Youth kills title dream as psychologically traumatised Arsenal flunk Spurs test

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Well, if I’m going to take a positive out of anything this season it’s the fact that if there is a Premiership classic to be had, you can be damn sure we’ll be involved in it. If we’re not losing after going two goals up at home, we’re sharing the spoils after being 4 up at half time.

Last night was another one for the Sky Sports Gold archive. From a neutral or a Spurs/Arsenal perspective, the game was an absolute belter. I’m gutted that we threw away a 2 goal lead again, but what can you do? We knew the team had a soft underbelly a long time ago and we’ve known all season that a 2 goal cushion is never enough for this crop of youngsters.

The part that irritated me is that we know there is a problem, yet it appears nothing is has been done to remedy it. Since Wenger took on the job of running the team on a budget, he’s constantly shown himself to be inept tactically. Last night was more of the same. Harry Redknapp recognised he’d made a tactical error at half time and made the relevant changes. Arsene Wenger knew he was two up, knew the league was on the line, yet he continued with the same formation and we were pegged back in the second half.

Playing against Spurs is not a banker like it used to be. We can’t expect to go to the Lane and turn them over every year. Our chance at Premiership glory was not lost there, it was lost at Newcastle when we surrendered a 4 goal lead. Since then, we’ve won 3 and drawn 5. We’ve also dropped out of 2 cups. Wenger can hold onto the achievement of not losing since United on the 13th of December, but that’s no good if you’re failing to beat Sunderland, West Brom and Blackburn. It’s no good if you’re conceding after the 98th minute at home.

Last nights game got off to a screamer. Diaby and Song played a neat one two, Cesc was found in space, he threaded Theo through the centre and the young Englishman didn’t need a second invite, he slotted perfectly past Gomes for the first.

Spurs equalised shortly after, VdV was picked out by Corluka, Diaby was tracking his run but didn’t make and attempt at a challenge, the Dutchman fired inside Chezzer’s near post and the game was level.

Robin went close up the other end but Gomes was equal to his near post shot and tipped the ball round the post.

Our second came when Nasri and Diaby exchanged passes in the middle of the park, Nasri looked up and fired a long-range low effort past Gomes. A super goal and an example of what happens when you take a gamble with a shot.

Our crossing from the right was particularly woeful, Sagna was not on top form in that department. There was a great over all flow to our game, a confidence I haven’t seen for months and a variety that was truly refreshing.

Theo was slipped in through the middle again, his shot was dragged just wide. The more I watch Theo this season, the more I’m convinced he’s been watching Marc Overmars videos. He’s direct, incredibly fast and he’s added finishing to his repertoire this season.

Our third came from a very nice move again, Sagna’s first cross missed all the red shirts, Gallas tried to chest the ball out of play, it didn’t work, Theo nipped in and chipped to the back post, Robin cushioned a header over Gomes, the Brazilian clawed it back out into the danger zone… Robin roofed it into the net!

Chezzer had already had one run in with Bale earlier in the game where he unfortunately elbow dropped him after beating him to a cross. Bale had the chance to get his own back, he raced Chezzer to a 50/50, the Pole won and took him out in the process. As he walked back, he winked to his team mates. Classic Chezzer. He really has potential legend written all over his future.

3-1 up and you’d have thought we had the game tied up. The ball went back down our end, Cesc failed to clear his lines further than Huddlestone. The Spurs porker looked up and banged the ball back at our goal and once again, Arsenal were beaten by another screamer.

We’re pretty good at conceding those.

The second half started, Sagna had his lip busted open by the jagged elbow of Peter Crouch.

Jack Wilshere came on, my girlfriend looked up and said, ‘ahhh, Jeremy Kyle.’ Fair shout.

Spurs really upped things, VdV was all over the place. He truly is an incredible player when his mind is on the game. He forced a number of smart saves from our young keeper.

Robin was deemed offside after he put the ball into the Spurs net. I wasn’t so sure.

We were only one up, the panic button had been well and truly smashed and the Lillywhites were controlling the possession and the tempo of the game.

Theo had a good chance to bury the tie but instead of going for goal, he cut back only to find there was no one in the box for him. Arsenal’s default panic style of play is to be as indirect as possible and over complicate things. Too many stray passes and missed opportunities to pepper the Spurs goal were happening.

Lennon was played in down the wing, Chezzer thought he could beat the pacey winger for the ball, we all knew what he was going to do, Lennon nicked the ball and flew over our keeper. Penalty.

