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Yesterday evening, Arsenal announced the sad news of Danny Fiszman’s passing. He fought a long and hard battle with cancer which he lost on Monday. Kind of makes the whole takeover feel a bit distasteful. Images of a man signing away his life’s work on a death-bed don’t sit well with me but there you are, that’s the harsh reality of business at the top-level.

He’s been a true visionary within the footballing world. He began the planning for a new stadium well before the arrival of Arsene Wenger. I think it should be recognised that he was the man who oversaw the planning and building of a £400million stadium in the middle of London. He managed that on time, on budget and timed it to perfection as only a few years later, the biggest recession the world has ever seen hit.

God knows what might have happened if the work had started then and what it would have cost us. We may have been looking at the biggest disaster since Gazza tried his hand at counselling and Peter teamed up with the Star.

I guess the sad thing about all this is, it really does drive home the importance of time. Danny was rich to a level very few in the world will ever know… however, nature doesn’t check your bank account and it can snuff out any of us at any time. That’s why constantly selling next year becomes tiresome. Some of us aren’t going to be around to see next season… 6 years is a long time for some and you have to hope that Stan is going to be a little more ambitious with the goals he sets Wenger going forward.

It’s a real shame Danny didn’t get to see us lift a Premiership trophy at the stadium that will cement his legacy in footballing history.

Still, if he’s looking down on us, perhaps he can sprinkle a bit of luck dust on the Emirates turf… or whack a pie in that fat ladies mouth to stop her singing! If we could win the league this year, that really would be a great send off!

Other news…

So, word hit me, then you a few weeks ago, about Vermaelen starting light training. Don’t get your hopes up about him returning before the end of the season. We’ve been here before. I’d prefer it if he was treated with kid gloves so he can start next preseason fresh and raring to go.

1 of our new signings sorted.

There’s been some rumours about Alex Song being out for the rest of the season. That conflicts with what I’ve heard, apparently he’ll be back in full training this week but I guess you never know these days do you? I’m not really fussed about him either way. If Diaby can keep up his form and avoid an RVP ass whopping… he could do a more dynamic job for us than Song.

The BBC latched onto the China/Malaysia tour I told you about last week. It’s a boring exclusive, but for ego reasons, I really felt I had to make mention of it.

I’ve heard that Eboue could be off at the end of the season. Well, with a bit of luck anyway. That leaves us without a cult hero, so I’ve randomly decided to foist one upon you. He goes by the name of Jack Jebb. He’s a bit of a player, he’s 17 and I hear he has a fake twitter account already. Life doesn’t get cooler than a fake twitter account… just so you know, there are two fake Le Grove accounts out there.

Jack Jebb

I can exclusively tell you his favourite number is 4 and he’s English. I like the cut of his J.I.B and I’ll be keeping you posted with his progress.

In other more comical news, Hilarious Gomes dropped an almighty clanger that prevented Spurs making that 5 goal come back we all sensed was on the cards because Gareth Bale’s holy presence was on display at White Hart Lane. If you haven’t seen the clanger, please source it (here), I reckon even Almunia laughed at that one!

Geoff received his offer letter for his shares yesterday. No expenses were spared with the document, I hear Mr Patel of Islington News did Arsenal a tremendous deal on the photocopying, thank the lord there wasn’t any colour ink involved. I can’t take a picture of the document, it says I’d be violating laws about saying stuff… wouldn’t want to jeopardise Geoff’s freedom or anything.

Anyway, the jist of it is a little something like this…

  • The offer is for £11,750 in straight pound notes
  • The club is valued at £731million
  • KSE are buying them, they’re an umbrella company that owns other sports clubs, which possibly means if one of their other sports interests lands themselves in trouble, we could be used to bail them out
  • Currently Stan has 62.38% of the shares
  • You can take your money in a cash lump or in loan notes
  • The club will be run the same as before… with an emphasis on self sustainability, without any leveraged debt (H&G said the same), with the same management structure
  • I’ve got a direct dial into Mark Gonnella’s office

After that, it all got very, very boring…

Geoff has said no to the offer, he suggests you do too, unless of course you are looking to buy an automatic Maserati Coupe 3200 from a second-hand car dealer in Sussex. If that’s the case… he says sell.

Usmanov isn’t going to sell, he has a Maserati already. By saying no, he’s saved the Fanshare scheme, so we should be happy about that. At least we’ve still got a voice and a bit of clout. We also have 50 shares more than Peter Hill-Wood. Hopefully we’ll always have involvement, I like the fact our club is unique in many ways and hopefully Stan can continue that over the long-term future.

Author switch…

In such a bad news days for the Fizman family, as well as all of those that liked Danny, I felt I had to say a few words. I met Danny a few times, he was a Diamond Geezer, pardon the pun, and he really was one of us, not one of them, he was an Arsenal fan too, I just hope as Pedro says this team can show him what their manager believes they can do and win the league now.

