Wenger loves buying players | Bolton away – not as scary as the old days!

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Damn straight I do...

Good morning all! So I hear people have been moaning about my spreadsheets? Jealousy is a strange thing, I knew if I showcased my number crunching skills online it might get a few people’s backs up… good job I didn’t drop a pivot table or a vlookup in there… it could have been carnage.

Anyway, just for a bit of clarity on Wednesdays post. Dross in the squad costs money. Lots of money. I’m not asking for a mass exodus of key players, I’m asking for the players who aren’t cutting it to move on. I’m highlighting that if we want to fund a summer that could take us to the next level, we can do it by selling on players and freeing up large chunks of salary.

People say it’s unrealistic to expect mass departures, well, can I refer those people to what happened in 2008? From January to August we lost Lassana Diarra, Matty Flamini, Alex Hleb, Gilberto and Jens Lehmann. That’s 5 top players in the space of 8 months, 3 of which were in the same position. Now I struggle to remember who left from the periphery of the squad, but I imagine there were a few.

Now, if Wenger is capable of losing that many players in 2008, I see no reason why he can’t again. In fact, if you look at who’s coming through, he’s going to have to free up some space. Where do people see Lansbury, Coquelin and Frimpong fitting in if we’re keeping Denilson and Rosicky? Why buy in Jenkinson if we’re keeping an already unhappy Eboue? Why keep Nik B if you’re going to play him as a winger… here’s an idea, sell him and buy a winger (or bring back Miyachi if he’s ready). If Chamakh has lost his head and can’t maintain his fitness at 27, why wouldn’t you take £15million if it was offered by Marseille?

Do I even need to explain why shipping out Squillaci and Almunia makes sense? Is there even a shadow of doubt that we’re going to sell Traore and Vela?

The simple fact of the matter is we have far too many average players in our squad on fantastic money. That fantastic money they’re collecting each week can’t be used to acquire better players and is used by Wenger as an excuse not to buy. We have far too many young player coming through the youth ranks who won’t have the opportunity to play if we keep the deadwood. What would we rather, another season of Denilson or would we like to see a player who is demonstrating passion by the bucket load at Norwich given the chance?

The values I put up might not be 100% accurate but the premise of the post was. It’s easy to sit there and say everything is unrealistic, that buying players is an impossible task and that we’re third in the league so we must have done a fantastic job. For me, this year, no one has taken the chance to storm the league. Should we bank on the quality of the top teams next year being as poor? Can we bank on a year so poor the player of the year wins with 7 goals and 1 assist? Doubtful, Spurs will buy, City will buy, United will buy, Chelsea will buy and Liverpool will buy.

This whole ‘I’ll bring in no more than 3 players a summer as it’ll upset the balance of the squad’ is another Arsene Wenger pearler people have taken to without question. Wenger signed 7 players in the summer of 1997 and let 4 go plus a further 3 during the season. He also went on a transfer splurge again signing 5 players for big money in 2001. The fact is, all Wenger’s success comes off the back of signing top ‘now’ talent sprinkled with a bit of youth.

Can Arsenal afford to go into next year with the same group of chokers who have been given ample opportunity to showcase their talent over the years? Should a season be risked on the hope of players developing at the pace of Jack Wilshere or should we assess current capabilities and take it from there? Maybe it’s time to take a different approach?

In my current job, if I can’t prove tangible improvements inside 6 months, I don’t get the deal, pretty much a standard in most industry sectors at the moment. Is it right that Wenger has had 6 seasons to prove an ideology that’s failing and we’re still going along with it?

Anyway, I hope that’s covered off any spreadsheet concerns you may have had. It’s tough to create content daily, luckily for us, we’ve always had enough in the locker to avoid picking holes in others work.

Spreadsheet haters, worse than racists.

The game…

Away at Bolton certainly doesn’t come with the same fear factor it used to. They’ve mellowed under Owen Coyle, taken a ‘good football’ pill and they’ve lost some of that nastiness that used to come as standard.

