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Scott Parker would be nice, but let’s not kid ourselves he’s the answer. For me, he’s corrective eye surgery when you’ve got a face like Micky Rourke. I like his fighting spirit, I like that he’s got it all to prove again and I like that there will be no doubt when it comes to him being injured. He’ll play through the pain barrier and he’ll earn his money.

I’m kind of hoping his experience could push this team of young pretenders on like Edgar Davids did for Spurs back in 2006 when they nearly toppled us in the league but for a dodgy lasagna. If it’s a case of Denilson out and Scott Parker in… I’m game all the way. Although I do expect more additions.

One player I’ve been reading great things about is Rio Mavuba of Lille. Why do I suggest such a player? Well, Lille winning the French league is a little like Stoke winning the league over here. You’d applaud it but then fear for them as all their best players would be snapped in an instant. Rory Delap would be off to Barca, Shawcross to Milan and Etherington to LA Galaxy. Well, this is an outcome Lille will be expecting this summer. Mavuba was born at sea and as far as I know, the sea doesn’t have a national team, so internationals wont be a problem… I jest of course… he is Congolese-Angolan with a French passport (Wenger nationality porn). He’s capped at international level and he’s played some exceptional football this year.

His Father was known as the Black Sorcerer and as far as I’m concerned… that’s a good enough reason to earn a move to Arsenal .

Anyway, it’s always worth checking out a cheap defensive midfielder who specialises in playing in an attacking team with an excellent defence. He’s agile and fast… not to mention well-traveled, a failed stint in Spain will bode well for his hunger to prove people wrong.

Rumours about Alvarez don’t seem to want to disappear. He’s a free transfer and he has an Italian passport. Oh, and did I mention he’s had serious injury problems and he’s not really a conventional wide man? Perfect match… send him over, he and Theo can have 30 games each and sulk on the team bus about never getting the chance to play down the middle.

Still, all of this excitement will mean nothing if we lose Denilson in Bendtner. I mean honestly, how will we cope? Team douche leaving is going to be tough on all of us…

Jokes aside, Milan are said to be lining up a large bid for Samir Nasri and Cesc is said to be looking at a seat driving for the new Seat F1 team next season. We could find ourselves in a real pickle if we don’t sort out the futures of our two best players sharpish. If they do decide to leave, at least we can be assured of a large transfer surplus early on… 1-0 to the accounts team.

If however, we do manage to keep those players and Arsene Wenger does decide he’d like to show us the way with buying some mature players, I’ve no doubt he could bring in some top talent. I mean his nearly record over the past few years speaks for itself. He could have had Ribery, Alonso, Drogba, Cech, Robinho and countless others. So he clearly knows these players exist, maybe this summer he’ll push the boat out?

Stranger things have happened…

Ryan Giggs had his name exposed in the press yesterday as the man behind the sordid affair with an ex-Big Brother star. What a muppet eh? Here’s a theory for all footballers. If you have lots of money and you have an affair with a women without lots of money, there is a strong possibility that a pay day of £50k to tell all will be tempting. So, for future reference, when choosing a woman to have a fling with make sure 1) She is suitably wealthy 2) Preferably has as much as you do to lose.

Watch out Cherie Blair… Pedro’s coming for you…

No seriously babe, Arsene gave him 160+ games in the first team...

If we’ve learned anything here, it’s firstly that footballers are in the main all complete dogs and all a touch retarded. Also, it teaches you that you can’t control the conversation in social media… don’t even attempt it, you’ll find yourself flamed like BK Whopper or a witch in Salem way back when.

Oh, and don’t get too smug about players behaving badly either. Don’t be surprised if a couple of stories of our own creep out over the coming months. Like I said, all footballer are retarded… even the Arsenal boys.

Finally, before I go, I wanted to highlight a bit of Le Grove forward thinking… Jack Wilshere was rightly taken out of the firing line for the Euro’s, which is great news for Arsenal, great news for England’s seniors and great news for his body. How did he do it? Well, it looks like the GPS team at Arsenal used hard data to convince the FA he was ruined physically…

‘Over the last few weeks, I have been feeling tired and my GPS results have shown that.’

If you can be bothered to traipse through the archives, this tech was a drum we were banging long before Arsenal adopted it. This season, it’s hard to argue that we’ve seen a massive improvement in the players fitness levels. In the main, we’ve had a pretty much full squad to pick from. There’s not much you can do about the ‘in your mind’ injuries Cesc has been suffering… bar letting him go to Barcelona! So pretty much a resounding success from that point of view this year.

