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Stoke away in the Premiership. Never a nice game. According to those in the know, not only are they one of the nastiest clubs in the league to play against on the pitch, they’re also one of the most unfriendly off it. The dressing rooms are pokey and horrible, they don’t give you any match balls to practice with and the worst part? The ground is in Stoke. I’ve travelled to many dumps in my career, but let me tell you this, Stoke is world-class when it comes to being a dump… and yes, I have stayed in Barnsley.

We head up there without Captain Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri. The Frenchman is chained to a desk in north London basted in goose fat. Opposite him are 3 caged rottweiler’s with a timer counting down. To his right lies a mont blanc pen and a contract worth £120k a week. If he wants to escape, he only has one choice. I trust he knows what to do… mwhahaha!

Sorry Sammy... but you've had 6 months to think about it

I think it’s a good thing those two aren’t there today. Cesc has been a bit of a drag on the team this year and it’ll be good for Jack and Rambo to play together again today against a really horrible bunch of the thugs. I totally agree with Wenger when he made the comparison to a car crash and Rambo’s injury. He just has to throw on a tape of Roy Keane and Alf Inge Haaland and run out onto that pitch pumped up like Maradona in the 1994 world cup.

If we want to play against Stoke, we have to give it some back early on. We have to harass the referee every time a decision goes against us and as a team, we all have to fight for a each other. They’re just men at the end of the day, they’re no stronger than our boys and they’re no fitter. If they hit you, hit them back harder 10 minutes later… they’ll soon learn.


Sagna Kozzer JD Clichy

Jack Song Rambo

Arshavin RVP Theo

We need to be as direct as we were against United. I’m hoping we’re going to mix up our play and take a few shots here and there. Taking a gamble is what made players like Thierry, Bobby and Freddie great. We don’t have enough of that in our current squad. For me though, that type of attitude is contagious, if you see Aaron fire in a 30  yarder and you’re Jack, you might fancy a piece of that action. Winning should be a collective effort, so should our approach to attacking. Robin isn’t the only player in our team who can fire a freekick 40 yards over the bar, lets mix it up and stop trying the same things over and over again.

We go on about football intelligence like the bum down the pub goes on about an IQ test he aced back in 92′. We’re playing the Premiership dunces today, lets show that we’re the sharpist cookies in the jar of football with a super win.

There are a few rumours flying around on the web about the various players that could be on their way this summer. Leighton Baines seems to be one that just won’t disappear. He’s the Everton left back who occasionally lands a game for England. I’m not sure he’s Arsenal calibre and I’m sure someone told me he isn’t the paciest. He is 26, but for me, we wouldn’t be improving on Clichy. The other Everton star we’re apparently looking at is Phil Jagielka, this story won’t disappear either. Though I will say, I think this is just papers rehashing a Mike Parry comment from last week.

I’m out in Spain at the moment, I would learn to speak the language purely for the reason of reading the football newspapers everyday. Apparently Madrid are after Bayern Munich centre midfielder Hamit Altintop. He’s 28, he has 60 caps for Germany and he scored goal of the year this season. He’s the sort of steely midfielder we should be looking at to compliment Alex Song. Last summer, he went to Bayern on a free. He is the type of player our scouting network should be picking up.

Another player we should have looked at signing in January was Chris Samba, he had an absolutely belting game against West Ham yesterday and I really think we missed a trick not signing him in January. Not all our defenders have to be cut from the same technically gifted cloth. Sometimes you need to have a plan b for defending. If we had Samba, we’d have a specialist who could come in for the games against the bully boys and dominate (…and let’s not kid ourselves, there are plenty of those games each year). He is almost unbeatable in the air, he has a great presence and he’s a leader. I think he’s underrated on the ground as well, but to be honest, Sol Campbell was hardly Zidane on the ball, so that doesn’t worry me too much anyway.

As much as I like Koscielny, I do think his clumsy play and propensity to drop a clanger in almost every game is sometimes over looked because he is classy on the ball. Potentially, he could turn into a really good player, at worst, we’ve just landed ourselves an average defender who can do a job when called upon.

