Arsenal run over the golden goose, then reverse back over just to make sure

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So Arsenal press ahead with the 6.5% increase in season ticket prices we told you about first a few months ago. Disappointing that the club that can’t stop going on about how classy it is decides that hitting the fans in the pocket is what it’s all about this year. Not just that, they’re also putting the price of your program up… and finally they’re also rebranding the home and the away kit rendering two £60 strips obsolete.

Arsenal are a never-ending price rise machine. They never tire thinking of new ways to bleed the average fan dry and the sad fact is, they have absolutely no shame in doing it.

Is this is what the self-sustaining business model is all about, because I tell you what, it’s not sustainable for the average fan anymore. It’s a sorry state of affairs when you start pricing the middle class out of going to the football. Still, how can you expect a CEO who takes home £1.7million a year to understand fan sentiment? He has no idea what it’s like to struggle, he’s probably never struggled in his life. He’ll look at 6.5% and laugh at the moaners. Trouble is, despite his AST letter protestations, he hasn’t a clue about the simmering anger…

Gooner’s spanning all different generations are disgusted at what’s going on at the club, trouble is, what can we do? At the moment, Ivan Gazidis and his £15million corporate team have us. They know whilst the treasure chest that is the Champions League is still on the table, they can replace a large chunk of the fan base if they decided to leave. My worry is what happens when the Champions League dries up, what happens when the corporates don’t want a piece anymore, where do the club turn then? They’re alienating the home base by pricing them out of the club. Trouble is, the new crowd who are just there for the good times won’t be there when the worm turns…

Hopefully it won’t come to that but all the ingredients are there. A manager who doesn’t answer to anyone, a board too scared to tell him what’s what and a raft of teams around us willing to invest millions to over take us.

Arsenal FC have let us down again. Perhaps they’ll dodge the bullet this time, but continue down the rocky road they’re heading and the goose that lays the golden egg will soon stop laying… then there will be trouble.

I wonder what Wenger thinks when he’s watching the Mancs enjoy another day out in the Champions league final? I wonder if he thinks that maybe spending some of what he did on worthless players contracts could have made the difference this year if it went on new blood, I doubt that, he’s way too self obsessed.

Geoff will be going to the final to watch the Mancs and has a real dilemma, who to support? It could have been us, but once again Fergie bought new players that strengthened (Hernandez) his team and that’s the difference, we fiddled and they didn’t, in a year when they were deemed weaker, we failed to beat Birmingham in the Carling Cup final.

He’ll be pulling for Barca by the way!

I was watching Perry Groves on Sky last night and he said that he and 57,000 Gooners at the Emirates will be praying for a centre back that is a leader, get praying Perry, we’ve been doing that for years! I love that guy, I hope Wenger was watching.

I don’t know what you all think but I would sooner have Vermaelen back unfit and injured on Sunday than Squillaci.

Enjoy your day, maybe the Chavs will draw, we’ll beat Stoke and they will both screw up in the last few games, don’t hold your breath though!

For all those of you out there that are going to pay the extra good luck, you must have the money, let us know if you are and why, it will be fun to debate the ones that do and why the ones that don’t, won’t!

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332 Responses to “Arsenal run over the golden goose, then reverse back over just to make sure”

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  1. hitman49

    as always a really good post.

    me thinks the stadium will be a little emty very soon.

    love arsenal
    hate wenger

  2. tonyadamsisgod

    Gazidiz: “This is bad for the continued health of the game and is driven primarily by escalating and ultimately unsustainable levels of spending on transfer fees and salaries.”

    What a fucking prick!!

  3. Albo

    It’s slightly disingenuous to claim Fergie ‘strengthened’ and we didn’t. Fergie got very lucky with a signing, but in fact his signings were every bit as low key as ours. In fact, Chamakh was a far more recognised ‘name’ than Hernandez when he was bought.

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing though…

  4. JD Gooner

    On a day the Mancs only increased their tickets by £1-00 and indeed reduced their Junior priced tickets, it makes what the board have done all the more insulting.

  5. Sabeel

    Ivan Gazidis has proved by now he is a ‘YES MAN/Puppet of Wenger’.

    Its gonna be Stan first season incharge
    if squad is NOT strenghtened,we can Also conclude if Stan is the ‘New Puppet of Wenger’.

  6. Big Dave

    You may not worry so much if they put their hands in theit pockets and paid out on big transfers, but they don’t.

    The club have not sold out on boxes for 2 seasons, and club level renew are down as well. serves them right, produce us a winning team with a winning mentallity might help, without the fans they are nothing so what do they do in these hards times, put prices up! great one Arsenal

  7. Jimbo

    I find Gazidis’ comments absolutely disgusting, myself – incredibly galling, and unaware of the concerns of the fans.

    Anyway, I haven’t decided whether or not to renew. I’m too disgusted by the club at the moment to really contemplate shelling out the cash for them, when it just feels like Wenger will squander it on contracts for his favourites, and keep most of it under the bed. He should not be allowed to continue as manager of the club, and unless I can be convinced, between now and the renewal deadline, that either he will be fired, OR as a very minimum will actually massively change his approach (and given how little I trust what he says, I’m not sure how this will happen), I probably won’t renew.

    I could probably afford it – though it’s a big commitment. I do have other things I’d much rather spend that money on at the moment though.

  8. Bullfr(w)og

    I’ve given up two Club Level tickets (total cost just under £8K) this year. While still an ardent Arsenal fan, I just don’t want to spend all that money watching us repeat the same mistakes over and over. It is also misery enough to watch Denilson, Diaby, Eboue, Bendtner and other second and third-rate players jog around the pitch and pass sideways to each other on TV. Sitting in the stadium knowing I’ve contributed to their ridiculously excessive wages is a step too far.

    So no season ticket for me next year. I’m sure the Club will fill my front row midfield seats with two happy punters from the Club Level Waiting List but at least I will not be spending a fortune to sit in misery week after week.

  9. azed

    Pedro dont u think its time for you to support WHOAG in their protest??
    I think the board dont want low or middle class income earners at the stadium.
    They(Board) are too classy to have ‘poor’ people at the stadium

  10. Ian

    It is a simple case of supply and demand. Once people stop paying these sky high prices for season tickets, then and only then will the costs come down. So it is no good compaining (or protesting) then going out and renewing your tickets!

