Flawed genius or just plain dumb? A must win game for Arsenal on Sunday

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I was thinking about all the excuses the press give for people like Rooney, Best and Merson, they say flawed genius, we have modern day ones like Gascoigne, Tyson, Woods and John Daley, but is it flawed genius or is it dumbness. Now I won’t have a bad word said about Paul Merson, that was indeed flawed genius, but the others are and were for me the products of never having done a stroke in their lives and doing precisely what they wanted to do, now Gascoigne, Tyson, Best and Daly came in before the super injunction so they have mitigation, but the others, well they just need a size nine up their jacksy’s.

We have a player in Jack Wilshere, he for me is a genius and the press are always looking for him to have done something wrong, wacking a cab driver is normal if they have a pop at you first, taking naughty pictures with a mobile phone is too when you’re 17, blimey girls do it just as much, but I hope they leave Jack alone and let him become Arsenal’s next big thing, along with Theo and Aaron these kids can take us places.

Well no better place to do it than this weekend against Liverpool, the team version of Gareth Bale (media bitches of the moment).

Andy Carroll is being lauded as a superstar, though he should be being talked about as the costliest unproven footballer since Daley went to Man City in a bygone era, but he is now the next big thing, hopefully Johan will be back to take care of him, at least we won’t have a big flapper in goal to get on the wrong side of him like we did against Newcastle.

I would like to see this team out against Liverpool, injuries permitting.


Sagna Djourou Kozzer Clichy


Wilshere Cesc (Ramsey if Diaby is injured again)

Theo RVP Nasri

I would also bring Arshavin on at half time as he is Liverpool’s biggest tormenter, but bring him on and make him work for it as an impact sub, and I mean at half time, give him a chance, one of our team will have a stinker and let him take that suckers place, Maureen used to make changes when he needed to to, not on 67 minutes, time to change tactics Arsenal, all the visiting teams have sussed you out, ask Sunderland and Blackburn, the great thing about Liverpool is they have to win, so they won’t be parking the bus.

I think this sort of line up will battle and overpower Liverpool, we then have the Spuds and they must win, so we need to say to the team, a handful of games and we can win this league boys, no time to cry fatigue, no time to whine about too many games, one month and then you are away until July and a big pay rise to look forward to.

Come on Arsenal, this is the first time in years you are still in with a shout in April, show your boss he was right, show the Fizman family Danny was right and show Stan the man he has invested well.

Time to stand up and be counted, you are no longer kids, you are men, or at least you have to be men!

Have a great day grovers, this is it now!

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  1. Lurch LeRouge

    A cross-section of 1000 Africans, Asians, Spics, Wops, Chinks, Nips, Aussies, Kiwis, Frogs, Krauts, Jocks, Paddies, Taffs, Geordies and Scousers were asked if they thought Britain should change its currency.
    99% said no, they were happy with the Giro.

  2. Lurch LeRouge

    Due to recent crisis’ in Australia, the Aussies have decided to change the names of some of their shows to:

    Home gone away
    NO neighbours.

  3. gnarleygeorge9

    Got any more smart arse jokes about the lucky country lurch, coz I’ve got a sit load about that miserable, yesterdays news postage stamp size piece of shit you call home

  4. Lurch LeRouge

    The Fosters advert shows Brits asking two Aussies for social advice.

    Surely that’s like asking a homeless person for advice about mortgages.

  5. Lurch LeRouge

    Why are Australians such well balanced individuals?

    Because they’ve got a chip on both fucking shoulders!

  6. geek pie

    we’re closing in on jenkinson. excellent news another young un. that will put the age coefficient down a notch or two and make the team unbeeleevable for one so young. Go Project Youth !

  7. Lurch LeRouge

    Listening to all the victims of the New Zealand earthquake, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for them.

    They sound just like Australians, poor bastards.

  8. Lurch LeRouge

    ok one more then.

    If it takes an IQ of 60 to tie shoelaces, why do so many Australians wear thongs?

  9. Lurch LeRouge

    oh come on gg don’t be like that…

    here’s one close to your heart!

    Q: How do you know if you’re a bogan?
    A: You let your 15 year old daughter smoke at the dinner table
    …in front of her kids.