This season they’ve performed well but now their position in the league is safe, I’m not sure we’ll see much of a resistance, especially playing us off the back of a semi final humiliation against Stoke. They’ll be low on confidence and there for the taking.

Not that a super performance by us is in any way guaranteed! Out of 45 ties in the North West in the past 5 years, we’ve only won 18. This area of the country is not a happy hunting ground for us, the taste of cheating scum is still firmly on the taste buds of most Gooner’s from the 2003 draw that cost us the title. No amount of pretty football Listerine will wash that out. They are 8th in the league for a reason and if they win their 2 games in hand, they’ll be sitting comfortably above Everton.

We’ll be without Abou Diaby today who has completed his monthly quota of games so I’d expect Jack Wilshere to take his place. It has to be noted that Owen Coyle and Bolton gave Jack his chance last year and he came through it a better player. It was touch and go whether he’d stay with us this season, he did and his progression has been superb. Jack’s career path should be the benchmark for all our kids. Send them out on loan with a Premiership club and if they’re good enough to hold their own, bring them back and play them with us. That’d save us all the pain of watching them make mistakes at our first teams expense.

At the back I envisage no changes, so the best back 5 we have. Up top, I’d love to see Nasri, RVP and Theo given another run. Hopefully they’ll chalk up a few early goals so I can sink a few relaxing Peroni’s during the second half!


Sagna Kozzer JD Clichy

Cesc Song Jack

Nasri Robin Theo

United beat Everton, their little Mexican rat up front scored another poachers goal. I feel a bit stiffed on that front, they pick up this £6million nobody and he’s pushing them onto the title. We pick up a player who ripped Real Madrid a new one when he was 11 and now he’s more famous for his party arranging skills / close friendships with transsexuals.

Still, all we can do now is win today, hope Chelsea beat United and hope we also beat them. Then we could be in for a crazy ‘level points/goal difference wins the league’ scenario. That would be pretty mega (<- 1982 called and asked for their word back).

Still, 3 points at a time… Bolton up first!

See you in the comments spreadsheet lovers!

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996 Responses to “Wenger loves buying players | Bolton away – not as scary as the old days!”

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  1. AA23

    Wilshere is young and has some bottle, but he really offers fuck all. No goals, shit defensively and a waste of a body in midfield. lets a few good passes run past him, that’s his one trick.
    Needs a couple of years and frankly not fit to smell the shit of a half fit and disinterested Fabregas.
    Hugging Bolton players too?
    Fuck off for a season or two you little cunt.

  2. zeus

    Samir Nasri is

    Surprised to hear that. it was a terrific atmosphere, but throughout I could hear the ‘Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal’ chants quite clearly.

    And the camera people loved seeing us in distress so at regualr intervals they zoomed in on the Arsenal ens and I saw the fans geeing us up. In fact, rights after they scored I heard, quite clearly, the Arsenal Song.
    Had to think to myself, this team does not deserve away support like this one.

  3. AA23

    Owen Coyle
    is a little fat jock mug. Not even fucking close to what we need.
    A deaf dumb, blind, mentally Ill, 300 year old Wenger shits on that idiot.
    Fuck off with that.

  4. Big Dave

    over passing and walking the ball into the net has to stop, Bolton pressed realy well today we don’t do that enough

  5. Kwik Fit

    This team is not team the team it is a personification of its manager.A person who once was in control but now has completly lost it! Now I have supported Wenger trough and thin always believed but his mind seems to have gone . If The spuds can get 10 ponits from 5 games we are 5th!

  6. Big Dave

    Owen coyle out witted Wenger, his team play hard but fair, wenger got done again, if its not Mcleish then it’s coyle

  7. Kwik Fit

    The Bolton home support was quiet until Wenger through his dummy. The game changed with the dummy rattle! The away support was the only sound up until Wengers tandrums!

  8. Doublegooner


    I disagree about Coyle. Any manager that knows how to organise a defence is better than Wenger.

    The fact that he’s failed to recongnise its failings for years is disgusting.

  9. zeus

    Owen Fucking Coyle?!

