Denilson / Bendtner attracting interest… | Jack talking up black arts | Berbatov & Drogba considered?

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Arsene Wenger taking a holiday in South America is about as exciting as it gets on the news front. Mind you , I’m not holding my breath, we always get excited about Arsene’s working holidays… Remember when he took his cheque book to the World Cup…? That was more disappointing than the surprise transfer of Silvestre. This Alvarez rumour doesn’t want to give up though… He scored again at the weekend and being a free transfer with an Italian passport has all the hallmarks of an Arsene signing.

I was excited to read that Sevilla are interested in taking a punt on Denilson. Almost as excited as I was to read that Sarah Palin is thinking of running for President. Shock and awe is bringing sexy back… Good times world, good times!

I can see The Emirates from Pedro's bedroom (Dream sentence)

Apparently we’re asking for £8million, roughly the fee I was slated for suggesting a few months ago. It would be a good move for the Brazilian and I hope it’s pushed through.

The infamous Thomas Bendtner has told the press his son is on the Market for £9.1mil a million miles off my estimate of £15mill and a fair price for a player I’m pretty sure will do well in a system more suited to his cumbersome style… Bolton say… who lost Elmander to Galatasaray.

FIFA are dominating the press for all the usual reasons. I’m staggered that all the football associations are so spineless about this damaging problem. Why can’t all the major nations club together and set up their own Governing body? What use is an unethical ethics commission presiding over corruption? Who needs the World Cup anymore, club football is king! Why should a corrupt Qatari (now suspended) and a corrupt Swiss be contending the most prestigious position in world football, when one get knocked out of the running for corruption, why should one man be allowded to stand unopposed for a 4th term! Why isn’t someone like David Dein or the countless other qualified people in world football throwing their hats into the ring?

Why can no one suggest a better candidate than those two muppets…?

Maybe because they all play the same game as FIFA. We booked a friendly with T&T as a favour to Jack Warner, we booked a friendly this summer to Thailand to win votes (a game we cancelled when the Thai’s shafted us) and we’ve also back numerous grass-roots projects in Africa and elsewhere for the same reason (especially appalling considering the lack of grass-roots funding we’re getting over here). The fact is, the game is rotten to the core at the moment and everyone is as bad as each other. If we want to be seen as pioneers in the game again, we should take a stance, rip apart our failing FA and start again.

We need to inject a bit of morality into the game again and lead by example… until we admit we have problems ourselves, we can’t begin to lecture the rest of the world on their wrongs.

So rumour has it Berbatov is available for £7.5mill… I appreciate from an attitude perspective he’s a no go but for me, he’s a super player who’ll want to prove himself… Worth a punt? Maybe! Talking of cheap options, I’m pretty sure Drogba and Anelka are up for grabs… If we’re looking for experience you’ll struggle to find better. Chelsea are close to tying up a deal for Lukaku… obviously we’re interested in his 15 year old brother. The man from Belgium is supposed to be a bit of a player, it’s a shame we’re not looking at him. His name has been bandied around the LG comment section for a few years now… Arsene, if you need some help, drop by, I’m sure the Grover’s would be pleased to share.

German Eurosport are reporting Diego Benaglio of Wolfsburg is subject of an Arsenal offer. It all sounded reasonable until they mentioned they wanted a deal the other way involving Almunia… now I’m not so sure. We need a 3rd keeper, I’m not sure an international quite works though?

Deals are out there to be had if the manager fancies it this summer… United will be busy as will everyone else, inaction is not an option… proaction is… or being proactive… or something like that.

Finally, Jack Wilshere has said what we’ve been saying most of the season… We lack the right attitude to win games. He even mentioned the fact we don’t hassle the referee during games (remember the hammering you gave me for encouraging the dark arts?)… Not something we like, though not something we can ignore is effective.

Jack has the right to stand up and say things like that… Trouble is we’re hearing the same things from all the players… It’s all a bit blame culture to be honest which is a sign of poor management. Players need to be told, trained and guided on everything when they’re so young… perhaps that’s why Wenger should take note and bring in some experience?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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575 Responses to “Denilson / Bendtner attracting interest… | Jack talking up black arts | Berbatov & Drogba considered?”

