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Fulham up today… it’s such a non-event, I can hardly find any information about it.

I believe Cesc Clichy and Nasri are all out. No coincidence they are the 3 with future question marks over their names. Then there are doubts over JD, Kozzer and Rosicky. So basically, we have a pretty depleted team this afternoon. The game is important to save a bit of face and possibly 3rd place. Mind you, I don’t hold out much hope of City losing to Bolton?

The interest is mostly going to be at the bottom of the table. Blackpool, Birmingham, Wolves and Wigan could all face the drop today… wouldn’t it be fantastic if Ian Holloway’s men could pull something out the bag? I’d personally love to get shot of Blackburn and Birmingham, that’d make my day pretty damn sweet! It’d also be pretty funny if Spurs lost 5th place to Liverpool!


So Steve Stammers over at the Mirror reckons Jack Wilshere has been omitted from the England Under 21 squad this summer. Fantastic news if true. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a media back lash about a player NOT being selected. It’s a fair one, the only reason he is being selected is because Stuart Pearce is being completely selfish about his future. There is no logical reason to take a player who has bypassed the Under 21’s to a tournament.

I was told that Jack wasn’t overly keen on going in the first place, he’s played 4,538 minutes this season, that’ s more minutes than anyone at Arsenal and that’s more minutes than all bar one in the senior England squad. For me, questions should be raised as to why Arsene Wenger has used him that much this year. This is an 18 year old kid being depended on to be our main man. It’s career negligence and for me… one of the major factors behind our woeful injury problems. Don’t forget, not only will he be playing those minutes, he’ll be doubling them through the harsh training methods Arsenal put their players through.

Finding players in Coventry…

Interesting that Wenger said we wouldn’t find the right type of players for our squad in Coventry… because last time I checked, that was exactly the place where 11 ladies of Arsenal persuasion helped the club lift it’s first non-made up trophy of the season. Well done to the girls, you put in a terrific performance and you’ve made us all proud!

Cesc Fabregas…

Various media outlets are reporting that Barcelona are looking to step in and sign Cesc for a fee a little more appealing than the slap in the face they faxed over last year. There is also a lot of talk surrounding Madrid and a £58million offer. I believe Madrid will offer the money, I’m just struggling to believe they’re doing it for any other reason than showing Barcelona they have more money than them. I think the Catalan’s have more pressing issues this  summer… their squad is painfully small and it’ll need bolstering in more than one position. They don’t have the funds for a £150million spending spree, so a £60million signing seem beyond the realms…

I think the basketball scores Madrid and Barcelona registered last night showed just how weak La Liga is outside their top 4.

Central defender talk…

“However, we expected central defender Thomas Vermaelen to return from injury in January – and he didn’t play.

“If we had known that was going to be the case, maybe we would have done something. But would we have won the league? It is very difficult to say that.”

I have to pull you up on this one Arsene. You may have thought Thomas Vermaelen would be back in January, but you yourself have always said it can take 2 months to return to peak fitness, so January after a serious injury was always ambitious. You were also aware during that time period that Squillaci was an absolute liability and that you were being overly dependent on the injury prone JD and the error prone Koscielny. You could have signed a centre back in January and you should have.

Anyone with half a brain knew what you had to do, but as usual, Arsene knows best… until he doesn’t, then he plays the bad luck card.

Good managers have foresight.

Goodbye my lover…

After a horrible year of ups and downs, we head into the final Arsenal kick off of the season. We’ve had hope this year, we’ve had despair. We’ve had a cup final, we’ve beaten the best team in the world, we’ve seen the emergence of the best talent in English football since Gazza, we’ve finally found a new keeper, we’ve seen inappropriate back heels, we’ve seen our manager exposed again, we’ve seen fights in the stands, we’ve seen ill-timed air shots, we’ve heard boo’s, we’ve seen strikers on the wing, we’ve seen strikers take 2 months off through exhaustion, we’ve not seen a single goal from outside the box at the emirates, we’ve been crowned away day champions and we’ve not seen a trophy… and the worst part? No open top parade for our underachieving financial report this year.

It’s been a rocky old year, football has been a cruel to us… but my god, we’ll miss it when it’s gone…

The next three months mean you’ll finally have no excuse not to spend time with loved ones. It means sneaking off on a Saturday afternoon to drink beer no longer has a tangible excuse behind it. It means you’re going to have to pay your kids, girlfriend, wives and part-time lovers some attention…

This is a sad day, whichever way you look at it.

If you’re lucky enough to be heading down to Craven Cottage, have a good one. If you’re watching it cooped up behind a stream, crack open a crate of Peroni and enjoy the last bit of football until we head out to China for a really exciting tour.

Before I slink off, I just wanted to thank all of you for another super year of blogging. If I was Arsene Wenger, I’d make up a special trophy just for you lot… because you have all played a part in creating the best online comments section out of any of the blogs. We salute your commitment and thank you for taking the time out to air your thoughts at the bottom of our posts. You make it worth getting up at 0630 in the morning to write and as long as you keep dropping by to get involved… Geoff and I will keep on writing!

Best Comments award!

Have a great day, see you in the comments!

