Denilson / Bendtner attracting interest… | Jack talking up black arts | Berbatov & Drogba considered?

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Arsene Wenger taking a holiday in South America is about as exciting as it gets on the news front. Mind you , I’m not holding my breath, we always get excited about Arsene’s working holidays… Remember when he took his cheque book to the World Cup…? That was more disappointing than the surprise transfer of Silvestre. This Alvarez rumour doesn’t want to give up though… He scored again at the weekend and being a free transfer with an Italian passport has all the hallmarks of an Arsene signing.

I was excited to read that Sevilla are interested in taking a punt on Denilson. Almost as excited as I was to read that Sarah Palin is thinking of running for President. Shock and awe is bringing sexy back… Good times world, good times!

I can see The Emirates from Pedro's bedroom (Dream sentence)

Apparently we’re asking for £8million, roughly the fee I was slated for suggesting a few months ago. It would be a good move for the Brazilian and I hope it’s pushed through.

The infamous Thomas Bendtner has told the press his son is on the Market for £9.1mil a million miles off my estimate of £15mill and a fair price for a player I’m pretty sure will do well in a system more suited to his cumbersome style… Bolton say… who lost Elmander to Galatasaray.

FIFA are dominating the press for all the usual reasons. I’m staggered that all the football associations are so spineless about this damaging problem. Why can’t all the major nations club together and set up their own Governing body? What use is an unethical ethics commission presiding over corruption? Who needs the World Cup anymore, club football is king! Why should a corrupt Qatari (now suspended) and a corrupt Swiss be contending the most prestigious position in world football, when one get knocked out of the running for corruption, why should one man be allowded to stand unopposed for a 4th term! Why isn’t someone like David Dein or the countless other qualified people in world football throwing their hats into the ring?

Why can no one suggest a better candidate than those two muppets…?

Maybe because they all play the same game as FIFA. We booked a friendly with T&T as a favour to Jack Warner, we booked a friendly this summer to Thailand to win votes (a game we cancelled when the Thai’s shafted us) and we’ve also back numerous grass-roots projects in Africa and elsewhere for the same reason (especially appalling considering the lack of grass-roots funding we’re getting over here). The fact is, the game is rotten to the core at the moment and everyone is as bad as each other. If we want to be seen as pioneers in the game again, we should take a stance, rip apart our failing FA and start again.

We need to inject a bit of morality into the game again and lead by example… until we admit we have problems ourselves, we can’t begin to lecture the rest of the world on their wrongs.

So rumour has it Berbatov is available for £7.5mill… I appreciate from an attitude perspective he’s a no go but for me, he’s a super player who’ll want to prove himself… Worth a punt? Maybe! Talking of cheap options, I’m pretty sure Drogba and Anelka are up for grabs… If we’re looking for experience you’ll struggle to find better. Chelsea are close to tying up a deal for Lukaku… obviously we’re interested in his 15 year old brother. The man from Belgium is supposed to be a bit of a player, it’s a shame we’re not looking at him. His name has been bandied around the LG comment section for a few years now… Arsene, if you need some help, drop by, I’m sure the Grover’s would be pleased to share.

German Eurosport are reporting Diego Benaglio of Wolfsburg is subject of an Arsenal offer. It all sounded reasonable until they mentioned they wanted a deal the other way involving Almunia… now I’m not so sure. We need a 3rd keeper, I’m not sure an international quite works though?

Deals are out there to be had if the manager fancies it this summer… United will be busy as will everyone else, inaction is not an option… proaction is… or being proactive… or something like that.

Finally, Jack Wilshere has said what we’ve been saying most of the season… We lack the right attitude to win games. He even mentioned the fact we don’t hassle the referee during games (remember the hammering you gave me for encouraging the dark arts?)… Not something we like, though not something we can ignore is effective.