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  1. SUGA3


    no, my first statement was a question and a sentence you should like, surely?

    as for the other statements, it’s called having a different opinion…

  2. Broadshaft

    @ Jimbo – I often read blog but never usually post. Just wondering if you’re little Englander hat is getting a bit tatty and is infecting your brain! Your comments are always colourful, with varying amounts of sense attached – but your assessment that
    Parker would be preferable to Masherano was pure comic
    genius! Plus, this time last year it was Joe Cole. There may be a few English players worthy of this Arsenal team, such as; Rooney, Hart, Johnson (Man c) and Baines but Parker is def not one of them!


  3. gambon

    So Wenger says we’re 5% away from winning things!

    Wasnt that 2% 3 years ago?

    What next year? 6%?

  4. Gooner Sam

    So I’ve seen Wenger coming out with the truth finally about his transfer activity that it ‘does not need a complete overhaul’ and that ‘we are only 5%off….this man is seriously deluded. I’m guessing most of the season tickets have been renewed so now the truth has come out

  5. gambon

    2% to 5% in 3 years?

    In the words of the posh toff in Lock Stock…

    ‘Alarm bells are ringing willie’

  6. gambon


    Another Wenger pearler:

    “we need to add height”

    Well, everyone bar the raving AKBs like Dale, A & Rohan have been saying this for fucking years.

    Nice to know im definately a better manager than Wenger, as i thought all along.

  7. SUGA3


    you may recall ManGoonian accusing me of having ‘unhealthy obsession with sizeable men’, does that make me a better manager than Wenger too?

  8. phv

    When we talk about strikers, how about we sign Felipe Caicedo from Man City? He is world class.6ft1, very quick, can score goals, only 22.

  9. gambon

    Are you kidding phv, he is a million miles from world class.

    We need a top goalscorer like Etoo, Benzema, Higuain, Cavani, Falcao.

  10. MatthewT

    Man City, Chelsea and Man Utd are all pushing themselves as global brands that will attract fans (and their money) with success on the field and by fielding world class players that capture the imagination.

    The damn fools, don’t they know that the path to greatness is to sell all your best players and pocket the cash while fielding donkeys from your youth team.

  11. phv

    In the next few years, he will be recognized as one of the best strikers in the world.
    He is approaching his peak and he is top quality no doubt about it.
    He is a top goalscorer. If he has better players around him like Fabregas,Van Persie,Wilshere,Arshavin,Walcott, he will be better.
    He can be our Drogba/Henry type of striker. He is a beast.

  12. Iceman10

    We need to see if we can get Higuain…out of that list that gambon provided he is the one i really want…Benzema isnt the type of striker we need…etoo wont come…falcao im not completly sold on for that price and cavani isnt coming either he jus signed an extension.

  13. MatthewT

    the last thing Arsenal fans need to be doing is trying to convince themselves that Felipe Caicedo is world class, Also i am fed up of hearing that XXXX player is only XX years old. We need to buy for next season.

  14. gambon


    Enough kids that ‘will be good’.

    We need mature, tough, experienced players that can deliver in August 2011, not March 2013.

  15. phv

    Felipe Caicedo has 13 goals from 27 games this season at Levante where he is on loan playing with Wellington from Arsenal.

  16. Arse&Nose©

    Wenger is going for height, he thinks our set-piece frailties are linked to the height of our players.

  17. pharo9ja

    supernova in da hizzey fo shizzey!
    Wat up Dale,Sucre,Wtl,Qos,Rohan,Gamb-money and da rest of y’all?

  18. MatthewT

    If we are making transfer wishlists here is mine

    de rossi

    I reckon we could get that lot for about £85 million.

    We already have about £40 million plus what we raise from player sales, we can borrow the rest.

  19. phv


    I am trying to be realistic, man. We do NOT have the money to get players like Falcao,Cavani,Benzema,Neymar and Lukaku. We can not compete with the big boys even if we are the 5th richest club in the world based on the revenues only behind Real Madrid,Barcelona,Bayern Munich and Manchester United.
    I am just suggesting a top striker who we can afford although I doubt Man City will let us have him.

