Madrid playing the game | Wilshere dropped? | Wenger’s excuses don’t add up…

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Fulham up today… it’s such a non-event, I can hardly find any information about it.

I believe Cesc Clichy and Nasri are all out. No coincidence they are the 3 with future question marks over their names. Then there are doubts over JD, Kozzer and Rosicky. So basically, we have a pretty depleted team this afternoon. The game is important to save a bit of face and possibly 3rd place. Mind you, I don’t hold out much hope of City losing to Bolton?

The interest is mostly going to be at the bottom of the table. Blackpool, Birmingham, Wolves and Wigan could all face the drop today… wouldn’t it be fantastic if Ian Holloway’s men could pull something out the bag? I’d personally love to get shot of Blackburn and Birmingham, that’d make my day pretty damn sweet! It’d also be pretty funny if Spurs lost 5th place to Liverpool!


So Steve Stammers over at the Mirror reckons Jack Wilshere has been omitted from the England Under 21 squad this summer. Fantastic news if true. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a media back lash about a player NOT being selected. It’s a fair one, the only reason he is being selected is because Stuart Pearce is being completely selfish about his future. There is no logical reason to take a player who has bypassed the Under 21’s to a tournament.

I was told that Jack wasn’t overly keen on going in the first place, he’s played 4,538 minutes this season, that’ s more minutes than anyone at Arsenal and that’s more minutes than all bar one in the senior England squad. For me, questions should be raised as to why Arsene Wenger has used him that much this year. This is an 18 year old kid being depended on to be our main man. It’s career negligence and for me… one of the major factors behind our woeful injury problems. Don’t forget, not only will he be playing those minutes, he’ll be doubling them through the harsh training methods Arsenal put their players through.

Finding players in Coventry…

Interesting that Wenger said we wouldn’t find the right type of players for our squad in Coventry… because last time I checked, that was exactly the place where 11 ladies of Arsenal persuasion helped the club lift it’s first non-made up trophy of the season. Well done to the girls, you put in a terrific performance and you’ve made us all proud!

Cesc Fabregas…

Various media outlets are reporting that Barcelona are looking to step in and sign Cesc for a fee a little more appealing than the slap in the face they faxed over last year. There is also a lot of talk surrounding Madrid and a £58million offer. I believe Madrid will offer the money, I’m just struggling to believe they’re doing it for any other reason than showing Barcelona they have more money than them. I think the Catalan’s have more pressing issues this  summer… their squad is painfully small and it’ll need bolstering in more than one position. They don’t have the funds for a £150million spending spree, so a £60million signing seem beyond the realms…

I think the basketball scores Madrid and Barcelona registered last night showed just how weak La Liga is outside their top 4.

Central defender talk…

“However, we expected central defender Thomas Vermaelen to return from injury in January – and he didn’t play.

“If we had known that was going to be the case, maybe we would have done something. But would we have won the league? It is very difficult to say that.”

I have to pull you up on this one Arsene. You may have thought Thomas Vermaelen would be back in January, but you yourself have always said it can take 2 months to return to peak fitness, so January after a serious injury was always ambitious. You were also aware during that time period that Squillaci was an absolute liability and that you were being overly dependent on the injury prone JD and the error prone Koscielny. You could have signed a centre back in January and you should have.

Anyone with half a brain knew what you had to do, but as usual, Arsene knows best… until he doesn’t, then he plays the bad luck card.

Good managers have foresight.

Goodbye my lover…

After a horrible year of ups and downs, we head into the final Arsenal kick off of the season. We’ve had hope this year, we’ve had despair. We’ve had a cup final, we’ve beaten the best team in the world, we’ve seen the emergence of the best talent in English football since Gazza, we’ve finally found a new keeper, we’ve seen inappropriate back heels, we’ve seen our manager exposed again, we’ve seen fights in the stands, we’ve seen ill-timed air shots, we’ve heard boo’s, we’ve seen strikers on the wing, we’ve seen strikers take 2 months off through exhaustion, we’ve not seen a single goal from outside the box at the emirates, we’ve been crowned away day champions and we’ve not seen a trophy… and the worst part? No open top parade for our underachieving financial report this year.

