Phil Jones offer exposed | Ivan Gazidis reveals horrifying Arsenal truth…

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… he sure did, and it wasn’t pretty reading.

Firstly, according to Mr G, the season ticket price rises had to come, all the other clubs were doing it and due to peer pressure, Ivan felt he had to make the move.

Not just that, utilities bills were up 100% and electricity had gone up 33%.

An OMG moment if ever I heard one.

That was pretty much the main lead I took from the evening from an Ivan perspective. The talk was white wash central, Ivan managed to talk for 90 minutes without really saying much which for me, was incredible PR. He was totally clear about what he was doing as well, his big fear was that certain people in the hall were going to take his words and twist them into something they weren’t.

Well, that was my night scuppered… and this mornings post sadly.

I sat next to a Reuters journo who reads Le Grove,he firstly stated that Le Grove was his favourite Arsenal blog in the world, then he asked me at the end of the night what my lead story for today was. I said I didn’t really have one from an Ivan perspective. However, from a fan sentiment perspective I think there was as massive one. No longer is Arsene Wenger a God like figure at Arsenal. Never in my long and established career as an AST/AGM attendee (2 AST events, 4 AGM’s) have I heard so many unchallenged negative comments about Arsene Wenger. It was almost relentless. The worm has finally turned and I don’t think Ivan was expecting that.

I got into a bit of a heated discussion with an AKB in the pub afterwards who said that Arsene Wenger was right to say you can’t have an opinion on the game unless you’ve worked half a day in football, but most would argue you don’t have a right to say that if you’ve not won a trophy in 6 years. That was actually a question from someone representing the Black Scarf Movement.

Ivan, is there a problem with respect when Diaby is wearing a Spurs shirt in his spare time, Cesc is at the Spanish Grand Prix during the season and Arsene Wenger is telling the fans he won’t listen to anyone who hasn’t worked half a day in the game?

Ivan dodged this point pretty well, he said that this was a football problem, not just and Arsenal problem. That didn’t really work for me though. This season it’s been an Arsenal problem. Arsene Wenger is losing the fanbase, he’s losing the dressing room and he’s losing the plot.

Sure Ivan is up there giving us all the answers we knew we were going to hear, but make no mistake, he’ll be using that fan sentiment to leverage Arsene Wenger this summer. He knows full well that the fans are the most important asset the club has at the moment, in particular, the home fans who pay for tickets week in, week out. With match day income of £100million from the UK based fans, our opinion matters. When Ivan sees that there are 9000 empty seats for an end of the season clash on a nice sunny day, he’ll be concerned. When 1% of season tickets weren’t used a single time last year, he’ll know there is a problem. When fans are booing and fighting in the ground, he’ll understand the screw has to be turned a little.

Gazidis needs to bring put real pressure on Arsene Wenger because he’s been living without it over the past 3 rudderless years.

The question that I finally went with was this one…

Ivan, with commercial deals up in 2 years you’ll know as well as anyone that an revenue we generate from them will be directly linked to our success on the pitch. Due to managerial mistakes we’re already seeing the results of a lack of that success. We have players refusing to sign contracts and wanting to leave, we have fan sentiment at an 15 year low. You back the manager 100% like I expected you to say, but what a growing number of us want to know is, who is Arsene Wenger accountable to?*

* I must note, that is how the question was articulated in my head, if you check the video on, I probably asked something totally different.

I told Pam I was going to ask that question earlier in the day. I also told her the answer he was going to give.

He said, ‘ultimately, he’s accountable to the fans’, to which he was jeered, Nigel Phillips then stepped in and said that the fans were pretty angry at him. Then Gazidis went on a bit of a ramble about managers. He said that we could have a manager who was winning things but was playing in a style that wasn’t befitting of the club, thus rendering his position untenable. Which is total nonsense. If you’re winning things, the manager stays, we’re not Barcelona fans over here, he really needs to get over this style thing. He also went on to say that Arsenal are listening to the fans and monitoring what they’re saying and in a sly dig at Le Grove, he said that certain sections of the fanbase don’t speak for the majority.

Sure Ivan, but you’ve just witnessed a whole stadium boo your team. You’ve just witnessed 9000 people not turn up to the party piece of a finished season… and if you’re social media boys are worth anything, they’ll be telling you online sentiment is at an all time low.

He finished the comment when someone pulled him on not answering the question by saying it was ultimately the board he was responsible to. It was bloody hard work getting to that stage!