I’m often reminded by a minority on here how lucky I am to have two club level tickets and how those people would do anything to have them, well we have two such tickets available for the princely sum of £5,600 the pair, if you are one of those real Arsenal fans and you don’t mind not winning much other than qualification for the Champions league then put your money where your mouth is and email us, we’ll make that dream come true, please though, no plastics, these are for real fans only, you know who you are.

It’s alway sad when someone you know dies, but at 66 Danny had only just reached the age most of us think of as retirement, poor sod, let’s hope there is a TV where he is and let’s hope we can win something this season.

Congratulations to Spurs for losing out on the biggest aggregate score for an English club in the Champions League, I understand they will be doing a special edition DVD later this week, be first in the queue, they will sell fast. Ha, ha!

There are rumours that we sniffing around Dortmund’s £15mil Neven Subotic, what about a nice little reunion then, Rosicky for Subotic plus £7mil, tidy deal, he won’t go to the spuds because they won’t be playing Champions League. Win, win!

Next up we have Liverpool, then the Spuds, thick and fast and must win games, we can still do it and for all the above reasons that would be fitting, starting this Weekend. All the very best Grovers – Geoff

It’s a sad day today, but let’s all remember Danny had a fantastic life and make sure we all celebrate it in a befitting manner on Sunday… on and off the pitch!

Come on you reds!

P.S. Check out my piece on David Dein if you get the chance (come back here immediately after and drop a comment)! Also, the Thierry Henry’s Red Bulls are mooted for the Emirates Cup and has anyone read that United have near enough tied up a deal to replace EvDS for De Gea… already. That’s how you do business. If what you have isn’t good enough, buy someone in who is.

See you in the comments!

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  1. Lurch LeRouge

    Yeah it was inspiring watching jens calling at theo for an outlet even though the end of the game was seconds away.

  2. albo

    Gambon, even by your standards that a pretty shallow argument!

    My problem with Maureen would be that, for our team to play in the way he wins trophies (and, boy, he does know how to win them!) we would need a FAR bigger squad overhaul than with a manager who vaguely matches our style of play…

  3. Cescs_MyBoy

    Your right Matthew T.

    Mourinho certainly would need his trademark univalled warchest to build a winning team.

  4. Arse&Nose©

    gambon, why mourinho
    he is a complete cunt. a whore who will give us short term success, and fuck off.

  5. Gooby


    that’s not the problem, the style changes with the manager. People think maureen is going to be as successful at Arsenal as he was at chavski or inter.

    If Mareen came to arsenal he might bring success or fail and be worse than wenger.

  6. Josip Skoblar

    Maureen’s style of play is dreadful, you just want to give up on football altogether or… call back GG to manage the team. Besides, Maureen’s tactics can only work for a club which has vast amounts of money to splash on expensive players

  7. albo

    Gooby – my problem isn’t with a change of style in general. I just think there are managers whose strengths suit our players better…

  8. gambon


    Yes we DID have a great record against them.

    Do you think Notts Forest say theyre an awesome team cos they won the EC twice?

    AKBs….always living in the past.

  9. gambon

    “gambon, why mourinho
    he is a complete cunt. a whore who will give us short term success, and fuck off”

    As opposed to this awesome long term success Wenger is bringing us?

  10. David

    Fizman clearly doesnt believe in Suger Daddy’s

    He believes in the “self-sustained” model and credit to him for it because he is indeed a visionary and had the balls to follow through with the Stadium and long term strategy plan.

    While the plan is designed to make sure that AFC has a comfortable future it seems to lack the ability for us to be competitive against our rivals.

    Kreonke is in place to continue this style of management and i forsee that he will be the hands off type of owner allowing Wenger some more free reign.

    Which is not what we hoped for.

    It is new grounds that Arsenal FC is exploring and in many ways its something to be proud off.

    But we risk being left behind altogether by the ones with the Sugar Daddy’s.

    Add that to the fact that its taken Wenger 6 years to build this team and we cant win the smallest of trophies.

  11. Samir Nasri Is Infact Andy McNab

    RIP Danny.

    Not too keen on the Subotic rumour. I watch a lot of German football and his partner, Mats Hummels looks far more assured than Subotic; I’d rather him above Subotic.

    Whilst our club is in Dortmund to thrash out a deal they’d do well to bring Nuri Sahin on the flight back home. He’d give Song genuine competition and to be fair, he’s already miles ahead of Song. Liverpool were interested in him in January, though as Liverpool were not deemed a ‘title challenging club’ by Dortmund, his contract clause meant he couldn’t go! We could activiate that claus and snap him for 7 million.


  12. Gooby


    that’s my point, i don’t believe he can work with this squad properly(as he would like to). He’ll need to sign a few and i don’t think it’s a good idea to replace 8 or 9 players in one season.


    it’s very annoying to come up with argument like this one, it’s not the point. notts won it 50+ years from now and we lost to spuds last year, it’s not like we are a middle table team living on the past glory or in inferior divisions.

    it’s also annoying to bring up those spuds defeats on every occasion, we all know you hate wenger and use anything against him, fact is you’re not being fair at all.

    third of all, i don’t hate the man and i don’t want him out because i believe he’s a top coach, i just want him to sign a couple of top players and replace crap like almunia and denilson. He puts too much faith in them i think and it’s part of the way he operates witch was a bit wrong with certain lads who aren’t good enough(although they are nothing more than backup).