It’s been a rocky old year, football has been a cruel to us… but my god, we’ll miss it when it’s gone…

The next three months mean you’ll finally have no excuse not to spend time with loved ones. It means sneaking off on a Saturday afternoon to drink beer no longer has a tangible excuse behind it. It means you’re going to have to pay your kids, girlfriend, wives and part-time lovers some attention…

This is a sad day, whichever way you look at it.

If you’re lucky enough to be heading down to Craven Cottage, have a good one. If you’re watching it cooped up behind a stream, crack open a crate of Peroni and enjoy the last bit of football until we head out to China for a really exciting tour.

Before I slink off, I just wanted to thank all of you for another super year of blogging. If I was Arsene Wenger, I’d make up a special trophy just for you lot… because you have all played a part in creating the best online comments section out of any of the blogs. We salute your commitment and thank you for taking the time out to air your thoughts at the bottom of our posts. You make it worth getting up at 0630 in the morning to write and as long as you keep dropping by to get involved… Geoff and I will keep on writing!

Best Comments award!

Have a great day, see you in the comments!

P.S. Big shout out to Paul Le Grove who beat Jame De Gale last night in the boxing… a terrific performance that was in no way associated with a made up sponsorship deal with Le Grove.

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682 Responses to “Madrid playing the game | Wilshere dropped? | Wenger’s excuses don’t add up…”

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  1. AFC Wonderland

    I fear that the metamorphosis of Wenger is now nearing completion. A turd that cannot be polished!

  2. SUGA3

    gr8 post, chapeau bas

    let’s all pray and hope the JW news are true!

    you have summed up the season perfectly, and whatever we may say, it’s been entertaining, now let’s add some silverware into the mix…

    oh wait, we have won some!

    well played, these girls, I say an open top bus parade is a must!

  3. Skid 64

    Glad the season is coming to an end don’t think I could stomach anymore TBH. Will always miss the Arse but it doesn’t mean I have to miss certain players and a certain manager !

  4. North Bank Lew

    Morning all,

    The best thing about the world NOT ending yesterday, is there’s a new season to look forward to ! Keep posting P & G, and we’ll keep reading. Have a Peroni on me !!

  5. tipitapi

    cant teach an old dog new tricks & wengas comments have not been encouraging overall , a difficult summer ahead for us to endure I hope ATS fire off some awkward qestions at gazidis in june

  6. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    Thanks for putting a post up everyday. I look forward to reading Le-Grove every morning.

    Today is going to be the last painful day in a long and painful season, how you ask:

    Bolton will end up getting something out of Citeh and we will get turned over by Fulham.

    Its the only fiiting end to this season.

  7. bernard (bade the gooner)

    what a bummer, fucking absolute anti-climax….

    the funny thing would be to watch arsene’s post game, whatever the scoreline will be.

    if we don’t win, it would interesting to see whether he’ll surrender his delusions

    if we win & shity win too, he’ll probably moan the bad luck but emphasis the great spirit

    & the best is to watch his over hyped reaction if we could sneak back into 3rd afterall, he will be delighted as if we’ve won the double….

  8. oldbird

    Can’t let this one pass……. but quite a few of your readers will be spending more time with boyfriends and husbands!

    I know, I know …get over it love.

    Apart from that it was a good read on a Sunday. Off to do the hoovering now tho.

  9. bernard (bade the gooner)

    pedders, mind you we need to win & shity not to win in order to claim back our stolen 3rd spot trophy

    we only need shity to draw as out goal difference is much better

  10. OPG

    Looking forward to the summer without our failures and Wenger’s interviews. It’s a big day for those fighting relegation which should be interesting and the summer transfer window opens soon.
    Surely he has got things planned and is frustrated enough to make the changes needed even though he doesn’t announce it to everyone just to keep the player values down.

  11. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    Bade –

    If citeh draw GD plays no part. GD only comes in if they lose and we draw.

    Youre right about getting third too and Arsenes reaction. As much as I really want to finish third I fear that the 1% chance that we might actually try and make a statement in the forthcoming window will be extinguished should we nick third.

    Fulham have a good record at home for a mid table team, so good in fact that should they beat us today their home record would mirror ours.

  12. Doublegooner

    Wenger, the Spin Doctor whose run out of prescriptions.

    We need a new Doctor.

    I do not ‘beleeve’.

  13. gambon

    “It is a situation for the fans which I can completely understand. But we are in a job where other clubs do not respect the basic rules of any other company and we have to live with that.

