We won nothing and finished 4th so what’s the difference between me and Wenger?

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About £7 million a year, because I said that without signing decent players and buying cheap unproven French players instead, that’s what would happen. And I was right, so when people ask me if I could manage Arsenal better, the answer is well I couldn’t do worse could I?

Thing is this whole project youth thing he’s been on is a compulsive, obsessive and frankly stupid trip from start to finish, 2 seasons ago after he cynically subbed the sub, Eboue, and I say cynical because the crowd were about to get on his back, so he sacrificed the sub, by subbing him and allowing him to do footballs longest walk, he got him booed and saved himself. That is a fact.

Then the day after I wrote a post about the Emperors clothes, something that I have to say has been used by several national newspapers many times since, when I said it though it upset many people. What? How can you say that about the man that made Arsenal what it is today.

Since the debacle that has been this season, I am no longer in the minority, am I glad though? Am I hell, I am an Arsenal fan and I hate to see my team play like they are right now. We used to be called the best footballing side in the EPL, not any longer, now we are the laughing stock of the EPL. Not for our football and our recent results, but for our leaders bizarre comments.

Our manager got us drawn against Barca because he fielded weakened sides in our group, then guess what? We got knocked out, then we lost the Carling Cup, why? Because we had a kid in goal and a cheap import in defence, now we are fighting to hold on to our best players, why? Is that my fault?

No, it’s because ambitious players want to win silverware and if I were Cesc or Nasri, I would have been horrified when we signed Chamakh on a free, Squillaci from Seville and Koscielny from a French club I have never seen and nor I suspect had Wenger. I bet Grimandi recommended and Wenger bought on that recommendation.

He said mid season this was his best ever squad, what a ridiculous comment! I think he was great when he spent proper money, now he’s lost it and I have had it, I want my team back.

I hear rumours about Downing and Parker, Parker was a player we should have signed years ago, now he’s the wrong age and probably injury prone, Downing was never good enough and never will be, but compared to say Hazard or Young represents another cheap option, has this man learned nothing?

Arsene if you are reading, go out and buy some decent players, choose from Hazard, Young, Samba, Sackho, Cahill plus a world class DM and a goalscorer, that’s what we need, you don’t need to spend £50 mil on a player that is a stupid thing to say, you won’t even get that for your love child.

Time to wise up and get your cheque book out or time to go somewhere else. Time to put the fans first and your project in the bin, it hasn’t worked, one more season with these players will do nothing, you can’t improve pace, intelligence or guts.

That twit Denilson has played over 160 Premiership games for us and is useless, you have continued to play him even though everyone else thinks he’s crap, now even he has turned on you, open your eyes. It’s beyond stubborn now, it’s become odd, very, very odd.

Here’s a list of players that need to go, if they are as great as you say they are we would raise some serious cash. Almunia, Eboue, Clichy, Denilson, Rosicky, Squillaci, Denilson, Bendtner and at least 80% the kids you have out on loan, they’ll never make it. And stick Song, Koscielny and Chamakh on notice.

Gone are the days when we can let a player bed in the EPL for a year, good players rarely need that.

That’s it, have a great day Grovers, in a few days the window will open, lets just hope that this team is strengthened properly, we’ve waited long enough and Arsene, you have run out of excuses, because of you we are now the laughing stock, the team all the other fans laugh at, you seem to be able to screw up year in, year out and account to no one, but you know what? You account to us and one day you’ll be found out and moved on, don’t ruin your legacy, change now, project youth is dead.

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  1. Keyser

    Arsenal vs Fulham – Van persie came on set up Nasri for the winner, though you’ll probably say Nasri did most of the work.

    Arsenal vs Everton – Arshavin came on scored the winner.

    Arsenal – Tottenham Carling Cup – Arshavin throughball for first penalty, Chamakh wins second penalty. Arshavin scores the third.

  2. Queen of suburbia

    The second penalty was barmy. There was no foul, the first was also highly dodgy and I’d say they wouldn’t have got it the emirates. Hence the homer tag.

    As for the shoving, Diaby was rightly sent off for being a twat, but Barton had put in a couple of studs up tackles without punishment and our keeper was headlocked to the ground without punishment because the perp was already on a yellow. The ref bottled it, hence homer.

