Cesc could be on his way to loaded Barca…

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So I had my say on any potential protest yesterday, I engaged a little with a few of the people running it and I’ll stick by my guns when I say I’m still not sure the anonymous organsisers or many of the followers are clear on what they’re walking in the name of. Really, if they wanted 100% backing, it should have been in the name of season ticket price increases, as it’s a broad selection of everything, I’m not sure it’ll quite receive the same support.

We’ll see though, from experience, I know what people say online and what they actually do in real life are two different things. I’ve read countless people tell me they’d sacrifice their two arms and a new-born puppy for the opportunity of a ticket. Yet I have times during a season when I can’t shift 2 half price club level tickets to a Chelsea game. I still have two spare club level season tickets ready to go that no one is interested in!

So my advice to any movement is take a ‘like’ or a ‘follow’ with a massive pinch of salt… it’s probably the most effortless thing you can do online with regards to a protest.

In other news…

The whole Cesc / Barcelona thing is well and truly back on the cards. Xavi is 31 now and Cesc is a younger version of him except he has goals to boot. Obviously Barcelona are going to be interested in taking our captain back to Spain. The only trouble is, there is the small matter of a lengthy contract and a hefty fee. Last season Wenger fought to keep his Captain on, this season, unless he makes a statement early on with some signings of intent, I’d be very surprised if it was quite so easy to keep him.

Whether Barcelona have the cash has never been a problem in the past. Last year, according the their marketing director, they very nearly had to sell Lionel Messi to pay off their monster debts. Arab money flew in and allowed them to pay off a huge chunk of their debt and restructure the remaining shortfall into bite size chunks with an Ocean Finance consolidation deal.

Word on Finance Street last year was they had £40million spare from that deal they could use to sign players, they didn’t spend it, so this years prize money will go on top of that so you’d imagine if the Cesc asking price was £60million, they could afford it. If they wanted to throw in a player like Mascharano to sweeten the deal, they could definitely afford it.

Is this summer a good time to change things around? For all Cesc’s greatness, building a team around him has hardly proved successful? Do we need to create more power around our smaller players going forward?  Do we need to add more pace out wide and give Theo an opportunity more centrally? Do Samir Nasri’s physical attributes make more sense in the middle in the Premier League? I think Cesc leaving could actually work out better than many may think. If he went, we’d have to make sure we signed top quality replacements. You’d need to sign two players to make up for his goals and assists alone… not to mention build up team morale again.

It’s interesting that we’ve had another poor season defensively but at the same time, it’s the most satisfied we’ve been with a starting back four in ages. Ok, Clichy has been up and down and he drops the occasional clanger, but he’s a pretty good left back. Sagna is probably the best right back in the league, Kos and JD have formed a formidable partnership at the back and we have Thomas Vermaelen coming back into the fold next year. If we can make the 4th choice defender young and hungry, we’d have a very good compliment of defenders especially with the emergence of Chezzer in goal.

The teams problem this year has come from collective responsibility and attitude. Theo Walcott gave a very frank interview with my best friends over at the Telegraph

“Hopefully we will learn from it. We have to. If we want to win trophies we need to learn straight away. We can’t be using the excuse of being young players. We’re experienced, we’ve played in the Champions League. We need to stand up for ourselves and take responsibility at times, and I’m not sure we are always doing that.”

How true is that last comment? Would it be fair to say that a manager who doesn’t dish out accountability may be responsible for allowing that attitude to creep into the squad? If it’s always the referee, the pitch or the fact Stoke don’t come and play football at the Emirates… does that give the players a get out of jail free card? Does the fact Wenger rarely punishes inept performances with bench time mean players don’t worry about how they play?

“In the Tottenham game we showed a lot of spirit and fight. That’s what the fans want to see more of. We’ve got to do that every week. We’ve been hot and cold, doing it some weeks. Instead of making things happen we have been waiting for things to happen.”

Absolutely spot on again from Theo. I’ve said countless times this season, I can accept it when our team loses or picks up a bad result as long as I can see fight on the pitch. In fact, I think almost every football fan in the world can accept a bad result as long as the players are out there fighting 100% until the end.

