Arsenal win secret treble | Englishman on the radar, should it be two though?

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Arsene has been creating competitions for Arsenal again and I’ve got to say, I’m feeling plenty chipper this morning!

We’re the best away team in the world, we’re the only team to have beaten both the Champions League finalists and we’re top of the top four league…

Bugger me, that’s the treble!

It’s an interesting tangent for Wenger to go off on. I used to work in cardboard box factories managing logistics, I had to present figures to the box masters every week… it’s amazing how creative you can be with figures, sad fact is, in the box industry, it always came down to one thing… are costs up, or down?

Wenger, your cardboard box stats are down, way down… no amount of creativity with pivot tables is going convince us otherwise. We’ve had a poor season, we’re possibly on to have a worse defence than Fulham this year and that sir, is unacceptable.

I thought his comments about the coach were pretty interesting as well. He spoke about the democracy that doesn’t exist, then he said,

“We are open-minded. It will be difficult to find a coach who teaches me how to manage a football team.”

There you have it… that’s Arsene summed up in a slip of the tongue. If you assume your opinion is the right one all the time, you have to be damn sure you’re right all the time. Arsene has been getting the fundamentals wrong for the best part of 3 years now. Could another manager have told him Almunia was toilet? Could another manager have told him the average age of the squad doesn’t matter if the kids aren’t good enough? Could another manager have suggested a better defender than Squillaci?

Management for me is all about surrounding yourself with the best talent and making the decisions from there. From what I understand, Ferguson doesn’t run the training sessions anymore, he leaves that to his coaches. Wenger micro-manages everything. He’s been using the same methods for years and for the last seven, they’ve not achieved anything. So there might not be a manager out there that will show Wenger how to manage better directly, but there might be one out there who could guide him and give him a fresh perspective.

I like how he’s already rolling out the Tesco’s Value lines…

“I always try to get value for money. That is the job of a football manager.

“In England, it is a bit more difficult because player inflation is higher than everywhere else. When you only have a few players at many clubs, the price is too high.”

The job of a football manager is to concern himself with quality first and to let the CEO determine value later. Squillaci was cheap and cheerful and guess what? That’s the type of quality we’ve seen on the pitch from him. Whining on about the cost of players in England falls on deaf ears when you have a £40million transfer budget burning a hole in a massive bulging pair or fire-retardant trousers.

Harry Redknapp has been scouting newsnow for some new players. He’s cleverly deciphered from Tribalfootball that we’re in for Scott Parker and that he’s also had his attention drawn to the talents of Eden Hazard. Interesting that he said the Belgian is a good player but he has his eye on a player over here… Ashley Young anyone? There is a chap at my work who is friends with the Englishman… don’t worry yourself, it’s never too early for an ‘off the record’ conversation.

We have a delightful game against Fulham to look forward to tomorrow. I still think we should have signed Brede Hangeland way back when, but what you gonna do? Fulham under different management still have a defence equal to ours on a budget about 75% lower (I guessed that figure, don’t bust that out at an Al Fayed Dinner Party)!

I can barely be bothered to muster the energy to write about tomorrow’s game… it seems like the biggest non-event since the predicted rapture today.

Roll on next season I say… and make sure you turn up with some new players please!

See you in the comments!

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280 Responses to “Arsenal win secret treble | Englishman on the radar, should it be two though?”

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  1. (bernard) bade the gooner

    Good morning,
    A nice girl that I know came back from malta the other day.
    She brought me some nice souvenir with caption: “alcohol doesn’t cause hangovers, waking up does”.
    This morning I realized it’s true 😆

    & it seems i’m not the only one having a waking up headache 🙂

  2. Albo

    Ooh, the rapture! Exciting times! We should let God know that there are a few Arsenal squad member we don’t mind him taking!

  3. Patthegooner

    So we are the only team to have beaten man ure and barca.

    Wow, amazing when you consider that Valencia are the only other club that have played both, it’s hardly an achievement.

