Youth kills title dream as psychologically traumatised Arsenal flunk Spurs test

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Well, if I’m going to take a positive out of anything this season it’s the fact that if there is a Premiership classic to be had, you can be damn sure we’ll be involved in it. If we’re not losing after going two goals up at home, we’re sharing the spoils after being 4 up at half time.

Last night was another one for the Sky Sports Gold archive. From a neutral or a Spurs/Arsenal perspective, the game was an absolute belter. I’m gutted that we threw away a 2 goal lead again, but what can you do? We knew the team had a soft underbelly a long time ago and we’ve known all season that a 2 goal cushion is never enough for this crop of youngsters.

The part that irritated me is that we know there is a problem, yet it appears nothing is has been done to remedy it. Since Wenger took on the job of running the team on a budget, he’s constantly shown himself to be inept tactically. Last night was more of the same. Harry Redknapp recognised he’d made a tactical error at half time and made the relevant changes. Arsene Wenger knew he was two up, knew the league was on the line, yet he continued with the same formation and we were pegged back in the second half.

Playing against Spurs is not a banker like it used to be. We can’t expect to go to the Lane and turn them over every year. Our chance at Premiership glory was not lost there, it was lost at Newcastle when we surrendered a 4 goal lead. Since then, we’ve won 3 and drawn 5. We’ve also dropped out of 2 cups. Wenger can hold onto the achievement of not losing since United on the 13th of December, but that’s no good if you’re failing to beat Sunderland, West Brom and Blackburn. It’s no good if you’re conceding after the 98th minute at home.

Last nights game got off to a screamer. Diaby and Song played a neat one two, Cesc was found in space, he threaded Theo through the centre and the young Englishman didn’t need a second invite, he slotted perfectly past Gomes for the first.

Spurs equalised shortly after, VdV was picked out by Corluka, Diaby was tracking his run but didn’t make and attempt at a challenge, the Dutchman fired inside Chezzer’s near post and the game was level.

Robin went close up the other end but Gomes was equal to his near post shot and tipped the ball round the post.

Our second came when Nasri and Diaby exchanged passes in the middle of the park, Nasri looked up and fired a long-range low effort past Gomes. A super goal and an example of what happens when you take a gamble with a shot.

Our crossing from the right was particularly woeful, Sagna was not on top form in that department. There was a great over all flow to our game, a confidence I haven’t seen for months and a variety that was truly refreshing.

Theo was slipped in through the middle again, his shot was dragged just wide. The more I watch Theo this season, the more I’m convinced he’s been watching Marc Overmars videos. He’s direct, incredibly fast and he’s added finishing to his repertoire this season.

Our third came from a very nice move again, Sagna’s first cross missed all the red shirts, Gallas tried to chest the ball out of play, it didn’t work, Theo nipped in and chipped to the back post, Robin cushioned a header over Gomes, the Brazilian clawed it back out into the danger zone… Robin roofed it into the net!

Chezzer had already had one run in with Bale earlier in the game where he unfortunately elbow dropped him after beating him to a cross. Bale had the chance to get his own back, he raced Chezzer to a 50/50, the Pole won and took him out in the process. As he walked back, he winked to his team mates. Classic Chezzer. He really has potential legend written all over his future.

3-1 up and you’d have thought we had the game tied up. The ball went back down our end, Cesc failed to clear his lines further than Huddlestone. The Spurs porker looked up and banged the ball back at our goal and once again, Arsenal were beaten by another screamer.

We’re pretty good at conceding those.

The second half started, Sagna had his lip busted open by the jagged elbow of Peter Crouch.

Jack Wilshere came on, my girlfriend looked up and said, ‘ahhh, Jeremy Kyle.’ Fair shout.

Spurs really upped things, VdV was all over the place. He truly is an incredible player when his mind is on the game. He forced a number of smart saves from our young keeper.

Robin was deemed offside after he put the ball into the Spurs net. I wasn’t so sure.

We were only one up, the panic button had been well and truly smashed and the Lillywhites were controlling the possession and the tempo of the game.

Theo had a good chance to bury the tie but instead of going for goal, he cut back only to find there was no one in the box for him. Arsenal’s default panic style of play is to be as indirect as possible and over complicate things. Too many stray passes and missed opportunities to pepper the Spurs goal were happening.

Lennon was played in down the wing, Chezzer thought he could beat the pacey winger for the ball, we all knew what he was going to do, Lennon nicked the ball and flew over our keeper. Penalty.

VdV stepped up, sent the keeper the wrong way and equalised.

Our young keeper didn’t cave in though, he stepped up, took responsibility and popped up with some fantastic saves to keep us in the game.

The game played out, the Sky Sports Gold certificate was printed out and posted to Gazidis and we flunked out of another season.


Mathematically we’re not out of the league but psychologically we are. We’re shot to pieces in the confidence department, we’re incapable of holding onto a lead and sadly, there isn’t the knowledge or the experience in the squad to turn this around. Last night, our first team was on show and we still choked.

The oldest player on the pitch was probably Robin Van Persie and he has about 107 Premiership games to his name. Cesc was the most experienced but again, he doesn’t have the know how for leadership. You don’t look to him to calm the players, you  don’t look to him to uphold standards. He is a brilliant player, his energy should be spent concentrating on playing and that’s it. He wasn’t born to lead, he’s admitted he doesn’t like burden so we should buy someone in who can.

