Wojciech Szczesny to be ousted as number 1 | Massive transfer day | Arsenal clear out to begin

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So much going off this morning.

Firstly Nasri is believed to be considering a move to United. He’s apparently disillusioned with the lack of success at Arsenal. Fair shout so are the fans. However, if he can’t see he has been part of the problem I hold no hope he’ll change his attitude next season. This is a massive ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ moment for Wenger. That air of trust he used to have is dissipating faster than Steve Macclaren’s hair.

Samir Nasri prior to 5th June was averaging 40 mentions a day in the world of Social media. Since the 5th, he’s had a whopping 12500 mentions across Facebook, twitter and the blogosphere. Is that exclusive pirate material? You bet your ass it is…

Basically, there has been a lot of b*llocks spoken about him, countless people have the ‘inside line’, fact is, no one knows what’s going on. Is it an agent ploy for more money or is it a genuine break for the hills?

I spoke to my contact Pam, who as you all know, is as genuine as they come, and she knew nothing. That doesn’t really mean anything, all but the most important people at Arsenal are on holiday right now.

Next move on the card is Gael Clichy. Apparently Liverpool have bid £5million for him. It sounds like a low price but let’s remember just how poor he’s been for the past 3 seasons. Shipping out a player I really like is a bad thing, shipping out an under performer in the cold light of day is what big club should be doing. To be honest, the way Kenny is spending, I reckon he’d have bid £5mill if Gael was out of contract.

We should now be able to realise our dream of Vertoghen. I know he was pulled off at half time for having a bad game, but Eden Hazard was the player who took the biggest panning from that game, so I’ll take international performances with a massive pinch of ‘ I don’t give a f*ck.’

We could also look at retro haircut Leyton Baines, his barnet would surely make up for the loss of Clichy. He’s never impressed me, but he’s highly rated by many Everton fans… and he’s English.

Next up is the rumours that Barca are in for Cesc. Well, that story for me is dead in the water. Barca have stated they have £45million to spend and they’re already tying down other players like the £22million Alexis Sanchez. We don’t need to take a small fee and we won’t. If Cesc wants to go so badly we should do what Geoff said. Give Madrid a call and say you can have Cesc and we’ll take Benzema and Ozil. I could live with that. It’s not money we need it’s players.

Oh, and can everyone stop mentioning Krkic, it’s like taking my iPad away and offering me a Kindle as compensation.

We’re also in advance stage talks for Willian and Gervinho according to the Telegraph. I remember Willian from last season and he was a handful. As for the Gervinho story, I can’t help but think he’s another one of those just above average players teams like Villa and Everton have … You know, like Rosicky. He’s not rocking my world, but we’ll see!

Besiktas are in for Nik B… *snigger

Speaking of Pam, the only interesting snippets I garnered were that the manager and others at the club fear Szczesny has become a bit arrogant of late and his performances haven’t exactly merited his ‘Nikki Big B*llocks’ statements in the press. So whilst I’m not going to say the Freidel move definitely happened, it might not be far from the truth. We could well be looking at a mature keeper to handle the reigns for a season or two. I wouldn’t be against that. Szczesny has brough an air of stability to our defence, but to be honest, Peter Shilton right now could have done that.

On the transfer front, I reported that before the Villa game, we weren’t going for wholesale changes. Since then, the massive fat hand of reality has dry slapped Wenger into reality. The Villa game really did confirm the widely held fan view that the players didn’t give a crap. If you can’t fight to the death when you’ve charitably been given a chance by all the other contenders, you’re really not Arsenal material.

Players for the chop are certainly Bendtner, Denilson and Eboue. Others set to follow should be Traore, Vela, Rosicky, Almunia and possibly Squillaci. Though don’t get too carried away about the Frenchman, he’s apparently a great guy to have around the players and he’s a good professional.

It’s been reported that we’ve entered the frame for wing wizard Eden Hazard. Apparently we’re in talks for the man from Belgium and we’ve held provisional negotitations. Kind of goes against anything the player or the chairman of Lille have been saying, but what do I know! This would be a great move, but not against the back drop of losing Nasri to either City or United. That really would be killer, mind you, not as killers as waiting a year then losing him on a free.

Still… let’s stay positive and hope he decides to sign up. Manchester is a s*it hole and it’s a long way from the Eurostar.

Keep it real Sammy, keep it London.