    He really is becoming embarrassing with his spin

  4. (bernard) bade the gooner

    Great read pedders, I wanted to post this even before reading & now I see it fit’s the theme 
    I have a short story for you about arsene & the glass
    Once, arsene had a fully glass, he looked at it & said to himself… oh what a great thing to have a fully glass…..
    Years gone by, players went out & the quality of those coming in didn’t match the departures caliber, so suddenly he had a 3/4 fully glass. But he still looked at it with satisfaction, & said to himself: it says look always at the full half of the glass, & I still have 3/4 full, so it’s great.
    Years kept rolling, arsene got now half fully glass. Of course no more trophies added to his team cabinet, but he was still ok with it. I’m preferring to look at the full half of skilled youth we have & nice football we play.
    Time goes by, now arsene has merely 1/4 full glass & empty 3/4 glass, & he still thinks it’s worthy the smile. I still have “strong base” he says. Ok, that expression said half no quarter, but I can have my own interpretation, so quarter is good enough. I’m an optimistic lad he says to himself…. & the story to be continued… whether arsene keep looking at what he has in the glass, or will he finally look at the whole glass & see how empty it’s becoming & how in danger he is to lose the remaining?
    Dear arsene, you will always have some water in the glass, but you should try to fill it always to the top, not stalling & compromising with what left on it. This is no optimism, it’s the losers way of denial & excusing.

  5. Albo

    ACLF make the good point that the only other team to have played both Man U and Barca is Valencia… Not the most impressive of stats then!

  6. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    One of the points todays post makes ties in nicely with something I was reading in the Guardian about how to spot a psychopath, so I took it upon myself to asses Arsene. This is a real test, you must score 30 or more to be classed as a real nut nut.

    Item 1 Glibness/superficial charm

    2 – the master of superficial charm and glibness.

    Item 2 Grandiose sense of self-worth

    2 – “No one can teach me anything”

    Item 3 Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom

    2 – Based on never seeming to take a break

    Item 4 Pathological lying

    2 – need I say anything?

    Item 5 Cunning/manipulative

    2 – As a fox

    Item 6 Lack of remorse or guilt

    2 – Never takes shit onboard

    Item 7 Shallow affect

    2 – Any remorse shown is always short lived, so short in fact they do not reach the opening of the transfer window

    Item 8 Callous/lack of empathy

    1 – “they can boo if they want” Il give him just the 1

    Item 9 Parasitic lifestyle

    2 – £7 PA isnt good enough for delivering fuck all he also has to take money from Canal+ when he should be concentrating on buying players and Castrol too.

    Item 10 Poor behavioural controls

    2 – Evian anyone?

    Item 11 Promiscuous sexual behaviour

    2 – Known to love a bit of Snoop dog

    Item 12 Early behaviour problems

    0 – Unknown

    Item 13 Lack of realistic long-term goals

    2 – Nough said.

    Item 14 Impulsivity

    0 – Dont really think he is

    Item 15 Irresponsibility

    0 – Once again to be fair he isnt.

    Item 16 Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

    2 – Yep. The pitch, The ref, The position of the moon etc etc etc everything but his lack of managerial ability.

    Item 17 Many short-term marital relationships

    0 – nope

    Item 18 Juvenile delinquency

    0 – Unknown

    Item 19 Revocation of conditional release

    1 – I am sure should he get another job after he gets sacked in 12 months time project youth will spring up again in no time at all.

    Item 20 Criminal versatility

    0 – Unknown.

    So on the nut nut scale Arsene scores a 26, and thats with 3 unknowns worth 6 points.

  7. David

    Board has done a very bad thing by giving this man(Wenger) too much control thus why he is thinking of values of the players. He is football manager not finacial controller. He has to produce the results on the ground not balance sheet he is always thing of. All other teams have debt and I do not think that only Arsenal will remain while others will collapse. CEO should tell Wenger to win trophies and this massage will force Wenger to buy inorder to win things. STOP EXPERIMENTING ON OUR ARSENAL WENGER!

  8. Chop-Suey

    just read the comments of some barca fans on a fabregas article on a catalan website.

    most of them saying he’s a crook or no better than thiago while others are enraged at the price barca will have to pay for him, and calling him unloyal for extending his contract with arsenal instead of running it down.

    afraid cesc won’t get what he dreams of, even if he ends up there

  9. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    No but we signed Ricky Martin to appear in late September, tickets available through the box office.

    Gazidis arranged it, CAUSE HES WORTH IT!