I did laugh when Ivan said Arsene Wenger was not stubborn… he was in fact responsive and open to challenge. I know for a fact that is not true, Pam told me she switched to PG tips and the manager went berserk, you can just imagine what he’d be like if someone suggested his training methods weren’t the greatest!

The only other snippet that I quite fancied was the bit about safe standing. Ivan said that he was open to the idea and they’d consider it, though he did point out that if you haven’t built safe standing into a ground, the cost can sometimes be prohibitively expensive!

Ivan also confirmed that we were speaking to many players, though he would not confirm that we were close on any of the deals. Our understanding is that Wenger is going after players and that he is serious.

I did hear a nice little bit about Phil Jones. Apparently we were in for the Englishman, though we didn’t match what United were offering by quite a long way, well, at least on the salary front. That’s why he’s not wearing an Arsenal shirt next season.

Oh, and one for Geoff, apparently the reason we talk about seats sold when announcing attendance is that if non-ticket holding fans hear the ground isn’t sold out, they get pretty upset and complain. Sounds like a load of tripe to me. In the US, they announce the bums on seat number and they announce the no show figure. For me, that’s the figure we need to be putting out there. If Gazidis truly believes the fans make the decision on Wenger, he’s pretty much saying that if we make his position untenable by hitting the club in the pocket, he’ll act.

Well, there’s one for everyone to think about.

Oh, and my question was worded incorrectly, apparently we can’t do a deal on our crap commercials until June 2014… that is a hell of a long time to have an expensive commercial team working for us raking in huge salaries with fairly little to show for their work.

I wonder if Tom Fox will even be working for us by the time renewals come up? London weather is enough to get any man down, especially one used to sunnier climes.

Anyway, a big massive thanks to everyone who I spoke to after the event, it’s always great to meet people who read the site or call me a c*nt on twitter. Tim Payton is writing a piece somewhere else today, big thanks to him, though it must be noted due to his defection to another site he’s no longer my best friend, that’ll be Nigel Phillips now.

Thanks to Ivan G for showing up and taking so many questions, though it felt like a white wash, I’m 100% sure he’ll use our feedback like a paranoid eBay purchaser. We now know that he’s going to be busy this summer and we know there is going to be a high turnover of players. Let’s just pray Nasri and Cesc aren’t on that list… Cesc is apparently so keen on moving to Barca he’s willing to go public.

Risky business Cesc…

Also thanks to the people at the AST meeting for not booing me, that was my fear… though I feel Ivan booed me in his head, for shame Ivan, that wasn’t very nice.

Make sure you join the AST if you haven’t already, well worth the £30!

Have a great day Grover’s, keep it real and if you’re not following Le Grove on twitter, don’t feel embarrassed about it, just click the below button.

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1,041 Responses to “Phil Jones offer exposed | Ivan Gazidis reveals horrifying Arsenal truth…”

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  1. Raugaj

    If we get Hazard, a DM , a winger and get rid of that wankers Dudaby,Denilshite ,Clownmunia and Roshitsky, I will start singing Arsene’s praises.

    But we all know that W*n*er will sell Nasri,Fabregas and Arshavin
    and buy some cheap shit French/French African players.

  2. Marko

    Gervinho replacing Bendtner, Alverez replacing Rosicky and Samba replacing Squillaci and possibly bringing in Cahill is good business with no one else leaving. But if Clichy leaves he’ll need replacing, if Cesc or Nasri leave they’ll need replacing.

    A thought but if we sell Cesc for 45-50 million we should be looking to bring in Gotze for 25-30 million

  3. Gooby

    Parker failed at chavski, he’s massively over rated imo, good at west ham though.

    I’d like someone competing with songilinho who’s inconsistent

  4. gambon



    I think we need to sign a ST, DM, and will be very happy if we get 2 CBs.

    I also want us to sell A LOT of players.

    However if Cesc/Nasri/Clichy goes we absolutely must buy some real quality. I wouldnt try to replace Cesc, id put Nasri there, and spend a lot of a world class LW. (Harard obv).

    In terms of who id happily sell:


    We wont miss any of these.