Jack has the right to stand up and say things like that… Trouble is we’re hearing the same things from all the players… It’s all a bit blame culture to be honest which is a sign of poor management. Players need to be told, trained and guided on everything when they’re so young… perhaps that’s why Wenger should take note and bring in some experience?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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575 Responses to “Denilson / Bendtner attracting interest… | Jack talking up black arts | Berbatov & Drogba considered?”

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  1. Matt

    Man U won the league, made the Chmapions league final and yet straight away, Fergie is saying he will make 3 or 4 signings.

    We won fuck all and even still Wenger is not making the right noises abou tmaking signings. I just wish for once the idiot would be up front and honest with the fans!

  2. Arse&Nose©

    Alvarez for free was a gamble.
    Alvarez for around £10m is a massive gamble.
    He has a terrible injury record.

  3. arsenal fan|

    top 10?…20? gud to be here. Wenger needs to spend, i dont believe the crap that he knows evrything

  4. Iceman

    Read that we upped Samba bid to £10m. Scarily also read we are prepared to bid £10m for Oxlade Chamberlain – here we go again then!

  5. GoonerT1m

    apparently not BD….later in june says the corrupt FA…..cheer up GS could be worse, adabarnwhore is going to the spuds! lol

  6. azed

    if Alvarez has a terrible injury record, then he is a Wenger signing….
    who would keep diaby company in the treatment room??

  7. Iceman10

    If we spend £20m on Samba and Chamberlain i’ll put a hit out on Wenger and Gazidis… why do we evn need chamberlain for that much? are we selling Theo then? fuck i jus know we need to spend coz all the teams ahead of us on the table are planning to…the Drogba thing is interesting but if hes available i see Jose putting a bid in for him and maybe then we can get Benzema

  8. ZARgooner

    Really wish we would go back to a more standard formation with 2 strikers up top. If we had a Drogba or Berbatov that RVP could play off of we could only be better.

    As suggested the other day would also like to give Theo his turn to play of another striker. If anyone can get behind a defence it is him. This would typically force defences to sit back slightly deeper so as to minimise the room which would allow more space for in the midfield for us.

  9. Arse&Nose©

    azed, presumably he is signing Alvarez because he knows that with a injury record like his he is unlikely to ‘kill’ any youngsters.

  10. Queen of Suburbia

    Apparently re: transfer fees, most fees are usually paid off within 18months. There was a football agent a couple of weeks ago on Talksport explaining it.

    It’s only exceptional cases where the payback takes longer.

    I suspect, where people get confused is the fact that clubs will ammortise the cost over the length of the contract.

    As such United probably don’t owe money on Berba. But anyway its daft to think they’d sell him to us.

  11. razer25

    GEOFF please relay this to Jack Wilshere that, he should use this break to learn how to shoot at Goal. I wud go for Drogba any day. All Arsenal needs is someone who is never shy to shoot at goal.

  12. GoonerT1m

    so how come the fee for henry to barca has only just been paid, what constitutes an exceptional case, barca having no money?, well manure are major in debt as well, no?

  13. Mr Arsenal

    Would anyone take Anelka/Malouda or Zhirkov at Arsenal this summer. All three are available.

    Anelka is the prodigal son who can come in and score goals for us.
    Malouda is a natural winger who could solve our left wing.
    Zhirkov is a left wing back would could replace Clichy.

  14. Kushagra India

    Mornin’ Grovers
    Seeing is believing dis summer …..hope for the best prepare for the worst…and IMO if we make the right signings we are the only team who can knock Barca off their perch…

  15. Stuart

    anelka would be a brilliant signing and again maybe he has something to prove – hes been mugged off with the torres signing

    i kno he left on bad terms, but deep down i bet he regretted leaving us

  16. Queen of Suburbia

    ManU are pretty cash rich T1m, their debt is serviceable loans so they don’t really need to sell anyone they don’t want to.

    I believe the Henry deal was exceptional – perhaps exceptional is the wrong word. Unusual maybe better.

    Look, don’t shoot the messenger, i’m just reporting what the guy said, and he was a football agent so he’d probably know better than you or I.