I feel sorry for this team. At the core of it, we have some fantastic players capable of winning it all. We just don’t supplement that talent with know how. We’re scared of winning at the moment and only and injection of quality will remedy that.

Chezzer was fantastic last night, his error was one of youth and inexperience. I highly doubt he’ll make a mistake like that any time soon, but that’s the cost of allowing youngsters to work their apprenticeships in your first team. This year, we’ve lost 12 points that I can think of due to goalkeeping errors.

Liverpool (A) Almunia concedes near post shot 2 point

Newcastle (H) Fabianski misses ball into box for Carroll to score 3 points

WBA (H) Almunia concedes goal after putting his knee in wrong place 3 points

WBA (A) Almunia rushes out to shove over Squillaci 2 points

Spurs (A) Chezzer concedes penalty 2 points

Total points lost: 12

Lose those errors and we’re 2 points clear of United at a minimum.

Now I’m sure people will tell me that there were other factors, of course there were, but for me, at the highest level, there’s a thin line between success and failure. If we’d had a decent experienced keeper in from the start, would we have dropped 12 goalkeeping related points? I think it’s always forgotten that conceding through a keeping error has a knock on effect to the confidence of the defence. It can also kill the attacking impetus of the team for the rest of the game. There is an on cost to erratic keeping and I think we’ve suffered because of that this year.

Psychologically, this team needs a boost. We’ve spent 6 years being told the team will come good. We’ve heard that signing players isn’t the answer, well, guess what, it’s pretty much the only thing we haven’t tried. Speak to any sports psychologist and they’ll tell you that freshening up a mentally tired squad with new players is a boost to everyone. Look at Liverpool and their resurgence since they’ve rid themselves of Torres and bought in Carroll and Suarez.

I’m not here to hammer the team today, I knew something like last night could happen, choke is part of game at the moment, so I’m not surprised. What I will say is that if Arsene Wenger can’t face up to the problems he has in his squad in the summer, he really should ask himself whether this is the right club for him going forward. Banging on about mental strength that has consistently proven not to be there is getting beyond a joke now.

I’m sick and tired of being part of the classic games. I long for a side that has proper mental strength, a coach or an assistant who know how to instruct a team to play out a game and perhaps some proper ‘been there, done that’ types in our side.

The average age of our squad didn’t win us the league again. All it proved is that growing your own team is flawed without leadership. All it proved is like with anything in life, you need a balance. A degree from the Arsenal Academy gives you the basic tools to make a career, but it’ll never teach you the art of being a winner. This is something you can only learn from people who have earned their degree out in the trenches.

Just a quick note to Alex Song. The NLD is pretty major to most Arsenal fans. Meeting up with your Spurs mate on the half way and having a laugh, joke and hug with them really isn’t appropriate. Save it for the dressing room if you have to do it there and then. You remember I told you that the atmosphere in the dressing room was the same win, lose or draw… case and point right there.

P.S. Thanks to the 12 people who listened into me on 5 Live last night! Also, this made for interesting reading from the Deputy Editor at (Gooner btw)…

Interesting that Wenger/Arsenal sanctioned & checked over interview Fabregas did with Don Balon…but still claimed it has been twisted.


Andrew Allen

UPDATE: Arsenal have been in touch and informed me that the journalist in question did not have the reported interview sanctioned by Arsenal. The publication did not send the document back for Arsenal to sign off at all.

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  1. incesc

    glad wenger is keeping the message of the title being alive.

    with this bunch of arseholes in the team if they decided the title was over we would end up 7th.

    going for a title and at least we might pick up the draws needed for 4th place

  2. tonyadamsisgod

    I cannot believe that Wenger still thinks his team has a strong mentality! Are you fucking kidding me! 2 wins in 10 games! Surrendering leads after 2 minutes over and over again!

    Wenger has literally lost the plot. I mean it. He cannot see what is right in front of him, even with the entire world pointing it out to him! There is no way back for this man. If he cannot do the decent thing and bring himself to pull the plug then Stan must do it! And make it a total step away. Don’t move him upstairs and don’t let him pick his replacement!

    Morning all….

  3. gambon

    Wenger is absolutely finished.

    Did anyone see him on the touchline? Hes a week away from a nervous breakdown.

    How can he expect the team to be calm when leading 3-1 when hes doing his impression of an epileptic?

  4. Joppa

    The point you make about Song says it all really. Didn;t Cesc do the same pre-match against Barca? Hugging the players etc.

    When will people realise that it doesn’t matter how the match end to a lot of these players. They are comfortable with their way of life.

    So many points dropped this season and still Wenger talks the same old shit.

  5. Arse&Nose©

    Another fucking hyped up drama about the great manchester united, is it any wonder that most of the country support them, that they get most of the decisions? The media treat them like gods.

  6. Sir Cecil

    Chelsea are having their worst season in well over a decade. Yet they are ABOVE Arsenal in the table. Strange that. And funny too.

  7. gooner-pak

    i said yesterday, how can player buck themselves up when they know that manager will be happy even if we finish second.
    and apparently it seems arsenal player think there are two outcomes of a game lose or draw

  8. abnet

    my proble was from last night was what the hake was the thinking in taking off nasri i still couldnt make it up why !! yes in deed Arsene lost it he needs help or leave now

  9. tonyadamsisgod

    Did we even manage to break into their half after Wenger removed our 2 main threats, and goalscorers, in Theo and Nasri!?