    “You cannot think that if there is not enough money to run the company then someone else [will] come in and give his money. That is not how we want to run the company”

    Does that french cunt ever stop whinging about ‘financial doping’?

    He tells everyone money isnt the answer, then complains that other teams spend money, then refuses to spend the £40m he has been given, or cash in on the twats that could raise money (See Diaby, Song, Denilson).

    I dont agree with a lot of what Myles Palmer says, but he is right about wenger being the biggest spin doctor in the history of the game.

  14. Doublegooner

    Myles Palmer todays asks & makes this very powerful statement;

    “Please answer this question:

    Have you ever, since 1996, heard Wenger mention George Graham?

    The guy who gave him Tony Adams, Lee Dixon, Nigel Winterburn, Steve Bould, David Seaman, Martin Keown and Ray Parlour ? ”

    PS..I’ll add he also inherited the greatest Arsenal player, Dennis Bergkamp..

    Just typing his name gives me goose bumps !

  15. cygans love child

    Great post. I too cannot get even moderately excited about today game, I think 4th is ours now, man city won’t be giving up third place. Just on a different note, I only saw Denilsons article on sporting life yesterday bout him wanting to leave and couldn’t believe the shit the guy came out with. He can’t see himself in a Liverpool, man city, chelsea shirt and not tottenham and sees his future in Italy or Spain. Hang on a minute, does he seriously think that the top english teams would want him? He wouldn’t get into any of those sides, and then to say I came here to win things and it hasn’t happened? Well, yes we ain’t won anything, but its partly because of wengers dross signings such as this underperforming Brazilian. I hope wenger signs at least 3 top players this summer but I fear he will bring in only one, maybe two if we are lucky

  16. Doublegooner

    Morning Gambon:

    Wenger is indeed unbelievable.

    I cannot find any reason to back him in any department.

    As the time has gone on I’m actually beginning to see him a meglamaniac. Literally believing that the Club began with him.

    Different era, differnt times, but Graham for all his faults in his last 2 years built from a bedrock of home grown, added superb outsiders then coached them to two thrilling titles at a time Liverpool were far more dominant.

    Wenger could actually leave us in a worst state than Graham did.

  17. Mr Arsenal

    Barca are set to earn up to £70m if they win the Champions League or £65m if they lose. Same applies to Man Utd. Once again Arsenal miss out from a massive pot of money.

    Looks like we can expect Barca to come in with a BIG money offer this summer for our Captain

  18. bernard (bade the gooner)

    pedero mate,
    stating yourself as sexist & having an ipad in the same post? this is some contradiction eh? 😆

    where are you geoff when you’r needed!

    cheers mate for the correction

  19. sidney896

    Yes Pedro, you mentioned it, hope it’s a ‘2’ or you’re old news and should have been lifted in the rapture…

    So, a summer of watching Mclaren try to cath Red Bull and Jensen ‘over paid, gutless, could be an Arsenal player’ Button complaining about his bad luck and over steer…..

    Having been so disappointed every week for the last 3 months, I’m glad the seasons done.

    Thanks for the posts, have a good break.

  20. bernard (bade the gooner)

    & pedders,
    don’t you have any news from pam about the supposedly first signing (on free of course) of that argie alvares?

    not a word about that in your last 2 posts? seems odd to me

  21. tonyadamsisgod

    Morning all….

    Andy Dunn makes a very small but very accurate point in The Sun this morning. He says:

    “There was a strong suggestion that some time ago Arsene Wenger resisted the temptation to sign Xabi Alonso on the grounds it might hamper the development of Denilson. And as Denilson bids goodbye, an obsession with youth is put into costly perspective.

  22. tipitapi

    if northern chavs do slip up we will go one worse why break a habbit of a season and yes it is better we finish 4th & dont give that cunt any leeway at least 2 dubious frogs will come around august time cant tell you who cos i wouldnt have heard of em

  23. alan b'stard M P

    well, it’s your own fault. You will buy the season ticket’s and go through the turnstiles giving them money, the very thing they need

    Just watch the games at home or at the pub. Boycott the ground

    It really is simple

  24. bernard (bade the gooner)

    why is it like this always with arsene’s comments?

    why is it always underestimation when it comes to players health or comeback date?

