Arsenal make multi million pound approach for huge 25…

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… storey building. With a planning application. To the council. You know, so we can shake off that image that we’re more about property development than on the pitch development. I’m so pleased. I’ve heard when our commercial deals are up, Foxtons are keen to take up the shirt sponsorship. At least we know the board have their eye on the ball eh?

Towering beast of a different kind

Scott Parker appears to be on his way out of West Ham. I’ve heard that the Hammers are quoting £20million, I’m pretty sure everyone in world football knows they can’t afford his staggering salary of £85k a week, so I’m sure a deal can be done if there is some Arsene Wenger intent there. That would be a good start but for me, he’s no more than a squad player. He’s not taking us from 4th, which now looks like the position we’ll finish, to 1st… which is where a club of our stature should be at least competing for.

The shame of the summer for me would be having to say goodbye to Andrey Arshavin. According to the Guardian, Arsene is prepared to say goodbye to the little Russian for around £15million, which for me, would mark a very sad day in project youth. Interestingly, the podgy Russian has been our number one for appearances this year. He’s also probably our most productive player landing 18 assists and 10 goals. Yet because of his languid approach to the game, there is this perception he’s lazy. I think he’s had games this year where he has looked a bit lacklustre, but since January, I’ve seen a major change on the effort front.

Give me a lazy player who produces week in week out over a dopey try hard like Eboue any day of the week. Young players will learn off Arshavin, they won’t off Squillaci. Cases like this make me question the manager and his ability to motivate. Surely he should be looking to eek the best out of a player with that much talent?

… and for gods sake… don’t let him go to Chelsea!

I read a load of nonsense about the board asking Wenger to buy English this summer. That looked to me like a new website trying to put its stake in the ground for the summer ahead. It’s amazing how many blogs and websites do nothing from September to June, then they go into overdrive with transfer gossip from June to August.

On the transfer front, I can tell you that people who claim to know the transfer plans of Arsenal are lying. I pride myself on the sound information of Pam, she’s given you some great snippets all through the year but when it comes to transfer gossip, Arsene doesn’t let anyone know. Not his players, not his staff, not even the fricking tea lady…

Personally, I don’t think the emphasis of the board will be on Wenger signing this nationality or that… it’ll be focused on him actually putting together a solid plan for the summer. There was pressure last  year for some signings, there will be even more pressure this year. I’d imagine that there will also be a lot of focus on how he’s managing the club, the set piece statistics and the collapses have been a cause for concern all year. Why is not one addressing them would be my question if I were the CEO?

Wenger doesn’t have a halo this year, the fans are sick of him which is now a universal feeling, the players are losing patience with him and I believe that even his backroom boys behind the scenes are at a loss. This is not a summer for keeping the faith with failed processes.

I’ve been reading with interest over the past few months the uptake of the term AKB. That was a term that we coined here 5 years ago (definition) that related to the type of fan who wouldn’t enter into a rational debate about the manager without saying ‘Arsene knows.’ That term has filtered its way into main stream gooner speak. It even made its way onto the front cover of the Gooner this month. It was never meant as a divisive term, it was merely there to describe a group of fans that were incapable of engaging in rational debate. I only mention it because I wonder if the group still exists? It doesn’t at the stadium anymore. Online, you might have to read behind the lines, but it’s clear not too are praying at the alter of Wenger. Even the comments sections are quiet.

I find it amazing that a man who held demi-god like status amongst a group of people has allowed himself to reach this point. How much further is he willing to go? Has anyone at Arsenal informed him of public opinion? Has his family asked him if his current approach is still the right one?

There has been a lot of talk about the Hulk and Falcao. The Hulk is a powerful front man who has a rifle of a left foot and the creative ability to open up a game. Falcao is an expert Columbian finisher with plenty of aggression and intelligence about his play. I’m a fan of Falcao, he reminds me a little of Luis Suarez and he’s the sort of box player we could do with but perhaps not fit to work in a 4-3-3. The Hulk, despite incredible statistics has always flattered to deceive, especially when he’s played against us. He’s not even that big, according to ESPN he weighs abot 11.5stone. I think he’s cumbersome, I don’t think he’s very skilled and I definitely think he has a bit of the Baptista about him.

£30million? Are you having a laugh!

In other news, Usmanov bought 12 shares yesterday and Kroenke bought 52. Excuse me for one moment whilst I mop up the excitement.

Word on the street is Gary Cahill wants a move to Arsenal. Well, that’s not really news is it. That’s like the Daily Mirror reporting I’d like to earn £150k a year working for Sky Sports. The emergence of talent like Cahill does raise the question as to why we never look to the lower leagues for defenders when we’re casting our net far and wide for top young talent.

