Denilson / Bendtner attracting interest… | Jack talking up black arts | Berbatov & Drogba considered?

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Arsene Wenger taking a holiday in South America is about as exciting as it gets on the news front. Mind you , I’m not holding my breath, we always get excited about Arsene’s working holidays… Remember when he took his cheque book to the World Cup…? That was more disappointing than the surprise transfer of Silvestre. This Alvarez rumour doesn’t want to give up though… He scored again at the weekend and being a free transfer with an Italian passport has all the hallmarks of an Arsene signing.

I was excited to read that Sevilla are interested in taking a punt on Denilson. Almost as excited as I was to read that Sarah Palin is thinking of running for President. Shock and awe is bringing sexy back… Good times world, good times!

I can see The Emirates from Pedro's bedroom (Dream sentence)

Apparently we’re asking for £8million, roughly the fee I was slated for suggesting a few months ago. It would be a good move for the Brazilian and I hope it’s pushed through.

The infamous Thomas Bendtner has told the press his son is on the Market for £9.1mil a million miles off my estimate of £15mill and a fair price for a player I’m pretty sure will do well in a system more suited to his cumbersome style… Bolton say… who lost Elmander to Galatasaray.

FIFA are dominating the press for all the usual reasons. I’m staggered that all the football associations are so spineless about this damaging problem. Why can’t all the major nations club together and set up their own Governing body? What use is an unethical ethics commission presiding over corruption? Who needs the World Cup anymore, club football is king! Why should a corrupt Qatari (now suspended) and a corrupt Swiss be contending the most prestigious position in world football, when one get knocked out of the running for corruption, why should one man be allowded to stand unopposed for a 4th term! Why isn’t someone like David Dein or the countless other qualified people in world football throwing their hats into the ring?

Why can no one suggest a better candidate than those two muppets…?

Maybe because they all play the same game as FIFA. We booked a friendly with T&T as a favour to Jack Warner, we booked a friendly this summer to Thailand to win votes (a game we cancelled when the Thai’s shafted us) and we’ve also back numerous grass-roots projects in Africa and elsewhere for the same reason (especially appalling considering the lack of grass-roots funding we’re getting over here). The fact is, the game is rotten to the core at the moment and everyone is as bad as each other. If we want to be seen as pioneers in the game again, we should take a stance, rip apart our failing FA and start again.

We need to inject a bit of morality into the game again and lead by example… until we admit we have problems ourselves, we can’t begin to lecture the rest of the world on their wrongs.

So rumour has it Berbatov is available for £7.5mill… I appreciate from an attitude perspective he’s a no go but for me, he’s a super player who’ll want to prove himself… Worth a punt? Maybe! Talking of cheap options, I’m pretty sure Drogba and Anelka are up for grabs… If we’re looking for experience you’ll struggle to find better. Chelsea are close to tying up a deal for Lukaku… obviously we’re interested in his 15 year old brother. The man from Belgium is supposed to be a bit of a player, it’s a shame we’re not looking at him. His name has been bandied around the LG comment section for a few years now… Arsene, if you need some help, drop by, I’m sure the Grover’s would be pleased to share.

German Eurosport are reporting Diego Benaglio of Wolfsburg is subject of an Arsenal offer. It all sounded reasonable until they mentioned they wanted a deal the other way involving Almunia… now I’m not so sure. We need a 3rd keeper, I’m not sure an international quite works though?

Deals are out there to be had if the manager fancies it this summer… United will be busy as will everyone else, inaction is not an option… proaction is… or being proactive… or something like that.

Finally, Jack Wilshere has said what we’ve been saying most of the season… We lack the right attitude to win games. He even mentioned the fact we don’t hassle the referee during games (remember the hammering you gave me for encouraging the dark arts?)… Not something we like, though not something we can ignore is effective.

Jack has the right to stand up and say things like that… Trouble is we’re hearing the same things from all the players… It’s all a bit blame culture to be honest which is a sign of poor management. Players need to be told, trained and guided on everything when they’re so young… perhaps that’s why Wenger should take note and bring in some experience?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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575 Responses to “Denilson / Bendtner attracting interest… | Jack talking up black arts | Berbatov & Drogba considered?”

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  1. wardo


    I take it that is a joke……saying that QoS is not a women??
    Well maybe you wouldn’t call a women that to her face but its just as offensive over a blog imo.
    Anyway, we are all free to choice how we conduct ourselves. Your choice mate.

  2. Wavy

    Fantasy transfers. Marvellous – creative writing at its best.

    Speculation is wonderful, but the suggestions are all pretty uninformed and factually lacking. Todays posts are all very Daily Mail!!

    When Wenger buys, if Wenger buys, then we will all know who we’ve got to cheer on next year!

  3. Queen of Suburbia

    The article was quite interesting on decisions. Not sure i buy that its corruption more in my opinion that we seem to alienate refs and so don’t get 50/50’s.

    Perhaps the reason refs are anti-arsenal is that the whole “french club in England” thing?

  4. wardo

    Dale – she eats everyone for breakfast !! she wont let that one go…….i’m sure their argument would be commedy gold if words like that were avoided. Personally, I wouldn’t like my mother, sister or mrs called that………well, maybe i can call my mrs that but no one else !! 😆

  5. wardo


    Who is “big sam” ????

    do you mean Fat Sam “who chews several sticks of gum at once with his fcuking big mouth open and is the same word as gambon called Qos” Alladyce


  6. henry14

    Chamakh’s ok, just no pace, never shoots and think’s he’s a midfielder.

    He does link well, but really all he’s got in his locker is headed goals and we can’t cross… not a great fit.


  7. Lurch LeRouge

    Haven’t read UNtold – can’t bring myself to but not sure it has much to do with nationality QOS, more a reflection that we don’t pressure the ref anywhere near as much as other teams do.