  13. gambon

    Is ‘long term stability’ a euphemism for ‘finishing 3rd & 4th every year while exploiting the fans to the maximum’?

  14. Wenger the liar

    I see a lot of debate on the sponsorship deals and the stadium move here today.

    We moved at the absolute peak of the property market and the selling of the flats was threatened by the fact the bubble had burst by the time we moved.

    The sponsorship deals are extremly poor compared to subsequent deals that have so much less value than stadium naming rights, its shocking.

    Ask yourself this, how many times have you heard a commentator refer to Uniteds or Pools shirt sponsor during a match day and how many times have you heard the same person refer to our stadium in a match day.

    When city circumvent the “fair play rules” by pumping £300m into the club through naming rights no one will bat an eye lid.

  15. Alfie

    LOL @ Gammon – “erm….no” 50 years/30 years whats the difference in the long scheme of it! I just can imagine Gammon thinking “could he be more wrong”

  16. albo

    On the bright side WtL, at least its not too long now until we have a new deal on shirts, which will be worth the transfer fee of a pretty decent player every season…

  17. Wenger the liar

    Oh and one other thing:

    I have a hardcore AKB in the office but yesterday he turned around to me, unprompted, and said

    “I want change, maybe Wenger should move upstairs”

    Anyone, newspaper, Blog (aclf), Kreonke family member who thinks doomers are a small minority that are vocal is very much mistaken.

    I had thought that this takeover would be a massive distraction from the fact that OGL is a fucking useless cunt, but obviously it isnt.

  18. albo

    Wenger the liar says:
    April 14, 2011 at 14:47
    Oh and one other thing:

    I have a hardcore AKB in the office but yesterday he turned around to me, unprompted, and said

    “I want change, maybe Wenger should move upstairs”

    Anyone, newspaper, Blog (aclf), Kreonke family member who thinks doomers are a small minority that are vocal is very much mistaken.

    I’d say there’s a pretty wide set of opinions. I reckon a majority are still basically behind the current set up with some obvious reservations about particular decisions etc.

    I’d say there is also very sizeable minority who are basically in the same camp as John Cross (or Pedro for that matter).

    I’d say the hardcore doomers – on here I guess you’d include Gambon, and maybe Geoff – are still a pretty small minority…

  19. albo

    Wenger the liar says:
    April 14, 2011 at 14:48
    Albo –

    Yeah or alternatively a contract renewal of some youth mug.

    Hey, someone’s got to pay poor old Diaby’s way in the world 😉

  20. DB10(Jabba addition)

    Wenger the Liar

    I love it how you site naming rights but then use zero examples, and if you cant get your head around the fact we got paid every penny upfront so we could build the stadium we are in real trouble. Citeeeh are asking us for advice on naming rights, if they end up paying 150m a year for them so they break even thats their perogative dont compare that to us.


    Jose wins things but he wins things his way with his players. He is also on a 3 year contract on 10 mill a year so by getting him in he would have to use our squad which he would hate and we would end up doing worse than with wenger. A replacement for wenger nneeds to have a similar sort of playing ethos. We are trying to build a brand aswell that is associated with attacking football.

  21. Geoff

    If I’m a doomer then you’re a supercilious prick. I think being called a doomer is exactly what I was saying about you yesterday Albo.

    Doomer, because I want success and believe we are being mugged off by a manager that lines his own pocket, fuck me.

    As far as Fizman was concerned, don’t forget how many times he told us Wenger had £90 odd million to spend, that doesn’t sound sustainable to me, I think he also said several times if Wenger wanted to spend £30mil on a player he could.

  22. Albo

    Geoff, I wouldn’t worry about the tag. ‘Doomer’ and ‘AKB’ at both equally silly terms as far as I’m concerned. But after a while even the silliest of tags can become useful if everyone understands what they are shorthand for. Personally, I don’t use it as an especially perforative term, simply as shorthand for someone who believes the current set up has completely lost it’s way and there needs to be change at board level, at managerial level and in the playing squad…

  23. Geoff

    Well Albo Pedro and I coined the phrase AKB because it means something, but doomers, is just insulting for anyone that doesn’t follow the mantra of the mad emperor.

    As Gambon says, we are realists. Not sheep.

  24. BillikenGooner

    The idea of getting a long term successor to Wenger is a bit pie in the sky for football nowadays. Especially if we are going to hold any to some standard that they *have* to coach the “Arsenal way”.

    We bring anyone in and they will treat it as a job, not a calling… unless it’s an ex-player, and that isn’t a guarantee

    Even Guardiola, a DNA oozing Barca lifeform, will only go on 1 year contracts and says a manager can only stay at a place for so long.

