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My oh my Denilson, nothing smacks of desperation quite like telling the world twice in a week you’re looking to leave.

I imagine the problem is a little like this… Denilson told his agent he’d read Tribalfootball last year and he knew for a fact that Barcelona were interested in him. His agent was a little hot under the collar, he knew the only reason that story was there was because he’d been posting false rumours on Brazilian message boards in a vain attempt to land his client his 5th contract extension in 4 years. The summer came, his clients ego inflated by his agents handy work told Wenger where to stick his trophyless club with the solid knowledge he was moving onto better things.

A week goes by… Denilson’s mobile is quieter than the one that slipped up the back passage of one of our ex players.

So in today’s papers, Denilson reiterates himself using the following lines…

“My idea is to accept any offer from Spain, Italy or Germany from a club that is playing in the Champions League. I dream of maintaining a place in the Brazil national team.

“I don’t blame Arsene Wenger at all. I believe I’ve had my best season personally but want to win titles.”

Now for me, saying you’ll play for anyone with Champions League football is sheer desperation. I thought he wanted to play for a team who were going to win trophies? There aren’t many of those in Europe… so the net has widened. Fact is, any scout who has watched him play over the last 3 years will know he’s useless not just on the playing front, but attitude wise. Who in their right mind is going to snap him up? I don’t think maintaining a place in the Brazil squad is the correct turn of phrase either. How about just getting a call from the coach that isn’t an accident? Maintain suggests he’s been involved at all!

According to the Daily Star, we’re in for ‘top class’ striker, Jermaine ‘I can’t score for Spurs’ Defoe. The man who has a fetish for reality TV girls has had a shocking season and he’s looking for a new club. He’s a poacher, but for me, he’s a touch one-dimensional. I can’t imagine for a moment we’ll be buying anyone from Spurs this summer. If we were going after anyone, I’d hope it was Modric or RvDV.

The rumours really have been poor so far this summer!

Theo Walcott has been Champing up his season. He bagged himself 13 goals and 12 assists this year, which compared to where he was last year is very impressive. He’s looked good bombing down the middle, but he’s also look good bombing out wide. I really think he’s coming on well. All I’d like to see additionally is a bit more aggression in his play. Overall though, he’s been excellent.

Today he’ll be lining up against Switzerland in an epic Wembley battle for England. I’m sure the soccer is going to be remarkable and I for one cannot wait to be injected with 90 minutes of footballing master class.

Right, that’s your lot for another quiet day. Traditionally, June sees a massive slump in hits across the world wide Arsenal web. All the staff at TribalFootball staffers are on Holiday, so there’s not much going on transfer wise. Hopefully it’ll pick up soon!

See you in the comments!

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526 Responses to “FOR SALE: DENILSON… enquire within! | Theoooooooooo!”

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  1. Wenger the liar

    Kus –

    I got bogged down with two other projects. I needed someone to come in and code for that site without me doing anything other than SEO and I didnt like what I was shown in terms of quality aesthetics.

    I would rather pay £2000 for quality than £500 for a half job.

    Which probably explains why I dislike Arsene so much!


  2. Rohan

    Yeah, Bendtner’s full of himself. Not saying he’s humble, WTL. Just don’t think that affects his attitude on the training ground or workrate.
    He’s being played out of position SUGA. Someone like him just can’t do his best out there. Even then, his stats really aren’t that bad.
    I don’t know if you watched him play, but Vela apart from the goals really didn’t do much I believe. Again, if he didn’t fail to deliver as you say wheneve he played, why oh why didn’t he play more?

  3. albo

    WtL – I actually totally agree with you there. I didn’t see him quite so early in his career, but his early time with us showed everything you have just described. He had pace, touch, an unerring eye for goal, and seemed to bring sheer joy to the pitch with every appearance.

    As far as I was concerned we had the next David Villa on our hands.

    BUT, its worth pointing out that footballers are the biggest fucking partiers and fuckers up of night clubs of all time. So if Vela has a reputation AMONGST FOOTBALLERS for being a bit of a party animal then there’s a good chance his attitude is a big reason for his not getting so many minutes on the pitch.

    With someone like that, by the time we’ve heard about it there’s a good chance he will have had an attitude problem for a while, which would explain why he didn’t get quite so many chances as some others in the squad.

    And ALL THAT ASIDE, the fact remains that, IMO, he didn’t make the most of the chances he WAS offered. Yes, game time improves a player, but a young striker needs to be able to come on and make a difference in the final 25 minutes of a game. He has pretty much never done that for us at the top level.