The other player who did really well yesterday was Ashley Young, he scored a freekick he perhaps shouldn’t have, but the fact he landed it on target is an achievement I’m not sure Robin Van Persie has managed this year. If we could pick him up for a decent price, he’d lift the team and he could take over the vacant winger role Nik B will be leaving.

I saw the media landed themselves in a bit of bother yesterday, media darling Charlie Adam makes a horrible challenge on media darling Gareth Bale… it was like a stalemate, virtually no coverage in favour or against. I hope the little monkey is ok, regardless of who he plays for, you always want to see the best players on show in the Premiership.

QPR and Norwich were promoted yesterday. Congratulations to those two. It’s amazing what a billionaire’s backing can do for a points deduction eh? It was quite funny to listen Abel Taarbt tell the BBC he might not be at QPR next season. Classy stuff, you can tell he took his footballing education at the University of Spurs!

Yesterday I was drinking beer in Puerto Banus. I saw a 78 year man driving a £600,000 Zonda in the Port with a 23 year girl in the passenger seat. I’ve never been to a place where older men do so well with the ladies… those guys must have some excellent chat up lines.

Chat up line: Look out the window babe, this won't take long...

Finally, before I leave to track down some old man knowledge, someone posted this in the comments… check for the new away kit in the back ground…

Some great detective work there from MIG Arsenal!

Have a great day Grover’s!

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  1. Jimbo

    SUGA3 says:
    May 8, 2011 at 23:58

    first of all: you legend, you!

    secondly, it’s not a ‘swap’ question, just a straightforward NSA choice…


    Fair enough Suga, but it’s not a choice, is it. To get Samba, we’d have to buy him, presumably (unless Blackburn would offer a straight swap for Squillaci). And unless he was offered ludicrously cheaply, I don’t really see the point in sending good money after bad.

    We need to get the job done right, not continue bodging it by buying the wrong players, over and over and over again. Samba would, probably, assuming he remembers what he’s learned elsewhere, improve us a bit in the air. But he just gives us a bigger problem on the ground, and makes us massively vulnerable to pace, because he’s one fat lumbering fucker.

    Forget Samba, he’s got what we don’t have, but he’s not what we need. Do the job right for a change.

  2. Santos

    That was Gold! Ice must be clubbing with his mates right now, spending a lot of money , you know what im sayin?

  3. SUGA3


    Wenger just does not seem to have any authority over them any longer…

    and what do you expect Szczesny to say? he is the pin-up boy now, playing in big games at the age of 21, he is clever enough to know which side his bread is buttered on…

  4. Keyser

    The authority over them ? What do you mean ?!

    I expect Chesney to say exactly as he has done, he’s been given a chance, and he owes Arsenal and Wenger a lot for that.

  5. Santos

    So SUGA3, whats gonna be the the title of your post tomorrow? Is it still worth it? Is tomorrow worth a post?

  6. SUGA3

    and oh, El Tel, if you are still out there:

    we have lost 18 (yes, EIGHTEEN) points by either snatching the loss or draw out of the jaws of the victory or simply not turning up and Mancs cheating, referees, blonde in the Block 113 preferring to go commando and solar magnetic pulses had precisely fuck all to do with it!

  7. El tel

    Again we didn’t deserve to win the League but neither do the Mancs. It really was the decisions that was the fine line between them us and the Chavs.

    Off side goals,penalties and unpunished fouls. Players who should have been suspended. Rooney for the elbow, Scholes should have been sent off in the cup game against us and Vidic against us last week.

    The Newcastle game was about the worse refereeing performance ever but you chaps have forgotten the two dodgy pens and the Diaby sending off plus two of their players assaulting ours unpunished.

    If you believe these things make no difference then fine but they actually do. The RVP disallowed goal at the Spuds and Arshavins against Sunderland at home.

    Most of these decisions were in tight matches at the time of the season the cheating cunt called squeaky bum time.

    Those decisions would have helped make up the points that were dropped.

  8. SUGA3


    IMO, they just don’t listen to him any longer and just go through the motions seeing that either he is a dead man walking or that the club has no future with him at the helm…


    ‘Who do you think you are kidding, Mr Wenger?’