    Call me elitist, but any manager to represent this club has to wear a suite and tie not a track suite.

    What is this SUNDERLAND?


    dreadfull dreadfull day yet again

    chamakhs cameo was up there with the worst perfomances from an Arsenal player in our history

    nasri is a cunt 3 excellent months in 3 years
    clichy – he gives his all, but not good enough
    chamakh – BYE
    song – fuck off aswell

    we need a fucking striker who is a proven goalscorer and not some young unproven striker for a bargain

  11. Doublegooner

    SERGIO RAMOS who dropped the cup off the team bus has said he wants to join The Arsenal – To make sure he never does it again !


    critiscing wilshere

    fuck off, its the cunts around him like song, diaby, denilson, rosicky and nasri that let us down

    wilshere is the first name on the teamsheet imo

    him and shezney are the positives to take from this season

  13. Doublegooner


    Ive applied for the new cheaper version that goes from August til mid February.

  14. IvoryGoonz

    Ok. Here’s what I would do so that next time no one tells me what do you propose.

    We need to switch to a 4-2-2-2 with wingers, a target man and a poacher.
    Just need few tweaks in.
    Frey 10m
    Mexes 10m
    (I know what you guys are gonna say about French players but those are the two we should actually have gone for).
    Vertonghen 10m
    Van der Wiel 10m
    Daniele de Rossi 25m
    Casemiro (or another good young DM for -5-7.5m/Cissokho from Toulouse)
    Perotti (or another good experienced AML) 20m
    Rafinha (young MC from Barca) 5-7.5m
    Lukaku (target man) for 7-10m
    Neymar (poacher) 20m.

    Counting the money from Adebayor’s sale was not reinvested and that there was already a war chest. Including new funds generated by this year’s sales, a generous donation from Kroenke Usmanov would solve the problem and bring trophies every year.
    Now it’s up to you Mr Wenger.
    PS: love Eboue to bits despite what some think, still would have him anytime before Sagna. He’s just not been French. Cote d’Ivoire en force mon frere. And that’s why I’d rather let you go win some titles with another team rather than spending your time on the bench.

  15. Doublegooner

    Mark Gooner:

    Agreed mate.

    Any fuck wit having a go at Wilshire is totally fucking clueless. The lad gives his all & could be a superstar.

    Imagine how great he’d be if he’d been in Cesc’s position coming into the team a few years back having Pat, Dennis, TH, Keown,Sol to learn from – compared to the cunts Wenger’s assembled now.

  16. Doublegooner

    Cahill, Vertonghen, Inler, Benzema & why cant we be battling for Sneider ? He;s 26 & would be fucking superb for us.

  17. Kwik Fit

    Its has been the ‘corporate home support that has fucked our season’ The Away Arsenal brethren are a joy to behold but alas the home crowd have been intremental in our failures and also wenger demise!

  18. David

    AA23 re: Wilshere.

    Very well said. Ye cunt 😀

    Seriously worrying times too when even the likes of AA23 have become doomers.

    Seem to recall you saying bad day yesterday and worse times ahead.

    Turns out you were Spot on.

  19. Kwik Fit

    Doublegonner stop talking about signings wenger will sign no one our summer will be filled with paper possibles and no signings! So guys for fuck sake if wenger is still incharge no fucking talk about possible signings cause there will be none!


    we need 4 players to come into the first team and that doesnt include a replacement for cesc

    BIG Summer is needed and we all know we wont get it

    samuel eto’o and benzema are available at the right price both would be great additions
    but sadly with our policy both are as unrealistic as us signing lionel messi

    sad but true

  21. leon

    well wenger has already stated that he wont change his policy so for the season ticket holders know they stand if they choose to renew its thier choice,but if it was me i would not waste my money

  22. Kwik Fit

    Wenger will not buy anyone of any note guys with this man we are finished He cost us today by his basil fawilty ness the guy has gone ! Bring in ?

  23. zeus

    Why would Benzema leave Madrid. He is starting to get form and at the minute the only true striker ahead of him is Higauin who is #1 but only just back from knee surgery.