  10. Arse&Nose©

    tiag, we are just too stupid to see the god-like tactical awareness of wenger to put Bendtner on the right wing.

  11. Moray

    the one hope we have now is that, being in third place, the pressure is off, and we may scrape through in the automatic CL positions.

    If the point we gave to Spuds is the difference between them being in the CL next year or not, then I’m going to kill someone.

  12. peter

    you know when a manager has to walk away it’s not when he doesn’tknow tactics or buying players it’s when a team give up a 4-goal lead and they don’t give a fuck they don’t care

  13. Harry

    Mourinho showed again last night the difference a great manager can make to a side, I want to see that at the Arsenal again: will Wenger ever ever leave?

  14. TonyS

    Secretly, deep down inside. We are all pleased we didn’t lose. The tiny tots had 2 or 3 GILT edged chances to score a winner and I was resigned to one of them going in, because we’ve seen it happen with this side so many times before.

    Being an arsenal fan now is now like working in A&E. We’ve all seen so many horrible, bloody atrocities that we are all completely desensitised to any new fuck-ups.

    IMO Fab4 & Chezzer were fucking brilliant.

  15. Walking Wounded

    We have played poorly this season and Wenger is under pressure. FACT!

    We are 15 points ahead of 6th with 5 games left, so we are guaranteed Europe and with Tottenham’s run-in, 4th looks safe, so Champions League next year.

    We have got 4 of our 5 remaining games against teams who should be less motivated than us, Bolton, Stoke (immediately before the FA Cup), Villa and Fulham, so there are no excuses, for poor performances and lack of effort.

    If we beat Utd and Chelsea beat Utd and all other games between these teams are won, there will be a three way tie for the Title, with no real difference in goal differences.

    Not an inconceivable scenario.

    Last night was another opportunity missed, but we played a hell of a lot better. We dominated Liverpool, but fell foul of their organised and 8 man defence.

    We dominated the first half against the Spuds and had our chances in the second half, but we scored goals and there were less mistakes, Sczcesny’s penalty aside.

    I sense the confidence is returning, and we can kick on for the rest of the season.

    As I said a few days ago, I will sacrifice the League for the team to remember how to play fearless football again.

  16. High Power Mutant

    Pedro you’ve commented before on that the keeper needs to take the shots at near post, for me the first spud goal, was an keeper error, van der vaart had nowhere else to shoot and in my opinion Chesney had the wrong position… all in all not so great game by the young pole

  17. angeausarsenal

    Well done Pedro, I guess the only thing worse than knowing we will crumble under pressure is trying to write about it the next day.
    We showed glimpses of greatness last night but they always seem to be undone by mistakes, sloppiness and lack of determination.

  18. tonyadamsisgod

    Wenger probably still thinks he was justified in not spending that extra £1m on Mark Schwarzer. Twat.

  19. Big Dave

    Twice we have blown 2 goal leads v the spuds, not good enough.

    In patches we actually played quite well at times, even Song and Diaby looked ok at some point. Cesc/Nasri were running the midfield, I don’t like this talk of being tired tho that is not on ffs.

    The 2nd goal was the killer, poor clearence out, if we had gone in at 3-1 would had bben better, was just happy in the end we didn’t end up losing the game, and facing another dvd of the NLD.

    As for the keeper he is good but lacks experiance and it showed with his rushing out like that.

    Arsenal should defo run with a health warning, this team can damage your health. 6 years and counting….

  20. tonyadamsisgod

    Have to agree with others on here….Chezzer didn’t have such a great game. Made some saves but ones that I would expect even lesser keepers to make and was questionable on 2 of 3 goals!

    Get Lloris or Stekelenberg in and let Chezzer learn from one of them!

  21. Mark

    Everyone bangs on about having a leader and it is of great importance, but do you really think people like Xavi are born leaders? Leadership essentially comes from the top, and Wenger is far from a leader. To be honest, I don’t actually think he knows whats he’s doing half the time! He sets the team up to play one way in one formation and if that doesn’t work, he has no answers. Managers like Jose Mourinho are proper leaders, his teams know what he wants from them and his teams will fuckin give it to him coz they know fully well if they don’t, they will get the biggest rollocking they have ever seen. And that brings us to the problem with this team, there is firstly no plan B and if I was in this Arsenal time I would be demoralised as its just like trying to knock down a giant brick wall. The second problem is that Wenger never blames the players, he always deflects the attention away from his players. Sometimes criticism is a very good thing, makes you take a long hard look at yourself and how you should improve. Wenger is clueless and has lost the plot, as much as I love him he is losing the plot so change yours ways or move on before youmake yourself look even more foolish!

  22. Matt

    Well that game had everything:

    1) The obligatary 2 goal lead only to give it away – check
    2) A complete keeping fuck up leading to a penalty – check
    3) Overall shaky defence performance – check
    4) Nobody wanting to take a fucking shot – check
    5) Wenger tsanding on the touchlines throwing his arms around like a spastic while moaning to the 4th offical – check
    6) A dodgy decision (RVP offside) given against us so that Wenger and the AKB’s can point to that as the reason for not winning – check
    7) Me wondering why teh fuck I watsed another two hours of my life watching these pathetic botttlers managed by a fuckin arrogant french twat – check

    All in all a typical fucking Arsenal game.