  3. SUGA3

    Arsenal – Tottenham Carling Cup – Arshavin throughball for first penalty, Chamakh wins second penalty. Arshavin scores the third.

    struggled much? 😆

  4. gambon

    Nzogbias a good player, his yearly improvement recently has been significant and hes added goals to his game.

    Wenger could make him as good as Nani, no doubt.

  5. SUGA3


    yes, but we were 4 up!

    I think I would probably take pity and not send anyone off either 😉

    but this is not the ref we are talking about, the subject is OGL just sitting there, not making the right subs to shut the shop, nothing…

    well, it’s difficult to do so if you have a bunch of fucking muppets on the bench, eh?

  6. Gooby

    i hear barton is leaving newcastle.

    i hope he goes to the championship and stays down there for the rest of his career

  7. Keyser

    Suga3 – That doesn’t suddenly man you’re wrong, or that Wenger’s tactically spot on, I just think the idea we don’t do tactics or Wenger never makes good subs is ridiculous.

  8. Keyser

    Benzema seems like a powerful runner and so on, just feel like Higuain’s got a bit more skill and can bring others into better.

    The ideal would be an Aguero type player, we’ve got 4-5 players who could hit double figures every year, we need another one who can create aswell as finish efficiently.

  9. SUGA3


    I am not saying ‘never’, I am saying that more often than not he tends to be frustratingly inactive when you just scream at the TV ‘Just fucking do something’, because you see the game plan falling apart and you know where this is going…

    and yet, he does fuck all, which results exactly in what you said would happen, ffs!

  10. David


    Of coarse Wenger has made some good substitutions this season but do you believe he’s done a good job overall this season i mean strictly substitutions now.

  11. Gooby

    fabregas feeding RvP and benzema would be deadly attacking wise with walcott running down the right

  12. David

    Fabregas is obviously off.

    I think the good news is that if we actually buy an outright World CLass CF.

    RVP can fill the Cesc role.

    We dont even need Hazard imo.

    Id love a player like Neymar and that Eriksen kid from Ajax

  13. SUGA3

    and the Newcastle game summed it all up perfectly:

    – transfer window where we could have bought Samba just slammed shut
    – Djourou limping off and cunt Squillaci joining the fun

    cue Benny Hill music themed defensive performance…

  14. Keyser

    Suga3 – I don’t even know what point you’re trying to make there, the Newcastle game is a ridiculous example.

    As for subs and game changing decisions, in the grand scheme of things they’d be the last thing you’d probably think about unless you’d specifically planned them due to a team you were playing or because of how depleted your squad was.

    It’s like people getting upset at Wenger not making subs at half-time or right away, why don’t you think he usually does that ?!

  15. David

    Well obviously I hope he does stay Gooby,

    But im seriously preparing for Arsenal life after Fabregas.

    If Cesc does stay i think youre right. Hazard on the left with Theo on the right would be incredible.

  16. Keyser

    David – It’d be a very limnited thing to judge him on, how would you even judge it, look at Suga’s question.

    Remember last year away to Tottenham, Van Persie came on and did change the game quite visisbly but we still lost.

    In an ideal world you’d have Van Persie starting to begin with.

  17. SUGA3


    depleted squad?

    which is the part of ‘transfer window just slammed shut’ that you particularly struggle to understand?

    then again, with what our ‘super, super class’ scouting network is capable of bringing to the table, it may be better that we remained inactive 😆

  18. Queen of suburbia

    Doesn’t like Arsenal.

    David isn’t really one but when people start using the equally moronic term of AKB then it winds them up a bit.

    Brings out rapey old bagpuss too…

  19. Man

    Dancing Like Arry
    Dumb Like Arry
    Dirty Like Arry
    Driving Like Arry

    Don’t Like Arsenal
    Do Like Arsenal
    Doodoo Like Arsenal

    Dykes Like Arses
    Detective Larry Amos
    Dame Lotitta Arca
    Don’t Lick Arse
    Do Lick Arse

    Dickheads Like Arry
    Disease Like Aids
    Death Lying Awake
    ….to be continued

  20. SUGA3


    RvP could not start in that game, as he had just returned from an injury!

    and we only lost due to Gomes’ heroics, besides, we should have another player in RvP bracket on our books, given how much of a crock he is, no?