    I would like to see us buy:

    – Experienced keeper (Backup for Szcz)
    – Cahill
    – Samba
    – A top class DM
    – Gervinho (seems a done deal)
    – Hazard (If we sell Cesc or Nasri)
    – Rondon
    – Baines or Izaguirre (if we sell Clichy)

  5. Marko

    Rondon? He that guy plays for Levante or Malaga or something in Spain? Looks decent but I saw him trying to chip a goalie 5 yards in front of him and the goalie just pluked it and made him look a right dickhead

  6. Pat

    Personally, I’d be fine with Verm, Cahill, Djourou, Koscielny.

    I’m a very big fan of Kozzer. Talent is there, needs to sort out concentration. Only Pepe(when man-marking as a CDM) and Kos have been successful against Messi this season imo

  7. Josip Skoblar

    I don’t think one should be denigrating Gervinho. I saw him play several games this year, and he each time was one of the best Lille players. He is strong, athletic, fast and has superb technique. He scored 15 goals this season as well. To say that he is not better than Brendner is total nonsense.

  8. Marko

    Agree Pat Koscielny is good defending on the ground and not so good in the air. Samba is good in that area

  9. Lurch LeRouge


    namely because

    1.Barca won’t pay all at once (they are cash poor) and
    2.based on our established efficiency model, AW would want to maximize return on that cash at a time when FFP has helped to deflate the inflation in the transfer market.

  10. gambon

    Salomon Rondon (think his real name is Jose)

    21 year old, big tough striker for Malaga, scored 16 in 31 for relegation material last season. Looks like he could be a top player.

    Ballague picked him in his team of the season ahead of Rossi, Villa, Benzema, Llorente.

  11. David


    We went from a position of winning the league to 4th place and your convinced we are on the right path.

    If this isnt a spud talking I dont know what is.

  12. goonerDNA

    Gambon, If I heard that we’ve got a pre contract for Hazard while we’re doing the Gervinho deal I would be happy, Pedro?

  13. Mike

    It’s always been same as it is.since we been hearing too many rumours of getting a new faces like strike and centreback yet it didn’t happen and maybe it will never an arsenal fans we love to see our club winning the troppies and can say whole over the world arsenal is most famest club in why ami not seeing my club doing same thing like what the did back in 2004/2005????

  14. goonerDNA

    Lurch, good points

    Pat, your very right I think we tend to over hype any big players we have because we’re screaming out for height and power in the air Song is another player over hyped because he’s fat

  15. Patthegooner

    All these rumours and still nothing hintingat replacing Song or adding depth there

    No point spending big on the CB’s when there is no protection in front of them

  16. Big Dave

    All I’ve heard is that AFC are interested in Defoe. Nothing agreed or close. That’s grim enough


  17. gooner


    I’d be tempted to play Koz there. He has some pace, obviously cannot head the ball so is wasted in defence, but he does read the game well, can intercept and his passing is crisp for a defensive player

  18. Big Dave

    The influential Le Grove website – admittedly where the more vocal Wenger supporters are casually dismissed as AKBs, standing for the “Arsene Knows Brigade” – openly mocked Gazidis’ justification of season ticket increases of 6.5% as being down to increased utilities and electricity bills, while adding: “The worm has finally turned”.

    Read more:
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  19. willybilly

    @ David Do you always view the world in such simplistic terms? Yeah we had a collapse but how in any way does that counter anything i said. please learn how to construct a decent argument b4 talking. Arsenal do things the right way on and off the pitch. We are respected world wide for this. nuff said, and b4 you say trophy trophy blah blah, You represent the spoilt and greedy “fans”, who cant comprehend what the great arsene has done for us. you will understand, one day

  20. DaleDaGooner

    Yeah, Koscielny as a Defensive midfielder, i think he’d be better than Song, But Song has an air of confidence about him, plus i think Song adds more in the attack as well. But If only Arsene can get it together and do what he did with Petit.

  21. Wenger the liar

    Signing fucking gervinhos and sambas wont get rid of this defeatist attitude. This is what people dont seem to understand, even our players dont believe in this club ffs.

    “I can say it’s true that Cesc wants to go to Barça,” the right-back told the former Paris Saint-Germain coach Luis Fernández on France’s RMC radio station. “Fábregas wants to return to his country of birth, to his city, where his family are; he wants to play for one of the best teams in the world, Barcelona, and that’s understandable. At the moment, however, he is still Arsenal’s captain.”

    While Sagna believes Fábregas may leave London, the defender is hopeful Nasri will stay at the English club. “Samir is happy at Arsenal, but I don’t know what the best thing is for his career,” he said.