  10. eduardo

    Latest from Libya:
    وسوف مشركين وقف بلادنا المجيدة من تحقيق الخلو
    دوسوف مشركين وقف بلادنا المجيدة من تحقيق ا\
    لخلودوسوف مشركين وقف بلادنا المجيدة من تحقيق الخلود
    If I hear anything else, I will let you know

  11. Lurch LeRouge

    speaking of the middle east, we never did hear from Kingkonggooner again after his protests in Iran in his arsenal colours… 🙁

  12. Lurch LeRouge

    We will continue to run the club like it has been done until now – that means live within our resources, produce our own resources and develop our football team

    if only we did utilise our financial resources!

  13. Savage

    Haha Eduardo, I put some of that into Google Translate the other day and it asked me:

    Did you really mean دوسوف مشر?


  14. Big Dave

    Vieira tells L’Equipe Arsenal frustrate him: ‘I love watching them but they win nothing. They play best football but lack physical impact'”

  15. alfie

    “all these wonderful comments really make me feel proud to be a gooner”

    Sarcasm/Big I am.

    I very much doubt these comments/jokes are directly racist although the content may offend some… id suggest you dont use the internet or go to Untold Arsenal webiste, there views are strictly non PC

  16. Lurch LeRouge

    saffers are cool savage,

    george just asks for it sometimes.

    sorry to offend your sensibilities russell. its bad humour yes.

  17. Savage

    It’s funny when it’s way over the top, because you can’t take it seriously. When it’s marginal it’s more likely to be offensive.

    Hey, Ozzies are the best blokes to take to a party. Wouldn’t employ them though 🙂

  18. Lurch LeRouge

    thanks savage i’m offended now. i grew up in oz, my son’s australian and i have both passports.

  19. Goonerpower

    It’s not funny to the victims families who lost loved ones! On the extremely freshly happened disasters. Disgrace

  20. Lurch LeRouge

    although oz customs officials are the toughest in the world and they don’t trust their own, so its safer to enter oz on the brit one if you haven’t had a shave in a couple of days. 😉

  21. Savage

    Maybe Lurch, but with a Saffa passport, you’ll have no problems at North Korea, Cuba, Somalia and Swaziland 😉

  22. Lurch LeRouge

    haha i don’t have much trouble in 2nd/3rd world countries anyhow, i blend in after 3 days in the sun.

  23. Josip Skoblar

    Kroenke is no Abramovitch, so says the Boss (quote from today’s Guardian)…

    “We will continue to run the club with the technical department having the decision on what is technical,” said Wenger, who spoke to Kroenke at a board meeting on Thursday. “For all the rest I have to answer to Stan Kroenke and I am ready for any questions, but I run the technical department.

    “On the football side of things, we will continue to focus on the football the way we want to play it to develop our players. We have a squad which is about 23 years of age who are in a strong position in the league. We have a certain philosophy of football and we will continue to develop that and to play even better. We will continue to run the club like it has been done until now – that means live within our resources, produce our own resources and develop our football team.”

  24. Savage

    “I have to answer to Stan” – haha, nice. He wouldn’t have said that if it didn’t noticeably register with him.

  25. MatthewT

    So Wenger says nothing is going to change. I wish he would just fuck off and take half of the useless squad and board with him.

    Kroenke is going to turn out to be a complete muppet, I wish Usmanov had bought the club.

  26. Savage

    The closer we get to winning, the more painful the disappointment. Imagine if we lose the league by a point…

    Some very decent progress being made on the injury front just at the mo. Things looking up. Just wish United would drop some points like everybody else.


    regardless of how this season finishes next wednesday is a must win
    if the scum do the double over us i will be sick

  28. Russell

    General banter and having a joke with a mate is different to some of what was said amongst the ‘jokes’ and I don’t think it can be justified by ‘not as bad as this or that other website’ and I certainly don’t think I should stay off the Internet to avoid offence, what a ridiculous statement!!

  29. David

    If we lost the league by 1 point it will be an incredible under-achievement and even more of a reason to sack Wenger imo.

    Would have had the league done and dusted if we had a keeper.