  8. gambon

    Even their deity the almighty lord Arsene admits that we werent good enough this season both in attack & defence & particularly mentally.

    Pretty big straw clutching session to blame refs (again).

    What next, untold arsenal analyse the states of pitches and decide they favoured Man Utd.

    Embarassing, but typical.

    I assume these people werent analysing refs decisions in 1998, 2002, 2004?

    No…thought not.

  9. eduardo9

    our defence is good but defending set pieces is the problem.WE CONCEDED THE LEAST NUMBER OF GOALES FROM OPEN PLAY AND THE MOST FROM SET PIECES.That guys tells you something.DEFENSIVE COACHES WHO CAN TRAIN SET PIECE DEFENDING.

  10. DaleDaGooner

    @ wardo….yeah, i’ve seen worse on here, and she handles the bizness

  11. Queen of Suburbia

    So your issue with them is that they are biased towards Arsenal Gambon? Not the biggest sin around.

    Leaving aside blame, because blame doesn’t actually matter. I actually think its an interesting concept they raise unwittingly. Its easy as you point out to blame the ref and then leave it there. But it goes beyond that, if we aren’t getting 50/50 treatment from refs then are we doing enough as Lurch says to influence them? On and off the pitch?

  12. ZARgooner

    If Hazard is leaving Lille we do have first option to match selling price… not to say we will

  13. Lurch LeRouge

    getting in the refs face is a reflection of that ‘mentality’ for me.

    11 pro’s wound up right for a fight should be transferring that desire in more ways than just pretty patterns and pass statistics.

    Its tricky, theres no denying that we are a classy club and our pro’s are well respected generally but its clear we need to slime that image a little and not just be leaving a foot in now and then.

  14. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    cheers jimco…albo…

    so wellingtom is a bit of a crock then!

    should settle in really quickly with diaby, walcott, rvp, jd20…

    more places on the medics bencgh than the first team bench!

  15. wardo

    henry14, i actually think Arsenal fans are realistic.

    I have had the feeling that the fans have used the excuse of “we are not good enough” more often than not over last season.

    Not really an excuse but more an admittance.

  16. gambon


    We will never make the needed improvements if we constantly blame the refs/pitches/man on grassy knoll.

    Teams have undoubtedly lost a league before due to luck and decisions, but these things arent controllable.

    Wengers aim, every season, should be to build a team to score 90 points regardless of decisions, not to look for things to blame when it goes wrong.

    If you looked at bad decisions for each team over each season, it would swing wildly per season, but i think there would be very little difference in the long run, not to mention the fact most football fans are totally incapable of being realistic when it comes to their own team so it would be impossible to judge what the bad decisions are.

    I know 2 man utd fans that are adamant the refs tried to fuck them over this season….fans see what they want to see & are inherently paranoid.

  17. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    i remember a couple of season back… people omn here and other blogs were calling for us to sign bassong when newcastle got relegated… 10 million later.. he cant even get a game at spurs becasue of a 34 year old suspect knee and groin gallas!

    so not sticking up for AW but don’t believe the hype it works both ways …

  18. Lurch LeRouge

    I’m certainly not ‘blaming’ the refs, but I agree theres massive room for improvement in our approach to gamesmanship.

    JW clearly thinks its connected to our mental frailty.

  19. gambon


    I agree, we are too nice in all respects.

    Jacks attitude is fantastic, and exactly what we need throughout the team. Not just what he said the other day, also the way he plays, getting in peoples faces, agressive & giving 100%.

    Its no wonder people talk about ‘English spirit’.

  20. Queen of Suburbia

    Grassy knoll? Aha I knew it was a bobbly pitch to blame.

    I think that the refs have given us a raw deal this season, having read the analysis, i’m even more inclined to believe that.

    We seem to get booked easier than other teams for instance. I’m not sure why you are suggesting that Wenger is looking for excuses because its not come from him. If anything he’s not moaned about it enough in my view.

    But where I differ from the UNtold crew is that i think its partly our own fault. As Lurch says, we should be in the refs face more, we should put pressure on the ref ala Fergie and the crowd plays a part too. We should be like rabid dogs at every wrong decision.

  21. Lurch LeRouge


    its the same for parker… after all its also half the reason Joe Cole raised interest last year.

    not that i’d want either in the squad really.

    If Pat Rice has been unshackled for this next season that will go a long way in my opinion to raising the testosterone levels in the dressing room and bring some of that spiky ‘britishness’ back to the fore.

  22. the vanster

    What you’re not getting mate is that, whilst club football is king, in most of the bigger nations, in a lot of the smaller nations that make up most of the world, International football is what it’s about and people live and breathe to see their national team win something, whether from a regional or world point of view.

    That’s what Fifa is about. WORLD representation. Not just a conglomerate of the few and powerful.

  23. yangkamp10

    Totally agree with the Dark Arts approach. Every top club does it. And agree with QOS that nationality has a lot to do with it.

    1) yes we are seen as the foreigners
    2)You can’t hassle a ref if your English is so bad you cant actually form a decent sentence with which to hassle him? You know that most refs are on 1st name basis with most of the Utd/Chav/spuds/scouser team. Do you really think any refs have a relationship with Sagna/Song/Djourou? I’ve barely heard most of them speak FFS!

  24. Lurch LeRouge


    i kind of think all Wenger has to do is talk less and be more aloof to support his squad.

    He grandstands his philosophy’s too much for me, he overcomplicated his press conferences and open’s too many doors for press criticism, its too introspective.

    I get that he’s a very proud man and his approach is probably intertwined with the intent to build the brand online for foreign markets etc… but it does little to formulate the siege mentality that Fergie, Maureen and Pep excell at.

  25. RCLS@Work

    It’s quite amusing reading southampton reports on Oxlade-Chamberlains move to Arsenal. For me, he is nowhere near worth £10m. That figure is outrageous for a league 1 player.