  23. Simon at Work

    Wenger’s inability to do tactics is like Paul Scholes’ inability to tackle- both were mildly amusing at first, but now they’re becoming tiresome and predictable. Doesn’t he understand he leaves the players vulnerable if he doesn’t change things on the pitch when things are obviously going wrong? He’s supposed to be so clever, how clever is it to sit there and do nothing? I’ve lost count of the number of managers who have out- thought him.
    Pedro, right little media tart, aren’t we!!!

  24. ade (not him)

    Good post.

    Last few years (think it started in 08) I’ve found myself unable to just watch and enjoy football, need to analyse and understand the tech/tactics at play. very annoying coz i know its wengers fault.

    yesterday, something that bothered me so much, we are the only team I know sucseptible to counter attack even when leading by 2 goals away from home. not even barca, and I have watched them all season. something is wrong with a team leading away from home and ur defence is still so … wenger hasnt changed is footballing policy, only formations. we have played the same way under him since he he took over arsenal fundamentally anyway. the teams pre 05 didnt have this issue, so what is wrong with this boys?
    its simple, they don’t know how to win! explaining that will take too long. they played really well yesterday, but to draw a match you needed to win, leading 3-1 and away from home, that is no pass mark. its not them thats the problem, its how the team is formed, its what they do at training, its the instructions they get during and before the game, its what is said at half time…. its the manager. i’m not sure i can support his staying anymore.

  25. Walking Wounded

    The Van of Farts first goal was an inch perfect shot, which was struck early, credit to the striker.

    The second goal from Huddlestone was completely Nasri’s fault who wandered aimlessly away from the central area, and gave the Fat Walcott the freedom to do as he pleased.

    The final one was a penalty but it wasn’t that big an error, it was more about mistiming a necessary challenge.

    Plus he destroyed Bale.

  26. Bergkamp63

    Did anyone see the end of the Barca V R Madrid final, Guardiola was very dignified in defeat and behaved how a manager should behave in those circumstances !!

  27. raif

    i think a better striker would have helped us aswell.. we have one first choice striker, whom of which is mostly injured for large spells and two 3rd choice strikers who are just not good enough.

  28. Arse&Nose©

    I’m seriously worried about Wenger’s health. He needs some support, he looks like he is goign to crack any moment.

  29. Franchise


    last night was further proof that Wenger is indeed very clueless

    he was so scared to make a sub although we werent playing well. What a plank

    I hope he fucking resigns at the end of the season

    Cunt of the biggest order

  30. GunnerB

    I really feel sorry for u the uk fans. Time for Wenger to come out and admit he got it wrong this time and apologise to the fans.

  31. Moray

    Walking wounded, I’m afraid we will not beat Man Utd…simply not going to happen. Ferguson could beat us with a team of kids if he wanted.

    If the miracle happens, we may scrape the draw, but that is not much use.

  32. wardo

    Bergkamp63…….did you see what Real Madrid did with the cup after winning it ???

    Seriously, this is no joke i promise you !!!

  33. tonyadamsisgod

    Aaah, I almost forgot. How many times have I said that Theo would be most effective through the middle! Anyone notice where he was when he got his goal and where he was most dangerous from? Yep, playing of the heels of the last centre back! So obvious.

  34. peter

    arsenal doesn’t need experince it needs real talent wenger i have no problem for you to spend small just buy the right players like porto lyon valencia dortmund napoli villareal sevilla with 6,7 million you can buy players like moutinho smalling hernandes instead of koncielly and squilasissy

  35. Big Dave

    AA was terrible when he came on.

    Almuina, MC29, Eboue and Denilson not in the squad, sign of them being off loaded in the summer?

  36. abnet

    AAllenSport Andrew Allen
    Arsenal 16 game unbeaten run – WDWDWWWDWWDDDWDD / 8 wins & 8 draws / Not yet worthy of a t-shirt. #afc

  37. Franchise

    another funny thing is that Almunia and Fabianski would have reacted exactly the same way Scesney did to give away the penalty

    these are the 3 clowns Wenger relies on

    Experience for GKs is key. I cant remember Edwin VDS being in a controversial situation of recent that either led to a pen or an ungiven pen

    I really dont know what to do anymore. Wenger has killed all optimism I had regarding Arsenal

    All I want is a new regime

  38. nuudles

    Yes Chezzer should have pulled out of the challenge, but I am really not blaming the result on him. He did enough else (made some crucial saves and punched well at crosses save for the one time Lennon caught him in no-mans land but a goal did not come from that incident).

    We had enough other chances and we gave the ball away far too easily, especially Song who I thought had his worst game of the season! Yes RvP scored another which was incorrectly disallowed when he was clearly onside and Cesc had many decent shots on goal but we should still have done more and given them less opportunity.

    Ahh well, I wasnt even that disappointed because that is just our season for you. We should have absolutely walked this season with all the good leads we have squandered, we have the talent but there is no killer instinct and we are often times unaware of the danger or so it seems.

    When Barca are 2 goals in front they dont let you get a sniff of the ball, and the way we gave the ball away last night was criminal as RvP would say.

    It seems we have an inability to switch gears because when we are on the super attack & trying 50-50 passes we keep on playing that way regardless of the situation. I am not saying we should park the bus when we are 2 goals up, but I am saying we should be more carefull with our passes and try to retain the ball. Yes we can still attack but do it in a more controlled way.

    I hope the rumours of Song going in the summer is true because he can only be effective in our team when he is at his very best and that does not happen enough, go get M’vila who will actually provide cover for our defense.

    How happy am I that Djourou is back otherwise we would have almost certainly lost last night, with him and TV we should do very well next year as long as both stay fit!

