Arsenal run over the golden goose, then reverse back over just to make sure

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So Arsenal press ahead with the 6.5% increase in season ticket prices we told you about first a few months ago. Disappointing that the club that can’t stop going on about how classy it is decides that hitting the fans in the pocket is what it’s all about this year. Not just that, they’re also putting the price of your program up… and finally they’re also rebranding the home and the away kit rendering two £60 strips obsolete.

Arsenal are a never-ending price rise machine. They never tire thinking of new ways to bleed the average fan dry and the sad fact is, they have absolutely no shame in doing it.

Is this is what the self-sustaining business model is all about, because I tell you what, it’s not sustainable for the average fan anymore. It’s a sorry state of affairs when you start pricing the middle class out of going to the football. Still, how can you expect a CEO who takes home £1.7million a year to understand fan sentiment? He has no idea what it’s like to struggle, he’s probably never struggled in his life. He’ll look at 6.5% and laugh at the moaners. Trouble is, despite his AST letter protestations, he hasn’t a clue about the simmering anger…

Gooner’s spanning all different generations are disgusted at what’s going on at the club, trouble is, what can we do? At the moment, Ivan Gazidis and his £15million corporate team have us. They know whilst the treasure chest that is the Champions League is still on the table, they can replace a large chunk of the fan base if they decided to leave. My worry is what happens when the Champions League dries up, what happens when the corporates don’t want a piece anymore, where do the club turn then? They’re alienating the home base by pricing them out of the club. Trouble is, the new crowd who are just there for the good times won’t be there when the worm turns…

Hopefully it won’t come to that but all the ingredients are there. A manager who doesn’t answer to anyone, a board too scared to tell him what’s what and a raft of teams around us willing to invest millions to over take us.

Arsenal FC have let us down again. Perhaps they’ll dodge the bullet this time, but continue down the rocky road they’re heading and the goose that lays the golden egg will soon stop laying… then there will be trouble.

I wonder what Wenger thinks when he’s watching the Mancs enjoy another day out in the Champions league final? I wonder if he thinks that maybe spending some of what he did on worthless players contracts could have made the difference this year if it went on new blood, I doubt that, he’s way too self obsessed.

Geoff will be going to the final to watch the Mancs and has a real dilemma, who to support? It could have been us, but once again Fergie bought new players that strengthened (Hernandez) his team and that’s the difference, we fiddled and they didn’t, in a year when they were deemed weaker, we failed to beat Birmingham in the Carling Cup final.

He’ll be pulling for Barca by the way!

I was watching Perry Groves on Sky last night and he said that he and 57,000 Gooners at the Emirates will be praying for a centre back that is a leader, get praying Perry, we’ve been doing that for years! I love that guy, I hope Wenger was watching.

I don’t know what you all think but I would sooner have Vermaelen back unfit and injured on Sunday than Squillaci.

Enjoy your day, maybe the Chavs will draw, we’ll beat Stoke and they will both screw up in the last few games, don’t hold your breath though!

For all those of you out there that are going to pay the extra good luck, you must have the money, let us know if you are and why, it will be fun to debate the ones that do and why the ones that don’t, won’t!

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332 Responses to “Arsenal run over the golden goose, then reverse back over just to make sure”

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  1. DavO

    Blame Man City and Chelsea. By pumping outside money into the market, they are inflating players’ wages and transfer fees. Clubs without a sugar daddy, like Arsenal, have to raise more revenue to stay competitive. That’s why the new UEFA rules will be so important IF they are enforced. The only way ticket prices will come down is if players’ salaries come down. It’s simple economics.

  2. KM


    Re. Hazard

    At this moment Arshavin is a much much better player than Hazard. The Russian has had to play in a more intense league, where you get hardly anytime on the ball and space is at a premium and the defenders are brutal and the referees don’t like pansies and dnt award fouls unless its a 2 footed challenge 😉

    Hazard will need at least 2 seasons at Arsenal to become the real deal and a world beater but he would provide us with the direct threat on the wings.

    What you have to understand is that like Fabregas, Hazard is the most talented player at the club and he is the best attacking talent in the league. He’s not on the level of Messi – no one is, but he has got the ingredients to be a super player

  3. Cescs_MyBoy

    I love Gazidis.

    Everything he does and speaks of is driven to grow Arsenal globally.

    He also recognises the extra pinch for real fans and confirms the whole pricing structure will be revisited in 2012/13. A statement that has been praised and welcomed by the AST.

    I’ll call him a liar when he rescinds on a promise, not before because it seems right.

    Football is expensive the world over, but it’s relative.

    As was discussed yesterday, our Standard ST is on a par with Spurs.

    Club Level seats can’t be used in any comparison.

    If you look at the bill, then you can’t afford to eat there.

  4. Martin Warne

    Looks like I’ll have to shift more contraband in the next year to pay for Wengers railroading disaster scheme.

  5. Jimbo

    Gazidis IS a flat out liar. You’re basically letting him get away with saying one thing and doing another.

    It’s shameful double-speak – the guy should be a politician.

