Cesc gift information | Transfer targets update | Henri to stay on at Norwich?

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Good morning sports fans, this will be short and sharp because I have a serious hangover to deal with this morning. Things aren’t looking pretty. Tesco’s Red Stripe offer has severely incapacitated my writing skills.

First up, the Cesc Fabregas parting gifts story started by our favourite chubby Russian are a bit of a stir. Our captain gave the players a set of headphones as an end of season gift. Why? Well, when you earn £120k a season, a few sets of headphones really isn’t busting the bank. It was a nice gesture and it certainly wasn’t a parting gift. I think Arshavin’s gripe came when he asked Cesc if he could eat them… ‘No Andre, they’re only for your ears…’

England played yesterday and what a thrilling encounter it turned out to be. We saw a horror show in defence from Johann Djourrou. He gave away a stonewall penalty when he crunched Jack Wilshere over in the penalty box and overall, he had a bit of a shocker. Not a good look for our best defender last year!

Theo Walcott caused a few problems out wide but he was hardly on fire. He’s really frustrating to watch when he’s in blind alley mode. Scott Parker made an appearance in midfield, I often forget how small he is. I like the cut of his jib though, it’s a shame that according to the NoTW, Wenger doesn’t and he’s refusing to snap him up. If Wenger doesn’t sign him, you’d have to say that it’s another example of his nonchalance towards building a squad that can compete.

For me, he’s the best player on the market in that position. You can’t get better than the player of the year for the type of money Wenger is looking to spend. Yet we never sign the obvious players. Alonso made sense when Flamini left, Shay Given has been obvious for years, Cahill’s price keeps rising and rising as we dither as does Hazard’s.

We dither in the transfer market these days and ultimately, that means we miss out on top talent. Another example of this is Ashley Young. I’ve been banging the drum for him for months. We’re currently playing a big lumbering Danish centre forward out wide. There’s nothing tactical about that move other than Wenger doesn’t have enough playing staff to cover the position. So when we get to the end of the season, and a player who bagged 17 assists (this year, he’s had 15 assists and 9 goals in a team that has been relegation fodder) in a season a couple of years ago is on the market for £12million, perhaps we should be looking at them? Young came on yesterday and changed the game with a superb half volleyed finish.

It’s shame, if he were a French African plying his trade in the Parisian  Sunday league 4th Division we’d have snapped him up 6 years ago.

The Cesc Fabregas rumours won’t stop. Papers need transfer stories to shift volume, when there’s not much going on, why not talk about every club in the world being interested in Cesc? That’s what the Daily Star went with this morning with nothing concrete to back it up. Scandalous rumour milling… Don’t listen to anyone who reckons they’ve heard from a good source he’s off, unless Barca come in with £50million, he’ll be with us next year.

I think what’s most upsetting about the gossip mill so far is that we haven’t been linked with any decent players… you know, even from a fantasy perspective. It’s like even the papers have given up on Wenger! I don’t have high hopes for this summer, I’d love to think Wenger has the guts to own up to his mistakes, but it doesn’t feel like he’s going that way. Realistically, if we needed 3 players when the window shut, we’re going to need 5 if Denilson and Bendtner leaves. Can we see that happening, or it going to be the same as usual… Wenger will match outwards with inwards and we’ll be left with a squad the same size again.

One player who’d like to come back is Henri Lansbury. He’s out at the Under 21 Championships and he’s raring to go. He’d like to break into the Arsenal first team this year. I’m pretty sure he said that last year. I’m not sure he’s going to do that, I’m not sure he was a regular for Norwich last season. If anything, I think it’d do him good to go back to Norwich for a year, he’s only 20 and for me, he’s nowhere near ready to cut it at Arsenal at the moment. The Under 21’s will be a good move for him, hopefully he gain some useful experience. A year in the Premiership would be even better, he can cut his mistakes with someone else and come into our first team ready. Which to be honest, sounds like a great idea!

See you in the comments…!

P.S. I read that Rooney has had a hair transplant, I wonder if he asked the guys if they could sort his face out while they were down there?

Badum tschhhh… what? Not funny? Oh…

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634 Responses to “Cesc gift information | Transfer targets update | Henri to stay on at Norwich?”

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  1. luke

    Cesc- 45 million
    Nasri – 22 million
    Bendtner – 11 million
    Rosicky – 7 million
    squilaci – 7 million
    Denilshite – 7 million
    Almunia – 1 million
    Vela – 8 million
    108 million + the 40 we should have from Ade and Kolo =148 million

    Scweinsteiger – 35 million
    Sneijder- 35 million
    Mertesacker – 15 million
    Parker – 8-9 million
    Hazard – 25 million
    Benzema – 25 million

    = 143-144 million. Bam.