  17. Queen of Suburbia

    Nasri, Clichy, Denilson and Bendy will go, i think.

    How much could we command for Nasri given that he’s only got a year to run? Cut price deal probably?

    £8m for Denilson, £6m Clichy? £10m Bendy? And that’s before we touch the Kolo/Ade money.

    Also isn’t the money from the flats available to spend this year too?

  18. Kushagra India

    if Nasri goes then we seriously need Hazard no matter what otherwise other players will follow suit.

  19. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    not sure if its an age thing… nearlt 50 now.. been going to arsenal since 1969.. loved the club dearly through thick and thin… was there when we had an attendance of 16,000 at highbury, enjoyed the doubles under GG and AW. but now for the lasrt few seasons been sitting at the games and not getting the same passion i once had for it! not sure if its the way football has changed, the way we have become a big ”superbrand” not sure but i dont think the club has done enough for ythe supporters since we moved to that ground! it harder to get out of than highbury was, they have stewqards who are frustrated police people!

    nah i’m domne have not renewed my ST this time ou! not sure the club minds tho…

  20. Arse&Nose©

    Zhirkov is a useful squad player, can play at full back, on the wings and as a defensive midfielder.

  21. Albo

    Alvarez isn’t available on a free. That was a mistake (shock!) made by some hack or other. Young Guns reporting that our interest has cooled now though. Interesting point made by him on twitter yesterday that our scouting network is very good over in South America (spotted Mascherano, Di Maria etc) but that we often end up going for the 3rd or 4th best option – eg Wellington not Neymar

    I’d take Drogba or Anelka very happily. Both still have enough in the tank to do a job I reckon.

  22. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    look nas wants out… let him go … if united want him .. sell him to them…

    would rather take 15 m from united than 8 m from inter!

  23. Kushagra India

    Real Madrid and Barca have stacked so much quality it would be difficult to find replacements….

  24. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    whatever happemned to wellington..? did he get the boot from arsenal ?

    or is it ryo mackie is seen as a better option!

  25. Mr Arsenal

    How can you guys suggest that Anelka has past it. He would relish a new challenge at Arsenal. Chelsea treated him like crap this season.

    As regard to Nasri, ive been told he does not want to leave, but just wants to sign a good contract, as he knows he can get more elsewhere. Arsenal’s wage cap is a big problem. How about Arsenal use the 6.5% rise to pay Nasri his £110,000 a week he’s demanding

  26. Jimbo

    R.S.P.C.Arsenal says:
    June 1, 2011 at 10:01
    whatever happemned to wellington..? did he get the boot from arsenal ?


    He got his 2nd appearance the other day for Levante. Looked pretty good. Still not played a full half for them though.

  27. Albo

    RSPCA – he’s still with us, but has struggled to get a game on loan at Levante…

    Btw I totally disagree about selling Man U Nasri. The one place they are really weak at the moment is in the centre of midfield. The last thing we need to be doing is fixing that problem!

  28. Jimbo

    Mr Arsenal says:
    June 1, 2011 at 10:08
    How can you guys suggest that Anelka has past it. He would relish a new challenge at Arsenal. Chelsea treated him like crap this season.

    As regard to Nasri, ive been told he does not want to leave, but just wants to sign a good contract, as he knows he can get more elsewhere. Arsenal’s wage cap is a big problem. How about Arsenal use the 6.5% rise to pay Nasri his £110,000 a week he’s demanding


    Anelka has lost a lot of his zip. I like him, but he’s not exactly the force to be reckoned with he once was.

    Nasri wants £110k? After 4 quality months in an Arsenal shirt and 2.5 years of mediocrity? Nah, he can fuck off.

  29. DaleDaGooner

    I’d take Drogba, not so sure about Anelka, but non will come. Maybe Anelka, I wouldn’t be excited. Alvarez isn’t free apparently, so we might have cooled off.