    & why is it always overestimation when it comes to players display & performing?

    arsene, mayte it is you, no them?

  25. tipitapi

    b’stard subbed it out for nxt year already will cerry pick with the silver at the end of the day i will still be here when that cunt hillwood etc will be long gone

  26. bernard (bade the gooner)

    if denilson, song, clichy & cesc all leave this summer, i ponder what would that say about project youth & it’s commitment to arsene as he is committed to them?

    i have to admit those thought make me feel sorry a bit about arsene….

  27. dennisdamenace

    WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum – Cause Hes Worth It! says:
    May 22, 2011 at 09:59

    Thanks for putting a post up everyday. I look forward to reading Le-Grove every morning.

    Today is going to be the last painful day in a long and painful season, how you ask:

    Bolton will end up getting something out of Citeh and we will get turned over by Fulham.

    Its the only fiiting end to this season.

    WTL – Do you really think that this is the end of your pain fella???? Ohhhhhhh you poor, misguided fool, you have a whooooooooole summer of torment and torture to look forward to…….culminating in “i believe in this squad, this squad is the best i have ever had, we have tremendous mental strength”………..enjoymy friend!!

  28. reggie 57

    Cant wait for the season to end! at least no gloating chav cunt’s giving it large, and hats off to the writer’s of this fantastic blog who give us the platform to show our discontent!!!

  29. arselona

    Cheers for keeping me entertained.Wenger has until August to sort it out.More of 18 year old sengalese and 2nd division french players and he has to go.
    I have 2 tickets today,just seen the state of the trains.Cant be bothered to go.£130 down the drain.

  30. Oldbird


    Get yourself off to Talk Sport then while we mere girls dream about a pink away strip.

    Is an iPad a man thing then? Who knew

  31. Bob John

    I’ve heard it all now! “If I was Arsene Wenger, I’d make up a special trophy just for you lot…because you have all played a part in creating the best online comments section out of any of the blogs.”
    Yes, I’m sure he would want to acknowledge & reward people calling him a Cunt & Retard & stuff such as “Love Arsenal-Hate Wenger” and “I hate Wenger for what he’s done to our club”!
    While he’s at it he can throw a party for where you can hold your own version of Britains Got Slaggers!

  32. azed

    Thanks Pedro and Geoff for the daily post…
    As the torture of the season comes to an end, a new one begins.
    clubs would strengthen while wenger would buy 12 year olds…
    I’m certainly not looking forward to the transfer window opening.
    Roll on next season please!!!

  33. Pedro

    Old bird… iPads are more manly than guns and Belgian 7% beers!

    Who do people want to drop?

    Birmingham and Blackburn for me.

  34. Pedro

    Pat, it’s pretty damn good… Newspapers and books are a dream! Lg looks pretty swish as well…

    Old bird, swish is not a manly word!

    Pat, any reccomeded apps?

  35. incesc

    “I think it is the responsibility of a football manager to behave in a responsible way, of course,” he said.

    “It is a situation for the fans which I can completely understand. But we are in a job where other clubs do not respect the basic rules of any other company and we have to live with that.

  36. incesc

    basically we wont spend lots of money because thats against the “rules” but we will put up our already huge ticket prices because fleecing fans isnt against the “rules”

  37. gambon


    Get the app that makes animal noises with the picture of an Elephant, regardless of which animal it is.

    That one is as sweet as a nut!

    Just listened to Ballague on talkshite, he reckons Madrid will put Higuain up for sale.

  38. Rob The Goon

    Good end of season post…

    Can’t say that ill miss this season, glad to see the back of it to be honest…I’ve never felt so distant from this team in all my years of supporting.

    I’m not really paying attention to wengers comments anymore because it’ll just get me pissed off…hopefully he’ll do the unthinkable and sign a couple of players…imagine that!

  39. Rohan

    I don’t believe Balague in whatever he says. I could come up with a 100 different things and one of them would be bound to come true.

  40. nishanth

    I hope he atleast today he play 2 up top.Against Stoke,Bolton and aston villa we looked a lot more dangerous playing with RVP and Chamakh/Bendtner upfront.Sick of these 4-3-3 system

  41. Me

    Bob John…get a grip. I cannot believe that you are still sticking up for him and the crap excuses are ALREADY starting to seep out of mouth! Typical AKB
    Wenger has until the transfer window closes this summer to sort his mess out. I will now include you when I am calling Wenger a cunt….just so he doesn’t feel lonely…and because you are one

  42. gnarleygeorge9

    I hope we are shot of Cesc early in the off season so that the gaffer (I assume AW is staying)has plenty of time to bring in a shed load of quality.