    The fans are quite upset about it and they are saying he shouldn’t go to arsenal and will turn out like theo if he’s not careful…

    What? The same theo walcott who is an england regular. They also said if he satys one more season he’ll leave and go on to Gareth Bale Epic stardom…

    Hang on a minute, Spurs hadn’t even won with Bale featuring in any of their league and cup sides until recently and at least nasri had a purple patch 3 months, Bale’s had 3 fucking decent games and has shockingly shit stats for a player supposedly mooted at £35m plus…

    Bale has found his level which is spurs. A move to any top club with expectations will show him up for what he is.

  26. Queen of Suburbia

    Not sure fighting spirit is a “british” thing. It’s an individual characteristic. We as Brits tend to appropriate it as our own but there are loads of people of other nations with it.

    Paddy V had it in abundance.

    I’d suggest that one of our biggest problems is that we as a club don’t have enough fighting spirit.

  27. DeiseGooner

    On latest arsenal tv online interview when Wenger was asked about the defense and whether he intends to sign a new central defender :

    He talked about losing points at set pieces and not so much from open play and how to correct it. He talked about correcting it with the size of the players being used in certain games. Changing the players for games where you know you will be up against set pieces rather that footballing teams.

    Does that point to a giant like Samba? Or Cahill, whos quite tall but who has lived and breathed set piece nous for the last few years?

  28. Lurch LeRouge

    agreed hence the quotation marks… ‘britishness’ is just a container term.

    yank your right, language does have something to do with it but we only need 4-5 players to ‘represent’ at anyone time.

  29. Arse&Nose©

    Agree with QoS on fighting spirit.

    Too easy to blame the foreigners at arsenal, but look at other top teams who have non-british fighters.

    Essien, ivanovic, Vidic, Evra, Y.Toure, De jong

  30. GoonerT1m

    it all goes back to the same thing, a winning mentality in players, the manager is responsible for that, win at all costs, it’s go nothing to do with refs or the post….its the same manager who enforced that with the paddys, and the petits etc, why can’t he do it now, simple he picks and buys players who are cheap.

  31. High Power Mutant

    QOS I haven’t read the untold arsenal bit… and I agree that we’ve had some dodgy penalties against us. But for the yellow cards I’d say that referees have been alright. The reason that we get so many is that we constantly get countered at, cant deal with that and give away a yellow card

  32. gambon

    RCLS @ Work

    I think the deal for Oxtail is £5m, maybe rising to £10m similar to the Theo deal.

    To be one of the best players at League 1 level at 17 is pretty special, its a tough league.

    That said he may make no progress at all from here, thats the whoe problem with buying kids.

    I really cant see him giving us anything in the short term, Afobe was as good as him last season.

    That said if we signed him and loaned him to Southampton that wouldnt be too bad. It is getting a bit silly how many kids we are signing.

    I thought we had a world class academy?

  33. RCLS@Work

    T1m – Don’t think the fact they are cheap has anything to do with it.

    I think it’s more of a fact that Arsenal has changed the dynamics of his philosophy on a whole, which is more of a detrimental effect.

    The squad age is considerably younger, the formation and game dynamic has changed as has the amount of British based players (who were brought up on the culture and pace of the league) prominent in the 1st team squad.

  34. eduardo9

    oxlade chamberlin is the answer to all of you calling for english spine in the team and if he is ready for what we call bench warming it will be a good signing for me.

  35. Raugaj

    Selling Dudaby alone would be a statement of intent. The mug is the symbol of everything which is wrong with the club. Plays football like a wanker, steal possession off his own team mates, and thinks that he is better than Vieira.Wanker

  36. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    where are the hom,e grown youth… remember JET was banging on the door with both hands so AW told us!

  37. yangkamp10

    That’s it Gambon – When John Terry goes in to appeal with a ref there’s a relationship there. Ref’s call him John. What do you think they call Djourou? Probably by his squad number!

  38. Gooner786

    10 Transfers That ARE Going To Happen This Summer
    By Football Friends Published: 1st June 2011

    The he Champions League final closed the curtain on what has been an eventful season of football right across Europe. Once again, it was the dazzling dynamos from Barcelona that set the pace, capping it with the win at Wembley. The side has grown over many years into something beautiful. That wasn’t a football game – that was a work of art. Man Utd were left straggling, and ultimately, the only side that could beat Barcelona – couldn’t.

    So as the players jet off for a week or two, where will they be next season? “Silly Season”, as it is known, has begun, and come midnight on September 1st, it could all be very different. So here’s a list of ten transfers that are looking on the cards in the Premier League.

    David De Gea – Atlético Madrid to Manchester United
    This has been an open secret in footballing circles for a while now. Edwin van der Sar waved bye-bye to the United faithful after seven successful years. United weren’t expected to move so quickly on the issue, much like they did when Schmeichel left. Maarten Stekelenburg was the favourite, but it is instead Spain’s hottest young keeper that is expected to warm the gloves next season. Quick on his feet and dynamic in the net, at just 21, he is already looking to go with Spain to Euro 2012. United have pulled off a coup here, many say. De Gea refuses to confirm anything, but who would turn down Manchester United?

    Luka Modric – Tottenham Hotspur to Chelsea
    In answer to my previous question – this is who. Luka Modric has had a happy time at Spurs, proving to be talismanic in their ascension to the dizzy heights of Europe’s top. However, players yearn glory, not the possibility of it. Spurs grabbed van der Vaart, and are even linked with Aguero. But after all these years, surely the time is right to leave? United need a midfielder with Scholes on his way out, as do Chelsea. A tidy sum of £25m should see the Croatian depart White Hart Lane, and finally prove to the rest of Europe why he’s regarded so highly. Reluctant to leave London, and aware of competition at Old Trafford, the blue side of London beckons.