    Hazard is staying, so i wonder who will properly replace Nasri, It’ll make sense to splurge on Neymar, he’d easiy replace Bendtner and Nasri at a go.

  30. Gooner786

    From Twitter

    Arsenal will complete the £25 million signing of Belgium International Eden Hazard from Lille early next week. The skilful, 20-year-old playmaker will fill the position soon to be vacated by Samir Nasri, whose departure will be confirmed by his agent, Jean-Pierre Bernes, on Friday.

  31. Jimbo

    DaleDaGooner says:
    June 1, 2011 at 10:14
    I’d take Drogba, not so sure about Anelka, but non will come. Maybe Anelka, I wouldn’t be excited. Alvarez isn’t free apparently, so we might have cooled off.


    I imagine we would have known his contract situation before going to South America to talk to him.

  32. Jonners

    Matt, I remember us signing an Inter cast off a few years ago and he did n’t turn out too bad. Name was Bergkamp or something. Sometimes players just click in a new set up

  33. Jimbo

    Gooner786 says:
    June 1, 2011 at 10:16
    From Twitter

    Arsenal will complete the £25 million signing of Belgium International Eden Hazard from Lille early next week. The skilful, 20-year-old playmaker will fill the position soon to be vacated by Samir Nasri, whose departure will be confirmed by his agent, Jean-Pierre Bernes, on Friday.



    Nasri’s agent has no say in Nasri’s future – only Arsenal do.

    And we aren’t signing Hazard.

  34. Jimbo

    Jonners says:
    June 1, 2011 at 10:17
    Matt, I remember us signing an Inter cast off a few years ago and he did n’t turn out too bad. Name was Bergkamp or something. Sometimes players just click in a new set up


    Bergkamp wasn’t in his 30’s and well past his physical peak.

  35. wardo

    Jimbo, i would give Kozza another season. Think he has had some good games this year to be honest. I would say that he would make the top 4 CB’s at most EPL clubs…….if we sign a decent CB this summer, then koz and jd as back ups would be better than manure had this season……

  36. Matt

    Jonners, fair point. But he came from a completely different league that obviously didnt suit his game. We all know what the Chelsea players are, or were capable of in the Premiership.

    Both Drogba and Anelka’s best day are behind them.

  37. wardo

    yeah true Jimbo…..we would still have squilaci. He has been fairly solid this year. Depends what we could get for koz i s’pose

  38. Queen of Suburbia

    Anelka is no Bergkamp.

    We have first option on Hazard and are likely to take him next summer.

  39. Moray

    has it really come to this? Trying to mop up the shot and discarded players from our more generous and free-spending rivals?

    Anelka is a little prick and has lost his speed. We should have bought him a couple of years ago before he went to Chelski, if that was the case. Drogba is a diving, crying cheat whose best years are behind him (I would have taken him 5 years ago tho!) and Berbatov is lazy and an ex-spud. no thanks.

    And the only way Man U, Chelski etc would sell us one of their players is if they were completely finished and a liability (remember Silvestre).

    I really think as fans of the Arsenal we should keep our ambition and our integrity, even if our manager and Board have lost theirs…

  40. Queen of Suburbia

    Koscienly has been pretty good.

    I’d sell Squiller, i think he’s been flat out terrible. Worst player at the club.

  41. woody

    Bendy’s price dropped when he put them pink boots on .?

    And then halved again when he missed that goal to put Barca out.???????????????????????.

  42. gambon

    Koscielny & Djourou as backup would be OK, neither are good enough to be in the first XI 50 times per season.

  43. wardo

    QOS, no i would sell koz. He’s younger and we would get more for him.

    Squilaci has been ok for us this year…..he has been exposed at times by AA lack of tracking back.

    Otherwise, he hasn’t been that far off being our first choice CB.

  44. DaleDaGooner

    Jimbo, yeah, we went to SA, we sat at the table and they are asking 14mill, I’m sure even you can see that 14mill for Alvarez will be a thinker.