  10. GoonerDave

    I know Arsene and Arsenal have let us down this season and recent seasons, but some of the disdain needs to be rolled in I think.
    Depending on the mindset of the reader, Wengers quotes can be shaped to fit either side – one who believes in Arsene could make some sense of his quotes, someone who wants him out will feel insulted by every word he speaks.
    We know Arsene is a master of spin, but we also put our own spin on his statements, using them to prove either genius or insanity, depending which side of the fence we sit.
    As for Scott Parker, well he would be a huge improvement on Denilson! And possibly Alex Song too, maybe Song could do with a player in his position breathing down his neck!
    Not too gone on the idea of Ashley Young though. I know he looks great at times, but I doubt hes consistent enough for us. Hes been roughly as productive as Arshavin, and the Russian has had a poor season by his standards. Hazard doesnt have Youngs PL experience, but looks like if settles in, he could be world class.
    Anyway, enjoyed the read, thanks!
    Heres hoping we finally have some decent cash to spend this Summer, and that we spend it wisely!

    p.s. Bendtner to Villa?

  11. peman33

    if we signed young and hazzard i dont think i would care if we addressed the defence. we would score more than any other team, we would be like a talented blackpool! lets be honest barca do not have the best defence, just incredible attackers that also work hard and bust a gut!

  12. Arse&Nose©

    “We are open-minded. It will be difficult to find a coach who teaches me how to manage a football team.”

    That has put a serious dampener on any hopes gooners had of change this summer.

  13. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    Gooner Dave –

    What you say makes sense from the perspective of someone looking at his quotes from a dissenting point of view for the first time.

    When you have been listening to him talk like this for four years, windows + excuses after defeats you realize that what he is saying isnt a smoke screen, what he is saying isnt some clever way of deflecting probing questions, what he is saying is actually what he believes to be true.

    Year five will go the way of years 1,2,3 and 4. Or as many fans here will see it year 2 will go the same way as year 1. When you stop thinking that Arsene is a “genius” and you look at what he says, more importantly WHAT HE DOES, his patronising speeches become tiresome REAL FAST.

  14. peman33

    coco the clown, a full back that gets played out of position, and a right winger! yeah you are right, barca are amazing because of those 4! i dare say against utd they will keep it tight and try and nick a 1 nil!

  15. Le Profarter

    We are linked with Bruno Manga,the 23 year old Gabonese footballer,who replaced Koscielny in the Lorient line up.

    There is your first signing.Happy days.

  16. SurferX

    Quality blog today Pedro. In a nutshell, you have summed up my feelings towards the difference between Fergie and AW…

    “Management for me is all about surrounding yourself with the best talent and making the decisions from there. From what I understand, Ferguson doesn’t run the training sessions anymore, he leaves that to his coaches. Wenger micro-manages everything. He’s been using the same methods for years and for the last seven, they’ve not achieved anything. So there might not be a manager out there that will show Wenger how to manage better directly, but there might be one out there who could guide him and give him a fresh perspective.”

    What’s Fergie had.. 4 or 5 assitant managers? Freshens everything up and keeps him from being too close to the players. AW is the polar opposite. I think it distorts his thinking- and one of the keep reasons we have no ‘Plan B’ (becuase there is no-one around to give them one).

    As much as I love Pat Rice for all of the service he has given the club- his moving on would of had the biggest positive change in the squad. Not becuase he is shit and the next person would be great- but it would be new ideas, new enthusiasm- a clean slate for many.

    Sadly, thats not going to happen…

  17. WengersSweeties


    Even if Rice left, would a new coach be allowed to have a opinion over Wenger?

    Not a chance!

    Wenger said himself, “I’m glad Pat is staying, he knows how I work”

    What self obsessed fucking turd!

  18. Sweden

    Young would be a great signing, he’s gooner to and has a little brother in the Arsenal youth (i think).

    Btw i can’t believe why people here wants to get rid of Song!? Didn’t you see him last season? The important goals he scored at the beginning of this season? His performance against Spuds and Man Utd!?

    Shocking that someone wants him out. We need better players to complement JackSong tho. Parker would be fucking brilliant.

    (Just so you know im not african i name myself after my birthplacecountry…)

  19. 4th4lyf

    Dont expect hazard he’ll kill miyachi dont sign ashley young he’d kill wellington who’s even frozen out of the shit team he’s in loan to! we also got vela who’s a better finisher than anyone else in epl but cant find a regular spot in west brom.

    cahill n sakho will kill sqillachi n kosielny and sell diarra ,dont sign melo/inler thy’d kill diaby n denilson…

    dont give a chance to lansbury he’s english !