I don’t think we’ve had that this season. I think we’ve been out hungered many times by many teams that aren’t fit to lace our boots. We have spoilt brat syndrome at the club. It’s like some of the people you meet in business who are Oxbridge educated. They’ve had it all, the world-class education, the huge allowance all the way through, never working a stroke… it all counts for nothing when they get into the big bad world of working and common sense and hard work prevail.

Our players live in an incredible bubble of opulence. I have pals who work around football and apparently Arsenal look after their players better than any other club in the country. Ultimately pampered. Does that spoilt attitude creep onto the pitch when the chips are down? I believe so… that’s why signing British grit from Bolton might work out. That’s why bringing in players who are refugees of  European football is a good idea… because they know what it’s like to feel rejected and they’re hungry to prove that their last clubs were wrong.

Sneijder, RvDV and Milito all spring to mind from the recent past. How about Patrick Vieira, Dennis Bergkamp and Marc Overmars from Arsenal’s distant past? All players who were past it or of failed potential… all went onto great things. Those are the types Arsenal need to be looking at this summer. Those are they types that will bring the winning attitude back to Arsenal and perhaps pass on a bit of their wisdom to players not pulling their weight currently.

Right, that’s your lot for the day… how about a cool video not related to football to pass about 2 minutes if you’re at work? Or how about your read Suga from the comments super translation of an interview with young upstart Chezzer? Or how about you read a post about some new Arsenal songs here?

P.S. If anyone is looking to sell a season ticket next year or split one, contact me via the contact form!

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  1. Keyser

    Real Madrid aren’t out of it, at least we could get a great game in the second leg now. Could just be all out shoot’emup.

  2. albo

    choy says:
    April 27, 2011 at 23:17
    Albo, we’d probably win a cup or two but we’d sleep through most of the matches
    Kinda like the last few Graham years really then!

  3. gambon


    Its not like we play a good brand of football is it?

    5 yard passes until it reaches a full back then a shit cross.

    Its an absolute myth that we play anything like Barca.

    We used to play good football, not for a long time though.

  4. David

    As i said Keyser,

    Your going too far.

    A player like Dani Alves didnt take a couple of decades to fit right in to what they have been trying to do.

    They shafted milito off for the Brazilian and his stats are amazing.

    You are right however that their style is more succesful because of the way the spanish game is set up but one could argue that we could be more sucessful if we tweaked our version abit better to play to our strengths.

    Chamakh for instance is probably the best header of the ball in Europe.

    That means fuck all in this Arsenal team.

  5. Keyser

    There isn’t a myth that we play goot football, or that our brand isn’t entertaining, the myth is that it’s ALWAYS enteratining regardless, we’ve played some great football this year, on the other hand, we’ve played some completely abject football aswell.

    The truth is that we at least try all the time.

  6. David



    Right on time!

    I seem to get a weird feeling bout how i show up when someone says something positive bout Bendtner.

    Odd that.

    Who you say is better Jimbo?

  7. Confidentgoner

    Why do these games have to end with a sending off? A yellow at most, would have been the right call. Pepe did not even touch Alves, he faked the ref. This type of stuff spoils the beautiful game and Barca are fond of it.

    At 10-11, Messi found all the space he needed. JM now has a job to do. Can he, will he? It’s certainly doable if you play 11 v 11 even at the Nu camp

  8. Keyser

    David – That’s why I mentioned money, I don’t know what you mean by going too far ? Their football is completely tippy tappy, think we might be confused on what we think tippay tappy is.

  9. Steve Biko

    Real in my view got a taste of their medicine. Their players especially Marcello celebrated openly when Crouch was sent off early to leave the Spuds toothless today it was their turn.

  10. zeus

    Mournho hasn’t spoken. hahahaha. Glad to see HM come downto earth sad that the sniveling cheating cunts from Cuntalonia are gonna go through.

    At least this United team will finally get its ass raping.

  11. David


    No arguments from me there. 30m for a full back is a pricey sum but utlimately worth it imo.


    we cant go out blowing 50m every transfer window changing our CF every season for the heck of it.