    And despite all that, I STILL thought he’d have a huge impact on loan. The fact that he was hardly played by West Brom just sums up that something is not quite right…

  4. SUGA3


    considered something like a dip in form and the other player hitting a rich vein of it?

    thought not…


    give me a talented party animal over a choir boy piece of wank like ‘you know who’…

    I mean, Micah Richards was involved in that sex vid scandal, but he got straightened out and look at him now!

    and please, don’t say he is shit, I would have him ahead of Djourou any day of the week…

  5. Rohan

    Bendtner a couple seasons ago, when played up front and leading the line was one of our hardest working players. A reason many fans seemed to like him.

    He’s going to leave simply because he isn’t good enough to start for us. Especially because he needs to be playing day in day out at this age. Players like him usually develop late anyway.
    Yeah, he can work on his control and he isn’t the most accomplished on the ball and all of that is valid criticism that I will take on the chin. I just don’t think that there’s any reason to say that his attitude and him thinking highly of himself is why he isn’t as good as he wants to be.
    He may be full of himself and highly ambitious, but I don’t think he’s stupid

  6. Kushagra India

    Wtl fair dos mate 😉 will tell him watch out for me in 10 years time 😉 LESSON LEARNT cheers!!

  7. Rohan

    considered something like a dip in form and the other player hitting a rich vein of it?
    So he wasn’t very good on loan? So you’re attributing him not being played much at WBA to being out of form for an entire half-season?

    Djourou’s much better than Micah Richards any day of the week. There’s a reason Glen fucking Johnson still plays ahead of Micah for England.
    Don’t think he even plays that much for City. Micah’s a physical beast but doesn’t have the footballing intelligence especially in defense.
    Better than Eboue though, but wouldn’t trust him in the center of our defense.

  8. Iceman10

    Vela is obviously not in shape and lacks the work ethic and attitude… they need to whip him into top shape and see wat he can do… the kid has all the talent in the world if he had jus a bit of chicharitos work ethic he wud be our #9…ffs hes used to be slightly slower than Theo now he jus seems fat evertime i see him play…he is the best finisher on our team tho

  9. albo

    I’d have Richards in our team any day of the week mate.

    My problem is not that Vela is a party animal as such. But if he’s not training/playing well because of it then he only has himself to blame. He was AWFUL in front of goal this season (his 2 tap ins for West Brom aside, he missed a LOT of sitters), and that might be because he’s not putting the hours in in training.

    The obvious comparison has to be with Hernandez, who I think is the less talented player of the 2. Fergie has RAVED about his commitment in the training ground and his dedication to his career. And you can see that on the pitch.

    One other thing we also haven’t mentioned today is the failure of his Bolton loan move due to extra demands for the club to pay for his housing etc. I know Coyle has blamed that on his agent rather than Vela himself, but if he cares about his career, that sort of contractual shit should NEVER, EVER be getting in the way of the best loan move. (And how a player on 10s of £1000s a week can demand extra payment for accommodation is totally beyond me anyway!)

  10. Wenger the liar

    Albo –

    Rohan – I have no idea if you were talking to me or Albo, its like talking to a cross eyed man! 😉

    Honestly I am not saying Wenger killed Vela, I am really not. All I know is that Vela at 16 was 3 years ahead of Theo. And I mean 3 years at least because ultimately you can only teach someone so much and Vela was a natural and Theo is the exact opposite.

    Once again though in terms of Arsene you have to look at his management skills, Rohan is talking about Bendy, Ade is twice the player Bendy is, in fact I would go as far as saying that Ade in the team this year may have made a big difference and yet Arsene couldnt handle the personality.

    There is a growing list of players he cant handle and now its becoming a list that includes shit players as well as decent ones.

  11. SUGA3

    er, Micah Richards is mainly a CB, and you have to agree it’s difficult to get into that position with Ferdinand and Terry fit, no?

  12. Wenger the liar

    Kus –

    I am always open to being sent different examples of what can be done.

    You know where I am coming from, you know what I want.

  13. SUGA3


    I reckon it’s the drill sergeant approach that is missing in the current setup every now and then…

    you need players with bully attitude to achieve success and the bullies only listen to bigger bullies, it’s a primal thing and there is no way around it, IMO…

    take Ade for example, Wenger should have showed cojones and dumped him to the stiffs the very moment he came out with that ‘pay me like Henry’ nonsense, but he had no choice but to bend over to him, as he had no competition for him!

  14. albo

    SUG – Funnily enough though, worth pointing out that Richards is another player not NEARLY fulfilling his potential, possibly also due to attitude problems (and weight problems for that matter). His raw attributes are such that someone ought to be building an entire defence around him, and yet he’s not quite there yet…

  15. Kushagra India

    WTL agree on inferior man management skills as soon as tabloids sense something the player in the spotlight is out next summer or his performance drastically drops…Gallas-Nasri feud was another one…..