    1300 words long feature!

    is that enough of a teaser?

  9. Keyser

    Suga3 – I doubt it, I think they see they haven’t been good enough, but at the same time realise they might need some help.

  10. SUGA3


    the only person who needs help is Wenger, but he won’t accept it and if he does not change in the summer, he will be hounded out of the club with his bust stuck up his arse head first…

  11. El tel

    I am demented now for having an opinion.

    Tell me where RVP was when Chackh and Bendtner played early season and we averaged 3 goals per game.

    Yes RVP is a great player, I said that myself but he never gets in the box and outmuscled defenders like Drogba does.

    You said it yourselves he is a number ten. The reference between him and Berbatov is that they are both luxury players who IMO don’t help the team when they don’t have the ball.

    By the way SUGA I believe in Chessers too even though his stats since returning from injury are Almunia like.

  12. El tel


    Are what you write gospel then son. I thought this site was about having an opinion.

    My opinion neither slabs players, Managers orcfellow fans off yet I get the abuse coming for telling my story.

    You see fella. I remember theyears of old way before Wenger.

    I remember a Great finisher called Ian Wright scoring all our goals but great scorers like Smudger Smith getting frozen out. That’s how I base the Bendtner and Chamackh situation.

    You can slag offBendtner all you want but he always comes on when we are fucked up and gets about as much time as it takes to warm up.

    He is NOT a great forward but we score more goals as a team when he plays regularly.

    Check the Stats.

  13. SUGA3

    El Tel,

    as far as I am concerned, the last season where we could have and should have blamed stuff on the refs was 07/08…

    this season AW has been exposed for having assembled a shit team with no bottle whatsoever – no excuses this time around, not this is what I call squeaky bum time!

    and we averaged these 3 goals per game against whom exactly?


    dude, I am in Poland next week, having good time at my mates wedding, getting plastered for two days and not giving a flying fuck about the Villa game!

  14. El tel

    My IPad is the reason for the poor spelling. Sorry guys. Gnight all.

    Remember we are Arsenal. Not Mancunster.

    They will fall as Liverpool did.

  15. SUGA3

    El Tel,

    stats? don’t need to check them, our resident Aryan Pele lover drummed them into us ad nauseam 😆

    9 goals and 8 assists or something like that, and that includes a hattrick against the might of Leyton Orient and as far as I rememeber, 2 league goals!

    and I have been following/supporting Arsenal since before Wenger time as well, probably not as long as you did, but hey…

  16. El tel

    We scored the three per game against similar sides we have been losing or drawing with.

    What’s your point?

    You don’t hound me either any of you. I just wish you would all gang up for our Club as much as you do trying to better a fellow fan.

    We are all disappointed and angry but maybe we should show the players what loyalty really means instead of trying to score cheap shots off each other.

  17. SUGA3

    El Tel,

    apparently, Chamakh got himself into some kind of trouble in Vegas and hence his ‘dip in form’…

    did you see his ‘shot’ today? fuck me, Bendtner would have bigger chance of scoring there just trapping the ball 😆

    shame, as I thought we have got ourselves a gem…

  18. SUGA3

    yip, take care mate!

    and with regards to this loyalty thing, the club is not very loyal to us, time for some tough love, methinks…

  19. incesc

    “Bendtner would have bigger chance of scoring there just trapping the ball”

    haha so true

    personally i think ice is rvp

  20. SUGA3


    DooM™ raiders are finally getting recognition as prophets:

    Gooners, we have to be brave. This team needs ripping up, including the manager. The team is full of small technical players with no guts and the manager is a tactical imbecile. The two together won’t ever win the Premier League. EVER!

    We have to stop this next year, next year, next year theorising.

    Some blogs had this figured out two years ago and were told to get stuffed, well I’m afraid to say they were ahead of the game.

  21. Jimbo

    About the only player at Arsenal worth keeping, right now, is Van Persie.

    Pretty much everyone else, as far as I’m concerned, can go to the highest bidder.

  22. Lurch LeRouge

    harsh jimbo, jw, tw, ws, rvp & sags, are all shirt worthy, rambo gets the benefit of doubt as well imho.

    time flies when your dooming suga!

    wheres that quote from?