  6. Martin Warne




  7. HumAnimal

    After some time to reflect on the season this is my starting 11 next season

    Sagna Vermaelen Djourou Clichy
    ———- Song
    ——-Ramsey Fabregas
    ——–Falcao VP

    Van de Wiel

    look familiar?
    i reckon our 1st 11 is wonderful, what we need is cover for injuries and dips in form. how many times have we had to rush Cesc and Samir back from injuries this has taken its toll on them and its very unfair.

    our problem is that weve been very wastful with possesion and and not taken our chances and had poor finishing.
    just a though

  8. Jimbo

    HumAnimal – Walcott has more goals + assists than Falcao in the Prem from the wing than Falcao does in the Primeira up front this season.

    Why on earth would you drop theo and waste good money on a carthorse like Falcao?

  9. KM

    Arsenal line up Shakhtar Donetsk’s £22m-rated Willian as potential replacement for Nasr

    Any truth in this shit?

    His agent said that Nasri wanted to concentrate on his football and discuss contract terms etc in the summer. From what I’v been reading there’s a few things which Nasri wants :

    Wants to get paid the same as Fabregas because he believes he’s as good as him.

    He wants to play AM. Does not want to play out on the wings.

    Is waiting to see what happens in the summer – who comes in and who goes out.

    Of the top clubs in the world I think only ManU/City/Inter would go for him because the others don’t need him.

    I agree with Jimbo, I dnt want that Costa chap. Rather someone else tbh.

  10. KM


    Wilshere has near enough played the whole season whereas Lansbury has not played the whole season for Norwich. But as you say it’l be interesting to see what happens.

    Nxt season it’l be interesting to see Frimpong & Lansbury get some minutes.

  11. gazzap

    “While Hazard is thought to admire Arsene Wenger’s attacking philosophy, a source close to the player says that the North London club’s lack of silverware in recent years was a major point of concern that could prove a stumbling block in a potential move.”

    But Wenger tells us trophies aren’t important. Who’s right?

  12. Jimbo

    What Gazidis is saying is bollocks. Frankly. We’re one of the tightest clubs in the league when it comes to transfers, yet he uses spending as justification for hiking the most expensive tickets in the leauge?

    How thick is this guy?

    What fucking use is he to the club? What a twat.

  13. HumAnimal

    Jimbo… i love theo man and i would play him upfront actually. bring him on after 60 mins… he is the most deadly impact player in the EPL either him or chicharito.

    anyway i like his aproach to the game no effing around just bang it. i think sumtimes we lack that upfront.

  14. Jimbo

    Technically, Falcao is awful. The guy can finish, when the crap defenders in the Portuguese league give him acres of space. But he has NO awareness of his teammates (0 assists this year!), and defender who can stick on him wil prevent him from shooting, and he’s slow as s hit.

    What’s more, the guy will cost $$$.

    No way should we sign him – he’s a worse version of Darren Bent.

  15. KM

    I’l be happy if we can get Scott Parker on the cheap in the summer. Give West Ham something in return…some players on loan etc. Send Frimpong on loan and job done!

  16. HumAnimal


    So none of those players Gameiro, Pappiss, Ba, Hulk ,Falcao,
    would be adequate cover if walcott and VP got injured?

  17. Jimbo

    Humanimal – all of them have done enough in their domestic leagues to warrant a £15m+ transfer fee. And I think we could spend £15m better than on any of them. That’s all

  18. Jimbo

    Humanimal – of course they could. But the player still needs to score the goal. Falcao sure wouldn’t. He’s been marked out of games by some awful defenders in the past.


    if we start next season with that team and song is ahead of wilshere then get ready for another shit year

  20. KM


    Ramsey v Wilshere

    I’v always thought of Wilshere as a gifted midfielder, however he has no goal threat. Nor does he get into the box much even when Song was playing DM against ManU. He likes to stay in midfield and control the midfield. That is his domain.

    Ramsey is a different creature. He’s more adept infront of goal and in and around the box. He’s a true attacking midfielder. I’v been watching him since he was a youth with Wales and he has the skill set to beat a man and have a crack at goal or go on a run between midfield and defence. He needs more time to develop of course.

    I think our midfield for the nxt few yrs is going to be:

    AM = Nasri/Ramsey
    CM = Wilshere/Diaby/Lansbury
    DM = Song/Frimpong

  21. Jimbo

    HumAnimal – Eduardo could finish. He was never much of a player for us though.

    Happy to agree to disagree!

  22. Jimbo

    KM – I think your analysis of both is spot on.

    But it’s precisely the way that Jack controls the midfield that makes him so valuable. He could do more in and around the box, I agree, but his tenacity, his awareness on the ball, his ability to open up and control the game from that position is literally second to none. That’s where he stands head and shoulders above Rambo.

    I really, REALLY rate Aaron. But Wilshere has had an excpetional season, and should be part of our starting lineup in MOST circumstances.


    wilshere’s goals will come
    he is the first name on my teamsheet
    i also love rambo and those 2 together are our future midfield pairing
    the question is who will play with them once cesc goes

  24. KM


    His greatest assets are his finishing and MOVEMENT. For someone not so mobile he has fantastic movement…he peels away from CB’s when the cross is coming or when a pass is coming in to the box.

    Shearer & Drogba are not the fastest but they’v done well in the EPL because of their strength, movement and of course finishing.