    Christopher Samba – Blackburn Rovers to Arsenal
    Samba kept Blackburn up at the tailend of the season. His strength at the heart of the defence was incredible, as he was unafraid of any tackle, block or header (of which he bagged a few goals through). The 6 ft 4 giant did sign a contract extension in February, but with Blackburn in array, the chances of him moving to Arsenal have once again escalated. A more experienced and somewhat cheaper option than Mamadou Sakho, Samba would slot well into an Arsenal side which five years ago was “going to win everything in five years”. Replace the word everything with ‘nothing’. Squillaci and Koscielny proved against Birmingham why a new face is needed, and if anyone has to go, it will have to be the former Sevilla man Squillaci.

    Gael Clichy – Arsenal to Inter Milan
    Another pretty obvious departure from the Premier League, but very hard to predict where he’s going to end up. Real Madrid are also rumoured to be interested in him, but with Marcelo and Drenthe powering the left flank, it seems that Milan is calling for the left back. A quiet season, and the emergence of Kieran Gibbs, have combined to leave Wenger scratching his head – but not as much as the player in question. He was dubbed the ‘next Ashley Cole’, yet hasn’t delivered, and is another underperformer in the past five years for Arsenal. Hopefully Inter, desperately in need of another wing back to compliment Davide Santon’s obvious class, will provide Gael some solace.

    Charlie Adam – Blackpool to Liverpool
    Ah, now, how long did you think I could keep this one under wraps? This player is probably the sole reason Blackpool excelled this season (that, and Ian Holloway’s accent). His ability to orchestrate the game from the heart of midfield was incredible, even putting the Big Six to the sword at times. A special player can ping a ball 30-40 yards, and therefore, Charlie Adam is a special player. Had Blackpool stayed up, who knows? He may well have lead the charge a little longer. Instead, he has the pick of the top four clubs. Man Utd are thought to stand a chance, but, it’s about competition. Kenny Dalglish is clearing out the cobwebs at Liverpool, and even with Lucas, Raul Meireles and Stevie G to choose from, he’d love this Scottish Starlet to play a part.

    Sebastian Larsson – Free Agent to Newcastle United
    Birmingham, of all the sides to get relegated, are in the worst position. As great as the Channel 5 Cup is to the players, the Premier League is far more tempting to the squad, and therefore, Seb Larsson is just one of a handful of players who have rejected a new deal, and left the club. He is a popular player amongst the mid-table sides, and can be sure of Premier League football for 2011/12. Newcastle are a team in desperate need of versatility, so the Swede can give them a depth which they’ve been missing. Although a striker is needed, Sebastian will certainly want to be the man to restore Newcastle’s credibility as a top-flight team.

    Leighton Baines – Everton to Manchester City
    If Arsenal was a little boy, they’d be screaming “you stole my player!”, before bursting into tears. They are hinging their hopes of a new left back on Baines, but City seem to be leading the chase, due to their ‘slight’ monetary advantage. Baines is a player who Everton will try so very hard to hold on to, but every man has their price. £15m should be enough, but if Everton want twenty, City will oblige as they try to create the dream team their Sheik so desires. Pivotal from a dead ball, Baines will not have to move too far if at all to park his Bentley at Eastlands. A dead cert this one.

    Scott Parker – West Ham United to Arsenal
    It’s been a funny season where many relegated clubs have players moving to top four sides. Scott Parker was the reason West Ham did so well – no joke, they’d have been relegated by Christmas without him. The Football Writers’ Player of the Year is a real rock in midfield, pulling the strings, and plays the box-to-box role so very well. West Ham can be sure of a good amount for him, believed to be somewhere in the region of £12m, but losing their captain could have a domino effect on a club who, with the Olympic Stadium waiting, need to return to the Premier League soon. Arsenal need a player to allow Fabregas and Eboue more freedom going forward without worrying about defensive duties. Scott Parker fits the bill, and expect to see him in an Arsenal shirt soon.

    Ben Foster – Birmingham City to Tottenham Hotspur
    Relegated club yet again! Oh Benny boy… so much for “I’m the man to replace VDS.” Well, you moved a season too early. About the only English keeper without a major error to his name, Foster is another victim of the Birmingham Curse of False Hope. 9th place, League Cup, and Europa League have amounted to EPL relegation. Another man who can punch well above his weight, Foster knows that a return to Old Trafford is highly unlikely. However, Spurs know they need a new keeper. Gomes is always late to training, as he can’t even catch a bus. PSV will take advantage of his demise at Spurs, notably the goal-that-wasn’t against Chelsea (but he shouldn’t even had dropped it!), and Ben Foster will be his direct replacement. A safe pair of hands, and more wheeling and dealing from Mr Redknapp. Not even Chelsea could tempt him away at this moment in time…

    Neymar – Santos to Chelsea
    To finish, this is quite a fifty-fifty one. This kid has been given every nickname invented in the history of Brazilian football, but jokes aside, he is pure quality. Quicker than most over 20 yards, Neymar is hot property. Santos though are looking to hold him for ransom. Stuck thousands of miles away in Brazil, and perfectly happy also, Neymar knows it will be a massive bid that lures him away. Real Madrid are the leading Spanish favourites, as Benzema is shown the door, and something special is needed to end Barcelona’s dominance. Chelsea, though, seem more realistic. There would be far less pressure in London, and Abramovich has the financial benefits that Santos simply don’t. At only 19, it would be a massive gamble on all parts. However, Chelsea know that a dominant Manchester United and resurgent Liverpool means they MUST sign players to keep up. Torres and Neymar up front… is that the answer to the Champions League riddle?

    And to finish, 10 Transfers that Won’t Happen
    Aguero to Man City – Dzeko, Tevez and Balotelli provide too much competition.

