Youth kills title dream as psychologically traumatised Arsenal flunk Spurs test

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Well, if I’m going to take a positive out of anything this season it’s the fact that if there is a Premiership classic to be had, you can be damn sure we’ll be involved in it. If we’re not losing after going two goals up at home, we’re sharing the spoils after being 4 up at half time.

Last night was another one for the Sky Sports Gold archive. From a neutral or a Spurs/Arsenal perspective, the game was an absolute belter. I’m gutted that we threw away a 2 goal lead again, but what can you do? We knew the team had a soft underbelly a long time ago and we’ve known all season that a 2 goal cushion is never enough for this crop of youngsters.

The part that irritated me is that we know there is a problem, yet it appears nothing is has been done to remedy it. Since Wenger took on the job of running the team on a budget, he’s constantly shown himself to be inept tactically. Last night was more of the same. Harry Redknapp recognised he’d made a tactical error at half time and made the relevant changes. Arsene Wenger knew he was two up, knew the league was on the line, yet he continued with the same formation and we were pegged back in the second half.

Playing against Spurs is not a banker like it used to be. We can’t expect to go to the Lane and turn them over every year. Our chance at Premiership glory was not lost there, it was lost at Newcastle when we surrendered a 4 goal lead. Since then, we’ve won 3 and drawn 5. We’ve also dropped out of 2 cups. Wenger can hold onto the achievement of not losing since United on the 13th of December, but that’s no good if you’re failing to beat Sunderland, West Brom and Blackburn. It’s no good if you’re conceding after the 98th minute at home.

Last nights game got off to a screamer. Diaby and Song played a neat one two, Cesc was found in space, he threaded Theo through the centre and the young Englishman didn’t need a second invite, he slotted perfectly past Gomes for the first.

Spurs equalised shortly after, VdV was picked out by Corluka, Diaby was tracking his run but didn’t make and attempt at a challenge, the Dutchman fired inside Chezzer’s near post and the game was level.

Robin went close up the other end but Gomes was equal to his near post shot and tipped the ball round the post.

Our second came when Nasri and Diaby exchanged passes in the middle of the park, Nasri looked up and fired a long-range low effort past Gomes. A super goal and an example of what happens when you take a gamble with a shot.

Our crossing from the right was particularly woeful, Sagna was not on top form in that department. There was a great over all flow to our game, a confidence I haven’t seen for months and a variety that was truly refreshing.

Theo was slipped in through the middle again, his shot was dragged just wide. The more I watch Theo this season, the more I’m convinced he’s been watching Marc Overmars videos. He’s direct, incredibly fast and he’s added finishing to his repertoire this season.

Our third came from a very nice move again, Sagna’s first cross missed all the red shirts, Gallas tried to chest the ball out of play, it didn’t work, Theo nipped in and chipped to the back post, Robin cushioned a header over Gomes, the Brazilian clawed it back out into the danger zone… Robin roofed it into the net!

Chezzer had already had one run in with Bale earlier in the game where he unfortunately elbow dropped him after beating him to a cross. Bale had the chance to get his own back, he raced Chezzer to a 50/50, the Pole won and took him out in the process. As he walked back, he winked to his team mates. Classic Chezzer. He really has potential legend written all over his future.

3-1 up and you’d have thought we had the game tied up. The ball went back down our end, Cesc failed to clear his lines further than Huddlestone. The Spurs porker looked up and banged the ball back at our goal and once again, Arsenal were beaten by another screamer.

We’re pretty good at conceding those.

The second half started, Sagna had his lip busted open by the jagged elbow of Peter Crouch.

Jack Wilshere came on, my girlfriend looked up and said, ‘ahhh, Jeremy Kyle.’ Fair shout.

Spurs really upped things, VdV was all over the place. He truly is an incredible player when his mind is on the game. He forced a number of smart saves from our young keeper.

Robin was deemed offside after he put the ball into the Spurs net. I wasn’t so sure.

We were only one up, the panic button had been well and truly smashed and the Lillywhites were controlling the possession and the tempo of the game.

Theo had a good chance to bury the tie but instead of going for goal, he cut back only to find there was no one in the box for him. Arsenal’s default panic style of play is to be as indirect as possible and over complicate things. Too many stray passes and missed opportunities to pepper the Spurs goal were happening.

Lennon was played in down the wing, Chezzer thought he could beat the pacey winger for the ball, we all knew what he was going to do, Lennon nicked the ball and flew over our keeper. Penalty.

VdV stepped up, sent the keeper the wrong way and equalised.

Our young keeper didn’t cave in though, he stepped up, took responsibility and popped up with some fantastic saves to keep us in the game.

The game played out, the Sky Sports Gold certificate was printed out and posted to Gazidis and we flunked out of another season.


Mathematically we’re not out of the league but psychologically we are. We’re shot to pieces in the confidence department, we’re incapable of holding onto a lead and sadly, there isn’t the knowledge or the experience in the squad to turn this around. Last night, our first team was on show and we still choked.

