Wenger: If I buy, I kill a player | RIP Seve Ballesteros, a true legend of sport

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Oh Arsene, give it a rest. No one is going to fall for your nonsense this year

‘We have mixed messages from people because we are always told to buy but then I’m told I don’t play my players enough. If I buy a few I will have more frustrated players.’

Is this like the message you always have to buy £60million players? You know, the message no one else seems to read apart from you? I’d be very interested to know who is doing your press clippings because I don’t believe I’ve read too many articles slating your decision not to play Gibbs. If anything, I think people have probably saluted that decision. The boy has been Kieron Dyer whenever I’ve seen him this year and for me, the fact he hasn’t been given games is a positive step.

Reward progress… not mediocrity. That’s how a top class football club should work.

As for Andrey, no one minds that he hasn’t started every game. Why? Because we can all see that he’s a touch over weight and we all know that in Russia, they clearly don’t play 90 minutes! I love Andrey, I really do. He’s delivered more than almost every player in the league this year whilst receiving a huge amount of criticism. He’s like the kid at school who never revises for exams yet still aces them… you know there is so much more in the locker. Trouble is, Arsene plays him out of position, he certainly doesn’t give him the same love he’d give a player he was the king-maker for and he’s 29, so his attitude won’t change.

I’d be sad if he was off in the summer, however, if we dispatched with his services and bought Ashley Young or Eden Hazard, I’d be able to deal with it. Young has landed 44 assists and 36 goals since 2007 in a poor Aston Villa team. He has pace to burn, he can take on players and he’s a proper winger. We could easily pick him up for £12million because he’s in the last year of his contract and he’d be comfortable playing out wide. He could be our English Nani…

Incidentally, does anyone think Nani is hugely underrated because he looks like an extra out of Lord of the Rings? His stats are twice as impressive as Gareth Bale’s  yet he’s received hardly any attention from the media? Don’t get me wrong, I know Bale is also a monster, but when you’re British you generally get a pass… One to ponder I feel…

Back to Arsene and his process of guilt tripping us into not spending…

‘I will talk to all the players at the end of the season. I spoke about Nicklas Bendtner because it’s true he didn’t get enough games. Personally I want him to stay because he’s a young striker with top quality – but I have to sit down with him.’

I was out with a Leeds fan last night and he was talking very frankly about our set up as a club. He reckoned it’s been obvious for years that the problem with our side has been a lack of spine. Now, remember he’s used to watching poor football but he has witnessed league winning credentials before.

‘You have a keeper that is too young, you don’t have a centre back who talks, you don’t have a battler in the middle and you have a striker who never plays’

It’s quite hard to argue those points. I did challenge the keeping issue, but I think Leeds are in a similar situation. Kasper Schmeichal is a very talented youngster, but he makes mistakes. Whatever way you look at it, our Carling Cup challenge was part ended by an inexperienced keeper. It’s even harder to argue that our Champions League campaign wasn’t ended because Nik B took a heavy touch and missed a fantastic chance to put the game out of reach for Barcelona. Pep Guardiola said,

‘We’re in the Champions league because of a poor touch by Bendtner’

So when Arsene talks about his ‘top quality‘, it kind of makes me laugh. He’s 23 now, he’s regressed this season and he hasn’t delivered in a very public manner. He’s clearly not top quality at the moment, so if after their chat he states he wants to go… don’t worry about it. He’s been given more than enough chances to shine and he’s failed. Move onto the next up and coming youngster or sign a player who can deliver.

No one cares about young players career progression anymore, Arsenal isn’t the University of football. We pay too much to watch apprenticeships played out in front of our eyes and as a club we moan about money far too much to be paying a poor player £50k a week.

Arsene, your media tricks are boring now. Give it a rest on the ‘killing players careers’ front and sign up some top class talent. You won’t be afforded another season of inaction on the transfer front. Patience is running out with you already and it’ll run out a little quicker if you have another typical frugal summer…

Right Grover’s, that’s it for today… I’m off out to pick me up some sun burn!

Have a great day!

P.S. Big love to Seve Ballasteros. He sadly passed away last night. He was an incredible golfer, a fanstastic personality and a fighter until the end. He’ll be sorely missed…

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  1. SUGA3

    nah, I am done plugging, it actually started plugging itself, that interview with Szczesny Sr & Jr was a bit of a hit on the web 😉


    eto is 30

    at least 2 years at the top left
    quick, direct and strikes the ball

    avaialble for 12-15 mil according to gabrielle marcotti

  3. Big Dave


    Heard today about Young, but it looks like it is going to be between us and Spuds. Also a signing from Spain not sure what position yet

  4. reggie 57

    If its a toss up between us and the spud’s for Young surely he would pick us due to his gooner dna!!

  5. zeus

    All quiet on the LC front yesterday and today with team travelling up tonight with a feeling that the season’s done despite a good result last time out…no surprises tomorrow…unless Stoke decide to “mix it” expect a draw or low-scoring win….all talk of comings and goings is futile with Arsene’s tenure likely to close…..

    I’m a bit late to the party, but ‘ice’ seems to be getting some credibility on his ‘inside info/guesses. What does he mean by ‘Arsene’s tenure likely to close?

    Does anyone think Wenger would leave? Seriously?

  6. Dutchman

    But if we have to believe ice, then fabregas,nasri and arshavin will all leave! Then we need to buy a new attack! That’s just not going to happen.

  7. Dutchman

    If you believe everyone then the following players will leave arsenal:

    That’s just bullshit, guys. Bullshit!!

  8. Dutchman

    Those inside information from everyone is every year the same! Every year there are coming many players to arsenal and all the arsenal players will leave but every year nothing happens! I don’t care if arshavin,fabregas and nasri leave, because we need to change things.

  9. graham okeeffe

    Have to agree grove. A better striker in the barca game poor ref decision withstanding and we’d most likely be facing the mancs in the final. Backbone and culpability are key. Arsene lets players off the hook for their failures/mistakes way to easily. Ferguson stated he finds it hard to say goodbye to players who have served the club well but he still does the deed. Arsene doesn’t, spending when it comes to strengthening the squad the top 3 do we don’t. Defending quite simply we don’t,cant or just don’t understand the fundamentals.

    Arsene get rid of probably a 3rd of the squad in the summer as they just arent winners and that is now proven. They just dont seem to care enough. Oh and don’t get me started with the “world is against us ” we are narrow, push overs and second best when the chips are down or when there’s a bit of pressure.

    Cesc is right in what he said in his interview recently and quite frankly not many of us would blame him for wanting to move on. Arsene and some of his team mates have badly let him and us down.