    ONE player instead of, say, D******n and Diaby? should be simple enough to just combine the wages we are wasting on these two twats?

  21. Keyser

    Gooby – But for them to play together, you’d either have to switch Van Persie out wide, or you’d need a very athletic midfield for midfield.

    I think Benzema would pose more problems, than say getting another versatile attacker who could play out wide or upfront.

  22. David


    I dont think it would be as difficult to judge him on. Because its rather predictable.

    You know who’s coming on for who.

    If Walcotts number is being called its Bendy coming on.

    If Any MF is being called Eboue is coming on.

    If Song is being pulled off a striker is coming on.

    Regardless of the game.

    Its interesting you bring up the spurs game.

    We had Jack and JD on the bench when we were clearly struggling to deal with Defoe’s pace/runs through the middle and Arsene ups to bring on a striker!?

  23. Keyser

    David – The away game the season before the one that’s just finished where we were chasing the game late on ?!

  24. SUGA3

    er, yes, that’s how you wanna to conduct your debate…

    then again, what’s new?

    confused? please dude, if there is one person on here that is confused, it is you!

  25. David


    We were a goal down by half time.

    That was still manageable.

    RVP didnt come on till the 70th minute by which time it was too little too late imho.

    If Arsene can “sacrifice” Cesc to win a game against Aston Villa why not RVP!?

    Besides I thought it was Walcott that created the goal?

  26. Keyser

    Suga3 – So you’re saying Wenger doens’t really make bad subs, it’s more that he doesn’t have the right players ?!

    Because against Newcastle what really let us down was not buying Samba in the January transfer window ?!

  27. Keyser

    David – Just saying Van Persie visibly changed the game, yet we still lost, and it’s more a culmination of various factors rather than amking specific subs at one point.

    So the sub was probably right, it either didn’t work out or was just not enough, how would you judge that ?!

  28. SUGA3


    I really can’t be bothered with your shit, a bit too late for help if you are not capable of comprehensive reading…

    ‘Djourou limping off and cunt Squillaci joining the fun’

    that’s where Samba would come in handy, you know?

    and please on’t tell me he is no better than Squillaci…

    Wenger does not make the right subs (more often than not), does not play players to their strengths, persists with the same formation and tactics whoever we play and whether he has the personnel available or not, does not react to what is happening on the pitch, can’t motivate players…

    that is the list of flaws in the matchday department…

    and then there is another one regarding his transfer dealings without Dein – how much time do you have?

  29. David

    By the result.

    It wasnt enough.

    And as I said. Theo created the goal.

    So RVP and Theo shouldve been playing for the off.

    So to answer your question the sub was right but was too little too late as i said making the point moot.

    Subs shouldve been made bright and early second half instead we persisted just like business as usual and were another goal down early in the second half.

  30. David

    Ofcoarse you can make the case about “in hindsight”

    Which is probably fair.

    But i would propose to you that Arsene rarely makes changes at half time except there is an injury regardless of how the game is going.

    As Geoff has been pointing out now for the last 2 seasons.

  31. Keyser

    Suga3 – It’s your shit mate, you asked a question, I answered it under your specific conditions.

    I just don’t think your problem with his subs is anywhere near our biggest problem, there’s countless times where Wenger would have put on Kanu or Wiltord and got a result.

    You blaming what happened at Newcastle on an ineffective sub, is one of the worst arguments you’ve ever put forward.

    How do you honestly sit there and say a game where we lost a 4 goal lead, and yet still drew, where Diaby got himself sent off and we conceded 2 soft penalties is somehow the perfect example ?!

    This is why I end up asking if you’ve been smoking something.

  32. Keyser

    David – and that’s why I asked if there’s any reason for that, that you can think of, that might explain his reluctance ?!

  33. arsenesabemejor

    Raugaj says:
    May 25, 2011 at 22:09
    And you are wasting your time debating with a retarded waste of space .Pathetic

    Raugaj you and gambon should use the above as your strapline at the end of every one of your posts, just like spectrum!!