    Ashley Young to Man Utd – he’ll go to Liverpool if anywhere.

    Gareth Bale to Anywhere – a few more years at Spurs until he gets frustrated.

    Brad Friedel to Spurs – many keepers better and younger than him

    Ronaldo to Man City – still too much love for Man Utd to ever commit such a crime.

    Fabregas to Barcelona – that ship has sailed sadly for Cesc, and a pricey ticket at that.

    Berbatov to Newcastle – wouldn’t be surprising for him to move, but abroad if anywhere.

    Shevchenko to Stoke – neither party would be interested.

    Lukaku to the Premier League – as good as he is, I’m afraid Real have got this one sewn up.

    Jose Mourinho to Chelsea – although he’s not a player, it still won’t happen.

    Submitted by Football Friends

  39. RCLS@Work

    gambon – We have no need for oxlade chamberlain whatsoever. Especially when the £10m can be better invested elsewhere. It just smacks of same old mistakes from Arsene and it’s infuriating.

    I have no problems with investing in youth at reserve and u18 level, but £10m on a 17 y/o who is much, much rawer than Walcott is outrageous.

    We have Walcott, Arshavin and Nasri. We still have Vela on the books and Miyachi, Wellington, JET, Oxyagup (who has signed a new deal)… Where does Oxlade-Chamberlain fit in exactly?

    That £10m would be the difference between Samba and Sakho/Subotic/Chiellini/Cahill, which is where the money should go.

  40. GoonerT1m

    i think that the “winning mentality” winning at all costs is more present in quality (expensive) players as opposed to the ones who are cheaper (youth system) rich kids with the made up cars and big houses, who think they have made it, song perhaps ?, they all talk a good game but can’t back it up, when the pressure is on in a game, go a goal down, they fold like a pack of cards.

  41. gambon


    Doesnt that make Wenger a bit useless for refusing to sign English players?

    If it is well known that you get 10 extra points if you have english players then isnt that by far the easiest way to improve imaginable?

    Sign Cahill, Baines & Parker for £35m and we win the league next season.

    By the way where I quoted you earlier I was supposed to say that I dont buy it at all.

  42. RCLS@Work

    eduardo9 – how is oxlade chamberlain ‘the answer to all of us calling for a british spine’?

    We have Wilshire, Walcott & Gibbs in the first team squad. Add to that Ramsey and 1 british based signing (Cahill, Baines)and we’ve enough to keep the foreign police at bay.

  43. gambon


    I agree.

    I think its weird how obsessed we are with dominating at youth level.

    Im hoping Gazidis has told wenger that we arent a creche, hence releasing Randll, Deacon, Cruise in recent days.

    Time to refocus the club on winning senior trophies. Let the academy do what its supposed to do, train kids like JW, not be a huge youth scouting department.

  44. Man

    With his injury record I think it’ll be difficult to sell Diaby…we’d have to get used to having him around. He is a good player when fit Wenger just needs to make sure that the guys playing more often are good enough. His injury record has relegated him to being a squad player…he’s a damn good squad player to have.

  45. cygans love child

    Who is this gervinho? Apparently he’s announcing this week the club he’s going to and we were supposedly in the mix. Can anyone enlighten me on this? Is he one of these French league god like players that turn to shit when they come to the premier league?

  46. Jimbo

    I’d take Cahill and Parker, less keen on Baines.

    Anyway, anyone heard any decent goss?

    Meeting my mate at the club at the weekend, see if he’s heard anything interesting…

  47. yangkamp10


    Yep, those 3 english signing will certainly improve us and probably add the steal and respect needed from refs other coaches and the media that probably cost us 5-10 points.

    But then you say you dont buy the language barrier bit? OK. But the next time you see a decision go against chamakh/Sagna/Djourou/Song et al, and their response is to huff/flap their arms or shout “ref!” before accepting the decision and jogging back into position you’ll know what i mean

  48. Jimbo

    cygan’s love child – all those who think Theo is a headless chicken will have a field day on Gervinho.

    He’s basically the player that Theo-haters think Theo is – an idiot with lots of pace, but no footballing brain. I hope Gervinho goes to Spurs.

  49. yangkamp10

    as much as I agree with the whole Parker thing. English/knows the league/experienced etc – how feckin awesome was Masherano last saturday?

    £30m and Mash for Cesc? That is the deal of the century and would make our midfield rock solid.

  50. BOOZY

    The ox would be a great signing.

    If NASRI wants 120K wenger should give him 120k- and bench him for being greedy.

    athletico president says 39 mil for aguero- i’m sure they wouldnt reject 35mil- we should be bold.

    my turn for team for next season.


    sagna samba vermy enrique


    jack nasri

    walcott aguero


    subs- kos, ramsey, song, diaby,chamack, ryo, gibbs, arshavin, lansbury.

    aguero 35mil
    enrique 0mil
    samba 10mil

    45 mil spent in a transfer window possible without even selling a single player.

  51. Arsene Nose Best

    according to reports,we have 30-50 mill to spend,will wenger be able to add the money we receive for outgoing players to the t-fer kitty?????

  52. Jimbo

    yangkamp – Mascherano was playing CB on Saturday – and wasn’t that awesome, I didn’t think.

    Prefer parker – more comfortable on the ball, and that’s important at Arsenal.

  53. yangkamp10

    Boozy, I’m with you re Aguero all the way. But this is the kind of player you dont get when if you’re asking him to play in the same squad as Squilachi.

    It’s got Chavski written all over it.

  54. yangkamp10

    Cesc has gone already mate. He spends more time in Barcelona than he does in London. It’s all he ever talks about and if they’ve got the money and the lad wants to leave (which he does) the board will do the deal.

    But not much point speculating on this one – it will happen or it wont. I wont be spending any more summers praying for Arsenal players to commit to our club. Sign up or ship the fuck out.