  16. SUGA3


    but without a proper guidance, he would simply hit the skids…

    I don’t think Wenger is capable of laying down the law with the rogue souls – just my opinion 😉

  17. albo

    SUGA3 says:
    June 4, 2011 at 20:57

    I reckon it’s the drill sergeant approach that is missing in the current setup every now and then…

    I COMPLETELY agree. I think a lot of what Wenger has done in the last 5 or 6 years has been fairly experimental and in a lot of cases has raised unforeseen problems.

    Case in point – his desire to build an atmosphere within the club where players feel safe, where they feel like they are a family, where they will WANT to stay for the rest of their careers, has been a well meaning failure.

    Firstly, too many players have left anyway, not realising how good they had it (Flamini/Hleb etc). But secondly, that very atmosphere of safety has had the unwanted side effect of breeding complacency and maybe even laziness.

    Looking at United, you can almost SEE the fear of Fergie driving them on in the final 20 minutes of a game. Sure, it means slightly weaker characters like Ben Foster might not thrive (by his own admission), but it doesn’t half breed a winning mentality and a work ethic amongst the players that do make it!

  18. Rohan

    Yeah, there is something missing mentally in this team. And I don’t think changing Cesc from captain is enough. Bringing in a couple players won’t really do either.
    THat’s Wenger’s biggest challenge this summer. The squad talent wise is good enough to win the league imo. They just don’t have the right mentality at the right time. Something needs to give.

  19. Rohan

    Yeah,albo. Hope Wenger has realized that the family club approach only really works with experienced players who are already winners.
    With this young team who haven’t really achieved anything, there needs to be a culture change at the club.

  20. Wenger the liar

    Above any disapointments I am going to have this summer, and I feel them coming already although trust me the speculation about muppets like defoe etc I take as pure bollocks, the thing that irks me is Pat Rice.

    Arsene could be a king again but I really feel we needed a ball breaker as a number two.

    Our squad and first team, I maintain, is better than we showed this year.

    SAF through luck and judgement has kept his number 2 fresh and I think if we would have done the same we could be having a totally different convo now.

    All I can see is same old same old next year and our real problems and not about quality they are about commitment, unfortunatly anyway you break this down it comes back to Arsene.

    I hope the summer sees a change. I have personally heard things, uncles taxis drivers mate blah blah but until I see changes in the squad that reflect what I have heard its all bollocks and dejavu.

  21. Kushagra India

    Rohan was good enuf ,need to improve helluva lot squad wise as well this summer since our rivals will improve qualitatively as well as quantitatively….

  22. Kushagra India

    WTL Arsene could be a king again!! mate thats the most positive thing u have said in 2 yeras or so LOL…

  23. Wenger the liar

    Kush –

    A true out and out DM will improve our defence. I am confident that a Mascherano someone who breathes defence would give us so much that people will be able to see on a game by game basis the difference.

    Another striker, a world class striker the type who does one thing in a game that justifies the £80 the entrance costs added to the DM and we could win it.

    Now the above is conditional on the standard of the PL being the same as last year.

    We can cope with:

    WS – learning his trade.
    GC – being a doughnut
    The CBs – as long as Kos, JD and VERM play most games
    Mid – Cesc Nasri stay

    I cant see a team get 90 points next year regardless of who they sign. A DM and world class forward can win us the league, IMHO.

    Who will we sign?

    Were waiting now, skid said earlier that Arsenes first signing will tell us all we need to know. This is 100% spot on.

    If we see an Odemwinge then you can forget anout it. If Arsene takes a day out of his £20,000 a day contract to do something other than work for Canal+ and signs a world class player in one of the two positions I mention I reckon were game on. Problem is I think he might see Song as the DM and this will always kill us.

    And I dont have to mention our record of signing cheap crap. lol

  24. Raugaj

    Rohan says:
    June 4, 2011 at 21:08
    Yeah,albo. Hope Wenger has realized that the family club approach only really works with experienced players who are already winners.
    With this young team who haven’t really achieved anything, there needs to be a culture change at the club.
    The only sensible thing,which you have ever said 🙂

  25. SUGA3

    Poland play a friendly against Argentina’s ‘C’ team tomorrow…

    both Szczesny and Martinez will play, if anyone’s interested…

  26. Wenger the liar

    Antithesis (Greek for “setting opposite”, from ἀντί “against” + θέσις “position”) is a counter-proposition and denotes a direct contrast to the original proposition. In setting the opposite, an individual brings out a contrast in the meaning (e.g., the definition, interpretation, or semantics) by an obvious contrast in the expression.

    Do you know who would be a great foil to Arsenes “my players are great” bullshit?

