Jack Wilshere? What does he play Football manager or something, what does he know?

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I thought it was amazing to read the comments made by young Jack Wilshere and the advice he is giving to the Mancs about the CL final.

He says you have to defend or you won’t get near them and you have to get in their faces and shut them down, now when I said that in my post the day we played Barcelona, a few people asked me if I played football manager, and did I know more than Wenger, well Jack seems to agree with me, in fact I would say play that way against West Brom as well, all the great teams do which is strange that our manager, who is a real manager (not one that plays like I do) doesn’t see that.

Oh well, we aren’t in the final so it doesn’t matter, Jack said had we not had RVP sent off that was it, well he obviously couldn’t say ‘oh and the Bendtner miss’ as well but hey ho, such is life.

I would like to thank the two observant bloggers yesterday that pointed out to me that French Kevin doesn’t in fact play for Leyton Orient, but plays for a team in France with a similar name, thanks chaps, that would explain why I didn’t see him when we played them twice in the FA Cup, what a silly Billy I am!

I got to thinking yesterday what happens if we don’t sign Benzema for £7mil? Can you believe that story! What should we do, well Chamakh if he stays will be a better player, well he can’t be worse can he? So if we get rid of Bendtner we will have some money so I would get someone to play right wing, and I mean a real winger, and buy a Young or a Hazard and play them wide left and put Theo up front with Robin or Chamakh and go back to playing 4-4-2.

I think it’s time to try Theo up front, he isn’t a winger and if we got a winger we could open up defences more often.

Back to jack’s point about defending, it’s quite funny when your own star player is saying we are crap at defending isn’t it, so we have him telling Wenger that, Denilson saying he wants out because we win nothing and he came to Arsenal to win, Nasri and Clichy refusing to sign contracts, Cesc wanting to play for Barcelona, Wenger really does have a happy team spirit going on there doesn’t he, I wonder if he’ll take note from any of them?


So with Pat Evra telling Nasri that he should join the Mancs as they are guaranteed a title every year and he’s lost count of how many he has won, Arsene Wenger strikes back with the signings of Jon Toral and Hector Bellerin, way to go Arsene two 16 year olds!

That’ll make Samir Nasri’s mind up won’t it!

Has he learned nothing? We sign two Barca graduates who we will persevere with for 8 years and when they get to being good they suddenly discover they have Barca DNA and want to leave, so we take the pain and they get the gain, no wonder we get them so easily, we are a nursery for Barcelona, they must be laughing themselves silly, we train them and give them plenty of playing time whilst watching them cost us the odd point, then if they are any good they scoop them up ready made, if not they go to Athletico Madrid, what a twit you are Mr Wenger.

Einstein said something about making the same mistake over didn’t he?

I just read that we may be losing Lansbury because Wenger won’t give him assurances he’ll feature next season, I bet he gave Song, Denilson, Bendtner and all his foreign boys assurances though didn’t he!

Have a great day grovers, maybe today we’ll get some good news!

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