    For a striker you dnt need to have lots of assists because as long as you’r doing the business and scoring goals no will care, because you’v got midfielders and wingers to take care of the assists.

    If you watch Falcao carefully, he doesn’t play on the wings, he stays central and when play is in the opposition half he is always in or around the box because he knows he will get SERVICE off Hulk & Varela

    This leads to me one of our weaknesses. We really need 2 proper wingers who will get use their pace and skill to beat a defender or go on the outside. Walcott has the pace but lacks the skills and intelligence of a winger so therefore just runs straight.

    What we need are 2 wingers to give us a different dimension to our attack. Look at ManU last night..their wingplay was immense!

    Get Elia to play on the left and Hazard for the Right.

    Elia has the searing pace of Overmars and the dribble to get into box. Hazard is quick and has amazing dribbling skills and is a gr8 shooter.

  25. KM

    Mark Gooner

    I’l play with them 😉

    on a serious note….I think Nasri will be ahead of Ramsey in the AM role. However with the amount of injuries we suffer, and the fact that Nasri can play on the wing, Ramsey will get a lot of gametime.

    But I really think that Wenger should bite the bullet and get rid of Fabregas. His performances have dropped. For his sake and his teams sake – let him go!

  26. goonergerry

    Am I the only Arsenal fan who is starting to feel that we collectively are being exploited by this club?
    Constantly being told by the manager that the team is better than it is- constantly being told- every year that we will strengthen areas of the team that simply do not get strengthened. The club charges high prices- but its product is not improving.
    It has never ceased to amaze me why so many apparently intelligent fans think we have such a wonderful business model- so many people have just been seduced by the Emirates Stadium. I suppose it does look a great arena- but is it progress to pay twice as much to watch a team that is half as good as it was 7 years ago?
    Imagine if that was a car you were talking about.You buy a car that uses twice as much fuel and goes half as well as its predecessor- would we tell the world what a great car we now had because it looked good? No wonder we are the only ones to have this business model.
    None of the stars have been replaced and if any leave this year they wont be replaced either with players of equal ability or stature.
    We hear about these wonderful profits that “we” make but “we ” don’t make them “we” pay for them and “we” don’t have any say in how they are spent.
    Just don’t think the club have got the balance right between being healthily solvent and re-investing in the team. In reality the club work very hard at the former and constantly make excuses for failing to do the latter.


    cesc this season still has 9 goals and 17 assists in 34 games, but yet we all know he can do better

    he will be a huge loss
    on the positive side ramsey and wilshere combined will soon be scoring double figures each and assists so that will compensate

    they both offer defensive fight and are always positive in possesion

    i would love to see a world class striker brought in such as eto’o or benzema who has pace and loves to score goals

    and would also go back to 4-4-2

  28. albo

    But Geoff – that season ticket info you have posted is spectacularly unhelpful. We have no idea if it is an average price over the entire range, or is it just the most expensive one available? It certainly isn’t the cost of our basic season ticket. As I’ve said before, you can’t compare Club level tickets, because you are paying for prestige and a sense of superiority, and there is no ‘price’ on that. Comparing a box at Blackburn with a Club level at Arsenal is pointless because the price difference is no longer anything to do with the football on offer.

    But even then, if we take the prices your link gives us and add the 7 games that Spurs don’t get included to their total, they are more expensive than us…

  29. DaleDaGooner

    Agree with the ticket hike complaints, that’s just plain greedy, for a club that returns nowt to it’s fans?

    On the Fergie bought well and we didn’t or us keeping dross…Lets be real, No one thought Hernandez would be this good, not even Mexico, Vela and Dos Santos (SPUD) got ahead of him in the National team, Also, I think Man U have a lot of average players, It’s just that Fergie knows how to light a fire under his collective teams ass.

  30. Jimbo

    Ok KM, but now you seem to be advocating changing 3 players instead of just the 1, and Falcao again sure isn’t worth that. I wouldn’t mind changing things around up front, but if we did, we should be looking at a much better player to go through the middle.

    In our league, I have no doubt in my mind that Falcao would struggle badly.


    we have spent 400 million pounds in last 7 years on the new stadium and are close to paying it off

    we pay 60 mil a year off the debt

    once that debt is gone there is no reason why that money cannot be spent on top players

    so the business model is correct and worthwile in the long run

    im not an AKB at all and some of his transfer dealings have been poor and his stubborness has hit an all new high

    saying that i dont like the emirates and it has become a sterile and boring place to be and is filled with far too many women and families

    its like going to the cinema now
    all the vocal fans are either scattered all over the stadium and not together as it used to be in highbury or they are down the pubs as they are priced out or fed up with attending

  32. Geoff

    So Mark, do we get a trophy for paying off the debt early?

    If we did maybe someone should tell the Mancs as all they do is win footballing ones and are still in debt.

  33. albo

    Big Dave – do you genuinely believe we don’t have any?

    If we bought someone of Fabregas’ quality we’d all be going utterly bonkers with excitement. But because we already have him we don’t even seem that fussed that he might leave!