    I reckon if we do lose Nasri, we might force Lille’s hand, but again, i doubt Hazard is going to anyone this season.

    Neymar is the one that interest me…West Ham bid £12m last June for him…LOL He has a 30m Euro on him, surely if Hazard is not available, Neymar is worth a punt to replace Bendtner and Nasri in one shot…save on both wages..if we are offering 90k plus the 50k Bendtner is on, I’m sure we can offer Neymar a good sign on bonus…but these Brazilians are a big gamble, I like Neymar, but he seems more a show boat….hey CR7 was a show boat….

  45. VanDaManPersie

    @ Wardo.

    How can you say Squillaci has been solid? Squillaci has been our worse defender. Djourou played rusbbish near the end of the season, but was solid earlier in the season.

    Kossy has been our best CB this season, yes he made some errors, but so did everyone else

  46. wardo

    A&N…yeah but no one is taking the bait ;-(

    Squillaci is a hybrid of Oleg Luhzeny, Cygan and Stepnovs………

  47. DaleDaGooner

    huh??? Wardo? How did AA expose Squilachi??? Kozzer is by far better than Squil, not sure why we are letting Jimbo’s bias be a topic on Chamakh and Kos…drop it, they deserve another season before such talks. We need to focus on Bendtner, Denilson, Rosicky, Diaby and even big guns like Clichy, Cesc and Nasri….These are the ones important enough to talk about who will be sold and replaced.

  48. bade the gooner (bernard)

    morning pedro,
    welcome back… hope you had a nice holiday & wedding.

    just a quickie then back to work…. i’m busy like hell those days.

    i think the fifa situation is a good mirror for all the going round of the modern football…. no morals, no ethics, only money talks. those words would suit perfect the description of few of our players (not only ours…) so it’s sad, but no surprise there.

    a dramatic actions must take place in order to move something there, but i doubt such will be taken, as no one has the real motive to do so, apart from us, the ordinary football fans.

    as for jack, well, this boys is something, eh? he is only 19 & already dealing with game & the fame quite will, as you’d expect a grown 28-30 years old player to do… i think jack always emphasis relevant aspects that others don’t (others are moaning about their “understanding” our frustration… jack says it is disastrous if we win nothing next year). he is cementing himself not only as a 1st team player, but as a big leader for the team. atta boy jack!

  49. Arse&Nose©

    lol @ wardo

    the line blaming AA for not tracking back has been used as an excuse for everything!

  50. Moray

    Dale, that’s the point. CR7 was a showboat and a perfumed ponce, BUT he worked hard to perfect his skills (you could see his development on the pitch game by game – trying and failing was part of his self-learning). With most of the players who fail, it is down to mentality and attitude. Same with our shower of chokers too. That is the gamble, especially with Brazilians who as a whole cannot keep their flies done up.

  51. DaleDaGooner

    I reckon some would say here that Cahill is good enough for us 50 times a season…and should be Vermaelen’s parner.

  52. wardo

    I think Kozza has been in the top 2 of our defence all season.

    His display vs Barca shows he has alot of talent. I would not sell him.

    I would sell Squilaci though. He looks so out of his depth that it impacts the team when he is on the pitch.

  53. Jimbo

    VanDaManPersie says:
    June 1, 2011 at 10:24
    @ Jimbo.

    Your football knowledge and attitude stinks


    Your football knowledge is amazing, and you have a tip-top attitude.

    Love ya, sister.

  54. Big Dave

    Twitter produces a lot of bull with rumours, people make up anything and some believe in it.


  55. gambon

    Erm, why the fuck would we have first refusal on a player from Lille, a club we have never done any business with?

    Wenger: “Hello Michel, I would like first refusal on Eden Hazard”

    Michel Seydoux: “Erm why would I give you that you freak?”

    AW: “Oh go on, i’ll be your best friend”

    MS: “Fuck off”

  56. Arse&Nose©

    Man utd lost the champions league final because of Gael Clichy.