Not just that though, if United sign Ashley Young, what would be the point of Samir? Ok, I know he likes playing in the middle, but he’s never demonstrated any ability there. He’s hardly creative and I’d be surprised if Fergie was willing to choose him centrally over the far more talented Sneijder? If he does decide to take him though, we’ll deal with it.

Samir Nasri is like a Gucci manbag, he’s only good for one season (Fashion season baby)… literally.

What we have learned since last year is an unhappy player is a mentally injured player. Ship them out and bring in some players who do want to play for us. If we’ve got £16million to sign Phil Jones, we should have £15million to sign Cahill (If Gael is worth £5million going into the final year of his contract at a club with more money than anyone in Europe, why is Cahill worth £17mill in the last year of his contract at a club £80million in debt?).

Let’s hope Wenger has more than one plan this summer. If we can nab Benzema, let’s have a crack, he’s good for 10 years and he’s clearly got plenty of talent and a helluva lot more to give than he’s giving Mourinho. Let’s sign a centre midfielder as well, Inler looked the part again, he’s still slumming it in Italy, he’d probably relish a move.

There are players out there and after speaking to Pam, I’m confident we’re going after them… whether we’ll get them is up to Arsene Wenger!

Hallelujah! Let’s get this summer cracking!

UPDATE: A word for Diaby on the admitting he sometimes wears a Spurs shirt. Firstly, once you’re past the age of 14, wearing a football shirt in the street isn’t cool. Secondly, our friendship from a few years back when we sat next to each other, well, it’s over. Spurs are 100% welcome to you. They’ll get 2 good games a season from you out of a total of 18 you’ll play. You might look like Patrick Vieira, but my god, you play like his sister and have ankles his grandma would mock. One thing I will say, your dream of winning the Ballon D’or isn’t going to happen at Spurs.

Muppet… what has our club become when players can openly talk inflammatory nonsense like that unreprimanded?

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  1. Arsenal2TheEnd

    1. I would rather Nasri left on a free than us selling him to Man U – cutting your nose off to spite your face, but I don’t care. Fuck selling him to Man U. Sell him abroad fine, Man U – NEVER.

    2. Leyton Baines is quality I would happily have him at Arsenal especially over Gay Clichy.

    3. Rosicky was once class – just thought I’d point that out. I know it’s hard to remember because it was so fucking long ago but him cesc and hleb worked triangles like a treat, it was a delight to watch.

    4. Hasn’t Friedel signed for the spuds? Or have I taken to many drugs?

    5. If that thing about Diaby is true he should be stabbed in the neck. Fact.

  2. kwik fit

    They do not support the arsesholes from manchester but you can not deny they are fucking brillant
    circa kwit fit

  3. incesc

    a2the end

    1. agree man u? never

    2. baines would be great

    3. meh

    4. yes he has who cares

    5. bolo is on it, hes gonna kill the cunt

  4. kwik fit

    Arsenal two the end
    1 Abroad it is then!
    2 Have you seen his hair not a chance clicly al the way!
    3 A yes I remember but rod must go as well!
    4 Spuds put an offer in for every one!
    5 He can were what ever shirt he wants but when he enters the fiekd for arsenAL PLEASE DO NOT WERE THE SPURS SHIRT!

  5. incesc

    baines hair is awesome

    i watched the england game last week bored out of my skull as usual but the one thing that caught my eye was baines hair. we need that guy!

  6. Lurch LeRouge

    nah but you remeber how shit sags was after he lopped his weave?

    don’t complain or well be in the market for a rb as well.

  7. kwik fit

    tHERE ARE NO FUCKING SIGNINGS mR MISER DOES NOT SPEND aLL THIS TWITTERV LARK IS A FUCKING JOKE ! pat noddle is the defense manager for next year. Yeas its true we are fucking doomed that fuck for lurch an inceac the vreal fucking stalwarts of this blog ! Fuck G star what a wankerr what a child what a person with a small cock!!

  8. Lurch LeRouge

    so long as he ignores the fasting bit im not fussed, hate for him to lose the ponce profile.

    i say stuff to kwik in confidence but i’ll deny all knowledge beyond the pillow.

  9. gambon


    I got hold of some proper sorts, unfortunately my fiance is at home (and about 2 ft away from me so i could only scuzz on their heads.

    You win some you lose some.