  30. reggie 57

    No change on transfer policy then! same old shit,same old shit player’s! same old arsenal,taking the piss……

  31. Rohan

    Pool will tell us a lot about whether we really can hang on till the end and nick it.
    Win it impressively and you never know. Lose or draw and I fear it’s curtains.

    I don’t think I could take United winning it at our gaff.

  32. arsenal4ever

    reggie 57 says:
    April 15, 2011 at 18:09

    but the highest ticket prices in UK. Thought with takeover something significant will change. Dream on 🙁

  33. Steve Biko


    Honestly I have a manc friend and there is one thing he always says which I agree with him. Wenger is unique in that he does not give a damn about Arsenal fans. Fans will moan, kill themselves, fight among themselves but he will remain steadfast in his wrong policy. I am reminded of what a South African fan said in another blog. Wenger he pointed out was lucky in most parts of Africa the fans would have already physically attacked him by now. In some cases fans have even threatened to burn the places of residences of managers! Look I am not justifying such actions. But the question is what options fans have in such a situation.

  34. zeus

    Why would you guys thing anything would change THIS SUMMER at that. Kroenke is famed for his hands off approach.

    It will all come down to Ivan. His new team of executives like Tom Fox? etc will replace the remaining boardmember who are just figureheads at this point just like PHW. They more or less are on the verge of retirement anyway.

    The question then is will Gazidis have the balls to stand up to Arsene and put pressure on him. Time will tell.

  35. Josip Skoblar

    Steve Biko

    Fans always have an option: they can decide to get a life and be a bit less obsessively concerned about football…

  36. Josip Skoblar

    some people are a bit naive… Wenger does what he wants because what he wants is what the Board wants. When the Board will no longer agree with AW’s policy/philosophy, they’ll tell him and he’ll either change or leave. It’s as simple as that. Why always blame Wenger. The Board is as responsible for the state of affairs as he is.

  37. Steve Biko

    Josip Skoblar

    I agree. I think if things do not change radically I will emulate other Arsenal fans who have distanced themselves from the club. I will probably focus more on other worthwhile pursuits and perhaps start rooting for some other team in other league. Following Arsenal in one season takes a lot in terms of psychological resources, monetary resources and time. Deploying all of that again for the umpteenth time while Wenger waits to duly F*ck up is itself stupid.

  38. Steve Biko

    Right now I would trade finishing outside the top four next season if it means Wenger leaves. Qualifying for the CL is becoming a hollow ritual. Bragging about qualification to the CL when we can not win it is silly. Its like a woman who brags that she is fertile but when asked how many kids she has, she announces that she has had a spade of miscrarriages!

  39. reggie 57

    When they start playing in a half empty stadium who is too blame ?the board ?dont think so! only one man too blame! the guy who picks the team, the guy who select’s which player’s that are tooo expensive for a poor little club like our’s!!

  40. Josip Skoblar

    Steve B.

    I understand and respect your commitment, seriously. I live a short walking distance from the Emirates, and I’m yet to attend a game there! I’d like to, but it’s always sold out and I find it too pricey. Football is a popular game and it’s immoral to charge working people so much to finance the incredible lifestyle of young greedy bastards. So I end up watching the games in the pub… To be fair, AW’s tactics is a problem, but not the major one. The real issue is who detains power in football and how they use this power to exploit people’s passion for the game. Platini is awkwardly addressing the issue, but I don’t see much support for his plans in the UK.

  41. BillikenGooner

    He has a run here to prove or disprove his tactics and this teams ‘winning mentality’. If anyone still think they are in question.
    Pool, Spuds, Bolton (A), and United.
    They’ve all see the blueprint (and in the case of United, perfected) to frustrate us this year.