Are we taking responsibility for the adoption of the technology? Without doubt… payment with two seats on the board will suffice Mr Kroenke.

I’m off to Ibiza this evening, so Geoff is stepping in from project managing a new business to write the blog for a week.

Has he calmed since his voluntary absence? Has he softened his stance on Wenger since he declared back in January we’d finish 4th? Has he finally admitted Song is world-class?

Find out tomorrow when the Bear returns!

P.S. Take a look at my post from May last year… read familiar? (LINK)

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  1. Keyser

    Mean’s I’m more than equipped to handle all the shit you talk on here.

    Seriously you fat cunt, what’s with the hissy fit over Baines, he’s shit.

  2. gnarleygeorge9

    Blimey isn’t it Summer in Blighty? You lot should get out & smell the roses, rather than chew over matters that will never happen.

    ………..but I’ll tell you this, the decision by The Arsenal to play pre season games in Asia is far more productive than the former Camp Wenger, somewhere in Austria 😆

  3. Iceman10

    Aparently Aguero and Coentrao to Real for abt 60 mill…if we sold Cesc and Clichy we cud afford that

  4. David

    I dont think Baines is the answer either.

    Slow midget.

    He can cross a ball sure, but he got done by Bendtner!?

  5. gambon

    I dont care particularly about Baines, just trying to point out that what we’ve got aint any good, and Baines would be an upgrade, even if he isnt the best around.

    The “Baines isnt good enough” argument is like saying…”im not interested in a VW Passat, ill just stick with my 1992 sierra sapphire”

    Too much of a snobbish attitue towards any suggested signings on here, unless theyre tippy tappys from france & africa.

    “Cahill isnt good enough” – Well hes better than Koscielny & Squillaci put together.

    “Parker isnt good enough” – Well hes better than Song, much much much better.

    If we cosistently replace the dross with better players we will get a lot closer to the PL.

  6. Big Dave

    “Parker will be joining Arsenal within the next fortnight but the fee will remain undisclosed. Arsenal are not a football club that likes to talk about their business publicly. There are some minor details to go through but everything looks set.”

  7. gambon

    Hahaha…Wenger saying he may look at Benzema.

    Hmmmm, how surprising at this time of year.

    Havent renewals for general seating STs turned up recently?

    And in the last few days he has come out with

    “I will be very active”

    “We need world class players”

    “A bid for Benzema isnt impossible”

  8. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    Gnarley –

    If we lose over two legs in the CL qualy Arsene will blame that tour, the same way he blames the fans for wanting to win trophies meaning his young team were knackered in the run in.

    The excuse king.

  9. gambon

    Pretty sure Bendtner scored against the best team in the world in their own stadium.

    Does that make them shit?

  10. Keyser

    gambon – Think is you pleb, you do exactly the same with the players we do have, you’re the biggest snob on here when it comes to players.

    If Parker was a playr you didn’t like you’d be the first to point out he flopped at the only big club he’s played at, he’s now 30, way past his prime and now that the team he personally inspired with half-time speeches to relegation has gone down, he’s a Championship player at best.

    Those players would all be punts, big ones because they’ve over-hyped and over-valued, they’re not better than what we have, they might have the potential to be better in some ways and that’s about it.

    Out of those Cahill is probably the worst option. Baines could provide something going forward, Parker has decent stamina and supposedly has some experience.

  11. Jimbo

    I like Parker, and I like Cahill – I’d sign both in a heartbeat, principally because I think both would add something to the squad that I think we desperately need.

    That said, I don’t see how we get that much better if we sign Baines. We maybe get a very small number more goals from set pieces, but we lose a lot of pace down the left, and get even worse defensively from that side.

  12. gambon


    Im a realist, which basically means I am able to analyse the team, players, manager correctly and without an agenda.

    I am also right about everything.

    Guys like you & A are raving AKBs, and basically tow the pro wenger & pro whoever plays for Arsenal line.

    You guys also get everything wrong, absolutely everything.