VdV stepped up, sent the keeper the wrong way and equalised.

Our young keeper didn’t cave in though, he stepped up, took responsibility and popped up with some fantastic saves to keep us in the game.

The game played out, the Sky Sports Gold certificate was printed out and posted to Gazidis and we flunked out of another season.


Mathematically we’re not out of the league but psychologically we are. We’re shot to pieces in the confidence department, we’re incapable of holding onto a lead and sadly, there isn’t the knowledge or the experience in the squad to turn this around. Last night, our first team was on show and we still choked.

The oldest player on the pitch was probably Robin Van Persie and he has about 107 Premiership games to his name. Cesc was the most experienced but again, he doesn’t have the know how for leadership. You don’t look to him to calm the players, you  don’t look to him to uphold standards. He is a brilliant player, his energy should be spent concentrating on playing and that’s it. He wasn’t born to lead, he’s admitted he doesn’t like burden so we should buy someone in who can.

I feel sorry for this team. At the core of it, we have some fantastic players capable of winning it all. We just don’t supplement that talent with know how. We’re scared of winning at the moment and only and injection of quality will remedy that.

Chezzer was fantastic last night, his error was one of youth and inexperience. I highly doubt he’ll make a mistake like that any time soon, but that’s the cost of allowing youngsters to work their apprenticeships in your first team. This year, we’ve lost 12 points that I can think of due to goalkeeping errors.

Liverpool (A) Almunia concedes near post shot 2 point

Newcastle (H) Fabianski misses ball into box for Carroll to score 3 points

WBA (H) Almunia concedes goal after putting his knee in wrong place 3 points

WBA (A) Almunia rushes out to shove over Squillaci 2 points

Spurs (A) Chezzer concedes penalty 2 points

Total points lost: 12

Lose those errors and we’re 2 points clear of United at a minimum.

Now I’m sure people will tell me that there were other factors, of course there were, but for me, at the highest level, there’s a thin line between success and failure. If we’d had a decent experienced keeper in from the start, would we have dropped 12 goalkeeping related points? I think it’s always forgotten that conceding through a keeping error has a knock on effect to the confidence of the defence. It can also kill the attacking impetus of the team for the rest of the game. There is an on cost to erratic keeping and I think we’ve suffered because of that this year.

Psychologically, this team needs a boost. We’ve spent 6 years being told the team will come good. We’ve heard that signing players isn’t the answer, well, guess what, it’s pretty much the only thing we haven’t tried. Speak to any sports psychologist and they’ll tell you that freshening up a mentally tired squad with new players is a boost to everyone. Look at Liverpool and their resurgence since they’ve rid themselves of Torres and bought in Carroll and Suarez.

I’m not here to hammer the team today, I knew something like last night could happen, choke is part of game at the moment, so I’m not surprised. What I will say is that if Arsene Wenger can’t face up to the problems he has in his squad in the summer, he really should ask himself whether this is the right club for him going forward. Banging on about mental strength that has consistently proven not to be there is getting beyond a joke now.

I’m sick and tired of being part of the classic games. I long for a side that has proper mental strength, a coach or an assistant who know how to instruct a team to play out a game and perhaps some proper ‘been there, done that’ types in our side.

The average age of our squad didn’t win us the league again. All it proved is that growing your own team is flawed without leadership. All it proved is like with anything in life, you need a balance. A degree from the Arsenal Academy gives you the basic tools to make a career, but it’ll never teach you the art of being a winner. This is something you can only learn from people who have earned their degree out in the trenches.

Just a quick note to Alex Song. The NLD is pretty major to most Arsenal fans. Meeting up with your Spurs mate on the half way and having a laugh, joke and hug with them really isn’t appropriate. Save it for the dressing room if you have to do it there and then. You remember I told you that the atmosphere in the dressing room was the same win, lose or draw… case and point right there.

P.S. Thanks to the 12 people who listened into me on 5 Live last night! Also, this made for interesting reading from the Deputy Editor at (Gooner btw)…

Interesting that Wenger/Arsenal sanctioned & checked over interview Fabregas did with Don Balon…but still claimed it has been twisted.


Andrew Allen

UPDATE: Arsenal have been in touch and informed me that the journalist in question did not have the reported interview sanctioned by Arsenal. The publication did not send the document back for Arsenal to sign off at all.

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554 Responses to “Youth kills title dream as psychologically traumatised Arsenal flunk Spurs test”

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  1. JJ

    Until the team finds a bus and learns to park it, no lead will ever be safe.