    Aguero is the bank breaker.

  24. AA23

    Wilshere is Not fucking ready.
    Will be good, but hasn’t done anything yet.
    Needs 2 more years minimum
    Jack or Essien?
    Or Toure?
    don’t try and make him into something he’s not. Buy the real thing NOW.
    love wilsheres potential, but that’s all he has, he should be nowhere near arsenals first 11 and he’s proved it this season.

  25. Kwik Fit

    I Have supported this team for a long time. Wenger has brought many successful times but today I have realised that the man is gone mentally. He can not come back from this watch is interview he knows he’s gone his players have stoped playing for him . We all support arsenal. For the love of arsenal Arsene just Go!

  26. zeus


    Well get ready. More responsibility is coming his way. Wenger ever so cleverly inserted his name along with Fabregas as players who is building this team around.

    When Fabregas does go, its gonna be we go naturally through Wilshere and all manner of rubbish from our lord Wenger.

  27. Coffeenottea

    Now with the Bolton Lost, stick together mate, the team gonna need our support. Looking forward to next season.To Arsene, pls do spend, as long as you spend, and give some trophy some real challenge, no complaint.

  28. zeus

    Arsenal and England man rubbishes criticism of Wenger, insisting players are at fault and need to show responsibility and not hide behind their youthful age whenever they slip up.


    I’m confused. Iknow the players aren’t to blame cuz Wenger told me I should blame him, but Theo says he is at fault. Whats the solution? Who is to blame?

  29. leon

    aa i think your wrong on wilshire he has been one of the very few players athat have stepped up,he has been very impressive but one he has to play far afar to many games and quite a few time this season he has to play dm and few thats a waste of attacking flair


    hes been our best player this season
    and yet u say he aint good enough

    even the most pessimistic gooners on here will say your chatting shit when talking about Jack

  31. Ebouédidit11

    Hey AA23 a little fat jock mug from Brum shat on a deaf dumb, blind, mentally Ill, 300 year old Wenger in the Carling Cup.

  32. arsenal4ever

    are u all that blind? Wenger will perhaps resign and go upstairs or a big change will be done regardless which bollocks he tells us. Even Wenger knows it is this summer or he can go.

  33. sixx pac

    I haven’t seen the game yet. Gonna see it in a couple minutes.
    The way our season is going at the moment I bet we beat Utd next week and then Wenger comes out with his mental strength cliche’.

  34. Arsene Nose Best

    Ebouédidit11 says:
    April 25, 2011 at 00:49
    Hey AA23 a little fat jock mug from Brum shat on a deaf dumb, blind, mentally Ill, 300 year old Wenger in the Carling Cup.

    another one done it yesterday aswell….

  35. zeus


    U forget this is the same man that decided to keep Eboue after he was booed of the pitch. This is the same man that essentially named Fabianski the new #1 after the infamous Porto debacle, notoriously bouncing the ball off Titus Brambles’s head into his own net and countless other atrocities between the sticks that would have him killed if he represented North Korea.

    History suggests that Wenger will just stuck his heels in and go forward.

  36. Wenger the liar

    Sixx pac –

    Dont waste your fucking time mate.

    Antiques roadshow classics is on on bbc3, watch that instead if you want to see an old cunt pull a shocked faced at something he knew was coming.

  37. zeus


    Also, tvj news is on. Jps billing legit consumers more to cover the people that ‘bridge’ light.

    Don’t waste your time on these bastards.

  38. Wenger the liar

    Sixx –

    I have a betamax recording of the signal strength test that used to run on ITV in the 80s at night, you know the one with the young girl sat with puppet in front of a chalk board. Its 4 hours long, tell me where you live I will cab it too you.

  39. AA23

    you Maltese pile of fucking scummy shit.
    You despise my team.
    But you defend wilshere?
    Based on what?
    Fat mug.
    Most hated poster on here

  40. IvoryGoonz

    Hmm. We could still win it by winning all our remaining games, and Man U and Chelsea draw against each other and lose all their remaining games…
    Right. See you next season with Wenger and the band.

