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Fulham up today… it’s such a non-event, I can hardly find any information about it.

I believe Cesc Clichy and Nasri are all out. No coincidence they are the 3 with future question marks over their names. Then there are doubts over JD, Kozzer and Rosicky. So basically, we have a pretty depleted team this afternoon. The game is important to save a bit of face and possibly 3rd place. Mind you, I don’t hold out much hope of City losing to Bolton?

The interest is mostly going to be at the bottom of the table. Blackpool, Birmingham, Wolves and Wigan could all face the drop today… wouldn’t it be fantastic if Ian Holloway’s men could pull something out the bag? I’d personally love to get shot of Blackburn and Birmingham, that’d make my day pretty damn sweet! It’d also be pretty funny if Spurs lost 5th place to Liverpool!


So Steve Stammers over at the Mirror reckons Jack Wilshere has been omitted from the England Under 21 squad this summer. Fantastic news if true. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a media back lash about a player NOT being selected. It’s a fair one, the only reason he is being selected is because Stuart Pearce is being completely selfish about his future. There is no logical reason to take a player who has bypassed the Under 21’s to a tournament.

I was told that Jack wasn’t overly keen on going in the first place, he’s played 4,538 minutes this season, that’ s more minutes than anyone at Arsenal and that’s more minutes than all bar one in the senior England squad. For me, questions should be raised as to why Arsene Wenger has used him that much this year. This is an 18 year old kid being depended on to be our main man. It’s career negligence and for me… one of the major factors behind our woeful injury problems. Don’t forget, not only will he be playing those minutes, he’ll be doubling them through the harsh training methods Arsenal put their players through.

Finding players in Coventry…

Interesting that Wenger said we wouldn’t find the right type of players for our squad in Coventry… because last time I checked, that was exactly the place where 11 ladies of Arsenal persuasion helped the club lift it’s first non-made up trophy of the season. Well done to the girls, you put in a terrific performance and you’ve made us all proud!

Cesc Fabregas…

Various media outlets are reporting that Barcelona are looking to step in and sign Cesc for a fee a little more appealing than the slap in the face they faxed over last year. There is also a lot of talk surrounding Madrid and a £58million offer. I believe Madrid will offer the money, I’m just struggling to believe they’re doing it for any other reason than showing Barcelona they have more money than them. I think the Catalan’s have more pressing issues this  summer… their squad is painfully small and it’ll need bolstering in more than one position. They don’t have the funds for a £150million spending spree, so a £60million signing seem beyond the realms…

I think the basketball scores Madrid and Barcelona registered last night showed just how weak La Liga is outside their top 4.

Central defender talk…

“However, we expected central defender Thomas Vermaelen to return from injury in January – and he didn’t play.

“If we had known that was going to be the case, maybe we would have done something. But would we have won the league? It is very difficult to say that.”

I have to pull you up on this one Arsene. You may have thought Thomas Vermaelen would be back in January, but you yourself have always said it can take 2 months to return to peak fitness, so January after a serious injury was always ambitious. You were also aware during that time period that Squillaci was an absolute liability and that you were being overly dependent on the injury prone JD and the error prone Koscielny. You could have signed a centre back in January and you should have.

Anyone with half a brain knew what you had to do, but as usual, Arsene knows best… until he doesn’t, then he plays the bad luck card.

Good managers have foresight.

Goodbye my lover…

After a horrible year of ups and downs, we head into the final Arsenal kick off of the season. We’ve had hope this year, we’ve had despair. We’ve had a cup final, we’ve beaten the best team in the world, we’ve seen the emergence of the best talent in English football since Gazza, we’ve finally found a new keeper, we’ve seen inappropriate back heels, we’ve seen our manager exposed again, we’ve seen fights in the stands, we’ve seen ill-timed air shots, we’ve heard boo’s, we’ve seen strikers on the wing, we’ve seen strikers take 2 months off through exhaustion, we’ve not seen a single goal from outside the box at the emirates, we’ve been crowned away day champions and we’ve not seen a trophy… and the worst part? No open top parade for our underachieving financial report this year.