Who would you sign from the Championship? Is anyone worthy this season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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555 Responses to “Arsenal make multi million pound approach for huge 25…”

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  1. Keyser

    Lurch LeRouge – A variety of reasons, we’re not exactly the biggest side around to begin with, saying it’s down to Wenger simply not telling them to defend, might be the fun option, but it just wouldn’t be true.

  2. Lurch LeRouge


    im not suggesting that, I am suggesting that theres a distinct lack of communication going on across the board though…

    there are no real talkers in the team right now and its coincidentally mirrored by the managers approach on the touchline.

  3. Keyser

    Lurch LeRouge – I don’t think it’s across the board, several are pretty young and inexperienced others have recently joined the club, look at Chesney or Wilshere, I’d say both are talkers but they still need to grow into the side.

    They need to build up that trust within themselves, unless you want dominant personalities ?!

  4. Black Hand Ninja

    Yooooo lol, Falcaos ard still looool. It’s hard not to be impressed by him at the moment, wonder if it’s just a hot streak???……

  5. Lurch LeRouge

    looks onside.

    exactly keyser, either young or inexperienced in the EPL…

    telling the players to believe in themselves is one thing – ‘you play because I believe in you’ only works for so long.

    Eventually self doubt has to creep in, especially when results go awry, so for me some practical support from the touchline wouldn’t go amiss, just sayin.

  6. Keyser

    Lurch LeRouge – Yeah, I get you I just think that say someone like Wilshere’s been trained intensively from the age of 9, we’ve tried to keep the same standards and approach throughout the Academy and he’s made it into the first team.

    In general I don’t think it matters much what someone’s telling you on the touchline unless it’s something drastic, it’s like cramming everything you’ve revised for a year into a 90 minute exam.

    Before the exam or during it, it’s not really going to help having someone have you second guess yourself, unless they know the exact answer.

  7. RCLS@Work

    I like falcao’s awareness in the box, it’s what we need. It’s just his price keeps rising and then there’s the bedding in period.

    Players from the Portuguese league tend to struggle early doors.

  8. Jimbo

    Yeh, he’s good against shite defences. More than can be said for Chamakh or Bendtner this season.

  9. tipitapi

    young boys in CLQ careful the transfer window will still be open then by the way venga should pick up the tab for qualifyer

  10. SgtWilGunner

    There is no way selling AA23 would make sense. It is weak to say he does not defend when the other 10 players are doing that job and six 7(1GK,4DEF,2DM ) of them are on the pitch to primarily defend. Why would you ask a wide forward in 4-3-3 to defend? If you are thinking clearly, would you not direct your anger towards the rest of the players who pretend to be doing the job of defending and instead are just running around? Can anyone remind me of any goal conceded directly from the Russian’s mistake, or laziness thereof? And if any, was it as crucial as any of the other players’?

    BTW when he puts his mind to it, he really does defend well cue the ManU game when the occasion demanded it. Plus he has never been in a league which requires him to run as much as the EPL and he is approaching 30. He needs and clearly knows how to keep his energy for the kill.

    He clearly does his job well as an attacking midfielder despite being played out of position and yet gets no love compared to the rest of our ‘better’ forwards. Tell me does Cesc (clearly our best AM)have better stats? Does anyone even see how much intent AA23 puts on getting forward n having a crack at goal?

    Plus we need experienced professional minds at the club to oversee the dev’t of the so many youngsters we have around. I know we missed the presence of a player like Pires to help out these young lads and provide confidence to them.

    No one should dare think of AA23 as a flop. The sooner the rest of you Arsenal fans realise how much quality, directness and proficiency (if i can use the term) in AA23, and actually started giving him some love, the better.
    18 assists and 10 goals, form a forward rated atleast 3rd/4th by the manager behind 4CF, 8SN,and/or 14TW; is GREAT!

  11. Lurch LeRouge

    on a rather big stage with a window about to open, would have liked to see a bit more majesty.

  12. Gooby

    i’d keep him for another season, he can teach the youngsters a thing or two.

    It’s always good to have a bit of experience in the squad if the player in question isn’t named squllaci.

  13. BOOZY

    i doubt if benzema would have won that game for porto today.

    but thats what falcao’s all about- he’s like a little drogba.

    he lives in the box. just what we need.if we manage to keep cesc, he get loads of goals. but city might have other things to say about that.

    if we manage to keep cecs-

  14. Maciek

    In the last 10 years FC PORTO have won 3 european trophies. Could someone, please tell me how many trophies has Arsene won in that time?