  25. Wenger the liar

    Albo –

    No mate.

    There are four sets of opinions:

    Wengers a cunt who should have left years ago. (10%)

    Wengers finished and has nothing left to offer. (45%)

    Wenger needs to change his transfer policy (AKBS in denial 45%)

    Wengers doing a great job and should under no circumstance be questioned (the 100 people on ACLF)

    This guy is a massive AKB and yet even he is saying that Arsene is done. The “small minority” thing is total bollocks.

  26. Albo

    And ‘as far as Fiszman is concerned’ surely we have to accept that most things at Arsenal are as Fiszman wanted them? It is he who engineered Dein’s departure, he who brought Kroenke in to ward off Usmanov, and he who ensured before he died that Kroenke took over, rather than Red and White. And if he’d really wanted, he could have got rid of Wenger, for that matter…

  27. Geoff

    WTL not forgetting Gollum who calls the manager Lord Wenger.

    And the 3 people that comment on his blog, all him I suspect.

  28. Wenger the liar


    Thats because I am offering an opinion, its not something based on fact its to stimulate discussion.

    If I was in court defending someone from the rope then maybe I would need facts, this is just a blog.

    “I love the fact you cant get your head around the fact we got paid all the money up front”

    What in the era that will go down in history as the time when credit was the most freely available?

    If we got paid £50m more but spread over the course of the contract we could have had that money advanced to us (factoring) from a whole host of organisations who would have taken 10% of the total and we would have still be way ahead.

  29. Geoff

    I said at the time in 15 years what would what we got up front in real terms be worth? Fuck all is what, also the Chairman of Emirates said it was the best deal in football history and how luck were they… …course he did and course they were, it was a deal of someone who hasn’t got a clue and endorsed by a fat twat who’s never had a clue.

    I have to go, remember I won’t be around to answer back.

  30. Joppa

    Come on you Gunners on Saturday.

    Season tickets/standing: I personally don’t have that kind of money (£5600) but even if say I was earning big bucks I’m not sure I would shell out for them.

    However if there was a standing section which let’s face it there bloody well should be which allowed me to bring in my Arsenal Union Flag and was priced at say £300 to £500 per season then yes I would put my name down on a waiting list to get one. But I would not pay for the privilidge of going on a waiting list – again this is something I completely disagree with.

    In short I will never be getting an Arsenal season ticket.

    Managers: Whilst I think you have to accept Ferguson has owned English football this season and perhaps even Europe too you have to say that none of the other top managers have excactly covered themselves in glory. Of course Arsenal have had glorious failures but have done much much better than say Chelsea’s Ancellotti. Redknapp has done well for Tottenham I guess. Mancini has IMO been terrible. I wonder what the amount of pounds is compared to how many points they have.

    So in conclusion, although most of us have got on Wenger’s back he hasn’t done too badly if you look at league position and runs in cups. It could be so much better though if he just went out and spent some fucking money.

    The trouble is he wont and Arsenal won’t move on. The squad has proven it is no where near good enough despite other top clubs doing badly too. The same old boring rant still stands.

    Almunia: Out
    Fabianski: Out
    Squillaci: Out
    Eboue: Out
    Denilson: Out
    Diaby: Out
    Vela: Out
    Rosicky: Out
    Bendtner: Out
    Chamakh: Out

    Until we replace at least half of those with experienced winning quality I think at best next season we will be competing for 4th.

    World Class keeper, world class CB, world class DM and a world class finisher. Yes it will cost money, of course it will but if we had just got one of those a season over the last few just think where we could be now.

    Bottom line is we need to spend to improve.

  31. Gooby

    So Geoff

    according to you every person at AFC from major shareholders to directors are blind fools and AKBs and are leaving arsenal with an incompetent manager who’s lost the plot long time ago at helm? yes or no?

  32. Albo

    Wenger the liar says:
    April 14, 2011 at 15:16
    Albo –

    No mate.

    There are four sets of opinions:

    Wengers a cunt who should have left years ago. (10%)

    Wengers finished and has nothing left to offer. (45%)

    Wenger needs to change his transfer policy (AKBS in denial 45%)

    Wengers doing a great job and should under no circumstance be questioned (the 100 people on ACLF)

    This guy is a massive AKB and yet even he is saying that Arsene is done. The “small minority” thing is total bollocks.

    You could be right mate. I certainly haven’t conducted a phone poll or anything. But it’s probably also fair to say that that second 45% (of which I am one) would often be derided as fully signed up AKBs on here…

  33. Albo

    Well AKB is also used as an insulting term. And surely, simplistic as it may be, ‘Doomer’ also means something? You believe the situation the club is in is one of doom and gloom. Not really sure it’s anything to get massively annoyed about. 

    (And let’s face it, there are plenty of sheep on either side of the debate).

  34. gambon

    AKB merely describes the stage you are at as a fan right now.