P.S. Big shout out to Paul Le Grove who beat Jame De Gale last night in the boxing… a terrific performance that was in no way associated with a made up sponsorship deal with Le Grove.

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682 Responses to “Madrid playing the game | Wilshere dropped? | Wenger’s excuses don’t add up…”

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  1. Lurch LeRouge

    Nite Sabeel

    a wise man once sacrificed himself for our sins, clearly he wasted his time. 😉

  2. Samir

    Arsene Wenger expects to be active in the transfer window this summer but has warned Arsenal fans not to expect extravagant spending.

    “We need good players, world-class players,” Wenger told Sky Sports.

    “We will try to buy the right players. Spending is not a purpose, it’s not our goal. We want the right players.

    “We have to be conscious that we cannot buy players for £50million. We fight with opponents who can do that.

    “You have to live in a realistic world, therefore we will give it our best to strengthen the team.”
    Who the fuck has asked you to spend 50m on a player? Stop talking and do some business you idiot.
    If we don’t make 3/4 quality signings this season…We are well and truly fucked. No top 4 next season, more like 6/8th. Especially with no Cesc,Nasri and Clichy. Gibbs at LB is a load of bullshit.

  3. Gooby

    walcott 39 appearances for Arsenal:
    12 goals 11 assists.

    bring in hazard on the left, we’ll start to look really scary on the flanks

  4. zeus

    on Denilson’s pre-match comments…
    He wants to play. I have spoken to him already. We will see if he has opportunities or not. We have to face many comments but I have enough experience to know that the Club is in a strong position and we want to be stronger next year. Next year we will have the same opponents who will invest a lot of money. We have to make sure we climb up the table because I felt this year was the best chance for the last five or six years.

    What did Neves say? Or was it the same I want to leave BS from mid week?

  5. Patthegooner

    As much as I want Wenger out, I am pleased we don’t behave like the Chavs

    Ancelotti is a good manager and one I would gladly take at Arsenal

    The difference is Arsene has underachiever for 6 years, Ancelotti has had one and one where the chairman has sacked his assistant.

    What Chelsea are doing is not Ambition, it’s the disgraceful side of modern day football that leaves a sour taste

  6. Patthegooner

    Mourinho back hey Keyser

    I think they will start to struggle to attract managers if they keep treating them the way they do

  7. GunzSp

    I’m sorry but hats off to wenger, only he can earn 7m a year for managing a team without needing to win trophies or improve the squad. Hoping th whoag protest will callfor him to leave if we have a typical summer of French twats joining our French team

  8. Keyser

    I’m sure in last Sundays Times they had Wenger on at least 8.2m, for what it’s worth, only behind Mourinho and Gus Hiddink.

  9. HumAnimal

    Patthegooner has a point ther.
    I am shocked that Ancelloti’s gone I actually liked him for some reason, got dow and focused on getting his chelsea side out of a rut.
    Told the media that Chelsea’s out of the race just to shift attention from them on to arsenal and it worked, clever…
    Roman is a disgrace, got rid of Mou and Ancelloti.

    Anyway Wenger wit his usual comments. Its interesting that before Villa moved to Barca Valencia offered him to us for 24 mil. Not bad right( considering torres was bought for 50 and Carrol for 35)
    Wenger says no that he has Bendtner. In the same season he says his regular “I am looking to sign the best players available to the squad. So next season he signs Squil and Kos.
    The mans lost it.
    His sanity and my respect
    How is Squil the best available to the club, how is Chamakh the best available how is Kos
    Wenger let me know the weed u smoke I’m quite keen to try.

  10. leon

    path i think chelsea have set bar extremly high win trophy or get out its totally rufeless and thats whats needed at arsenal right but has stands its businessmen no one push wenger hence why he is still in a job

  11. Patthegooner

    I suppose there is that Keyser, money talks I guess

    I wonder if Wenger was approached, would he go to the Cavs

  12. Gooby

    zeus says:
    May 22, 2011 at 21:36

    Bloody hell, Carli sacked!!!!
    Who goes there? Van gaal, Rojkaard?

    hope they hire avram grant again !

  13. Raugaj

    I wonder if Wenger was approached, would he go to the Cavs

    No,that retarded French parasite wouldnt leave Arsenal before he has sucked out all the resources off the club.Twat

  14. gambon

    Wenger go to the chavs?

    Hmmmm lets see:

    – Would he be allowed a team of babies? Np
    – Would his fear of spending money be accepted? No
    – Are their fans stupid enough to think ‘fourth is a trophy’? No
    – Would he be allowed to win nothing for 6 seasons? No
    – Does the Chelsea groundsman allow people tpo throw bottles on the floor? No
    – Do Chelsea club shop sell them stupid big coats? No
    – Is Abramovic on a mission to increase the GDP of France? No

    Doesnt look like a match made in heaven.

  15. zeus

    Abramoich will look a right mug if he allowed Mourinho back. And why would Jose want back anyway, so that the Russian will buy players that Jose doesn’t want?