    Chezzer is going to be the best goalie we ever had and up there with the very best the PL has ever seen. We do not need another gk, all goal keepers make the odd mistake: Reina, Van Der Sar, Cech, you name them.

    Yes maybe it would have been better if Chezzer could have made his mistakes at a smaller club like Bolton, but then I think he is someone who gets bigger and better if the moment is bigger and the pressure is on…

  39. azed

    What is the point in putting Bendtner on the wings?? Everyone in life plays to their strength except wenger.

  40. tonyadamsisgod

    Out of last nights team:

    Chezzer – No.2 keeper behind a new signing
    Clichy – On the verge of becoming very average
    Sagna – Still got it, good RB
    Djourou – A back up CB at best! Lucky to stay on the pitch last night
    Koscielny – Also a back up CB at present
    Fabregas – Too demotivated. He’s off unless a new manager can persuade him to stay.
    Diaby – Straight down the tunnel so presumably injured? Not good enough, get rid of him.
    Song – Makes far too many mistakes to play in such a pivotal poisition.
    Nasri – Regular
    Walcott – Regular
    RvP – If fit, regular
    Wilshere – Regular
    Bendntner – Cash in while we can

    With the right transfers last nights team could become:


    Sagna – Cahill – Vermaelen – Clichy

    Fabregas – Parker – Wilshere

    Walcott – RvP – Nasri

  41. AA23

    Chesney doing a pretty good impression fo Almunia now. Some great saves and some clanging, goal conceding errors.
    Get a better keeper.
    Get better everything.

  42. Johnny Wins

    One point more than i expected. Well done boys. Wenger stated something along the lines of

    “it was a disadvantage to play 2 games of that intensity in 3 days”

    that is french for

    “i am not capable of coaching on the fly”

    Pedro. you are spot on with your statement on Song – absolutely clueless.

  43. nuudles

    abnet, the problem is we have only won once in the last 6 and drew 5 times! Not to mention we squandered our lead in the last 2. It should have so easily been 10wins and 6 draws, and 3 of the recent draws are against Blackburn, WBA and Sunderland all of which we should have won. So 5 draws turned into 3-4 wins means 6-8 extra points and in with a real shout.

    I honestly do not give us a chance, we cannot seem to win a game. We tried scoring as late as possible and we dont win, we tried scoring as early as possible and we dont win, see the trend?

    Also do we really deserve to win the PL? Yes we played some great football at points in the season, but if you want to win you cannot throw away good leads, are you worthy of being champions if you throw away a 2 goal lead on a number of occasions and even a 4 goal lead on one occasion? I think not!

  44. woody

    Massive mistake-wrong tactics again,take your pace off
    in Walcott and Nasri together,and put on another playmaker type – in Arshavin and that lumbering oath Bendy,wrong move.?

    But what riles me is Wengers attitude,the none hand shake with Harry????????????Fucking rude and lacking
    any respect.
    Harry’s rye smile as he shook Pat Rices is hand summed it up they both no he’s lost all respect
    including he’s players(Qoute Fab-it’s time we started
    winning)he’s lost the dressing room-IN FACT HE’S LOST
    HIMSELF ?Adios.

  45. Jimbo

    And I’d start Szczesney every game for the next 20 years if he can stay fit. That boy, like Jack, has the EXACT attitude we need at Arsenal.

  46. Gooby


    theo was given instructions to run down the middle it was obvious, his best position is right sided forward in a 433 as he doesn`t really operate like a classic wing man

  47. Arse&Nose©

    We are giving Chesny the same benefit of the doubt we gave almunia and fabianski when they made some errors, and he desrves that.

  48. Matt

    WW, I cant really think of any saves that Chesney made that Alumia wouldnt have. He was possibly at fault for the first goal, definitely at fault for the third, his kicking was/is shit and he punched on occasions when he should have cuaght the ball.

    I do think he is a good keeper and better than the alternative, but for people to say he is going to be one of the best the premiership has ever seen seems a bit like blind optimism at the moment.

  49. albo

    Good article.

    As has been said on here many times, its not draws with Liverpool or Spurs that have lost us the title, its draws with Newcastle, Sunderland, Blackburn and Wigan, and losses to West Brom etc…

    What would be nice is if our defence could concentrate as well at 0-0 as it does when we’re a goal up! It’s as though they are utterly terrified of being in the lead at the moment and go to jelly the moment we have a lead to defend!

  50. Cloggs

    vd Vaart proved his value, he was up for grabs for us (8M) but Wenger refuses to see the importance of having some older experienced players in the squad, Same goes for his blind spot regarding GK and an experienced, physical defence. Szczesny showed him how important a good GK is, With flappy or the spanish waiter we sure would have lost the game. I’m totally fed up with him and his stubborn clinging onto project youth, his lack of tactical awareness, running his best players into the ground; Another season down the drain, yet another prove of his flawed opinions. Muppet!

  51. nuudles

    Franchise, VDS was very poor in a patch earlier in the season when both Vidic and Ferdinant was injured…

  52. Jimbo

    Actually gambon, it’s attitude that we altogether lack. It’s the reason with 20 minutes to go, when our arch rivals start applying pressure, we go into our shells.

    Attitudes like Jacks, like Szczesney’s, like Robin’s (when he’s not looking defeated by Wenger), are the sorts of things we need to carry us through a season. Not silent, nice-guy bottle jobs like Koscielny, Song, Diaby, and Sagna.