  11. northern Gooner

    Well, playing Barca is different than playing Shalke, that – and not lack of signings – can explain why we dont play a CL final and Manure do. But ofcourse it was our own fault as we didnt win our group

  12. KM

    If we played the way did against ManU for 70% of the season we would have already secured the title.

    More of the same plz Wenger

  13. Jimbo

    One thing I would say, if the club had gone in a different direction when it should have done, 3, 4, 5 years ago, I’d be in a position now to consider upgrading to club level right now.

    Instead, I’m thinking of giving up the ticket I already have.

    Another example of the idiots in charge of Arsenal being penny-wise, pound-foolish.

  14. Lou

    If I felt like some people here I would not renew my season ticket. But I really can’t see what Wenger has to do with the season ticket increase though I have no doubt some of you will tell me.

  15. Jimbo

    Lou – I don’t blame Wenger directly for up the season tickets. I blame the board for buying his bullshit hook line and sinker, and thinking it’s a justifiable way to teat the fans.

  16. Big Dave

    Paying £2700 for a club level ticket is outrages.

    I still have not decided what to do with my ticket, may rent it out.

  17. Wenger out NOW

    Arseanal have made me sick to my stomach. I have two season tickets. One for me and the other for my son. Im a black london cabbie who has been hit so hard with the recession. I have been paying £1.125 each which in my mind is miles to much, and now the greedy barstards want more.

    Ive been going since 1968 and can honestly say that im hating what im watching more now than ever before….Nice football….Dont think so!!

    My son is nearly 15 and told me last night to loan his out until Wenger goes. This is the same boy who cried his eyes out if he missed a game up to 3 years ago!!

    This isnt my Arsenal anymore. Something really has to be done.

    They say they have a 40.000 waiting list……another bullshit spin!

    Arsenal are part of my life, but Im starting to think Im not part of theres.

  18. GoonerT1m

    great post, its the worst feeling in the world when you love your club yet you can’t afford to pay for the season so convince yourself it will be ok and pay, when we all know this is far too much money. shame on you mr gazidis, think of all the middle class families that are struggling with young children who will now have to go without because we need to pay you 1395 for a season, shame on you. if they don’t spend the money in the TF market this summer and also stan doesnt come out and make his intentions clear, there will be kaos.

  19. Davegooner

    JDgooner, Manure have increased season tickets by an average of 5.9% which I believe works at £1 per match plus the 2.5% VAT increase. Read the article not just the headline!

  20. KM

    Blackburn CB Phil Jones likes our footballing style

    How good is Jones? Tbh I haven’t been following Blackburn much (does anyone?) 😉

    I really believe that we need 1 CB this summer. He has to a big motherfucker like Cahill. Like I said before we need an English CB to instill some grit and spirit in this side.

    However a lot of other teams are now circling around Cahill – L’pool & Man City. However he’d be a fool to go to City for the money because he would struggle to get 1st position. L’pool aren’t going to be in the Champions League so we are the right choice but we need to go for him.

    I haven’t enough of Sakho to praise/recommend him. But I believe we need Cahill.

    Verminator is fit I believe. He’l be a welcome addition to our defence. I wonder who drops out? Kozzer/JD?

  21. tonyadamsisgod

    Surely its borderline criminal what Arsenal are doing to the fans? Yes, being a self sustained club is great. BUT….what it means is that the people in charge of running our club are investing nothing into it themselves whilst being paid vast amounts of money and increasing the value of their shares. They are making the fans pump millions of pounds into the club not to invest in players but to pay off debts and increase the value of their club.

    UEFA say they want to introduce a rule where clubs who have sugar daddys get punished. Surely it should work the other way too when the most important people in the world of football, the fans, are getting absolutely shafted by relics such as Peter Hillwood!!

  22. Dukie79

    If I’m completely honest, the price rise is a good thing for me as it will hopefully push me up the season ticket waiting list. I appreciate how difficult it may be for some people to cope with the rising costs but there are other ways to offset it. Don’t buy the programmes, don’t buy the new shirt, don’t buy food and drink in the ground etc. I have four kids and a wife who are as arsenal mad as I am. I don’t buy the new shirts for me as I prefer the retro styles which are cheaper and don’t change every year. The kids do get the new kits but I won’t buy from the club because of how expensive it is and a certain sports shop sells them much cheaper. We eat before or after the game and at half time the kids spend it eating sweets bought from the stalls on the way to the ground. Problem is that the club shops are packed before the game and the rows of empty seats 5 mins before and after half time due to people rushing for something to eat. I thought we were meant to go to The Arsenal to watch the football!

  23. Albo

    Sabeel says:
    May 5, 2011 at 09:15
    Ivan Gazidis has proved by now he is a ‘YES MAN/Puppet of Wenger’.

    Whist I am by no means on board with price increases…what exactly does Wenger have to do with them?!

  24. Big Dave

    Jones is a good player. Would luv Sakho tho, but if it gets to £20 mill you know we will pull out.

    Dread to think what my NBU seat will cost.

    Ivan your a muppet

  25. Albo

    I’d really like us to be in for Jones. From the (small) amount I’ve seen I feel he has a great, fighting attitude on the pitch, which would not go amiss in our squad…

  26. Jimbo

    The French league is complete crap at the minute, compared to how it has been in recent seasons. There aren’t too many players over there with much quality, IMHO, and one very good reason to get rid of Wenger right now, is, in my opinion, that our transfer policy needs to ditch it’s gallic bias.

  27. Jimbo

    In other words, i’ve never been blown away by Sakho. He’s looked decent enough, but considering the opposition I’ve seen him against, AND the quality of other defenders out there, he’s well below Cahill or Jones on my list of go-to defenders this summer.

  28. KM

    QPR Could Raid Emirates for £12 Million Arsenal Striker

    If only!!!!

    I like Chamakh. Nice guy but can’t shoot to save his life. If we want to be an elite team/one of the best in the world we can’t have a player like Chamakh as striker.

    Its all about ambition. If we’r happy with being 3rd/4th every year then its fair enough but if you want to win something then you need strikers with a real goal threat.