    Leaving 1 or 2 people back to cover half the pitch when you have a lead is poor management… especially if that 1 or 2 people include Denilson, Song, Clichy or Squirrel

  2. wartank

    Reality check, Wenger! Not many teams constantly lose two and three goals leads, certainly not teams like Chelsea, Man C, Man U or even Liverpool and Tottenham.
    A review of defensive strategies and staying power is in order. We must confront the truth of our shortcomings to move forward and achieve something!

  3. BOOZY

    yesterday wenger was tactically superb.

    The thing he did with theo was a masterstroke, theo was arsenal’s messi yesterday.

    my problem’s, why wait till the season is over before getting it right.

  4. Arse&Nose©

    Wenger never changes tactics in a game, or in a season.
    He will keep putting bendtner on the right and makign stupid decisions like that until the end of the season when he will analyse what went wrong.

    He did exactly the same thing with Eboue as a right winger, the experiment lasted a whole season until he changed his mind.Wenger is historically very,very slow at making tactical changes.

  5. Al

    BOOZY says:
    April 21, 2011 at 16:20

    yesterday wenger was tactically superb.

    The thing he did with theo was a masterstroke, theo was arsenal’s messi yesterday.

    my problem’s, why wait till the season is over before getting it right.
    you got to be kidding right.

  6. BillikenGooner

    And what the hell happened to our midfield ball movement/off the ball movement?

    It seems the last 2 matches I’ve seen more of our players attempting to dribble around either with no option to pass or not even looking, and then getting dispossessed, leaving us wide open to an attack more than I’ve seen in a few seasons.

    Diaby being a main culprit.

  7. Goonerpower

    It’s all unclear Gooby to be fair, to the lines man it may of looked offside. It’s that confusing in all honestly

  8. BOOZY

    yesterday we played a disguised 4-4-2.

    theo was the second striker, while still performing his wing roles.

    he was both on the right and left side- he was a handfull- theo was a masterstroke yesterday. if we continue playing this way- we’ll score more goals.i.e theo as the second striker.

  9. SUGA3

    fuck me, how can anyone blame Szczesny for the goals?

    to be fair, he might have kept out the goal no.2 and if his vision was not obscured by the flock of sheep in front of him, he surely would have!

    how was that fat cunt Huddlestone even allowed to have a shot like that? there was NO ONE in the fifteen yard radius around him, ffs!

    and the pen? do me a fucking favour…

  10. Franchise

    suga u caking a fellow pole ey?


    Scesney was at fault for pen all day. never get beat at ur near post for the 1st.

    we need an experienced GK imo

  11. arsenal4ever

    Big Dave says:
    April 21, 2011 at 13:36

    this is just bullshit. Neymar wont come to bayern but they want arshavin. We could get Ribery in a player + cash deal. Not sure if this would be good. At least a proven winner

  12. zeus

    Ribery has to be the MOST OVERRATED player ever. We dodged a bullet when Wenger acted stingily and didn’t buy him.

  13. Goonerpower

    Well suga he did give away a pen. If any of the others had done the exact same then it would be “the flappy blah blah” ect… Plus he let one in his near post, that’s a big no no for a keeper

  14. SUGA3


    no mate, it’s not that, you know I am of the opinion that Fabianski is shit 😆

    beaten at the near post? come on, you make it sound like it was Almunia vs Barca in 2006…

    do you seriously think that £20M spend is warranted to bring in a GK, who will only be a tiny bit of improvement?

    I would rather have a proper DM or a CB for that much, y’know?

  15. SUGA3


    so did Lehmann against Barca…

    and pretty much against Blackpool…

    besides, it’s not like he is giving away pens left, right and centre, is it? given his other skills, I can live with that…

    and where the fuck was the defence?

  16. Franchise

    imo at a minimum we need 3 new signings through the spine and one tricky wide player


  17. Goonerpower

    Lol suga. I get what you mean, but he has to take some fault. He will be world class no doubting that, he just needs a small dose of humbleness ( not sure if that’s the correct word been a long day ) 🙂

  18. SUGA3

    yeah, so would I, but that was not the question 😉

    I take it as a ‘CB/DM’ then!


    IMO, you have to be mad to be a GK and if I have had enough of ‘humble’ – it is my belief that we would be pissing the league if it was not for Almunia and Fabianski!

  19. Goonerpower

    And Suga all of the above, chezzer could do with a world class keeper to keep him on his toes, also learn a few things or 2. It can’t hurt can it.