    But what I would really like to see is some sort of ambition in targeting say set player “x” and we’ve spent the last few seasons buying ‘x’, ‘y’, ‘z’ to build the team.

    As you know we’ve sold more than we’ve bought.

  12. zeus


    Did you watch the game? Watched it at work with headphones, I SWEAR, Alves’ shriek of”PAIN” was so loud I heard it above the Madridstas who buy then were so noisy they were baying for blood. This cunt is almost as bad as Busquets.

  13. Keyser

    Uefa stopped all interviews, Mourinho’s given some interviews to some of the journalists that were there.

  14. Keyser

    David – I think that’s it though, it depends all on who the player is, like you look at Barcelona before Alves, they needed that sort of full-back to come in.

    His stats are ridiculous and they spent top money for a top player.

    We need to go after a player that’s going to make that sort of difference from his position.

    Alves’s are way beyond your average right-back.

  15. David

    Squibling around 1m for Mark Swchartzer who wouldve probably won us the league doesnt strike me as our club being incisive.

  16. Steve Biko


    Most of the morons on Arsenal Mania now say they will support manure in the final! They expect Manure to win.

  17. Keyser

    Also by tippy tappy, I mean generally they don’t rely on set pieces or big strong target men, it’s all movement and clever passes to players with pace and technique.

  18. David

    I dont know about that Keyser.

    I believe Barca won a champions league final on set pieces.

    Didnt messi head the ball in?

  19. Keyser

    Wasn’t a set piece and Messi’s hardly a target man striker, if our defenders had let a 4ft 6 midget in to header a goal from 12 yards we’d be slaughtering them.

  20. David



    But i believe that being better on set pieces will infinitely suit us better because we play in England.

    Tippy tappy suits barca all day in Spain.

  21. David


    It looked like a set piece goal but how many times have we seen Puyol bang those balls into the net.

    The ugly long girly sticky hair faced twat.

  22. zeus


    Say it aint so. No matter how much I hate Cunta for their cheating NOTHING IN THIS WORLD could make me cheer for the evil empire. NOTHING.

  23. zeus

    The frustrating thing about Messi is that he plays brilliantly in the Blaugrana. The second the Albicileste touches his skin, Argentina will be ripped to shreds by a less talented Brazil side in the Copa America final come July.


  24. Steve Biko


    Exactly. I have argued with some of these morons but they are not budging. One even says he will support manure because they are English! Like you I would not support manure against anyone. Absolute scum.

  25. albo

    You can’t really argue with Maureen’s point that Barca have had a lot of luck with ref decisions in the Champions League in the last few years.

    I don’t for a moment subscribe to any conspiracy theories, but it is still a fact that they should have lost to Chelsea in 2009. It is still a fact that RvP’s was one of the most bizarre sending offs this season. And it is still a fact that a VERY soft red card changed the game today…

  26. albo

    At the risk of entering a ‘Chamakh and Bendtner’ conversation, I do think in ANY other team both of those players would be SO much more dangerous. Both are excellent headers of the ball, and if we had even 1 player capable of putting a decent cross in (ironically Bendtner has probably been our best crosser of the ball this season!) they would probably have scored a LOT more goals for us!

    The way I’d describe both those players is great headers of the ball, and with decent enough feet ‘for big men’ (pardon the cliche). Playing for another team, they’d be very dangerous from set pieces and crosses from the byline PL, and decent enough at link up play etc.

    Playing for us, their main strength is wasted and all that is left is 2 guys who’s ability on the ball is nothing particularly special…

  27. Confidentgoner

    Real could still win this. They gave lot of respect to Barca, without closing down players and doing their own thing. Time for them to stand up and be counted. We are set upo for an explosive 2nd leg. Hope we will see a ref who’ll not foul the mood with dodgy inconsistent decisions!

  28. Steve Biko


    There is one convenient thing that is overlooked despite that criticism. Last year Barca were robbed by Inter. In the first leg Millito scored an obvious offside goal. In the second leg, Bojan’s goal was incorrectly ruled out. Was Barca favoured in that insistance? Not only that UEFA screwed Inter’s next opponent Bayern by refusing to overrule a harsh Red card for Bayern’s most influential player against manure Frank Riberry. Now is UEFA always favouring Barca and always scrweing Mourinho?