It’s been a rocky old year, football has been a cruel to us… but my god, we’ll miss it when it’s gone…

The next three months mean you’ll finally have no excuse not to spend time with loved ones. It means sneaking off on a Saturday afternoon to drink beer no longer has a tangible excuse behind it. It means you’re going to have to pay your kids, girlfriend, wives and part-time lovers some attention…

This is a sad day, whichever way you look at it.

If you’re lucky enough to be heading down to Craven Cottage, have a good one. If you’re watching it cooped up behind a stream, crack open a crate of Peroni and enjoy the last bit of football until we head out to China for a really exciting tour.

Before I slink off, I just wanted to thank all of you for another super year of blogging. If I was Arsene Wenger, I’d make up a special trophy just for you lot… because you have all played a part in creating the best online comments section out of any of the blogs. We salute your commitment and thank you for taking the time out to air your thoughts at the bottom of our posts. You make it worth getting up at 0630 in the morning to write and as long as you keep dropping by to get involved… Geoff and I will keep on writing!

Best Comments award!

Have a great day, see you in the comments!

P.S. Big shout out to Paul Le Grove who beat Jame De Gale last night in the boxing… a terrific performance that was in no way associated with a made up sponsorship deal with Le Grove.

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682 Responses to “Madrid playing the game | Wilshere dropped? | Wenger’s excuses don’t add up…”

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  1. Lurch LeRouge



  2. gambon

    “Bullshit! Nobody knows what is going to happen next season. We wil buy some class players, believe me”

    Sigh….have you been hibernating for the last 5 years?

  3. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    I believe you dutchman I believe you.

    Not that I am gullible but I did sell my every worldly possesion in anticipation of the end of the world yesterday.


  4. gambon

    Lurch, I would keep Gibbs for now.

    More like:



  5. Patthegooner


    FFS the season has only just finished and you are already spouting the shit about wait till you see what he does in the summer

    Take a look at the last five summers if you want some hints as to what will happen. Everything he says is de ja vu on the bullshit clouded promises he has made for years and years. Nothing will change……..Nothing

  6. Arse&Nose©

    Can’t make out which of these are real Wenger quotes or made up!? can someone post the transcript of his post-match interview??

  7. Lurch LeRouge

    yeah thats more complete…

    but i’d still shaft gibbs – he’s been stained. damaged and unrecoverable goods IMHO – and I’ve damaged a few! 😉

  8. gambon

    We will buy some class players, believe me:


    Yep, youre right!

  9. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    Arse N Nose –

    “We battled well until the end of the game but we wanted to win because we have drawn too many times this year”

    “Yes it has cost us, it has cost us a lot but we will grow and become stronger”

    “No I wont be buying many players, maybe one or two but no one that cost £50m”

    “My limit, I wont spend more than £5m per player”

    “Cesc, I dont know, all I know is that he is under contract so he should stay but if he doesnt we still have Denislon”

    “Cunt, I might be but at least I am on £7m PA so what does that make a muppet like Gazidis on only £1.7m”

  10. Patthegooner

    Me personally am going to go into the summer expecting nothing and then anything remotely positive will be a bonus.

    One thing I do know is that I am now well and truly priced out of going to Arsenal next year. I am going to watch Swansea. I don’t support them but do follow their results and at heart I love football so looking forward to going to watch some live games without the fear of having my weekend ruined by a bunch if disinterested cunts.

  11. gambon

    Arsenes post match qoute:

    Wenger: “4th is a trophy, we were unlucky this season, we are super super class, we are 2% away, we are very young, the answer is not always to buy, i will add players, we are very young, my coat is massive, we respect our budget, financial doping, we are very young, footballistically we are very good, cheque book”

    Reporter: “Arsene you arent making much sense”

    Wenger: “We are very young”

  12. Lurch LeRouge

    lol WTL.