  29. Matt

    It’s got to the stage where so few playesr seem to want to join Arsenal these days, we jump on any pkayer who does and put them on a pedestal. I’m not saying Jones isnt good and wont be very good, but we are all calling for players who can make a difference now – is Phil Jones the answer!?

  30. Nickyc

    Still undecided on my season ticket! £1150 for a ticket up in the gods us astronomical and I pay that again in travel! Neither of which I can afford!

    I desperately want to stick 2 fingers up at the club and not renew, but with plenty of people (even I a 40k waitin list is pure fantasy) it seems like a hollow protest!

    I also pray that between now and august we sell a bit of the dead wood and bring in 2/3 world class players, I know, dellusioned.

  31. Jimbo

    I don’t like Chamakh. Even as a person, he looks like a fucking ponce, talks like a fucking mercenary, and plays like a fucking girl.


  32. HumAnimal

    Happy birthday to me!

    this is ridiculous…

    how much does a team get from winning the CL and The Prem?

    just want to know

  33. Santos

    Increasing the ticket prices will have a regrettable effect. Even the new generation gooners are already lowering their support for the Arsenal, which is a sign of things to come. If we had moved to greater levels , it would have been decent to do that, but now with that, there wont be privilege to watch the games for the middle class and lower class fans anymore. Our traditions are fading!

  34. James

    Good post Pedro. I will renew my lower tier ticket at a cost of £985. I am angry about things at the club but the truth is I don’t want to give it up and I have to hope that things will change on the playing front, although I struggle to see this while Wenger is in charge.

    Having had a season ticket for 25 years I am too long in the tooth to give it up and become a red member and have to start applying for tickets for home games, whilst also being ubable to go anymore cup finals.

    The question is if I did give it up are there thousands of fans out there willing to buy it. I doubt it.

    As for Wenger I believe he needs to change or go – but have accepted that he won’t change.

  35. KM

    Re. Cahill

    He’s definately going to move this season.

    Coyle’s told him that he can leave and Cahill wants to make that step up. We can use our good relations with Bolton to get in there 1st. But I suspect knowing Wenger he’ll fuck it up and say we have BARTLEY as our new signing!!!

    I would buy Cahill and give Bolton Bartley for the season or the 1st half of the season.

  36. Jimbo

    Bartley’s done pretty well at Rangers, I wouldn’t mind bringing him back as a 4th choice.

    It’s last summer’s fucking awful signing of Koschiteny that has really hamstrung us.

  37. gazzap

    For those worrying about what you’ll miss, dont. I gave my ticket up 2 years ago and have felt liberated for two seasons. I’m glad I gave it up – would have hated to sit through this season’s home games knowing its costing me £50 a pop.
    I still see virtually every game somewhere on TV. You dont love Arsenal less and they dont become a smaller part of your life, your’re just parting with less money. You do miss the match day social though. But I go when I want to now on a silver.

  38. Jimbo

    For me, I’d like…

    Vermaelen, Djourou, Cahill and Bartley as our 4 CBs next season.

    That would do me just fine. Koschiteny can fuck off with his twat mate Crapmakh and go and play for QPR, where they belong.

  39. KM


    Re. Jones

    I think because he’s British he’s going to priced really high. Therefore if we are going to buy an English CB might as well go for a more experienced CB in Cahill.

  40. Gavqatar

    I bet PHW is sat thinking “That will teach you, stupid fans questioning what we do. How dare you question us and our philosophy. Lets ram another increase up their jacksies next season if they dare to open their mouths again”

    That old faggot needs to go ASAP

  41. Big Dave

    The club will be hit if the cheif scout does go (Rowley), the chavs are sniffing round him and offering him big £££££££££££££££££££££££££££

  42. ikon

    is Cahill that good?
    Why not someone like Sakho, maybe free up Vermaelen to play CDM, play Sakho and Koscielny at the back.

  43. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    enjoyed the read author… look don’t get our hopes up he wont sign anyone…to be honest i hve never brought a shirt, why ? years ago AFC would speak out when the mancs did it every year new shirt for revenue, now so do we,,, who cares for a new dust rag in 12 months… stopped buying the programme years ago when i got tired of reading all the propaganda and rising guns who would never make it…

    so the 6.5 rise.. and I’m lead to believe that they will not let you downgrade either.. i really hope we don’t finish top three and have to qualify for the CL then get knocked out before we are in it… then they may realise of how important the true supporters are… they are just greedy millionaire whom i wish bad things in business will happen too.

  44. KM

    Re. Kozzer & Bartley

    Kozzer for me was thrown into the deep-end too early. He should’v been bedded in slowly. However with Vermaelen’s injury and Wenger’s refusal to buy quality depth in the CB dept, he was exposed. There’s a big difference in Lique 1 and the EPL. The players are better here and you do not get time on the ball as you do in most other leagues.

    For me our 1st CB pairing should be TV & Cahill.

    Kozzer & JD can fight it out for 3rd choice. Kozzer won’t mind fighting it out because he’s young and knows he was lucky to play for such a big club.

    The dilemna is what to do with Bartley. Like Jimbo said he had a dream loan season at Rangers. Management and supporters acknowledged his talent.

    We can’t buy another CB unless Wenger ships out Squillacci because Bartley has gave Wenger an ultimatum that he’l leave if we get another CB which would limit his chances and damage his career prospects at Arsenal.

    However as many of us know Bartley is injured and will come back in Autumn/Winter. Will he have recovered fully? also we have so many defensive injuries at this club its fucking unbelievable!!!

    To conclude Wenger must look at past history and must purchase another CB.

  45. John jensen's curler

    If you are a season ticket holder at any level, loaning out your ticket to a mate for a season won’t bother Arsenal at all. They still get the money and they don’t care who from.

    Returning it for one of the so called “40’000 waiting” will make them sit up and think (if enough have the courage to do so).

  46. Moray

    it does seem to be a very unwise moment to introduce a price hike…

    Coming so soon affter crashing out of all competitions in the course of a few weeks for the 5th time running, the chairman’s patronising words about our supporters, having the least exciting team for over a decade, so soon after a new owner takes over, with several of the big names apparently ready to up sticks, and right in the middle of a economic depression in the UK.