  53. AA23

    Chesney is an arrogant twat.
    he should do his talking on the pitch not on twitter.
    what straight male uses fucking twitter anyway?

  54. Matt

    Wenger did shake Redknapps hand but then went straight down the tunnel. Redknapp shook all of Arsenals staff hands and the players as they came off teh pitch. Wenger is very ungracious in defeat.

  55. Franchise

    Scesney is another overrated at the Arse.

    the way ppl rave about him you would think the other GKs in the prem dont even make saves

    the kid cant kick, decision making is poor.

    Currently IMO he isnt even in the top 10GKs in the prem

  56. leon

    in my mind its not about winning anything its all about keeping the club in strong financial shape and it has been for long long time any thing more that is a bunus i very little dought in the summer wenger and board will come out with very same speech,i love this club and will never support another one i am just realistic and i know as long wenger is in charge this team has very little chance of winning anything

  57. Franchise

    Scesney poor rushed kick that didnt cross the half way line led to the last liverpool attack that led to the free kick that led to the pen that led to the draw

    how about CC final?

    and last night

    the kid has made too many errors of late even for a young GK

  58. albo

    Cloggs – in fairness VdV has gone missing in a LOT of ‘lesser’ games. ie he’s exactly like a lot of the flair players in our squad that are regularly slated on here for just that. But because he plays for another team you ignore all that.

    I do feel people do that with a LOT of potential transfers on here…

  59. Rob The Goon

    Consistent posting as always Pedro!

    Unfortunately its become the norm now, conceding last minute goals.

    If only Arsene would admit to his failings instead of defending the team…hes making himself look ridiculous and also making himself ill…in my opinion.

  60. Savage

    Fair post – not as harsh as I expected from LG.

    In truth, the league was lost well before this. Even the Invincibles only drew at WHL, and last night’s team played better.

    If TW14 had been playing all season, perhaps a shout for player of the season, or at least team of the season?

  61. Jimbo

    Franchise – name me a keeper that makes no mistakes.

    The CC final was Koscielny’s fault (or at least that’s what Wenger said). The peno last night was a bit silly, but he’d been completely stitched up by Sagna’s awful defending.

  62. Franchise

    IMO our problems are beyond signing players

    does the manager have a clue anymore?

    same fire fire effort every week when we trying to salvage a game slipping away. arshavin and bendtner on for x and y. stick bendtner on the left

    WTF is that all about?

  63. nuudles

    gambon, Chezzer has both quality and attitude.

    Name a gk who hasnt made the same or worse mistakes this season?

    It was our outfield players who cost us the win as they gave the ball away on countless times, and many of those times Clichy or Sagna was completely out of position which Spuds exploited well.

    Yes the penalty was costly and he ever so slightly mistimed his dive, he should have either stayed put or pulled out of the dive and missed Lennon, not the easiest decision to get right if everything is happening at high speed and hopefully a mistake he will learn from.

  64. Franchise

    comon Jimbo 3 mistakes that have led to us losing points and CC trophy

    the guy is nothing special i reiterate

    overhyped same way song was

    its a case of in the land of the blind the oned eyed man is king

  65. Savage

    One thing for sure, Chezzer’s short kicking problem is … Gone. If anything, he was kicking too long last night.

    One other thought, Lehmann would have conceded that penalty too, so I’m not convinced about the youth vs experience argument in that respect. However, I do think Chezzer is smart enough to learn from that and be a better keeper than Jens.

  66. dantheman

    TIME FOR>>>>>>>>


    he’s stubborn, he won’t realise he’s wrong and he thinks we can still win something.

    6 years at Arsenal and no trophies… any other manager would be sacked.

  67. Franchise

    I dont even get this attitude scesney seems to have that u guys are talking about.

    sound like dejected fans desperate for a hero

    or do u mean his spouting bollox on twitter. or his disgraceful wink after clattering down bale last night

    there is no need for all that crap… that is poor attitude IMO

  68. Matt

    Redknapp was on the radio this morning praising the attitude of his players and how they never give up, and you have to agree with him. We on the other hand are the complete opposite, we never see anything through. With a few minutes left yesterday, Djourou sheilded the ball out from VDV (I think) and rather than Djourou go and grab the ball to get it back into play as soon as, it was the Spurs player who was rushing to get in with it. What does that tell you about the attitude of this team!!

  69. albo

    Savage – couldn’t agree more on TW. If you look at his stats in terms of minutes on the pitch he is WAY up there – far better than Bale for example. I think of all the injuries we had around Feb we missed him most of all – especially. He’s one of the few players we have that really unlocks defences.

    Could be pretty special as a striker next season I think…

  70. Jimbo

    Well, actually it’s 2 mistakes. Because the mistake in the Carling Cup final wasn’t his.

    And honestly, you’re saying his kicking mistake was as bad as Eboue’s penalty?

    He IS something special.

  71. Franchise

    Scesney is not ready. In any other top club he will be no 2.

    if he cant be satisfied with being no 2 at a top club like Arsenal to a more experienced yet to be signed GK then he can fuck off

    so like Song Scesney at U21 also needs an understudy

    What a joke club Arsenal have become

  72. Franchise

    Jimbo the CC mistake was partly his because he was calling for a ball defeneder should have dealt with

    by calling for it he put the defender in 2 minds which led to the blunder from koscielny who was also at fault for listening to a 21 yr old GK

  73. Matt

    I agree with you Franchise. He made himself look a dick winking at the camera and then conceding a goal on the very next attack.