The oldest player on the pitch was probably Robin Van Persie and he has about 107 Premiership games to his name. Cesc was the most experienced but again, he doesn’t have the know how for leadership. You don’t look to him to calm the players, you  don’t look to him to uphold standards. He is a brilliant player, his energy should be spent concentrating on playing and that’s it. He wasn’t born to lead, he’s admitted he doesn’t like burden so we should buy someone in who can.

I feel sorry for this team. At the core of it, we have some fantastic players capable of winning it all. We just don’t supplement that talent with know how. We’re scared of winning at the moment and only and injection of quality will remedy that.

Chezzer was fantastic last night, his error was one of youth and inexperience. I highly doubt he’ll make a mistake like that any time soon, but that’s the cost of allowing youngsters to work their apprenticeships in your first team. This year, we’ve lost 12 points that I can think of due to goalkeeping errors.

Liverpool (A) Almunia concedes near post shot 2 point

Newcastle (H) Fabianski misses ball into box for Carroll to score 3 points

WBA (H) Almunia concedes goal after putting his knee in wrong place 3 points

WBA (A) Almunia rushes out to shove over Squillaci 2 points

Spurs (A) Chezzer concedes penalty 2 points

Total points lost: 12

Lose those errors and we’re 2 points clear of United at a minimum.

Now I’m sure people will tell me that there were other factors, of course there were, but for me, at the highest level, there’s a thin line between success and failure. If we’d had a decent experienced keeper in from the start, would we have dropped 12 goalkeeping related points? I think it’s always forgotten that conceding through a keeping error has a knock on effect to the confidence of the defence. It can also kill the attacking impetus of the team for the rest of the game. There is an on cost to erratic keeping and I think we’ve suffered because of that this year.

Psychologically, this team needs a boost. We’ve spent 6 years being told the team will come good. We’ve heard that signing players isn’t the answer, well, guess what, it’s pretty much the only thing we haven’t tried. Speak to any sports psychologist and they’ll tell you that freshening up a mentally tired squad with new players is a boost to everyone. Look at Liverpool and their resurgence since they’ve rid themselves of Torres and bought in Carroll and Suarez.

I’m not here to hammer the team today, I knew something like last night could happen, choke is part of game at the moment, so I’m not surprised. What I will say is that if Arsene Wenger can’t face up to the problems he has in his squad in the summer, he really should ask himself whether this is the right club for him going forward. Banging on about mental strength that has consistently proven not to be there is getting beyond a joke now.

I’m sick and tired of being part of the classic games. I long for a side that has proper mental strength, a coach or an assistant who know how to instruct a team to play out a game and perhaps some proper ‘been there, done that’ types in our side.

The average age of our squad didn’t win us the league again. All it proved is that growing your own team is flawed without leadership. All it proved is like with anything in life, you need a balance. A degree from the Arsenal Academy gives you the basic tools to make a career, but it’ll never teach you the art of being a winner. This is something you can only learn from people who have earned their degree out in the trenches.

Just a quick note to Alex Song. The NLD is pretty major to most Arsenal fans. Meeting up with your Spurs mate on the half way and having a laugh, joke and hug with them really isn’t appropriate. Save it for the dressing room if you have to do it there and then. You remember I told you that the atmosphere in the dressing room was the same win, lose or draw… case and point right there.

P.S. Thanks to the 12 people who listened into me on 5 Live last night! Also, this made for interesting reading from the Deputy Editor at (Gooner btw)…

Interesting that Wenger/Arsenal sanctioned & checked over interview Fabregas did with Don Balon…but still claimed it has been twisted.


Andrew Allen

UPDATE: Arsenal have been in touch and informed me that the journalist in question did not have the reported interview sanctioned by Arsenal. The publication did not send the document back for Arsenal to sign off at all.

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  1. Ryan L

    Yep ur right Gambon, I would also chuck in Wigan 2-2 Arsenal from this year aswell, yes we did come back from 1 down to lead 2-1 but then couldn’t hang onto that lead against 10 men

  2. Arse&Nose©

    gambon, most big teams have a result like that once every 3-4 seasons. We have them several times in one season..its heart breaking.

  3. zee

    perry groves was right – if we’d have signed cahill and parker (don’t care about resale value) in Jan we would be ahead of united by now. And if wenger had had the bottle to stick Szczesny in from the start of the season, we’d be better off. OK mistake last night but also some very very good saves from vdv and modric, he’s miles better than the other shite we’ve got. Says it all that he only discovered his best goalkeeper by accident (injuries to the supposedly superior keepers). I didn’t even bother to listen to his post match interview cos a) I’ve heard it all before and b) I’m not interested in what he says anymore. With the lack of maturity we’ve got, especially compared to man city and spuds, we will have done well to finish above them. But that’s as high as Wenger’s sights go. He’s only obsessed by finishing above 16 teams, he doesn’t care about finishing below three. If he did, he’d have spent some dough. We only needed a little bit of ambition in the transfer market and we really could have won this title this season. We could have been on 14 titles, just 4 behind the mancs and the dippers. We need a new manager, but we won’t get one. Failing that, we need a manager prepared to accept his failings and make big, bold decisions in the summer. Again we won’t get one. It was good to see Wenger feeling uncomfortable last night, he needs to feel a bit of heat. Get out the fucking dross and get in some proven experienced quality. Parker’s a lead by example player, he’s not Messi but we have plenty of technicians. PS Diaby couldnt fucking wait to get off the pitch last night could he, those shinpads were off before he could even high five jack. Wanker.