    “He has been one of the best players in the team this season and he is one of the symbols of this team. I hope to find him there when we return for [pre-season] training.”

  22. willybilly

    @”wengertheliar” gervinho is quality do some research, and it funny how many of our ex players think samba is the perfect player for our team!! seems its you with the defeatest attitude. then you pasted a quote from sagna saying what we already know, whats your point excactly? Every player , manager in the world think this barca team is the best of all time, so for bacary to say this is not shocking at all. change the record bro

  23. Ricky

    Any truth to these baines rumours?

    Would be very good business if we signed him & cahill along with samba & whichever other attacking players wenger has in mind.

  24. Ricky

    I love the way the mirror says “arsenal to spend £30m to stop fan backlash” instead of saying “arsenal to spend £30m to end trophy drought” or something like that.

    As much as i want us to sign some quality players i dont like the idea of them doing so just to stop us having a moan cos it’ll be another six years before he gets he’s wallet out again!

  25. Sadam Mahessar

    Absolutely, there’s no better mid than him in the world right now, and considering that he has been feeding shit strikers as opposed to Xavi assisting Dinho, Ronaldo, Messi, Villa, Ibra and Eto’o!

  26. Lurch LeRouge


    Incesc is sat half naked in his spurs shirt watching…

    Sri Lankas Killing Fields
    Jon Snow presents an investigation into the final weeks of the civil war between the Sri Lankan government and secessionist group the Tamil Tigers. Using video footage shot on mobile phones, the programme details atrocities purported to have been committed by both sides. A recent report by UN experts concluded that as many as 40,000 people were killed in the conflicts final weeks, and also called for an independent inquiry into violations of international humanitarian and human rights laws

  27. willybilly

    @Sadam but don’t you think that we would benefit from selling him putting nazer in the mid and getting quality wingers? Plus we will have chamberlaine and ryo in reserve too. ebery way i look at it i finally think it is time for fabregas to go. If we can get thiago as part of the deal it would be amazing, he is an immense talent.

  28. Gooby

    —-defoe—-RvP—gervinho/andy johnson

  29. Gooby


    to be honest i think nasri isn’t the answer in the middle, ramsey will be but he’s not ready, that’s why it’s crucial to keep fabregas

  30. willybilly

    @gooby I think nasri has shone his entire career in the middle. if fab left im convinced he would develop into one of the worlds best CM. hence why alex ferguson wants him. You could be right though, but i think it will free our players just like it did when henry left. And with the increased defensive solidity the arsene now must/will provide, in my opinion we could shine without fabs

  31. Ricky

    I think we should let cesc go BUT it’s gotta be for the right price. Everybody involved with the club knows he wants out..

    He’s heart is there & for that reason i cant see him even giving 70% next season & thats the last thing you want from your captain. Especially with our lot.

    Apparently clichy is demanding high wages! Wtf makes him think he deserves any wages after he’s performances over the past few years?

  32. Sadam Mahessar

    Definitely don’t think its time to sell him yet, i would happily drive him to Camp Nou myself the day we win a trophy and when Wenger promises to go out and buy someone who’s 80% of what Cesc is! Nasri is a cunt of the highest order imo, had 7 good games all season and is now taking a piss at the fans and Wenger!
    He can fuck off for all i care

  33. Sadam Mahessar

    Nasri is just one of those Adebayor, Cole, Flamini, Hleb’s imo. that being sad why aren’t we in for Flamini? Surely that would help us keep Cesc for another season, give Song some competition and cover when he is gone for ACN, and Flamini knows Arsenal through and through and would come for pretty cheap to be honest, definitely better than Scott Parker!

  34. Gooby

    ———————carlo cudicini—————–
    -brown—ledley king–woodgate—–gibbs–
    —–dean ashton-owen–van persie——

    subs: aurelio, dyer, kirkland, rio ferdianand, bosingwa, van bronkhorst, edu

    manager: Steve Mclaren

  35. willybilly

    @ricky Agreed, 40 million plus thiago i think would be ok. Thiago is young but an immense player , agree also about clichy, he has been found out a lot. and a player of his experience by now should be able to hold a defensive line. He is the only of the fist 11 that we wouldnt miss.

