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Fulham up today… it’s such a non-event, I can hardly find any information about it.

I believe Cesc Clichy and Nasri are all out. No coincidence they are the 3 with future question marks over their names. Then there are doubts over JD, Kozzer and Rosicky. So basically, we have a pretty depleted team this afternoon. The game is important to save a bit of face and possibly 3rd place. Mind you, I don’t hold out much hope of City losing to Bolton?

The interest is mostly going to be at the bottom of the table. Blackpool, Birmingham, Wolves and Wigan could all face the drop today… wouldn’t it be fantastic if Ian Holloway’s men could pull something out the bag? I’d personally love to get shot of Blackburn and Birmingham, that’d make my day pretty damn sweet! It’d also be pretty funny if Spurs lost 5th place to Liverpool!


So Steve Stammers over at the Mirror reckons Jack Wilshere has been omitted from the England Under 21 squad this summer. Fantastic news if true. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a media back lash about a player NOT being selected. It’s a fair one, the only reason he is being selected is because Stuart Pearce is being completely selfish about his future. There is no logical reason to take a player who has bypassed the Under 21’s to a tournament.

I was told that Jack wasn’t overly keen on going in the first place, he’s played 4,538 minutes this season, that’ s more minutes than anyone at Arsenal and that’s more minutes than all bar one in the senior England squad. For me, questions should be raised as to why Arsene Wenger has used him that much this year. This is an 18 year old kid being depended on to be our main man. It’s career negligence and for me… one of the major factors behind our woeful injury problems. Don’t forget, not only will he be playing those minutes, he’ll be doubling them through the harsh training methods Arsenal put their players through.

Finding players in Coventry…

Interesting that Wenger said we wouldn’t find the right type of players for our squad in Coventry… because last time I checked, that was exactly the place where 11 ladies of Arsenal persuasion helped the club lift it’s first non-made up trophy of the season. Well done to the girls, you put in a terrific performance and you’ve made us all proud!

Cesc Fabregas…

Various media outlets are reporting that Barcelona are looking to step in and sign Cesc for a fee a little more appealing than the slap in the face they faxed over last year. There is also a lot of talk surrounding Madrid and a £58million offer. I believe Madrid will offer the money, I’m just struggling to believe they’re doing it for any other reason than showing Barcelona they have more money than them. I think the Catalan’s have more pressing issues this  summer… their squad is painfully small and it’ll need bolstering in more than one position. They don’t have the funds for a £150million spending spree, so a £60million signing seem beyond the realms…

I think the basketball scores Madrid and Barcelona registered last night showed just how weak La Liga is outside their top 4.

Central defender talk…

“However, we expected central defender Thomas Vermaelen to return from injury in January – and he didn’t play.

“If we had known that was going to be the case, maybe we would have done something. But would we have won the league? It is very difficult to say that.”

I have to pull you up on this one Arsene. You may have thought Thomas Vermaelen would be back in January, but you yourself have always said it can take 2 months to return to peak fitness, so January after a serious injury was always ambitious. You were also aware during that time period that Squillaci was an absolute liability and that you were being overly dependent on the injury prone JD and the error prone Koscielny. You could have signed a centre back in January and you should have.

Anyone with half a brain knew what you had to do, but as usual, Arsene knows best… until he doesn’t, then he plays the bad luck card.

Good managers have foresight.

Goodbye my lover…

After a horrible year of ups and downs, we head into the final Arsenal kick off of the season. We’ve had hope this year, we’ve had despair. We’ve had a cup final, we’ve beaten the best team in the world, we’ve seen the emergence of the best talent in English football since Gazza, we’ve finally found a new keeper, we’ve seen inappropriate back heels, we’ve seen our manager exposed again, we’ve seen fights in the stands, we’ve seen ill-timed air shots, we’ve heard boo’s, we’ve seen strikers on the wing, we’ve seen strikers take 2 months off through exhaustion, we’ve not seen a single goal from outside the box at the emirates, we’ve been crowned away day champions and we’ve not seen a trophy… and the worst part? No open top parade for our underachieving financial report this year.

It’s been a rocky old year, football has been a cruel to us… but my god, we’ll miss it when it’s gone…

The next three months mean you’ll finally have no excuse not to spend time with loved ones. It means sneaking off on a Saturday afternoon to drink beer no longer has a tangible excuse behind it. It means you’re going to have to pay your kids, girlfriend, wives and part-time lovers some attention…

This is a sad day, whichever way you look at it.