    “the market is difficult, If I buy class now, the world will know how average my decisions have been up to now and may want a refund and I have a young family to house in Paris”

  13. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    Great quote on five live from an irate fan just out of Craven Cottage:

    “9 people have made a total of £680m out of Arsenal by selling the shares”


  14. Sabeel

    Wenger : Judge me at end of season,lets give our all,and lets see wether its good enuf

    he said that earlier in the season roughly like dat

  15. (bernard) bade the gooner

    thank you lady luck, at least for relegating the brums 🙂
    i prayed for that since that cup defeat & pleased to see at least one of my prayers fulfilled…..

  16. Pat

    Gambon, why do you put Koscielny in that group? Anyone with a clue knows he is quality. Needs to iron out a few things, but theres a very good reason Winterburn, Keown, and Dixon say he is a very good defender. Vermaelen made more mistakes last season and, because he is tough, many fans choose to ignore that. In every single big game, Koscielny has been better than Vermaelen was last season. United, Barca, etc.

  17. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    Big Dave –

    Tomorrow, we drew Barca.

    Cesc is the ref.

  18. robel

    birmgham relegated ………the best thing that have happend this season as an arsenal fan. The were looking safe at some point but they go down where they belonged.
    I have read some comments saying we will be finishing 7th or 8th….i knwo most of u are disscusted with wenger, i am also disscussted but its arsenal u support, so how can u say we will finish 8th, fans who think like this are not true fans.
    Wenger will go when his destiny is over with us, GOD willing. But arsenalfc will remain for forever so even if u hate wenger we are not going to drop out of the top four even if we don’t buy players….the only problem was mental, the players weren’t matured enough to cope with dissapointments and try to finish the job. The manager touchline body langauge didn’t help as well
    so next season we need to work on mental issues.
    The bisggest problem with this club is lack of mental strength the quality is there.

  19. gambon

    Wenger: “We must be sensible this summer”

    Translation: “Expect us to sell Cesc and sign 2 cunts from Ligue 1.

  20. (bernard) bade the gooner

    what a great spirit arsene,

    your best ever squad just earned you a precious point in the lions den!

  21. Lurch LeRouge

    Arsene Wenger has stood by this club through thick and thin whilst the club has sold the rug out from underneath him and the players have let him down.

    Jog on and support Spurs and spare us the Obituaries, save them for your paying customers!! bunch of ungrateful cunts.


  22. (bernard) bade the gooner

    i dont think kozzer had a perfect year but he had surely a decent one, at least as good as JD, but you all slagging him for no reason, just because your herd-chief doesn’t like him
    JD has much more bad calls than kozzer & almost no one mention that. why? you f***ing hypocrites

  23. alan b'stard M P

    the board is not interested in winning a competition. The owners/shareholders wish to profit. Buy youth low, and sell high in they perform.

    That is the way they are doing it and Wenger is their spekesthing

    He won’t buy except cheap shit players and as few as possible

  24. (bernard) bade the gooner

    gambon that goal was more chesney’s fault than kozzer’s

    opps, sorry’ i just pointed out the chosen boy…..

  25. Pat

    My point Gambon, I wouldn’t call that a big game regardless. Only England have such a pointless competition. You do nothing to prove me wrong because this was Szczesny’s fault. he’s supposed to take command and go for the ball, not wait for it to drop in his hands.

    So…erm, Vermalen is a worse defender than Koscielny as proven against any quality opposition. Verm was fucking awful against United, Barca, Chelsea, etc.

  26. gambon

    Bade, no it wasnt.

    Arsenal fans do love to overrate a shit player cos hes unknown.

    If Cahill had played like that all season he wouldve been slaughtered, but because hes a skinny unknown twat from france he gets away with it.

  27. (bernard) bade the gooner

    fuck me arsene,
    i though you were better than this math wise….
    we were close? we’re 2% away?
    blimey, didn’t we just finished 4th, 12 points behind champions???

  28. Pat

    If you don’t rate Koscielny, you’ve never played the game. Buy him a new partner, sell Squilacci and play Verm at LB. He is one of the best defenders I’ve seen. Someone needs to sort out his concentration and he can be better than Rio.

  29. Lurch LeRouge

    hahaha it looks like cesc has closed the ability to search through his images on twitter… was getting too much heat clearly.