  4. woody

    Matt i think that wink might have eluded to the fact that
    he got a right wack in the face himself with that save,i think he was winking because he was asked if he was ok.???

    And the handshake was a poor one.?


  5. WengersSweeties

    Wenger has come out and said Fabregas’s words where twisted in the article.

    [quote]Wenger, who spoke out after the draw at White Hart Lane, said: “The article bothers me.

    “This was an article organised by the club with a check viewing of the article. Not only did the author not respect the agreement, but also he did twist completely the article and we are really upset about it.

    “It was not an attack on my philosophy.

    “That is not what he (Fabregas) said. He said completely the opposite.”[/quote]

    Did Cesc say it how it is or not?

  6. Maximus

    Why does Wenger look so despondent, dejected and on the cusp of a breakdown? After all, we are over achieving and picking up the third place trophy. Or is it the fact that his ideologies, tactics and formations are obviously inept for all the world to see, as well as knowing his main men are disillusioned with HIS project at the expense of their careers and are looking for a way out. Leaving him with the can fooder that have conspired to his and Arsenals downfall? Oh happy times arsené.

    We have a great business model, but a shit football one.

    It’s time to decided if they want a winning team, trophies and happy fans or money money money. We may have a great business model but that will not be sustainable once the fans stop spending on everything from merchandise to tickets, due to the current direction of the club. Either spend money and except that your theories and approach are obviously inept and reach what all football fans think is the fundamental objective of football clubs, or see your much adored business model stuter through the desertion of disillusioned fans. You can’t claim to be one of the top clubs and charge likewise, when you fail to achieve what merits those accolades and prices.

    Just a thought anyway

  7. zee

    also I still cannot even guess what wenger was moaning about to the 4th official after the penalty decision? There was literally nothing to complain about. Sometimes Arsene it’s YOUR players’ fault. It’s becoming embarrassing

  8. gambon


    At the end of last season I wrote a long post saying the only difference (results wise) between us & UTD or Chelsea was:

    1- Ability to win big/tough games
    2- Holding 2 goal leads

    Man Utd surrendered a 2 goal lead against Everton for the first time in years at the start of this season, we do it all the time.

    We arent making any improvement year in year out, that is the main reason Wenger must go.

  9. zee

    What Wenger said about the Fabregas interview: “It bothers me and I will tell you why. Because this was an article organised by the Club with a check view after the article. Not only did the reporter not respect the agreement but also he twisted completely the article. We are really upset about it. It is disappointing and unprofessional from the journalist. The whole article is the opposite of what the player said. We give not as much importance to the media as you think. Our job is to talk a little and do a lot and your job is to talk a lot.”

    What Wenger thought about the Fabregas interview: “Shit, I have the final say about fucking everything that happens at this club, and I forgot to check it. It was all fucking spot on, especially the bit about how I’d have been sacked after three years at Barca, Real or Valencia. That’s really fucked me off.”

  10. TonyS

    I was boozing in the east end this week and I remember telling this girl she was too pretty to be wandering up and down the street looking for her boyfriend.

    As my hangover subsided the next day and I started to remember her “boyfriends” string vest & tatoos I realised that there was a distinct possibility of her being a hooker.


  11. Dave Highbury

    Another lesson from the away crowd. Our away record is better than our home one BECAUSE OF THE FANS- not the players. You talk about Psychology Le Grove, THAT WAS OUR RESPONSIBILITY and WE blew it with an entire season of moaning at them. BARCA took five years to get going, and so have we but with a new stadium to boot. The fact is that we are on the up, and won’t peak for a few years yet. We should let everyone know this and instill fear in the opposition, not our own young squad. Backing them, and not slagging them will change this squad into LEGEND. It’s you lot who’ve lost before every match. It’s you lot who don’t have a winning mentality. Defend your team! Get the most out of your team… FOOLS. I can see many legends brewing from this team. Time to let them know this rather than writing them off. Wenger is not a twat

  12. Matt

    I really, really hope Wenger walks and the more that fans and the press do to assist this happening the better.

    I have no love or respect for him anymore whatsoever.

  13. rvp15

    Guys, we are and never were going to win the league. The sooner we are out of it the better we will start playing.

    This team, in its current form, would get the bingo numbers wrong at the local saloon. They will never win anything.

