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As this post flies out, I’ll be heading out to Puerto Banus to drink beer and play golf for the weekend.

Gutted if you’re stuck in an office. You deserve it.

Just kidding of course!

I read that Blackburn’s Phil Jones has been making eyes at us. In typical love struck teen fashion he said,

“I think Arsenal play the prettiest football in the Premier League.”

You little slut…

I told you last year that Arsenal were monitoring his progress as well as a host of other defenders. If we’re looking to add an additional body to our back 4 roster, I’d be fine with us adding a player being mooted as the next John Terry… lock up your wife Eboue!

He’s a powerful centre half who has been trained in the art of filth by experts such as Sam Allardyce and Mark Hughes. He’s good in the air despite being under 6ft and he’s probably been wet willied by Chris Samba more times than I care to mention… things like that only make you appreciate the South more. I’m sure he’d have no qualms fighting it out for a place in our back 4. I’d still prefer someone taller, but whatever, as long as they are more able than Squillaci, I’m fine…

Bacary Sagna has pledged his allegiance to Arsenal nice and early this year. I’m not quite sure why some clubs are consistently linked with our players, but Roma seem to be the fantasy destination of Sagna. A bit like Juve for Clichy and Bayern for Bendtner. Anyway… the right back has been fantastic for us this year and I’m chuffed he’s staying on. He’s a regular for France and it’s been a joy to watch him return to 2008 form.

Did you hear what Emmanuel Frimpong said? It was ever so sweet…

‘I was worried I’d be left behind’

Ahhhh, bless… I think someone needs to have a word in his ear. No Arsenal youth players are EVER left behind, even if they’re crap (Even Mark Randall is contracted). I hope that’s what pulled him through his injury… just a little glance over at his Denilson poster,

‘If you can play 150 games for Arsenal, anyone can.’

I read that Madrid are going to prepare a bid for Cesc this summer. Now, this is something we told you last year as well. Rumour has it that Madrid called Ivan G and said whatever Barcelona offer, we’ll offer more. Arsene Wenger is of the stand point that if Barca don’t offer his valuation, he won’t be sold. If Cesc continues to stamp his feet, he’ll be put out to auction. Regardless of what people say, that boy isn’t going for anything less than a whopping fee. Wenger has a taste for the big money… you don’t sell your two wheeled tricycle for £42,000 (Adebayor) and then cut a deal on your Aston Martin for £800 because your skint neighbor likes the look of it.

If watching United cruise into the Champions League final wasn’t vomit inducing enough, news that once again, a governing body is taking tax money away from the UK coffers surely would tip you over the edge. According to Dunham Consultancy UEFA won’t pay any tax in the UK despite the final being held at Wembley. So what exactly is in it for the British fans? We’re financially hammered buying the tickets, our transport is screwed for an evening, we pay for the clean up operation, we pay to police it and all for what?

A few chip shops doing a roaring trade… nice.

When are the people going to start standing up to these practices? What did South Africa gain out of one of the most profitable World Cups in history? What are the British people going to gain out of a tax-free Olympics next year? So far, all I can tell you is that my trains are ruined nearly every weekend… and guess what, I’ll be paying tax on the games until I die…. and guess what else? I think athletics is for girls…

I wouldn’t mind if I thought the money was going towards making people’s lives better, as far as I can see, all it goes on is dodgy deals and jobs for the boys. It’s criminal what people will turn a blind eye to for a big event…

I’m not leaving you on a sad note, not on a Friday… so how about a bit more from the people trying to sell you the dri-fit dream?



Training shirt that should have been home shirt

New logo up close and horrible...Alex Song... at Geoff's request! Looking good son!

Finally, check out the video and the official press release on our tumblr account.

Right, I believe that’s it!

Have a great Friday and remember, if Chirs Samba knocks on your door, run upstairs and hide in your room… he’ll leave eventually.

P.S. Check out Craig’s piece comparing the invincibles to the current Barca crop here.

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  1. tiarnan

    suga – wheres the wedding? thats gonna be great craic man

    Kwik – whats beadie eye man?

    Phil C- or does it stand for Cocklover?

  2. SUGA3


    the wedding is in Opole, Poland (my home town), my mate is one of the wild days fellows, you know, gangbanging, crack slanging not giving a fuck kind of times 😆

    one of the dudes I HAVE to tick off the list whenever I am there and it usually ends up with flies buzzing over our sorry carcasses!

  3. SUGA3


    been to the concert on that tour in Prague!

    what is best thing about the weddings in Poland is that you get that second party on the following day, which is usually even worse!

    anyhoo, lads, I am off, got some serious studying blitz to do tomorrow, have 2 get some sleep!

    nite 😉

  4. tiarnan

    Hey Im back …hiccup…what r u sayin ya fuckin cunt? hih? who said that? fuck offfffffffff…. look at the hole on that…hiccup….cummmmmere to me ya fuckin tramp….yeh Im goin, relax…ahh I was only messin….ok can I just get my jacket before….get ure fuckin hands off me yih yizzsh shower of cuntsh….hiccup…where am I? did u steal my fuckin wallet? ure supposed to..hiccup…be my mate…I fuckin hate you, dya wana get a crate?

  5. tiarnan

    OPG –

    In a few years we’ll be saying…fuck dya remember when we used to be in the top 4…

  6. tiarnan

    Dya know what my favourite word is?


    But not in the normal way – ya have to pretend ure Chinese…

    So itd be like Harrow?

    If you practice this you can impress your friends by changing the lyris of songs like…

    “Harrow? Is ih me yah rookin faw?”

    or who can forget…

    “Ah jus carred tuh say HARROW!”

    but leading the pack is….

    “Harrow, Harrow, Harrow, How row, Harrow, Harrow, Harrow….with the rights out its ress dangerous, here we are now entrtain us, A mullato, An Albino, A mosquito, My libido, yeah! HARROW!”

  7. Evan


    Morning David: I think that when Fabregas goes i’d like to think Wenger will not replace him with his next project youth player. I’m pretty sure that he believes we have a ready made replacement in Ramsay (which i agree) but i think its criminal to sell your number one player, receive 30-50 million and not spend that. Unfortunately the board loves wenger for this and Wenger gets wood.

    Its a non brainer for me, sign the following and win the league

    Bastian Schweinsteiger or Yoann Gourcuff
    Marouane Fellaini

    IMOA even without Fabregas we are still fourth place, if you take it in mind that he hasn’t played much this season.