Arsenal win another trophy | Nigerian superstat on his way for small fee!

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As you know, last season Le Grove partnered with website best friends, the Metro, for a Fantasy football league. They gave us an iPad for the winner of our league, that iPad will be despatched to the winner very shortly. I don’t have the results of the league today, but I promise to share those with you tomorrow!

Instead, what I have is the Metro Fantasy League team of the season. The statistics used to power the game have been sourced from Opta’s Live Feed and they make for interesting reading, because I’m not sure I’d have too many of those players in my team and I’m not sure the fans of too many of the players teams below would agree either!

For starters, as much as I like Joe Hart, I don’t think he’s been quite as amazing as he was the season before against Birmingham. Florent Malouda has played so well this year many Chelsea fans aren’t fussed whether he stays or goes this summer. Then we have our only entry, good old Samir ‘I won’t sign boss’ Nasri slipping in out wide. I know on the face of it, he deserves to be in there, but overall despite his best season ever, I still can’t help but feel a bit miffed at how anonymous he was in the second half of the season.

Tevez and Berbatov up top is hard to argue with, again though, Opta can’t take attitude into account. If the Bulgarian was so great this season, why are United offloading him over Michael Owen for £7.5million? Statistics can support, but they can’t ever define, you need your eyes for that!

One thing I’m definitely going to do is have a word with Opta… I can’t see Denilson or his amazing statistics in the mixer? Something must have gone awry in their system? Surely the God of short side ways crabbing should be at least a sub? It’s fricking travesty…

I did hear that Wenger has got hold of this infographic, the Daily mail report we’ve lodged a bid for Odemwingie off the back of Nik B shooting his mouth off about leaving us this summer. If we’re shipping out a the man with the best stats, we might as well bring in someone with even better ones,

Wenger knows…

Excuse the format fail, click to enlarge

Still, something that will warm the cockles of Arsene Wenger’s cold heart will be the fact that Arsenal won a trophy… yep, according to Opta statistics, our combined points total from all our players far out weighed our competitors. We romped home in the Opta League and for me… that’s up there with hitting the woodwork the most, the best away record and the ‘if we’d turned those loses into wins, things would have been different’ trophy.

Basically, we’ve had an amazing season and all you lot who speak a lot on the interweb are actually very ungrateful.

I do love reading Wenger comments like that. You know, the ‘well, we’ve consistently been in the Champions League for 15 years, the fans haven’t experienced anything else’ speech. Like no one remembers pre-Wenger, or all Arsenal fans look forward to the Champions League more than any other trophy. Speaking from a season ticket holders perspective, I have to say that the Champions League is a huge inconvenience. I appreciate we’re in it, but making your way from wherever you are in the country to sit in a freezing cold stadium to watch a boring game against at least two really poor teams really isn’t that exciting…

I much prefer our domestic schedule. The Champions League is prestigious, but I don’t see the £800k a win like Wenger and the board do. I’m not sure how others feel about it… that’s just me. I’m glad we’re in it, I just don’t punch the air in excitement about a home leg against Shaktar Donestsk.

Anyway, not much else in the news bar 368 stories about what we’re doing in America (bore me later Ivan) and that we’ve put a £54million price tag on Cesc Fabregas. How we came to that figure is a mystery but it sounds big… so let’s go with it!

I’m also pleased that Oxlade-Chamblerlain’s (My World of Warcraft name) dad has urged his son to join Arsenal. Another slow burner if you ask me, but what I like about his game is that he’s much more of a traditional wide man than Theo, and he is pretty direct as well. Though at 17, we have to accept that he won’t be ready for at least 4 years. Not that it matters… I’m sure he’ll have 160 games under his belt by then anyway, regardless of productivity.

Oxlade: Would certainly give our team an edge...

Right, that’s it. Time to resume the regular uttering of an Arsenal fans favourite phrase… ‘Have we signed anyone yet?’


Happy Friday! Have a great day, let us know who’d be in your team of the year in the comments!

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734 Responses to “Arsenal win another trophy | Nigerian superstat on his way for small fee!”

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  1. BOOZY

    zidane can’t lace massi’s boots.

    pele can’t foot wont fit messi’s boots.

    maradona would steal messi’s boots.

  2. km

    AL that is also true but If the whole side defended as a unit like Barca do, it would get us possession of the ball and break the rhythm of the opponents.

  3. SUGA3


    well, I believe it was a wrong move to sell to Kroenke, because compared to Usmanov, he is a tramp…

    not to mention that he would not be anywhere near as wealthy as he is if it was not for his dear wife, whereas Usmanov had to earn it by himself, no?