    4th place is a trophy… i belive tht!
    i’ll always pay 6.5% extra to watch a ball passed around back and sideways and never into the net !


  20. Arsene Nose Best

    Could another manager have suggested a better defender than Squillaci and koshitney?
    ermmmmmmmmmmmmm,YES they could of.

  21. HumAnimal

    Mornin, all…
    BlackBerry messed up ysterday so I missed out on hours of valuable debate.

    Top post again

  22. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    Arsene Nose Best –

    My great grandmother could have suggested better defenders Via a ouija board.

    Sorry, sorry no she couldnt, Arsene is a genius and only those in football know anything. The rest of us are just cunts who should “stick to playing championship manager”

    Then along comes a translator and wins more in 7 years than Arsene, coffin dodger, Wenger has in his lifetime.


  23. Dutchman

    Some interesting comments from wenger.

    He said that some players who play less will go and that he will bring in some players for sure.
    He also said that the coming weeks are busy weeks and then it won’t be really busy because holiday and then in August it will be busy again.

    Bendtner will leave for sure.

  24. Dutchman

    The first signing from us has to be a real leader in midfield. And then we need Cahill or Samba for defence. That has to be the priority. We need some leaders! But wenger is to stubborn to see that.

  25. DeiseGooner

    So Wenger has the hump with the press – hence his terse responses to the very same questions he answered in better mood for arsenaltv ?

    But do i believe either versions?

    No – only actions matter now

  26. leon

    well for the past 5 years wenger has talked a good game but it came to putting action behind his fancy words he has never realy followed through and i dought this summer will be any diiferent i am not evon going waste my money going to emirates cup

  27. Patthegooner

    Dutchman, sounds very like the arsenal fans will be reassured by what they see in the next few weeks shite he spouted a couple of years ago

  28. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    Last nights wank fest over a player no one had ever heard of shows just how desperate the fans are to sign someone.

    Honestly I reckon if we pushed the boat out and signed someone like Neymar he could get most of his sheep back on side and at least 10 people in north london would have a stroke upon hearing the news.

  29. Patthegooner

    Good luck to AFC Wimbledon today.

    I can see Arsenal being the next club to reform if wenger and the board continue with the fan fleecing model

  30. Albo

    Patthegooner says:
    May 21, 2011 at 11:55
    Jesus even ACLF are being critical of Arsene today

    The 2 sites I read every day are ACLF and Le Grove (I figure they make a nice contrast) and in fairness to ACLF he is actually regularly quite critical of Wenger, just in a measured, un-hysterical way. He’ll often pull Wenger or the board up on specific issues. The difference is that he is IN GENERAL supportive of the basic direction and strategy the club is taking. Because of that, people on here paint him as someone who can’t think for himself and always toes the club line, and in fact that’s really not the case…

  31. Arsene Nose Best

    “I always try to get value for money. That is the job of a football manager.

    what the fuck happend with koshitney then.

  32. WTL Gazidis £1.7m Per Annum - Cause Hes Worth It!

    Albo –

    Hes a cunt!


    Yeah I agree with what you said, he does side more on the Anything but Arsene side of the fence though. What makes it worse, the perspective of him, is that those that post comments there are a bunch of hardcore AKBs.

    Stupid cunts that never go to games, some based in other continents that have never been here preaching to all and sundry about “being a real fan”

    Fucking dickheads.

    But overall your assessmnet of aclf is spot on.

    Everyone have a great day, its beautiful outside.

  33. James gunner xyz

    The best away record. The best record for conceding goals from set pieces.
    I think fans have enough of stats.If the gunners don’t challenge until season end,Wenger has to go. Arsenal shd get someone intersted in winning matches and not weaving patterns leading to nowhere.

  34. Skandibird

    Need some advice boys/girls; thinking about upgrading mob to a ”BlackBerry Bold 9780 ”, is it a good phone and is it easy to use?(never having had a blackberry before)I have used Samsung/Motorola. Much appreciated.

    Re Argentine player, according to YoungGuns on twitter last night, there may have been something lost in translation by FoxSoccer, in that he is signing for the Argentina Arsenal?

  35. Patthegooner

    Albo, sorry but I am a big fan of yogi’s posts on ACLF And maybe I have missed something, but today is the first time I have got the impression that he is starting to turn against Wenger

  36. Sweden

    If Song is awful every single player apart from RvP is awful.