  34. SUGA3


    no mate, you have got it all wrong! I am not really blaming Newcastle result on an ‘ineffective’ sub as much as I am blaming that result on OGL not having anyone remotely competent to bring on instead with the transfer window having just ended…

    fucking hell matey, tell me, are you on a windup or just plaing thick?

    as for putting on Kanu and Wiltord, well, that’s the problem, we don’t have the subs of that calibre these days, do we?

    or do you believe in this ‘best squad ever’ shit?

    again: serious question!


    I reckon a few players deserve to be Anelka’d 😆

  35. SUGA3

    “My career at Arsenal was going from strength to strength until the day I crossed Vieira, who was better known in the Arsenal dressing room as ‘Le Long.’ I was playing against Fulham at Highbury and I remember receiving a ball from Bergkamp, then rounding the keeper with ease and, with the goal wide open, somehow managing to screw the ball wide at the last minute. It only happened because the sun was in my eyes. It wasn’t my fault! Anyway Vieira gave me a glare and I knew I was in trouble, afterwards in the showers he tore into me and I just snapped, I knew I shouldn’t have, but I called him a ‘lanky limbed boombaclart.’

    At first he just stared at me with his hollow eyes. Then…..WHAM!

    Just like that he slapped me across the face with his penis. Just once. But it knocked me back a few steps. It was like being struck by a wet kipper. No one could believe what they saw! Can you imagine how embarrassing it is to be smacked across the face with a 14″ pork sword in front of your team mates? It was the worst moment of my life. No one said anything for what seemed like an eternity, the silence was only broken when Ashley Cole asked “Is it my turn?” It was then I knew I had to leave. When Wenger found out what he’d done he merely high fived him and shouted “And that’s why he’s the captain. POW! Look at that thing!”

    haha 😆

  36. Keyser

    Suga3 – I haven’t got it wrong, find me exact examples like the newcastle one you think sums up your point exactly ?!

    Find me another example like that, lose a 4 goal lead in 20 minutes, going down to 10 men, away and conceding two penalites.

    If you can you still won’t have much of a point but at least you might understand why it’s a silly example of anything.

  37. SUGA3

    going to 10 men away, conceding two penalties, boohoo…

    nothing but a poxy sob story mate:

    – we were down to 10 men simply because one of Wenger’s favourites is a complete and utter cunt

    – we did not have a competent CB to see out fortysomething minutes of play without conceding four goals, despite options being out there and us having money

    it does not sum up ‘my point’, it sums up Wenger in recent couple of seasons, he has problem with re-focusing on winning trophies and the misplaced loyalty will be his undoing here…

    I am off, laters 😉

  38. OPG

    Ah it’s silly season with all these transfer rumours, but that’s why they are called rumours.
    The papers are so eager to get people to read yet people fall for it. 😀

  39. Moray

    from the Guardian.co.uk

    Glazers give Manchester United’s manager green light for summer spree
    • Sir Alex Ferguson told to target world’s best players
    • Owners ‘relaxed’ about spending large sums on transfers

    According to Manchester United’s most recent accounts, the club have £113m in the bank. That has fuelled suspicions that the owners will withdraw some of it in dividends but insiders claim it is there for transfers and to guard against unforeseen events.

    That figure is expected to rise to more than £160m by the end of the summer, if it follows the pattern of previous seasons, once season-ticket revenue for the coming season is banked. Despite racking up a record pre-tax loss of £109m last year, much of that was attributable to one-off costs associated with a £500m bond issue.

    The chief executive, David Gill, has repeatedly stated that the club will comfortably be able to pay the £45m annual interest on those bonds, especially as it now owns 26% of them itself, and still has about £60m in cash every year thanks to global growth in commercial and TV revenues.