  55. yangkamp10

    yeah I know he was playing at centre half Jimbo, And to slot back there against the mancs is no easy task.

    And obviously he’s better in central midfield…Fair point about Parker being better on the ball, but Mash isnt exactly shite on the ball and he wont be an injury risk…I’d be happy with either tbh.

  56. Arsene Nose Best

    we have 50 mill to spend,that kronke cunt needs to put his hand in his pocket and give wenger 50 mill,that’s 100 mill,then we should be able to spend the money we receive on out goings to that sum,that gives us a massive transfer kitty.

  57. Jimbo

    Barca’s defence was hardly under any pressure at all, because they did the exact same thing they did against us – pressurised in midfield, and won the ball back there.

  58. Rohan

    Mascherano is only any good if there’s someone else alongside him to mop stuff up while he runs around. Parker’s probably more suitable for us.

  59. yangkamp10

    true Jimbo, but to do that you have to play a reasonably high line which requires some pretty good defending. Just ask Squilachi.

    Interesting that most pundits were saying Hernandez was “out of his depth” in that game also.

  60. 1886-2006

    So big sam is off to Upton Park then. I hear that gold and sullivan have included a free neck brace in the in the season ticket package.

  61. Rohan

    Not really. Mascherano is spectacular in a very specific and defined role imo.
    Parker is the more complete and versatile player in midfield though imo.

  62. Raugaj

    Arsene Nose Best says:
    June 1, 2011 at 12:49
    we have 50 mill to spend,that kronke cunt needs to put his hand in his pocket and give wenger 50 mill,that’s 100 mill,then we should be able to spend the money we receive on out goings to that sum,that gives us a massive transfer kitty.
    That will be gone in terms of contract extension to Dudaby, Denilshite, Clownmunia, Squllashit and the rest to the pockets of Wenger

  63. gambon


    We could certainly afford to spend £50m without selling anyone.

    We could also raise £50m, which would give us £100m.

    Ive said numerous times who we could sell, and what we need to buy.

  64. BOOZY

    Parker is only better than mascherano in the final third- which is why he’ll probably score more goals in a season than masch.

    but you dont buy a DM for goals.

  65. Kevin Benzema

    Hello all. I am Kevin Benzema. I currently play for Sowerby Bridge Utd, I am 41 years old, have scored 2 goals in 13 seasons and I own a Real Madrid replica Shirt. It is an honour to be linked with Arsenal and to have 46% of your fans wanting me to sign is a dream come true. My wife, Margery, will be delighted

  66. gambon

    Arseblog hit the nail on the head today.

    If youre gonna make £25m from Adebayor, £16m from Toure, and look for £10m from Bendtner, you have to be willing to spend big money on players to improve the team.

  67. Vijay

    I see many here stating that Nasri to be paid 110,000 a week.. well, does he deserve to be paid more than RVP and as much as Cesc? very unreasonable of him to ask for wages to be the top earner.. Arsenal have a wage structure we have to respect.. If they pay him the extra 20k a week, then there would have to be increases for RVP,Vermaelen and Wilshere who is on 45k a week..

    Look at Scholes for what it means to play for a club.. I hate him for being a dirty player but a lot of respect for him as a United player.. Never haggled over wages.. never threatened to leave… low key off the field and United legend..

    If Nasri is interested in only the money, let him fuck off.. I don’t care really.. bec his performances dont warrant such a stupendous rise.. faded in the second half when Arsenal needed their best players to produce…

    Unlike many of you here, I respect Wenger for his contribution to the club and if he starts paying over the moon, Arsenal will be the losers.. Wenger has enough cash for his lifetime but he is interested in Arsenal’s interest in the long term…

    All of you who think he has destroyed your club, think of the offers he would have got in 2005.. Real, Barca? surely… but he showed Arsenal the faith by committing to Arsenal where he would have to work on a shoe string budget at the Emirates..

    I accept he has made some crucial mistakes and also got transfers wrong but he is an intelligent man and believe that he can bring in good players.. If he lets any player ransom the club, then financially we will be amongst the poorest…

    Anyone who has the time to read this comment.. thanks..

  68. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    I think we have first option on George Weahs sperm.

    Lets see how a first option may work:

    Hazard has to speak to us first because we paid (ahem) for a first option.

    After speaking to us he gets to speak to clubs that will offer him more than £2.50 a week and a free oyster card.

    Hazard chooses Real, his club dont give a fuck because they at least bid as much as us.

    First option, great in football manager, not so useful in the real world.

  69. terry

    i would not want nikki b to go rather would be ok if chamak left, well neymar is the next biggesting n world football so if we get him nothing like it…
    if nasri doesnot agree a fee with us then we should sell him and get ashley young as we lack wingers in our team and young is any day a better winger than nasri.
    also if we get Alex Chamberlain would be a good addition for our wings
    samba or chaill for cb and scott parker or melo for midfield..
    we need to get rid of denielson, rosicky, squillachi, almunia, chamak, sum players from the reserves and even diaby.
    strikers for next season:
    robin, neymar, nikki b(though he is gona leave), vela, arsahvin
    wingers: young, Alex Chamberlain , walcott, pedro.
    lb: clichy, gibbs
    rb: sagna, eboue.
    cb: samba/chaill, vermy, kozzer, djouru, bartley.
    cm: cecs, rambo, wilsahre, lansbury.
    def mids: song, scott parker/ melo.
    gk: schezny, fabianski, mannone.

  70. DaleDaGooner

    VIJAY…YOU JUST COMMITED Le Grove suicide…await the barrage of “AKB” AND OTHER NICE WORDS THEY COOK UP HERE…I respect your opinion though..nice one.