    We all want a hero so bad we are trying to find one when there isnt one there. Adam’s wasnt a hero because he was a smart arse on Twitter or because he winked at the camera! He, and all the other past hero’s gave everything for this club and showed that it actually meant something to them. Find one in that shower of shit!!

  74. WengersSweeties

    Sadly I think Arsenal fans are expecting some big changes his summer but unfortunately I don’t think we’re get them, with the exception with maybe 2 young and pretty unknown.

    You have to say a change in formation is needed just as much. Look at Walcott’s first goal. Wasn’t it Henry like!

    He’s obviously much better as a striker than a winger. It’s just another player being wasted in the wrong formation.

    I actually think Bendtner would benefit a lot more by being up top with maybe Walcott.

    I’d shape up like this:






  75. TonyS

    Wenger really does not look well.

    I was thinking about derbies in the old days. There was always a nasty tackle in the first few mins. Always a fight. Always a bile-ridden atmosphere ON the pitch.

    It’s all a watered down diet coke version now. All the players look like mates. Jackie boy & VDV tried to take it old school for a while, but no one else was bothered. Has the money killed it? Or is it just progress?

    Anyway – Wenger does NOT look well at the moment.

  76. Nick

    Why didnt we resign Vieira when he was available?? Isnt he exactly what we have missed over the last few games, experience, presence, stature etc etc.

    He would have given us that shield in front of the back four which Song and Diaby can not and will not ever give.

    When Makelele created this role is was not about getting up and down the pitch and running non stop it was about positioning and distribution. Vieira would have given that and he would have loved to return to Arsenal.

    What a huge mistake!!

  77. albo

    Totally agree with Jimbo about Chezzer.

    The CC was Kozzer’s fault. And the best keepers in the world give away pens like that from time to time. I don’t watch too much European league footy, but in terms of the Premiership, every single world class keeper has made errors this season.

    And Chezzer will only get better…

  78. Franchise

    Jack has done alright this season but lets not also kid ourselves here. he had a super first leg game against barca and that has been the highlight of his season

    are we so desperate for heroes that we over exaggerate players overall performance

  79. cambsgooner

    look you just dont build a £450million stadium and still expect to have the buying power of any of the top 6 or 7 clubs..wake up we dont have the money.i would love to buy cahill, but we dont have the money not just the transfer but his salary .thats why most of our team are signed up on long contracts!wengers hands are tied. get real gooners..even ferguson has said as much!.i hate not winning but thats what we have got until this team grows up then maybe just maybe we might win something?but yes i wish he would buy a decent proven goalkeeper centreback and foward,who have actually played in the prem..but we wont and if we do they will be playing league 2 or 3 italian spanish french football or be 15 years old!

  80. albo

    Nick – Viera has been massively hit and miss this season. He’s looked way off the pace in plenty of games…

  81. Gooby

    chesney is good,.

    the problem a massive lack of confidence and professionalism in the squad, in other terms experience.

    clichy and song were having a day off and it cost us the game.

    cesc did a a big mistake on their second goal, you always clear the ball to the flanks that’s what they teach you in football schools

  82. azed

    Geoff and pedro i know this is an arsenal blog but can we talk/read about something else cos arsenal fans have become broken records.
    i can predict wenger tactics for the next game, his substitution and peoples comments on le grove.

  83. Master P

    tonyadamsisgod says:
    April 21, 2011 at 09:50
    Out of last nights team:
    Song – Makes far too many mistakes to play in such a pivotal poisition

    amen to that. Song is an immobile, clumsy twat/spastic.

  84. Franchise

    Fergie has tried it and failed. Foster was too young at Manure and now he is decent at Brum

    Young GKs are too much liability.

    the equivalent footballing age for a 21 yr old outfielder is about 27 for a GK IMO

    Scesney will continue to make more errors than normal (normal being if he were 27 as opposed to 21)

    he needs an older head to learn from

  85. Arse&Nose©

    Let’s play guess who has filed for a super injunction..

    currently there are 29 super injunctions in place in the uk with some high profile sporting,tv, and political figures involved.

    Rumours emerged last night that Ryan Giggs is one of them and so is Ewan Mcgreggor, both for cheating on their partners. Who else is involved?

  86. Big Dave

    Chezzer kicking has to imporove, all keepers make errors for sure, but would rather have him then Almunia or Flapi.

    Gut feeling is that AW will walk this summer

  87. Master P

    Chesney is a fantastic prospect for the future.
    However, I agree with Fran that we need a quality, experienced and top-class GK.

  88. wardo

    Bergkamp63……yeah – how funny. Cant believe the coach driver did not see it fall right past his front window. WTF was he looking at then…..

    Raif…..apols for delay ! Yeah they dropped the cup from the top of an open top bus and it went under the front of the bus……the coach driver did not see it drop so kept driving. Pretty funny really. Cup must be scratched to pieces

  89. james



    ……….WHO’S WITH ME?!?!?!