  20. SUGA3


    how can you blame Szczesny for conceding the goal against Pool or the cup?

    as for the last night, we would have lost if it was not for him, simple as that…

  21. Franchise

    schezz will one day lead poland to eastern euro cup but for now he should be still learning his trade and definitely not when points and trophies are on the line at the arsenal

  22. SUGA3

    OK, name me these great GKs, please?

    Reina? all over the shop this season…

    Stekelenburg? sorry, but he is not better than Szczesny, great record in Erdevisie playing for Ajax counts for fuck all…

    Buffon? back injury, finished, why do you think he is available?

  23. Franchise

    suga it was his short kick that led to the attack that led to the free kick that led to the goal

    as for carling cup final he is equally at fault with kos for deciding to catch a ball his cb has committed to send to row z annex

    poor decision making

  24. S Asoa

    I must repeat at the onset that Wenger is currently mentally unstable .The nut is so unbalanced that he cannot make intelligent decisions. It is quoted so often that with his pace Walcot arrives seconds before and there is no one to take his cross. What Wenger has done for a year to sort this anomaly. His tactics are to feed such explosive runs -the pearls to be fed to the swines .
    When Wenger’s bullshit is so brazen why does the club not do amends? The fan mail about selling Emirates and the club, even said in jest is too ominous a sentiment.There should be a concern the captain had to tweet like he did . Not shibboleths of whether it was authorized or not . The Arsenal saga is affecting everybody except the nervous wreck Wenger who is bullshitting merrily.
    How long the management will sit like ostriches with their heads in the sand?

  25. Franchise

    Suga lets not kid ourselves here. Schezz will probbaly end up world class but he’ll cost us silly points on his way there

  26. SUGA3


    what next, the butterfly effect? how is that Szczesny’s fault that Song is an oaf and Eboue is a clown?

    as for the cup final, there was no call, Koscielny dummied the ball like an idiot he is!

  27. Franchise

    so u r happy for schezz and fabianksi to be our no1 and 2 for next season?

    Im not

    i want a well seasoned veteran GK as no 1 and schezz as understudy aka no2

    Mannone can be no 3

  28. SUGA3

    IMO, it’s WAY more important to improve in the following positions: CB, DM, winger and CF…

    ideally: Kompany, ???, Hazard, Benzema

    would also buy Baines and Rodwell since Everton are in the shit…

    and Szczesny will gain us more points that he will lose, I just don’t want him to turn into another Vela…

  29. SUGA3

    I am not asking you to speculate, I am asking you to name me a GK who is:

    – available (mind you, spending £20M is bollocks)
    – at the right age
    – better than Szczesny to the extent sufficient for the latter to be his ‘understudy’

    since you are avoiding the issue…

  30. Franchise

    your point doesnt stand

    guess who had a better chance to see the situation and make a better decision?

    of course schezzknee

    he saw kos was going for the ball why not stop coming out for it?

    i bet ur view would have been different if almunia was the one involved

    ive seen great young GKs. Sharesknee is nothing special yet IMO

  31. SUGA3


    I don’t think there is any point in continuing this ridiculous argument, now that you are resorting to inventing new ways of misspelling his name, really 😉

    says it all, really – Koscielny saw the GK going down for the ball, he had no business bursting in there and kicking the ball into the row Z, as the keeper would just have it…

    Szczesny nothing special? name me a better young GK and please, don’t say Hart, he is just playing behind a better defence, but his form is pretty patchy…

    it’s spelt S-Z-C-Z-E-S-N-Y 😆

  32. Franchise

    ill enlighten u a bit here. Cech as a 21 yr old GK for chelsea in 05 was far ahead in development than shezzknee currently is for us

  33. SUGA3

    er, why don’t you bring Casillas into the equation while you’re at it?

    once again, perspective, my friend: care to remind me who played in their defence? and under which manager?

    apples and oranges mate…

  34. Franchise

    its not about the defence. great GKs make great saves

    Schesney has done nothing yet lets stop kidding ourselves

    currently its his errors than stand out more in my head

    not good enough yet

    he cost us 4 points in 3 days IMO

  35. SUGA3

    OK, I am inclined to respectfully disagree here 😉

    no mate, it was two clowns who cost us points on Sunday and Szczesny was only ‘guilty’ of conceding a pen – watch how much space that ugly chav cunt had, will you?

    bored with this shit…

  36. Franchise

    for a team crying out for experience in most positions i personally think that a new no 1 is a must for next season

    pundits round the country are all saying the same thing

    Schesney is talented but his inexperience is a big issue

    I dont see why he should be no 1 yet. That is why we have won nothing for years cos we have gone through the same cycle with song, denilson etc

    they could have turned out better if there was some real healthy competition that put them in their place in the key stages of their development

    its a disgrace that at some point in his career a few years ago denilson was almost certain to start every game

  37. SUGA3

    and Szcseny does not make great saves then?