  20. DaleDaGooner

    I think Wenger should stop kiddie flopping and sign Neymar for pete sake! He’d be pissing in SUGA’s soup if he did that….fuck around and sign Neymar while sipping sex with a slapper, next he’d make a video doing the cabbage with Neymar…that should piss gambon and co off.

  21. BillikenGooner

    No way are we going to be able to find value for the money.

    Players we want that have said they aren’t for sale: We wouldn’t throw the pile of cash on the table to change their minds.

    Players we want that are available: We won’t be able to pay the fee or salary a big team (errr.. sorry, a big money team) would be able to, so they will get them.

    We will get a few youth and hardly-names. Same ol’ same ol’.

  22. SUGA3


    if you think I or anyone else on here for that matter wants Arsenal to fail, you are an idiot…

    we just think we had not much success and that a lot of it is down to poor management and misplaced loyalty!

  23. Iceman10

    Neymar will not come to Arsenal so get it out of your heads…Chelsea or Barca will get him…I think hes better suited for La liga and seria A… get hazard in resign Nasri keep cesc move theo upfront…get a CB and CDM and we wud b set…

  24. gambon


    Ho on earth do you know who we want?

    Last time i checked it didnt take that much money to sign shit players from the french league.

  25. zeus


    Who is this Felipe guy? FFS! If true Wenger could be sacked by August if we don’t qualify for the CL.

  26. BillikenGooner

    My bad gambon.

    I stand corrected.
    I figured Wenger might throw a curveball this season and go for free shit players in this league… since he said he’d like PL ‘experience’.

  27. phv

    We missed out on Mascherano,Di Maria and Pastore before they went to Europe because of 2-3 millions. We missed on Xabi Alonso because of a few extra millions.

    We certainly are not going to pay huge salaries and buy big players like Hazard,Moussa Sissoko,Cavani,Aguero,Sanchez,Rossi,Falcao,Benzema. Jan Vertonghen is going to Man City.

    We will buy someone average like Samba.
    I think we are falling behind.

  28. BillikenGooner


    Don’t forget Cesc and Nasri really throwing us under the table by demanding to leave/not signing a new contract.

    However, we will have Diaby to take over the creative role for us next season to keep us in 8th.

  29. OPG

    We’ve missed on alot of players that were cheaper before their value increased, there are certain players we should not pay over the odds for now and there are some we should.

  30. phv

    Nasri wants 30k per week more than what we offer so that’s like a 1,5 million pounds(or euros) more per year which over 5 years is 7,5 millions. This is a lot of money, isn’t it ?

  31. gambon

    So wenger is talking about needing more height.

    Where is this going to come from?

    Theres no point adding height to the wide areas, Cesc & JW are guaranteed starters, as are Vermaelen & Sagna.

    So for me the only areas we could possibly bring in height are right sided CB, LB and DM.

    To be fair, if we see Koscielny, Clichy & Song replaced in the first XI id be very happy.

  32. Santos

    Bayern seal Rafinha and Neuer deals.

    Houllier leaves Aston Villa.

    They should go and get Ancelloti, since he said he needed a new challenge. He can make them big.

  33. Iceman10

    Why is JW a guaranteed starter? and Diaby has to be the most frustrating player ever…so much potential but so non chalant and injury prone… seriously who has more talent Busquets or Diaby? but the cunt Busquets is miles better… Song needs to go or be the backup…not good enough for that role

  34. pharo9ja

    ho ho guys! Easy wif the dissin or I’ll send you up to your room(s)!
    We’ve all got two things in common no matter where we reside: the love for Arsenal and the fact that we all agree that we have grossly under performed in the past 5 seasons. I think the emphasis should be on how best to make the scum bags we have on the board feel the pressure this coming season.
    The only possitive thing I’m looking out for next season is the pressure whatever team wenger puts out will feel to deliver from the first game. My joy is that the majority of us have lost patience with the “on the pitch” failings and I guarantee you next season Arsenal football club will hear our voice!
    Now u boys behave or I’ll turn off the lights and tell santa y’all been naughty…

  35. kev

    berbatov? hes definitely not what we need. have we not learnt our lesson from silvestre. if he was any good fergie wouldnt be letting him leave.

    is there any sign of us buying anybody or is it all just rumours

  36. Arse&Nose©

    St. Pauli know how to treat their fans, strippers and a sausage train- IVAN LOOK!

    see 15:55 & 15:58

  37. kev

    phv is that true about nasri? thats ridiculous – maybe he should have a couple of consistently good seasons first maybe then hell be worth that kind of money. fucking wankers trying to hold the club to ransom.