  15. Black Hand Ninja

    Maciek says:
    May 18, 2011 at 22:06

    In the last 10 years FC PORTO have won 3 european trophies. Could someone, please tell me how many trophies has Arsene won in that time?


    2 leagues and 2 FA Cups lol. I make that 4.

    Not being an AKB, just a factual stat.

  16. gambon

    Wenger in an interview had a lot of praise for Falcao and Hulk Hogan….i wonder if he will try to sign either?

    Well lets see:

    – Are they French? No
    – Do they play in Ligue 1? No
    – Are they under 14 years old? No
    – Are they shite? No
    – Can Wenger take the credit if they come good? No

    – Will he sign either?……

  17. DeiseGooner

    well if you cant tell me Maciek, im not telling you 😉

    well no gambon, not when we have benzema in the bag !!

  18. Gooner786

    Black Hand Ninja

    I think Maciek meant European Cups.




  19. gambon

    “2 leagues and 2 FA Cups lol. I make that 4”

    Could you compare that to Mourinho, Ferguson, Ancelotti & Mancini??

    Maybe you can see how out of his depth Arsene is now!

  20. choy

    Wenger is going to break the bank for Benzema?

    Highly doubtful that!

    He’ll cost at least 20 mill plus I reckon.

  21. Black Hand Ninja

    He said “how many trophies has Wenger won in that time”. If he was specifying how many Euro trophies he’s won, he should have put it in the question.

    I will politely withdraw now lol.

  22. Black Hand Ninja

    And as much as Arsene deserves criticism, it does get annoying having to discuss how “out of his depth” Arsene is all the time.

  23. JJ

    My prediction for Sunday: Man City to draw and us to lose to Fulham. The final choke in a bottled season….

  24. Gooner S

    My god from time to time you can write some utter drivel. This fan might be dissapointed with the team and its recent results, and clearly they aren’t good enough but I am not sick of Wenger and please don’t even pretend to write on behalf of ‘the fans’. You write what you write expressing your own opinions as a fan…end of.

    “AKB” seems to be a tag that applies to anyone not agreeing with your views, regardless of what their views actually are. So you coined the phrase well bully for you.

  25. Maciek

    BHN, I was thinking about European Cups, but you have a point, mate. I should specify it.

    Night guys!

  26. HumAnimal

    Were not 1st or 2nd so I dnt really care bout wer we finish.
    Like really, would being 3rd really make you feel any better than 4th.
    The fact that City have now leapfrogged us, obviously means that money needs to be spent, and lots of it.
    However, we know wenger, so look forward to our star signing of the season being sum1 shit like franco di santo, maybe he’ll try and spoil us and sign phil jones.
    I’m not holding my breath, the only way to survive being a gooner is being prudent with your hope.
    I mean, even if you’re winning 4 0 with 2 minutes to go in a cup final, wait until the whistle is blown and the trophy is in hand before you can even start to think about celebrating.

    I’m scared for next season

    Btw how did hulk play

  27. Maciek

    Come on, El Tel. I was thinking about the european cups in general. He lost in 2000 and in 2006.Simple.

  28. Queen of suburbia

    AKB is still the worst thing Pedro has ever written.

    It’s polarised the Arsenal fanbase like nothing else.

  29. luke

    really good points. i pretty much agree with all.

    My ideas in short to start MR W off..

    We need to be solid at the back. thats 40% the problem.
    sort out the F****** Set pieces
    be able to play 442
    be able to play any other way than the very predictable way we play its not affective anymore
    Keep cesc arshi sami

    Bring IN cahill, scotty P , falcao
    sling OUT scqullachi Denison bendter

    Pride & Passion has gone belief has gone

    I dont think cesc is a leader you need a voice someone with heart every great team has one.

    i hope AW makes the right decisions this summer i dont want to give another £2k to have my heart ripped out again

  30. JJ

    HumAnimal – Yes 3rd is much better than 4th. It means automoatic qulaification to the Champions League. 4th means a playoff that has some big names like Bayern so qualifying is no guarantee.

  31. tiarnan

    Sorry for the late posts, work was calling …

    Geoff if you really are of the lineage of Boudicea – I salute you my man – a beautiful red headed Celt trying to beat the might of the disgusting Babylonian/Roman cunts…that were the precursor of the Vatican and Sepp Blatters G-String

    John Jensen’s Curler says:
    May 18, 2011 at 12:20

    Mate I forget what you said an Im too lazy to look it up – say it again will ya…

    anyway it was all in good jest nite lads 😉

    Oh – and FUCK the EU – FUCK FIFA – and FUCK all elitist bullshit motherfuckin cunts….

