Arsenal run over the golden goose, then reverse back over just to make sure

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So Arsenal press ahead with the 6.5% increase in season ticket prices we told you about first a few months ago. Disappointing that the club that can’t stop going on about how classy it is decides that hitting the fans in the pocket is what it’s all about this year. Not just that, they’re also putting the price of your program up… and finally they’re also rebranding the home and the away kit rendering two £60 strips obsolete.

Arsenal are a never-ending price rise machine. They never tire thinking of new ways to bleed the average fan dry and the sad fact is, they have absolutely no shame in doing it.

Is this is what the self-sustaining business model is all about, because I tell you what, it’s not sustainable for the average fan anymore. It’s a sorry state of affairs when you start pricing the middle class out of going to the football. Still, how can you expect a CEO who takes home £1.7million a year to understand fan sentiment? He has no idea what it’s like to struggle, he’s probably never struggled in his life. He’ll look at 6.5% and laugh at the moaners. Trouble is, despite his AST letter protestations, he hasn’t a clue about the simmering anger…

Gooner’s spanning all different generations are disgusted at what’s going on at the club, trouble is, what can we do? At the moment, Ivan Gazidis and his £15million corporate team have us. They know whilst the treasure chest that is the Champions League is still on the table, they can replace a large chunk of the fan base if they decided to leave. My worry is what happens when the Champions League dries up, what happens when the corporates don’t want a piece anymore, where do the club turn then? They’re alienating the home base by pricing them out of the club. Trouble is, the new crowd who are just there for the good times won’t be there when the worm turns…

Hopefully it won’t come to that but all the ingredients are there. A manager who doesn’t answer to anyone, a board too scared to tell him what’s what and a raft of teams around us willing to invest millions to over take us.

Arsenal FC have let us down again. Perhaps they’ll dodge the bullet this time, but continue down the rocky road they’re heading and the goose that lays the golden egg will soon stop laying… then there will be trouble.

I wonder what Wenger thinks when he’s watching the Mancs enjoy another day out in the Champions league final? I wonder if he thinks that maybe spending some of what he did on worthless players contracts could have made the difference this year if it went on new blood, I doubt that, he’s way too self obsessed.

Geoff will be going to the final to watch the Mancs and has a real dilemma, who to support? It could have been us, but once again Fergie bought new players that strengthened (Hernandez) his team and that’s the difference, we fiddled and they didn’t, in a year when they were deemed weaker, we failed to beat Birmingham in the Carling Cup final.

He’ll be pulling for Barca by the way!

I was watching Perry Groves on Sky last night and he said that he and 57,000 Gooners at the Emirates will be praying for a centre back that is a leader, get praying Perry, we’ve been doing that for years! I love that guy, I hope Wenger was watching.

I don’t know what you all think but I would sooner have Vermaelen back unfit and injured on Sunday than Squillaci.

Enjoy your day, maybe the Chavs will draw, we’ll beat Stoke and they will both screw up in the last few games, don’t hold your breath though!

For all those of you out there that are going to pay the extra good luck, you must have the money, let us know if you are and why, it will be fun to debate the ones that do and why the ones that don’t, won’t!

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332 Responses to “Arsenal run over the golden goose, then reverse back over just to make sure”

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  1. Jimbo

    Josip Skoblar says:
    May 5, 2011 at 20:54
    Of course, they can (Bill Gate is longer skinny)
    So whose policy is it?…


    Using the mighty power of Occam’s razor….

    Arsene Wenger!

  2. Jimbo

    tiarnan says:
    May 5, 2011 at 20:55
    Wenger “We dont buy superstars we make them…”

    Thats like saying “I dont buy Belgian chocolates, I make them..” and then taking a rather large dump on your living room floor.



  3. Gooby

    falcao in 2 seasons 47 games 39 goal, but he’s probably shit because he plays in the Portuguese league

  4. DaleDaGooner

    I see a lot of talking….How do we measure how crap a league defending is or attacking, again, Drogba wasn’t this prolific in France, Neither was David Villa in Spain until a certain time, To predict that Gameiro or Falcao will be shit for us is like saying you knew for a fact that Prince ALBERT would never be King of England….or that for a fact , you can take a dookie on QoS’s pillows.

  5. DaleDaGooner

    WHo knew that Diego Forlan would be poor for Yoonited and then on fire again in Spain, and don’t give me the story about their defense being shit, Barca will most likely kick Yoonited’s ass in Wembley.

  6. SUGA3


    there is Barca and there is the rest of La Liga 😉

    back in the days when Forlan flopped at Yoonited, the Prem was (and still is) way better defensively than the Spanish league, IMO…

  7. Jimbo

    Gooby says:
    May 5, 2011 at 22:09
    falcao in 2 seasons 47 games 39 goal, but he’s probably shit because he plays in the Portuguese league


    See, it’s pretty obvious I’ve never said that. I know some people around here (happily few) find solace in straw-man arguments, but it’s pretty clear that I’ve never said that Falcao’s bad because he plays in a poor league. But it is one of the reasons he looks good.