    Who the fuck is making these decisions?

  47. Sue

    I will I expect be renewing as my job is well paid and secure at the moment so I can afford it but I know I am lucky and it ticks me off to think that I started watching regulalry as a graduate when I came to london to work and I rpobably couldnt afford to do that now (I stood on the North in the early 90’s). A point was made to me of why I pay so much when i seem to get such little enjoyment at the moment. And I have to say I have wondered the same the moments of joy seem to be getting so far between now and moments of pain are so obvious and repetitive and should not be seen in a professional sports team.
    The frustrations of the team are so painful when they really arent that far away from cracking it. But it is depressing to think this might be the 5th year in a row when we have all said – you know what – we need a ball winning midfielder with drive; an beast of centre half ok so maybe we dont need a keeper but an experienced back up for Szez (Given if he is fit) would be good and a striker again.
    I would agree with the comment above that manure fans where really unhappy in september that they had only got Hernandez. As it turned out demento scooped the pool again – is Wengers scouting system as good as it once was or are teh scouts now paid huge amounts to sit around doing nothing much like the diaby / denilson axis of evil

  48. northern Gooner

    Geoff: If we beat Barca why didnt we go through? Did I miss something? I thougt it was best over two legs that counted

  49. dza

    Personally I think it’s embarrassing that the Chavs can win title potentially but we can’t…

  50. azed

    In which other club does a 19 year issue an ultimatum??
    Wenger has turned this club into a nursery school kids now feel its their right to play once they turn 18.
    bartley can go and hug a transformer if he cant wait.

  51. KM

    Santos @ 10.00

    I agree with you mate.

    We need more of the working class support in the stadium because they are more noisy and very passionate about the club.

    What is the solution?? I would go the Bayern Munich way. Ze Germans are very clever. They’re constructing a 12,000 standing up stand (at a cheaper price than seats) for supporters which will be cheap and will add to the atmosphere in the stadium.

  52. TOMTOM

    Bartley is shit,seen him play for Rangers and if cant even stand out as a good player with Rangers then what hope does he have in the premiership. Forget about Bartley,the boy is shit.

  53. rob

    Big Dave – why is it so bad if Rowley goes – maybe we wont get the koscielnys and squillachis coming to us anymore. who was the last star they scouted that nobody else heard of? let him go to Chelsea and take the dross with him

  54. Russell

    Standing again would fucking superb, can’t see it happening here though, they’ll say it’s too dangerous or some shit

  55. BigRed1

    The Arsenal Board`s new slogan is

    `The floggings will be continued till the mood of the crew improves`

    no change there then……………..

  56. KM


    From what I remember its a Knee/ligament injury. Your looking at 6-8months. So another words after a few reserve games he’l be in the 1st team squad after xmas

  57. GoonerT1m

    safe standing behind both goals is the way forward- it MUST happen, wake that stadium up for sure.

  58. Dan Compton

    I didnt realise that our cheapest season ticket is more expensive than Uniteds most espensive ST!!

    Time for this commercial team that we have invested so much in and go on about so much to start justifying their pay packet…

    The extra 1500 seats available to Red members on match days is a good idea and will hopefully prevent so many empty seats at times, if they sort out the Tick Ex for ST holders as well.

    Big summer for Arsene….Fans wont be happy paying for the most expensive ST’s in the world without squad investment! He has to invest in a squad that has failed to deliver a trophy for 6 years.

    Im willing to wait…We shall see

  59. Moray

    azed, good point. What the fuck is a teenager with no first team experience doing handing one of the richest clubs in world football an ultimatum. When did these little pricks start to think the club owed them a living?

  60. Big Dave


    Those signings were from Grimandi.

    The only reason I stated that is because he has been their for many years and will most likely let them know all our secrets and how we do our business, just not a big fan of him going to them of all clubs

  61. HumAnimal

    kay well ive found the answer thank you… sigh.

    “As of 2010–11, UEFA awards €2.1 million to each team in the play-offs round. For reaching the group stage, UEFA awards €3.9 million, plus €550,000 per group match played. A win in the group is awarded €800,000 and a draw is worth €400,000. In addition, UEFA pays teams reaching the first knockout round €3 million, each quarter finalist €3.3 million, €4.2 million for each semi-finalist, €5.6 million for the runners-up and €9 million for the winners”

    so if you win thats alot of money.
    why dont we try getting our money from competitions won, rather than tickets sold.

    I get the feeling that wenger and the board think that aslong as we are making a profit, we are succeding.
    eurgh. disgusting attitude.
    its much easier to tell the fans to pay more than to actuall go out and try to win stuff. I fear this club is becoming mediocre to say the least. we used to compare ourselves wit United and Barca and Milan and the big teams but now, just cos were making money, our actual club success doesnt matter.

    lets focus on being a football club not a business, its shameful really.

    the only thing i can say is dont buy season tickets if yo love the club “irony” hopefully we will send the message that were not supporting arsenal cos of the money they make and if they continue to run like a company then they’ll lose the fans.

  62. KM

    Its obvious Wenger is not buying the players we need because he is looking at the players coming out of project youth. We may hate it/love it but that’s the truth. The club spend millions buying young talent and then invest everything in making them better players. I’m not saying that I support Wenger but I think Wenger sacrifices winning honours for project youth.

  63. Ryan L

    TOMTOM, maybe if Rowley goes you should apply for the job of Chief Scout – you clearly have the knack for assessing a young players ability based on a single game – its a skill that is clearly even more insightful given its contradictory nature, when compared to the comments coming out of Ibrox from fans, coaches and management alike.

  64. Gooner786

    Hello Grovers

    KM says:
    May 5, 2011 at 10:00
    Re. Cahill

    I would buy Cahill and give Bolton Bartley for the season or the 1st half of the season.


    Very good idea KM.


  65. Santos

    Some of the young Brit lads here do not have patience. So wait, Bartley thinks he is the next Rio Ferdinand after six months with Rangers and is threathening to depart if not given firt team opportunities? Im sorry, he is still a kid with little experience. We need men not teenagers!

