Arsenal win another trophy | Nigerian superstat on his way for small fee!

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As you know, last season Le Grove partnered with website best friends, the Metro, for a Fantasy football league. They gave us an iPad for the winner of our league, that iPad will be despatched to the winner very shortly. I don’t have the results of the league today, but I promise to share those with you tomorrow!

Instead, what I have is the Metro Fantasy League team of the season. The statistics used to power the game have been sourced from Opta’s Live Feed and they make for interesting reading, because I’m not sure I’d have too many of those players in my team and I’m not sure the fans of too many of the players teams below would agree either!

For starters, as much as I like Joe Hart, I don’t think he’s been quite as amazing as he was the season before against Birmingham. Florent Malouda has played so well this year many Chelsea fans aren’t fussed whether he stays or goes this summer. Then we have our only entry, good old Samir ‘I won’t sign boss’ Nasri slipping in out wide. I know on the face of it, he deserves to be in there, but overall despite his best season ever, I still can’t help but feel a bit miffed at how anonymous he was in the second half of the season.

Tevez and Berbatov up top is hard to argue with, again though, Opta can’t take attitude into account. If the Bulgarian was so great this season, why are United offloading him over Michael Owen for £7.5million? Statistics can support, but they can’t ever define, you need your eyes for that!

One thing I’m definitely going to do is have a word with Opta… I can’t see Denilson or his amazing statistics in the mixer? Something must have gone awry in their system? Surely the God of short side ways crabbing should be at least a sub? It’s fricking travesty…

I did hear that Wenger has got hold of this infographic, the Daily mail report we’ve lodged a bid for Odemwingie off the back of Nik B shooting his mouth off about leaving us this summer. If we’re shipping out a the man with the best stats, we might as well bring in someone with even better ones,

Wenger knows…

Excuse the format fail, click to enlarge

Still, something that will warm the cockles of Arsene Wenger’s cold heart will be the fact that Arsenal won a trophy… yep, according to Opta statistics, our combined points total from all our players far out weighed our competitors. We romped home in the Opta League and for me… that’s up there with hitting the woodwork the most, the best away record and the ‘if we’d turned those loses into wins, things would have been different’ trophy.

Basically, we’ve had an amazing season and all you lot who speak a lot on the interweb are actually very ungrateful.

I do love reading Wenger comments like that. You know, the ‘well, we’ve consistently been in the Champions League for 15 years, the fans haven’t experienced anything else’ speech. Like no one remembers pre-Wenger, or all Arsenal fans look forward to the Champions League more than any other trophy. Speaking from a season ticket holders perspective, I have to say that the Champions League is a huge inconvenience. I appreciate we’re in it, but making your way from wherever you are in the country to sit in a freezing cold stadium to watch a boring game against at least two really poor teams really isn’t that exciting…

I much prefer our domestic schedule. The Champions League is prestigious, but I don’t see the £800k a win like Wenger and the board do. I’m not sure how others feel about it… that’s just me. I’m glad we’re in it, I just don’t punch the air in excitement about a home leg against Shaktar Donestsk.

Anyway, not much else in the news bar 368 stories about what we’re doing in America (bore me later Ivan) and that we’ve put a £54million price tag on Cesc Fabregas. How we came to that figure is a mystery but it sounds big… so let’s go with it!

I’m also pleased that Oxlade-Chamblerlain’s (My World of Warcraft name) dad has urged his son to join Arsenal. Another slow burner if you ask me, but what I like about his game is that he’s much more of a traditional wide man than Theo, and he is pretty direct as well. Though at 17, we have to accept that he won’t be ready for at least 4 years. Not that it matters… I’m sure he’ll have 160 games under his belt by then anyway, regardless of productivity.

Oxlade: Would certainly give our team an edge...

Right, that’s it. Time to resume the regular uttering of an Arsenal fans favourite phrase… ‘Have we signed anyone yet?’


Happy Friday! Have a great day, let us know who’d be in your team of the year in the comments!