    Don’t get me wrong, they will always be there or thereabouts, but will always fall short at the final hurdle owing to the deaded draw result.

    I still believe in my heart that the core of this team will go on to greatness but only if we rid ourselves of players like clichy, eboue, denilson, bendtner and buy in some quality wingbacks and strikers.

  14. SpursFan

    Moan moan moan, jeez its like an episode of Eastenders on here! Both teams were involved in a great sporting spectacle, full of attacking flair, great goals and skills. We’ve only lost at home once in 26 league matches (early this season before we got our rhythm against a poor Wigan of all teams) so there’s no shame in drawing at the Lane. Great game that had everything, just try and show some graciousnees and enjoy it. Like TonyS says, secretly your glad you didn’t lose it in the end 😉

  15. Hunter

    Wenger says if he brings in a quality player he will kill the career of the youth player. Now after the latest fiasco he will have to decide which is more important:getting trophies for Arsenal or sticking to youth thereby jeopardising chances of a trophy.
    He cannot have it both ways.AsFeb said at any Spanish club, Wenger would have been sacked.
    If there are not trophes nnext year and it’s more of the same ie youth players getting their chances,then Arsenal will cease to be title contenders.
    I am 200 % two hundred % sure all gunners fans will wish he carry on his y projecy at another club.
    Rest assured he would not have things his way.If there are losses ,imo,he would be shown the exit door.

  16. Maximus

    If cesc did say that and AW has come out and said the opposite, then I would leave on principle. He has all the hall marks of a tyrant, failing to listen to your own people, believing they are happy in their current situation and try and supress and contort anything bad said about you, and if anyone does stands up to you, you kill them (or in the case remove them from the club).

  17. Wellington

    schezney is a class act

    where was sagna for the pen??

    wengers subs utter bollocks yet again

    song is shit

  18. Dream10

    Diaby, RVP and Koscielny seem very lightweight for their respective heights.

    Diaby on the Uefa website is listed at 1.92m and 74kg. does not list the weight of the players.

  19. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    gutless gutless gutless…

    we are a good mid table team who have exceeded themselves over the last few years.

  20. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Wellington… i was thinking that , there was heaps of room on the right when the ball was played in…

  21. gambon

    “Our away record is better than our home one BECAUSE OF THE FANS- not the players”

    This is awesome….because our home record is BETTER than our away record!!


  22. goonerDNA

    Chezzy kept us in the game last night, I have no clue why he’s become some sort of scape goat and yes you can fault him in other games but for his 1st real season at Arsenal (1st team football) he’s been brilliant its so easy to remember the goals they scored against him but what about all the saves and injuring Bale.

    And Gomes has loads more experience than Chezzy so to Robinson not mentioning Almunia and Jens but NO you don’t want them in goal.

    Wenger looks terrible and is behaving even worse, the way Harry smiled at Pat Rice after the hand shake said alot

  23. Matt

    When Almunia fucks up, I dont hear people asking where the defence was. When Chesney does it, it’s all about the defence.

    Double standards big time!

  24. Big Dave

    Chezzer says were still fighting, poor bloke.

    Being 3-1 up to your enemy and end up drawing is not fighting my son

  25. bnsb

    Being 3-1 up to your enemy and end up drawing is not fighting my son

    It is not a ‘disaster either’ 🙂

  26. Pedro

    Gambon, well said.

    Arsenal just contacted me about that tweet I put up… I’ll let you know how that goes.

  27. Franchise

    Sshezz kept us in the game?????? his job is to make saves when he has to. Nothing special there

    giving away a needless pen is just plain stupid

  28. Matt

    Dream 10

    Possibly, I would be more general and say our defending as a team is the bigggest problem. That includes Midfield, Defence and keeper. I dont include strikers in that because if the rest were doing their job then the strikers shouldnt even be thinking about defending.

  29. Maximus

    Dave Highbury, how much longer would you like? 10, 15, 20 years, the fact remains the same failings have cost us year after year, without being addressed due to one mans egotistical, arrogant, and self absorbed approach with a disregard for the people who actually allow the club to function (fans). For people like you and AW who accept failure constantly why try in the first place, and oh yes we are on the up you say, check AW record for the early years, and what has happened in the last 6/7 years, a confusing interpretation of progression.

  30. woody

    I seem to remember at the start of Wengers reign
    that he said he would like to manage the Japanese
    national side.? At the end of his career.?

    Enough said.????????????

  31. Maximus

    Wenger your constant moaning at obvious decisions and feeling sorry for yourself is embarrassing, if you didn’t waste time and energy on those two needless actions which is about 90% of the time, you might be able to figure out some different formations and tactics, because everyone on this planet knows what your approach and game plans are, let alone your opposite.

  32. Pedro

    I’m not sure Wellington, I said yesterday if the reports are false, Arsenal or Cesc should sue the reporter.

    Hopefully they’re doing that if that’s the case.