    If he was able to provide enough of a challenge to Evra for the French national team then Evra wouldn’t have been so shit. Evra errors involved in all of Barca’s goals.

  57. Jimbo

    Koscielny our best defender?

    Give me a break, I’ve heard it all. He was carried by Djourou for the first 2/3 of the season, that’s pretty obvious, and his lack of composure and organisational ability killed us all season long. He’s a MASSIVE liability.

  58. DaleDaGooner

    wardo, never mind the tripe of selling a guy that scored more than Anelka in half a season, and had our Fullbacks and wingers put in better crosses would have added more…or a guy that has shown talent versus Barca, Chelsea and Man U, playing his first season in our defence beside an equally inexperienced partner.

  59. henry14

    £12M for bendtner is good business.

    I was having a chuckle though as i remember when “A” was posting on here and his 2 classic’s for me:

    1, “If Carroll is worth £35M then so is Bendtner”

    2, “Eboue would get into pretty much every team in the EPL as first choice right back”

  60. dsqd

    You are fools if you’d sell Koscielny. He had a promising first season, albeit with a couple of (bad) mistakes. But his performance at home against Messi was incredible, he’s got a year of Premiership experience under his belt and can only get better.
    He has a bright future. At Arsenal hopefully.

    Squillaci on the other hand…sorry, hasn’t worked out. Looked solid if unspectacular at times, but we tended to lose when he played.

    Nasri has to stay too, just pay him what he wants, don’t let him go and be a superstar for someone else.

  61. henry14

    All our defenders are average other than Sagna and TV.

    Clichy should 100% be sold and i have to say i like the idea of Baines but to be fair anyone that can actually defend would be great.

  62. Queen of Suburbia

    You pay for first option. It’s not a favour.

    You don’t understand women either gambon. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

  63. gambon

    Cahill is certainly better than Koscielny, and also has some of the qualities we need at the back.

    Until he is given a chance there we wont know. What I do know is that our defence would be stronger with a Vermalen & Cahill partnership than it has been recently.

  64. gambon

    I dont understand post menopausal old cunts like you QoS.

    Apart from that I know everything, everyone knows that.

  65. Jimbo

    Honestly, Koscielny is a shit gormless fool, who doesn’t communicate, charges around the pitch diving in like a headless chicken, and generally sends our entire defence into disarray.

    Typical Wenger (the wanker) purchase, really, we needed a defender, but bought completely the wrong one. If Koscielny had done his achilles 3 games into the season instead of Vermaelen, we’d have been a whole lot better off for it.

  66. Queen of Suburbia

    To be fair, Bendy being available at 10-12m does make Carrol look even more overpriced.

    £35m – I want 30 goals a season minimum.

  67. DaleDaGooner

    Fair enough, we don’t know how Cahill would do…but I’ve seen some gaffes from Cahill for Bolton that would make Squillaci look solid.

  68. Jimbo

    DDG – was that Koscielny who gave away the decisive penalty at the Nou Camp, with a trademark brainless tackle?

    Yeah, brilliant defender that.

  69. Queen of Suburbia

    I’d say likewise Gambon, but you can’t be post menopausal.

    With a hissy fit like that, you’re clearly on your period.

  70. dsqd

    Yeah Messi missed a couple, but Kozzer was still outstanding in that game. No one stops Messi from having chances (not even Samba).

  71. wardo

    Dale ????

    It was a joke mate – I think Kozza has had more than one very decent game for us against the big teams.

    I think he will get better and has the potential to push on to be a very good cb.

    Not sure why you are mentioning someone who scored more goals than Anelka in half a season though ?? Although, I would like to point out that you are comparing Chamakh (i guess) against an Anelka whose best years are behind him. At Arsenal we should be comparing our strikers against the best in the world in the prime of their career. Think Henry, Bergkamp, Pires (could name others)……if you were cmparing these players it would have been against the best. i.e. If Henry was 26 today and playing for Arsenal, it would be Henry or Messi ???? I’d go with Henry.
    Not sure i get your point on the Anelka comment.