  34. HumAnimal

    Hehe. cool Jimbo!
    But, who dyo reckon w shuld get upfront the instead of Gameiro

    do u reckon we need a new cf

  35. Big Dave


    2. Nasri and Cesc

    We pay high prices to watch








  36. gazzap

    Arsh has class in abundance but defending and hard work isn’t really part of his game, which is a big disadvantage to him. If he played in the Bergkamp role he’d get away with it but as it is on the left all we see is how exposed clichy is.
    He also had a bad 6 weeks where he was really off form. Can happen to anyone but I believe he still has it.

    Albo, I agree people talk about losing Cesc like it doesn’t matter – HE IS OUR BEST PLAYER! no question.
    I question whether Barca want him badly enough to spend big on him. He thinks they do, but I doubt we’ll ever see the colour of their money.

  37. BillikenGooner

    “Hopefully it won’t come to that but all the ingredients are there. A manager who doesn’t answer to anyone, a board too scared to tell him what’s what and a raft of teams around us willing to invest millions to over take us.”
    Don’t forget those teams willing to invest are willing to invest in *our* players at twice what we pay them…

    say goodbye to Nasri as we try to convince him to take just 90k a week so it doesn’t hurt the feelings of all the others making 50k.
    Meanwhile Madrid, City, Inter, etc will be offering him waaay more.

  38. Albo

    BD – I do think we’re a bit quick to ascribe motive to people we have never met. So and so is rubbish ‘cos he’s lazy’, or ‘cos he’s stupid’, or ‘cos he wants to leave’ etc.

    Similarly I am cautious whenever people suggest Wenger has ‘ruined’ a player. There are lots of reasons Arshavin’s form may have dipped, and they needn’t be anything to do with Wenger. Look at Torres – everyone was certain that his poor form was due to him not wanting to be at Liverpool. But then he gets the move he wants and it turns out that he is just in horrible, horrible form. Sometimes even a world class player goes off the boil.

    In the case of AA, I do think a huge factor is simply that teams got wise to him. They started to double up on him and limit the space available to him etc…

  39. Big Dave

    If we had a PV4 type of DM (or 2) who can play ahead of the back 4 and protect them then maybe AA would not have to come back so much and help out Clichy from time to time and concentrate on that Bergkamp role you talk about.


    geoff i wasnt defending what has gone on just stating a fact that with our current annual turnover
    once there is no more debt we will be wealthy

    and should a manager whoever it is want to spend 40 mil on a player then the money is available to do so


    if nasri wants out then fuck him

    about 10 world class performances in 3 seasons

    and you think he deserves to be our joint highest paid player in our history

  42. Arsenal Tom

    Nasri’s going nowhere its just the paper talking bollocks to try and scaremonger and fill column inches.

  43. Keyser

    Yeah why not just wait and see now if he leaves or if he stays and what contract he does sign, you can feed what you want to the press nowadays through agents and whoever, and the press don’t really care what they either.

    At the end of the day the players generally always do what’s best for themselves anyway.

  44. Matt

    I explained the comparison of my ST to a Spurs one yesterday quite clearly, based on fact.

    I hardly think that qualifies as being a ‘know it all’.

    I paid £1175 for mine last year, which included all CL and FA cup home games.

    My Spurs supporting friend paid £695, and opted in to all CL home games, which were then sold to him at £75 each – 5 games = £375.

    I am not sure if Spurs had an FA cup game at home, I cannot remember – but even without, he paid £1070.

    Plus he paid £50ish for a CC ticket, and we pay £20.

    So the tickets are comparable.

    You cannot compare the cost of a ST that includes all cup games with one from another team that does not – that is not a true comparison.

  45. Paulinho

    People who are okay with Cesc going are obviously being fooled by the fact his lack of fitness has been holding him back this year, not his mentality etc.

    We saw against Spurs and Bolton what a class act he is when he gets going physically, his ability to turn players and re-direct play is incredible, as his his ability to shuffle forward with the ball glued to his feet without going sideways like Wilshere.

    The problem is he’ll never be fit as he stays here, with our training methods and shite medical staff, so we may as well sell him to Barca, and watch him miracously stay fit over there.

  46. Albo

    Matt! Stop talking sense and presenting actual facts when you make an argument! Nobody likes a clever dick!

  47. rob

    geoff at 13.33

    why am i “a know it all” when i checked my facts with a spurs fan before i wrote my comment about their season ticket prices. did you check with any before you dissed me? the prices of their cheapest ticket is on a par with ours whilst our top price tickets are more expensive than theirs. maybe you can do the maths and work it our yourself
    spurs -£800 for 22 games =£36.36/game – arsenal £990 for 26 games = £38.00
    where is the “talking bollocks” you referred to

  48. bernard (bade the gooner)

    cesc have a problem playing for us wining nothing while his mates back home banging trophies all day long.
    he wants out, he is already out, heart wise. but a player of his calibre can produce world class display even without getting his heart on it.
    if there is any slight chance for him staying, then arsene must clear the deadwood & bring in 2-3 real players & not some wanabe stars prototype…. though i can’t see this hapenning

  49. DanColly

    Some people are moaning about the club not replacing the Top stars that we sold a few years back, These same people are saying they want Fabregas to leave and would rather the money. Fabregas is arguably our best player, and even if he was to be sold would his transfer fee be used to buy top players…NO!!! The club have plenty of transfer funds available to use without the need to sell our BEST player, who is loyal to us, would a non loyal player sign a huge lengthy contract and say over and over how much he loves Arsenal, he may well have a fondness towards barca but players hardly ever play for the club they supported as a child??