  41. sixx pac

    Lol thanks guys. Zeus that’s what monopoly does ent it? Fucking scum government we have, both sides.

    WTL cab to Jamaica mate? And could u fit Wenger inside? 😀

  42. Rohan

    You have to hand it to Ferguson though. That smelly old bastard has done it again. And hasn’t made any massive signings as well.

    Fucking Manchester United.

  43. kenny smith

    Guys, whats with all the negativity. 4rth is a trophy. It takes great mental strength to only get beat 2-1 by bolton. we controlled the game and they played long ball. they should of had 3 players sent off, the ref was terrible. we will win all four of our last games and win the title. whats the matter with u, no other manager could have moved us to a new staium and kept up the same mediocrity as wenger has. if it wasnt for him we wud be mid table

  44. gambon

    “no other manager could have moved us to a new staium and kept up the same mediocrity as wenger has”


  45. zeus

    Off facebook……

    Arsenal need to win their first 25 games next year so they have enough points to spare before’the easy run in’.

  46. zeus

    Also off facebook…..

    A scientist offered to install a chip in my brain to give me the mentality of an Arsenal player.I said “I think I’ll pass”

  47. goonergerry

    I will be amazed if the two Americans now calling the shots at the club are impressed by the on field leadership at the club-the constant moaning in the media- the obvious lack of self control of the manager, a captain who wants to play for another club releasing a media interview questioning the commitment of the club at a critical time and a team which folds every time the pressure is on every season.
    Does Arsene Wenger look or sound like a man who will lead this club to success?
    Not to me he doesnt. It is obvious to everyone except Wenger that major change is necessary to take the club forward.

  48. goonergirl

    It is no joke to say this team finds a new way to lose or to throw away a winning position each week. What we have is a defeatist mentality running through this team-and Arsenal have to change the psychology and character of this team before we start a new season. This has carried on for several seasons-and it is now time to change before it defines us. If the coach stays there have to be substantial changes in the playing staff and the way the team plays. We need leadership on the field-our captain wants to play elsewhere-it is now time that he does. The team has to be able to defend against crosses and aerial power-it has to have better defenders more disciplined defenders than we currently have. It has to have a top skilfull centreforward and a midfield that can tackle as well as pass.

  49. paul mc daid

    Arsene has been out coached by pretty much every manager in the premiership and even the championship this season,thats pathetic and can not be let continue.

  50. patthegooner

    Morning all

    I wonder if Wenger slept much last night?

    Hopefully he has time to reflect and will do the decent thing and quit today or at the end of the season.

    I dont get how one minute he accepts that it his fault. He also recognises that we still lack something that is called maturity, experience or calmness in important situations.

    Yet in the same post match interview he says

    If you can convince me that the principles are wrong, then I am ready. But I feel we try to play football the proper way.

    I honestly think he has some mental health issues. He needs to be sectioned.

    Players aren’t thick either and they must see through this shit.

    He has lost the dressing room and I would now say a majority of the fan base. With him still in charge, it can only continue to go downhill….

  51. patthegooner

    He will once WHU are relegated SUGA3

    He will go to Spurs though, even if they dont have CL football.

  52. Kushagra India

    nd we need a director football who can push through some transfers…..we need a major overhaul otherwise we may go the liverpool way change of manager or not….

  53. Dream10

    Arsene Wenger sounded more broken last night than any time before.

    The clearout will be bigger than he envisions because players he wants to stay will want to leave.

  54. patthegooner

    True Dream

    I think a few players will be looking to move on in the summer. Clichy and Nasri included.