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734 Responses to “Arsenal win another trophy | Nigerian superstat on his way for small fee!”

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  1. WentworthGooner

    Defender : Servet Cetin ( monster )
    Midfielder : Inler ( hard tackler )
    Forward : Klose ( free if I’m correct )

  2. GunzSp

    Have we signed anyone yet?

    Don’t expect signings announced until after July 1st. Arsenal like to keep us in suspense, not like bayern Munich who already announced neur And rafinha as new signings

  3. Lawrence Kamvazina

    Odemwinge? Realllly? Talk about bargain basement.Oh yeah and while your at it arsen,could you get demba ba and the legendary retiry micheal rickets(of bolton fame).

  4. Moray

    Where’s Wenger? Last spotted in Russian doing a commentary for Frnch tv, I believe. the guy must be minted. Easily enough to keep him balls-deep in French rappers for the next 50 years, if he likes…

  5. Jimbo

    WentworthGooner says:
    June 3, 2011 at 10:02
    Defender : Servet Cetin ( monster )
    Midfielder : Inler ( hard tackler )
    Forward : Klose ( free if I’m correct


    Cetin’s a name that I haven’t heard in a while. Not a bad shout. So long as Samba contracts Herpes and fails he medical because of it.

  6. Jimbo

    Lawrence Kamvazina says:
    June 3, 2011 at 10:07
    Odemwinge? Realllly? Talk about bargain basement.Oh yeah and while your at it arsen,could you get demba ba and the legendary retiry micheal rickets(of bolton fame).


    Prefer him to Downing.

    I don’t think he would be that bargain basement, anyway – reckon he’d cost £10m, or thereabouts.

  7. twonk

    Can’t argue with Mr. Chamberlain. Who wouldn’t want Arsenal to sign their 17 year old son? Even if there are 6 years of non-productivity it would still ensure that he is paid extremely well and pampered by the club on and off the pitch, it’s a no-brainer.

  8. LAzer

    Boring post. Boring summer AFCl wise. Just carrying on from the shit end to the season I suppose. See you when we sign someone or sell big. Thats a lot more likely anyways.

  9. SUGA3

    nice post Pedders, yay for another trophy!

    Wenger does not give a flying fuck what happens, he is loaded and it is his last season…

  10. Lawrence Kamvazina

    Yup, he’s watching alvarez while getting a brazilian.Anyway,WHO CAN WE SAFELY CALL MR ARSENAL IN OUR CURRENT SQUAD?Speculate please

  11. Philip Watts

    Not at least bit excited about Odemwingie, too similar to RVP plays to deep, and will not get 25/30goals a season, besides he’s yet another Wenger cheap option, total waste of time and money.

    Still we should not be surprised, same as.

  12. Albo

    Well in fairness to Wenger, most fans do in fact talk as if they don’t remember anything further than 15 years back (and certainly not 25 years), but anyway…

    I’m very confused as to how Nani – with by far the best goals and assists in the Premiership – isn’t in that 1st 11. He’s right at the top of the Premiership’s FF League points tally.

    Sounds like Benzema isn’t for sale, which is a shame…

  13. Lawrence Kamvazina

    Just watching highlight reelz of bergkamp chipping in a goal against leverkusen in the 01-02 season.I guess what i’m getting at is was that ARSENAL squad better than this current all conquering bartha team?I say hell yeah……

  14. Walking Wounded

    No wonder the post was late, if you’ve been playing WoW all night. It’s the start of something bad?

    Is this the beginning of the end for Le Grove?

  15. Jimbo

    Sabeel – we’ve signed…

    Toral Harper

    AKA – a couple of Barca’s youth academy rejects.

  16. finestcuts

    Fab4 rumours are hotting up again, however Real Madrid is a very unlikely destination for him. Surely he wouldn’t want to give up hope that one day he’ll join Barcelona.

    On the subject of financial doping…’s one thing taking huge amounts of cash from the accused (selling Toure and Ade for big money) and then complaining about it. If you sell high, you can’t complain about not being able to buy low.