  66. ak47

    i love arsenal. end of. and you all do to. moan all you like, its a religion and a life style for alot. the way the system works most people havent got a life outside of work so what you gonna do? take up pottery? while the hypocrites enjoy the rollercoaster of next season.

    does it surprise me that the majority here can all point out what is wrong with out even 2mins experience managing or doing ivans job, not that i completely agree or claim to understand fully what is goin on.
    all i know is football is corrupt and at the top of the pile stand manure and barca.

    you dont need any form of media to show you this.
    every one of you have watched the pantomime reffing this season.
    evry1 of u have seen the favours manure get and the baffling desicions we get.

    yes the players f up and some cant be arsed but it wouldnt be such a huge issue if we had red nose’s influence behind the scenes.
    for me the team doesnt need much of a change.

    and i rarely buy the new strip also as the retro ones are more sophisticated imo.

  67. Johnny Wins

    Kronke and Gazidis are not Wengers puppets. I am not a supporter of Wenger under his current guise as his incapacity to analyse is a serious floor however i wont hold him responsible for board level decisions.

    Undoubtedly he asked for complete control of everything associated with the playing staff.
    So would I.
    Undoubtedly the board decided to carry out a major investment in order to grow with the brand that is european and english football, under Wengers intruction that he could retain the teams standing to maximise revenue whilst working with little cash. If we had remained at highbury and slowly dropped down the league we would be severely pissed off and complaining that the board weren’t visionary enough. Think Hoover and Dyson, Golden Wonder and Walkers. You have to keep finding blue water in this world or your fucked.

    So i say again. Kronke and Gazidis aren’t wengers puppets they most surely just doubt any other available manager could keep then on the track they laid. In my view Wenger continues to meet his obligations to the board but thats not good enough for me when its so clear that he has made poor decisions without recourse that could have provided us the fans what we want out of the relationship.

    I declined my season ticket when the Stadium was built as i simply wasn’t prepared to pay twice what the Mancs paid to see my club win less. I don’t buy shirts either. I still wear the 70-71 replica i bought 13 years ago.

    Its a free market Gentlemen. The board know it but just how many have the balls to throw in the towel because that is the only way you’ll get them to iron out the creases. Creases that are actually very small but mean everything to us.

  68. KM

    Anyone watch the ManU v Schalke last night?

    I recorded it on Sky+ because I was busy. Also it helps when its recorded because then you can save time. Anyhow back to the game.

    I thought Schalke were utterly shite especially in attack. Their failure to score goals heaped pressure on the defence. (Sounds familiar Arsene?)

    I thought ManU were brilliant offensively. Their wing play was fantastic. With Nani & Valencia on the wings they were fantastic. I might get slated for saying this but when they attacked they were much like Brazil with ability to attack with verve (skill) and speed.

    I was shocked to see Gibson play so well last night. He played v.well. Made some gr8 incisive runs, gr8 passes and a lucky goal.

    I thought Anderson played well last night. At Porto he was your typical samba Brazilian player, however Fergie tried to convert him into a DM…why the fuck he tried I never know, but Anderson is a very dynamic player. If he gets played as AM with Fletcher behind him he’l be a frightening player.

    I hate ManU but there’s been very few times this season where I’v enjoyed watching a EPL team play good attacking football. This was one of those occasions. Our football nowadays is really boring because we have too many similar paced players in attack (bar Walcott but he’s brain-dead).

    ManU were helped by the fact that Schalke just wanted to jump in the showers and go home. I really think that Barca are odds on to beat ManU. I’d say the Mancs have only 30% of winning. However although this current Barca side are cheating bastards, collectively they are the best side I have seen since the Invincibles & the French national side of 1998-2001

  69. finestcuts

    Fergie’s best bet is to study the video of when we beat Barcelona and try to play like we did.
    In that game, we actually played a bit like Manchester United and focused on the counter attack.
    We’ve proved Barcelona are beatable. At the Nou Camp Barcelona dominated possession but were never dangerous with it in the first half.
    Looking back at it, we might have squeezed a draw if we had a decent ref, but we didn’t. I’ll never forget Busacca for all the wrong reasons. Their players were gripping ours by the throat and the ref pretended he didn’t see it (and the linesmen who are supposed to help him out if they spot an incident).
    The Champions League final is UEFA’s dream come true, …….the leaders of the two strongest leagues in the world (although I’d say Serie A has a shout, Inter won last season and there are lots of top class players plying their trade there) going head to head.
    For anyone who’s into football, this is one to watch.

    On the one hand we have Barcelona, the team of the moment, the most technically gifted team. But they do dabble in the dark arts of feigning injury, conning the ref etc. just to get a bit of a boost. And their fans love it. You could say this is part of the game, winning is everything…….if you need to cheat do it as long as you get the result and a trophy….tha’s what people remember at the end of the day right? Mourinho certainly thinks so.

    Manchester united have re-build their team having sold Christina Ronaldo their best player, and introducing a few up and coming youth players a la Arsenal. It’s served them well…..they have plenty of experience in the squad who they call upon when needed and have generally been very efficient rather than mesmerising.

    Barcelona are the clear favourites but never underestimate Ferguson in finals. He’s been there, done it, knows football inside out and may well surprise everyone.

    I hope it’ll be a great game for the neutral, lots of goals and hopefully more football, less pantomine.

    I share everyone’s views on Arsenal’s ticket price rise. They know the fans won’t like it but they’ll be able to get away with it.

    To answer the question of what will happen if one day we get no Champs League football? Arsenal are like the Harrods of football, prices designed for the affluent, and it certainly won’t put them off going……….and as long as they can keep walking the tightrope an delivering Champs league football every season they won’t have to think about it. If it happened, all that would need to be done to keep the fans onside is a major shakeup of the team and a new manager and Arsenal can afford to do that if necessary.

  70. KM


    I’d kill to be part of the Arsenal coaching set-up. I think anyone would. But you must be able to speak French 😉

  71. Olumide

    That’s why there will not be a great atmosphere at the emirates coz it is now a relaxation spot for the rich!