    We were all AKBs in 1998, 2002, 2004 & 2006. Eventually everyone will be a realist…..its just some are behind visionaries like WTL & Myself.

    We evolved quicker, thats all.

  35. Wenger the liar

    LOL Gambon

    Albo – the AKB thing is just a joke on my part. There are very few people that still 100% think Arsene knows best nowadays. There are quite a few people who are unable to blame Arsene for anything and wait for him to speak after a defeat before towing the company line.

    You are not either of these.

  36. Master P

    Lurch LeRouge says:
    April 14, 2011 at 15:58
    a euphamism for arse man?

    @Gambon…So who is the ‘man’/’giver’ in your relationship?

  37. DB10(Jabba addition)


    I would be interested to know who you thought a world class keeper is. Utd are about to shell out 20m for a kid at the same level as our own Scezesny. Why would any club sell their ”world class keeper” as well?

    I really dont think we need a ”world class defender”, i think we have 3 very good ones and we need another who is ready to compete. I would love Samba.

  38. BillikenGooner

    RvP is good at it, but a Torres or Villa to be there for those little (or long) up and over the back line passes that Cesc does, and even Wilshere is starting to do, would be fantastic, along with the tons of other passes he does to break a D down.

    Guess we’ll need to find the next 19 year old version of them for 4mil.

  39. Master P

    Arse&Nose© says:
    April 14, 2011 at 16:42
    is lemon haze some new desert that I haven’t tried yet?

    Errrrr…yes, just ask when you next pop into to waitrose/lidl 😉

  40. Lurch LeRouge

    nice vid billi,

    there’s gonna be an ancelloti RA showdown in the summer i recon, torres might get jettisoned….

  41. Lurch LeRouge

    nah camden waitrose and holloway rd waitrose are pretty well stocked… drop in on yer way to the next game 😉

  42. Tipster

    oohh, pretty eady game this sunday v Tottenham. First time for long time Arsenal had no game during the week but Tottenham had. Advantage Arsenal!!

  43. Tipster

    oooh, pretty easy game sunday v Tottenham. For the first time for a long time we didnt play during the week but Tottenham did, That makes all the difference!

  44. alfie

    Who makes a website about themselves?? And gets somone else to do it, therefore referring to themself as a 3 rd party – although his daughters are pretty fit

  45. Ismaeel

    Thing is us fans knows that denilson, song and diaby on occasions , squllici, almunia will lose you games and points. allright how many points has almunia/squllici/flapianski lost us this season ? 6 – 7 maybe more … let’s just say 4 points, that means we would be on 66 points … that’s right 3 points behind united with a game in hand … it’s just bull shit wenger NEEDS to strenthen unless he does that, we won’t win the title …

  46. Albo

    Lurch LeRouge says:
    April 14, 2011 at 16:36
    id have Torres Albo. with our midfield he’d fit straight in.

    Yeah, so would I. But it’s still quite funny!

  47. A.F.C Lambo

    R.I.P Danny Fizman.
    Geoff you are a fucking legend my son. The real fucking Gooner .. Arsenal is in the blood ….. not like some of these AKB mugs you have put straight. Top man .

  48. Joppa

    How can people really think our defence is good enough?

    Szcnzney – Plenty of potential but still v young.

    Almunia – Fuck off

    Fabianski – Clown mark 2

    Clichy – Is he bad or is it just Wenger’s tactical naivety?

    Squill – Bargain basement bucket of shit

    Djourou – Good. Not world class just good.

    Verm – Still unproven to me and now a crock.

    Kos – Average defender and nothing more. Clown moments.

    Song – His place assured in the team so he dont care either way. Pussy.

    Sagna – One decent defender we have.

    Then people come on telling me we don’t need to strengthen in these area? Fckin crazy. Ok Chezzer could prob do a decent job and Sagna is good but the rest still have question marks over them.

    I know Wenger’s backwards tactics don’t help but even so we need to strengthen and that means spending money.

    What a wanky club we are turning into.

  49. arsene wenger z GOD

    life is very short, and i only know danny on tv, but he was one of the minds to take arsenal to the emirates. I feel sorry coz as a fan he would have loved to see us win the epl and cl.
    But he was a lucky man,coz he was blessed to be involved with a special club like arsenal and contrubite his share, which millions and millions of fans can dream of.
    I guess, its true what they say: Once an arsenal man always an arsenal man.

  50. SUGA3


    ‘Once an arsenal man always an arsenal man.’

    I take you don’t mind David Dein being instilled as chairman in Petey’s place then?

  51. SUGA3


    I reckon all we need is a top class right footer CB and Baines – how funny that Clichy is no longer going anywhere, eh?

    if Szczesny was in goal from day one this season we would be level on points with ManYoo and it’s as simple as that…

  52. Joppa

    I dont mind Szchzney at all. I think he will be world class but it’s putting alot on him. But if good enough etc.

    Cahill and Baines would be superb additions and English which would please me no end.

    Hear me out on this one but Defoe is unhappy or rather not being played. He could do a very good job for us.