  4. george lambrou

    team of the year:
    sagna vidic kompany evra
    malouda wilshere parker v.d.vart
    Tevez V.persie
    cech luiz terry nasri nani Bent Odemwingie

  5. DaleDaGooner

    Boozy, yeah, zidane can’t lace massi’s boots, he doesn’t know who massi is. the rest…i’m confused

  6. km


    Watching Zidane clips last night…I thought to myself how could Messi and Zidane have ever played for the same team? Both love the ball and therefore hog it. Messi would have had stick to the Right wing and that team would have to have a conventional striker.

    Imagine if you took out Iniesta from this Barca side and replaced him with Zidane and put Messi on the Right and C.Ronaldo on the left and Fat Ronaldo as CF.

    That would’v been an awesome side.

  7. km

    Suga 3

    I believe it was a wrong move to sell to Kroenke, because compared to Usmanov, he is a tramp…



    very true

  8. DaleDaGooner

    SUGA, I think SK and th Walmart marriage was a merger, SK had a little bit going for himself…that saying, Usman and SK both got their wealth in questionable fashins, no? Usmanov and Abramovich and the former USSR shit. That being said, you are stating Usmanov would have forced Wenger to splash the cash…..i agree with you, if we are to break the Chelsea, Manure grip, but again, the board wanted a conservative spender, hence they put SK in line to be majority stake holder.

  9. DaleDaGooner

    Dutch if that is true, WTF is up with Lille?? Cabaye ditches them for no CL footy, and Gervinho too??

  10. SUGA3


    which means they are idiots, because AU would piss all over Kroenke’s offer – just take the money and fuck off, I say!

  11. DaleDaGooner

    Other news, Damien Martinez was called up to warm the bench for the Albicleste, meanwhile Denilson hasn’t been called by the selecao. stay tuned.

  12. km


    Usmanov’s place is beautiful

    People like him (noveau rich) always want to be part of the ‘old money’ elite….this sort of place smells of history and old money

  13. km


    Oh well…lets see what sort of player Gervinho is nxt seaon. A bit of a shame he ended up at Newcastle

  14. SUGA3


    given that he originates from the USSR, there is no way someone wealthy can be anything but a nouveau riche, as the ‘old money’ has been ‘dealt with’ collectively in the early 20th century 😉

  15. km


    Its a positive sign that Martinez got recognised but I think its also because many players were resting/dropped out and visa problems so lets take it slow and steady.

    however he is the nxt one after Chesney…

  16. DaleDaGooner

    SUGA3 says:
    June 3, 2011 at 17:11
    I don’t think it’s a clever idea to sign Africans in the vuvuzela season…
    i detest that comment….retract

  17. km


    The people with ‘old money’ are families like Rothchilds, Rockerfeller and many more who we have not not even heard of, because these elite people do not like to be seen/heard of in the media/newspapers etc.

  18. DaleDaGooner

    a4e…I hope so, but i doubt that boy will leave this summer. Lille wants to make an impression in the CL, and they’ve lost 2 of their better players already.

  19. BillikenGooner

    Stan may be a tramp, but his billionaire wife isn’t.

    Well, she may be fugly for all I know, but she’s got more cake than he does.

  20. km

    Oh yes I remembered…

    DDM – why do majority of your jokes suck? 80% of the time they’re about foreigners…you seriously need some help or do us a favour – just shoot yourself. This is 21st century mate….there are British expats working all over the world…so its a 2 way street


  21. Josip

    Why Cabaye and Gervinho to Newcastle instead of staying put in Lille and pla in Europe? The answer is simple: MONEY, loads of MONEY on their bank account. There’s a lot of money to make in the EPL, guys…

  22. SUGA3


    she is also worth ‘only’ $3.2 billion, whereas Usmanov is worth $17.7 billion…

    so, even these two combined are like McCormicks compared to Jabba:

  23. Josip Skoblar

    Why Cabaye and Gervinho to Newcastle instead of staying put in Lille and play in Europe? The answer is simple: MONEY, loads of MONEY on their bank account. There’s a lot of money to make in the EPL, guys…

  24. zeus

    Km @ 16.33

    Brilliant observation. Zidane would piss all over Xavi. This might be blasphemy in Arsenal circles, but not even Bergkamp had his touch. I remember that 2006 WC game vs Brazil. My word. He was so cheeky. Pointing to the left, faking right, only to pass to the left knowing all the time he was the shit. Brazil had no answer.

    Its about time the game produces another him and Michael Laudrup…..

  25. BillikenGooner

    True Suga,

    And her money is still dependent on poor people spending what little money they have on crap products at bargain basement prices…

    He just has to worry about keeping the right palms greased in Russia so as not to end up on the wrong persons wrong side.

  26. SUGA3

    and boy, doesn’t he do that well:

    In February 2008, his Metalloinvest also became sponsor of Dinamo Moscow, the Russian capital’s football team once funded by the Soviet secret service. His Metalloinvest group’s name replaced the Xerox Corporation’s on its players’ shirts as part of the $7 million deal. “For me, Dinamo is a first love,” said Usmanov, the club’s website reported Usmanov as saying. The ballet fan had sidestepped a conflict of interest with Arsenal, London’s The Sun reported, ‘as Usmanov does not have any shares in the Moscow club. But he is on the board.’