  50. Jimbo

    You can see Spurs ST prices here:

    They range from £690 – £1,575

    However, this includes the first 2 cup games, vs Arsenal’s 7 – so you get 5 extra tickets at Arsenal.

    I believe that Arsenal season tickets will run from £910-£1,945 (after applying a 6.5% rise to current prices).

    Therefore, Spurs pay, assuming an even distribution of price bands, £33-75 / ticket, whereas Arsenal pay almost exactly the same.

    However, what this does not take into account, is the number of tickets available in each price bracket to ‘normal’ fans. When I came up to purchase a season ticket a for the first time, there were NO cheap tickets available. My seat costs £1,180/season BEFORE the rise, and that was the 2nd cheapest available at the time. So whilst Matt’s Spurs mate gets in for £33/week, which is great for him, I HAD to pay over a tenner more per match. Spurs have no club level either, and also offer significant discounts to seniors and juniors, and I believe the former is certainly not true of Arsenal.

  51. Keyser

    Paulinho – You started off well there and then let your negative side take over.

    He’s barely had a rest for about 2-3 years, at least for once this year he’ll have rest over the summer and the next year will be key to how he progresses for the rest of his career I’d say.

  52. bernard (bade the gooner)

    what is it all about you guys fighting whether our tickets prices are the highest, or higher from spud’s?
    what fucking difference does it make?
    bleamy i wouldn’t be happy if they even reduced that price a bit when our team display is so shit, thanks to mr wenger & his herd of akbs (& just get out of that wrong impression we are playing beautiful football. we don’t!)…….

  53. Matt

    Not fighting about it Bernard, it just get’s annoying when the media etc. report our ticket prices as being so much higher than other teams when they don’t compare them accurately.

    But why let fact’s get in the way of a good story eh!

  54. Paulinho

    Keyser – He’s had plenty of rests due to his dodgy hammy.

    All the damage was done earlier on in his career by Wenger anyway. Playing him non-stop from the age of 18 onwards, which Fabregas has himself alluded to.

  55. Jimbo

    What’s more, forcing ST holders to pay full whack, up front, for low-demand FA Cup and Champions League group stage tickets is NOT a particularly good deal.

    Of the 7 ‘cup’ tickets you get, you’ll be lucky if more than 2-3 are games that are particularly worth watching. I’d much, much rather have the cash, and make my decision on a game by game basis.

  56. Jimbo

    Because you compare 2 particular sesaon tickets – it says nothing about how many tickets, in each category, are available.

    Also, see my comment above.

  57. Matt

    Well clearly we are going to have more tickets available, as we have a bigger stadium, and Spurs don’t have anything like Club Level.

    For the record, I sit in row 8 of the upper tier at the Emirates, roughly in line with the penalty area of the North bank.

    My friend sits in row 7 of the upper tier at Spurs, again, roughly in line with the penalty area, so I would say it is a pretty fair comparison.

    Anyone can compare our club level with their cheapest and draw a conclusion that ours are more expensive, my point was that if you compare a like for like ST, ours are really no more expensive.

  58. Keyser

    Paulinho – That’s pretty much rubbish you can’t blame so and so, when he himself wanted to play in big games when he knew he wasn’t quite upto it, at the same time it makes it even more important that he gets rest as a young player during the summer.

    It’s like last year where they barely used him at the World Cup, but made sure he rushed through training to get him upto the stage where they could use him if they needed to.

    He’s had that since the Euro’s for Spain, he’s got nearly 60 caps now, you can see everytime he comes back from the hamstring injury that he just doesn’t exert himself in the same way.

    He needs this summer to have a complete rest where he isn’t injured to begin with, then to build up his fitness again in a proper pre-season.

  59. Keyser

    If any of our rivals in London build a new stadium they can kiss goodbye to whatever price difference they pay now, that’s the simple fact, it’s not that Arsenal are purposely fleecing the fans, while other clubs are more considerate.

    Other clubs would jump at the chance.

  60. Jimbo

    Well, obviously Matt, but I couldn’t give a toss if the cheapest Arsenal ticket is £950, but there are only a few hundred of them, and I could never get one.

    The question of importance is how many tickets, at each price bracket, are generally available. You and your mate don’t really prove anything in that regard.

  61. Jimbo

    And besides, maybe just because we pay the same as Spurs, doesn’t mean they’re not ripping off the punters as well. Both of us pay a shed load more than, for example, Chelsea.

  62. Paulinho

    …. and then his hamstring will go again as soon as he hits his best form. It’s happened like clockwork for two years.

    In the summer of 2009 he didn’t play much and came back fresh as a daisy, playing well, and ironically that’s when it all started…

  63. Matt

    Does that include Cup Games Big Dave? And if not, how much do they charge for them?

    Every home game is worth watching to me Jimbo, so I would go anyway, and I know my Spud mate would of done as well, so i think it is a fair comparison.