  72. WWW

    Screw Bartley, call his bluff. Buy 2 centre halves and sell Squillaci. If Bartley wants to go to Scotland let him, he will only regret it. In any case, i have seen Bartley many times he is not as good as Squillaci and is only on par with Miquel. If we signed 2 new centre halves one right one left, TV5 could be used as LB and DM which would far more suit his attacking inclinations. It would place far greater pressure on Song and Clichy than Gibbs and Denilson do. Kos and JD would become the back up centre halves with TV5, Miquel, Song, Bartley if he stays and Jenkinson when he signs also able to slot in. Forget Cahill though, he is overrated and well over priced. I would go for Jones and Samba, we could offer Squillaci in p/ex and Bartley on loan to soften the blow. However if we can stretch the purse strings go for Subotic and Sakho.

  73. KM


    If Fergie beats this Barca team it will be an amazing achievement, but it will come down to who scores most imo.

    Walcott has always caused Barca’s defence problems because their CB’s are slow and their full backs are always attacking. ManU have got the pacy wingers and strikers to do that.

    However the key is getting the ball off Barca’s midfield. These three cunts – Xavi/Iniesta/Messi hog the ball so much its unbelievable! But they are very special players. Messi on his own is 1 off but this midfield partnership of Xavi+Iniesta is unique.

    In comparison ManU are shit in midfield. I think they will go for Fletcher-Scholes-Giggs. Against Barca what you need is quality to retain possession and the best players ManU have at thier disposal are Scholes & Giggs but even they will have to play out of their skin to match Xavi & Iniesta

  74. ITG

    If we buy in haste as many want we will lose many of the promising players coming through. Bartley and Miguel will not like to be 5th and 6th choice for long – they will no doubt go to get first team football which both are capable of now in most teams. Ramsay is on ManU radar as a replacement for Scholes – they would love to have him and if we do not give him a chance for regular football he will go. Ferguson is no fool – he knows that Ramsay last year played Fletcher off the park in a Wales Scotland international and bossed the game. It is all very well to say bring in this guy or that but in fact if we do we will not only lose the underperformed players which need to be shipped out but also some of our potential future stars. We do need a proven goalscorer and cover for Sagna – Frimpong could well be pretty to cover Song. A winger with pace down the left side would also help. Remember the star defender at Barcelona Pique left Manure because he could not get games!

  75. D

    Get used to these price hikes. It’s the way Arsenal are going to operate from now on. No big signings and let the fans pay for all the VAT rises and new owner’s dividends. Only in football can a business get away with treating their loyal ‘customers’ in such a shabby way. I’ve had a season ticket for 22 years but am sharing next season, fuck it. 10 people around me are skipping a few seasons as well to save some money. What really pisses me off though is that Stan Kronkshite has taken over our club and we’ve heard fuck all from him about what his long term plans are. It’s so disrespectful to us gooners that have supported the club for so many years. Where has our club gone? it’s a big massive business now. Buy more shirts. Pay more to get in. No exciting signings to look forward to watching. Make profit. Make some more profit. I got an idea… lets watch the games on TV and save a fucking fortune.
    Sorry for the rant. I’m pissed off with how the club is and treats us at the moment.

  76. Alfie


    Your assessment on Ramsey is way off the mark, he owes us and I believe he will be loyal.

    The boy has just come back from injury ffs

  77. KM


    Falcao is the sort of striker we need.

    No fucking around – just smash them in!

    I believe that Falcao is definately a realistic target. Cavani would be better because he is more mobile, is more skilful and is taller but Napoli will not sell him because they want to have a crack at Europe nxt season.

    Other strikers (Pure CF’s who can play upnfront on their own) in La Liga who I like and I think we can buy are Llorente (Drogba with more skill,real fighter but not the most clinical) and Osvaldo (he’s fast,has skill and has the killer instinct but has a bit of Arshavin about him….likes to be loved) 😉

  78. RCLS@Work

    I don’t get the clamour for frimpong. He did O.k in a couple of pre season games before he got injured nothing more and when we are crying out for experience, class and leaders certain sections are clamouring for Bartley, Frimpong, Miyachi and Lansbury to be involved in some capacity.


    imo song should be nothing more than cover/squad player aswell as koscielny and djourou. I wouldn’t be adverse to signing 1 centre half and a top class midfield general with a different option upfront that offered a threat in behind and more importantly in the box.

    Don’t get the clamour for a wideman. We’d have to get rid of vela, arshavin and jet before we can accomodate a platyer such as hazard, mata or ashley young.

    Agree 100% with Jimbo on Chamackh. The bloke makes shooting seem like a sudoku puzzle on expert level.

  79. Geoff

    Song, he’s not that good, I don’t get what everyone sees in him, if we replaced him with a decent DM it would make a massive difference.

  80. gazzap

    Whoever said Bartley is out for 9 months was wrong. He has a medial ligament tear not a cruciate ligament. Medial is weeks, and OK it has finished his season but he’ll be back for pre-season.

    McCoist admitted the loss of on-loan Arsenal player Bartley would limit the team’s options “big time”.

    McCoist said: “Kyle Bartley has been very influential, a good, good player for us, he’s been great, he really has.

    “I’m just really, really disappointed for him. Obviously we’re disappointed for ourselves but seriously disappointed for him.

    “He has been loving his football, you can see him growing in stature in every game.”

    Bartley, 19, went back on to the field, seemingly against the wishes of the Rangers physio, as the Light Blues sought an injury-time equaliser against PSV.

    McCoist said: “He was sitting on the treatment table after the game, obviously disappointed in the result.

    “But the first thing he said was ‘Doc, is there any way I can play? Can I take a jag, can I take a painkiller?’

    “He can’t but that just shows you how committed he is and what kind of a lad he is.

    “I’m really, really sorry for him but I don’t have any doubts that he will be playing in cup finals wherever it is he plays.

    “He’ll be a top, top player and will play in plenty more cup finals.”

  81. finestcuts

    Spot on KM. Manyoo can play long ball and try for pens. However one mistake and Messi will come flying out of the traps and ruin their plan.
    Maybe putting 2 markers on Messi, and having 2 players challenging every Barca player when they’re in possesion could do it for them.
    They’re certainly 2nd best in midfield and dealing with Xavi and Iniesta will be a huge challenge for them.
    I wouldn’t rule Manyoo out, they might cause an upset.
    Teams in the Premier League with a mediocre midfield have outdone us.
    There are always corners and freekicks and lots of unforseen factors.
    Barcelona will dominate possesion, as long as Manyoo defend solidly, keep their marking solid and score on a quick counterattack it can be done. Although against Barcelona that’s very very difficult to do, Barcelona’s movement is designed to break down the oppo’s formation and cause chaos…..then, pass,pass, pass…..through ball and goal.