  33. Matt

    Just goes to show how controlling Wenger is. His captain comes out and says what everyone else knows and has been thinking for a long time and Wenger comes out blaming people for twisting things. I dont hear Cesc saying that his words were twisted!!

  34. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Very good game yesterday and the analysis is spot on.

    Defensively we’re shot and it was unbearable watching the defending early second half and last 20 minutes. Major changes are needed as Djourou (our best defender hahaha) and Koscielny (dogshite i’m afraid) are not good enough to start at a club of our calibre. We only accept it because it’s the hand we’ve been dealt. Calamity Clichy was at his keystone kop best again yesterday and Sagna had a very good first half, but got dragged into a circus like performance due to the rest of the back 4 and the two dopey holding midfielders in front of them..

    I’d just like to say Cesc was superb last night, class! But his face told a story at the end.. This cannot continue.. Either Wenger swallows a bit of his pride and reigns in his ridiculous emperors new clothes act and spends on an international experienced goalkeeper, 1 x 15m + centre halve, a midfield general and fox in the box and cull the dogshite. Or. We will continue the same and be forever stuck in groundhog day until it all ends rather unpleasantly for a man who is still dining of the invincibles season.

    Agree with Fran about Chesney.. Still very raw and not ready. The penalty aside he was shocking on the short kicking game and punched everything that came into the box and one point when an experienced keeper would have jump and caught the ball before lying down waisting a few seconds to relieve some pressure. Loved the caltterment of Bale and he is definitely a stayer long term. Still is only a number 2 behind an experienced international goalkeeper at the moment in my opinion…


    De Rossi

    YTH OUT:

    Loan Out:

    GK: Stekelenberg, Szczesny, Mannone

    LB: Gibbs, Bothelo, Jenkinson
    RB: Sagna, Vrsaljko
    CB: Hummels, Djourou, Bartley
    CB: Vermaelen, Koscielny

    CM: De Rossi, Song, Frimpong, Coquelin
    CM: Wilshire, Ramsey, Lansbury
    AM: Fabregas, Nasri

    LWF: Nasri, Arshavin, Miyachi
    RWF: Walcott, Arshavin, JET

    CF: Van Perise, Cavani, Bendtner



    Sagna Vermaelen Hummels Gibbs

    —–De Rossi Wilshire


    ———Van Persie

  35. TonyS

    (to the tune of Redknapp’s mother is as wh*re)

    Ferdianads stalker is a man.
    Shes a man
    Hes a ma-aa-aa-an


    Shes’a man. He’s a ma-aa-aa-an

  36. azed

    Dave Highbury
    If those cunts need motivation from the fans to win a trophy then they should be sent to a concentration camp.
    It cos of people like u Wenger thinks there is a trophy for 2nd place.

  37. MatthewT

    The attitude was fantastic

    We played the game how we wanted to play

    I personally believe that this team has an outstanding personality

    To me the team doesn’t get enough credit

    My team deserves a lot of credit

    I know Cesc well enough and I don’t need to tell you more. That is not what he said. He said completely the opposite.

    A person who says those things is not a person that belives they are wrong and are going to change how they do things.

    Wenger has completely lost touch with reality and he was involved in another touchline incident, he should go ASAP.

  38. Arse&Nose©

    Don’t think Harry Redknapp deserves the stick he gets from our fans, he is always a gent in interviews and never says a bad word against us or Wenger.

    He is honest to a fault, Wenger could learn somethin about PR off Harry.

  39. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    I grow tired of wenger’s petulance… He’s practically the french grown up version of Harry Enfield’s Kevin the teenager…

  40. TonyS

    Redknapp is an OK guy in general. But he is the Sp*rs manager. So he is a cunt. Its the rules. I didn’t make them.

  41. Le Profarter

    “It was not an attack on my philosophy.

    “That is not what he [Fabregas] said. He said completely the opposite.”
    Sounds like a deluded dictator who is losing the plot.

  42. Wenger out NOW

    Bad Point that Once again the team bottles it and wengers tacics screw as over. On the plus side me and my 14 year old son got home safe after a few horrible moments down the park lane and tottenham high Road.
    Did anyone else at the game see Kevin bond give Wenger a shove and a push to get the ball back a few mins after they scored the pen. Wenger went crying to the forth official basil fawlty style. The one time in my life I wish I was Kevin Bond!!

  43. Gooby


    trust me, from an arsenal point of view it is a shame not to win at the lane unless it’s a charity game

  44. goonerDNA

    Chezzy isn’t going sit on the bench and be happy for 4-5 years as Arsenal number 2 is he! especially when you think he nearly left because he hadn’t played 1st team football in a matter of months.

  45. Gooby

    ———cesc/nasri———–(depending on who stays this summer)

  46. Doublegooner





  47. Wonderboy

    Did anyone actually enjoy the match last night, I thought it was a cracker. Proper, end to end entertainment. Match of the season!