    Cahill, Baines, Young and Defoe.

    Would love to see that.

    I think if we trimmed the squad of the shit then the attitude all round the squad would change as well.

  53. Albo

    Joppa – that’s extremely optimistic. Personally I can see us losing pretty much any of our remaining games. The ones I’m least optimistic about are a renewed Liverpool, a rested Spurs, Man U (obviously) and Stoke away. I could actually see us getting about 4 points from those 4 games…

  54. Joppa

    Albo – I think I was in dream world again but I’m going to keep telling myself we will win those games.

    As much as I moan about how fragile and distant Arsenal as a football club have become to me I still want them to win and still get the fkin hump when they dont.

  55. SUGA3

    I mean, both Young and Defoe are a massive risk of ‘Robbie Keane syndrome’ – out of his depth at a big club where the opposition defend for their lives 😉

  56. Joppa

    Ok Suga you stick with your Bendtner and Chamakh – WTF is up with them two. Fkin useless pricks. One mouths off about how great he is and the other starts great and then needs 3 months off to recover.

    Defoe is a natural proven scorer and TBH just what Arsenal have been lacking since the days of Wright and Henry.

    I think the game could move back towards small, tidy centre forwards who know where the net is. In that sense Fergie is ahead of us with Hernandez.

  57. SUGA3

    fuck me, Joppa, when on earth did I say I wanted Bendy and Chamakh instead?

    I know you are a great advocate of buying English players, but let’s not buy players just for the sake of their passport, shall we?

    as for Hernandez, Vela would be as good if not better if Wenger wasn’t hell bent on ruining his career!

  58. Joppa

    SUGA – Whether Vela is good enough or not is irrelevant because Wenger will never play him in his best position or to the style that Man U play which suits Hernandez.

    Ferguson is at least two steps ahead of the rest of the EPL at the moment in both tactics and personel.

    Are you telling me Cahill, Baines and Defoe wouldn’t improve what we have massively?

    Get rid of Squill, Vela, Bendy or Chamakh and there you go massively improved. Cash in on Clichy if necassary.

  59. Albo

    Joppa – It’s funny, I’m one of the most optimistic people on here in terms of the general outlook of the club, but probably the most negative whenever it comes to the actual matchday. I can almost always see us losing no mattter who we play!

    In the case of Liverpool I just can’t really see either Squillaci or a not quite match fit Djourou keeping Suarez and Carroll quiet…

  60. Steve Biko

    Hernandez would not have had the kind of impact he has had with Manure if he was with us FACT. His game is attuned to the way they play in particular their excellent wing play. We lack that kind of width at Arsenal.

  61. Joppa

    I don’t think Defoe would be £20M.

    2 goals all season and out of sorts. £10M-£12M

    I would pay for what his worth and if he improved us. He would improve us massively so he costs what he costs.

    Seems Wenger’s BS has rubbed off on Arsenal fans. You have to play what they are worth.

  62. SUGA3

    besides, we have sold Jay Simpson not so long ago and I believe he could be as good as Defoe, only with more presence!

    not a very elegant player (neither is Defoe), but he knows where the goal is…

    and I hate the clumsy Aryan Pele cunt for ‘killing’ his career…

  63. Joppa

    Fact is that deep down I think Bendtner should be a top EPL striker but for whatever reason he doesn’t want it so we have to get rid.

    Let him go and ply is trade in the Bundasliga.

    Chamakh – well what can you say about the man. He seems to have bought into Wenger’s bullshit.

    Vela – never going to make it at Arsenal.

    This leaves us very short.

  64. SUGA3


    seriously, did you just say that I am peddling Wenger’s BS?

    hahahaha! I know I touched a nerve there, but come on…

    Defoe is limited and loved by these inbreds from down the road, plus, he has three years left on his contract…

    £12M? do me a favour…

  65. Joppa

    At the end of the day and season it’s Sir Alex that is laughing and looking down at everyone.

    What can you say? The way he has kept Giggs, Scholes, VDS all playing at the top top level where as Wenger gets shot of all our legends speaks volumes. One can only imagine how much the other squad players learn from these guys.

    Wenger seems to be his own worst enemy. Worst still is that it’s all so unnecassary. I have always questioned why we let all our legends go so easily. But then the fans and Wenger say but look at how much money we got for them. Ok but who did we replace them with? And what have we won since they all left? Fuck all.

  66. SUGA3

    Bendtner has too big a head to ever become a top player – jeez, his first touch is so shit, the ball bounces away further than I can kick it, ffs…

    it’s bread and butter stuff, you don’t learn anything new in that department at this age!

    but Wenger just loves to misplace his loyalty, doesn’t he?

  67. Joppa

    What I am saying Suga is if Spurs want to get rid then the price will be low. Are you telling me Crouch and Pav are better up front than Defoe? But Defoe isn’t starting.

    He would be a great addition to our attack whether you like him or not.