  72. DaleDaGooner

    I reckon if we had Cahill instead of Kos, he’d stop Messi everytime BOTH legs. Just saying…he is the second coming of a hybrid Baresi and Maldini.

  73. gambon

    “Honestly, Koscielny is a shit gormless fool, who doesn’t communicate, charges around the pitch diving in like a headless chicken, and generally sends our entire defence into disarray.”

    Did you take this directly off of the ‘Player profiles’ section of

    It looks familiar!

  74. henry14

    Kos has potential but let’s face it he looked like what he actually is last season…

    A 25 year old pro that has had 1 year top flight experience in France, never been capped and had a body like gwyneth paltrow.

    Not really the cornerstone you want to base a title challange on?

  75. Gooner786

    OFFICIAL: Radamel Falcao Is The Player Most Gunners Want!
    By oalmasri Published: 1st June 2011

    More than a week ago, I made a poll asking fellow Gooners, Who do you want Wenger to buy? I made some suggestions, players who have been constantly linked to the Gunners. The players and choices were: Scott Parker, Radamel Falcao, Giorgio Chiellini, Alou Diarra, Kevin Gamiero, Maarten Stekelenberg, Karim Benzema, Mamadou Sakho, Cristian Zapata, Balasz Dzudszak, Morgan Amalfitano, Other, Don’t care as long as Wenger buys, and No One. The poll allowed more than one answer.

    Here are the results:

    Scott Parker 125 (45%)
    Radamel Falcao 164 (59%)
    Giorgio Chiellini 63 (22%)
    Alou Diarra 35 (12%)
    Kevin Gamiero 47 (17%)
    Maarten Stekelenburg 90 (32%)
    Kevin Benzema 127 (46%)
    Mamadou Sakho 128 (46%)
    Cristian Zapata 26 (9%)
    Balasz Dzudszak 23 (8%)
    Morgan Amalfitano 20 (7%)
    Other 38 (13%)
    Don’t care as long as Wenger buys 24 (8%)
    No one 4 (1%)

    The poll was answered by 274 fellow Gooners, with the clear winner being FC Porto star Radamel Falcao with 59%, Kevin Benzema and Mamadou Sakho were tied second at 46%, and Scott Parker at third place with 45%. Remember that this isn’t or doesn’t represent a majority of Gunners and doesn’t mean that most Gooners want Falcao, as some choices were left out as they are so many players linked to the Gunners at a constant basis.

  76. dsqd

    If Kozzer had missed all season he would be coming back now hailed as ‘like a new signing’ and we wouldn’t be buying a defender this summer. As it is I think Vermaelen will go back into the team, JD and Kozzer will fight it out against a new addition to play next to him.

    Sakho seems to be the latest one talked about.

  77. henry14

    Saying that – i would keep him for sure – i think he did OK and i think he’ll get better but he shouldn’t be playing 50 games.

    However, he does need a top quality CH to learn from…

  78. DaleDaGooner

    wardo, name all Barca’s strikers, name all Chelsea’s (minus Torres) forget Man U as hey loaded up on strikers and no outstanding midfielders bar the wingers, how many strikers in Real? You can’t have 4 TOP strikers in a team, you just can’t. Either u have a past it, or young or a BENCH striker. Chamakh was our foil for RvP, and he did well in RvP’s absence.

  79. Lurch LeRouge

    just pay nasri his money and move on. Modric will attract top money up north so why not.

    Clearly Nasri has it in him to alight the EPL and its debatable if he was running at full strength before this season.

    its a bit embarrassing haggling over £20k per week, what kind of message does it put out to top WC performers? come join us as training academy but when you want commercial parity you’ll need to move on…

    not exactly the right psychological pattern to instil on new signings from the outset is it?