  42. Rohan

    “..and perhaps start rooting for some other team in other league…”

    pffft. Do you want me to comment on that? 😀

  43. leon

    i dont think there many changes in midfield next season i think delinson will be sold or just puched further down the pecking order and the same diaby,i know alot fans i like risicky to much,for he is a good squad player he if nasri fab wilshire he can do a job and is better option than diaby or delinson,i know alot of fans bigged up landsbury but there is such a huge gap between prem and championship so you just dont know.also i dont see couqulin comming into first team next season i think he will go out on loan again,i think might bring in an experienced dm maybe.alround i dont many cahnges in midfield i feel the real business will be done in striker and keeper position.the fact is its pretty clear wenger does think chamakh and rvp and play together and and clearly does not trust bretna or chamakh to start as both are bench warmers,now i feel out of chamakh or bretna chamakh is far better team player but just not a finisher.as for vela boy what a disappointment clearly arsenals best finisher but has had constont weight and fitness problems does not evon play at west brom i think bretna and vela will go.as for keeper position i would be suprised if wenger either promotes or gets a real experienced keeper

  44. DaleDaGooner

    I never defended wenger, but i always asked that people be fair…but he is being a dick! And it’s showing, no one can be an AKB after the ownership change, him coming out saying status qou is in place…meaning “we will keep dross like Denilson and Almunia or like players in the squad and try to win the league or champions league, is pissing all on the fans…can’t see how these players can win the league, not unless Manure states to lose all their games for us, STILL we’ll find a way to fuck it up. I’M DOOMING!

  45. DaleDaGooner

    For the doomers:

    “Arsene Wenger is an amazing manager. What he has­ achieved is nothing short of a miracle. You guys­ don’t realise JUST HOW fricking hard it is to pay­ for a 400m stadium AND still compete in the top 4 in a­ very very competitive league, Now, thanks to god (sorry­ wenger) we have paid off large chunks of the debt, are­ self sustaining and can shortly compete in the transfer­ market. Wenger is not afraid to buy big names;­ Overmars, Wiltord, Henry, Campbell – these were all big­ signings, relatively, at the time (ok, no fee for­ Campbell, but was wanted by every club in Europe) we­ couldn’t compete with stupid chelsea and city, but­ now they have enough, and we can buy bigger stars. I­ bet in the summer wenger buys Aguero and one or two­ more …. watch this space, and have faith. IN ARSENE­ WE TRUST
    From Digger, on Fri 15 Apr 9:52PM”

  46. albo

    bernard (bade the gooner) says:
    April 15, 2011 at 12:06
    ALBO this one is for you mate,
    English is my 3rd language actually, I always hated English. Now I’m trying to rethink me & English relationship as my love to arsenal forces me to. The best arsenal blogs are in English… now for the sake of my arsenal love, & only for that, I’m trying to improve my crocked-cracked language with big effort I’m putting there…. So if you see something wrong with my post – English wise – you & others more than welcomed to correct. If you want to laugh about it, or if you want to use it as an excuse when you are out of proper answer/replay, you can go and **** **** **** there. It’s fine with me….

    Mate, that’s totally fair enough. I have a couple of other languages, but I couldn’t write a decent, grammatically correct, paragraph in either of them any more, so I totally respect you for being able to. And actually, it’s partly your English, but mostly it’s just that you don’t use paragraphs all that often. Once you do, your English is excellent and totally clear. (Don’t mean that to be patronising by the way, just an observation)

  47. albo

    bernard (bade the gooner) says:
    April 15, 2011 at 12:06

    Anyway, your arsene’s blind-support reminds me of a great say: “My mind is made up, so don’t confuse me with facts”.
    Although you always claim the facts otherwise, the one big fact you can’t argue is very simple. While arsene chose not to bring the right players in the last few years (when he had the money to do so), and declared to all: judge me in may, he failed again, again & again, with our big rivals – domestically & abroad – banging silverware all around…

    Ok, this is my basic, overriding theory on Wenger’s current career:

    Now, I’ll preface this by saying I COMPLETELY believe that Wenger is flawed. I don’t particularly rate him as a tactician and I am astonished at the glaring weaknesses he has allowed to exist in our squad for the past few years.


    1) MOST people on here (I can think of MatthewT as a notable exception) don’t want us owned by a sugar daddy, they simply want Wenger to spend the money he has. Geoff, for example, said exactly that to me the other day. There has been a huge amount of talk in favour of plural ownership lately – particularly from the AST – so I think we can assume that a majority of gooners feel that way.

    2) Therefore, since we can ignore sugar daddy money as a viable alternative, we can agree that, according to the AST, ‘the money we have’ is about £40 million.