    Examples of gambons stunning analysis:

    – We wont finish ahead of UTD & Chelsea this season
    – Koscielny wont be good enough
    – Chamakh is far from the answer
    – Wenger is a cunt

    Examples of Keysers analysis:

    – Denilson is awesome, oh wait he’s left, hes no longer awesome, oh wait its not cofirmed so until he leaves he is awesome.
    – Who do I want us to sign? Well whoever Wenger wants, if he stays with the same team I want the same team.
    – What music do i like? French female rappers of course.
    – Its the refs fault

  13. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    How shit is Baines when Clichy can be compared favorably defensively to him? Fucking hell.

    Makes you glad we saved that 5k a week on Cole. We would have probably done a leeds if we gave the best left back in the world an extra 5k.

  14. Hussain

    Yeah pretty interesting words coming out from Wenger during the last few days, whether its got to do with Season Tickets or overall change in policy that fans want remains to be seen, Madrid sell at cut prices all the time, i hope they spend crazy money on Aguero and end up selling Benzema to us for peanuts! Shall be fun!

  15. gambon


    Dont be so fucking ridiculous,

    Keeping cole wouldve ‘killed’ Armand Traore, Cedric Evina & some french 2 year old that we are in talks with.

    Also, thisk about the restaurants, for christ sake man think about the restaurants. They are more important than good players.

    I heard a rumour Wenger is gonna play a plate of Oysters at CB next season. The aforementioned CB said he cant sit on the bench cos he’s a starter!!

  16. Lurch LeRouge

    dung beetle larvae eat the solid dung while adult beetles stick to liquids. there is a good bit of nutritious moisture in dung and adult beetles suck up that juice.

  17. gambon


    – Mobongo Kakapo
    – Pobongo Makapo
    – Bong Bong Adebolo
    – Jean-Pierre Garlic
    – Half of the Lorient team

  18. Keyser

    gambon – Oh come on even you don’t believe the shit you type, far too much effort in that post aswell.

    I remember talking about arbing, how you can manipulate small betting markets and so on for half a day on here because you were adamant there was no way in the World Man United could lose their game in hand vs Blackpool, come the game..

    ‘It’s amazing, I can’t believe it, they can’t be beaten, they’ve never lose, Glory, Glory, Man United, go down Le Grove they’ll go unbeaten, they’ll do it better than the Invincibles, I can’t believe it.!

    This went on for a while until they lost to Wolves and your mouth was closed tighter than Anderson’s shorts around his ample behind.

  19. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    LOL Gambon

    I have always believed that Arsene was above getting the sack but I am pretty sure that a repeat of this year, bearing in mind some super super fans actually see this year as a good one, or a worse showing next season will signal the end of Arsene.

    So with that in mind I am a bit torn now, I want to sign some good players and move forward but ultimately I know that Wenger will still win fuck all regardless of who he buys. I would prefer is Arsene sticks to his usually bollocks of buying unknown donkeys in order to make himself look clever so that when he gets the push this time next year the new guy has funds to spend.

  20. gambon


    – Half of the lorient team.

    I find it hard to believe Wenger will add the quality we need, he is wrapped up in his weird ideas.

    We’ll see, but I dont really get why anyone would have any faith in the guy. His record recently is appaling, why do people convince themselves it’ll change.

  21. gambon


    I seem to remember saying “theres no way this utd team will be beaten”.

    Im sure you know where to find a copy of the PL table as it stands….right next to your dominos menu chunky.

    Gambon knows everything.

  22. Keyser

    Nah you said ‘Unbeaten’ like the closet manc you are and you were wrong, just like you were wrong about Walcott, Mourinho and numerous other things.

  23. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    Raugaj –

    How are the diplomatic corps working out for you?

  24. Black Hand Ninja

    Just been thinking the season over…..

    Our defense has been shocking numerous times this season, so much so that I don’t even think new defenders will solve the problem. There has to be a revision in how we approach such things in training.

    I’m not too fussed really, whether Wenger stays or goes at this point, as long as there is progression at the club. I hope that it will happen while he’s still at the helm, but crucial times are ahead for him.

  25. alan b'stard M P

    We do need defenders and there are good ENGLISH defenders. Let’s get them!

    I wouldn’t mind betting Bent would score as many goals as Benzema and cheaper to purchase

  26. alan b'stard M P

    WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum – Cause Hes Worth It! says:
    May 25, 2011 at 00:28

    this sis one reason for the ticket price hike, Another is Wenger’s 7 mill

  27. luke

    Think we need quality not quantity this summer.

