Gameiro or Falcao? Shopping in Primark and not the Nike store for trainers, that’s the difference.

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Now I know I ran a post this week on not signing someone called Kevin but honestly, he would be no good for us as he shoots too much and doesn’t like to pass the ball into the net. I like him, I think he looks sharp as I do Falcao, but…

Falcao is another short striker but more a sniffer, the fox in the box type that Eduardo was, they both have their good points but let’s not forget they are both playing in weak leagues. So what would happen if they played in the Premiership?

Just like Chamakh and Koscielny did eh, so if I had a choice I think I would prefer a EPL quality striker, but to be honest I can’t think who, and it now looks like Benzema is staying put so we have to widen the net.

I thought the Online Gooner wrote a fantastic spoof piece yesterday but I wonder how many muppets from other places didn’t see the irony in it, hats off to them for saying what we all feel and I often say!

The mail says we have offered £8 mil for Samba and I can believe that, why would Wenger need to spend decent money on a player if teams like Blackburn give their top players away for nothing. If it were true that we offered £7mil for Benzema, you can see where next season is going, then the mad one would say next February, ‘I bid for Benzema and Samba but we couldn’t make it happen so I went back into the French league, I have to admit I heard a nasty rumour someone was speaking to Jack and Theo in English, and it wasn’t Gibbs, so I decided to act’

Other hot rumours are Hazard and Gervinho from Lille in a double bubble swoop, now Hazard I know, but Gervinho is from the Ivory coast, same place as Eboue, Wenger wouldn’t be stupid enough to sign an African in ACN year though would he?… Yeah, actually he would!

No offence to our African readers but we can’t afford to lose 3 players at the business end of the season, that is madness!

So several options there and most of them involve buying from the French league again, has he learned? Doesn’t look like it does it? But In Arsene we must trust because we have no choice.

I hate reading that we must sell Arshavin to fund signing anyone, why don’t they just stop this nonsense, we have tons of money, spend it Arsenal or risk another season of nothing.

A last word must go to Barca and how they managed to pass backwards and forwards to the same people and yet mesmerise so called great footballers, the big difference though is at the end, they sling it in to the forwards and shoot, do that enough and a few will go in, the best bit was watching fat boy bitch about everything and Giggs appealing for a penalty as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

Wasn’t it also great to see Messi play with a smile on his face?

And I bet the Camp Nou isn’t a shrine to Guardiola, I wouldn’t say no if he came knocking though, nice guy, always looks like he enjoys it, very humble and ruthless, I’d have him in a heartbeat!

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow you get Pedro back!

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  1. Moray

    Sir Alex Ferguson, who is reeling from what he said was the worst “hiding” he had suffered as Manchester United’s manager, is planning to stay at Old Trafford long enough to oversee an overhaul of personnel, aimed at dismantling Barcelona’s European dynasty.

    Ferguson, who will be 70 this year, is approaching the 25th anniversary of his appointment. But the most successful manager in the game still sees himself as being in the job on a long-term basis and has told United that only his health will prevent him from working.

    Well, Man Utd are apparently planning an overhaul of their squad, having just won the Prem and ended runners up in Big Cup. I guess we can kiss goodbye to signing those players like Benzema and Hazard, if we ever had a hope…

    Instead the manager is going to break up his squad in what promises to be a summer of change at Old Trafford, with up to 10 players on their way out. The Glazer family have told Ferguson that he will be given substantial funds with which to purchase replacements.

  2. zeus

    Ramsey doesn’t possess the cultured abilities if cesc. Wilshere over the course of the season has shown himself to be closer to cesc IMO.

    We could barely see a difference when he played in their with fabregas Xavi and iniesta. Doubt that would be the case with Ramsey.

  3. Gooby


    they’re both awesome anyway, but i always felt ramsey is more suited to play the cesc role while wilshere’s better when playing in a deeper position like cesc did when he was younger

  4. Charlie

    I skipped past all the normal Wenger out garbage which seems to litter all the blogs nowadays no matter what the subject. Had to laugh at “buying from the French league again, has he learned? Doesn’t look like it does it?” because apart from Eden Hazard being a truly exceptional talent his previous purchases from that league include Henry, Anelka, Nasri, Sagna…..there’s no need to go on but the point is you get value-for-money there that you don’t get in the EPL. Try not to be a bigot against the French. Back to Eden Hazard let’s compare him to Zinedine Zidane at the same age. Eden Hazard is 20 with 2 young player of the year awards and a player of the year award. Zidane didn’t win young player of the year until he was 2 years older and was 4 years older when he won player of the year in that same league. Nobody has ever made such a big impression in that league at such a young age, not even Henry or Zidane. I admit, i am wetting my pants at the thought of Eden Hazard coming to Arsenal this summer.

  5. Patthegooner

    Charlie I dont think people are being anti-French

    Sure we have picked up some good players from there but we have also picked up some chud.

    Take the last three

    Koscielny is ok but 10m I don’t call it value for money, nor do I think it was what we needed

    Squilacci (ok plucked from la liga) is clearly not good enough

    Chamakh on a free maybe does represent value for money but again is he what we needed?

    Rather than calling those signings value for money, I would call it you get what you pay

    If he went to France, or bought French this summer and plucked out ribery, hazard or sakho this summer, I would not question it, but sadly I fear he will pick out the unknown unproven bargain basement player again