  90. Franchise

    that is my simple point MAsterP

    he wouldnt feel like he has earned his spot being no 1.

    all it had to take was for wenger to FINALLY realise that Almunia was shit and Fabianski dodgy

    Sczesney has come in and not steadied the ship either

  91. Franchise

    Gooby immense talent would mean his decision making is top notch, he can kick and he can make saves and spectacular saves

    like i said i wouldnt put in in top 10 prem GKs and one of them is a 41 yr old

  92. ikon

    If in the wildest of imagination Murinho manages this Arsenal team, at least we wont be seeing proper midfield players stuck out wide, or Bendtner playing at the wings.
    It would be specialist players for each position and Arshavin/NAsri/Fabregas would really be backups for each other, and so would Bendtner/RVP/Chamakh, and maybe we would see Walcott playing a striker role off the target man.
    Directness to the core is what makes the much maligned and admired manager successful, and the frustration among most Arsenal fans is that its not difficult for Wenger to try to be as direct at him.

    LAst night the only probable reason for sticking out Bendtner out wide was because he is a good crosser, and he has given some good crosses for RVP in the recent past, but
    1) RVP is not a good header
    2) Spurs defenders are much better in the air.

    Taking out both Nasri and Walcott was a little surprising.

    Not many complaints on the effort level though. Our young keeper looks to be class. Had there been a Makelele in the midfield we would have won. Song was poor as piss, he always looks piss poor against side that have good movement players in the midfield ala Modric and VDV.

    VDV man of the match for me.
    For Arsenal – Fabregas.

  93. GunnerShabz

    guys, i went to work instead of watching the game and am so glad i made this choice

    of course i was updated by BBC and to see us winning 3-1

    i just knew we either will lose or draw

    the thing is spuds dont fear us and teams know how to play against us

    thats the thing

    ask players about the invicibles, we won the game before it even started because we was that damn good

  94. Dream10

    Arse & Nose

    Are you Ryan Giggs or the RYAN GIGGS: Man Utd legend and family man? Surely he can do no wrong….

    Dont worry, ask Clive Tyldsley if its true if Giggs cheated. He will answer: Do you remember that fantastic night in Barcelona in 1999

  95. Gooby


    that`s just my opinion as chesney is winning us points and he’s not THAT mistake prone, as clown and flappy are. even if he is earning us only draws lately. The boy has incredible talent, if i was wenger i’d buy a DM and a LB and a forwad/winger and keep chesney between the sticks

  96. TonyS


    A few mins before they equalised I was praying for a massive ruck, my thinking was the only way we could get 3 pts was for the game to descend into a stop/start series of niggling fouls. Sad, but these are my tactics. Pay me 5mil a year and I’ll do the job full time.

  97. Franchise

    he lost you 4 points i 2 b2b games. how is he winning us points

    you see why u rate him so highly? cos u using coco and flappy as the benchmark

  98. Gooby


    you can blame his kicking for the pool game but we were at the 99th minute and i think he was suspecting the whistle, it was as much his fault as the player who didn’t try to win the ball in the air or song for his stupid foul or ebouwie.

    we would have lost yesterday if he did`t make those saves at the end and even agaisnt sunderland, everton

  99. Arse&Nose©

    yes, untouchable Giggs, the lord of british football!

    Fuck me, I’m sitting at home with the telly on and its not even 11am yet I’ve had soo much man utd propaganda thrown at me already. First there was Radio 5 praising how brilliant utd will wrap up the league. Then BBC breakfast news had a piece about a special Easter drama about Man Utd. Now on This Morning, Eamon Chubby Holmes and co are praising SIR alex.

    Is it any wonder Man Utd get away with soo much shit when the media and most of the country love them!?

  100. Franchise

    Gooby Scesney has kicked poorly several times. He even came out himself saying a few weeks ago that he had to improve his kicking

    I wonder what he has been doing all these years

  101. Ebouédidit11

    Do those 14 points include the 2 I blew with 1 second of game time to go. I cut it fine didn’t I 🙁

  102. Ryan L

    Chesney does lack experience and yes he did make a poor kick against Liverpool, but it was still 40 odd yards clear of his goal with numerous of our players between him and our goal. The actual goal then eventually arrived via a penalty against a guy who was heading away from goal who was fouled by our Right Back, the penalty already having been preceeded by a free kick – so fucking me I find that all a bit harsh to be blaming the fucking Liverpool goal on Chesney!! Surely on that basis the penalty last night couldn’t have been his fault because 2 mins earlier some cunt must have given it away somewhere up the pitch when then found the Right Back wrong side blah blah blah.

    I share in the huge pain of this malaise and what feels like groundhog day, but some of the specific finger poiting starts to verge on the lunacy that Wenger is being accused of.

  103. OPG

    Harry took a gamble playing 4-4-2 against us with a 2 man midfield it allowed us the time and space to play good football at least during large periods of the first half.

    Both teams looked shaky at the back but we looked disorganised even with the extra man in midfield, they were causing us problems with Assou Ekkoto’s long diagonal balls to Crouch, when Lennon came on and Modric’s movement.

    Even though we went 1-3 up I didn’t think it was over and just like the first goal 3 minutes later it’s 2-3 while Bale is off the pitch!
    The players look physically and mentally shattered.

  104. gambon

    Find me another “big club” that has had shockers like these in recent years…

    Spurs 3 – 3 Arsenal
    Newcastle 4- 4 Arsenal
    Arsenal 2 – 3 Spurs
    Wigan 3 – 2 Arsenal
    West Ham 2 – 2 Arsenal
    Aston Villa 2 – 2 Arsenal
    Liverpool 4 – 4 Arsenal
    Arsenal 4- 4 Spurs

    Also find me a team that takes the lead in the 98th minute and doesn’t win.

    We are an utter disgrace.