If you’re lucky enough to be heading down to Craven Cottage, have a good one. If you’re watching it cooped up behind a stream, crack open a crate of Peroni and enjoy the last bit of football until we head out to China for a really exciting tour.

Before I slink off, I just wanted to thank all of you for another super year of blogging. If I was Arsene Wenger, I’d make up a special trophy just for you lot… because you have all played a part in creating the best online comments section out of any of the blogs. We salute your commitment and thank you for taking the time out to air your thoughts at the bottom of our posts. You make it worth getting up at 0630 in the morning to write and as long as you keep dropping by to get involved… Geoff and I will keep on writing!

Best Comments award!

Have a great day, see you in the comments!

P.S. Big shout out to Paul Le Grove who beat Jame De Gale last night in the boxing… a terrific performance that was in no way associated with a made up sponsorship deal with Le Grove.

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682 Responses to “Madrid playing the game | Wilshere dropped? | Wenger’s excuses don’t add up…”

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  1. ikon

    I think we are seeing the worst defensive partnership in this game (barring Squillaci)… who can blame Djourou when like the other players has been made to play in defense when he is actually a midfielder.
    Wenger is himself and ironically responsible for end of careers of a right back Eboue, central midfielder JD, and one of the best attacking midfielder in the world Arshavin.

  2. Pat

    I’ve always rated Koscielny more than Djourou. If he can cut out his lapses, he’d be world class. Many of the penalties he gave away should not have been penalties to be honest. Besides his strength, Djourou has absolutely nothing else to offer.

  3. ikon

    JD has never ever been convincing in defense.
    Koscielny although surprisingly gets a lot of blame when he has had a more than decent season.

    Get Vermaelen to play in mid, buy a defender, get Bartely in and play JD as a backup -> maximum gain from minimum spending in transfers.

  4. Pat

    Come on Stoke, make yourselves fucking useful and score to BPool can stay up.

    Wigan score as I say that……fuck, looks bad for Blackpool. The cunt Ian Evatt writes himself into the history books. Scored the own goal and monumentally fucked up for the first United goal.

  5. OPG

    Yea Zeus just said they have the same points now but GD is the difference, City have caught up with Chelsea this season.

  6. Evan

    I wonder what Fabregas and grandad must be thinking?

    Walcott are Arshavin are not good enough

    Arshavin is a little different, all the Youtube clips of him scoring phoenominal goals in Russia are misleading. Lets face it the russian league is shit, try name a player in that league?????

    Both Walcott and Arshavin are two of our most attacking players and yet Walcott just doesn’t perform and Arshavin is so good he has basically been on the bench for the last 12 games.

    Are they good enough for Arsenal or is Wenger to blame for playing them out of position?

  7. Patthegooner

    There was a time that even a loss in a fixture like today would ruin my weekend

    But to be honest, I realty am not bothered today for some reason

    I care more about Birmingham getting an equaliser

  8. Arse&Nose©

    WE are nt good eough when a shite player like Dixon Etuhu can single handedly break up our attacks.

  9. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    Who is watching our game?

    I need an equaliser to win a bet, any chance?

  10. Albo

    I would be so happy if Birmingham go down. I actually don’t care about our result (particularly with Man City winning of course). Totally gutted for Blackpool though…

  11. High Power Mutant

    getting back from a one goal deficit twice in one game, great mental strength in abundance

  12. A

    ha! outstanding, that fucking shit stain arsene wenger. so glad that lying sack of shit and his summer dance camp trainees didn’t get 3rd place.

  13. Arse&Nose©

    shit player that Eboue is, still gota credit him for being the one and only member of Arsenal football club to walk all the way to our Away fans and thank them for their support.

  14. Rohan

    You know, we just might need another keeper. Sczezcny in the past couple months has been as bad as Fabianski.

    Don’t know if I’m being too harsh.

  15. Gooner786




  16. Hand Me The Gun

    First time commenting.

    Been reading your blog for a couple of years now, love the articles, read all the comments; so I wanted to say to each and everyone involved, especially Pedro and Geoff, a big thank you for making each morning more interesting especially during the week at work.