    I know you’re a Manc and would love for Fungus to pounce onto that gem the very moment he becomes a no.2 behind Stekelenburg or whoever…

  38. patthegooner

    With regard to the keeper situation

    This is what I would like us to do

    Sell, sack or shoot Almunia, Flappy and Manonne.

    Keep Szczesny and make him numero uno, and give the 1 shirt.

    Buy Sorensen or someone of that ilk as backup.

    If Chesser starts having a nightmare, then let Sorensen have a crack.

    Why someone like sorensen? Because unlike mssr’s Clown, Flappy and Don Manonne, he would come in and do a job and do it well and still maintain a bit of confidence in the back four.

    I dont want to see us spend 20m on a keeper as we have a good keeper that is going to be a great keeper and as we tend to shop in Aldi, I dont want us to spunk the wenger budget on a keeper, we have bigger problems elsewhere.

    Now for a bit of Championship Manager. I would take another season of transition if we got rid of the following

    Almunia, Flappy, Manonne, Squilacci, Denilson, Diaby, Rosicky, Vela, Bendtner, Chamakh, Randall, Sunu, Eastmond, Hoyte, Traore

    And bought a few quality replacements. Dont all have to be WC, and we can mix the quality with those that will actually give a fuck in games. You know the ones, players with a bit of mental strength!!!!!!

  39. Steve Biko

    SUGA 3

    Are you defending Chezzer so much because of your polish ancestry? LOL. I am accused of defending those two ‘clowns’ because I am black.

  40. SUGA3


    no, I am defending him, because unlike these two clowns, he is fucking class 😉

    Fabianski is Polish too and I think he has no place at Arsenal, how’s that?

  41. Steve Biko

    SUGA 3

    I was being cheeky. But I hope you get what I was saying. Some posters here resort to that kind of argument every time. Pedro has even accused me of being a ‘racist’ who always defends African players. Its a disgraceful charge that has no business in a football blog.

  42. patthegooner

    It makes sense to me Steve

    If you want to go out and get Neuer or a Reina then you might as well sell all four of keepers including Chesser.

    He will not become the keeper we believe he will be by being sat on the bench,

    I normally find the buying will kill infuriating, however in Chesser, I think we have the keeper equivalent of Wilshire and Cesc, and in that scenario I can accept it.

    It is when Wenger says buying Alonso will kill Denilson or buying Benzema will kill Bendtner pisses me off.

  43. Franchise

    I’m probably being unfair on shezz he will be good enough eventually but he will cost us on occassions due to his inexperience along with those other crazy moments all gks have. IMO he has had 2 of those inexp moments in our last 2 games and we have lost 4 pOints as a result

  44. SUGA3


    I will praise and slate anyone according to their deeds and I don’t give a flying fuck if someone is Polish, English, African or Martian…

    I believe calling a Pole ‘fucking Polak’, an African ‘fucking n****r’ or a homosexual a ‘fucking poof’ is low, you know why?

    because it’s too fucking obvious 😆

  45. Evan


    I’d take a punt with Sorenson and definately get rid of those players.

    The transition has to come from the board with a strong sign of intent, make the fucker sign someone, better than what we have. I like the fact we wil tour America, Wenger must hate the whole “compromise with the comercial team”

    We should buy Benzema & Alonso and KILL Bendtner/Denilson

  46. patthegooner

    Thats all we need SUGA3

    A solid no.2 that will do a job if called upon.

    he is 34 and sat on the bench at Stoke. I am sure he would jump at the chance to sit on ours.

  47. patthegooner


    He has made mistakes, but both of those games should have been beyond reach. Sadly the incompetence of some of the other players is highlighting the odd mistake of Chesser.

  48. Franchise

    Another thing I’ve noticed is that opposition pens are dead cert goals with shez in goal. Ones I can remember 2 against Newcastle away and 1 on Sunday and 1 yesterday

  49. Steve Biko


    I think another unfortunate aspect of Chezzer is the fact that he is so outspoken on twitter and elsewhere. So much talk drews attention to him and invited karma. Do you remember Ashley Cole missing a penalty against Everton in the FA cup to Everton. Chezzer’s decision to mock Cole’s miss was stupid. It led to an angry exchange with Chelsea fans. Worse in a strange twist of Karmic justice Chezzer cost us the CC with his howler. Chezzer in my view should concentrate on his game and stop thinking he is the comoplete product.