    I can’t believe Wenger would go for a 29 year old striker who has just shown good form, I’m sure he can do better than that. Not saying Odemwingie is a bad player but he’s at the end of the line, he wasn’t even prolific in the Russian league.

  17. Lawrence Kamvazina

    Agreed,RVP is the current mr ARSENAL.BUUUUUT, Jacky boy is not that far off.Infact i think Jack will be Captain/mr ARSENAL sooner than we think…

  18. Baafuor from Ghana

    Why do people still think Wenger will make a ‘major’ signing?He WON’T,and he has to be sacked,period!

  19. Albo

    Sabeel – most likely we have signed Toral, Bellerin, Jenkinson, Ollsen and Chamberlain so far, but nothing will be announced til the transfer window opens obviously…

  20. dennisdamenace

    My wife caught me with my cock in the hoover yesterday.

    She said, “What the fuck are you doing?”

    I said “The bits you always seem to miss.”

  21. Moray

    Right. We wouldn’t sign Bergkamp today. not French enough, and too expensive. And what is more, not malleable enough for wenger to dominate mentally.

  22. Albo

    9th of June I think mate, but I’m actually not sure myself. Def not open yet or we’d have heard a flurry of signings by other teams at least!

  23. dennisdamenace

    Replace the ‘he’ with any one of our under motivated, over paid, perennial failures…….

  24. Sabeel

    the other catalan bellerin can just get lost 2 someother club, Not even 10mins in arsenal and he says,he wants to return to barca one day..

    we at the club are fools who wont learn from this fabregas saga

    Cant wait 4 fabregas to just be sold asap,

  25. Albo

    SUG – well, depends how you define ambition. 16 or 17 years ago we were content to be an upper/mid table, cup winning team.

    I’d say we’re more ambitious now, in that we’re aiming for far bigger prizes. We were, however, more successful at fulfilling our ambitions 16/17 years ago – in that we were an upper/mid table, cup winning team…

  26. Lawrence Kamvazina

    Nice one Moray.Wenger has this thing about mentally weak individuals.Maybe that dominance turns him on???Coaching wise that is….AHEM.

  27. SUGA3


    you can’t seriously say we are aiming for CL with this bunch of players, can you?

    and there was some will to improve the team, unlike now…

    I started following AFC in the very early nineties, what I liked was the never say die attitude and pride of playing for the shirt, it was not necessarily about trophies!

    I never said we have the divine right to win a trophy every year, but we have the divine right to expect that the players will leave their hearts on the pitch, no matter whether we play Barca or Orient!

  28. Mark C

    54 mill for cesc is probably 60 mill Euro.

    Personally I would take the money and invest.

    A Young
    G Cahill

    If we can get those 5 we will be much stronger.

  29. Gooby

    bellerin is a massive cunt i hate him already and i might be tempted to boo him as he said:

    “you can never rule out going back to barcuntlona”

  30. Lurch LeRouge

    Not for £10m Gooby, if it’s £5m rising with appearances yeah probably but the money we have needs prioritising on the present not the future success of afc.

  31. Iceman

    Just gutted that RVP stopped at those two sides. Surely Manu deserve a mention? They didn’t exactly tip-toe around the ref away to Blackpool and WHU did they? Anyway, I just love it when an Arsenal player tells it like it is. On the transfer front – Odemwingie – 29 not exactly A list and and typically an AW skinflint signing. Next he’ll realise that Klose is on a free. Come on Arsenal, wake up before we hit the buffers and finish fifth next year! Spend some fuckin’ money!!!

  32. gambon


    17 years ago we won the European Cup winners cup, 18 years ago the FA & LC, 20 years ago the league, 22 years ago the league.

    We also broke the record for a keeper, broke the british transfer record in 1995.

    We were far more ambitious than this disgusting regime at the mo.

  33. Arse&Nose©

    why is bellerin being interviewed?

    you don’t hear about man utd or chelsea youth being interviewed. we should have a blanket press ban on all our youth, the press ask questions that lead these kids to say stupid things.