    Arsenal forever – The Bullet For Wenger

  17. Dutchman

    So this was the best result. Wenger needs to see how bad this team is. But it’s not all down the quality of the team that we end fourth. I mean we won many games till february and then the mental thing was the worst ever. We have only one three in 15 matches. That’s 90% mental shit! WTF happened!? We can’t win a game anymore. If we are going to do the same next season, we will be relegated.

  18. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    Theres no such thing as footballing gods otherwise a Mick Macarthy team wouldnt stay up while Blackpool go down.

    Although I cant say for a fact that there are no footballing gods……

    I am sure Richard Dawkins would agree with me though.

  19. nishanth

    Thank fuck Birmingham have got relegated.The only positive thing about this season.Van Persie should definitely become the new captain.Love Cesc but he doesn’t deserve the armband.

  20. Evan

    Why would you wanta be quiet about smashing Imogen Thomas, grade A top choice meat

    Poor Blackpool, unlucky Birmingham ha ha ha

    Wenger out

  21. GoonerClive

    Thank fuck that is over. What a shite season. One of the worst I can remember in past forty years of support.

  22. Moray

    how many games did VP play this year? Seems that his fitness was better this season? Or am I just imagining it as his injuries cam early doors?

  23. zeus

    Hand Me The Gun says:
    May 22, 2011 at 18:00
    First time commenting.

    Been reading your blog for a couple of years now, love the articles, read all the comments; so I wanted to say to each and everyone involved, especially Pedro and Geoff, a big thank you for making each morning more interesting especially during the week at work.

    Arsenal forever – The Bullet For Wenger


    What a gem if a first comment. From the profile name to the closing remark haha.

  24. Dutchman

    Gooner786, really fuck off! I said the same yesterday.
    If ppl are talking that we won’t be in the top 4 next season, then top four next season will be a good thing, isn’t it? But then we are in the top four and ppl start talking bullshit about top four not good enough, blabla! Just say something like, “it will be difficult to be champions next season”, because thats what we want! Not finishing fourth!

  25. Arse&Nose©

    lol thanks Rohan, didnt sound like the normal ‘A’

    Moray, don’t be decieved by RVP’s late form, he was injured for the first half of the season.

  26. Arsene Nose Best


  27. OPG

    It’ll only get tougher next season the top teams will spend and replace what they need, even United are being pro-active and signing a new keeper and they are looking to replace Scholes, Hargreaves etc.

  28. SUGA3


    it’s irrelevant, if we don’t strengthen, you can bet your ass that we will not finish in the top four…


  29. Rohan

    33 appearances (assuming 25 odd starts) and 22 goals and 7 assists.

    If he can put his injury problems well behind him, he’s probably cemented his place as our No.1 center forward.

  30. Dutchman

    We will be better next season, the last 15 matches were the worst arsenal ever! Unbelievable bad!

    But the mental side of the team will change next season, i really don’t know what happened, but they were all bad except RvP, the rest had no mental strenght. It really looks like a busy summer coming up.

  31. Rohan

    We’ll finish in the top 4 even if we don’t strengthen. People have been saying that we’re going to drop out for ages now.

  32. kc

    Turns out we lost a Final to a relegation quality side. Then can’t muster a win today for 3rd place. This team BLOWS!!!!! WENGER IS A DISGRACE.

  33. SUGA3


    bollocks we will, we have only managed it this time around due to Woy the Gooner fucking up Liverpool in the first bit of the season, we would be out of it otherwise!

  34. Big Dave

    Thank fuck that pile of shit season over. At least Brum know how it feels to have a last minute winner against you which kills you. Then again we lose the cc to a team that got relegated !

  35. Dutchman

    Gooner786, you know what i say. I want to be champions, not top four. So if we are saying that we won’t finish in the top four next season, and we do finish in the top four next season, then it will be a good thing, isn’t it?

    We will strengthen. believe me. Every season it’s exactly the same. Ppl are screaming that we won’t be in the top four next season, but every season we ARE in the top four. And if we won’t finish in the top four next season, we WILL see changes, adn we WILL spend more money because wenger will leave then.

  36. HumAnimal

    Have you ever seen a more useless spineless pathetic arsenal squad.
    Wenger’s not even ashamed of the shot he spews.