  50. SUGA3


    there are no saved pens, only these that are poorly struck, simple as that…

    with him doing the shit like knocking Bale to the fuck out and dominating in the box like he does, I can live with conceding the odd pen or two…

  51. leon

    in my oponion this nothing wrong with kos and dj but they should playing behind a top class experienced defender i see thaem on same level as chris smalling for far as the striker position i cant remembr the last time i saw chamakh play and i dont think he evon in the squad against totenham,so with only 6-7 games left is play him the rest of the season

  52. patthegooner

    I think the challenge on Bale was fantastic, he got the ball, and always looked like he was getting the ball.

    He never looked like getting the ball for the penalty and it is decision making like that, that will come with time.

  53. SUGA3


    nothing wrong with them, they should be the second choice pairing to play against the bottom 10, IMO…

    we need a big fuck off right footer CB to partner TV and we are laughing!

  54. SUGA3


    like I said, JD + Koscielny are good enough a pairing to play against the ‘lesser’ teams and in the cups…

    TV is very good, he needs to play alongside someone in the mould of Campbell, I think him playing with Gallas may cloud your judgment a little, as that pairing was simply unbalanced, just like Gallas + Kolo!

  55. zeus


    Surely TV5 is first choice. Not the finished article. But he is quality. Its him plus 1 for me. And we don’t have the +1.

  56. SUGA3

    IMO, partnership of Djourou + Koz should not be broken up as the chemistry between them is impeccable…

    ‘don’t fix what is not broken’

  57. GoonerTee

    United had Ferdinand injured for most of the season, but they had Vidic still as the first team CB. We lost Vermaalen and didnt really have anyone else apart from Gallas who left. So that left JD and Kos

  58. Gooner786

    IMO Szcsesny is not yet ready to become our first choice GK.

    We need to sign a world class GK who has only got a few years left in him at the top like Buffon for Szczesny to learn from.

    Szczesny under Buffons tutelage would become one of the best GKs in the world,if not THE best.

  59. dza

    Google Translation..

    Last night, after a draw at White Hart Lane against Tottenham (3-3) , Mr. Arsène Wenger appeared at a press conference and publicly expressed his disagreement with the interview with Don Ball this week’s edition 1851.

    The words of Mr Wenger were as follows: “It was an interview organized by the club then had a chance to review. The authors not only failed to respect the agreement, but it completely changed the item and we are very angry about it “. He added: “The interview bothers me. It was not an attack against my philosophy, Fabregas said the complete opposite.”

    On the controversy, Cesc Fabregas had ruled on his Twitter account with the following message: “It’s amazing that people try to change everything to get headlines. Arsène Wenger has had great impact on me and my career. A great man” .

    Given the statements of Mr Wenger, from Don Ball would like to clarify:

    “Indeed, the interview was organized by the club thanks to the willingness of Cesc Fabregas and his family, with whom we are pleased to say that we share a great relationship for years. With the club, it was agreed that, if necessary, will facilitate the review interview. When asked, the article was in print and, despite this, they were sent.

    “They would not reviewed or interview before publication, Mr. Ball had not changed one iota because the writing was completely loyal and respectful with the words of Cesc Fàbregas.

    “After being released, a lot of media, both English and Spanish, echoed the interview highlighting and modulating Cesc statements as they thought appropriate, and in many cases, without citing the source of the statements of the Spanish international. Given such behavior, obviously, Don Ball can do nothing to regret and censure.

    “We fully agree with Mr Wenger when he says:” Cesc never attacked my philosophy, just the opposite. ”

    “We totally disagree with Mr Wenger when he says:” The authors have completely changed the article. ” And to prove that Mr. Wenger not telling the truth, the public do with the original audio interview with Cesc Fabregas to the whole world can see what were his exact words.

    “We deeply regret the injuries that have caused a controversy in Cesc Fabregas for the interpretation of other media of his words and ratified by 100% as expressed by its own Cesc opined in his Twitter account.

  60. patthegooner

    The link DZA just put up Zeus

    Apparently the publication that Arsenal claimed had misquoted Cesc, said bollocks did we and put the taped conversation on their website

  61. SUGA3

    Buffon would be great, but he is only available because he has just ‘recovered’ from a back injury – for a GK it is a career ending one, given that all you do in that position is fall, stretch, etc.