    As if 😆

  43. gambon


    Common sense divtates that if Madrid sign a forward, they will have to let either Higuain or Benzema go. He said it may be Higuain cos Benzema is a favourite of the President.

    Im guessing Ballague knows more about the situation than you, who has been telling us that Bendtner is world class for the last 3 years.

  44. boozy

    i just registered for saturday and sunday classes, to keep me occupied till september- trying to be a stockbroker, while not missing arsenal, must be two of the hardest things.

    birmingham to go down.

  45. sidney896

    WordPress for iPad is essential for Pedro. Hoot suite for iPad is great for managing all social media sites in one app……

    Angry birds! Obviously.

    Geeks – ‘good reader’ and dopbx turn your iPad in to mobile pc.

  46. Evan

    Would anyone take a punt on Niko Kranjcar?

    I doubt Madrid would let Higuain or Benzema leave, if they are bringing in a new striker, it would probably mean the end of Adebayors loan spell, poor lad

    3 months 🙁

  47. Arse&Nose©

    I want an app that analyses my stools. I can take a dump , take a pic and get marks depending how healthy my stool is.

    Any thoughts for names?


  48. cavalry

    Morning all, sorry afternoon all!!!!
    I would love to hear your thoughts on our scouting and coaching set ups. From what I can see, on very small budgets the likes of Porto can carry on unearthing excellent mainly South American players in all positions and even though they have to sell their top two or three year after year they still seem to find excellent replacements. We on the other hand unearth Squillaci!!!! and Denilson probably the worst Brazilian import of all time.
    Porto to me are able to find these platers not at huge money so why can’t we? What the hell are our scouts at?
    Secondly our level of coaching seems to have also taken a huge nose dive and especially in the area of hunger and desire. Look at the intensity at which BArcelona play and compare this to any of the fringe players that come in to play for Arsenal. They don’t seem to give a monkeys. I don’t know if any of you were watching the Heineken Cup final in Cardiff yesterday but the intensity and passion shown by the players was light years ahead of anything I ave seen from Arsenal for years now. Yet our players are on multiples of what these rugby players get paid.
    Your thoughts??

  49. Arse&Nose©

    Owen Hargreaves is available on a FREE this summer, Ferge has confirmed that they will not offer him a deal at man utd.

    When fit, he is one of the best combative and technically accomplished mid fielders n Europe – worth a Amaury Bitchslap?

  50. tipitapi

    cesc& cash for messi afterall he dos’nt have the DNA like to be a fly or mosquito what ever they have there on the wall when they got that offer joan’LL have a coronary ,just to irritate them not the arsenal way though

  51. Oldbird


    Do they come in pink? (ignore obv manly retort at that).

    Just going out to buy Belgian beer. Because I can.

    Cheering for Wolves later. Wigan and Brum can fuck the fuck off. Whoops. That’s not very ladylike.

  52. gambon


    Are you kidding me? Owen fucking Hargreaves?

    He has played about 3 games in the last 3 years!!!

    Should we get Keiron Dyer as well?

    Its worrying that these type of pathetic signings (Slivestre, Squillaci, Koscielny, Bischoff) are now becoming acceptable.

    Do you think Chelsea fans are talking about signing Hargreaves?

  53. Ken

    Hell, these ladies should have played against Birmingham in the final.
    Birmingham & Wigan for me (although if Blackburn went down Samba will be running to us with a love letter)
    Next season should be interesting, Stoke in the Europa League (Delap’s long throws in Eastern Europe & droolong ox Lenny vs potential Nazis)

  54. Arse&Nose©

    gambon, we took a punt on Bitchslap, Sylvester, and Campbell(2nd time)-Hargreaves is worth a punt too! He is back to full fitness and should be looked at.

    But only in addition to the real signings we should be making,

  55. incesc

    “He is back to full fitness and should be looked at.”

    haha nice one, its not joke friday tho you fool

  56. gambon

    Hargreaves has played 4 games in the last 3 seasons.