  29. Steve Biko


    Spot on in regards to Bendtner and Chamakh. That is the most level headed comment I have seen about this debate. Eagerly awaiting Jimbo’s rejoinder.

  30. albo

    Imagine Bendtner playing for a manager who told him ‘Stop with all the tippy tappy shit in midfield and hang on the shoulder of the final defender for the entire match. Run into the box at any opportunity and make a nuisance of yourself.’ Then imagine he also played for a team with players on each wing who could pinging a decent cross!

    He would very quickly be a very dangerous player. Plus, every so often he would score the kind of long range scorchers we know he is capable of…

  31. Keyser

    I wouldn’t call Pepe’s sending off very soft, that’d leave you nowhere to go for the Van Persie one. If there was any call for a conspiracy it’d be the Van Persie.

  32. albo

    Yeah, the RvP one was just bizarre. At least Pepe’s could have looked – at full speed and from a certain angle – like a sending off…

  33. Steve Biko


    Correct again. Albo you come across like a very level headed analyst. I have said it here a million times our abject wingplay makes it very difficult for such players. I have also said it here that I don’t think Chicharito would have had the impact he has had with Manure if he played for us on account of our poor wingplay. I think too many people argue not on the basis of facts and tactics but more on emotion. Congrats for rising above that.

  34. Keyser

    The way I’d describe both players, is that neither is Van Persie, neither are as good as him and that’s why they don’t get the team tailored to their needs.

    Chamakh played very well alone up front in practically the same position Van Persie’s in and was better in holding the ball up and giving the midfield the chance to run on and support him.

    Thing is Van Persie can do that, but can also shoot and create for others.

    Chamakh is far better in the air than Bendtner, Bendtner has better feet, I’d say Bendtner’s a smaller striker in a target man strikers body, some of the things he tries he simply can’t pull off because he’s soo big.

    We do get in good crosses at times, but it’s putting them in at the right time and the right player coming in on to it.

    That’s the problem we have, you can’t just go into a game and throw in umpteen crosses until one connects, the players we have, have to have more about than that.

    It’s picking the right time to cross, and the striker making the right run at the right time.

  35. Confidentgoner

    Barca were also very defensive, trying to prevent a Real counter attack. Think the two teams are contrasting styles- different footballing philosophies.

    One comment on possession which was so much in favor of Barca. I wonder what the possession stat was before the sending off?

  36. Keyser

    You just can’t go in studs up that high in Europe, and then you get Alve’s reaction, a sort of collective harrassing of the ref from the Barca players and the pressure of the situation and I don’t blame the ref.

    It was building up to that, they’ve cranked up the pressure the atmosphere, players are going down at every challenge and then Pepe’s stupid enough to actually go in high, late and studs up.

    Van Persie’s is just ridiculous, he’d have wasted more time if he’d left the ball where it was and walked off.

  37. Rohan

    One comment on possession which was so much in favor of Barca. I wonder what the possession stat was before the sending off?


    Don’t think it changed much as a consequence of the sending off. At half-time it was something like 70-30 or thereabouts.

  38. Steve Biko

    The Sun while a piece of trash says it best

    HE uses Einstein to inspire his men, but on the pitch Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid look more like Frankenstein.

    It took the world’s best player to expose the Mourinho myth as the Special One’s negative tactics reduced this wonderful occasion to a snarling affair.

    But in Royal Wedding terms if Barcelona’s football is Kate Middleton then Mourinho’s Madrid is . . . Camilla Parker Bowles.

    Like bride-to-be Kate, Barca’s football is easy on the eye, elegant, sophisticated and dreamy.

    As for Camilla and Mourinho’s Madrid the best thing you can say is . . . they look great on the radio.

    But how would United’s fans – and Fergie – feel if their once cavalier Red Devils play the kind of nasty, ugly, cynical stuff Real have churned out against Barcelona in the last 10 days?