  62. Steve Biko

    Arsenal under Wenger- The team with the most misquoted players in the world. The world media is really against us! LOL

  63. Pondera

    First of all pedro was offside last night !! I would take ribery in a heartbeat still a brilliant player ! Now let’s say because it’s the first year that kroenke is the main man he makes some available ! So let’s say we have the ade & kolo money plus 25 mill for the new season plus the sales !! Outs. Squil / traore — player plus cash to Lille for hazard plus 15 million. Eboue — whoever pays around 5-8 million. Almunia. — terminate the fucker. Glichy. — whoever pays 10-15 million. Denilson — whoever pays 6-8 million. Diaby. — whoever pays 7-12 million. Rosicky. — whoever pays 3-5 million. Arshavin. — prob. Back to zenit for around 10 million Bendtner. — prob. Germany for around 10-15 million. Ins. Hazard. — 15 million plus squil / traore or if they want even sunu. Hummels/Cahill/Subotic. — around 15-20 million Inler/Mvilla — 12-15 million Contreao/ cissoko — 14-18 million. And a striker who can play on the right wing as well — 12-18. Loans in. Bartley keep him till January and if we dont need him loan him again. Lansbury squad player. Coquillin ( spelling) would keep him for rb and DM cover Loans out. Vela — jet — ryo — wellington — fringpong — miguel — afobe — aneke And sell the rest with no chances like—> watts. Randal. Eastmond. sunu !!!!!! Then I would get someone like viera/bould/Adams/keown/bergkamp in as an assistant for p. Rice who’s is prob. Leaving !!!! I know these are alot a changes but very necessary to be top again for the next few years !!

  64. Confidentgoner

    Some things never change with Arsenal. zzzz…snozzz…zzzz. Same old same old. Wake me up when Wenger leaves!


    gab marcotti says that samuel eto’o could be available for 12-15 mil in summer

    would be perfect signing, he has the pace we need and is ruthless in front of goal

  66. Arse&Nose©

    It’s quite narrow minded to blame Chesney, yes he made errors but he was far too busy. The defence didn’t do a good enough job to protect him, Spurs were consistently waltzing into the box!

    As I’ve said before, our defenders are Athletes who rely on speed, they dont communicate or have any tactical awareness. It really says something when Sol Campbell came in last year and looked our best defender at the age of 35!

  67. GoonerTee


    Bang on the money
    we need another defender with good positional sense
    Campbell knew how to play the high line and always had his hand up pushing for offside.

  68. Arse&Nose©

    Many believe Edwin Van der Sar is the best keeper in the league, but watch Man Utd and see how much he has to do. Honestly, his defence are soo good he could pitch up a hammock and lie back for 90minutes.

  69. Goonermick

    I’m very disappointed, along with everyone else, with recent results, to be in front and draw games is a kick in the nuts. But taking a step back and asking the question, “are we really doing that badly?” I decided to do some research. Over last 16 games points gained are as follows
    ManU = 33points
    Chelsea = 33points
    Arsenal = 32points
    Spurs = 28points
    ManC = 26points

    Yes I believe the title was on a plate for us this season, silly points dropped, have killed us big time, Newcastle, Spurs to name a few! Certain players have let us down(goalkeepers, we know who they are, the double D’s!) and the manager is far from blameless, (his stubbornness doesn’t help) but our form as shown above is not that bad. I still believe this isn’t over, more twists and turns to come, one final push might just do it!!!
    P.S If we do somehow manage it a clear-out is still needed during the summer, more experience PLEASE!, no keeper though Cheezers is the future if given a run.

  70. Arse&Nose©

    Exactly GoonerTee, Campbell may have been past it but he opened his mouth and communicated. When he played last season he marshalled the defenders well, they looked to him as their leader and that is what we are missing.

  71. SUGA3


    definitely not first choice! you never know, we might well see Song of last season with some competition, y’know?


    if the money’s no object, who is that marshall then?