  30. Dutchman

    gambon, you are already talking about that we won’t finish fourth next season and that in fact we can’t do better then chelsea, city and united next season. So fourth will be a good thing then next season, isn’t it? So won’t be angry after next season if we finish fourth. That’s what i want to say. Ppl who are talking like you, have to be happy with fourth place if you are talking so negative. I want to win the PL next season, and every year i have hopes for the new season. So it wont be different next year. You don’t know what will happen. And i think that we can win the PL next season. You all disagree with me,but the team i saw against Chelsea and Barca was outstanding, but for some reason the players were facking shit on the mental side after the Birmingham defeat and our season collapse was complete.

    And you have to know that i hate wenger. But some players are facking class in this arsenal side but are playing out of position or they need have some mental problems.

    I facking hate fans , who are AGAIN talking about not finishing fourth next season. You guys have said that for 4 years! This does not mean that i’m happy with fourth place but you guys have to be happy with fourth place, because you expect us to end lower next year. And i don’t believe you if you say that “it is the first time you say that we won’t finish in the top four”

    Get a life….

  31. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!


    Arguing which defender is a bigger cunt,



  32. Sabeel

    Cesc was getting heat becos of his grandprix pic he posted,when we had a game 2dat…disgraceful/desrespectful Fabregas…Shame on him

  33. SUGA3

    ‘someone needs to sort out his concentration’ = headless chicken…

    Djourou made look Koscielny look good, perhaps they just complete one another in some way?

    TV in LB? he said it himself he hated playing there, didn’t he?

  34. (bernard) bade the gooner

    gambon, suga3
    it was the keepers! this is always the keepers who has the best look of the situation
    he should’ve shouted there, but seemed like chesney shouted in the very last minute if ever….
    what the hell chesney was doing there? if he had stayed where he should’ve been he would’ve collected the ball easily …..

  35. Sam

    4th highest wage bill – 4th in the league is par. whats the point of having a very highly paid manager then ???

  36. boozy

    where is the MENTAL STRENGHT wenger always talked about.
    like i’ve said several times- the huge POSITIVE of this season was that we didnt wait till the final game of the season to rap up champs spot- if we had we probably wouldnt have qualified.

  37. Sabeel

    Harry : Moaning fans are “idiots… support someone else if you don’t like it”. Also “it won’t get any better than this”

    Redknapp just called the Spurs fans idiots for expecting them to finish above United or Arsenal

  38. gambon

    “If you don’t rate Koscielny, you’ve never played the game.”

    Lol, this is one of the funniest things ive ever read on here, and theres been a lot from you alone Pat.

    Hes fucking rubbish, good as a fourth choice centre back at best.

    And most pundits seem to agree with me, as well as 99% of managers in the game that didnt want to touch him with a barge pole.

  39. Dutchman

    Koscielny is class, but we need another CB.
    I’m still hoping for Sakho, he is facking class.
    Pepe would be great too, but unlikely. But someone like them.

  40. leon

    ather player thats been huge disapointment has been dj and gibbs.wenger claims that the team has good foundation which is very dissapointing to hear because thats not what i see its shame they dont have someone s good as sagna in whole defence.for me i dont acre what wenger claims there problems all over the pitch,no real keeper cover i still dont trust fabianski almunis not worth mentioning,clichy to many errors gibbs alot worse,only 1 top cb,in midfield no leaders,only 1 top striker.the only i can see arsenal winning anything it will take manager who properd to be rufeluss and shake up the stressing room that will never happen under wenger and off course another problem is the board who never realy pushed wenger at all,i have seen like current fulham manager sacked from liverpool and alot other manager who have twice the success of wenger,it real baffles me who he is still manager

  41. Lurch LeRouge

    yeah I know Sabeel, I posted a direct link to it, but i found it by flicking through his gallery – he’s turned that function off along with comments since.

    Lurch LeRouge says:
    May 22, 2011 at 15:07

    can’t argue with this WTL

  42. Dutchman

    gambon, pff, Koscielny has been our best defender in a mile. He had some errors, but he had a great season, he played good in the big games too.