    That could be the straw that breaks the Camels back with Wenger. He has lost the fans and has lost the dressing room

  55. ikon

    The january transfer window almost everyone was crying out for a proper defender. It would maybe had brought in a difference. Watching Song play I am even more convinced that he is not the permanent solution to the DM role. He is far far too slow, gives away silly fouls and is terrible absolutely terrible at marking people in a dead ball situations. I remember Wenger’s quote in one of his interviews about asking Song “Do you remember your first touch when you first came here” with a grin. FFS players are not suppossed to be here if they dont have a proper first touch, this is not an academy. Yesterday apart from the pathetic level of belief that the players showed, technically we were very very poor as well. Each touch to receive the pass was resulting in the ball wobbling up. The build up to attacks was pathetically slow. No one was sure what to do. This Arsenal team is not fit technically and mentally. Bring Sol/Winterburn as the defense coach. And of course bring back David Dein as a replacement for PHW, the nutter.

  56. Goonerman

    patthegooner – ‘he has lost the fans and has lost the dressing room’ – really? where is your evidence?

  57. TOMTOM

    Will Wenger be handing out extended contracts today? Rosicky was sick yesterday so we should give him a bonus. Even today Wenger wont blame the players

  58. Dream10

    Arsenal’s points per game by season
    Aug-Feb Mar-May
    2006-07 1.88 1.58
    2007-08 2.37 1.73
    2008-09 1.70 2.36
    2009-10 2.07 1.70
    2010-11 2.07 1.14

    Courtesy of goal.com

  59. patthegooner

    The fans: the evidence is on the blogs and in the stadium. It is not a complete loss but I would say the majority are now against Wenger.

    The Players: the proof is in the pudding. He cant motivate them anymore. Look at the body language of the players and look at that of the manager on the sideline. I cant give you evidence, it is just what I am seeing.

    And if that is not what is wrong then what is?

  60. TOMTOM

    IT’S hard to imagine there have been too many fat ladies in Arsene Wenger’s life, but yesterday he heard her sing.

    The Emirates Stadium is still awaiting its first trophy and, for the second successive season, Wenger made the concession speech in Lancashire. It was dignified and measured but the words were like lead in his mouth.

    Last spring it was a 3-2 defeat at Wigan that brought Arsenal’s pursuit of Chelsea to a juddering halt; here they were beaten by a Bolton side that was trying to wash away the humiliation of a 5-0 defeat in an FA Cup semi-final.

    After the two draws against Liverpool and Tottenham, Wenger resembled a doomed politician, trying to maintain the illusion he is in power while all the figures were stacked against him. Yesterday, nine points adrift of Manchester United with four games to go, it was all over.

    These days Wenger must travel several kilometres in his own technical area.

    He flapped his arms, he crossed them, he shrugged as theatrically as any amateur actor. When Tamir Cohen headed the winner in stoppage-time, he hurled a bottle of water to the ground.

    When Bolton were awarded a throw-in, Wenger seized the ball and threw it to the floor.

    It was significant that a man whose philosophy has always been based on the long term should have seen his horizons shrink to the extent that the award of a throw-in that was near neither goal should matter so much.

    Or indeed what Cesc Fabregas may have told a Spanish magazine.

    There were frustrations everywhere. Arsenal were denied a palpable penalty as early as the fifth minute when Matt Taylor brought down Theo Walcott.

    Fabregas, who may or may not have said that Wenger would have been sacked in Spain for not winning a trophy in six years, then struck the foot of the post, having earlier forced Jussi Jaaskelainen to push his shot away with the tips of his gloves.

    Three minutes into the second half, Robin van Persie, who is perhaps Wenger’s strongest supporter in the dressing-room, fervent in his belief that Arsenal must not compromise their style, drove home beautifully after an exchange of passes with Fabregas a minute after Wojciech Szczesny had saved Kevin Davies’ penalty.


    Then, a ball over the top sent Samir Nasri clean through and as the Arsenal fans massed behind Jaaskelainen’s goal waited for the swish of ball striking net, they heard only the thud of it slamming into the goalkeeper’s chest. On the final whistle, Van Persie seemed utterly consumed by anger.

    Moments earlier another emotion swept the Reebok as Cohen, who had endured the death of his father, the Israeli international Avi, at the end of last year after a motorbike accident, slipped his marker Johan Djourou to head home from a corner.

    After their destruction by Stoke at Wembley seven days before, this was a show of resilience and romance. Cohen was in tears when he pulled off his shirt to reveal a picture of his father on a T-shirt; the letter of the law demanded a booking but there was a case for the law looking away.