    The two problems with Song is that he this season plays higher up the field, he is much better when he plays in a holding role and he’s nowhere near a boxtoboxplayer even tho AW seems to think he can make it in that role. He scored some goals but is too slow too make the both roles (as a holding and a btb) so i think he should just be a holding.

    The second problem is that he is too important for the team, but with Denilson out (happy days!) we will probably buy a new player there. And it should be Parker imo.

  37. dennisdamenace

    Value for money?

    Do me a fucking favour, is Diaby value for money? Is Eboue value for money, is Squillaci value for money?…….fuck me, is Wenger value for money… my £1200 Season Ticket now value for money?

  38. Albo

    WtL – yeah I agree the comments section is more hardcore in opinion than the post. But in fairness the same goes for here (in the opposite direction obviously!)

    It’s a beautiful day and I’m off to my little nephew’s birthday party. I’m in charge of the football they’re going to be playing in the garden, and I’ll be bringing all my AKB expertise to the task. There’ll be yellow cards for anybody that shoots and extra points for anyone who makes more than ten passes sideways or backwards. There will also be prizes at the end for the player who showed the most mental stwength, the player with the shortest backlift, and the one who played with the handbwake off at all times…

    They are 6, but I’ll let you know if there’s anyone there I think we might want for our first team squad…

  39. Pedro

    Skandi… the new blackberry’s are amazing… you’d be making a top decision.

    The apps aren’t very good, but I’m not a big app fan really.

    Though it has to be said… the iPhone is growing on me…

    I’m off to have a read of ACLF!

  40. dennisdamenace

    Fucking idiot should be more worried about putting together a championship winning team/squad, not the price of English players. After all, that little gem of a quote doesn’t explain the wealth showered of an over bloated squad of under 18’s who’ll never get a game in the first eleven.

    Come to think of it, if it’s all to much for you piss off then, go manage Real Madrid, see how long you last there….

  41. Albo

    Pat – hmm, I’m not sure that’s how I read it. That sort of criticism (picking a specific policy or statement that seems misguided) is fairly common in his posts I’d say. But I suppose it goes without saying that everyone’s opinions will shift a little more negative re Wenger the longer we go seeming to fail for the same reasons at the same point in each season…

  42. Patthegooner

    DDM quite right

    Sadly wengers words are just nightmares of summers pastvall over again

    This summer and next season will be groundhog all over again, only this time a resurgent Liverpool, a Tottenham without CL and a stregthened manure, chelsea and man city will make 4th a very difficult target to achieve

  43. In Lehmann Terms

    I really am starting to tire of Wenger’s bullshit. He’s such a boring twat, and has been for a while now.

    It’s taken me a while, but I now think it’s time for Le Cunt to go. I can’t take another year of this shite; and that’s what it will be. This prick doesn’t look like he’s going to change.

  44. SUGA3

    Wilshere played more minutes than Sturridge and Rodwell this season…

    begs question, is it not overplaying him a little and then making a big deal out of a international tournie where you play what, 8 games?

    I know he should not go, I reckon that once a player played in the senior game, he should not play kiddie football, unless there is a good reason for him to be demoted, simple as…

  45. Rohan

    hmm, these latest comments are seriously worrying me. Arsene should probably lay low for a bit, take a break or something.

    Agree with albo regarding ACLF, Yogi’s usually a very insightful writer and is very measured. What brings the place down is the comments section although they aren’t necessarily more provocative or extreme than someone like say, gambon. 😀

  46. Rohan

    If he’s in the senior team, he should not be playing for the U21’s ffs. The entire argument should be based around that. He’s not going to learn anything by playing against those worse than him.

  47. km

    Re. Width/Wingers

    I think Wenger is actively looking for wingers.

    Since Hazard has been having 2nd thoughts, we’ve been linked with 3 wingers :

    Menez – Roma
    Gervinho – Lille
    Alvaraz – Velez

    Is this a co-incidence? I dnt think so. There’s definately something brewing here.

  48. Arse&Nose©

    The FA and England are extremely short sighted in forcing Wilshire and Caroll to play for the u21’s this summer.

    They will then go back to playing a full season with their clubs and the following summer play in Euro2012, after which they could also be called up for the GB olympic team!

    Out of all of these the u21 championship is the lowest priority.