    On 17 September 2007, Usmanov paid more than £20 million for an art collection owned by the late Russian cellist Mstislav Rostropovich, days before it was to be auctioned by Sotheby’s in London. He gave all the artwork to the Russian state, where it is housed in the Konstantinovsky Palace near St Petersburg. In late September 2007 he purchased the rights to a large collection of Soviet cartoons, which for 15 years had been owned by Russian-born actor Oleg Vidov, who emigrated to the United States in 1985. After the deal, valued at $5–10 million, Usmanov donated the cartoon collection to a newly formed Russian children’s television channel.

  27. DaleDaGooner

    So Real Madrid signed Sahin, Altintop and Callejon….ambitious, wouldn’t you say…sort of thing we should do..LMAO.

  28. Gooby

    adel taarbat decides he doesn’t want to lay for morroco anymore because he wasn’t selected in the starting 11 to face algeria. really strange attitude,

    you can tell he’s been at the spuds.

  29. Gooby

    Real madrid are signing players for fun and have been doing so for a long time

    barca are developing youth and making few quality signings and winning everything

  30. BillikenGooner

    The difference between Barca’s team building and what we are trying to do is that they can pay their players what they end up being worth in a country with nice tax laws as opposed to the wage structure that we have that will always cause any superstar that is brought up with us from the age of 15 or 17 to be too expensive for us at 24-27 when the likes of City, Real, Barca, etc can and will pay them twice what we can.


    i saw taarbat few months back and the guy speaks to people like shit

    huge ego

    looks like this peter odenwinge story could be true

  32. arsenal4ever

    phv. we are linked to Odemwingie and Gervinho. Enough said. already gutted. Hope WEnger gets big talent from south america. Not only Ricky!!

  33. DaleDaGooner

    SUGA, yeah, perspective..they will offload a few household names for the average players that will sit ontheir bench one season, then they decide, shit we didn’t need them they were flavor of the month, who do we loan them out to? Barca did it with Hleb.

  34. phv

    Pedro Botelho is coming to the Arsenal for the next season.He could replace Clichy/Gibbs.He plays like Fabio Coentrao and Gareth Bale.He is very tall.He can cross very well.He can dive,cheat and fake injuries like Maicon and Dani Alves which is very important.He has that arrogance that can make him one of the best in the world.You never know… he could possibly make it. If not, we will make a nice profit on him.

  35. DaleDaGooner

    Odemwingie replacing Bendtner is not the end of the world, get a grip. He is way better than Bendtner. Only downside is him going to ACN next January.

  36. SUGA3

    ‘To lose but not to be defeated is a victory, to win and to rest on the laurels is a debacle’

    Marshal Józef Piłsudski

    how fitting…

  37. Kushagra India

    Completely agree only Messi is in the league of Zidane rite now infact he made Henry look average 😉

  38. Kushagra India

    There are two futures, the future of desire and the future of fate, and man’s reason has never learned to separate them

  39. tomesco

    wenger is not in south america yet, he’s one of the commentators for belarus against france. he seems thrilled that diaby made the starting line-up.

  40. Mr B

    A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.

  41. DaleDaGooner

    Vermaelen on the bench, Vertonghen starting at left back, Hazard on the right wing, Ogunjimi scores, Witsel in CDM.

  42. lawrence kamvazina

    the henry of 02-06 was better than the current messi.thierry was that good fellas,never forget that.arsen was blessed with pure talent during that period

  43. gambon

    Vertonghen could be a good option to replace Clichy.

    He would add much needed height & set piece prowess.

  44. Mr B

    U know how RVP raped that model and Kobe that receptionist and that the maid decided thrice was 2much.

  45. Rohan

    What a fucking game this French Open semi is! Best game of tennis I’ve seen in a long time. Pure hitting.

  46. Queen of suburbia

    Rvp isn’t eastern European, that’s how I know he’s innocent.

    The other guy has got a real rapey look about him.

  47. Rohan

    SUGA3 says:
    June 3, 2011 at 20:33

    what about that RvP ‘rape’ thing then? no smoke without fire?

    Fuck off SUGA. We know you want to get into bed with Usmanov buy lay off him.

  48. Queen of suburbia

    It’s a power thing with Eastern European men. They have a bit of a rapey reputation.

    All stereotypes have a bit of truth about them.

  49. Mr B

    There should be a new law preventing Celeb Rape. Bastards think an appetizer is an invitation to a free full course.