    Outs: Bendtner, Denilson, Rosicky, Almunia, Squilaci

    Ins: Schweinsteiger, Hangeland (or w.e CB), Hazard/A. Young/Bastos/LW, Striker (gervinho, K Doyle, someone who looks to shoot everytime they get the ball).

    Bendtner +22 million to Bayern for Schweinesteiger, Hangeland for 10 million, Hazard 19 million ish, 12-14 million for a striker. That is 64 million spent, but between Denilson, Almunia, Rosicky, and Squilaci we can probably get 25 million so really its only 39 million spent. Wages would go up though…

  28. Moray

    luke, I think we will need both quality and quantity. We will inevitably have 5 or 6 players in or around the first team leaving the club.

    Currently this looks like:

    – Arshavin
    – Fabregas
    – Almunia
    – Clichy
    – De***son
    – Bendtner

    Also, perhaps:

    – Rosicky
    – Nasri

    That is a lot of changes. It will mean potentially changing how we play (which is much needed) and changes to our salary structure.

    Problem is, the best players are being signed up already, and typically we will sit around picking our toes until the final dau of the transfer window. Heavily in debt Man Utd need to replace their veteran keeper, so they sign a new guy for 18m ahead of the window opening. It makes sense. They are not worried about killing their secod keeper, as the club comes first.

  29. SUGA3

    Gazidis’ quote when the trip to China was announced:

    Arsenal Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis, said: “Everyone at Arsenal Football Club is excited to be visiting China. We enjoy huge support in Asia and this will help bring the Club closer to our many fans in China.

    “We are delighted to be returning to China. We last visited in 1995 when we played a pre-season friendly match in Beijing. It will be a wonderful experience for the Club and our players, many of whom will be visiting China for the first time.”

  30. SUGA3

    Gazidis’ quote when the game in Malaysia was announced:

    Arsenal Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis said: “Everyone at Arsenal Football Club is excited to be visiting Malaysia.

    “The Club has a tradition of playing there going back to the 1960s. This will be our fourth visit to Malaysia, having last visited Kuala Lumpur in 1999.

    “We enjoy huge support in Asia and this will help bring the Club closer to our fans out there.”

  31. SUGA3

    I mean, any PR guy worth his salt would tell you that it’s better to announce both in one go or leave some time between them if you have to do this separately, so that people would more or less forget what you said first time around, the quotes look rehashed otherwise…

    I know there is not much else you can say, but still it’s a fail!

  32. ikon,19528,11667_6950673,00.html

    having seen this guy play, have to say united have got one of the best goal keepers around.

    so frustrating… united win 50-60 million every year, and pump at least half of that into new players, build a brand where players would like to play and not play around for wages knowing that there will be 100 more players willing to come to take their place if they leave the club. No one has the power to hold the club to ransom over meek wages. And there are no philosophies at work, just market forces.

    Wenger of all people having studied economics should know that market determines everything everytime everywhere.

    De Gea is an excellent signing for united. It shows respect for Van der Sar, and most importantly a stern message to the rivals and to the fans that the club has got its prioritites right.

  33. SUGA3


    could these ‘hints’ have something to do with thousands of ST holders sticking two fingers up to the poxy little project of his?

    nah, impossible…

    this summer, seeing is believing!

  34. ikon

    Would love to see some commitment from Wenger like this… unwavering ambition for …not profits, not beautiful football…not any shit except winning..

    “It was a great moment for us this season winning the title,” said Ferguson. “The only thing you can do at this club is win. It’s the only thing that matters.

    “But it’s not a matter of sitting back and thinking about what’s happened this season, you have to carry on because there’s nothing else to do.

    “You have a responsibility and there’s an expectation we have to live up to, which is what we always try to do here.”

  35. Kushagra India

    Benzema RVP Nasri Arsha will score some concede some no matter what we buy in defense there is an inherent weakness in our defensive strategy that makes Chesney look average. Wilshere and sometimes Song for the last month or two have stopped running exposing our defense time and again…thats the area of concern for me ,no matter whom we buy if Wenger doesn’t change it tactically we are a gonna…

  36. SUGA3


    Szczesny had a couple of stinkers recently, but average?

    come on, our defensive personnel and/or strategy would make VdS look gash 😆

    off to work, laters!

  37. SurferX

    Where’s the return of Geoff then?

    Come on my old son, Im waiting for my dose of Arsenal positivity..