    Something tells me that when all is said and done at Wembley, Pep will be the man United fans will crave.

    So true…

  39. Keyser

    Confidentgoner – I think it was in the 70’s.

    Barca are clever in that even their back 4 can play tippay tappy if they need to, at one point Valdes had the ball played back to him, at times he did look shaky, and he had Di Maria and Ronaldo chase him down from both sides, he played it between them to Busquets.

    As soon as he does that, Di Maria and Ronaldo are both 40 yards out of position, and they have to trudge back, it’s not only tiring but demoralising.

  40. Rohan

    Pinky has 9 goals and 7 assists in something like 12 starts and hasn’t had a decent run at all. Been played out of position all season long and when he has started it’s usually been with the B team and he doesn’t get much service.

    Granted, he can do much better looking at his performances holistically, but don’t think the hate towards him at times on here is wholly justified.

    Then again…

  41. Confidentgoner


    Pepe went for the ball and got the ball, Alves is a prick who conned the ref. Refs should beware of this Barca side. They can’t play tough matches but depend on a send off to have Messi weave his magic. Cue our Match against them at home.

  42. Rohan

    I’d be pretty pissed off if that was given agaisnt us , but it’s not an anomaly. You do see them given in Europe.

    van Persie’s on the other hand was outrageous.

  43. Confidentgoner


    Not bothered too much about Barca possession, because tha’t the way they play and they do it well. Their shots on goal were almost even before the sending off.

  44. Keyser

    Both teams had little oppurtunities really throughout the game, it was just pretty dire overall, Real didn’t want the ball, Mourinho set them up how he usually does, Barce simply said if you don’t want it we’re happy to keep men behind the ball until you tire chasing it.

    At the end of the day, both teams were waiting for one of the other to make a mistake, they were trying to force one through some of their theatrics and Real flinched first.

  45. Steve Biko

    Will Mourinho be punished for his comments after the match?

    A sample

    “I just have one question: Why?,” he added. ”Why Ovrebo [Chelsea vs. Barcelona referee in 2007 semi-final], Busacca [Barcelona vs. Arsenal in this year’s Champions League], Stark? In each semi-final it is the same. We are talking about an absolutely fantastic team. Why didn’t Chelsea make the final? Why did Inter have to be saved by a miracle?

    ”Why do the opponents of Barcelona always have a man sent off? Where does this power come from? Maybe it is to give more publicity to UNICEF, maybe because of the power of (Spanish federation president Jose Angel) Villar in UEFA.”

    Turning his attention to Pep Guardiola, Mourinho said: ”Barcelona are a great team on and off the pitch, but winning like that doesn’t leave the same taste.

    ”I have already won two Champions Leagues, and I won them on the pitch, with two teams that weren’t Barcelona. I won one with Porto, a small team from a weaker league. And I won another with Inter, sweating and fighting hard.

    ”Josep Guardiola is a fantastic football coach, but the Champions League he won was an embarrassment because of what happened at Stamford Bridge – it was a scandal. And if he wins it this year, he will win after the scandal at the Bernabeu. Let’s hope he gets the chance to win a clean Champions League (in future), without scandals.


  46. zeus

    Hahahaha. Mourinho, I love it. A pity our glorious leader have fallen so low down the pole he can’t be part of this kind of thing.

    Villa boas in 2013 boys. Villa boas is the man.

  47. Confidentgoner


    Guys should not get punished for speaking the truth! Hope Uefa is not Gadafi the Libyan dictator? Agree completely with the special one. The Uefa refs dish the cards for fouls against Barca, but they don’t dish them for Barca fouls. Spoils the game. We like the way Barca play, but this must be tested against other football philosophies in a fair manner.

  48. zeus

    The more I look at that 2nd Messi goal, the more jealous I get. God we need a genius. That goal reminds me of the one Henry scored at the Bernabeu.

    SERGIO AGUERO. I CANT STOP SAYING IT. We need a fantasy player and its him.

  49. David

    Rohan says:
    April 28, 2011 at 00:27
    Can we start a Nicklas Bendtner love-in?



  50. David

    Its weird really.

    When Theo scored that Goal So quickly and so early against the spuds.