  36. willybilly

    @saddam but it is unhealthy for the whole team to have cesc around, i mean the guy hugged the ENTIRE barca team infront of his young side, on the biggest night of their lives before the camp nou game. He lost my heart that moment

  37. bird

    “we`re not Barcelona fans over here” – Assuming you refer to what is represented by them footbollistically ( and not the club itself – a point as transparent in itself as your linear and lacking logic you employ here is outside itself) why don`t you put this propostion as a signature next to your website title, your criteria of no taste in the table, so as to save a soul a couple of minutes read-in to analyze if this blog is worth bookmarking or not? 🙂

  38. 1886-2006

    I reckon that they were going to spend some money this window but not the changes we are about to see. The sight of an emptying ground before the “lap of disgrace”, the pre-match protest , the “spend some f*****g money” at the fulham game and fans refusing to buy ST’s, has frightened the tits off ’em.
    Stan knows that to make money out of this business venture (our football club to me and you) he has to invest.

    Either that or Gambon has some photos of Stans missus.

  39. Eaglegunner

    @ Sadam, yes i think so too…we faffed about for too long not putting quality players on the end of his through balls… imagine what could’ve been?

    @ Lurch, that sounds rather disturbing, brave piece of journalism probably but none-the-less disturbing

  40. Lurch LeRouge

    too easy to make comparison’s like that Sadam, Nasri is like Flamini maybe but nothing like barndoor. mrsoftserve or Cole who was a homegrown.

    Barndoor was dirty flirt
    softserve knew he didn’t fit, 10 goals in 3 years says everything you need to know.
    Cole – should have paid him the money, esp as a homegrown.
    Flam – should have paid him the money
    Nasri – deserves the money

    Nasri as an import is allways going to be more mercenary than a home grown and he’s displayed significant skills which deserve reward, if you wanna blame anyone blame the club for not tying him down sooner

  41. Lurch LeRouge

    i switched over to see some exceptionally grim footage Eagle, wouldn’t argue with a partial lobotomy to wipe the last 30 min.

  42. Ricky

    I agree wb,

    It’s not good for the already fragile team spirit we have.

    Imagine having your captain turning up to training everyday with a long face? It’s gonna have an effect on the rest of the squad. If we keep him then we gotta make somebody like vermaelen captain.

  43. Ricky

    Cole should have been our captain right now & probably our highest paid player. He would deserve it to imo.

    Even though he’s a big baby he’s been the best LB in the world for almost a decade.

  44. willybilly

    @ricky i think van persie should and will be VAN CAPITAN! Not sure about ashley though, his class is reserved only for the pitch. Cant imagine he would’ve been a good capitain!

  45. Gooby

    yeah agree cole was one of our finest youth products , shame he had no honor or love for the club whatsoever,

    bloody mercenaries eh?

  46. Moray

    I am still concerned about our coaching pratices. okay, how about we bring Vieira back to drill the midfield, push Bould to defensive coach and let Wenger concentrate on what he is good at? i.e. the overall team style of play, signing good players and designing changing rooms….

  47. Gooby

    Having said that i don’t blame flamini, he took a pay rise we couldn’t have given him, that’s business.

    Adebayor on the other hand is an idiot and does not deserve attention, he was going for the money or beyonce fuck knows but good riddance neverless, shit character, arrogant twat…

  48. Gooby

    Feel free to add a reserve team! have i missed on some major crock?

    i wonder if owen hargreaves will go into coaching when he’s done, He’d have to switch seats, easy career choice imo

  49. Gooby

    hmm he’s turning into a crock, agree. I think wenger will sell him when he gets too injury prone and let ramsey take over

    Gibbs is one to follow, he’s on rosicky’s footsteps.

  50. Lurch LeRouge

    Im fairly confident Cesc is with us until he’s worth a paltry sum, that way he’s guaranteed a £200K pw deal at barca.

    It really makes no sense for Barca to acquire him now, wouldn’t be a surprise if it ain’t mostly a bluff to keep barca fans interested in him until they are really ready for him.

  51. incesc

    YoungGunsBlog Jamie Sanderson
    Gervinho deal set to be completed in next 48 hours. Fee around €12m. A step in the right direction for Arsenal.

  52. OPG

    garbosj Ian McGarry
    #AFC have agreed personal terms with Lille striker Gervinho. They expect to agree a transfer fee in the next 48 hours.
    6 hours ago

    Seems to be before him..

  53. LeProf

    Thanks for the good old memories, Arsenal!….ahhh…”Have you ever seen England play like this?”LOL!

    December 3, 2007
    Aston Villa 1-2 Arsenal…
    Goals: Gardner (14) 1-0; Flamini (23) 1-1; Adebayor (36) 1-2.