    I guess that is any chance we have of winning the Prem out of the window…

  40. Nigerian Gunner

    Well this is my first post on this blog, i have to say i enjoyed reading the articles and comments, used to be on arsenal mania but hardly ever people commenting there…i hope i have a good time on le grove.
    I have been terribly disappointed with this seasons end, i am also now one of those who feel arsene deserves only one more season to win the league to guarantee his job, nothing less, or maybe CL or both hehe good dreams….
    I just think i need to air my opinion on the defense, I feel we need one experienced CB who has history of the PL, i do sincerely think Koscielny has been good, miles better than djourou who seems doggy at times, the carling cup comedy just made fans think of him as a bad CB. So he would be a great back up along with djourou, we need another DM, a pure and natural winger and a proven world class striker…. it’d be great to also get a keeper but i guess sczensy is alright….i really hope arsene can buy these players, its only four players??? and definitely will not even cost 50 mil like he says, i need sty to celebrate next season gosh n when willl my beloved arsenal win a CL

  41. sixx pac

    Pow! Look at that thing. That’s why he’s captain! Haha. That’s the best Arsenal satire piece Suga3

  42. uzershcik

    SUGA3, just reading through your argument with Keyser. What he says makes sense and is cohesive. What you say sounds like someone trying to avoid the debate.

  43. FredIsDead

    Not fair, the bit about the Eboue substitution. If he had not, he would be routed for not seeing what sixty thousand see. Also the crowd needed to be calmed down, it was getting to be a farce, the booing was damaging our team. So while Eboue was sacrificed, it was not cynical.

  44. santino

    POW! Look at that thing!” 😆 😆

    isnt that from the crabfootball site?? …that guy is a legend.

  45. SUGA3


    each to his own, I guess…

    avoiding debate? good one! where exactly was I avoiding the debate? what I said was that:

    – AW is stranger to flexible tactical approach
    – he tends to make subs when it is too little too late
    – does not act when it is clear for everyone watching that the game is about to go tits up
    – does not act in the transfer market even if the options are out there

    and I am yet to be proven wrong on any of the above!

    avoiding debate? do me a favour, love…

    sixx, santino,

    apparently, this is a bit from Anelka’s book 😆

  46. SUGA3

    and oh, there is one more thing:

    I said it before and I will say it again: both previous OGL’s teams were pretty much self-managing thanks to the combined amount of experience on both counts, hence the ‘do your thing’ approach worked well…

    now that a bit of proper ‘in depth’ management is required, we fall short and who is lacking here?

    you’ve guessed it!

    off to work, laters…

  47. santino

    suga read this . also from the crab guy .

    Arsene Wenger Delighted With ‘Win’ Over Chelsea

    “It’s like Phillipe Sendaros never left.”

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was today condemned by his own supporters for failing to admit that Arsenal side had lost 3-0 to Chelsea, celebrating Arsenal’s ’4-0 win’ over their arch rivals by consuming Didier Drogba’s Man of the Match campagne and giving what can only be described as an ‘interesting’ post match interview.

    Arsene Wenger who, despite being French, is unable to accept defeat. Told the assembled press:

    “Aha! We really showed them today! Did you see Walcott? Carved. Them. To. Pieces. I knew he’d turn into a match winner eventually. It just takes time baby. Yeahhhhhh. And what can you say about Robin Van Persie’s 40 yard screamer? He really has it all. Right foot. Left foot. I really can pick them. I know everything! What number are you thinking of? Three. Three points to Arsenal yes siree.”

    A stunned Garth Crooks repeatedly asked Wenger if he was aware of that his team were easily beaten 3-0 by Carlo Ancelotti’s dominant Blues only for the impish Arsenal manager to put him in a headlock and coerce him into agreeing with his bizarre alternative version of events where Arsenal are six points clear at the top of the league, Tottenham have been relegated for match fixing and Ashely Cole has been gored to death by wild boar in a freak hiking accident.

    “Some people said I couldn’t build a team for pre pubescent wonder kids, some people said I needed big money signings to shore up the squad, but I showed them! How does it feel Ashley! HOW DOES IT FEEL!” Raged Wenger, before being dragged away by Pat Rice.

    Arsenal FC later re-released a pre prepared statement from Wenger identical to previous statements made after losses to Manchester United, Manchester Lite and Sunderland and made reference to ‘giving his team time,’ asked fans to ‘judge me at the end of the season‘ and warned naysayers that he ‘would never learn surrender.’

  48. gnarleygeorge9

    “We won nothing and finished 4th so what’s the difference between me and Wenger?”

    Evening chaps

    I see old mon ami is taunting again with his “I might buy” or “I like this boy”.

  49. gnarleygeorge9

    ….when it comes to Arsenal that is, can’t speak for everything else about Bear coz I’ve never met him personally.