  23. Lurch LeRouge

    i don’t have time for any others Suga, i’ll take your word for it… used to read varying opinions but just got bored of their ‘blinkered’ approach, never wandered back really. but yeah i recall holic had and earnest quality.

  24. SUGA3

    to be honest, I don’t read much a lot others and haven’t read the GH for ages, but JonJon pointed that out on ACLF thread, so I thought I’d have a look…

  25. Rip Van Winkle

    yo unbelievable season!!! to go the whole season unbeaten is incredible

    If we can keep the nucleus of this team for the next 7 years theres no reason why we cant dominate the EPL – all we need to do is slowly add 1 great player and 1 great youth player every couple of seasons….

    Oh I just realised Im Tiarnan and not a fictional character that fell asleep under a cunting tree.



  26. SUGA3

    and yeah, since I foung LG I have not really looked back since, apart from writing my own…

    AG is like Cleveland Show to LG’s Family Guy 😆

  27. SUGA3

    he certainly does!

    he is the ACLF’s token ‘realist’ as opposed to much more hated DooM™ raider like my good self 😉

  28. SUGA3

    yep, I get ya drift: there was this dude who pissed me off once, he lived opposite the cemetery now he ‘lives’ opposite his house 😆

    anyhoo, I gotta dash, nite!

  29. David

    El Tel

    I respect you as a commenter a lot and respect you as a man and a person especially for your faithful service to our great club,

    but Sell RVP and Keep Bendnter?

    Glad you dont run our club.

    When its all said and done. RVP is probably going to take over from Cesc in midfield.

    Thats how mental Arsene Wenger is.

  30. tiarnan

    After the Stoke game Wenger was quoted as saying:

    “Well we’ve succeeded in fininishing in the top 10 – if over the next 20 years we can finish 9th – we’ll be on track – step by step is what we’re all about….ugh…cough…cough…OH FUCK ME, SATAN HAS JUST CRAWLED OUT OF MY WITHERED FRENCH COCK!!….”

    No wonder the cunt looks so tired, how could anyone sleep when hordes of demons are constantly butt fucking you whilst wearing Jose Mourinho & Alex Ferguson masks.

    I know you read this blog Wenger you masochistic motherfuckin, Norman Bates, dressing up in your mothers knickers, rockin in a chair with a fly on your nose, cuntbox – so in the words of many great men….


  31. Gooby

    wenger will make the signings this summer i feel.

    We would have been in the mix to fight for the title yesterday had we won the pool games and the blackburn game, it’s so frustrating to come so close and being tortured week in week out since this fucking game at newcastle.

  32. Moray

    Watching Stoke’s first goal again, it reminded me of a computer game. When you have the ball and just walk it into the goal, knowing that the keeper and defenders won’t tackle you when you get too close.

    Christ! nobody in that team takes any responsibility. This wenger idea of 11 captains is fair enough if you have 11 players of captain material. We have none. Maybe Tommy V, but he’s been out for so long. Actually, how many of these players have captained their country? Is it Tommy V and Rambo only? They all use this shared responsibility to avoid having to do anything like challenge or tackle.

  33. Moray

    Now we hear from Chris Samba that we almost signed him in the winter break. Who is actually responsible for doing the signing? What do we pay Gazidis 1.5m a year for if he cannot sign a player from Blackburn? I have heard players complain many time that we enquire and then nothing happens. Perhaps there is more politics than a public sector organisation?

    And we always end up having to make panic, last minute buys that turn out to be mistakes: Silvestre, Squillachi are just two examples. Clubs must treat us like the cunts that we are.

    Gooby – it is so un-Wenger to have a clear-out. But last year was his chance. I think this year will be a step too far. How can we now clear out those players who need to go, when we are going to lose so many involuntarily (Nasri, Clichy, Cesc, Arsha for instance). If it was me, I would sack the fucking lot with a few notable exceptions and build properly from the junior ranks along with some top quality additions. Still, I think from our first 11, we will lose 4 or 5. That is a big blow to take. We don’t have a good track record of hanging on to our players once they choose to go.