  43. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    Dutchman –

    Calm down fella. Its a bit difficult to predict whose gonna finsh where next year when we dont know the composition of the squads.

    If you honestly believe that Arsene will add a lot of quality then good for you man, I HOPE YOU ARE RIGHT!

    Lets start the arguments at 14:30 on the first day of the season when our team sheet is announced and Owen Hargreaves and Ba are going to make the debuts!


  44. (bernard) bade the gooner

    any way that wasn’t chesney’s best game to us…..
    i think kozzer been really decent
    i dont rate players for names or popularity, just their on-ground doings
    take a look at the whole year, was jd really that better?
    so ok the powerful le grove pointed kozzer out since the start of season but he had gr8 displays, mostly in the big games against chavs, mancs, barca…..

  45. Pat

    Gambon, the fact that you cite pundits tells me all I need to know about you. Pundits, especially English ones, are fucking clueless. I take it you don’t travel around Europe much. English pundits are the laughing stock in Europe! Fucking hell, they know absolutely nothing.

  46. SUGA3


    see for yourself:

    closer to being out of the top four than to the title, wouldn’t you say?

    – all three teams above us will improve
    – Liverpool under Dalglish have overall been MUCH better than us

    a few signings makes us a force to be reckoned with and genuine title contenders, lack of action or dilly dallying with some cunt freebies will see us struggle for a CL place, simple as that…

  47. gambon

    Dutchman, are you drunk? That was a shit rant…

    We will do fourth AT BEST if we stay as we are, ie- if we dont get a new manager.

    We have huge potential, but an awful manager, and if he stays we will fall out of the top 4.

    Ive never, ever said that before, so that shit about saying it 4 years running is pathetic, the fact is City, Chelsea & UTD are all better than us, they all have better managers, and they will all strengthen.

    Wenger will WEAKEN us no doubt, like he has strategically most years since 2004.

    So again, I ask you, where is the evidence we will buy class players?

    You still havent answered??

    Its just because you cant face the idea that we will sign a load of shit and kids again, even though you know its true.

    On form we are one of the worst teams in the PL, doesnt bode well for next season.

  48. Dutchman

    leon, agree, unbelievable that he is still manager of arsenal. And arsenal need big changes if they want to win something next season. The dead wood has to be replaced with some class players!

  49. km

    Something is really wrong at the club….the players can’t be assed….its more like a holiday camp. Wenger has really lost touch

  50. (bernard) bade the gooner

    i’m not in the mood to fight, i’m trying to go out sort myself season end celebration (maybe i should call vela or NB52 to ask for an advice…. :lol:)…..
    so i want to see things on the upside


    i mean he played barely half season, he bagged 18 goals on the league, setting new consecutive away goals record….

    blimey what would happen when he manages a full year?

  51. gambon


    Pat knows more than Alan Hansen, who played 500 times as a CB for liverpool, won 8 leagues and 3 Euro Cups.


  52. OPG

    If only we spent the extra measly amount for Schwarzer or ANY keeper that’s 10x better than what we had at the start of the season we wouldn’t have Almunia.

  53. Lou

    I, for one, am not sorry to see the back of this season. it has been painful and extremely disappointing and a rest from football will do me and my spirits the world of good. I really hope that Wenger can get it together to make the changes we so desperately need. He has wasted the past few seasons in many ways. But to be making predictions that further disasters await next season is just too negative for me and if I felt that way I wouldn’t bother watching the team at all. I guess it is that some people set their sight deliberately low in life to avoid disappointment. They are pessimistic by nature and their affliction is contagious. Avoid them. So, for now, I am going to believe that Arsene will do all the right things in the close season. Yes, I know the arguments against it and I admit my fingers are tightly crossed. His complacency has seen us drop away and this means he has more on his plate that a tinkering with the squad ahead. I hope he acts quickly and decisively. With that sentiment I wish Pedro and Geoff and all Gooners a happy, healthy and safe summer break.