  80. GoonerT1m

    i have to say this year watching us defend has been hilarious at times, an utter shambles, TV against villa was also hopeless…its like a nightmare for the gaffer and will only get worse, can he really change the defence, i doubt it.

  81. Queen of Suburbia

    maybe T1m but it was an interview with Bobby Gould who confirmed the sentiment and what possibly reason would they have to lie anyhow?

  82. gambon

    “Chamakh was our foil for RvP, and he did well in RvP’s absence.”

    1 goal in 25 games now equals ‘did well’?

    Wow the ambition here is stunning.

  83. GoonerT1m

    i am sure there is an element of truth in what he said but i am curious as to what creates a special case and that in general they lie all the time

  84. Jimbo

    Chamakh a ‘foil’ for RVP now?

    Well, he failed there didn’t he. How many assists did he give RVP this season?

    He’s a fucking crap player. Get the fuck rid.

  85. Queen of Suburbia

    I think the key to that sentence was “in RVP’s absence” Gambon. Do try to keep up.

    He lost his form when Robin returned.

  86. wardo

    Dale….i was on a wind up over Squilaci. Why are you talking bout strikers ??

    I said Koz was crap AS A JOKE !! I think he has lots of potential……

  87. Jimbo

    So he wasn’t actually a foil then. He was actually a stand-in – not quite the same thing.

    Anyway, if RVP gets injured again and all we’ve got to replace him is Marian Crapmakh, we’re fucked.

  88. Queen of Suburbia

    That’s daft T1m – they lie all the time?

    Don’t get me wrong they are leeches on the game, but i’m sure like everyone else they only lie when it’s in their interests to do so. Unless they are called Gambon, who has an actual pathology.

  89. DaleDaGooner

    Dude, gambon…..Anelka scored 6 whole goals for Chelsea, they pinned their ambitions last season on him, Drogba, 10….. get a grip. RvP was to start, not Chamakh, and he did well in the first half of the season till RvP was rady to come back. And u conveniently missed that our Full backs and wingers could not target him enough times.

  90. GoonerT1m

    likes most people unfortunately qos, it’s the way of the way of world!..look at the clowns at fifa, need i say any more!

  91. gambon

    Chamakh was a gamble that hasnt really worked, woefully short of quality.

    He wouldnt be bad as a squad option, playing in the CC and in the od easy FAC & PL game.

    We need 2 top class goalscorers ahead of him though.

  92. wardo

    Gambon, think calling QoS what you did is wrong mate. You the sort of fella to call a women that then ?? jeez.

    Qos, i agree with your point about carrol being over priced is bendtner went for £10mil ish.
    I also this A’s comment bout Eboue has alot of truth in ti if you discount the top 4 teams. Eboue would be first chioce for shitty clubs like fulham, West ham, Blackburn, Spurs, Blackpool, Aston V, Birmingham, Wolves etc etc

  93. GoonerT1m

    H14, he turned dog S the minute he was let go, i have to say the manager knows when to release a player.

  94. Savage

    I assume you’re kidding Gambon. I read 11 goals.

    He was poor in the second half, but he was good before then.

  95. Queen of Suburbia

    The clowns at FIFA lie cheat and steal because its in their financial interests to do so T1m.

    Most studies suggest that human beings are more inclined to tell the truth unless there exists an incentive to lie.

  96. DaleDaGooner

    Chamakh never brought Torres numbers, so calling him crapmak is a bit rich. He had to fight it out with RvP, Bendtner, Eduardo, Vela, AND Walcott…Eduardo bowed out, Vela couldn’t get his act together, RvP got injured, Walcott isn’t just trusted enough technique wise to do what Henry did…so what’s the problem? Our 3rd or 4th choice…Plan B striker scored more than Chelsea’s first 2 options??

  97. Queen of Suburbia

    It’s ok wardo, i don’t expect Gambon to behave with any class, especially when he’s menstruating.

    He just needs to lie down with a piece of chocolate.

    He revealed on twitter that he’s wearing his comfy knickers today.