  34. ikon

    i think for once it better we drop out of the top four, or maybe to the fourth place and crash out of the champion’s league in the qualifiers.
    That would be the only way for things to change.

    I did not think i would say this, but Wenger is in a different world. Djourou initially had what is called the beginner’s luck, as he is playing a stretch of games, we all can see that he is no different from Sylvest.

    Too much involvement of Sagna while attacking on flanks, he appears clueless at times.

    In the center absolutely no movement, which would be maybe markedly different if someone like Arshavin or Nasri played in the center.

    Yes RVP has had a great goal scoring run lately, still we need a Aguero, Milito, Drogba or maybe get Zlatan.

  35. SUGA3


    the idea of 11 captains is a complete nonsense, just another bullshit spin put on unwillingness to invest in the team…

    no leadership = anarchy and if you want examples, check out videos of the recent collapses…

    you need a clear leader, this is war and in the wars many good people died because of lack of appropriate leadership, i.e. when their CO was a dunce or if the squad was left to lead itself!

    Arshavin captains Russia – if you know something about Russian mentality, you will not disagree with the statement that it is a bigger job than captaining Arsenal will ever be!

  36. Gooby


    i think we should keep most of our players, let roicky, denilson, almunia and bendy go first

    sign a CB, a DM, a backup striker and a winger. that’s 4 players

    and if we can replace clichy, but he ain’t the priority in, CB and DM are

  37. Moray

    SUGA3, I don’t necessarily disagree but I think we could fairly say that the Invincibles had 8 or 9 leaders out there on the pitch at any one time. The captaincy could have been held by pretty much any one of them interchangeably. We now just have defenders looking at each other as they let another attacker walk through or trip someone up stupidly, and young midfielders floating around the pitch to no purpose.

    True. I forgot about Arsha. I think Wenger has managed him badly. There is so much more to that player than we see at club level. Handing the captaincy around merely to keep a player at the club for a year longer is not just disrespectful to the position but harmful to the consistency of the team.

    I think we don’t have a player with enough presence. Something hard to define, but I think Keane v Vieira in the tunnel, Adams in his pissy pants, Henry with his swagger…

  38. ikon

    I am afraid Wenger has done enough toying with this team. Either straighten up and buy players who people around you have been saying for 3-4 years else just quit and let someone take over.

    Buying CBs who are barely 6 feet (not counting DJ, since even he is a convert from mid to back)… buying Fabianski who is way too small for this physical league, playing almost everyone in this team out of position…
    Song is not the answer to our CDM problem which has been there since Flamini and Diarra left. Arshavin and Nasri are not wingers, RVP is not a goal scoring striker, he is a goal scoring no 10.

    Get some fucking sense into your senile head Arsene. I hope we dont qualify for champions league.

  39. Moray

    Gooby, I wouldn’t have a fire-sale either, but I fear that will happen. Clichy and Nasri are on the last year of their contracts and stalling on re-signing, Cesc is desperate to go or risk finishing his career with no club medals. Gibbs and Bendtner are starting to moan and Wenger never holds on to moany players.

    Realistically, we could lose:


    Though the worry is that nobody will offer the less desirable of these players what they are on at Arsenal. Let’s face it, we have been investing our transfer fund every year in renewing their contracts out of fear of losing them for nothing like we did with Edu and Flamini.

  40. ikon

    The irony is, i think most of us would agree that this same bunch of players under a different manager would do much better. A manager who is a little no nonsense, plays everyone in their right position and is hard on mistakes and doesnt protect as much as wenger does.
    In that sense it would be much better to change the manager and keep players like Theo, Eboue, Bendtner and Song. A similar point made by Gunnerblog a few days back. It would be much simpler change.

  41. Moray

    How long since we had an orthodox left winger to choose from?

    I would say right winger too, as I don’t really see Theo suiting that position.

    It really is a joke. Clichy has been shocking for a couple of years, but then our strength on that side was always LB overlapping with LM…think Overmars and Pires (and Henry, to an extent). Oh God, how depressing!