    If you want to start picking and choosing games, then a ST is not really the way to go is it – Silver is.

  64. Keyser

    Paulinho – I wouldn’t say clockwork, he’s 23 now, ne’s never been the most athletic of players, but his body should be coming towards it’s peak now, so I’d say this summer is key, whether we benefit or Barcelona do is still to be settled.

    Forgotten if he played in the Confedarations Cup or not ?!

  65. Jimbo

    Silver may be the way to go, but it’s harder to get one of those than it is a season ticket. I was certainly never offered one, and I couldn’t give up my season ticket and get one even if I wanted.

    And Matt, it’s just NOT a fair comparison, unfortunately. Mainly because it’s all very well you saying YOU would want to go to all of the games. So would I, probably. But the fact is that demand for early round FA Cup games against lower division sides, and CL Group stage games (especially dead rubbers) against European minnows ARE much softer in demand.

    What’s more, if the outright up-front cost of the ticket is lower, it makes it far more accessible to far more fans – ours is higher, because of the low-demand cup games, and that’s simply a worse deal than what other clubs offer.

  66. Matt

    Fair point Jimbo, although based on the fact we have a bigger stadium and more ST holders, I am sure there are a comparable number of tickets available at each level, if not more from us.

    My comparison was to highlight pricing based on a similiar ticket.

    Whether both Arsenal and Spurs are ripping their fans off is subjective, based on your view on how much football tickets in general should be.

    I don’t think you would ever see an argument that everyone would like to see them lower priced.

  67. Matt

    i could easily turn that around Jimbo and say it is easy for YOU to say you wouldn’t want to go to all of the games.

    ST’s have always included cup games, and are exactly that – a ticket for all games in a season.

    The Spurs ticket has an opt in policy, so if you say you want the cup games they are automatically debited from you, so while I agree you do not pay the same amount up front, you still pay it.

    Now whether you pay it in one go, or more spread out is up to you – if you know you need to pay it up front, but could afford to pay it spread out, then it is up to the individual tosave up over the course of the year to pay for it when the renewal comes in.

    I know plenty of friends who pay £40 into a savings account every home game, and then they have the money for next seasons season ticket.

  68. Jimbo

    Matt – I think the key question is what the AVERAGE season ticket costs. Unfortunately, neither club seems to publish that information, so I don’t really know.

    However, my argument that both clubs might be ripping the fans off can also be based on comparison with other clubs (like Chelsea, Man Utd, Liverpool, Man City etc).

    I don’t actually think the ‘London Premium’ is a justifiable excuse in the case of football tickets, as it happens, mainly because a club’s larges element of expenditure, salaries, is almost certainly NOT siginficantly impacted by this aforementioned inflationary pressure.

  69. Matt

    Fan base can also have an effect, both the Spuds and us have a large fan base, which creates greater demand.

    The Chavs have always had a smaller fan base, and probably still do, so struggle to generate demand for some games, which could contribute to a lower price ticket.

  70. Gooby

    Jimbo says:
    May 5, 2011 at 13:22
    Players we should not be anywhere near next season:

    Ba aside they’re all good players

  71. Santos

    I remember when Gibbs came into spotlight… He was hailed as the next best leftback. I was always enthusiastic for his success. What has happened to Gibbs?

  72. Albo

    I think average ST cost is misleading though because of our ridiculous club level price. I don’t think anyone is arguing that club level isn’t a preposterous price – just that it’s a preposterous price that people have the choice to indulge in or not.

    I also agree that some ST holders might not want to go to the cup games etc – but there is always the ticket exchange/selling to friends etc if that is the case. Either way, it’s hardly a huge grievance. If anything I see it as slightly foolish of AFC simply because it results in all these misleading comparisons about the price of a ticket!

    As for your point, Jimbo – the specific ratio of the price bands is another factor. But speaking purely in generalities, it is clear from all this that the 2 Season Tickets are broadly comparable. And given that Spurs are really the only comparable club (based on location and ticket demand) you would have to say that we basically charge the ‘going rate’.

    I agree that the cost is high – perhaps too high – but it always helps to look at these things dispassionately rather than indulge in the tabloid style ‘WE HAVE THE MOST EXPENSIVE TICKETS IN THE WHOLE OF EUROPE!!!!!!’ comments that are often seen on here (not from you necessarily I should add).

  73. sixx pac

    Reverse back? Lol 😀

    So Vermaelen & Kozzer sunday? Should work. Let’s see.

    Djourou says we should look to fix defensive problems in training instead of trying the transfer market? Of course he’s gonna say that. But that leaves me to question, don’t they address the defensive problems in training? I mean if it was only this season that we had that problem then u could excuse it slightly but it has been consistent.

  74. zeus

    I would not want Willian for no other reason other than Denilson is the one that implored him to come.

  75. DaleDaGooner

    I’ve always liked Wilshere than Ramsey, Anyone remember 2009, 2010 Pre-season? Wilshere versus Rangers???