  72. GoonerTee

    I would like to see an Britsh based centre back.
    someone who knows the Prem not some ex french hardman.


    i like sakho and with him vermaelen djourou and kocielny as a 4 would be great

    clichy needs replacing, anyone take baines??

    andrey and cesc will obviously be needing to be replaced, hazard for andrey

    who can fill cescs boots (nasri isnt the answer imo)

    samuel eto should be a number 1 priority if gabriell marcotti is to be believed

    miyachi, frimpong and lansbury promoted to first team squad and ramsey back, and i feel we are well covered in the creative side of things

    then ship out bendtner and sign someone who can come of the bench and make the difference, odimwinge???

    its all a nice dream

    the reality will be

    oxade chamberlaine

    in goes without saying that the following should be nowhere our club next year


    song, diaby, kocielny should not be starting games next season when everyone is fit

  74. BOOZY

    why is it that despite not winning a trophy in 6 years, arsenal still has the highest follower-ship, for all sports teams all over the world.

  75. GoonerTee

    i would like to see Chamakh and Theo up front, may turn out to be a good combination, or a disaster. Just something different

  76. Kushagra India

    Michael Dawson had more successful tackles in the game than Clichy, DJ, Kos and Sagna combined. And most of his tackles were high up the pitch.

  77. SUGA3


    lay off the booze mate, the biggest followership?

    sorry mate, but that’s laughable, what about Liverpool? ever heard of ManYoo? fuck me, I would even risk a statement that Chavs have more presence in the world recently with the internet boom and all that shit!

  78. leon

    i find it very strang the absence of chamakh he rearly starts and does evon play that at all.

    nigel winterburn seems to of the opinion that arsenal only need 2-3 players from what i have seen i think arsenal need 4-5 i dont think for second this would ever happen but i think a real experienced keeper cb 27-30,experienced to dm 25 or more,direct winger,and top striker 25 goals a season.but the chances of that happening is remote tp say the least

  79. Kushagra India

    On the GK front Chesney is the best option we have, his mistakes are getting highlighted due to our colossal failure this season ,Manure buying De Gea at such price puts thing into perspective …..Gks are a endangered breed there have been mistakes all over ,anyone who has watched footy a fair bit will Chesney is Peter Schmeichel-esque

  80. GoonerTee

    Chesney is great potential, but what happens when he gets injured? we need backs in every postion. and more competion for places.

  81. Arse&Nose©

    Van Persie’s stats are decieving because he is shit. He has more of the ball than any other premier league striker and wastes it doing tippy-tappy bullshit.

  82. RCLS@Work

    Djourou and Koscielny aren’t that good.. They are back up good at best, no more.

    It’s like the Szczesny and song love ins…

    We’ve been starved of top quality so long anyone who isn’t a shaban, stepanovs, denilson or jeffers and does a couple of things decent are messiahs!

    Szczesny is a no.2 at best at the moment. No doubt he’ll be class but when your a big club you have a top international experienced goalkeeper, thems the rules!

    Unless of course your Arsene Wenger..

  83. SUGA3


    to be fair, he is suffering from playing on his own – put a decent partner upfront with him and just watch!

    IMO, if we were to keep the ball on the deck, he would do some sick shit if he was partnered with Vela, who is another Wenger’s waste!

  84. Arse&Nose©

    Anyone who thinks RVP is world class needs a reality check, because by the same standard you are saying Adebayour is super world class.

    Adebayour was wasteful and had better stats than RVP, what does it say about RVP’s efficiency??

  85. BOOZY

    suga -pls go ahead and check on blogs of any other sport, not just football- then check on arsenal blogs.

    when you’re done- come back with the same opinion.

  86. SUGA3


    er, I think you will find that there is that great world outside the web, commonly referred to as ‘real’ 😆

    quantity of Arsenal blogs is an anomaly, just ask anyone on any continent whether Arsenal has the biggest visible support out in the real world…

    Barcelona? Real Madrid? shall I go on?

  87. Arse&Nose©

    RVP had a decent partner when he played with Henry, then Adebayour, then Eduardo… he was a tippy-tappy waster back then aswell.

  88. RCLS@Work

    Suga3 – I’m not getting into that.. Whoever I say will be deemed not good enough by your reasoning so let’s just agree to disagree..

    I like szczesny and by no means do I think it’ll be the song, denilson, diaby, clichy, almunia, fabianski etc syndrome. Where in we play them and we don’t win shit and they stay shit.

    I just think we’ve been here before with raw talent and he isn’t going to improve playing in front of the likes of Koscielny, squillaci, djourou, clichy and eboue i’m afraid.. He’s only going to continue to make rash decisions because of the shower of shite in plays behind..

    he’s 21 and still has alot to learn.. he’s been in the stiffs up until now with fabianski and almuinia to learn from… Needs better guidance than that i’m afaird and to throw him in the deep end without the neccessary support is asking for trouble.. Same goes for Wilshire..