  54. gambon


    No Djourou has been our best defender by a mile.

    Unlike Koscielny he isnt a fucking wimp, he doesnt fall to pieces when you put him next to Squillaci, he doesnt give away a penalty every game, or constantly get sent off.

    That said even Djourou shouldnt be in pour first XI.

    Koscielny shouldnt be in our reserves.

  55. Pat

    A lot of fans know more than Alan Hansen you stupid cunt. Playing the game does not mean you understand the game you poor child. Hansen knows fuck all about European football, much like you.

  56. Lurch LeRouge

    yeah Sabeel, I can’t imagine Arsenal sorting the corporate hospitality for him and his family at the spanish grand prix, Barca would have had a hand in it defo.

  57. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    In Italy every region has its own pundits and version of MOTD, so for example Lombardo is the Genova version of Hansen but in Milan Leanardo will be a pundit.

    What every single show has, without fail, is 3-4 of the hottest women youve ever set eyes on as pundits too.

    What the fuck they are doing on the show beyond eye candy is anyones geuss.

    If we are the laughing stock of Europe for our pundits then I dont know what Italy is.

  58. Rohan

    Alan Hansen’s full of shit. He probably also thinks Kyrgiakos is better than Koscielny.

    I think Koscielny’s been a good signing. He wasn’t meant to be played so much, but given his lack of experience in the EPL, he’s been great. Works hard, seems to learn, and has undoubted talent in my eyes atleast.
    I’d hold on to him. Within a year or two, he’ll be better than Vermaelen.

    We probably do need to sell Squillaci and get an experienced head in there.

  59. gambon

    Lol Pat you alcoholic mug, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    Pat knows everything….hahahahahahahahah

    What a cunt.

  60. (bernard) bade the gooner

    we need to be bold if we want to compete next season

    boldness is 1st sacking the failing manager. send a message to the players, that you won’t tolerate the same complacency arsene instituted on them …..

    boldness is to kick your best player, your captain, when he is moaning about the burden, but it’s more of blinking towards the easy trophies.

    boldness in to appoint robin as captain, he is a true pure gooner… i’m really speechless… & to think a once suspected his phenomenal abilities & his arsenal soul, shame on me…. robin i love you

    boldness is to sack the treble DM’s, song, diaby & denilson, buy a beast like de rossi even if the cost is 30 big ones, then play the back up of frimpong & coquelin

    boldness is to wave the withe flag on that 4-3-3 & roll back to 4-4-2 & play players on their positions

  61. Dutchman

    mmm, have to agree there guys. Wenger really needs to strengthen, other we might have problems for finishing fourth. And gambon, no i can’t promis you that we will sign some class players. But i don’t think that united was so much better QUALITY wise.
    And also chelsea was shit too. Yes ,city will buy some topclass players but they will sign many selfish players like ibrahimovic. They won’t win the title and i can see us finishing above them. And about liverpool, i think that they are less good then us and they need even more changes then us. Tottenham is just shit. We lack some real leaders , who give a shit about arsenal. Thats our problem for me. We have won nothing because of our mentality. That’s a fact. I think you will agree with me. So, maybe something will change, if not then fans will protest for sure next season. It can’t go on like this. An other manager would have spend 25m for hazard last summer or would have spend that 2 million more on alonso.
    So, i have to agree that wenger is the real problem. But maybe finishing outside of the top four would be a lot easier to take, if you know that wenger could fuck off then. Something will change then for sure ( if we finish outside the top four). I think wenger will go then and maybe usmanov will give the new manager some big money too spend really big. Although we already have much money.

  62. Rohan

    gambon, stop being so patronizing. Just because Koscielny stands for everything you hate about Wenger doesn’t mean you overexaggerate his flaws and make out like he’s some kind of Pascal Cygan.

    He’s made a couple mistakes, yes, but I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen. He could make it to the very very top.

  63. gambon

    Fucking hell, Wenger wimping out of the transfer market already.