  38. Wenger the liar

    So in the time it took me to get home Arsene has undone all the work I undertook today in trying to make people believe that we would be signing Neymar!

    Arsene is fucking useless.

    The funny thing is even if we have yet another window where Arsene doesnt solve the problems we have had for years and we go on to do fuck all next season, some people will still make excuses for him and others will promote the option of moving him upstairs whilst he gets to pick his replacement.

    You couldnt make this shit up.

    5% away, what a cunt.

    and what really fucks me off, something the excuse makers on wankstain sites like untold and Arsene himself do not take into account is the fact that United, or the champions of a particular year, can only beat the teams in front of them. If we had got an additional 15 points there is no saying that United wouldnt have still got more points to beat us. If they were chasing us all year whose to say they would have dropped the points they did? Every time we they fucked up we dropped points too, not exactly motivation for them.



    more like – CUNTS.

  39. Wenger the liar

    This is going to be A LONG TRANSFER WINDOW.

    The whole picture could be changed with just one good signing early on, will we get it?

    I see more kids coming in LOL

    I dont think anyone at the club is in touch with the fans, Arsene by the statements he is making doesnt have a fucking scooby.

  40. BillikenGooner

    Its pretty simple.

    Media calling Project Youth a failure.
    Ex-Players calling Project Youth a failure.
    Many fans calling Project Youth a failure.
    Players leaving point to Project Youth as a failure.

    Wenger’s response?

    Project Youth 2.0 –
    Wilshere and Ramsey the new Cesc and Nasri.
    Buy a new generation of 17 year olds to have them as role models.
    Wait 4 more years.

  41. Iceman10

    rumors that Madrid might let Higuain go to bring in Aguero… i guess they figure they will get more for higuain than Benzema…we have to go out and get him…exactly what we need this is a no brainer

  42. Wenger the liar

    Iceman –

    Higuain is a killer striker.

    Whats the situation with his injury?

    Billken –

    The joke of it is that where as before he could point to financial doping that just hasnt been the case this year, The league was fucking dire. He has had years to build a team from the youths to now that were good enough to win a shit league and failed, failed so badly aswell.

    As I have said before, if Cesc goes and Nasri goes I just hope that the funds are NOT spent so the new guy can spend them, Arsene will only waste any money he has on contracts for shit players and £10m punts that no one has heard of to look clever.

  43. reggie 57

    How can other teams get the player’s they want and our berk of a manager swan’s off on holiday !! it’s a disgrace!!

  44. OPG

    We’ve already signed some kids so it’s safe to say nothing much has changed unless he actually goes out and spends on REAL quality that fits our system in the areas we need in the next 2 months.

  45. reggie 57

    Thats the measure of our ambition a couple of kid’s!! time for that twat to fuck off back to france….

  46. Wenger the liar

    Last game of the season for Udinese at home to Milan. Udinese need a point to qualify for the CL.

    the odds were:

    Udinese 3/1 Milan 5/1 Draw 2/5


    Laddies were only offering one bet, the outright winner in the game up until 30 minutes before kick off.

    Final score…………


    Night people.

  47. simon mcmahon

    he says the same shit every year , really he doesnt give a fuck about the fans .

    I wish he would fuck off now and let someone else clear out the players that
    A.dont deserve to be their and
    B. the ones that dont want to be there.
    I’d take two years of proper team rebuilding to get the club back on track.

  48. simon mcmahon

    he says the same shit every year , really he doesnt give a fuck about the fans .

    I wish he would fuck off now and let someone else clear out the players that
    A.dont deserve to be there and
    B. the ones that dont want to be there.
    I’d take two years of proper team rebuilding to get the club back on track.

  49. jlp

    Love how certain bloggers have the chops to bang on about Wengers obsession with signing french players then tell us they have been Arsenal through and through for the past 15 plus yrs.