    Aston Villa (4-4-2): Carson; Mellberg, Knight, Laursen, Bouma (Berger, 76); Gardner, Petrov (Maloney, 32), Barry, Young; Agbonlahor, Carew. Substitutes not used: Taylor (gk), Harewood, Davies.
    Arsenal (4-4-1-1): Almunia; Sagna, Tour, Gallas, Clichy; Ebou, Diarra, Flamini, Rosicky (Silva, 74); Hleb (Walcott, 60); Adebayor (Bendtner, 90). Substitutes not used: Lehmann (gk), Senderos.

    From The Independent news:
    Aston Villa 1 Arsenal 2: England woe stressed by Wenger’s fluent foreigners
    By Glenn Moore, Monday, 3 December 2007

    …The problem with hiring Wenger was neatly encapsulated in the two chants which echoed from the away support as his team passed their way around a bewildered Villa in the first half: “You need more foreigners”, and, “Have you ever seen England play like this?” Arsenal play football of a fluidity and style rarely, if ever, seen in the English game. There is, this season, a nod to local traditions when an occasional long ball is sent to Emmanuel Adebayor’s brow, but generally Arsenal play pass-and-move on the ground…

    …Wenger can also bring in players from around the world, and does. The question has to be asked, if Wenger cannot find one English player good enough to start for Arsenal, is it possible to select a squad of English footballers capable of playing this way?

    …Where is the English Alexander Hleb, who dictated the game before being chopped down by John Carew? He comes from Belarus, a country which has never qualified for a major tournament. When asked, O’Neill largely avoided the question, except to argue that Manchester United, with several English players, had played just as well against them.

    …But Gareth Barry echoed so many opponents when he said: “We were taught a footballing lesson in the first half. “They showed us how to play the game. There is not a team in the country who can touch Arsenal on that style of football.” That probably includes the national team, whoever the manager is. O’Neill’s Villa, by contrast, play in a style which is recognisably domestic.

    From The Sun:
    Aston Villa 1 Arsenal 2
    By JANINE SELF, The Sun, Published: 03 Dec 2007

    …In Fabregas’ absence, Mathieu Flamini pulled all the strings in first half and never gave up when the going got tougher after the break. Villa skipper Gareth Barry would agree with that verdict – especially after what was ack-nowledged as Arsenal’s best 45 minutes of the season.

    …The England midfielder said: “The first half was a big lesson for us. That was some of the best football we’ve seen here in a long time but we thought about it at half-time and responded.

    …”We were taught a footballing lesson in the first half. They showed us how to play the game. They are so easy on the eye.

    From The Guardian:
    Aston Villa 1 Arsenal 2
    Arsenal pass skill and spirit test in the face of Villa’s best and worst
    The Guardian, Monday 3 December 2007

    …Shortly after the final whistle confirmed the end of Aston Villa’s four-game winning run, their manager, Martin O’Neill, was standing expressionless, staring at his feet and preparing to explain his feelings, presumably of crushing disappointment, at his side’s frustrating failure. Instead eventually he said: “Obviously, I’m delighted.”

    …If O’Neill was that happy, imagine how Arsène Wenger must have felt. “We were absolutely amazing,” the Arsenal manager purred. It was that kind of game, the kind it is impossible not to enjoy. For Arsenal, this was unequivocally impressive: in the first half they proved their skill, in the second their spirit. Villa also proved two points: the best way to approach a game against the league leaders, and the worst.

  54. one4all

    think pre AW ,if we had finished 4th it would have been a good season ! AW has given a lot of his life to this club ,and will be forever revered as the best manager this club ever had! Stop the dis-ing ,its doing no good ,and please dont com pair us to villa – please

  55. SurferX


    Seriously- wow. A non-Director; who would not be obliged to keep the partciulars of certain transactions quiet- having access to “brief particulars of each material transaction sufficient to identify its date, its amount and nature”. These “material transactions” include all transfer fees, player remuneration and payments to agents and other third parties.

    No wonder he is trying to edge upto 30%…

  56. Geoff

    Surfer, lets hope he shares it with us!

    I must admit at £14k a share I’m getting tempted, I have his paperwork sitting on my desk.