    I bet the Lorient phone is ringing as we speak “Hello its Arsene, how many shit players can you sell me”

  64. Dutchman

    Yeah, theres something strange this season. Players don’t care anymore and they don’t give a shit about arsenal. I think that many players will leave. And yes, fabregas will leave for sure, but he was facking shit this season. Interesting to see what wenger is going to do with fabregas money.

  65. Rohan

    SUGA, we’ve been over this, but what on earth do you mean “Koscielny shouldn’t have been there in the first place”????

    Where the fuck should he have been? He was in the perfect fucking position, where he should have been. How’s he supposed to know Chesney is going to come rushing out for the ball. Even then, Chesney, if he’s going to come rushing out like that, should have grabbed the ball with conviction, not wait for it to drop into his hands. Chesney coming out like that put Koscielny off, simple as.

    I’m not saying Koscielny is free of blame, but in my eyes, the brunt of the blame goes onto Chesney. Even then, to say that it was all Koscielny’s fault is rich even given all the love you have for your Polish mate.

  66. gambon

    “Interesting to see what wenger is going to do with fabregas money”

    New contratcs for himself, Diaby & Fabianski.

    Probably ask the board to build another bust of him, the size of Nelsons column.

  67. (bernard) bade the gooner

    gambon, you are full of shit talking
    jd was good? against barca second tie, or against bolton or against stoke? or maybe when the season began & he barely coold move himself? & he is a player who has epl pedigree already & not his 1st season

    i know geoff thinks jd is our best cb this season but every one is entitled to have his own idea, eh?

  68. Lurch LeRouge

    OK Im sporting my tin hat and the cigarette’s out!

    i think Diaby played ok today. Nice assist for the first.


  69. OPG

    3 wins from 16 I think in all competitions, since the CC final 2 from 11 in the league or something like that.

  70. Sabeel


    wenger says this in above link -> “Maybe one year you will realise that it is not easy to finish in the top four every time.”

    After reading that comment my vibes are saying we are not gonna finish in top4 NEXT season..

  71. Lurch LeRouge


    “We have played 58 games. Fabregas has played 22 games, Van Persie 18 or 19 games and Vermaelen has played four or five games. In decisive moments, we have never had the whole team together”

    completely vacuous statement, fill your squad with more quality in depth like the other teams and this won’t be a problem. Every team suffers injuries ffs.

    He completely refuses to criticize the attitude of some members of the squad and the ramifications of that oversight will spill into next season – mark my words.

  72. Sabeel


    too true,& funny thing is during d season he says this is the best squad,and asks us to back the team

    and end of season says completely the opposite…

    it is wengers words not ours,does wenger really believes that we fans are fools…

  73. SUGA3


    we have been through this and yes, if Koscielny did not come barging in there, without any rhyme or reason, missing the ball completely, Szczesny would have caught it, simple as that…

  74. gambon

    You know the most worrying thing, Wenger has become a complete liar:

    “Van Persie 18 or 19 games”

    Erm no you twat, 33 games.

  75. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    The team have stopped playing for him,thats the fucking truth.

    Next year is his last.

    Bye Bye Arsene.

  76. Lurch LeRouge

    wow the biggest club in London – the capital city of the geographical home of football isn’t expected to be challenging in the top 4.

    goodnight wenger, you have no sense of conviction in your propaganda. just fuck off now.

  77. Gooner786

    I hope we draw Bayern or some other top team in the qualifiers and get knocked out.

    Hit the penny pinchers in the pockets.

  78. gambon


    No, since when are there 58 games in a PL season.

    Also RVP has played 25 PL games, so he’s lying.

  79. Arse&Nose©

    true gambon, he seems to have been playing with his stats there which shows disrespect for us supporters.
    desperate times for wenger

  80. gambon

    I think the Chelsea manager will be someone more capable than Wenger,

    That doesnt really rule anyone in Europe out.

  81. leon

    chesney is good young keeper there is no way he should number 1 but another example of wengers tight fisted ways past his sell by date

  82. Sabeel

    Chelsea have parted company with manager Carlo Ancelotti.

    The announcement was made two hours after Cheslea’s final-day 1-0 defeat by Everton, confirming the club’s second-place finish in the Premier League.