  71. Sabeel

    In simple terms,
    I doubt guys like Nasri/Fabregas would jump at the chance of leaving the club,if wenger had given them a proper defense…

    Henry/pires were worldclass,dont think they stayed at arsenal becos of success on pitch,maainly becos of defensive work done & given on the platter to wenger by graham.

    …simple things like this are missing in such AKB posts like vijay`s

  72. Sabeel

    Henry/pires were worldclass,**Mostly they stayed at arsenal becos of success on pitch,*during the golden period,maainly becos of defensive work done & given on the platter to wenger by graham.

  73. Arse&Nose©

    Nasri isn’t even as good as Nani for Figs sake, how cant we justify paying him 100k a week?

  74. Queen of Suburbia

    Fucking hell Vijay, do you support Arsenal FC or Arsene FC. AKB wanker!

    Are you Pat Rice?
    Are you Ivan Gazidis?
    Are you A?

  75. Lurch LeRouge

    Nasri’s an import already

    Scholes just isn’t the type of guy to get involved with those comparisons – he was never going to leave england, Where’s he gonna go? Madrid? Barca? Inter? lol

    so many things wrong with that comparison.

  76. Sabeel

    a point to ponder is,If there was success on pitch,Nasri would have sealed his contract with arsenal for whatever arsenal are offering right now…

  77. Queen of Suburbia

    Sorry, i just wanted to walk in gambons shoes for a moment.

    After all, he likes to wear my dress.

  78. Sabeel

    & prob Scholes is just like reyes,
    he is so homesick,prob,he doesnt want to leave ferguson`s bedroom….

    respect for Manure cheats like scholes…Balls

  79. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    What other players in the squad are getting paid has very little bearing on what Nasri should be paid. The only relevance other peoples pay should have on Nasris negotiations is if we have a player who is at the ceiling of what we are prepared to pay, so for example if Cesc is on £110,000 a week and that is our ceiling for players wages per week. Even this is just a number that is there to be broken through as time goes by.

    Just because lets say Arshavin, for example, is on £80,000 you cannot then say that they had similar seasons etc or Arshavin had more goals and assists so therefore Nasri is only worth £75,000. Just like bonus time in the city the money received is not always directly proportionate to the income generated by the individual or their perfomance on the pitch as compared to others, there are more factors to take into consideration.

    The negotiating skill of the individual (or agent), the money that the individual can expect to receive if they left, the individual circumstances the club find themselves in, which is reflected in how much they feel they need to keep the player, the difficulty the club would find in replacing the player and the financial loss of replacing the player is far more important than what other players are getting at the club. I would also suggest that in this case the bad end to the season and 6.5% rise has strengthened Nasris hand, with the very bad PR of late I dont think now is a great time to lose Nasri from the clubs perspective.


  80. WWW

    I think there are 2 different strategies one is to keep hold of Nasri, Cesc, Clichy and Lansbury who all have a year left. If Nasri refuses a new contract we must sell him and sign Hazard. If Barca meet the asking price for Cesc we must sell him and sign Schneider. If Clichy refuses a new contract we must sell him and sign Vertonghen or Izaguiire. If Lansbury refuses a new contract we must sell him.
    Then there is the 2nd strategy replacing those considered not good enough or want out. It is also quite simple if one leaves replace him, we are already over subscribed as far as numbers of pros are concerned, so the wayi see it is this
    Almunia leaves, he is already only 4th choice keeper at best, so he does not need replacing.
    Eboue, if he leaves we have no 2nd choice RB so we need to buy, VAN DER Weil or Jagielka
    Eastmond, hopefully we can sell him, Jenkinson will be his replacement.
    Squillaci should be sold and replaced with Samba.
    Traore our 3rd choice left back, he can be sold and replaced with Botelho.
    Denilson, should be replaced by a DM, one without African connections so that we have cover when Song and Frimpong go to the ACN.
    Diaby should be sold, for what he is worth i would give Lansbury a chance to replace him.
    Rosicky should be sold and JET a chance to replace him.
    Arshavin if Nasri or Cesc or both leave he should be retained. If they stay then i would replace him with Hazard or Young.
    Bendtner should be sold and replaced by Benzema or a cheaper option is Berbatov
    Vela should be sold and replaced by Falcao or a cheaper option in Gameiro

  81. robel

    people think this transfer window is crucial for next season, i said its crucial for the next 5years, project youth is finished………and we need atleast four new faces with experiance, and we need to let go off those who have failed..bendtner,rosiky,denilson,diaby,almunia,squilacchi,clichy. And replace them with players over the age of 23 and less than 30.
    The team should be build around JW… cesc can leave after next season.

  82. Lurch LeRouge

    bang on WTL

    lets pay the money and move on FFS.

    I’d understand a fan backlash if a homegrown kicked up a fuss a la cashley and they weren’t value but be honest, would you still like to have cashley in our starting 11 or not? for the sake of 5K or whatever?

  83. DaleDaGooner

    Samba, Samba, Samba…everyone do the Samba…..Wenger is so afraid of them long balls, and Samba is his man.

  84. Arse&Nose©

    David Dein is not a messiah, the Ashley Cole mess was his fault. He also tried to move us to Wembley!

    Can anyone present facts to show that he actually helped the team be successful?

  85. yangkamp10

    like the lyric Dale, just can’t catch the melody. 3.5/5.

    I dont know too much about the man.
    1) Does he have good feet, can he pass it out?
    2) Is he a proper defender or just a big idiot? note we have enough of them already. Idiots that is.
    3) does he English? does he speak at all?

    If we are going foreign why not Vertonghen, he is all the things i’ve mentioned above.

  86. DaleDaGooner

    I don’t see the Scot Parker deal happening…Song, Wilshere, Ramsey and Frimpong would be hindered…LOL….But how real is it if Wenger goes and brings him in..

  87. Lurch LeRouge


    he tried to move us or he explored the option?

    was it coincidental that his time with us yielded results?

    how are any ‘facts’ going to justify your suspicion that he sold out really?