    Hypocritical unless you stood outside of Highbury at the turn of the millennium opposing his penchant for a frenchman.

    He is past it imo but his golden years were paved on that preference.

  50. WengersSweeties

    “The criticism has been sharper this year because of the impatience of people,” Wenger told Arsenal TV Online.

    “People are used to us being in the Champions League so we have to give them more, but we’re not capable of doing that.

    “People love what we do, but they want us to be rewarded so that they can be convinced we do things the right way. They want proof that we do things the right way.

    “But that doesn’t mean we have to change our philosophy or the way the club is run.

    What a deluded CUNT!!!

    I can’t take much more of this double yoker!!!

  51. Iceman10

    FUck i think we have signed Gervinho… these are the world class players wenger is bringing in? United are bringing in ashley young and maybe sneijder or modric…chelsea can get anyone they want and so can city…and we settle for fucking gervinho?

  52. OPG

    People get paid to be ‘Transfer Gossip specialists’.
    Taken from a profile of a Daily Mirror Journalist.

  53. Arsene Nose Best

    ChrisSamba4 Christopher Samba
    thanks for all your much needed support. off for a meal with the family soon, time to relax and enjoy.
    5 hours ago

    ChrisSamba4 Christopher Samba
    making some very important phone calls soon, confident I am making the right decisions.
    9 hours ago

    ChrisSamba4 Christopher Samba
    nothing better to wake up to this morning, making the most before pre-season.
    14 hours ago

    ChrisSamba4 Christopher Samba
    I have loved every minute here at Blackburn. decision is big, but the right one will be made.
    14 hours ago

    ChrisSamba4 Christopher Samba
    “@jase0912: @ChrisSamba4 good luck to you big man!! Would love you to stay but no one would think bad of you for going x” many thanks friend
    31 May

    ChrisSamba4 Christopher Samba
    it is a very big decision, so I will take time before making it. Blackburn is my home.
    31 May

    ChrisSamba4 Christopher Samba
    I love every single Blackburn fan, you mean so much to me #brfc
    31 May

    ChrisSamba4 Christopher Samba
    I do not know what the future of my football career holds, but I will make the right decision.
    30 May

    ChrisSamba4 Christopher Samba
    all the speculation, about me moving to arsenal. I’m still a blackburn player so my loyalty is still with the club #brfc

  54. OPG

    Apparently that’s probably fake, 218 followers and some of that stuff is too unprofessional. Jason Roberts real account doesn’t follow him.

  55. Iceman10

    if its Samba then thats even worse than Gervinho… i just know an announcement will be made within week tho…we r fucked

  56. OPG

    Twitter is out of control loads of fake accounts, there’s a arshavin one aswell take it with a pinch of salt.

  57. OPG

    According to the Daily Mail who got it off some other place, the same paper who says Jordan Henderson will go for £13m and says his asking price is £20.

  58. arsenal4ever

    Santos says:
    June 2, 2011 at 01:39

    so true. thought Wenger is really pushing to get his targets? Gervinho a utility player nothing more.

  59. OPG

    Sigh Transfer windows are so depressign nowadays, United won the league and even if Scholes and VDS have retired they’ll replace with quality. They aren’t afraid to spend but within their budget.

  60. Arsene Nose Best

    according to that swiss blog or whatever it’s called there’s 50 mill,

    say we get 40 mill for cesc,10 mill for bendtner and 8 mill for denilson,plus the 50 sitting in the accounts,that’s a lot of money for wenger to spend right there….

  61. Moray

    ANB, I think you mean “that’s a lot of money for Wenger to spunk on increasing the wages of our B team”

  62. gnarleygeorge9

    Its a funny thing bullshit you know.

    We the fans are told there isn’t the money to spend on quality players coz The Club is paying off the stadium, yet there is never a problem paying Arsene’s wage, all the other hangers on & the big salaries for the kids that aren’t good enough to get a game.

    Anyway, its nice here in Noosa 😎

  63. Danny

    Looks like Gervinho to be announced Monday… Another YouTube search… He’s fucking actually gone in the head, I bet he’s rocking in his chair dressed as his mum as we speak…