    The 51-year-old had one more year left on his contract at Stamford Bridge.

    A club statement read: “This season’s performances have fallen short of expectations and the club feels the time is right to make this change ahead of next season’s preparations.”

    thats ambition,
    but us
    we never want 50million players 4 gods sake..still…ambition is dere with 15 million stuff..but no..we r not ready fot 15 too….

  83. gambon


    It doesnt in any way please me that we are going nowhere and have an awful manager stuck in 1997.

    You cant deny that there are certain people on here that have been spot on about everything these last few years.

    Realists I think we’re called.

  84. Lurch LeRouge


    If Cesc goes there’s every chance AW will bolt as well…

    might go some way to explaining why Nasri & Clichy are stalling.

  85. BOOZY

    FABREGAS is definetely leaving.

    I cant see fabregas not leaving, if he doesnt live then you know he’ll have a stinker next season, because clearly arsenal cant match his ambition.

  86. Sabeel

    no lurch

    wenger will never leave arsenal…why? becos he doesnt care about fabregas or fans..

    if he cares abt fabregas,he would get good players for him to play with,not denilson/diaby/song/inexperience

    if he cares abt fans,he would not insult fans by saying we cant get 50million players,whenaway fans were signing to spend money..obciously in region of 15million..but no..wenger comes and slaps on fans face by saying 50million bullshit..

    since wenger loves only himself,he wont bolt

  87. gambon

    “if he doesnt live then you know he’ll have a stinker next season”

    I definately agree with this.

    If Fabregas dies in the summer he will struggle to deliver next season.

  88. kev

    so…………………a shit end to a shit season. fucking delighted that its over it was excruciating watching us play over the last few months. im really looking forward to the transfer window – its make or break now for our glorious leader. his comments after the game today dont fill me with confidence though

  89. Lurch LeRouge

    good points, but it also depends on the pressures on his personal life Sabeel,

    If he’s not capable of returning to previous heights without Cesc and he factors the time to rebuild without him he just might FO…

  90. Sabeel


    but dont u think that is tuf to do,becos wenger would wanna go on a high

    and in this aim of going on a high,we are actually going to be in a deadlock situation..becos
    wenger not gonna change his ways,which will not allow him to go out on a high…DEADLOCK ??

  91. Lurch LeRouge

    Sure Sabeel,

    I tend to agree with your scenario more than mine, im just putting it out there because i don’t think we can discount it.

    The biggest factor i’d say is the FFP effect on the league, he’s modeled us largely with these regs in mind so to pull out prematurely would be contrary to type.

  92. Pier

    Judge me in May! err
    Judge me at the Emirates Cup! err
    Judge me in January!

    No, fuck off you cunt, you have already been judged and found wanting.

  93. BOOZY

    There arent any football person in the management hierarchy of the club.

    look at manchester united- they’ve got charlton and co.

    real madrid- valdono, stefano, zizou and co are all involved in the club daily management.

    liverpool’s got Kop legends involved in the daily business of the clubs.

    barcelona, intermilan, chelsea etc. all have football people involved in its management structure.

    and i’m not talking about scouts and coaching staffs- i’m talking about official duties and responsibilities.

    Arsenal is surrounded with business men, Americans who dont know jack about football.

    hence wenger cant be sacked, and if he is – his replacement would be a catastrophe. because the guys upstairs dont know a thing about football.

  94. WengersSweeties

    How depressing.

    I just hope Wenger either decides to leave or doesn’t want to give to much away.

    I do think that this summer will be our most busy one in years. but saying that, there is just too much work to be done.

  95. Gooby

    wenger says we need world class players.

    is it actually another way to find an excuse not to sign anyone because they’re not available?

  96. Sabeel


    i will sign off on a high,birmingham are screwed……..

    we are the most classy team on the planet,why does our manager make us suffer… our manager our real enemy..

    unfotunately we fans are caught up in a fight between wenger & his Ego.


  97. Arsene Nose Best

    wenger says we need world class player’s,well wenger best start paying world class money…