    Im pretty sure he is the biggest crock in world football, you wont find anyone else that has played this few times:

    08/09: 2
    09/10: 1
    10/11: 1

    The idea of signing him cos hes free in utterly pathetic.

  57. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    Arse N Nose –



    Some people are saying that Parker could be this years Joe Cole. Hargreaves hasnt played football since 1983. Honestly do we really want to give a signing bonus + wages to someone who will probably never play?


    What we need to do is identify the best DM that is available and buy him.

    If over the last 6 years we would have just gone out and spent decent money on 1 or 2 targets a summer we would be flying now. But of course if we did we wouldnt have built up a cash position that increased the share price 60% that meant that the directors have been able to cash in and fuck off after selling you all on the promise of “competeting with the biggest clubs in europe”.

    Arsene fucking complains about financial doping and directors putting money into the game while all the time the arsenal board have been positioning the club so that they could sell, having never put a penny in.


  58. gambon

    “I think the signing of Hargreaves shows we mean business. He is super super class, has mental strengz, and has the experience we look for”

    “He is free so we have respected our financial potential. This is the best squad ive ever had”

    “Oh by the way Cesc & Nasri are leaving, thankyou I have no time for questions”

  59. Arse&Nose©

    read my comments in full before jumping on them,

    Hargreaves will be looked at in the same way sol Campbell was. Sol was invited to train, when he proved himself he was given a very basic contract and had to work his way into the squad and team.

    I am in no way advocating the signing of hargreaves as a squad player, jsut think it would be stupid not to even check on him in the same way we did with bitchslap and campbell.

    Take personal opinion aside and think what Wenger would do? because hargreaves is just up his street

  60. paul mc daid

    if wenger left today,he would be leaving us with,a rookie goalkeeper, no defense,a average midfield,a very poor attack,fifteen years later,we are average at best,compare that to what he took over,it is truly pathetic,six million a year,sad.

  61. Arse&Nose©

    in-cesc? what are you planning to do to our captain?

    I take it as a compliment coming from the winner of “worst name on le grove”

  62. Bolo

    Seriously I’ll be very very disappointed if Almunia is still at the club come august. I can’t believe he’s lasted all this time at Arsenal. It is so frustrating to see wenger showing so much loyalty to poor quality players. Although he isn’t playing anymore I want him OUT! Wenger fuck you for giving this guy the opportunity to display his circus skills at our expense.

  63. SUGA3

    apparently, Cesc has tweeted his picture at the Spanish GP today – now removed!

    whether he stays or goes, I don’t want him as skipper next season!

  64. alan b'stard M P

    can Almunia really be blamed for all his problems. Shit defense never helps a goalkeeper

  65. Bolo

    As much as I would like to see that ass clichy go, I would rather him stay than having gibbs come in to ‘develop’ while making costly errors. You know wenger won’t go out and buy a proper replacement. Either way we are fucked.

  66. robel

    six years, no trophy
    seven yerars…….no epl tittle
    what does the future holds??
    I wish i could see the future, it would save my health.

  67. Rohan

    Precisely, gambon, it’s all common sense. Balague likes to think he has a massive amount of inside knowledge when in reality he has very little.

  68. Gooby

    almunia cost us the points against west brom in BOTH matches! Not to mention the other games where he was utter shit.

    thank god almunia, denilson are leaving.

  69. Rohan

    Regardless of his howlers, Clichy is still one of the better left backs in the premier league. He was admittedly poor in the second half of the season as was everyone else, but he did have a very solid first half.

    To be honest, there’s a dearth of good left backs out there. Coentrao is said to be good, but I’m unsure of him defensively and he’s probably too expensive. I say we play Eboue there.

  70. Bolo

    Getting ready to head down to Fulham for the game (free ). Is it sad that I that I want arsenal to lose? This what wenger has done to me. Because I know if we get 3rd he’ll come out with all his 3rd is a trophy shit.

  71. Arse&Nose©

    Bolo, he will do the same even if we finish 4th. Just back the team and pray we get 3rd for the fans if not the manager.

  72. Rohan

    hahaha, apparently the super injunction imposed upon the Ryan Giggs affair does not apply in Scotland.

    BOOM! Take that, always knew that he wasn’t all that perfect.