  34. Lawrence Kamvazina

    Paul”ginger twit”Scholes the best of his generation ehh….I say that portuguese meeelan player was better than him in his position.What was his name again…

  35. Lurch LeRouge

    BBC News: “Infected cucumbers contain new strain of E. Coli.”

    Doctors are advising ginger women to use a condom.    

  36. dennisdamenace

    Cheers Sug, but i fear i have more chance of Wenger actually buying a World Class player this summer…..

  37. SUGA3


    Highbury House, but he has just said he was not the one and – wait for this – he did not even know what LG was…

    still, I am finding it hard to believe, given the nonsense he is spouting 😆

  38. gambon

    Arsenal signings in the last 12 months:

    Chamakh – Shit & free
    Koscielny – Shit & overpriced
    Squillaci – shit & cheap

    Ebecillo – Useless Kid
    Siemann – Useless Kid
    Gnarby – Useless Kid
    Wellington – Useless Kid
    Miyaichi – Useless Kid
    Toral Harper – Useless Kid
    Bellerin – Useless Kid

    Hmmmm, Ambitious!!!

  39. Moray

    Scholes was well overrated. He had a good shot on him, fair enough, but I never understood the showers of cum the pundits bukkaked over him on a regular basis.

    Compare his career to Giggs, and Giggs blows him out of the water – particularly with his resurgence in CM at the tail end of his career.

    Plus Scholes is a cheating bastard. If he wasn’t English, nobody would give a shit.

  40. Lawrence Kamvazina

    RVP should have torn into poonited aswell.They are the worst.As for the 54 mil,SPLIT IT.Ribery for 30mil and 25 for hazard.We would have the best wing wizards in the world under arsen’s tuteledge.Freddy and BOBBY all over again……EPIC STUFF

  41. cygans love child

    If wenger hasn’t signed anyone by mid June, expect one signing before the season starts, two if we are lucky. He’s already given some of his bollocks excuses like ‘we don’t need an overhaul’ or ‘we were only missing 5%’. And if his idea of a good signing is odemwingie, well, sorry, but that just says it all. We don’t shop for the creme de la creme anymore, more like Tesco value

  42. Gooby

    those are carer assists stats

    Paul Ginger Scholesy 33 assists
    Steven Gerrard 76 assists
    Francesc Fabregas 80 assists

    Players in the Scholes generation:

    zidane, figo, veira, bergkamp, makelele, xavi…

    question: gervinho or downing?

  43. gambon


    Last time I checked Miyaichi spent the last 6 months….how is that of any USE to us?!


  44. Lawrence Kamvazina

    Hehe,scholes getting bukkaked by the media…..too true.Gambon,koscielny is the next Tony Adams.FACT!How can you forget his trademark surge against united at the emirates late on this season.His header against everton to make it 2-1,how he shackled LEO “THE MIDGET “MESSI.hE WILL CUM GOOD, BELIEVE ME MATE…

  45. Albo

    Precisely Gambon – 17/18 years ago we were an upper/midtable cup winning team. And I didn’t realise there was a trophy for the most expensive keeper…

  46. gambon

    Lawrence, yep he definately shacked Messi

    Let him score one, and gave away a penalty for another goal.

    If letting someone score twice is shackling them then Koscielny is the master.

  47. Sabeel


    Question is when we are “capable” of being more ambitious, why arent we ?

    answer is just Wengers Ego & non-acceptance that project Youth is proved to be a failure

  48. Jimbo

    Lol… Remember Koscielny in the Carling Cup final? Or giving away the winning penalty to Barca in the CL?

    What a fucking chump.

  49. Gooby


    come on! you know youth development is important for any ambitious top club.

    Miyiachi shouldn’t bother you, we aren’t relying on him. We are waiting for him to come good and use him in 1 or 2 seasons! Plus he’s doing well.

    Those are 2 different matters. Wenger has to sign senior players that’s the main problem not the crop of kids who will produce 1/2 top players every now and then.