  2. SUGA3


    you are thick and ignorant, it’s the second time you tried to back up a point with non existent ‘knowledge’ and got shot down…

    put downs? idiot…

  3. Gooby

    nah Jimbo

    i have watched gervinho, that’s the point. Lille was one of my favorite teams to watch this season.

  4. Lawrence Kamvazina

    Eastern European chicks are HOT.FACT.
    Nasri won’t go to POONITED.FACT
    CESC ain’t leaving.FACT.
    KOS is our second best defender.FACT.
    Samir is just playing the waiting game.He will extend his contract as soon as Arsen tells him to.It’s a game the club plays with us you see…

  5. Lawrence Kamvazina

    The fat ponce ain’t goin nowhere.It’s just a game he and Arsen have cooked up.He will sign on the dotted line as soon as wenger tells him to.

    Eastern European girls are HOT.FACT!

    KOS is our second best defender.FACT!

  6. dennisdamenace

    FACT???? Based on?

    I thought so, blind devotion/hope…….

    Prepare to be disappointed……

  7. Lawrence Kamvazina

    DENNIS,not blind hope…but FACT!
    Only the MARMITES are leaving this summer.FACT!
    If we don’t win the premier league,FA CUP or the champs league this season someone needs to get fired…ENOUGH OF THIS PUSSY FOOTING….

  8. Lawrence Kamvazina

    Based on blind faith mate!Arsen never lets his french charges go when they are yet to play in their prime for him e.g pires,vieira,henry,wiltord….all these guys were sold when they had reached their sale date.

    Nasri has not reached his sale date……FACT!

  9. dennisdamenace

    lawrence – Unfortunately it’s getting VERY close to not being Wenger’s decision to make. One year left on a contract, and you’re fucked.

    Q? Stay at Arsenal for between £90 & £100k, or move to ManUre for £100k+ a week AND win things?

    Toughie that eh!!

  10. gnarleygeorge9

    Nothing has happened this end of season/this pre season to suggest that Arsene Wenger will be any different to the last 6 end of season/pre season.

    Its hard to get inspired by Le Gaffer to be honest 😉

  11. dennisdamenace

    Besides, if you were a top rated, established international already, would you want to stay at an Arsenal WITHOUT Cesc Fabregas??

    Can you imagine what kind of a car crash season would be without him in the middle of the park. Would YOU want to be part of that abhorrence?

  12. gambon


    No, Lansbury cant get in the U21 team, like he couldnt get in the Norwich team.

    And this guys supposed to be our saviour?

  13. Sabeel

    one cant blame guys to see lansburys & ramseys etc as saviours….poor guys,they like we have been so much starved by wenger,that we are stooped to such low level of expectations…

  14. Rohan

    Yeah, gambon. Dunno, I like the guy, but I have my doubts as to whether he’ll ever be good enough for us.
    Maybe as a squad player…

  15. Lawrence Kamvazina

    Nasri will stay.
    Wellington,I’m an Arsenal mad mug.FACT!
    I think our players must look at Steven Gerrard as an inspiration!The man trully loves his team.That’s what a captain is all about,hope Cesc is reading this………NOT

  16. gambon

    Still waiting for some movement in the transfer market!!!

    I want to see both comings & goings this week.

  17. Lawrence Kamvazina

    I remember back in 02 bobby almost left for madrid but for some reason he chose us.The’re some players out there that trully love their team.WIN OR LOSE.

    We need this collective attitude to get anywhere as a team,not this abandon ship mentality that our so called stars are showing…..very sad indeed

  18. Lawrence Kamvazina

    When was the last time ARSENAL fc bought 4-5 semi-world class players in one summer?

    And what happened when we did this?

  19. gambon


    Do you think maybe the fact we won things was the reason he stayed?

    Look at the Nasri situation. Not only do we offer lower wages than a lot of clubs (Unless youre 17 years old), but these guys dont know if theyre ever gonna win anything.

  20. Moray

    gambon…correction Not only do we offer lower wages than a lot of clubs (Unless youre 17 years old *and/or shithouse*), but these guys dont know if theyre ever gonna win anything.

  21. Rohan

    I really don’t understand Madrid’s transfer dealings.
    Why on earth do they need Sahin? Where does that put Ozil? and Kaka?