    I cried and had a hard on at the same time.

  51. David

    Me neither.

    But i cant make any promises during game time.

    Id imagine id have said somethings i wont be proud of if he had joined twitter before the spuds game.

  52. zeus

    Same here David.

    Never got the whole twitter thing, whats the point if your not a celebrity. There are some guys that live for slagging off some of the players though, and Abou is one of them. Bad idea I feel for him.

  53. Kushagra India

    “Why Ovrebo [two] years ago [when the Norwegian referee did not give Chelsea a series of penalties against Barcelona]? Why couldn’t Chelsea go to the final? Last year it was a miracle that Inter got there playing with 10 men for so long. A miracle. Why weren’t there four penalties against Chelsea [in 2009]? Why send off [Arsenal’s Robin] Van Persie [in the last 16]? Where does their power come from?

    aaargghhh Van Persie…

  54. SUGA3

    go Jose!

    like him or not, the guy speaks some sense and you have to love the fact that he does not give a fuck…

    so, he is going to get banned, so what? as far as creating the siege mentality ahead of the Barca tie is concerned, he can’t ask for much more, can he?

  55. Kushagra India

    27 April 2011 10:19PM
    What a fantastic PPV from the WWE! I was thoroughly entertained. Wonderful wrestling, amazing acting, and sensational storytelling. It is events like this that makes me proud to be a wrestling fan.

  56. Moray

    yeah, Mourinho shows the difference between arrogance and confidence. However much I try, I can’t dislike the guy. And I keep thinking about that story of him with his dog and the immigration police haha!

  57. Kushagra India

    27 April 2011 10:20PM
    Huh. An entirely unpleasant exercise in escalating cynicism from both sides and then Messi goes and does what he does.

    It’s obvious, it’s boring to recite, the most fairweather Football fan can complacently assert it, but Messi’s the best around. Technically the best player, but also the strongest willed, the most stonily composed. Can he be fazed? Just plays his game despite the nonsense going on around him.

    To analyse what football there was; Mourinho’s plan did not work, at all. Jose can at least latch onto the sending off as an excuse, but Madrid were always going nowhere. Pepe was a busted flush in midfield. The strikerless trio of C Ronaldo-Ozil-Di Maria up front was a gesture toward tactical inventiveness rather than an actual solution. The switch to route one with the half time introduction of Adebayor at least gave those Madrid lump balls out of defence some sort of target, but it only delayed the inevitable.

    Note to Ronaldo; some of those free kicks you smashed right into the Barca defenders’ shins were actually in useful positions. Try crossing, letting someone else take them; stop being so neurotically predictable in your attempts to outdo Messi.

    It’s not a personal contest, and the sad thing for C Ronaldo is, it never was.

    well said..

  58. Kushagra India

    Football fan can complacently assert it, but Messi’s the best around. Technically the best player, but also the strongest willed, the most stonily composed. Can he be fazed? Just plays his game despite the nonsense going on around him

  59. Kushagra India

    The biggest contribution of Jose Mourinho to Spanish football would be to end Spanish National Team’s domination. I don’t see these players getting along well after all that. Not too bad for Portugal eh?

  60. Moray

    Thanks for the video, Zeus. I have to say, while slightly depressing to see how far we’ve fallen, it is a good illustrator of the value of having pace and skill throughout the team. Players like DB10 and Henry who possess balance, pace, strength and a great shot are rare and therefore costly, but look at the value they give.

    What price Messi’s goal last night? Shows the importance of having a player than can make the difference…back to Henry again 🙁

  61. ikon

    70-30 possession against a side with Kaka, Ronaldo, Benzema, Ozil is a joke. He can speak about stats all he likes, yesterday, only one team deserved to win and that was Barca.
    Wat an effing superhuman goal by Messi. I was chatting with my friend saw Xavi hold up the ball for Messi and witnessed the God of football rip apart Madrid’s defense, almost everyone being twice the size of Messi, and it wasn’t just skill, it was heart, the want to get into a position where he could shoot. Guess SAF would be calling Murinho to “see out” Messi in the next leg so that united can at least have a 30% chance of winning against this absolutely superb barca team… Murinho would not be getting SAF anyways after this chicken of a footballing display.