  48. Jimbo

    If we’re serious about:

    a) winning something this season
    b) spending serious money on genuine quality
    c) investing in the future as well as the present of this club

    I would do the following:

    1) Fire Arsene Wenger. Simple decision.
    2) Sell: Chamakh, Eboue, Denilson, Koscielny, Rosicky, Almunia
    3) Sign: Neymar, Van der Wiel, Varanne, Parker

  49. Goonerpower

    Parker, fuck him. Why do people keep banging on about fuckng shitty granddad Parker. If he was that god why the fuck does he play for WHU……..cause he’s shit that’s why

  50. bernard (bade the gooner)

    al least yesterday you saw the team running & trying… it was a fair game & the result was fair…
    the problem isn’t in missing on 2 goals lead, this kind of things can happen, the problem is the way things are done.
    yesterday we lost 2 goals lead to a team that fought back & played will while we were keeping solid play.
    but if we had that same spirit we showed yesterday in our last 8 games, we would have been with 10 or more points …..
    & nobody talks about us dropping third now … 🙂

  51. Pedro

    Frachise, I think you’re barking up the wrong tree saying Chezzer is a bad keeper.

    I think he’s going to be fantastic. He’s already pretty solid now.

  52. Big Dave

    It was crying out last night for a strong head, someone to just sit and break up the play, we need a DM with power and strength, a leader, none of this we have at present

  53. Colonel Mustard

    “The publication did not send the document back for Arsenal to sign off at all”

    Must be a few cages shaken Pedro if the Politburo are are sending you emails. Regardless, the journalist hardy made it all up. Its obvious this is Cesc’s stance. he has done interviews with Graham Hunter and Ballague intimating this in the past with far more details on his disappointments but not picked up by English media. The Alonso debacle was another case in point when Cesc send get this guy and we argued over 1 or 2 million. Big club small mentality and when a world cup winner says this you better listen as no matter what his age is. he is a proven winner who won his country a world cup with a great pass.

  54. bernard (bade the gooner)

    one thing about theo,
    he has to play as a second striker …..
    the game yesterday showed we suit better the 4-4-2 style or the 4-1-3-2 ….
    the problem yesterday was mainly our tactically frozen manager. the same dull subs all the time. no change of formation, no new tactics, nothing.
    notice there mates, when we were playing beautifuly in this game we were far from our 4-3-3 fromation. it was more of a 4-1-3-2- with diaby cesc & nasri pkaying the middle & theo & robin as 2 strikers.
    theo goals came from a classic move of 2 strikers with a playmaker just behind to pass the through ball.

  55. Colonel Mustard

    Goonerpower – its parkers mentality that we require. He a driven, intelligent player and deserves respect. he has a great season and not far off a player like Parlour in style. Would’nt mind him now.

  56. Paulinho

    Spurs squad has more potential than ours, and they’ll go further ultimately. They have smarter players as well. When the game got stretched their players were a step ahead of ours.

    They’ve also got a grounded manager who is realistic knows where his team needs to improve, whereas as we have a fucking clown on the verge of dementia.

  57. bernard (bade the gooner)

    chasney will turn great one day, but let’s face it, he already cost us this season (don’t forget the CC final…)
    even before that penalty he had some hasty plays there. in the other hand, he showed great carachter with the way he took responsibilty & turned his game up with super-super saves. hi is very strong mentally.

  58. Jimbo

    For fuck’s sake, I don’t know how many times this needs to be pointed out – the CC final was Koscielny’s fault, not Szczesneys!

  59. Wellington

    snipets from

    fucking laughable

    f you don’t already follow us on Twitter and want to have your say, you can find us here: @Arsenal

    @knee_2 – A great derby with good football from both sides. Szczesny is clearly a star of the future.

    @dannysupit – We must keep fighting because the season isn’t over yet.

    @Hektor96 – Djourou was a giant at the back and Szczesny was awesome!

    @blacko_gunner – The team showed great fighting spirit. We just have to stay strong and keep going until the end of the season.

    @gilo79gunner – A brilliant performance, the team showed true fighting spirit after the recent disappointments.

    @matthewchan1995 – It’s a point gained rather than two lost! The season is not over yet and we must fight hard.

    @Patrick4Gooner – We have to win the next five games, there can be no excuses! Spurs was a tough fixture and we still managed to score three away goals.

    @caffeinenut23 – It was a great game from both sides. Arsenal’s offense looked sharp but the defense still needs work

    @SammyGunner11 – I was worried about our last two games but we have come through them better than I expected. I now strongly believe we can win the title.

  60. AA23

    why do people keep saying he was involved in a touchline incident? He shook that twitching cunts hand. He shook the other cunts hand too.
    i dont blame hiom for not wanting to touch either one of those aids ridden cunts but he bit the bullet and did it.

  61. bernard (bade the gooner)

    you can point that out as many times as you wish mate, the two goals conceded were chesney’s.
    the second goal was chesney’s fault mainly, but also kozzer’s.
    let’s say chesney had his worst game for the team at the CC final. had he played his regular stuff we would’ve win it without conceding.