  68. Steve Biko


    Go on educate Joppa the guy is really going in the wrong direction why spend 12 million on Defoe? What does it say about his ability that he is second choce behind Crouch and Pavuchenko? I guess him being English makes him class! In that case get Carlton Cole.

  69. SUGA3


    I know! we need players that can score against top teams, not flat track bullies…

    Benzema and Hazard over D***e and Young any day!

  70. Jerry

    SUGA3 makes a fair point on Vela, the lad keeps getting played on the wing when he’s a goal poacher all day long. Bendtner gets played on the wing when he’s an average centre forward at best. Walcott needs to hone his finishing yet he’s always on the fucking wing as well, although he can cause damage in space.

    Why do we not just buy a proper WINGER for fucksake? I know he wants his players to be able to cover a couple of positions but since Overmars we’ve lacked a specialist out there on either side. I accept there’s little point in crossing the ball with our centre forwards but wingers can cut in after all. Walcott doesn’t have the tricks to be effective out there for more than a half anyway.

  71. Joppa

    Arsenal seem to be more interested in being the perfect business model than anything else these days anyhow.

    Finishing top 4 is all that is required. I say all because it’s still a big achievement but I just hoped for a lot more on that side of things.

  72. Steve Biko


    Absolute spot on. I have said it many times before. The absence of specialist wingers has really hurt Arsenal while helping manure. Chamakh was a fairly decent striker at Bordeaux because of the good wing play. For crying loud Everton have better wing play than we do!

  73. Joppa

    Educate me LMAO. I just want players who to quote Wenger will improve on what we have.

    Defoe would improve our attack no end and we wouldn’t have to break the bank to get him. He is English which pleases me and would get 20-25 goals a season. What more do you want?

    Bendtner, Chamakh, Vela are not good enough for a number of reasons but ok keep one of them seeing as we will lose RVP for at least half the season.

    Tough decisions have to be made with our squad and currently that is just not happening.

    Cahill, Baines and Defoe please.

  74. SUGA3


    and that’s why Wenger frustrates the fuck out of me – square pegs, round holes shit as well as playing dross ahead of players with genuine love for the game!

    I mean, Vela on a high is a joy to watch, rotated in LWF, he would be the nuts – pace, trickery, good cross and man, he can score goals!

  75. Jerry

    SUGA I despair at Bendtner’s first touch and so do his teammates, especially if the move has pace. A few hours a week kicking a ball against a wall should cure even his clubfoot yet the boy’s a professional footballer and still the ball bounces off him. Jesus!

  76. Big Dave

    Losing Sagna is a big worry, it might be able to get away with it v Blackpool, but a lot harder v pool/spuds

  77. Joppa

    No chance of him signing anyone above the age of 21 anyway unless it’s a shit defender.

    I just think Defoe would improve our attack no end and he doesn’t seem to be Harry’s fav at the moment.

    Wouldn’t mind Dawson, Modric and Sandro either.

  78. SUGA3

    Defoe, 20-25 goals per season? now I have heard it all and I can die happy 😆

    fucking hell, so you would like him to be the first choice?

    ‘improve no end’ – come on…

    and I am not really too sure about Cahill either, his only ‘advantage’ is being English, he plays for Bolton for a reason…

  79. Steve Biko


    I am all for more English players but they have to be quality and NO, there quality is not automatically the result of their nationality. Cahill, Baines and Defoe have not been proven at big clubs, lets perhaps gamble on Cahill but Defoe is average if you are talking English then get Carlton Cole and Sturridge.

  80. Joppa

    Suga are you telling me with he chances Arsenal create that our strikers shouldnt be getting 20-25 a season? RVP is on course for that had he stayed fit. Defoe would bang them in a side like ours.

    If you think back to the great recent Arsenal sides then we always had fantastic pace up front i.e. Henry, Anelka, Freddie. IMO we should move Walcott central and bring that aspect to our game back. Fkin wasted out on the wing.

  81. Stu

    HAHAHAHAHA Defoe 20-25 goals a season? Thats a good one.

    He wouldnt be even close to first choice, if past his prime and in the league has never even scored 20 in a season..all comps is a different story.

    He always seems to score yet is NEVER near the topp scorers. Hmmmm

    As for Cahill…overhyped english shite. Better in attack than defence.

  82. Joppa

    Suga I think its very telling just how much Spurs have caught up with Arsenal and just how much Wenger has fallen. That is why I simply make that point.

    Fact is now that Spurs have many players who would get into the Arsenal 11 where as just 5/6 years ago there would have been maybe one or two at most.

    Dawson, Modric, Defoe would all play quite a few games for us. Lennon prob, Gallas prob. Gomez prob.

    Sad but true.

  83. Stu

    I mean, of Bolton Cahill is about the 4th player i would take off them. Holden, Lee and Elmander definitely being ahead of him…plus Steinson but i only like him for the cracker he scored a few years ago, and he looks a bit crazy.

