Cesc to leave… Nasri to follow?

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So rumours are hotting up about Cesc Fabregas and his much mooted move away from the club. Manchester City have thrown their hat in the ring in typical nouveau riche fashion. Mancini said Cesc is his ideal man, they told Arsenal that in no uncertain terms last summer and if the Spaniard is as unhappy as he looks, who’s to say he wouldn’t consider it?

Actually… I think that’s a bit far fetched, though the point is, if he wants to leave and Barcelona don’t have the cash, then someone at Arsenal would have to give him his options. Madrid… or City.

No one else could begin to approach the asking price. I’m hoping that our captain is a man of honour, I hope he keeps the faith for one more year but I’m not putting my money on either situation. I was told he’d probably stay… Though I do wonder how much resolve the board room money junkies would show if Barca waved £45million in their direction.

There is no point in keeping him for another season if he’s unhappy. I predicted last year there would be loads of niggly injuries this year and there was… can we afford to have a half assed captain leading us next year?

Probably not… Though from a PR perspective can Stan Kroenke afford his first summer to be a footballing catastrophe?

That leads nicely onto our next problem.

Samir Nasri.

Now, I don’t really know much about the Frenchman and his personality. I feel he’s a bit flaky from watching him on the pitch. He’s a top player, but sadly for us, he’s not the only good player we have so we haven’t had the chance to bribe him with a captaincy yet.

Putting sentiment for my club aside, if it was me, I’d wait to find out what Cesc was doing before I committed to a long term contract. I’d be mindful that long-term means you give control back to the club and I’d be aware how much money I could make elsewhere next season if I didn’t sign up.

This is where Arsenal have to be Steve Bould.

We have to put deadline on this contract or we have to sell him. The deadline has to be the end of June so we can replace him and give the new guy time to settle in. We can’t afford a Flamini type scenario… which played out in similar, ‘don’t worry about it, I’ll sign up’ fashion.

Talking of French players, Karim Benzema’s agent has refuted speculation the Frenchman will be joining Arsenal. Well, it’s early in the summer, I’m pretty sure RvDV stated he’d never join Spurs last summer, so I’m keeping the faith.

I hope we really did enquire because he’s the sort of player we should be looking at. Shunned by Madrid but clearly massively talented. He’s built for the Premiership and in the right environment, I think he’d thrive.

Lazio and QPR are reportedly interested in landing Chamakh for £9million. If that sort of money is on offer, we should take it and put it towards a decent striker. It hasn’t worked out since a promising start to his career. If he’s not fit enough to last past February, he’s not Arsenal material. The fact we waited 3 years to sign him makes it all the more disappointing.

I read @OptaJoe stat that Arsenal are the only Premiership side not to have scored a goal at home from outside of the box. This wouldn’t come as a shock to anyone who has watched us at home this year. To score from long-range, you first need to shoot. We don’t shoot. Wenger has beaten it out of the players. That is a shame and yet another problem that has been obvious this year yet never rectified.

If Arsenal.com floats your boat, website favourite Emmanuel Frimpong is once again featuring on the home page. Can you feel the future seducing you? Are you fantasising about a young Claude Makelele curing all our problems next year? If you are… Wenger has project youthed you (kind of like murking, you know, that feeling you’d get if Rio Ferdinand outsmarted you). Don’t fall for it. Frimpong isn’t going to be ready for at least 4 more years. To think he will is naive and unfair and it’ll only end in, ‘well, he’ll be a better player for it next year.’

Right… I’m done, see you in the comments and in case you’re wondering, Geoff is fine, he weathered the Murcia earthquake and he’s probably grouting tiles as we speak. My thoughts go out to those who lost their lives in yesterdays, mother nature really is a spiteful bitch…no doubt about that.

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318 Responses to “Cesc to leave… Nasri to follow?”

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  1. kev

    great post. if cesc is leaving then it definitely shouldnt be to an english club. dont think i could bear seeing him scoring against us.

  2. JJ

    I think Cesc said that he would never go to another English club… not that that means much.

    Just read that Ade almost went to Spurs instead of Real. The would have been the icing. I can’t beleive some people want him back. Ridiculous IMO.

  3. OPG

    Yes let’s hype up somebody who hasn’t played in the PL..
    Can’t wait for the season to end, no doubt we’ll get more Wenger matchday comments that we had a great season and were close.

  4. JJ

    Yes, I am hyping him up but not as a starter. Just because I think he is better than Song does not mean that I am suggesting that he start every game…


    just read that frimpong comment

    wont be readt=y in 4 years??

    im sure the same was said of jack 10 months ago
    now he’s vital to us

  6. OPG

    Looks like John Cross has linked us with Gamiero aswell as that underwhelming free agent Amalfitano, but nothing concrete how exciting.
    Bayern apparently want Bendtner, we could demand a decent fee for him.

  7. Justsayin

    In DM, Song needs help…the defence needs better experienced cover and when Song is injured Denilson?Diaby (Newcastle comes to mind) can’t do it. I would say Scott Parker if the Hammers go down…his energy experience and desire to win something would help. He doesn’t have to play every game always…. AW doesn’t rotate players well as well…he needs to create competiton by enough quality replacements to be able to shuffle the pack

  8. Justsayin

    Cesc won’t leave if AW shows a real desire to win by showing some kinda desire t compete with proper players… For the Wilshere and Rambo fans, I personally like them but I would like to see some more Ray Parlour in them…(Lampard of old) not everyone can be Cesc so some regular shooting for range have to be included in their game…

  9. sixx pac

    Just been reading ACLF. Fuck me they are worse than that Irish nutjob 😀

    I’m a big Koscielny beleiver (Keliever?) but you will never hear me say that he’s been the signing of the season. This dude actually said that we have the 3 best CBs in the WORLD. What tripe!

  10. ikon


    Make no mistake, next season the aberration of seeing city or spuds in a top four place is over… liverpool will probably compete for their own 19th title next season looking at their performances this second half of the season.

    How relevant is the saying that a optimistic, motivational manager can get the best out of so many people. Adebayor said if Murinho had been the Arsenal boss before the Birmingham game, we would never have lost that game, and I kind of agree..

    It is just not in Wenger’s nature to shout at players to motivate them, its very apparent from the way he talks. A number 2 who does that would be the most important change that the side could have.

  11. arsenal4ever

    Jay we coming on here if you cant accept the truth? ALFC is a better place for you to post. bye bye