  49. Man

    There is certainly a merging of opinions between ACLF and Le grove. You still get the ‘extremists’ on both sites…slowly the gap is narrowing though.

    One gets the feeling that some posters on ACLF are embarrassed that they are ‘dooming’ so continue to use eloquence as a way of differentiating themselves, or sometimes, even resort to bizarre characterisation of ‘the other’ – naysayers – just to conform to what is their illusory description of what a ‘good fan’ is.

    I’ve always said that the AKB-doomer stereotypes have always been stupid. People want to place things in a fixed place or state whilst reality suggests it is not so. Everything is temporary, life resides in the grey area. Perhaps, it is the positivist paradigm on which post 18th century western modernity is based that drives people into this dichotomous categorisation of meaning – it’s either black or white, good or bad, for us or against etc.

    Anyway, back to what is important.

    Kaka in yo mama out
    My dick in my dick out

  50. Doublegooner


    Or perhaps shut the fuck up. We’re bored shitless with corner shop mentality.

    If he wants to pursue his egotistal ‘Know All’ approach lack of tactics suplimented with 2nd rate value signings then …. I repeat.


  51. gambon


    I doubt that argie fella would go to the argie arsenal as theyre shit and he is apparently a top talent.

    ive only seen him on youtube but fuck me he reminds me of the great man Pires,.

  52. Patthegooner

    I think wengers latest words are the clearest indication that nothing will be changing.

    When he says that he doubts he can recruit a coach that can teach him how to run a football club, why would you then believe that he would bow to board or fan pressure. I think he would rather quit than change, our opinions matter very little in Arsenes world and certainly shouldn’t be listened to.

    Sadly every time Arsene speaks now, another batch of Gooners lose faith in him. When we do eventually part company, I think it going to be a messy affair.

  53. gambon

    So wenger always goes on about “respecting our budget” but what the melt cant understand is that by building a better team we would get further in all competitions, make more money as a rsult, and have more sponsors willing to pay to be attached to Arsenal.

    I cant see many companies desperate to have Koscielny representing their brand.

    Utd have made £20m more than us in the CL, £50m more than us commercially, and £2.4m more than us in PL prize money.

    Thats £70m more than us. The board and manager at UTD are fucking miles ahead of the cunts at the Emirates.

  54. Lurch LeRouge

    stupid? have to disagree wholeheartedly Man.

    Polemics are more often associated with matters of religious, scientific and political discourse and its a system of dispute that harks back to the ancient Greek school of debate.

    Football as a topic of conversation draws many parallels in its philosophy to the traditionally polemical subjects mentioned above, so its no surprise that the debate on the sport is often governed by the use of it.

    Thinking it ‘stupid’ is a little naive IMHO, just sayin.

  55. Rohan

    The term AKB is stupid in that hardly anyone on here is an AKB.

    The term AKB, turned into something to use against anyone who had even a remotely differing opinion. Served(or serves)to denigrate any debate into something of a slagfest.

  56. Lurch LeRouge

    nah Rohan, its a divisive term but it stimulates debate, which is what we are often here for. I don’t disagree that its often used badly but if you give nut jobs WMD’s some innocents are sure to get flamed. 🙂

  57. Rohan

    If Bendtner does go to Villa, who wants to bet that he’ll score against us next season. It’s practically a given.

    Even Jeremie fuckign Aliadiere scores against us ffs.

  58. Rohan

    Apparently Zanetti recommended him to Inter Milan.

    He has the touch, physique and fleetness of foot of a young Pires, but a delivery and shot that reminds me of Gourcuff for some reason.

    Either way, it looks like he’ll be a replacement for Rosicky hopefully.

  59. Colonel Mustard

    as i repeat ad naseneum…..Wegner will be removed from Arsenal by men in white coats kicking and screaming. it will come to that.

  60. Rohan

    Haven’t had an Argie for a while. Could do with one of them nutjobs I guess.

    If Cesc does leave, I really don’t know who we could get to replace him. No one comes even remotely close to him. Even if we do go 442, where does that leave Ramsey and Jack. The both of them along with a DM can’t all play centrally.

