season. We don’t need him, we don’t want him (that’s personally anyway).

Geoff is back tomorow, I’m in Dublin. Enjoy… the man is an opinion hand grenade and rumour has it, he’s about to explode in tomorrows post!

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  1. ardentgooner

    Arsenal are going to play Benfica in a friendly. Could this be a part of deal for Coentrao??? Or am I just reading too much into it. He could be a good replacement for Clichy though..

  2. Moray

    I hope we start to ship out the dross soon. And I hope Rosicky is included in that. What a waste of money that guy turned out to be, and now his injury problems are getting better, his legs have gone. And to think we offered him a bumper contract just last year (citation needed). Shame, he looked great in the World Cup just before we signed him up. It goes to show, the Prem is not the place for sickly injury-prone players.

  3. bergkamp10

    GOOD POST yet again!

    my only arguments – that ALVAREZ would not do it in the prem!

    CAHILL – SAMBA – GERVINHO ( i do like alot) but will certainly not win arsenal the league.

    and JERMAINE DEFOE is actually an ARSENAL fan!!!!!!

    BTW if we sell cesc for 40million then wenger really should be going 30million samuel etoo 20million wes sneijder but he wont………..he will go connor wickham and eden hazrd zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. gambon


    I would say Samba & Cahill could be a significant step towards us winning the PL.

    But yes, we need to get other areas sorted as well.

    Samba – Cahill – Baines – Fellaini & Gervinho would give us a real shot IMO, as long as we dont lose Cesc & Nasri.

  5. Moray

    OPG, interesting list of the old and young who didn’t make it.

    Wenger must be wanking at the prospect of signing some of these up.

    who is Nathan Charles Rooney? Sounds like a 1920s cad!

  6. bergkamp10


    i would like to see them here but samba isnt suited to big games like barca and man utd i remember his defence shipping 7 at old trafford and he looked sluggish!

    i REALLY REALLY REALLY would love JERMAINE DEFOE at arsenal

    how anyone can moan is beyond me he is an arsenal fan!! and miles better than chamakh or bendy
    he would score hatfuls – he is the closest thing to ian wright in english football – FACT