  73. robel

    the only reason wenger is not sacked is b/c he helped to build emirates. I think the board people feel if they bring a new manager and he wins a trophy for the first time it will be the new managers name that will be remembered, so, the board wants wenger’s name to be assosiated with emirates and trophies.
    But wenger doesn’t realize that he is caught up with his expermintal policy and how a club should be runned in this modern time.
    I think i want the first trophy of emirates to be assosited with him, thats the least he deserves.
    His not the greatest football coach but he is a good person and a great visionary… life u can’t have it all.

  74. Lurch LeRouge

    afternoon grovers hope everyones tooled up for this arvo.

    cracking post pedro.

    cmon lewis teach the spaniards how to drive!

  75. alan b'stard M P

    how come no one mentions Sagna and Transfer in one breath.

    His hair should be made a criminal offence

  76. Lurch LeRouge

    the world would shift off axis if you werent :mrgreen: Suga.

    can’t drink till nearer the time, im digesting a nerdy CGI software manual 🙁

  77. SUGA3

    oh well, a little schmoke and a pancake never did anybody any harm, good for instant CGI imagination 😆

    there are still some dudes tweeting about spares, imagine that!

    the axis has indeed shifted anyway, eh?

  78. robel

    almunia have been the worest signing under arene wenger.
    Clichy is not a solid left back , he doesn’t defend well or doesn’t put good crosses and assists. So if he wants to go let him.
    Nasir has showen what he can do this season, but i still feel the system we play doesn’t suit him and is very fustratins when played as a winger. If he goes he won’t be a major loss.
    Cesc is one of the best creative middfilders i seen in the last 10years. His vision and quality on the ball makes him the best midfilder in england. He’s like the xavi type but with a better final pass and creativite. We will be in trouble if we sell him. Coz quality players like that don’t come that easily.

  79. Arse&Nose©

    Eldo from Arsenal Insider claims 2 Arsenal players have super injunctions – want to take a guess as to who they are?

  80. Patthegooner

    If it’s a free pay as you play, I would take a punt on Hargreaves

    What I would say though is that the signing could not be a first choice option. Inwould still want that WC DM to play ahead of Song

  81. Lurch LeRouge

    hehe fertile imagination isn’t what i struggle with mate, short term memory and attention span’s already fairly stunted! 😉

    depends which axis you mean? but yeah our mass axis is something like 20cm off tilt thanks to the premature japanese rapture.

    yeah amazing, craven cottage is usually a rockin atmos!

    woohoo button just took that dirty ozy on the outside!

  82. boozy

    candidates for arsenal player of the season.


    And the winner is- Lil jack wilshere.

    candidates for worst players of the season.


    And the winner is DENILSON whateverhisfirstnameis.

  83. robel

    @patthegonner…………………..he is too injury prone,i think defensive middfilder is a coverd postion we have song and diaby…….the both can play there. That area need maturity and experiance, song is doing a good job, but the problem is wenger he orders him to play box to box which doesn’t suit him and thats why the 433 formation has been so unbalanced this season, if u played order diaby and song just to defend and organise the midfiled the would do the job.

  84. robel

    next year squard
    1. Rvp,chamack, benzema
    2. Theo, nasir, hazard
    3, arshavin, rosiky, diaby
    4.cesc, ramsey, wilshere
    5. Song, JD, sagna
    6.clichy, TV,kosihelny,samba
    that will be the team for next season.

  85. Arsene Nose Best

    yes yes le groooovers,i feel a win for us today,2-4.great job geoff and pedro,le grove,no other blog can touch this one…….keep up the good work,and here’s to another long summer………..1

  86. Taxi for Wenger

    According to talkshite our beloved captain has been spotted at the Spanish grand prix! Total Cunt

  87. Marcus

    Talk about a mental break down.. in the last 6 matches arsenal has collected 5 points putting them on 18th place in the trend table. Only teams who are worse are birmingham and west ham…

    Mental strength!! Mental strength!! Mental strength!!

    i guess arsene wengers tactics was “If i say it enough times, it will come true”.. guess what, it didn’t!!

  88. dennisdamenace

    Unbelievable that the Arsenal club captain is not at the final game of the season, injury or no…..

    Wenger often quotes The Arsenal Way, tell me what that is? Because from where i’m sitting all the Arsenal values of old no longer apply….

  89. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    LOL Lurch.

    You gambon and tiarnan kill me on here.