  82. Johnny Wins

    Lol KM. ‘If Fergie beats this Barca team it will be an amazing achievement, but it will come down to who scores most imo’ You’re not wrong there!

  83. finestcuts

    Rangers want Bartley on loan for another season. I’d say accept it, we need him to get some more experience, and we need more experience in this summer so a season at Rangers might be enough to get him promoted next season.

    He only had about 8 games for Rangers…..that’s not really enough to stick him straight into the first team, he’ll just be scratching his balls on the bench and might get a few Carling Cuo games.

  84. RCLS@Work

    we’ve had players go up to scotland and do quite well, but they never turn out to be prem quality.

    Barratt and Stokes spring immediately to mind..#

    The league’s quality is that of league 2 in england. Personally I feel Bartley should be going on loan to a prem team until January. Bolton seems like a finishing school for some of the british kids at the moment, but any of the newly promoted teams will be looking for quality and loans in the transfer window.

  85. Geoff

    Gio was good though that wasn’t a loan, he played for them, then we let him go to appease them over cesc, we bought him for £7.5mil and sold him for £2.5

    So those were the daysthat we spent money, but it shows just how free Cesc wasn’t, typical of the porkies about project youth.

  86. wardo

    KM, what did you think of Edu last night then ?

    Shalke did look poor going forward but I thought Edu looked pretty special tbh.

  87. Johnny Wins

    We need the Mancs to win something or Wenger will have the excuse that they also threw away 4 trophies…its a long season…difficult league..Chelsea spent 50 mil and finish empty handed…blah blah blah.

    Chelsea for the prem and Mancs for ECL suits me and each and every one of us.

  88. gazzap

    Trouble is Rangers used him mostly as a DM, but wenger wants him as a CB so I would say if a loan then somewhere in the prem who will use him at the back. Steve Bruce at Sunderland would do a good job on him. He wont want to be 5th choice at Arseanl all season.

  89. finestcuts

    If that’s an option I’d go for that RCLS, although it might end up like Vela’s loan and he might be on the bench at the loan team for most of the time, it seems like Rangers want to give him regular football.

  90. KM


    I sort of agree with your opinions. However I don’t think Wenger should be shy of making the signings which we need.

    Like you I think we need a striker.

    However I’m a bit divided on the DM debate.

    I think Song has got the spot nailed on but has he degressed this season? If he had another decent DM competing with him would he have kept on his toes and improved?

    For a club with such big ambitions I believe we do not have enough ‘quality’ depth.

    I know that in pre-season last year Frimpong impressed and was ushered into the first team squad, but injury ruled him out. However is he good enough for the EPL yet?

    I hope I’m proved wrong because the little I saw of him he looked like a monster, but because of the amount of closing down he does, he runs out of steam around the 60th minute. The EPL will be much tougher.

    It’d be gr8 to have him introduced to the squad like Ramsey was when he started. 15-30min run-outs in matches where we’v secured the points or need some bite in the middle.

  91. Sabeel

    Albo says:
    May 5, 2011 at 09:43
    Sabeel says:
    May 5, 2011 at 09:15
    Ivan Gazidis has proved by now he is a ‘YES MAN/Puppet of Wenger’.

    Whist I am by no means on board with price increases…what exactly does Wenger have to do with them?!

    It is more in the context,how gazidis backs price rise and acts as a puppet of wenger,becos he never raps wenger,that he is going wrong,so that the fans can atleast cherish trophies for THAT price rise..

    It is becos he is a puppet of wenger that he confidently DOESNOT use trophies as a defense for price rise..

  92. KM


    Re. Barca

    The amazing thing abt this team is that we all know they are extremely talented but they work like dogs to get the ball back. Even Madrid hardly had the ball of the ball.

    Yes, ManU have the work-rate but these guys are no different. Guardiola’s team is built upon – talent & hardwork = success. This is where we differ imo, we’v got the talent but we dnt fight for it all the time. The ManU game was a recent exception

  93. finestcuts

    We definitely could do with another DM. Denilson was second choice to Song and it looks like Wenger has finally decided that we need someone better. Wilshere squeezed him out of the team. Having no competition for Song is bad. Plus of course there are injuries and suspensions throughout the season.

    A centre of Fabregas, Ramsey and Wilshere would be a great midfield combo. So rather than having a fixed DM, Wilshere and Ramsey would be central midfielders and while one attacks, the other defends.

    We need an experienced striker. We can’t gamble on RVP being fit all season. Chamakh and Bendtner should both be transferred.

  94. KM


    I’d rather we send Bartley on a loan to Bolton in exchange for a good deal on Cahill. That would be a good deal for both parties. Bartley could cut his teeth in the EPL because it is brutal tbh

  95. finestcuts

    Yeah I was thinking that well, maybe Coyle would be interested.

    As far as defending as a unit, it was a great display against Manyoo and I’m hoping this is a sign of things to come and that the team has turned a corner….that finally Wenger will clear up this deficiency in Arsenal’s game ie. letting in stupid last minute goals when we’re ahead.

  96. CEL


    Of course Pedro is right in his summing up of the Arsenal board and their overpaid CEO.

    In my long time following the club, nothing has ever changed my estimation of how they view us. The club has always been undemocratic and uncaring about the field supporters.

    As I mentioned in a recent blog,from the fities up to George Graham’s time the board wasted many years not even attempting to win the league. Their objective principle was to the banks and not pleasing or building a worlwide supporting base.

    Back to the present; Did we ever believe that the board would listen to supporters re the price hike, of course not. Gazides was wheeled out to make sympathetic comments,but incidently, did not mention if he had opposed the board.

    The shareholders and the board have grossly benefited from the current pricing of our shares.

    Wouldn’t it be a marvellous gesture if they actually financially contributed towards the full revenue hike. This is the Arsenal spirit I would like to see. How much of their own funding have they actually put into the club over the last 6 fruitless years. WE CERTAINLY HAVE.