  61. Man

    Nah Lurch, I think you are stretching the polemic principle a bit far there. I certainly have not had a debate on AKB or doomer or whatever they represent for that matter. As Rohan says, those terms have been used to stifle debate. They are ready labels which lazy posters resort to when they lack any reasoned debate.
    I agree that dichotomies, even when extreme, serve the purpose of improving understanding,as the Greeks used it, developing critique. However, that does not apply in this case as described above. Football is different from the other examples you stated in that it is wholly real, more real or its expression can only be enjoyed in real terms. These examples you mentioned can exist in an esoteric sense devoid of reality, in the realms of imagination.
    Football is not so, its beauty is in its expression always real and never abstract.
    Those terms are abstract, hence redundant.

  62. gambon

    If we lost cesc we SHOULD be bidding for the likes of sneijder or pastore to replace him.

    However you just know he would either promote ramsey or bring a cunt from the french league in, thus beggining another stiupid project.

  63. Rohan

    Is Pastore really all that? Doubt he’s a better decision than promoting someone like Ramsey who atleast we can guarantee will stay at Arsenal.

    I guess Gourcuff could do with Wenger mentoring him but unsure about him mentally.
    Apart from Yoann, can’t really see Sneijder happening.

  64. Man

    Enrique is stalling in signing a contract at Newcastle…
    Clichy doing the same at Arsenal…

    I think Enrique will be a decent replacement for Clichy.

  65. Rohan

    Coentrao is supposedly good although don’t think he represents value for money. We could do better with spending that money elsewhere.

  66. incesc

    Sneidjer will never happen but i would love him at arsenal.

    just him in would be a good summer imo

  67. km


    Would love Kaka but I think he’d be have to cheaper and Nasri gone. That’s the only way I can see that happening

  68. Lurch LeRouge

    religion, science and politics aren’t real? they don’t have tangible assets in play in the physical realm we occupy? don’t understand that really.

    Sorry, I think your being deliberately obtuse when for me football as a modern manifestation of gladiatorial warplay involving sports science and evoking the politics of management, ownership and belief systems that run every bit as deep as religious doctrine. After all we don’t just debate the ‘beautiful’ form of its expression but also all the ‘abstracts’ that bear very significant influence on the field of play itself.

    Supplant the ‘abstract’ terms AKB & Doomer with semantically neutral tags then, black and white if you will, but they are far from being redundant, no what is redundant is taking offense to them because a debater should be able to isolate their ego from the argument.

  69. azed

    Wenger: Hey pat we are the only team to beat manu and barca and they are in the Cl final
    Pat: True Boss
    Wenger: That means we r champions right?
    Pat: Yes Boss
    Wenger: and those cunts on le-grove think they know better
    Pat:Yes Boss

  70. ghoke

    Skandi. Bold 9780 is the phone I use(white)–i can confirm Ʊ can’t regret getting it—though th torch(9800) is more popular because of its big look but camera wise(both 5mp)–9780 is far clearer and they both have operating systems 6 on them(dats d new software they both operate on..9780 is more durable aswell—–hope that helps you——btw(wenger needs a mental check with all his latest comments–am sorry to say that but it looks like something is wrong with him mentally)

  71. realistic tony

    Its the mark of desperation to find a stat like that….its something a kid would boast about in the playground. The fact that this “stat” is so unique makes it a joke….its worse than “we are the only prem league team to be in 4 competions”…what a joke that was!
    His comments about transfers are following the same pattern as last season: he won’t pay good money for cahill it seems….so maybe it will be samba,(based on price).He also mentioned the fact that 26,27, 28 year olds were not his preferred choice.
    He is looking for freebies and bargains….he is obsessed with some mundane housewife boasting that she got a bag of peas cheaper at a certain store.
    I wish he would just go….its not for him to watch the budget, thats for kroenke. His job is to assemble the best squad that he can and search and bid for those players.Man utd, chelsea city and liverpool and even spurs make a bigger impact in the transfer market than us.
    We are a MASSIVE CLUB….not a club scrimping and scraping along and looking for rejects, freebies and cheapos.Another seasson like the last one and the top players will leave…and who could blame them?????

  72. km

    Pastore still needs another year or 2 at Palermo. He’s a talented player at a small club where the team is built around him. He’l definately move to a big club but not yet. He’s blossoming into a good player but needs the pressure free environment which he’s got at a small club.

    Georcuff was sensational at Bordeaux where he was the main man and not under the pressure he was at Milan but since his move to Lyon it hasn’t worked out as everyone had hoped.