  42. SUGA3


    I still think there was that dominant, imposing figure of Vieira who nobody would fuck with and then there were others who would take the responsibility, but obey his orders subliminally at the same time…

    just my opinion, mind you…

    off to work – I am blessed with having no Mancs around!

  43. Gooby


    i think it would be a disaster to lose cesc, nasri, arshavin and even clichy at the same time. It’d be hard to replace them with the same quality, knowing that in that case, we won’t be attracting top players.

    I think nasri will sign and cesc will give it another year, i don’t care about the hype created by the media but he doesn’t look desperate to go. HE’s been rubbish the season, according to his standard and still has a 4 years contract.

    My picks would be:
    CB: sakho or cahill
    DM: m’villa, inhler, fellaini
    LW: Hazard if arshavin left
    FW: anyone who is fast and can score

  44. Moray

    haha an MFZ? (Manc Free Zone). Out here in Asia there are millions of the fucks, and Chelski too.

    After the game they flashed to a pub with loads of them in, and the asian Chelski supporters all had big smiles on their faces like nothing had happened. Makes you wonder…they all had nice new team shorts on though, at great expense. You don’t see this kind of presence for the Arsenal, but then we don’t tour, don’t win anything, don’t make high-profile signings, so why would they. For me, I am stuck with growing up in North London and being in possession of a foreskin!

  45. ikon

    Moray.. exactly.
    Why do you need to “mould players” when you can get proper wing players in the market ala Elia, Hulk, Hazard.
    Why do you need to buy central midfielders on after the other to overcrowd that area and create discomfort in the suqad. Why do you want to mould someone with a heavy touch and slow speed into a tenacious defensive midfielder.. I have to say, it is so easy for teams to work the ball around with Song playing, its almost like playing against 10 men for them.

  46. Gooby


    the invincibles would would tear this stoke team a new one, they were just geniuses. Vieira, gilberto, pires, dennis, sol, toure and henry aren’t softies won’t be bullied like the current bunch and Stoke would be 2 or 3 goals down by half time.

  47. Moray

    Gooby, agreed with your picks. I would love De Rossi too. A couple of years ago, no way would he have left Roma but he has been disgracing himself recently there apparently and may come on the market. DM for me is role the Italians excel at. They have good tactical awareness and get stuck in.

    However, I don’t think we can keep Nasri as well as Cesc. I think they want the same role.

    I would also move Theo more central so that he can make diagonal runs into the box, but we need pacy wingers to support and change the angles of attack. Yesterday was so painful to watch – like threading a needle with gardening gloves on.

  48. Rohan

    I would love de Rossi. 5 years ago, he was the hottest DM on the planet. I’d love for him to come here and resurrect his career.

  49. Gooby


    i too would love de rossi, i just think it’s not a realistic target but we never know…

    if they want the same role, i’d keep cesc because he’s better, problem is he’s becoming a crock and he might want to leave in the near future, so it’s a tough call.

    I think walcott is suited to this RW role where he is allowed to make the runs down the middle and score goals like he did this season. Imo a big and skilful striker is required in the 433 system, as he can bring the others into play, allow the wingers to make the runs and hold up the ball(like RvP and chamakh although the latter can’t score to save his life lately). If you put theo up front on his own it would be too easy for an organised defence to block his runs, i think he’s far more dangerous and unpredictable when coming from the right or left side.

    if we don’t sell any major player cahill and de rossi would win us the league next season without a doubt

  50. Moray

    Gooby, right, but it’s all good cash. If you are Asian then you have no reason to support one team over another except for how they play, how successful they are, particular players you like or because you like the shirt…when I lived in Spain many years ago I supported Barca, because they had such fantastic skilful players and played such a great brand of football. this was in the time of Rivaldo, Figo etc. i regret that no, but I did pay to see them play a few times and own a shirt…it’s all good money, and money that will balance out ticket prices in the Emirates or help to buy us that extra level of player.

  51. Gooby

    LOL Rohan

    i hope he can fill in for bendy as your all time favourite/hottest football, when the Danish winger leaves 😆

  52. Gooby


    it surely helps form a financial point of view, the squad is going to china for a tour this summer, i shoud bring in some cash

  53. Kushagra India

    We need some spark now really Man City will raise the league a notch or two and if Manure get Sneijder they will be the favorites …Pool can’t be underestimated either…Suarez will rip teams a new 1 IMO….