  62. AA23

    Chesney and Cesc twittering again “sorry”, “Title is still on”, “we’ll fight till the end”

    fuck off.

  63. Jimbo

    bernard – well, you’re wrong – Koscielny imagined a call that Szcezney didn’t give him. Even if Koscielny had heard a call, he should have STILL put his boot through it. It was Koscielny’s fault, it’s not hard to understand – even l’idiot Wenger gets it.

  64. Colonel Mustard

    from main piece: “What I will say is that if Arsene Wenger can’t face up to the problems he has in his squad in the summer, he really should ask himself whether this is the right club for him going forward. Banging on about mental strength that has consistently proven not to be there is getting beyond a joke now.”

    The thing is he has nowhere else to go for him but international as any other top English or European team demands results for their bucks. If he goes to develop talent at lower tier he has’nt the cash or draw for the best younger players. He is a dream job and at the moment untouchable. Unacceptable.

  65. Goonerpower

    No way, we are the Arsenal. Why do we take a past it player, couldn’t give two fucks about how good he is this season, if he was that good again why is he playing for WHU. There is plenty better out there, I feel like we would be
    going back in time if we got him. Only my opinion but a very strong one

  66. Spectrum

    Speaking about next season Wenger said a few days ago that “We will continue to live within our means” ( read; we won’t spend big on players again next season ), and “We will continue our policy of developing youth”. So clearly more of the same is planned.
    Now we read that despite the glaring deficiencies with the team, he is reported to be refusing to meet P.S.G.’s valuation of Mamadou Sakho. Deja vu again ?
    All this is probably why BET365 have Arsenal at ODDS ON to win NO TROPHIES AT ALL next season ! Other interesting stats are here….
    This stubborn mule just will not change, will he ?

    “In Arsene we rust.”

  67. bernard (bade the gooner)

    if wenger said it’s kozzer’s fault, it means it’s chezzer’s, as wenger always gets things upside down 😆
    anyway, chesney was to blame also for that goal, & surely he was to blame for the brummies 1st ….

  68. simon mcmahon

    cesc ,dont bleat on in spanish and then say your words were misquoted.
    you said them in spanish and they were translated ,
    so fucking man up and be honest.

    chokers !!!!!!!!!

    please go!!!!!!!!

  69. nuudles

    fans still fighting about who is to blame and who not, and AA23, would you rather they not be sorry? Yes we would all prefer it if they did their talking on the pitch, but the game is over then what?

    If you say they shouldnt say anything on twitter then dont read it, there are some fans who would like to hear that they are sorry for throwing away the lead again.

  70. bernard (bade the gooner)

    pedro, if contacted you so quickely about that tweet, that means they watch you closely ….
    so watch your back guys…. 😉

  71. Goonerpower

    Colonel Mustard, I agree we need a driven, intelligent kind of player or 2 but don’t feel he could do the job required

  72. goonerDNA

    I think the failure of the youth policy is clouding some of you guys judgement, with young players if he’s going to be be great KEEP HIM and make him excellent thru game time much like Jack if a player has no talent or very little then he must fuck off, but you can’t have it both ways i.e Hazard probably won’t mind sitting on Madrid’s bench but he will never come to Arsenal to sit on our bench.

  73. nuudles

    In any way, would you guys go for Inler? Song is clearly not up to scratch, as soon as the opposition gets a bit technical (like Modric’ slight movement of the ball away from Song) he cannot seem to cope and is next to useless as a DM. He used to be quite solid if we play against power like Stoke or such, but very limited at defending against technically gifted teams who move the ball around a lot.

    I would sell Song & Diaby and get Inler & M’vila/Sissoko or even Tiote.

  74. TonyS

    Where’s is my fucking copy of Portal 2?? I bet that postie is sitting in his house playing it right now….

  75. simon mcmahon

    nuddles,The point is you are told by other media sources what the players say on twitter,
    personaly I dont give a fuck I wont read it because it’s bollocks but I comment on it because other media source publish their comments,
    I feel its taking the piss that a few say sorry again and again and again after every failure.
    They Should rememeber that actions speak louder than words and all of us over 12 who dont tweet, or facebook them, our pissed of with another failure of a season, and the pretence that they give a shit about us FANS..

  76. Big Dave

    Now Lady Nina has all that money from her shares, shame she cant give us all a pressie and pay for Hazard, cause AW wont buy at that price

  77. TonyS

    A quarter of men aged 18-24 are worried about the amount of porn they are watching on the internet, new research suggests.

    Heavy users in the study were much more likely to report problems with their jobs, relationships and sex lives.

    Newsbeat teamed up with doctors from the Portman Clinic for the report, the first of its kind in the UK.

    “Those people spending large amounts of time accessing porn are not having more fun,” said Dr Heather Wood.