  57. willybilly

    @ le proff! at last some positivity on this miserable blog,. Some arsenal; “fans” cant comprehend what the great arsene has done for us!!! in terms of style and global branding. unforunatley the ony way to make these idiots see, is if wenger went and we went back to being the most BORING team in the world again, with no global appeal. Guess what? then we wont be able to compete with the big boys anyway. LOSE ARSENE LOSE ARSENAL

  58. OPG

    From TalkSport:
    Jerome Anderson agent to Gibbs,Aneke&others has said expect ‘Big name departures’ from Emirates this summer @DarrenArsenal1 @ashburton_grove
    25 minutes ago

    Also hinted Samba will stay and that he’s is an integral member and whilst anything can change, he is a key and vital member of the squad now that Jones has gone.
    Not going to be cheap then..

  59. gambon

    I think theres no doubt WillyBilly is a wind up.

    Probably WTL or Tiarnan. Anyone that repeatedly uses “the great arsene” is clearly having a laugh.

  60. bergkampisgod

    as someone that was there, IG said what he needed to say from a PR point of view, in the pub after a lot of the people I spoke to when asked the question how long do you give Wenger said “one year”

    Now are you going to tell me that the 200 people there were not representative of the fanbase??

    This article is a fair reflection of not only the Q&A but also the mood of the meeting, there is a growing feeling that if we don’t get the signings we need and chop out the deadwood, we wont progress next year and if that happens Wenger is going to be under real pressure.

  61. Munitionsman

    I aint larfin. Not while AW is still leading down the garden path to be molested in the shed again

  62. Smudger

    “The great Arsene” is a very valid term after what he’s done for the club.

    Incredible anti-Wenger sentiment on here really. He’s clearly going to be in charge for another year, we may as well support him and the club we claim to love. If this is the attitude so early in pre-season I can only imagine what will happen when we draw with a 4th division side in pre-season, or fail to win 6-0 in our opening league game.

    In your article you mention “online sentiment” – really?! You do realise that 90% of the online Arsenal community are not really fans, mainly living abroad, and demanding we ship out 8 and bring in 14 players at £20m a pop? If ANY club pays attention to online sentiment of their fans I’d be shocked.

    Wenger has one summer to right the wrongs we all know exist (and to be fair, most of us have known existed for a good couple of years now). The youth project hasn’t worked and it’s time to fix it – the club’s PR department seems to recognise this too. Get behind Arsene as he tries to steady the ship he took so far but is now in danger of sinking.

  63. willybilly

    @gambon, clearly not mate, im definatley not who you say. But again a usless response from you, that just repeats what was said in a negative way, without backing up your claims. if your gonna speak, make sure its worth saying mate

  64. GoonerLad

    Why do people complain about the price rise. We all want to see more and better signings. These have to funded and that funding comes from ticket sales. We want the club to pull in more revenue from other streams. They are working on this and with the current sponsorship deal coming up for renewal it should be addressed in the future. For now put your hand in your pocket. I believe we are all frustrated coming so close yet not quite been there

  65. Pedro

    Smudger, you have no statistics to back any of what you just said.

    For fan sentiment, lets just say we were all living in the dark ages like you and pretend clubs don’t listen to what’s going online (I know they do, I work in Social media)… how about fan sentiment at the ground.

    That is at an all time low. You can’t escape it.

  66. Pedro

    Gambon, I think he’ll stay… Wenger is pretty adament. I heard last year that he was open to selling him to a club who would pay his fee if he was that pissed off about going.

    Cesc won’t do that though… so looks like he’ll stay.

  67. Pete

    I think the article writer went to the meeting not wanting to hear anything positive from Gazidis. You criticise him for taking an age to get to the point of who Wenger is answerable to, when the answer is obvious to everyone. You paraphrase part of an answer, because the full answer wouldn’t serve the white wash theory. You even ask a question of IG, assuming a better knowledge of the club than he has. i.e. How do you know there are players refusing to sign a new contract? That actually backs up Wenger’s claim you need to have worked half a day in football to have an opinion. And why does not winning a trophy negate AW’s right to say anything on a subject he is an expert on? Have you ever won a trophy? Doesn’t stop you expressing your opinions on this blog. I still believe Wenger is doing an incredible job, all things considered. I think in some of his team selections last season, most notably playing an unfit RVP and a very unfit Cesc against Barcelona instead of Chamakh, Bendy, Denilson and Eboue, Wenger showed he had lost faith in the second string. Just for that reason alone, it is clear that we will buy this summer. I suspect you went to the meeting not wanting to hear anything good so you can keep fanning the flames on here.