    With all due respect Mr Wenger Fuck you.
    Fuck you for making this club mediocre
    Fuck u for ignoring our problems
    Fuck you for making our team a laughing stock
    Fuck u for giving us false senses of hope
    Fuck you for being an ignorant cunt and a stubborn cunt and a pussy cunt?
    Fuck you you cunt.
    If you don’t buck up and sort this shitty collection of supposed players then Fuck you for that aswell.
    Fuck you and go fucking manage Gamba Osaka again!

  37. Rohan

    lol, we only JUST lost out to City for third place by virtue of a crap run-in. If Pool had played well this season, City would have been in as much danger of dropping out.

  38. leon

    not for the first time is talking about making signings stregthening but i have heard all this before infact i heard this for the past 4 wenger finaly going backup his words or is going to same old thing i get the feeling that there may be some changes as they wont finish in top sp no champoins legue money as i feel that wenger is concerned about. it looks as if delinson bretna and almunia in be out,i dont think that goes any near far enough i would like to see almunia bretna delinson dj vela,clichy gibbs diaby aa all go.

    one thing is for sure its going to alot tougher next forget the title as i think its of our reech the real fight will for top 4 place city totenham liverpool will all be inthe mix and without dought improving there squads

  39. SUGA3


    I don’t think I have ever said it before, but this time around I see this as a real danger…

    and City finished with more points than us, so it’s not ‘as much of a danger’, because they will improve, no?

  40. gambon

    Gotta say guys our improvement has been staggering…

    Less points, less goals scored, more conceded.

    Yup, Arsene knows…

  41. GoonerClive

    Cannot be asked to get interested about possible summer signings or even purchase the new 125th anniversary top. This year has scarred even the most resiliant Gooner.
    A really tough summer ahead cos we all know that Wenger will be staying.
    I would be feeling alot happier if Wenger was given the push tomorrow morning.
    Every Man U, City, Chelsea and even spurs fan this summer will be giving it large to all Gooners. And quite rightly. We are a discrace.

  42. Rohan

    Still can’t see Pool or Spurs finishing above us. If anything, I expect Spurs to slip further down the table.
    Pool need to make massive wholesale changes imo. Gerrard is finished. Even their second half hasn’t been all that. They’ve still drawn and lost quite a few. It’s just that it’s been better than the first half. Carragher is getting older as well. Suarez has been ok I guess, but I still can’t see enough firepower there.

  43. Bolo

    SPEND SOME FUCKING MONEY! Cunts couldn’t even come back out to appreciate the fans. Today has confirmed Chamackh is SHIT. Actually most of the team is shit.

  44. Arse&Nose©

    bring on july when we will be exciting ourselves over the signings of matudu nwanko, ibrahim awei and francois gerrabaldy

  45. Rohan

    Either way, can’t see us challenging for the title unless we do do something this summer.
    I don’t think the personnel is the problem either. There is something inherently wrong mentally with the team. Bringing in a few players here and there isn’t going to change much imo. Something a lot deeper needs to be done. It’s up to Wenger and co. to do that.

    Unless we see a complete change of attitude, it will be the same old challenge until March, get our hopes up, get knocked out in the Champions League and crash out of everything else.

  46. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    Matudu Nwanko.

    Ibrahim Awaei.

    Francois Gerrabaldy.

    At least post some youtube clips!


  47. TOMTOM

    Lucky I’m from Leinster and our rugby team won the European cup yesterday or else I’d be really pissed off. Wenger out and take all the shit players with you,cunt.

  48. Arse&Nose©

    Gambon, I think it will take us not getting into the champions league for the board to wake up. Their lack of action is based on our ability to fill the coffers every year with CL money.

  49. SUGA3

    OGL apparently said that it was playing all the players in the CC affected their league chances!

    fuck me sideways, am I missing something or have we collapsed AFTER CC ended altogether?

    BOOOOOOOOOOO, you cunt!

  50. moe

    Looks like Blackpool have pinched Fulham’s Europa League spot – fair play… 2/3 teams relegated could be playing in europe next season!

  51. Evan


    Agree on the pool and Spuds finishing below us. I do see Man Utd/City and Chelsea getting better though.

    Wenger can not walk into the new season with the same set of players and then expect improvement based on this years premier league experience.

    The whole “we have grown and got tougher” speech is no longer applicable, We have all seen that this Arsenal side is full of overpaid chokers led by a a guy that loves Arsenal, but is clearly deluded.