  76. Gooby

    not at all David, he’s too expensive.

    we could get benzema if he wants out or falcao if the price is fair. Wickham is good but too young

  77. Jimbo

    Gooby says:
    May 5, 2011 at 17:42

    Ba aside they’re all good players


    We have plenty of ‘good’ players in our squad already. And plenty of attacking players better than any of that lot. And there are plenty of better ways of spending the money it would take to buy any of them. They’re all mediocre, really, when judging by the standard we should be using.

  78. Gooby


    they’re not mediocre, how do you know they won’t be good for us? Hulk is a top player, he can take shots, can finish, can link up, works hard and is a build like a beast. Falcao is a proven goal scorer, fox in the box. Gameiro scored 20 goals already in a league where strikers don’t usually score a lot (yes i know moussa sow scored more but gameiro has been consistent for a few seasons now)…

  79. Jimbo


    “I also agree that some ST holders might not want to go to the cup games etc – but there is always the ticket exchange/selling to friends etc if that is the case. Either way, it’s hardly a huge grievance. If anything I see it as slightly foolish of AFC simply because it results in all these misleading comparisons about the price of a ticket!”

    It’s nowhere near that simple. I’ve put a few tickets on the Exchange in the past, never once sold one. Not to mention the fact that you don’t even get any cash – you get 90% discounted from the value of NEXT SEASON’S ST.

    Selling to friends isn’t always that simple either. I sit with a group of 5 others, and know another group of 3 who sit at the front of our block, plus another mate who has a spare for every game (he has 2 STs), who sits in the North Upper. Pretty much 90% of the games this season, I’ve known one person unable to go and sell their ticket, because Arsenal tickets just aren’t that sought after any more. £50 a pop is enough to price most neutrals out of going, and most people who actually do want to go to games have already got a ticket, because there have been so many floating around out there these days. It ain’t easy just flogging tickets any more.

    “As for your point, Jimbo – the specific ratio of the price bands is another factor. But speaking purely in generalities, it is clear from all this that the 2 Season Tickets are broadly comparable. And given that Spurs are really the only comparable club (based on location and ticket demand) you would have to say that we basically charge the ‘going rate’.”

    I’ve already explained why ‘location’ is irrelevant (though I am a little bit amused that you try to differentiate between North London and West London!).

    And the tickets are NOT broadly comparable, mainly because you have to pay upwards of £200 more, up front, for an Arsenal ST for extra games that you’d be able to buy tickets for on a red membership IF you wanted to go. That’s a big difference in up-front cash, and it does make a difference to people.

  80. Jimbo

    Gooby says:
    May 5, 2011 at 19:35

    they’re not mediocre, how do you know they won’t be good for us?


    Because I’ve watched them. I’ve watched a show-pony like Hulk play against half-decent defenders and get completely shot down. Crap, I’ve seen US completely shut him out, and we’re hopeless at the back.

    Same goes for Falcao – no pace, no awareness of his team-mates. Sure, the boy can finish, when given time and space by the crap defenders you get in Portugal, but he simply does not have the ability to translate anything like what he does over there into the same kind of output over here.

    We saw something very similar with Eduardo. Good finisher, knows where the goal is, but that just isn’t enough in this league. You need more, and Falcao doesn’t have it.

    Same goes for Gameiro. Standard in France is TERRIBLE at the moment. Some of the defending has been awful, and the forward play, whilst exciting, is of fairly low technical quality these days.

  81. BillikenGooner

    We all really ought to go into this offseason not expecting any signings.

    It’s proven to be the easier path and then if we hold to form and pick up a no name or 2, will be mildly surprised and maybe pleasantly so…

    The idea of a big name (or even slightly talked about) player is setting oneself up for even more disappointment.

  82. BillikenGooner

    “bergy says: teams dont fear us”

    That might be an understatement. I think a lot hope to or are happy to get us in a draw.

  83. Gooby


    defence in France aren’t crap, teams usually think about defence first and gameiro has been consistent for a few seasons. But i think you won’t accept that fact anyway so let’s drop the issue.

    who would you sign? realistically?

  84. Albo

    Jimbo – yeah, I take your point on the cup games. It does sound like something the AST might consider mentioning to Gazidis – to give ST holders the chance to opt out of them.

    I wasn’t making a differentiation between North and West London. I meant that while Chelsea have the same location as us, they don’t have the same level of ticket demand. I do agree, tho, that Arsenal’s location shouldn’t raise their expenses particularly since a huge amount of their expenditure is player salaries. Sadly, in a capitalist Market, it does increase the amount people are willing to pay, and therefore raises the ‘going rate’ for a London ticket.

    I still think the general point I was making was a valid one, which is that, in terms of the cost per match, Arsenal’s ST price is, in general, the same as a comparable London club. And the fact is that if you read the press and blog coverage on the subject you would NEVER know that!

  85. Paul King

    Maybe the fans who cancel their season tickets, should send a letter to the board explaining that they are only emulating their beloved football club in refusing to purchase over-priced entertainment in this post-Abramovich world!

  86. Jimbo

    “Gooby says:
    May 5, 2011 at 19:56

    defence in France aren’t crap, teams usually think about defence first and gameiro has been consistent for a few seasons. But i think you won’t accept that fact anyway so let’s drop the issue.

    who would you sign? realistically?”