  84. Steve Biko


    You make it aound like if Defoe is not injury prone. Last time I checked he had been injured for significant portions of the season. In that case what is this BS about him getting more goals than RVP?

  85. Joppa

    Love the way you guys slag off Defoe and Cahill like Arsenal are too good for them. Dream on. News flash we aint that great anymore and need improving.

    No doubt you will all be very happy when we sign yet another foreign nobody i.e. Squill, Kos, Den etc etc but me I would prefer we got English players who have cut it in the EPL already.

    Cahill and Defoe would walk into the Arsenal 11 at present even if it meant Wenger had to change tactics! Like he could do that!

  86. SUGA3


    I can’t believe you are bringing up Henry, Anelka and Freddie to justify your point about the burning necessity to buy Defoe!

    Henry, Anelka, Freddie: top class superstars, world and Euro champions (Henry both and Anelka just Euro), Freddie an absolute legend…

    Defoe: Spud midget reject, and I am sorry to break this to you, but what England has ever won? oh yeah, one World Cup almost as long time ago as Spuds won the league!

    sorry matem but that’s just laughable…

  87. Joppa

    Who said anything about getting more goals the RVP. Defoe is there to compliment him and fill in when RVP is crocked on the bench.

    I’m just saying Defoe is far far better than Bendtner or Chamakh and I see the game changing again to 4-4-2 maybe with a quick smaller man up front rather than the big lumps of centre forwards.

  88. Joppa

    SUGA I suggest you go back and read my comment. I didn’t mention Defoe in that sentence. I said in the past great recent Arsenal sides we had great pace up front and couldnt we try and get that back by playing WALCOTT centrally.

    Now apologise.

  89. SUGA3


    you apologise for even suggesting that Spud cunt first 😆

    I mean, seriously, we should be aiming much higher than that!

  90. Joppa

    If I had my way this is what the Arsenal line up would look like:

    Ok keeper Szchzney

    GK: Szch

    LB: Baines
    CB: Cahill
    CB: TV5 or Djourou
    RB: Sagna

    DM: Song / Parker

    LW: Young
    CM: Wilshere
    CM: Cesc
    RW: Nasri

    CF: Walcott
    CF: RVP

    Now of course we would have to go 4-4-2 sometimes to accomodate the extra CF but like I have banged on about for ages what is wrong with 4-4-2 at home in particular against weak opposition.

    Walcott up front would give our game a real killer pace angle.

    CF: RVP

  91. Rohan

    I’d rather buy Kevin Doyle than Jermaine fucking Defoe.

    Defoe is an annoying cunt with the most slappable face in football after Mark Randall. Oh, and Bendtner has scored more goals than him this season. FACT

  92. Joppa

    LOL at you lot get all hot under the collar because I dare to suggest we improve our team with a Spurs player.

    Fact is many Spurs players would help our current squad out.

    For me though the biggest weapon would be playing Theo centrally and getting our counter attacking game going again. Remember when we used to break at lightning speed?

  93. Jerry

    Whoever we have up front needs to have the cojones to shoot when in the box at least, fuck looking for another pass just take it on. Can’t see anyone other than an experienced player having the self confidence to do that in this team, a youngster will have that natural finishing urge curbed. Chicarito would not have scored as many goals in this team, Walcott & Vela on the other hand might’ve scored a few more for the Mancs.

  94. Rohan

    When Theo plays, we play a lop-sided 433 anyway, where he’s almost playing as a striker on the shoulder between the defender and the fullback.

    He’s been very successful there this season and I see no reason why we should change that. He has great work rate as well tracking back.

    Moving to a 442 would also mean you couldn’t play Jack, a DM and Cesc all centrally. Hence can’t see us doing that. Nasri is more suited to the 433 as well.

    It’s a misconception that he’s playing as a winger in the current system. It’s like saying Freddie was purely a winger. Theo greatest strength is his movement and runs off the ball and with Cesc in the team, we should be looking to exploit that.

  95. Joppa

    The 11 I listed in my 4-4-2 would win the EPL IMO and imrpove us.

    We would have Young, Nasri and AA controlling the wings and if we got a decent CF back up we would then have Theo, RVP and one other (Defoe).

    Defensively we have leapt forward massively with Cahill and Baines who already are proven in the EPL.

    Tell me I’m fkin wrong on this because you know I aint.

  96. SUGA3


    I don’t care if he is a Spud, I care about him being extremely limited and overpriced!

    no fucking way ‘Arry would sell him to us for anything less than £20M and it’s as simple as that…

  97. Rohan

    9 goals and 8 assists in 27 appearances with starts numbering half that number say otherwise especially in an injury ravaged season where he has largely played out of position, has not had a proper run of games, and when he has played has played with the B team and hence hasn’t gotten better service.

    He deserves another season as far as I’m concerned. His stats aren’t shabby at all for a third choice striker.

    That’s all I’m going to say on the subject.

  98. SUGA3

    Theo does not have the brains to play out wide IMO…

    him hanging on the CB’s shoulder would make most of the defences shit themselves tho!