    3) Wenger’s net spend since 2003 is -£2,820,000

    4) In other words, even if you believe every penny of the £40 million should have been spent (as opposed to saving some in case we fall out of the CL, or using some of it to account for rising wages) the net budget Wenger COULD have spent is about £37 million.

    So here’s the question. Is there a single manager you can think of who could have built a team that plays in the Champions league every season, that reaches CL finals, that challenges for the Premiership and that reaches cup finals for a net spend of £37 million?

    Because, without a sugar daddy, that is what any replacement for Wenger would have had to have done (and let’s not forget, that £40 million is actually from transfer profit that Wenger created, so it might have been even less with a different manager).

    Can you see Mourinho doing that? Who knows, but I doubt it. Its years since he managed a club that hadn’t just spent hundreds of millions on the worlds best talent. Since 2003 Chelsea have spent £389,300,000 NET!

    Benitez? Didn’t even get close on a net spend of £101,150,000 (that’s actually up to 2011, but the figure is probably not that different).

    Moyes, absolutely nowhere near having spent £22,950,500. Would 1 £15 million player turn this Everton team into world beaters? NO.

    Mancini? He can’t do it with £300 million, let alone £37 million.

    Even an undeniable master like Fergie – who I think we can agree would not have been available if Wenger was fired! – spent £50 million net since 2003 (which of course is far lower than it might have been thanks to the sale of Ronaldo).

    So that is my worry. If we ditch Wenger WITHOUT resorting to vast spending from outside (and at the moment that doesn’t appear to be an option) how many managers could keep us competitive, let alone win things, on the budget we have, let alone the budget Wenger has actually used?

    [Of course the accounting above is simplistic for a host of reasons, but as a general framework for looking at the last few years, I’d say its a pretty decent starting point.]

  48. Kwik Fit

    Albo Fair play I am impressed with the statistics.
    However football and more importantly Arsenal will not come down to stats. Arsenal without the greatest manager in our history ( who may be passed his sell by date)will find someone to carry the banner to the era and beyond!

  49. Kwik Fit

    All right le grove i am ready to that this PRO Arsenal blog trought the night! Question is are you ready!

  50. albo

    Its more than just stats though Kwik Fit. Let’s ignore the Leeds kind of scenario (as I know everybody hates to draw that parallel) and look at Liverpool.

    20 years ago NO ONE would have believed you if you said Liverpool, the greatest, most successful club in the history of the English game, wouldn’t win another League title for 20 years and counting. Yes, in that 20 years they have had some glory – and one moment of genuine magic in Istanbul – but fundamentally they have been also rans ever since. No club is so big that that CAN’T happen.

    We have got so used to success (and I include the ‘success’ of the past 6 years of remaining near the top of the sport) that no one here seems willing to countenance the possibility that we COULD have dropped very much into the mid-table on the budget we’ve had available. (And let’s not forget, mid table is where we were after George Graham left.)

    Too many people blithely assert that someone will come along to ‘carry the banner’ without seeming to consider the possibility (a very real possibility when you consider those figures) that whoever we get might well fail horribly!

  51. DaleDaGooner

    Well Albo makes some interesting points in regards to the £40m Wenger “has” to spend…but lets not forget, we have players we should not even have been interested in, that take up salary and other upkeep….it’s Wenger’s inability to change from his stubborn failed project or tactics that is killing his sheer genius of keeping us competitive while on a shoe string budget.

  52. Kwik Fit

    Albo I feel you are being a tad pessimistic! I feel that the reality is that our club is in a healthy position to dominate football in the next decade .Once Fergie has gone!

  53. DaleDaGooner

    …And i think it’s his arrognace on how he is the KING OF THE TECHNICAL SIDE of things that is getting fans panties twisted in…We can do better than some of the players we are keeping, even while on a shoe string budget.

  54. Kwik Fit

    Daledagonner I to am frustrated but that is another story.I still feel that something is about to click. Much like 1998.

  55. albo

    DaleDaGooner – yeah, but we’re talking an overall net spend, so specific players aren’t really an issue.

    In other words, another manager would still have had a full squad of players who let’s say would have commanded similar wages (after all, winning on a lower wage budget would make things even harder!). And that manager would have had to remain competitive on a net spend equivalent to £4.6 million per season.