    I suppose the converse would be, of course, that just because a player scores a hatfull in a weak league, doesn’t mean they’ll be good in the Prem. And there are plenty of examples of that.

  8. sixx pac

    Eredivise is very similar to the Portuguese league. If Suarez can play in England there’s no reason Falcao or Hulk or Gamiero or Gervinho can’t play here!

  9. albo

    Jimbo says:
    May 5, 2011 at 20:23
    Josip – which genius on the board do you think came up with this policy?

    I’d have thought the board as a whole will have talked about ways to fund the stadium/cope with the cost and, in consultation with Wenger, arrived at the strategy. The driving figures will most likely have been Fizsman and Friar, since we know that Dein had his doubts about it.

    The idea that Wenger bosses the board around is one of the sillier fictions that is often bandied about on here. Wenger doesn’t even sit on the whole session – simply the bit concerned with footballing matters.

  10. sixx pac

    Jimbo I know that Gervinho and Gamiero play in France. The point I was making is that Eredivise has a way shitier defensive setup than France and on par with the Portuguese league. So it would have been justifiable for people to say that the setup of that league is what made Suarez look good, no?

    And yeah they are different players. But look at Suarez and Hulk and tell me who’s more built for the premier league? The typical build for successful strikers are like Anelka, Drogba right?

    Pointless debating this anyhow. We won’t sign anyone

  11. sixx pac

    Jimbo I know that Gervinho plays in France. The point I was making is that Eredivise has a way shitier defensive setup than France and on par with the Portuguese league. It would have been justifiable for people to say that Suarez was made to look good at Ajax because of the defensive setup of the Dutch league no? And that he would be average in the Epl?
    We now know that not to be the case so I don’t see what qualifies you to write off Falcao and Hulk in the way you do. Or Gamiero and Gervinho.
    Would it satisfy you if they scored 100 goals in 50 games?

  12. Rohan

    I have to say that Edin Dzeko has been a fucking disappointment this season. His stats aren’t too bad I guess, but just going by the 3 times I’ve seen him, he doesn’t really offer too much.
    Nowhere near worth the price-tag. We could do a lot better than someone like him.

  13. sixx pac

    I’d certainly want Falcao, Hulk, Gamiero or Gervinho over Edin Dzeko. Why? Simple. They are all faster and more skilled than Dzeko. I’ve never been a fan of the Bosnian for that same reason. Too slow.

    I also saw Jimbo saying Falcao offers nothing more than finishing. Well I guess I should look out for your opinion on Javier Hernandez then. I’m sure u think the same of him no?

  14. Gooby


    of course there are plenty of examples, there are also plenty of players who still do well when they move from a league to another

  15. dennisdamenace

    Thought of the day –

    Is it any wonder with club bleeding every revenue stream dry, but doing everything on the cheap, that our medical & rehabilitation staff have such a piss poor record in keeping our players fit & returning them to action in good time! No doubt, like everything else at Arsenal these days cheap is the order of the day, and our M&R staff are probably a buch of failed first year NHSers who are glad to be paid peanuts……

  16. Jimbo

    albo – I’m pretty sure Wenger came out not so long ago and said he was in some board meeting where the catering organisation of the club. Not sure where though.

    Needless to say, Wenger clearly is the most powerful figure at the club when it comes to determining transfer policy, and the direction the club has taken. It’s a ‘silly fiction’ to claim otherwise, mainly based on the idea that Wenger couldn’t be so silly as to fuck up as badly as he has.

  17. gnarleygeorge9

    Just a passing thought:

    I’m wondering whether its better to have a Roman who craves trophys rather than a Stan who craves dividends 😉

  18. Jimbo

    sixx pac – it would only have been justifiable to say that were it true that it WAS the shite defences that made Suarez look good. Even Suarez, who I think is a player mostly wasted at Liverpool, has seen a significant goalscoring drop-off since arriving in England, but that’s beside the point.

    I don’t think Falcao, Hulk and Gameiro are poor players BECAUSE they play in a poor league. I think they’re poor players, for a variety of reasons, who happen look better than they are because they play in a weaker league to those who only bother to measure players by statistics and Youtube clips.

    Compare Hulk to Suarez? Ok, I think Suarez has got a better shot, is technically much better, and is generally far more aware. Hulk, against decent opposition, invariably looks awful. We’ve seen this. Chelsea have seen this. They’re a bog standard CL Group Stage side, who look pretty average when they play at a level that even approaches where we are, and this year they happen to have a pretty sharp manager.

    Suarez is a much, much better footballer.

  19. Jimbo

    sixx pac – it would satisy me if, when I watched them, they looked like good players who could transfer their output from Portugal to England. It’s not about stats, it’s about watching the respective players.