Hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn’t it Arsene?

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We have the money so will we finally spend it? What do you think about this?

Sell Eboue to the Italians for £9 million. Then we could buy Matuidi. Then buy Eden Hazard and Sakho. Now you all may think that would cost us a lot of money and there are better options and you may also say these purchases are knee jerk and even if I say with these buys we could have won the league this year you could all say it’s easy in hindsight.

Trouble is this was all said in August 2009 by me, go check the archives, they don’t lie, I also posted a comment at 15.53 that day, check it out, now what I’m saying is that was 2 years ago, now Wenger will say he can’t afford to buy any of them, back then we could had had all 3 for £15mil, now they’d be that each, now does that make me a better manager than Wenger? Or does that make him a lousy businessman. You decide, either  way we called it back then and  we also said that Denilson, Senderos and Eboue should be sold as they were not good enough.

So we got another 2 years of those two, plus we were raised with a Squillaci and a Chamakh and kept Almunia and Bendtner. And guess what, we’ve won nothing since that post.

I’m also sick of reading Wenger comments that no one expected us to be in a final or third in the league, of course we didn’t becausehe failed to act in two transfer windows, the really talented players we have are propping up the shite ones, anyone with a brain can see that. Even your old favourite Petit is saying you have no leaders and you need to buy three players. No one thought we’d win this season.

I move on to the Season ticket hike, smart move Stan, that’ll work, people are losing their jobs and you put the prices up, add that to the fare increases and wham!

I know inflation has gone up and I know that we’ve had no rises for 3 years, so what? Prices were already higher than anywhere else in world football, we were already getting skinned, add to that Arsenal’s income has increased, all we seem to be paying for is that mass wage bill that keeps going up past inflation on players who aren’t worth it.

Stan, you lost me, I can’t stop being an Arsenal fan but I won’t continue to add to Wenger’s salary with nothing coming back, I would be daft to do that, I hope you get all the season ticket holders to renew, I suspect at the end of it we won’t have a waiting list but you won’t have my money, you have taken greed to a new level and the fans are no longer your first concern, the managers ego is.

We beat Barca and they are in the Champions League final, we beat the Mancs and they are probably going to win the league, we smashed City and they are no doubt going to win the FA Cup and we’ve yet again won nothing, all the world can see what we lack and as my August 2009 post clearly illustrates so do we, had you acted last summer we could have won the lot.

Thanks Arsene.

Have a great day grovers, Pedro’s first day in his new job went well and he’ll be back to entertain you tomorrow.

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  1. James Otieno

    Guys let’s also be realistic about new signings, it doesn’t make sense to throw around all kinds of names that we should sign and then rant at Wenger for not signing. A few things have to be in place apart from having the money, the PLAYER in question has to want to come to Arsenal, his CLUB has to want to sign him and lastly the price must be realistic and affordable. Also is he gonna fit in ? Look at Torres….need I say more or Adebayor at City……Not any good player will fit in at Arsenal and last but not least, does Arsenal NEED the player …if the answer to all these is yes then maybe a signing can take place.

  2. Josip Skoblar

    OK, guys, let’s sack Wenger and appoint a talented manager (easier said than done…). What makes you think that this new manager’s policy would be any different from Wenger’s? The bottom line is that AW’s policy is the Board policy: they don’t want to splash the money to buy expensive players. AW obeys them and not the other way round. Imagine Maureen in charge. How long would he last at Arsenal?: one season, 6 months? One week?

  3. leon

    i look at the likes of liverpool totenham man city all of which will be improving there squads next season will chelsea and manu.with current we have forget winning prem this team wont finish in the top 4