    Well, actually, they would have had to have been the very very best, since apparently we aren’t happy with just being competitive!

  56. MatthewT


    Liverpool’s decline happened because the board allowed graeme souness to destroy their club.

    Our board is allowing Wenger to do the same to us. Every time you post you just give the impression you have no abition for the club at all beyond having a self sustainable financial model as if that in itself should be good enough for anyone.

    I am sick of having players, a manager and the board that thinks that CL qualification is good enough and if you were a real fan you would be sick of it to.

    Man Utd and Chelsea expect to win the league season after season and if they don’t they examine what went wrong and solve any problems they have. Champions league qualifation is a consolation prize to them but to Wenger and people like you its a prize in itself and winning it means another successful season so no need to examine why we didn’t do better.

    albo you are not a fan of Arsenal, you are a fan of Wenger or the financial model or something else but not a fan of Arsenal otherwise you would be angry about our lack of success, Pretend fans like you are now part of the problem along with wenger and i wish you would just fuck off and support a team more in keeping with your ambition, fulham for example.

  57. albo

    We can do better than some of the players we are keeping, even while on a shoe string budget.

    Don’t forget, I totally agree with you there (and I reckon secretly Wenger does too, if he could only find some mug to buy Denilson off us!)

    But we are in danger of missing the bigger picture by obsessing over the (IMO relatively small) negatives…

  58. albo

    MatthewT – I was supporting Arsenal way before Wenger came along, and I’ll support the club long after he leaves.

    But nothing you said just there actually countered in any way the point I made…

  59. MatthewT


    Whats the point in countering what you say, no matter what anyone says you jut find more excuses for our failure.

    At one time maybe they were valid reasons but comming up on our 6th season with out a trophy means the time for excuses and living on past glories is over.

    Wenger’s current philosophy has failed to bring success. Wenger doesn’t see any problem with the lack of success and he doesn’t see any problem with his methods and has refused to change. It is time he was removed and someone new brought in that will try something different.

    There is nothing you can say or no excuses that will change the fact that we have won nothing for 6 seasons and that is all that matters to me.

  60. albo

    MatthewT – hey funny, me too. I was 8 and we’d just moved to London from Scotland and I wanted to support an English team (My family is English, we’d just been living in Scotland for a while). I didn’t want to be a glory supported and pick Man U or Liverpool, so I thought the gunners seemed a good option. Plus they were a London team so it all made sense.

    Of course, despite not wanting to be a glory hunter, what should happen 9 months later? Michael Thomas charged through the middle, and my world changed forever! Good times!

  61. MatthewT

    this is the only time i have felt that the club are willing to accept mediocrity and don’t give a fuck about the fans.

  62. MatthewT

    and what winds me up even more are the fans that are not only willing to put up with that but will actively make excuses for it.

  63. albo

    MatthewT says:
    April 16, 2011 at 00:24
    this is the only time i have felt that the club are willing to accept mediocrity and don’t give a fuck about the fans.

    Well in fairness, we both starting supporting right at the very end of an incredibly long run of mediocrity! We’ve been very lucky in that respect…

    (And the mediocrity of the 80’s makes the last 6 years seem like a golden age by the way!)

  64. Kwik Fit

    There have been a number of under performers this year
    but i am certain that wenger will weld the axe in may!

  65. MatthewT


    it doesn’t follow that because we came from relative mediocrity that we should be content to return there.

  66. MatthewT

    Kwik Fit

    why are you certain of that ?, Wenger considers this season to be a success and his methods correct.

  67. albo

    MT – It just seems to me from everything you wrote about my initial post that you’re not really interested in the actual realities of the situation. You just want a magic wand to be waved to win us a trophy.

    We’d all like that to happen, but sadly life isn’t quite like that…

  68. MatthewT


    there is no magic wand but we could find new investment for the club that allows us to compete in the transfer market for world class players and we could change the manager that won us nothing for 6 seasons.

    Do those things and we are more likely to have success

  69. albo

    MatthewT says:
    April 16, 2011 at 00:29

    it doesn’t follow that because we came from relative mediocrity that we should be content to return there.