  16. HumAnimal

    Wenger “A company works best when everybody does the job he is paid to do.”
    Hmmm Wengie what are you paid to do?
    So is this club a company now? Fuck as long as this mans dictating we won’t win a trophy… FACT.
    Shit I forgot, 4th’s a trophy… yaaaay let’s stick a sticky note saying 4th on our trophy cabinet, so its not tooo empty

  17. gambon


    Bringing the best manager in the world to the club would make RA look like a mug? I dont agree.

    Why would Jose want back? Cos he loves the club and loves England.

  18. Keyser

    Chelsea’s pitch is usually shit anyway, don’t think that’d be a problem.

    Also the club shop probably sells all kinds of big coats.

  19. Patthegooner

    I can but hope Gambon

    I don’t expect them to look at Arsene but likewise, why would real Madrid be interested, and they tried to get him

  20. arsenal4ever

    Ian McGarry
    #CFC have already instigated plans to sign 5 new players this summer. All of whom have been approved/recommended by Hiddink.

    we will play for 5th or 6th next season. Wenger wont spend on world class.

  21. Keyser

    Yeah, Mourinho’s pretty much flopped in Spain, the media still asslick him here he’d love it.

    Though I don’t think Abramovich would give him aslong this time around.

  22. zeus


    No. Put things in context. HE HATES MOURINHO. Jose, by the end, could not hide his contempt for RA and at every opportunity would say things for the sole purpose of insulting RA (especially after the russian closed the purse strings).

    It would be like us taking back Ade after the shit h said about the club.

  23. HumAnimal

    Mou’s too proud to come back. Can’t see it happenin. He wants to come back to England but I think he would have wanted to manage Citeh or United.

  24. Patthegooner

    I think the emergence of Man City’s millions have changed the Chavs game plan. Abramovich wanted self sustaining but he now knows that won’t work

    The answer

    Spend big and get the right man. I don’t think that is mourinho, I think they have persuaded hiddink

  25. zeus

    If Maureen leaves Madrid now, it will be a big blemish on his record. Won everything in every other country, but Pepe ‘the master’ Guardiola, could hardly get the better of him.

    His ego won’t allow it.

  26. gambon

    BBC Interview

    Reporter: “Arsene what assurances can you give the fans for silverware next season cos its been a long wait for them”

    Wenger: “Well we’ve been in the champions league 15 years running”


  27. Keyser

    Yeah, but he’s completely embarassed himself in Spain, could be damage limitation now, Real Madrid might even have had enough, Ancelotti might be being lined up for them if he doesn’t take the West Ham job.

  28. Patthegooner

    Apparently that Alvarez chap was dropped to the bench for Velez tonight

    Read into that whatever you like

    A lot makes sense. Unknown, cheap

    If he was French it would be nailed on!!!!!

  29. Dutchman

    It’s just like we dont want to be in the top two. We always collapse in the end. And wenger has become a real crazy man. His ambition is fourth place. Facking cunt! He is the only coach who defends his team after such a shit season. And the only one who is happy with fourth place.

  30. OPG

    Wigan have the Youngest overall squad in the PL infact for the last couple of years, I don’t think I’ve heard Martinez use that excuse again and again.

  31. Pier

    Van Basten apparently is gonna be new chav boss.

    And shreks goal was the best by a whisker from Bale’s.

    PS – Fuck off Monsieur Merde, we want our Arsenal back.

  32. Bolo

    SPEND SOME FUCKING MONEY! I havnt screamed thatt loud for a while. It felt so nice. I really feel happy. Wenger you idiot I hate the fact that we even started this season with almunia as our no.1. We waited all that time for Chamakh and the guy is so shit, fucking bambi cunt. Gibbs is not ready neither is Chesesny. JD got manhandled by Zamora today, fucking pussy like most of the team.
    What really pissed me off today is that most of them didn’t acknowledge the fans properly, cunts.
    Was meant to go Movida tonight but can’t be bothered but I bet they’ll all be out celebrating being top of. Away league. Next arsenal player I see out is gonna get some serious abuse, except RVP, TV, JW, Nasri, Sanga and Chesesny. Fucking bunch Of pussies with pussy mentality.

  33. chozzer

    Pedro, the pluralisation police here again.
    Please stop pluralising words by putting apostrophe s on the end. Catalan’s ?

  34. tiarnan

    tipitapi says:
    May 22, 2011 at 09:58

    cant teach an old dog new tricks …


    Dunno if I agree with that…I taught my wife how to light her farts the other week – and shes 72.

  35. frogman

    Shrek gets the goal of the year award and Gambon gets the award for the twat blogger of the year!! Well done to the both of you as you are both twats!!!

  36. tiarnan

    is today fuckin Monday? fuck me i thot it was sunday – ive lost an entire day…hiccup….btr call in sick …again…mondayitis

  37. ikon

    worthless team this is and more worryingly, i dont think new players are the answer. Either the coaching methods have to change with defensive coach additions and so on, or the manager has to be changed.
    Dont think adding players like Alvarez, and continue to play with absolute dross defenders and defensive mids will do any good to the squad.
    It is a gross disrespect to the fans by Wenger.
    Same old shit coming out of him each year, we keep conceeding more and more goals every year still the statement “we will get players only if they improve the squad”.

    wat nonsense and joke the club has been made to be dealing with.