  52. Arse&Nose©

    youtube clips lol

    we were linked to yaan m’vila last week, watch this compilation of his best bits -he makes Denilson look exciting!

  53. Patthegooner

    Pleased our away fans sang something like that.

    Once the away fans sing something against the club, you know something is wrong

    And fuck off Birmingham, you won’t be missed and hopefully you won’t be back

  54. Arse&Nose©

    moe, The league shouldn’t allow non-premiership teams into european competition. Brum’s place should be handed to the next highest finish in the league -it makes a mockery of the competition to have them in europe.

  55. Patthegooner

    Dial, sadly he won’t though

    Hate to say it, but I would be delighted if he quit in the next few days

  56. moe

    Looks like Blackpool have pinched Fulham’s Europa League spot – fair play… 2/3 teams relegated could be playing in europe next season!

    Good on Fulham and Mark Hughes dirt b******ds

  57. gambon

    The fact is we wont get anywhere near City, Chelsea and obviously UTD next year, which means the very best we can do is 4th.

    However Liverpool will be right there. They arent far behind us, have a similar budget to us, however they have a good manager who isnt terrified of money.

  58. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    The whole season has been fantastic. The most important thing to happen this year is that Arsene has lost his halo in the eyes of enough of the fans that he cant get away with Bischofs and Sylvestres.

    When he yet again fails to invest in the squad he will be out on his arse this time next year.

    The only thing I hope is if Cesc goes the fans do not fall for Arsenes spin that his depature should in anyway shape or form be used as an excuse. The rat will try anything to keep banking that £7m for delivering fuck all.


  59. Lurch LeRouge

    sorry but if losing one game leads to this abject level of play they all need selling ffs.

    Blaming the CC is essentially slapping the faithful for exerting pressure on him to compete for it, yet another excuse….

    Cesc Fabregas: ‘boss your a cunt, you’ve filled the team with a bunch of egotistical halfwits and im going on holiday early or I’m leaving for barca’

    Arsene Wenger: ‘yes cesc your right, I am a spineless cunt. go on then enjoy yourself you’ve work hard enjoy it”

  60. boozy

    seeing players like smalling he made the right call by not choosing us.

    who would blame FABREGAS, when he sees players like anderson, nani, gibson, evans, hernandez, valencia, berbatov e.t.c have all won the league, some more than three times, some have won the champs lg- but are relatively new in the lg.

    how long would arsenal torture him. LOYALTY WOULD NOT WIN YOU TROPHIES. take micheal owen, he’s just won his first medal, loyalty to liverpool wouldn’t have done it.

  61. Sabeel

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger: “We are not happy, we want to win our games and it was an average performance. We were punished in the way we have been punished many times this year.”

  62. GoonerClive

    I do think its not just the players and Manager. Although Wenger must take most of the blame in my mind.
    The whole club seems infected with a syndrome of apathy and lack of ambition now.
    I cannot turn my back on the club I have followed for so long, but definately this year has pushed the boundaries of support to the limit.

  63. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    Exactly Lurch –

    Thats the feeling I got when I heard the muppet talk about it too, as if to say “look at what you made me do, trying to win a trophy”

    Hes a loser and his players feed of his loser vibe.

  64. Dutchman

    Bullshit! Nobody knows what is going to happen next season. We wil buy some class players, believe me.
    The most dead wood will be sold. We will improve surely. Even if you disagree….
    Yes, thi was a shit season, but next year can be better. I only want to say, wait for the summer ends and give your opinion then. Maybe something big has happened.

  65. Rohan

    I’m not too fussed about the 4th highest wage bill. We probably could reduce it but it’s not an especially sturdy stick to beat the club with.

    4th highest wage bill when we’re 4th in the league sounds about right.

  66. Sabeel

    Wenger: “Our away fans have been outstanding all season and I would like to thank them. We cannot buy players for £50m – that is a fact.

  67. Sabeel


    Arsenal got 67 points in 2005-06 – that is the lowest points tally in the Wenger era. One less than this season.
    Arsenal have one point more than their worst ever season under Arsene Wenger.

  68. Arse&Nose©

    moe, that is a pathetic list of teams for europe! these are supposed to represent the best of English football, the FA should go hide in shame