    (that was my nite cap)

    I’ll leave you with a great Irish hero …an Englishman named Nigel Farage…

    we may be the indebted cunts now – but theyre goin after all of us….

    (oooooh conspiracy!!…)

  32. Lurch LeRouge

    came close to kicking an irishman square in the chops last friday in soho, i pulled the kick at the last millimetre – little fecker was mugging my moustache off!

  33. Moray

    tiarnan, mate, the whole of Western Europe is fucked, with the excpetion of maybe Germany. The fact that Ireland is in this situation first will actually help – there is money available to get things under control and as long as the IMF guys are running after chambermaids in hotels, you should be fine.

    Just watch what happens in the UK as interest rates inevitably begin to rise to fight the damage of inflation.

    Talking of interest levels, does anyone know what will happen to the planned tour of China if we have to qualify for the CL, as seems to be the case?

  34. gnarleygeorge9

    Van Persie admits that he can understand their frustration at seeing a season that had promised so much once again end empty handed.

    ‘In a way, I do understand them because I feel connected with the fans,’ the Dutchman said. ‘We have a really good relationship and I do understand them, I do understand their frustrations sometimes. What can I say else about it? I know that we are giving everything. I am working with the players and I know this.

    ‘Of course I feel their frustrations

    Thankyou Boy Wonder. Its great to know that someone is listening to the fans who want success.

  35. gnarleygeorge9

    First time I’ve actually had a look @ newsnow for a while. Still the same old shit. Arsene could do this, could do that, ends up doing nothing.

    Arsenal are a big club yes? If Arsene Wenger goes shopping for the cheapest options available to him as defenders, does that mean we can assume that being on 6 million quid per annum he buys his clothes from the Salvation Army or Op Shop, i.e tired old cast offs that no one else wants anymore.

  36. HumAnimal

    jj listen man, I know about that auto qualification stuff, but tbh honest
    I’m so deflated now that none of that matters, I watch Arsenal play, and I’m totally detached.
    Maybe a game against Bayern is a chance for them to prove their worth to us.

  37. GoonerT1m

    can’t see us being troubled by a qualifier even with the current group, good to hear AA23 extended the lease on his house. thought he hated it here?

  38. Geoff

    Yes Tiarnan, all the way back, you very neatly corrected my spelling of Boudicca to Boudicea and I respect that, I do that all the time, unfortunately it is spelled Boudicca, Boudicea was a renaissance spelling error, or at least that’s what the plaque says at Colchester Castle museam where they have a Boudicca exhibition.

    So all said and done I am in fact an Iceni warrior, an English Celt.

    I agree on all the Roman stuff though, boy has that lot got a shedload to answer to!

  39. catford

    HumAnimal. The qualifying round is seeded this year, so we couldn’t draw Bayern. If City came 4th they could up playing them though.

  40. Geoff

    I wish we did get someone decent and get knocked out early, that would stop him being so fucking smug, then maybe with the dwindling crowds and no big money coming in the board will put us all out of our misery.

  41. mark hughes

    Nicky maynard from bristol would be a cracking signing, a life long arsenal fan and best striker currently in the championship.

  42. OPG

    John Cross is just having a little rant and his prediction, now he could be right but who’s knows..
    United are looking to sign 3 new players, so even if we call this the weakest ‘transitional’ season, it’s going to get tougher but I don’t think City can spend as much as people think they can.

  43. Geoff

    Gnarley I’m still sulking, I’ve given my tickets up and I won’t go again until they sack Wenger or he spends my money.

    I’m an Arsenal fan though so I can’t stop that because he’s fucking my club up.

  44. Goonerman

    Geoff – if you are not going to games how are we going to rely on your articles on AFC matters?

  45. Geoff

    Pedro will go, he always write match reports anyway. I’m having the courage of my convictions, not cutting off my nose to spite my face.

    Anyway these days you can watch all the games on TV.

  46. HumAnimal

    the john cross Article doesnt do enough for me…
    there wer no quotes, jus one man’s opinion on the web…

  47. Goonerman

    Geoff – so I take it you weren’t one of the poor souls who went to the Arsenal v Leeds game of many years ago when only 4000 plus turned up? lol

  48. nicoman

    main problem with the defence is sagna and clichy plus song offers no protection. They cant defend and have no end product in the final third. They are a waste of space!