  10. Lurch LeRouge

    bollocks this monogamy lark gambon! good luck with that.

    great gervais clip, crowd response is the ticket, they love it.


  11. gambon

    Hey there sports fans, this is AKB95.7

    Got a little song for Arsene, and im not talking about the cameroonian fat cunt:

  12. Dave

    Well congratulations on being caught hook, line and sinker by the Sun’s “report” on Diaby and the shirt. Or could it be this is the first and best opportunity to vilify and chase out Diaby because you just don’t like him anyway? Perhaps the papers have smelt blood regarding the club’s fans attitudes to their own players and some players dummy-spitting and decided that Arsenal can be the “Crisis Club” they undermine and unsettle this summer, and neatly forget about Chelsea being older than the dinosaurs, Tottenham dropping out the top four, and Liverpool’s phantom progress.

    Ladyarse has reported on the reality. He said explicitly in the interview, which was conducted in French with Younes Kaboul, about their best-friendship and the ironies of their club rivalry, that he didn’t wear the shirt outside the house because that would be “difficult”. Now I know everyone has Diaby down as being a bit of a dolt, but speaking in French perhaps there’s a chance, in the blue-est of hells, he might having been using that old type of humour: “comic understatement”. It’s closely related to sarcasm, but it basically means “of course I don’t wear the bloody shirt!” In fact he goes on to say he would probably be attacked, before laughing at just how ludicrous it would be for him to do that.

    But then he admitted to wearing it at home, so he must be a traitor! But, if you think rationally about it, would you have prefered he place the gift from his best friend (which of course THEY KNOW is useless, and indeed detrimental, for any other purpose than KABOUL written on the back) in a frame on the wall? Or placed (or stuffed) in a drawer somewhere? Maybe he should have burned it on Kaboul’s front lawn and that would have proved his loyalty! Myself, I quite like the idea that, when Abou’s wiping his bum, or having a w***, or doing whatever else he likes to get up to when he’s nursing his endless injuries, he’s wearing a soiled, ketchup-stained rag of Spurs shirt. Either way, I sure as hell hope he ain’t wearing an Arsenal shirt when he’s doing it! Admitting he wears it at home is in no way intended as a compliment to Spurs or indication of feeling towards them, instead it’s the opposite.

    Hyperbole aside, my point is not to debate whether he should wear the shirt or not, because I can understand people having differing opinions on it. It’s the point that this has been deliberately reported poorly, and the papers have succeeded in unsettling the club, fans and players because it’s made people think he’s looking for a move. And it’s got a reaction from all those sourpusses who are just waiting for an excuse to hate him, for being “provocative!” He also said some platitude about “I would like to play with Younes one day.” When he’s sitting right next to him. Being interviewed about their friendship. What the hell do you think he’s gonna say? “Nah, he’s crap compared to me, don’t even really like the bloke.”

    Now I’m no AKB or Diaby-worshipper- I just want us to recognise when we’re getting played like a fiddle by the papers- because they do not have the fans’ or club’s interests at heart, only their sales. Judging by the reaction on this thread, I wouldn’t blame Diaby if he read this and thought “You know what, fuck these shit fans. They’ve clearly been waiting to stick the knife in, maybe I will fuck off and let them enjoy Wilshere and Ramsey getting burntout because Arsenal don’t have any squad players to fill in for them.” (reading that back, it’s a shame he doesn’t have better English, we might, literally, understand him better). We all want changes at Arsenal, but getting suckered like this doesn’t strengthen our case or give us anymore leverage! We just end up looking petty and ignorant.

  13. Wenger the liar

    wake up to this

    “Every year it always goes wrong in an identical way and that is frustrating,” said Van Persie. “When you look at results in the last years, then Arsenal shouldn’t be talking about winning the league because too many times things have gone wrong.

    “Sometimes you have to eat the truth and be realistic. But I do believe with the signing of a number of players, then next season we should be in there competing for prizes.”

    Fuck Wenger

  14. Patthegooner

    So with so many good and bad players wanting out of Arsenal and with RVP being critical today ( only 2 yrs left on contract)

    Why can’t people see that Wenger is the root cause?

  15. Patthegooner

    And we have no pulling power left. There is no way we could attract an ‘A’ list player

    Roll on 2013 and roll on Usmanov

  16. OPG

    I have to laugh at these Twitter ITK’s it’s full of sharks in there suddenly or something like that..