  62. Moray

    Apparently Varmaelen might be back to face Manu.

    Does this seem like a terrible idea to anyone else?

    I know we are out of it, but do we really want to bring a rusty CB back to face that prick Rooney and Chicarito in the form of their lives? And why not rest him for a few more games and allow him to build his fitness gradually over the course of the summer?

  63. Dream10


    Mornin mate. I believe TV5 is playing against ManUtd reserves tonight and not Sunday.

    Hernandez, Rooney and Valencia were out of this world on Tuesday.

  64. Moray

    Morning Dream10, Jesus. Man U peaking at the season end, as usual. How do they do it?

    Barca v Man U in the CL final will be one of those now-all-too-common games which I hope both teams will lose.

  65. charybdis1966

    I think we’re going a little overboard in our appreciation of the Argie dwarf.

    Don’t forget he got away with a number of sneaky fouls that Real players were getting yellow carded for, it seems another facet of the Barca love-in the UEFA refs have indulged in for a decade is to allow their blue eyed boy to get away with sly foul after sly foul.

    Prior to the sending off he was also misplacing a fair number of passes and despite Barca’s possession he hadn’t had many shots.

    Notice how most of his “wonder goals” come after the statutory sending off of one of the opponents? Could he do it in a physical league like the Premier League or is he going to coast along in a two team league(which is heading the way of the SPL) in a bankrupt country where the refs penalise every single bit of contact against Barca?

    Before last nights game I was fairly respectful of his abilities, now I say “F**k you Messi, and f**k your diving, cheating, team mates who swarm round the ref after every decision.

    F**k you Cuntalona and I hope your sodding Cuntalan region gets enslaved by Franco’s minions again.

  66. Dream10

    ManUtd play a solid back four who defend well a not so creative CM with the exception of Carrick and sometimes Scholes. Where they kill teams is out wide. Their transition from defense to attack is the best in the league. Second best to our 2002-04 teams.

  67. Gooby


    the argie dwarf scored 100 goals in his last 104 games, he’s got mental strength and very good back lift

  68. charybdis1966

    Gooby – easy to score goals against 10 men all the time, LOL.

    Let’s see him do that in the Premier League agianst the Shawcrosses and Joey Bartons of the world.

    He’d be crying all the way back to Beunos Aires.

    I say f**k him.

  69. IvoryGoonz

    To the question “who’s best to replace Wengrr, as I’m also a Marseille fan, it would rather bother me if it happened, but Didier Deschamps seems like the only right candidate.
    OM just won the league cup last week, and just re-gained the n1 spot in the French league.
    After winning both last year, don’t need a picture do you?

  70. IvoryGoonz

    Oh and yes, on Szczesnu front, he’s a future great keeper. But the difference between a winning team and a second place is always the goalkeeper.
    We need a commanding keeper who’s not afraid to shout at our defense, wont be told off because he’s just a kid, and knows where to place his team on defensive set pieces.

  71. IvoryGoonz

    Bloody small iPhone keyboard, big fingers and automated correction changing Szczesny to SzczesnU. That’s like Wenger’s habit of playing players out of their natural way…
    We need change.
    And AW looks and sounds more and more like he’s gonna keep his own way.
    I’d say wait after summer transfers window is gone, and then we can decide what to do.
    Until then, not much point complaining again and again. Wenger is already aware of his cock-ups.
    Up to him to adress these or not.

  72. alan b'stard M P

    There will be no change to a profitable system for them, unless Stan f;exes his muscle. However, I suspect it many not be in his financial interest to question AW

    Wait and see I guess

  73. G787

    Yip good post. Bunch of pampered, overpaid, gutless chokers. Most pampered players in the PL ? What for, not as if they earned it. No wonder they think a trophy will fall into their laps.

    The real problem is useless deadwood players on v. high salaries from a young age comp. to real ability. The club is stuck with them as nobody else will pay them as much. So they’ll continue to stick around doing their useless cameo turns in time for the club to lose big games.