  54. Gooby


    i was joking


    aguero is such a top player, even chavski couldn’t sign him though, he’s so expensive it’s ridiculous

  55. Moray

    We wondered for years why Wenger kept buying small and skillful central midfielders, and where it would take us. Well, Stoke is the culmination of that plan for me. We even went a large part of last season with one of them (Arshavin) leading the line. We are so slow in turning defence into attack now that we basically allow the opposition defence to line up while we try to chip the ball over their heads. Which of our players exactly was going to win a header against Stoke from open play, with our backs to the goal?

    At some point Wenger fell out of love with pace, and decided he wanted a team of interchangeable talents. This is part of the problem. I remembered earlier the interplay between Pires and Cole, then Freddy bombing into the box, popping up unexpectedly to hammer the ball home, our central midfield shielding defence by also with the pace to counterattack quickly, and of course all the skill in the World up front. Of course, that team was probably a one off, but at least let’s go back to a formation that provides width and pace on the flanks, and train defence from set pieces and give our full backs some crossing lessons. It is basic stuff – the basic stuff our players believe they are too good to have to practice.

  56. Kushagra India

    I highly doubt if Wenger will buy a cdm and if he doesn’t he should be sacked by July….

  57. Moray

    Gooby *correction* if we don’t finish 4th, then the team is coming to China.If we continue to fuck up then we ain’t going anywhere…enough excuse for Wenger to take the team to Austria again…

  58. Kushagra India

    Moray Yep I followed Arsenal and Barca for the same reason and despise Madrid still….

  59. Moray

    Gooby – just how expensive is Aguerro? We could offer 4m quid. Take it or leave it.

    Apparently Usmanov wants to meet with Kroenke to discuss his plans to take the club forward. I can’t see it happening, but I like the fact there is someone up there who gives a fuck.

  60. Gooby

    Austria tour is useless China is big market we should look to invest in.

    fucking hell i hate losing every year after the good times we have in the early 2000`s

  61. Gooby

    i think they wanted something like £50m last season for him.

    Hope stan and usmanov can work something out to move us forward and seriously aim for the title next year.

  62. Gooby


    yeah maybe we can give them bendy and eboue for him and add a bit of money. i’d take that

    —aguero-RvP-theo- scary!

  63. Moray

    we should be in Asia. I worry Gazidis will focus on the US, which is flogging a dead horse to a certain extent, and Wenger will tour resentfully, if he has to.

    It’s the manner of our failure that so bothers me. Knowing we are so close and so near, yet crumbling in embarrassing fashion. Yes, De Rossi would do it for me. Fuck Song and his stupid fouls around the box which often result in goals. i won’t even mind de Rossi getting a couple of red cards a season if it means we toughen up.

  64. Moray

    ha ha imagine getting shot of Bendy and Eboue AND getting in Aguerro. It wouldn’t get much better than that…until Shawcross or some such thug breaks his leg in his first season 🙁

  65. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    well what a great gutless end to the season!

    i’m full of all that AFC can offer me… we need a big overhaul from top to bottom… there are only a handful of players that can be safe… if he persists then i would want him to throw all the youths in,,sink or swim… or buy a few quality player with experience, i see we are after another young left back from southhampton… wehy ? what ever happemned to all the other gresat potentila players we signed…

    jamie edge
    luke freeman.


  66. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    this season has got to be more disappointing than any of the previous trophy less seasons… it will be interesting to see how many ST jack it in!

  67. Glenn Helder

    10:30PM GMT 31 Dec 2010

    “The only thing we have learned from these first six months is that the team who have the greatest emotional stamina and resolve will win it,” he said.

    “It could be the league of the mentally strong. It’s a league with a lot of ups and downs, and the team that deals with that the best will win it.

    “It’s Arsenal’s title to win. We have always been strong mentally, but we’re more mature. We have strength, intelligence and talent, but to put these three ingredients together in every single game will be decisive”

    Really Arsene?