    Someone along the lines of Mark Hughes, I am not suggesting Mark! but Im saying that every great manager needs a juxtaposition, thats how great companies are built.

    Read a biography of someone involved in a partnership that evolves into true greatness like Google, Facebook or Microsoft, I can show older ones like Addidas and Puma (great story) and on and on. Point is they get to the point of greatness and then one or more of the partnership get jettisoned, the only way is down or diversifying the makeup of the leaders of the company. We never reached that point and I think we never will.

    Out of conflict you get true achievement. All this bullshit about everyone being happy is just that. Theres a quote that sums this up and I am going to find it, it reminds me of Sheringham and Cole not speaking to each other for a whole year and United doing the Treble….

    In Italy for thirty years under the Borgias they had murder, warfare, bloodshed and mayhem. They produced Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had 500 years of brotherly love, democracy and peace. What did they produce? The cuckoo clock.

    Have a good night peps I am off.

  27. pharo9ja

    can anyone explain why that twat robben played all 90mins and van persie was removed? Robben must have something on the coach.
    PS: Suga the brasilian on shirt 2.1 is the lucas I was reffering to the other day(the game vs scotland @ the emirates).

  28. SUGA3


    dude, why would you question RvP not having played the full 90 mins in some poxy friendly game? as far as I am concerned, 64 mins played is 64 too long 😉

    didn’t Lucas get booked for diving outright tonite?

  29. pharo9ja

    true on RVP but was just upset seing the world cup beef stirred up again. FFS RVP was right there for a pass but the twat went for glory.
    Lucas got booked but he’s got skills I tell ya. He was played as a CM/ACM even though he drifted to the wings where he played at the emirates.

  30. Keyser

    “Looking at United, you can almost SEE the fear of Fergie driving them on in the final 20 minutes of a game. Sure, it means slightly weaker characters like Ben Foster might not thrive (by his own admission), but it doesn’t half breed a winning mentality and a work ethic amongst the players that do make it!”

    You read stuff like this constantly brought up on blogs, comparisons to Manchester United and what fergus has achieved, no-one actually bothers to look at how it started and from where it did.

  31. David

    Only 2 people rate Denilson.

    Denilson and QOS.

    Even A would tell you he’s a bit shite as of late.

  32. Pat


    CESC FABREGAS gave his Arsenal pals presents at the end of the season – then refused to deny they were farewell gifts.

    Team-mate Andrey Arshavin says the Spanish star handed out treats but was tight-lipped when quizzed about quitting The Emirates.

    Arshavin said: “Fabregas gave little gifts to each player and I asked him, ‘What is it – a parting gift?’

    “He did not answer. It says that there is something behind this silence.”

  33. Wenger the liar

    Keyser –

    You talk as if Arsene turned up five minutes ago, you love to bang on this longevity drum as if you have a point but the reality doesnt dig you out your AKB hole.

    What happened last summer? What would SAF done with the squad, the same as arsene?

    Take the poster down mate, youre boring everyone with your shit.

    The worst thing is, your lack of objectivity for the present apart, is your lack of objectivity for the past which gives your opinion a false sense of justification in so far as you actually believe that Arsene built the ground etc etc.

    You havent got a clue like the rest of the mugs that think Nasri is asking for much but do not remember the game kicking off 2 minutes before the programme started or the fact that if I told you that 80% of houses would have a box in their living room that people payed on average £40 a month for back in 1995 youd think I was mad.

    Murdoch built the Emirates and that makes you mad but not as mad as the fact that SAF operates in a budget which constrains him, forget FFP, Fergie buries Arsene from a greater height thatn you want to admit. In the real world United have another £50m a season to spend.

    Keyser, what a wanker you actually are.

    The funny thing about your mad rants as opposed to those you despise is that yours as based on nothing but thin air, reasoning thats bollocks that you havent yet admit to yourself to be wrong.




  34. Keyser

    WTL – Woah, still up ?!

    I’m guessing that was an attempt at something humourous, especially after all your bullshit about Google and the Borgia’s ?!

  35. Moray

    Rooney having a hair transplant is like rearranging the deckchairs on the titanic. What a fool. They should have kept going downwards….

  36. Moray

    haha WTl, a Third Man quote on Le Grove. Never expected that.

    I don’t think we need the players quite poisoning each other, but they need at least one player prepared to whack them round the face in the shower with his cock, a la Vieira!

  37. Goonerman

    Wenger the liar – thats a piece of bitter prose to wake upto this Sunny Sunday morning.


  38. Dave's Raves

    It’s nearly 2am 6th June here in Australia and I want to go on record and say be prepared for Wenger to swoop next week. Expect Cesc, Nasri, and Arshavin to be gone and at least two big names to come to Arsenal one probably Benzema, the other possibly Gervino