  88. boozy

    nasri has just hit the height, he’s going to get better.
    he is already the best player in the french nat team. supreme talent

    united almost lost rooney.- but rewarded him with 200k per week. fergie knows the importance of keeping his best players.

    i repeat if nasri wants 120k, then we should give it to him.

  89. gambon

    Of course we wont sign Parker:

    – He isnt French
    – He isnt African
    – He isnt a baby
    – He has passion
    – Wenger couldnt take the credit

  90. Lurch LeRouge

    how many ex chairman do you think would still buy tickets for home games and trudge up their equivalent of Holloway RD after getting the shaft if the club wasn’t somewhere very close to their heart?

  91. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    I bet you if Nasri goes someone will come out with “We have Ryo to replace him”

    You think I jest.

  92. Arse&Nose©

    Lurch, facts are he sold shares to one of the worlds most duplicitous men. If he cared for the club he would never have done that.

    The best bit of business Dein did was to find Wenger and get him to Arsenal.

  93. gambon


    – Dein joins Arsenal
    – Trophies galore over an 18 year period
    – Dein leaves Arsenal
    – Wenger loses his marbles
    – No trophies

    During his stint incharge of football matters we sign Bergkamp, Vieira, Henry, Overmars, Pires.

    After he leaves we sign Koscielny, Bischoff, Squillaci, Silvestre.

  94. robel

    in the transfer window we should be discussing what a true fan is………….coz………this season hasseen a lot of divisoion and disagreement among arsenal fans….pedro u should write ur view and opinion on fans for net season and also the support @ emirates this season have been more of a negative on the team, which needs to change..
    So pedro u should post articles to unite arsenal fans…..wenger will not stay forever, but fans will be there for forever through generation.

  95. Gooner786

    Can somebody please remind Wenger that there are other countries in the world besides France.


  96. bade the gooner (bernard)

    here is a reasonable reponse…. & not a word about spending over the moon

    arsene is deluded. this is a fact. a harsh one maybe, yes. but a fact. he said, with no one holding a gun to his head, this is the best squad he ever had. well, this squad more or less is going together for 3 years, & achieved nothing.

    ok he did good things untill 2005, he was tied up budget wise for couple of years, but at least for the last 3 seasons he had the money, he stated he had the money, he didn’t want to spend. he daid, judge me end of season. well, three season without trophy, with the same pattern. the team collapses around march. what did the manager do to address that? nothing.

    each end of seasom arsene said we have a defensive problem, yet he didn’t or couldn’t rectify this. we had a clear problem on goal, then he stalled for around 1 million to deny us having an experienced keeper (schwartzer). this is not about money. it’s about failed priciples.

    he didn’t meet the asking price for xavi alonso for small money again (also this deal fialed for around 1 million), then he said he didn’t want to kill denilson. well, if you didn’t want to kill denilson, why did you make the bid in the first place? secondly, alonso brought liverpool a 15 million more than he costed. denilson? i don’t think there any need to talk about his super performances, especially through the papers.
    i can go on & note every small & big mistake arsene did. but there is no need. when the manager thinks this is his best ever squad & then he came out with 4th place, well it is not a failure, it is a disastrous one.
    he stalls during games, he doesnt respond well to what going on the pitch. you can almost predict his subs a month before the game.
    he just had lost it through this “youth project”, he sacreficed arsenal’s future for a bunch of spoilt children. why they became spoilt, well this is also arsene’s fault. when you teach your player that second place is good enough, 4 is a trophy, they will be complacent even if they weren’t supposed to be. they were ruined morals wise by their manager. they were ruined when they were granted huge slalaries & contracts extensions for underachieving.

    arsene made great things for us, i don’t deny that, but it’s like sying send a murderer free, because before he killed his wife he treated her really really good for year…. does it count?

  97. Lurch LeRouge


    I know we’ve been over this since time immemorial…

    If the cornerstone of my assets (£75m) were to be ‘directed’ by a team people I no longer respected or trusted I’d want to sell my shares as well, why invite that kind of risk into your portfolio.

    arguing about fatmanov’s legitimacy as a businessman is redundant IMO, arguing about his legitimacy as a corporate masthead is fair enough – but David Dein shouldn’t be disrespected for this IMO, especially after his massive positive contributions.

    Where do we draw the line? should we question the social practices of the Saudi royal family’s while were at it? the executions, torture, imperialistic corruption etc…

  98. robel

    arsenal problems can be solved with proper defensive tranning, indvidual traninning to help exploit potnetial of the players to become great player,using different tactics nd formations depending on formation.

  99. Arse&Nose©

    Lurch, I am an idealist I will always question the ethics behind decisions but that is just me.

    I know the way the world works and get your argument but I refuse to accept Usmanov’s past.

  100. gambon

    Usmanov doesnt lie to fans to get them to buy season tickets.

    If you wanna find some scum bags you only need look at the current set up.

    Dein sold his shares after the board kicked him out, cant exactly blame him, bearing in mind he was by far the brightest mind on that board.

    Fiszman, PHW et al promised all the sheep that there would be no takeover and we “didnt want stan kroenkes type” – all while they were planning a managed takeover with yankee doodle.

  101. Doublegooner

    My pal just told me via a Gooner solicitor we all know, who acts for one of wengers ‘inner team’ that ‘100% certain Cesc & Nasri are off’ .

  102. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!


    Eastenders is a bit like Arsenal, everyone comes onto Eastenders full of promise but somehow manages to leave a miserable cunt.

  103. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    Solicitors are renowned for passing on sensitive information that could cost them clients they bill at £300 an hour.

  104. Arse&Nose©

    Doublegooner, Solicitors don’t have friends.

    WTL-good analogy, please no-one say Wenger looks like Dot cotton.