  68. Glenn Helder

    Friday 14 August 2009

    “I have a project here that I started four years ago and I wanted to reach the end of it. I could not leave this team at this stage of their development,”

    “I know people have no patience any more but I agreed on a structure at the club that I believed could work, and we are at the period now when we will see whether I was right. To talk of winning the league is an audacious statement but I built this team and I want to deliver.”

    Really Arsene?

  69. Glenn Helder

    Friday, 8 April 2011

    “As long as you are second in the league, I am ready to sign for the next 20 years and stand up for that.”

    “Personally, I am very proud of the attitude, the behaviour and the quality of our season. I will defend that until the end.

    “We want to fight until the last game of the season.

    “If there is a team that is better than us we have to accept it.

    “I believe we do not have to be ashamed at the moment of what we have done.

    “Rather, I have to be proud because if I took statements from all the people here at the start of the season we were not even in the top five. Now it is a scandal we are second.

    “Now it is a crucial moment where we have to trust these players and not listen to some opinions of people who have not worked half a day in football.

    “Do you know how much work, dedication and mental strength is behind a team like that?

    “They have not been built just like that, it is a real process of club work, coaching work – that is not just to go out and buy a player for X amount of money.

    “What is hard in football is to build a team and work with the players every day.”

  70. Glenn Helder


    Wenger believes his team are already good enough to win one of his two targets, the Premier League or Champions League, but feels they will not peak for five or six years

    In a rare interview this week he revealed: “When we decided to build the stadium I wanted to anticipate the possibility of financial restrictions, so I concentrated on youth. I also felt the best way to create an identity with the way we play football, to get players integrated into our culture, with our beliefs, our values, was to get them as young as possible and to develop them together. I felt it would be an interesting experiment to see players grow together with these qualities, and with a love for the club.” He pauses, smiles wryly, and adds, “It was an idealistic vision of the world of football.”

    Last week he said he could spend £30m on a player if he wanted to, but he does not need to. Results this season will demonstrate whether that is the case or not, but the reality is Wenger does not want to.

    Wenger believes his team are already good enough to win one of his two targets, the Premier League or Champions League, but feels they will not peak for five or six years. “The challenge we face is to keep them together,” he admits. “It is very important to meet their needs inside the club, the way we play, the way we behave, with success on the field and in financial rewards. If you can achieve that as a club you can keep them together. I don’t feel at our club you have to make any other sacrifice than financial, because all the other aspects are better at our club than anywhere else.”

    “You check that every day that the team is bonded. You try always to make sure it is integrated. It is never guaranteed, and it is very fragile and vulnerable. It can be upset by exterior factors or interior factors and can disintegrate very easily. It is the skill of the manager to always assess it and to address the situation when needed. A team is made of a collection of individuals. Sometimes a few individuals feel they do not need to put their energy into the team as much, and think more about themselves. That quickly has consequences for the team.”

  71. Glenn Helder

    So have you been telling Denilson and Diaby this?

    “If I know that the passing ability of a player is averaging 3.2 seconds to receive the ball and pass it, and suddenly he goes up to 4.5, I can say to him, ‘Listen, you keep the ball too much, we need you to pass it quicker.’ If he says ‘no’, I can say look at the last three games – 2.9 seconds, 3.1, 3.2, 4.5. He’ll say, ‘People around me don’t move so much!’ But you have the statistics there to back you up, too.

    “It works well with your tactical observations, too. You see that a guy never loses the ball, so you look at the number of times he passes the ball forward. You can get to the point where you can say, ‘I prefer the one who loses the ball a bit more but tries to play it forward.’

  72. Timothy

    The best & only for arsenal to retain her lost glory is for wenger to go. I know it will hurt but we need new philosophy. Wenger had done his best. His trusted players do not regard & believe him anymore. He need to move out. Mr Kroenke pls u ve made enough profits it’s time the fans are rewarded. Do away with unambitious players & get us Rijkard with these players. Samba, Mertaserka, M’villa, Inler, Nzozi, Sanchez, Falcao, Benzema & Skertebur or whatever he’s called. Let vermelen play LB &deputise by Baines. Thank u.