    Djourou, who had given away Arsenal’s third penalty of a disastrous week, had provided more evidence of his inability to play centre-half when it mattered.

    Bolton’s powers of recovery had been considerable, typified by the fact that when Lee Chung-yong ran goalwards; he tried to back-heel his final pass to Taylor. Had Sam Allardyce still been Bolton manager, he would have fined him for such extravagance.

    “The biggest thing was that we gave a strong performance after such a horrible day; a day that will stick with me as a manager until the day I die,” said his manager, Owen Coyle, who was irked by Wenger’s comment that Bolton had “delivered a Cup final performance one match late”.

    Wenger admitted that Arsenal’s mental fragility made it important that they scored first. This they failed to do, but it explained why Fabregas shot on sight.

    Bolton’s first, like their winner, came from a corner that might have been prevented. Gary Cahill, who seems a better bet than any centre-half Wenger currently employs, reached the ball before Gael Clichy. Nasri may have been behind the line when he cleared the header but Daniel Sturridge, at close range, headed the ball home. Wenger stared into space.

    Years ago, he had responded to Alex Ferguson’s taunt that, although Arsenal had won the title, Manchester United had played the better football with the words, “Everyone thinks they have the most beautiful wife at home.”

    Now he was left wondering why his Helen of Troy had once more not won the pageant.

  61. Goonerman

    pat – I’ll only believe the fans have had enough when the fans at the stadium chant ‘wenger out’ not blokes on blogs, the majority of which don’t go to matches.

    players – what you are seeing is players who are not getting results and are getting despondent. You are not seeing any evidence that that wenger has ‘lost’ the dressing room.

    Your statements do a disservice to AFC.

  62. Goonerman

    pat – having picked you up on your flawed view, i would add that I find it hard to believe Wengers judgement of this team has been so poor.

  63. SUGA3


    it is really sad to see how the fans are turning on one another…

    I can’t say I was a frequent goer due to variety of reasons, but I would go to a few games during the season and at the moment I am not going to do even that, intil something is done, simple as that…

    I just don’t like being taken for a mug, how’s that?

    and there are many people that think the same – lose the game against ManYoo (which we will) and then just watch and believe, I tell ye…

  64. charliegeorge

    Fuck off Wanker and take your bumboys Denilson, Clichy, Song, Diaby, Eboue, and Dr. Zeus with ya!!!!!

  65. patthegooner


    Sadly I am priced out of going to the game, and even if I could afford it, I would not feel comfortable giving my hard earned money to the club given the way it is operating towards profits and not silverware. Either way it makes me no less of a fan than you.

    As for fans singing Wenger out, I dont see that happening and If I was in the ground I would not sing it either. His efforts 07-04 have earnt him that respect that it would show a distinct lack of class for fans to sing that.

    Personnally What I would really like is a return of that Manager we had in that early period. I would love him back and to change his current flawed (You seem to like that word) view of the world.

    I dont mean that Wenger has lost the dressing room in the normal manner where the players simply cant stand the manager. He has lost them in the respect that he cant motivate them, and what does not help is that they can motivate themselves nor is there a leader to motivate them.

    Back to the fans, the gaps in the stadium on matchday speak volumes…and they are growing and will continue to grow.

    I just think Arsene needs to go two ways. Firstly and my preference would be for him to change his ways, to come out at the end of the season (I dont expect it before) and rather the words of recent close seasons, I want to see action. I want to see the likes of Denilson, Rosicky,Squilacci and Bendtner to be quietly moved on. Likewise with the kids that wont make it, and I want to see some real ambition in the transfer market, and not the likes of Koscielny, Chamakh or Squilacci who were never going to be the difference to start to win things.

    The other way is for him to refuse to do that, to stand by his flawed philosophies and to stand down as Arsenal Manager, as if he continues this way without standing down, I fear the fans will be the ones that will see him removed from position….and that would be sad and a disservice to Arsenal FC.