    I wasn’t suggesting we should. I was just pointing out that your attitude to all this is very much of someone who has only known good times. It just makes you sound very spoilt a lot of the time to be honest. A kid screaming ‘I want it now’ at his parents with no real interest in the costs or the difficulties that his demand entails…

  70. Kwik Fit

    Wenger never admits that he is wrong( not a good trait).There have been some strange ‘injuries’ following poor performances and I am certain these individuals will be offloaded!

  71. albo

    MatthewT says:
    April 16, 2011 at 00:33

    there is no magic wand but we could find new investment for the club that allows us to compete in the transfer market for world class players and we could change the manager that won us nothing for 6 seasons.

    Do those things and we are more likely to have success

    Well, at the risk of stating the obvious, that is nothing to do with Wenger. He can only work with the current owners, whoever they may be.

    But I do at least respect that you are one of the few posters on here who brazenly admits that what you really want is a sugar daddy who will buy us a trophy or 2…

  72. albo

    MatthewT says:
    April 16, 2011 at 00:31
    Kwik Fit

    why are you certain of that ?, Wenger considers this season to be a success and his methods correct.

    I will say this for Wenger, whatever his faults I REALLY don’t believe he sees a trophi-less season as a success.

    Cast your mind back to the beginning of the century, when, presumably you were (like every Arsenal fan) an ‘AKB’. Have you ever known a guy who HATED losing more than Wenger? I don’t believe for a moment that that has changed. He has had to get better at hiding it, but that is all imo.

  73. MatthewT


    I don’t think i sound spoilt or that i am impatient at all, i’ve waited for 6 seasons, how much longer do you think we should happily accept our failure to win trophys for ?? especially as we lose for the same reasons seasons after season and nothing is ever done to address it.

  74. MatthewT

    “To do the maximum with the talent you have and with your potential, to be consistent at the top. That is success.”

  75. albo

    MatthewT says:
    April 16, 2011 at 00:43

    I don’t think i sound spoilt or that i am impatient at all, i’ve waited for 6 seasons, how much longer do you think we should happily accept our failure to win trophys for ?? especially as we lose for the same reasons seasons after season and nothing is ever done to address it.


    Personally I can’t imagine a football fan ever being ‘happy’ with losing anything. But sadly it is a fact of life in football.

    Let’s put it this way. Assuming we live to a decent age, we will probably support Arsenal for 70, 80, maybe 90 years. Has any team EVER, in the history of the game, been dominant of any league in the world (or even consistently won trophies) for 80 years?!? Of course not. So the simple reality is that to expect your team to win trophies year in year out for as long as you support them is just living in a fantasy land!

    Just be thankful that you chose a team that wins anything at all! You’ve supported Arsenal since 1988. So there is probably only one other team in the entire country that has had more success since you started supporting. It could be a lot lot LOT worse my friend!

  76. albo

    MatthewT says:
    April 16, 2011 at 00:48
    “To do the maximum with the talent you have and with your potential, to be consistent at the top. That is success.”

    Like I say, he has got better at hiding it…

  77. Kwik Fit

    To do the maximum with the talent you have and with your potential, to be consistent at the top. That is success.” Matt the Fuckin did!

  78. Kwik Fit

    To do the maximum with the talent you have and with your potential, to be consistent at the top. That is success.”
    For you Matt

  79. OPG

    What Wenger says is frustrating at the same time he plays his cards close to his chest, who knows what he has planned but let’s not expect too much. I just hope we get rid some of the dead wood once and for all replace a few of them with quality proven players in the top leagues/competitions rather than just replace them entirely with youth players, a couple need to go out on loan to a top club preferably a PL one and get some first team action.

    There’s no doubt the other top clubs will strengthen for next season, even those like Chelsea who went into decline will be stronger next season. We can afford 2 players at £10-15m or slightly over at least especially if we offload some players, it would help us keep competitive next season in all competitions especially with inevitable injuries happening to our players.

  80. OPG

    Anyway its too early to talk transfers a month to go, time to chill tonight with El Clasico and theNBA playoffs if you’re into that thing. Oh and Andy Murray vs Nadal again in Monte Carlo..