  50. gambon


    Spending big money on a world class keeper & players like DB10 are signs of a club that want to win things.

    Signing useless crap like koscielny & 16 year olds are signs of a club that have no intention of winning anything.

  51. cygans love child

    Why do so many people like koscielny? Answers please? Cos I think he’s a massive liability personally

  52. Sabeel

    But the Club is showing Real Ambition in winning Youth cups & Ladies cups…have to acknowledge thats..that is real ambition tooo….

  53. gambon


    If all your scouts are watching 16 year olds, all your legal teams and executives are tying up deals for kids they dont have much time for buying mature players.

  54. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    My 2 cents on Kos –

    You wont see the best of him unless we buy a DM that is half decent.

    Will we buy a DM?

    Looks like Songs only competition will be from internal solutions.

    Classic line from last year:

    “Song needs an understudy”

    Fucking clueless.

  55. Sabeel


    I am sure one day ‘A’ will return to this blog,but this time as a “realist”..sign that most AKBs will soon be extinct…yippeee

  56. Sabeel

    7 years over,i think after another 7 years,definitely AKBs will be extinct…i can see wenger staying at the club for another 10 years EASILY…

  57. Lurch LeRouge

    yeah Suga,

    its the stats abuse combined with altruistic and ritualistic self harming tendency’s that give it away!

  58. gambon


    Youth development & buying kids from all over the world for relatively big fees and big wages are a completely different thing.

    Whats the point in having an academy when we buy kids and throw them straight into the reserves on £10k pw?

    The youth systems should be for the Wilsheres, Frimpongs, Afobes…not the Ebecillos & Miguels.

  59. Lurch LeRouge

    we’ll never wipe out AKBism Sabeel, its a genetic defect.

    Sadly Eugenics were outlawed 60 years ago 🙂

    Bounty? well if you can drive him off rico’s blog i’m sure he’d be greatfull!

  60. dennisdamenace

    David Cameron goes to a science exhibition and is shown a time machine which can see 100 years into the future.
    The man in charge invites him to ask any question he likes.
    Cameron asks “What will Australia be like in 100 years time?”
    The machine whirrs and beeps and goes into action and gives a printout, which the man reads: “The country is in good hands
    under the new Prime Minister, crime is non-existent, there is no conflict, the economy is healthy. There are no worries.”

    He has another go “What will China be like in 100 years time?”
    Another print out: “The country will be the world’s leading economy and everyone there will enjoy the highest standard of
    living in the world”
    Cameron then asks “What will Great Britain be like in 100 years time?”
    The machine whirrs and beeps and goes into action. The man gets a print-out, but he’s just stares at it.
    Come on”, says Cameron “What does it say?”

    The man replies, “Buggered if I know! It’s all in Arabic!”

  61. Sabeel


    Genetic?? did wenger have some blood relationship or something…

    “like a genetic infection” or “Is a genetic infection”
    are 2 different things no?

  62. SUGA3

    Question: “Are there too many immigrants in Britain?”?

    In a recent poll

    12% said “Yes”
    88% said أضعت طريقي! أضعت طريقي!

  63. Lurch LeRouge

    nothing to do with AW himself Sabeel, AKBism is just another manifestation of herd mentality for the insane.

  64. Alfie

    Sabeel, I dont want to offend you but I think you are a very strange poster. I also think you follow the pack and are a bit of a sheep. But hey, im probably wrong.

  65. Baafuor from Ghana

    Wenger always talk about financial doping and yet he always wants big money for his players.Is quite stupid of Wenger to do that and then make useless bids for other clubs’ players.Deluded hypocrite!

  66. Sabeel


    No problem fella, am not really a sheep type…just 2 correct…

    am just more casual in chatting,not so measured as some…

  67. Sabeel


    over a year,I think some people over here are also slightly improving,in that,they see that wenger is holding back this club becos of his own agenda…

    In fact even wenger doesnt see that the real reason this club is not winning is because he wenger slowly elimated all the winners from this club,so that he can boast and rag if he wins a trophy thru this project youth…