    Q: Wonder if they they actually buy a season ticket (Geoff ?).

    Summing the manipulating skills of Arsenal did anyone see the Arsenal online poll regarding where we need strengthening. I tried to tick 3 x boxes ( DEFENCE- MIDFIELD-ATTACK), all seriously covered by Grovers.

    But guess what! I was only allowed 1 tick. Who orchestrates these one sided projects?.

    ARSENAL = ££££££

  97. KM


    I actually believe that we need to play a proper DM because rather than Ramsey/Wilshere wasting their time tidying up/breaking up play (which is not their natural game)they should concentrate on what they do best – controlling the midfield (Wilshere/Fabregas) and creating chances for the strikers (Arshavin/Nasri/Ramsey).

  98. KM


    yes, Edu was good but the players around him weren’t on the same level as him or pulling their weight. I thought Neuer let in some real howlers!! 😉

  99. Mo

    PEDRO, Arsenal Fans can fight back by boycotting going to home games!! They will burge. Imagine Arsenal home games with huge gaps of empty seats! Its going to be frustrating to watch them next season anyway as Arsene will never buy top quality players. Havent you guys learnt anything about Mr. Wenger? He will never CHANGE! We will be talking about the same things this time next season.

  100. finestcuts

    I don’t really think Ramsey is a winger, sure he can play there. I’d definitely like another DM.

    Manyoo have never had a DM, they’ve always played 2 box to box central midfilder in the middle. I defenitely see jack as that sort, possibly Ramsey.

    But this season Wenger must give himself lots of options, he has to think about the team first rather than individual careers. If he doesn’t get to give some players as much playing time as they’d like (such as Eboue) then let it be, they can always be transferred to another club next season or sent out on loan.

  101. Dutchman

    Guys, just sing something like “where is our money, o,o,ooo,”. We have to protest! This guys never learn!
    I’am fed up with it and ppl will start protest next season if it doesn’t change. We have the money, wenger said that he can buy big players, but why the fuck doesn’t he spend it then?!! Fuck off wenger,gazides and hill-wood!!!

  102. Dutchman

    Ajax has joris matthijsen as one of the replacements for Jan Vertonghen, who is going to arsenal.
    Ajax get around 12m from Vertonghen.

  103. bernard (bade the gooner)

    hello grovers,
    it’s a tough one there between two big cunts….
    barca or mancs? mmm, i would say the mancs, only as long as they lose the EPL to the chavs….

  104. KM

    Re. Fabregas

    I really do think its time we let go of him. His heart and mind are not with Arsenal anymore. I can see his game getting worse if he stays here nxt season because there’l be no enjoyment left. The negative effect will linger over the players. Remember Henry dragging his feet to go to Barca? Adebayor to Milan?

    I think now is the time to get rid of him.

    I remember after Henry left the 2008 was brilliant and came v.close to winning the title until Eddy broke his leg

    With Fabregas going, it will give Wenger the funds to go out and buy Hazard who will play on the wings with Arshavin & Theo and let Nasri play as the AM with Ramsey rotating with him.

    Wilshere will be the CM with Lansbury as his understudy. While writing this I’m getting a bit underwhelmed because Wilshere needs a few more years to reach Fabregas’ level and Lansbury is no different to the rest of the hard working CM’s in the EPL. 🙁

  105. Big Dave

    While Hazard is thought to admire Arsene Wenger’s attacking philosophy, a source close to the player explained to that the North London club’s lack of silverware in recent years was a major point of concern that could prove a stumbling block in a potential move. The Gunners have not won a trophy since the FA Cup victory over Manchester United in 2005.

    Like I said last week, we will continue to struggle to sign top players if we allways end up pottless every season.

  106. MatthewT

    I am not a season ticket holder but i try to make it to 4 – 5 games a season and maybe the odd Emirates Cup match, but i can understand the pain the price rises will cause.

    I won’t be buying the new kits and i going to look into getting a season ticket for my local side, Swansea, which will probably cost less than the handful of games i watch Arsenal play.

    Arsenal should also beware that the only way to replace a local/traditional fanbase is if you are consistantly successful on the pitch.

    The core of the club is rotten, We need new owners, new manager and half the squad/Youth Players need to be kicked out the door.

  107. KM

    Big Dave @ 12.35

    Very true mate

    Wouldn’t Hazard rather try his luck in the Champions League nxt season than join Arsenal? Our refusal to spend when needed and where needed will bite us in our ass when it comes to season ticket renewals/empty seats/players not wanting to come to us

  108. bnsb

    The 20-year-old has been one of the key components in Lille’s assault on the Ligue 1 crown this season, netting six times in 33 appearances and providing eight assists to help his club to the top of the table

    20 million for this in a second rate league? Arshavin has done better for us IMO.

  109. KM

    Brooking points to Spain blueprin

    I’m a bit divided on the Wilshere playing for the U-21 team issue. I think the only reason why Pearce wants him is because the team is shit. The youth tournaments are there to develop players. However Wilshere has already become a fixture in the national side.

    He’s going to play in the U-21’s and like Theo he’s going to come back knackered. This can only be good news for the squad players who want to claim their place in the squad. Namely Ramsey & Lansbury.

  110. Dutchman

    Big Dave, yes, surely there will be players who won’t join us because we haven’t won anything for 6 years.
    But we have a great stadium, many fans, much money,
    good players and for many players a good manager (mmm). So topclass players will come to us if we pay the right price. Look at Man City.

  111. wardo

    KM – Neuer is an excellent shot stopper however, like at tall GK’s, he struggles to get down to shots low and just to the lef/right of his feet.

    Edu looked awesome tbh……great shot on him

  112. Jimbo

    Arsenal will do fuck all this summer, because our festering cunt of a manager won’t get it through his idiotic skull that his babys are shite.

  113. Nick the Greek Gooner from Ealing

    Morning Grovers!! Or afternoon, I will probably renew my season ticket but just under a grand a season and with twins on the way it’s starting hard to justify, not that Gazidis or anyone in the boardroom would understand, as Pedro states they’ve probably never wanted for fuck all in life.

  114. Jimbo

    Not as ridiculous – apparently Willian is worth €22m – that guy’s scored 21 times IN HIS WHOLE CAREER!!!