  78. Dutchman

    Some news guys, we are the third valuable club of the world!!! Ahead of barcelona! We are worth 800m. That’s more then barca! Where is our facking money!!!
    How the fuck can it be that a club who is the third most valuable club of the world doesn’t sign big players! That’s facking incredible! Don’t come with the emirates bullshit or sugar daddy bullshit!!
    Bayern munchen is exactly the same as us and they spend big money! Facking wenger is the problem!

  79. gooner

    Wenger thinks Cesc was misquoted?

    Cesc has spelled it out to him, exactly what is wrong and to sort it out? Jesus, Wenger in denial again

  80. Gooby

    Jimbo says:
    April 21, 2011 at 13:24
    Honestly, Falcao is bullshit.

    i didn’t watch a lot but a friend of mine is a massive porto fan(he’s Portuguese) told me falcao is a really good, always in the right place at the right time and bangs them for fun

  81. goonergerry

    I am convinced that the Wenger way can work- but the irony is- not with the kids in midfield that he is obsessed with playing in midfield and the back learning the game. Wenger obviously does not coach defensive organisation. Our midfield players are weak defensively. They have to learn it elsewhere.
    In midfield we gave Spurs far too much room at times. I am sick of conceding wonder goals to them-it happens every time we play them- because we don’t put enough pressure on midfield.
    One thing is clear- we need to strengthen midfield- and with men not kids. We have one kid Wiltshere- if we put anymore kids in midfield against Spurs we will be defeated- its as simple as that.

    Guarantee that Wenger will sell Cesc this year-he wont tell us- but he will be massively disappointed in the idiot writing that crap in the media. He was not misinterpreted. Where is his head at? This is a captain remember- supposedly the players leader being paid over 110 per week. Had he forgotten that? Fabregas thinks he is too good for this club. He is about to learn a nasty lesson- he isn’t.
    Cesc has fallen into the old trap- moaning about poor performances of the team- which are as much down to him as anybody else. He needs to work much harder at the defensive part of his game and shut the fuck up.
    Cesc is a great player going forward. He ain’t a great player defensively and nor is Nasri. They are both luxury players. They have to work harder defensively to be worth their place in midfield in any really top side.

    Most interesting result was that of Madrid beating Barca- shows with organisation – any team can be beaten. We haven’t got that organisation- and there are several top managers who will give us that. In other words- we can perform better than this with an inferior side that is better organised defensively.

  82. gooner


    Barca were hard done by. Pedro scored an excellent onside goal disallowed by the linesman. Similar to van persie scoring an excellent onside goal last night as well.

    You cant score if you move the goalposts

  83. Gooby


    we are always competing, problem is we fall short every-time. a couple of top players will do the trick, even 3 of them ffs

    sagna djourou vermaelen coentrao
    inhler cesc wilshere
    nasri RvP theo

  84. Matt


    I always thought we were just a couple of players away from really challenging but I’m not sure I really beleive that anymore.

    The leads we have thrown away this season points to a much bigger problem then just a couple of players. When you consider, as someone pointed out earlier, other top teams throw those sort of leads away maybe once a season. We have done it more times then I care to remember and I wouldnt bet against us doing it again before the season is out!

  85. Goonerpower

    Pedro goal was no way offside at all he was leaning forward, but his feet where in line with the other player…….watch it again if you can gooby

  86. Al

    Wellington says:
    April 21, 2011 at 13:49

    snipets from

    fucking laughable

    f you don’t already follow us on Twitter and want to have your say, you can find us here: @Arsenal

    @knee_2 – A great derby with good football from both sides. Szczesny is clearly a star of the future.

    @dannysupit – We must keep fighting because the season isn’t over yet.

    @Hektor96 – Djourou was a giant at the back and Szczesny was awesome!

    @blacko_gunner – The team showed great fighting spirit. We just have to stay strong and keep going until the end of the season.

    @gilo79gunner – A brilliant performance, the team showed true fighting spirit after the recent disappointments.

    @matthewchan1995 – It’s a point gained rather than two lost! The season is not over yet and we must fight hard.

    @Patrick4Gooner – We have to win the next five games, there can be no excuses! Spurs was a tough fixture and we still managed to score three away goals.

    @caffeinenut23 – It was a great game from both sides. Arsenal’s offense looked sharp but the defense still needs work

    @SammyGunner11 – I was worried about our last two games but we have come through them better than I expected. I now strongly believe we can win the title.


    That is hilarious. The person in managing the account must feel cheap and dirty for being associated wwith that crap

  87. BillikenGooner

    Maureen takes a team that gets smashed 5-0 earlier in the season and adjusts and wins a Cup final against that team.

    Wenger takes a team that blew a 2 goal lead at home versus their hated rival and ends up doing the same things in a must win game… and blows another 2 goal lead.

  88. dezzy (USA)

    Maybe y’all dont notice this incident yesterday… Abu Diaby made some errors yesterday and Pat Rice tried to make that known, only for Wenger to shove him by the shoulder and that was it… Quiet Again…!!! Get rid of Wenger and we are going to win atleast one throphy a season…