  73. km

    Whether we spend or not Fergie and the rest of the big boys will definately be spending and buying the players they need.

  74. Man

    Hey Lurch, since you say you didn’t understand, what I said was,
    “These examples you mentioned CAN exist in an esoteric sense devoid of reality, in the realms of imagination.Football is not so, its beauty is in its expression always real and never abstract.”

    The operative word being CAN. But I think you knew what I meant you’re just trying to be mischievous. It’s okay I’ll fall for it 😉

    That football draws from these other disciplines as you so, rightly, opine does not elevate football or its debate to the same level of existence. Perhaps, in the future, we might get fundamentalist tippy tappists willing to die for the tippy tappy ideology 🙂

    On the one hand you say these AKB-doomer terms are divisive, thus, stimulate debate, but I proved they don’t. Then you say they are items of self preservation or self protection even?

    I like debates but I feel these terms detract from debate and serve no constructive purpose. So, I call them stupid and redundant but that doesn’t mean I’m offended. I don’t take blogging that seriously, I think I’m not alone there.

  75. boozy

    i dont want scott parker.
    A 30yrs old midfield engine, is not my idea of an improvement, plus he is supposed to play the wilshere role, but i’ll take jack any day.

    if clichy goes, we’ll sign enrique- authentic.

  76. Dutchman

    Unbelievable that some people are doing the same every season. Every season they are saying that we won’t be in top four next season. And every season we are in the top four but then it is not good enough. What do you want? Yees, liverpool, tottenham,chelsea, city and united will strengthen their squad, but we will strengthen too. And if you guys are scared that we are not in the otp four next season ,then top four is good, isn’t it? No, it fucking isn’t!! Then stop saying that bullshit every year. And say something like “it will be really hard to be champions next season, because that’s what we want!

  77. Skandibird

    Pedro @ at 12:23 ; thanks for that.

    Gambon; maybe there is something in the ‘rumour’ then, we’ll have to wait and see.

  78. Arsene Nose Best

    after the cunts we have had to put up with you wouldn’t want someone like parker to come in and show the overpaid lazy fucks what workrate actually is…..

  79. Thomas


    Sagna Djourou Vermaelen Baines

    A. Young Lass Nasri A. Johnson

    Benzema Van Persie

    Will win everything.

  80. boozy


    every season i say we’ll win the league and champs lg. but we never do. however at the end, both doomers and non doomers are disappointed at the end of the season.

    next season’s would be difficult to call- there lots of (IF)s.

  81. Lurch LeRouge


    Football as philosophy is esoteric as any of the Greek rhetorical subjects mentioned in my first post and I resist the Machiavellian cloak you adorn me with.

    yes I would argue that the ‘value systems’ debated amongst grovers are esoteric – one philosophy versus another ( buy or not to buy) and in their purest form they can represented by stereotypical tags like (AKB/Doomer).

    No, I’m not trying to elevate the importance of these terms, AKB or Doomer – I’m just illustrating that calling them ‘stupid’ is trite and simplistic and denies their their divisive value. That’s my aim, period.

    If anything has been “proved”, the very nature of this dialogue we are currently having ‘proves’ empirically that it does stimulate conversation, rendering your assumption moot.

    So you’ve proved nothing.

  82. Hussain

    Brilliant post as always Pedro, and well LLR, Rohan,Suga, Path and Gambon just make the comments wonderful to read!!

  83. Hussain

    Fucking Disgrace, people on my Twitter Timeline are celebrating an Arsenal Women’s Trophy! how desperate have we become, i bet most of them didn’t even know a Women’s team existed during the 00-05’s

  84. Patthegooner

    Well done Arsenal Ladies, another trophy in the cabinet

    Not sure if they are stored at the emirates, but if so, they are showing up the mugs from the blokes team

  85. Hussain

    Denilson is apparently off to Roma though, 5-7 Mil bid on the table! Wenger please make De Rossi part of this deal, PLEASE!

  86. Dood

    Word is Arsenal have signed Ricky Alverez from Valez; a 6ft 2 left-footed midfielder. Source Fox Sports and Argentina… Time to get excited?

  87. Hussain

    Yeah at least the women have a winning mentality, I hope they rub the trophy in the faces of Cesc and a few others!

  88. Patthegooner

    Good team that Thomas, although not convinced with young and I would have Cahill in for djourou