  50. Rohan

    I think SUGA considers himself to be Eastern European. He attacked me and thought I was insulting him and Poland when I said that the circumstances under which Usmanov was set free by the Soviet “legal system” weren’t completely trustworthy. FACT!

  51. SUGA3


    why do we need to go through this all over again?

    it’s boring and it will only end up with me calling you naive kid, do you really want this?

    the so called ‘justice system’ is only for the poor – now that is a FACT!

  52. Queen of suburbia

    The fat Jabba lookalike strikes me as the type to try to take what he wants by force if the chucking money thing wasn’t working.

  53. Mr B

    All I can say about Alisher Usmanov is he seems to meet all the criteria needed to join any of Britains three main political parties, as they say “that’ll do nicely” as long as it’s backed up by great wads of cash.

    Regarding your article in the The Mail…

    “On the face of it, Britain is better placed than most of the EU because very little of our natural gas comes from Russia and we have entered long-term contracts that tie up most of Norway’s production.”

    This brought back memories of Thatcher standing outside No 10 saying this “I have aginised over this decision but feel it is the best thing to do” what she was referring to was the burning off,off 20/25 years supply of britains north sea gas into the atmosphere. She said it was to expensive to store it,(she wanted the money to give tax cuts to get re-elected). Norway on the other hand did spend the money to store their north sea gas and are now selling it to us.

    Thatcher also closed down our world leading clean coal technology centre well she didn’t like miners and her friends in the nuclear industry didn’t want coal. Came across this the other day…

    “Jeff Ennis (Barnsley, East and Mexborough) (Lab): Does my hon. Friend recall that, in the early 1980s, this country led the world in clean coal technology, through the fluidised bed plant at Grimethorpe colliery power station in my constituency? That plant was funded by more than 20 countries, including America and Japan. Unfortunately, the facility was closed down by Mrs. Thatcher. Does he agree that this country continues to regret that decision to this day?”

    “Huw Irranca-Davies: Indeed, and I am sure that all Members here will agree that we want to regain that lead in clean coal technology to take us forward through not only the next few years but the next few decades. The export potential is massive, but it will not happen without investment and prioritising clean coal and carbon abatement technology.”

  54. Queen of suburbia

    Costs a lot in superinjunctions to cover up all the rapes if you have too many eastern euro types Gooby.

  55. SUGA3


    Albo is one that springs to mind outright – you have that annoying tendency to wank off to any post where you consider a poster to have ‘owned’ someone, simply because you are not capable of doing that yourself…

    no matter how ridiculous your claim of ‘owning’ is 😆

    as for RvP, I love him and I just used the example to show that people sometimes chuck around accusations without substance behind this…

  56. Rohan

    So you have absolutely no doubt in your mind that Usmanov is absolutely not guilty and has been rightfully cleared of any and all wrongdoings including extortion and rape.

    Please forgive me if I have my misgivings over the morals of the Soviet Republic’s legal decisions when it comes to a rich man.

    I’m not saying that he is a criminal but I don’t understand the need to paint him as an angel and more to the point, bringing RvP into it shows a distinct lack of understanding and disrespect as far as I’m concerned.

  57. Rohan

    Yeah SUGA. I bow down to you. You are by far the most superior poster on here.
    Anyway, I can’t be arsed to be on here any more. Peace.

  58. SUGA3

    ‘Ladies flock to your jock like it’s golden
    Curious, to test the weight you be holdin
    but you ain’t got no time, to be chasin felines
    If she’s the chick that you pick then she gets chosen’

  59. Gooner786

    Suga,you my friend,are a legend. Your comments are pinpoint accurate.

    Loved your Usmanov comments.

    You are someone who knows what his talking about.

  60. SUGA3


    cheers mate 😉


    let’s get this straight, an art benefactor, cultured ballet lover and a rich industrial magnate is a rapist then?

  61. Rohan

    Also think it’s pretty funny that you feel the need to put “alleged” before every single accusation someone might make of Usmanov here and sit on a high horse while when it comes to Wenger and calling him a swindler, racist, cunt, paedophile, spastic, rapist, no one seems to have a fucking problem.

  62. SUGA3

    er, you may recall that I was not holding back to point out that some stuff that was said about OGL were bang out of order…

    but go on, generalise all you want…

    by the way, who called AW a rapist, surely that must be a first?

  63. SUGA3

    and oh, Rohan, putting ‘alleged’ before accusing someone of a despicable criminal offence is a good practice, keeps you out of trouble, you know?

  64. SUGA3

    why, are you looking for a job or something?

    like I said, it’s all just common sense: if you were to sell your soul, would you rather sell it for peanuts or for millions?

  65. Raugaj

    gambon says:
    June 3, 2011 at 21:08
    Wenger = cunt

    Usmanov = legend

    Dalgleish = legend for calling wenger a cunt
    Couldnt have expressed it better. And you forgot
    AKBs=Useless piece of shitwanks