    They are pretty rubbish, in the grand scheme of things. Never have been that good, really, though this year I think the attacking play has been a lot poorer too, which is why teams are scoring fewer goals – not because there are many great defenders out there.

    I don’t know what’s realistic. If Wenger is still going to behave like the incompetent clod he has done for the last 6 years, nobody I actually want is realistic.

    I’m just not a fan of any of these flavour-of-the-month forwards that are suddenly scoring a lot of goals, in their mid-20s, in mediocre leagues. For my money, Real and Barca are probably the best 2 teams in Europe, but right now top-to-bottom the Premiership is by far the toughest league out there (and even our league I think is a notch or two lower than where it was 2-3 years ago).

  87. Jimbo


    “Jimbo – yeah, I take your point on the cup games. It does sound like something the AST might consider mentioning to Gazidis – to give ST holders the chance to opt out of them.”

    The thing is, I don’t really see that happening. Maybe it’s me being cynical, but I don’t see the club turning their back on the guaranteed cash, given that I also think paying support is at it’s softest demand-level for years.

    What I’d like to see, really, is a payment scheme put in place. Spurs have a finance option they offer (Though I have no idea if / how much interest they charge), and I’d like, as a minimum, to see something similar.

    What’s more, I’d like less money to be spent on pointless frivolities (flags, free Internet TV etc), AND some responsibility in our wage budget (given the calibre of players we have, it really is astonishing we pay some of them so much). I also want to see direct investment in the team, of the kind that Wenger has been unwilling to make. I’m happy to pay for a club that I think is doing all it can to win trophies – for the last 5 years, I don’t think that’s been the case, and I will think hard before I continue to support it financially to the degree I have been.

    “Sadly, in a capitalist Market, it does increase the amount people are willing to pay, and therefore raises the ‘going rate’ for a London ticket.”

    That’s the thing though – no matter how you slice it, it still boils down to the club exploiting the fans. I know how capitalism works (believe me, I do it every day!), but when it comes to our club, I’d hope that overriding principles are also at stake that mean the club isn’t always looking to squeeze us for ‘the going rate’ as much as Arsenal really do.

    “I still think the general point I was making was a valid one, which is that, in terms of the cost per match, Arsenal’s ST price is, in general, the same as a comparable London club. And the fact is that if you read the press and blog coverage on the subject you would NEVER know that!”

    Well, it’s the same as one London club, at least, though Spurs have a number of other perks that we don’t have access to (like choice over Cup matches, ticket financing, a more developed loyalty scheme etc).

  88. Gooby

    I’d take benzema over gameiro but he’s not shit. David villa stated scoring at the same age, same for drogba.

    In my humble opinion, playing in what you call a “lower league” does not prevent you from having the talent to perform on bigger stage, that’s how things work. Not every player is born in England or spain or even trained there.

    You either have the talent or you don’t, and gameiro’s stats over the last 3 seasons shows he’s the most prolific striker in the french league, and it does not show he’s crap

  89. Jimbo

    Gooby – I know, but Gameiro is no Villa, and no Drogba.

    It’s not the playing a lower league that makes them weak, it’s the fact that they’re playing in that league that allows more limited players look look good.

    I don’t think it’s Gameiro’s stats that show him to be crap, I think it’s the fact he doesn’t look like a great player. He’s an alright one, but there’s no way we should be spending any real money on him.

  90. Josip Skoblar

    OK, guys, let’s sack Wenger and appoint a talented manager (easier said than done…). What makes you think that this new manager’s policy would be any different from Wenger’s? The bottom line is that AW policy is the Board policy: they don’t want to splash the money to buy expensive players. AW obeys them and not the other way round. Imagine Maureen in charge. How long would he last at Arsenal?: one season, 6 months? One week?

  91. Jimbo

    Likewise, you compare him with other players who are consistently towards the top of the Ligue 1 charts – someone like Lisandro, or Nene, or someone like Niang. These are all decent enough players, but for me, like Gameiro, they’ve found their level.

    They’re not Drogbas, or Villas waiting to happen.

  92. Jimbo

    Josip – which genius on the board do you think came up with this policy?

    Just wonderin’….

  93. Jimbo

    Oh, and for all intents and purposes, Arsene Wenger IS on the board. He attends all board meetings.

  94. Josip Skoblar

    You tell me…
    He is physically there, but he is not technically speaking a Board member. So when the Board will have had enough with him, they’ll sack him. By the way, I never understood how some could believe that a skinny Frenchman could be in a position to boss around a bunch of ruthless capitalists. You’re giving Wener supernatural powers!

  95. Evan

    Forseeable link/lazy reporting (made up)

    Wenger interested in free transfer Reo Coker
    Wenger monitoring Carlton Cole
    Wenger to offer Upson premier league lifeline

  96. tiarnan

    Wenger “We dont buy superstars we make them…”

    Denilson, Almunia, Eboue, Fabianski, Stepanovs, Diaby, Bendtner, Silvestre, Chamakh, Senderos, Rosicky, Squillaci, Jeffers, Reyes, Cygan, Wright, Luzhny, Pennant, Inamoto, Wreh, Boa Morte…etc etc…

    Thats like saying “I dont buy Belgian chocolates, I make them..” and then taking a rather large dump on your living room floor.