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Yesterday evening, Arsenal announced the sad news of Danny Fiszman’s passing. He fought a long and hard battle with cancer which he lost on Monday. Kind of makes the whole takeover feel a bit distasteful. Images of a man signing away his life’s work on a death-bed don’t sit well with me but there you are, that’s the harsh reality of business at the top-level.

He’s been a true visionary within the footballing world. He began the planning for a new stadium well before the arrival of Arsene Wenger. I think it should be recognised that he was the man who oversaw the planning and building of a £400million stadium in the middle of London. He managed that on time, on budget and timed it to perfection as only a few years later, the biggest recession the world has ever seen hit.

God knows what might have happened if the work had started then and what it would have cost us. We may have been looking at the biggest disaster since Gazza tried his hand at counselling and Peter teamed up with the Star.

I guess the sad thing about all this is, it really does drive home the importance of time. Danny was rich to a level very few in the world will ever know… however, nature doesn’t check your bank account and it can snuff out any of us at any time. That’s why constantly selling next year becomes tiresome. Some of us aren’t going to be around to see next season… 6 years is a long time for some and you have to hope that Stan is going to be a little more ambitious with the goals he sets Wenger going forward.

It’s a real shame Danny didn’t get to see us lift a Premiership trophy at the stadium that will cement his legacy in footballing history.

Still, if he’s looking down on us, perhaps he can sprinkle a bit of luck dust on the Emirates turf… or whack a pie in that fat ladies mouth to stop her singing! If we could win the league this year, that really would be a great send off!

Other news…

So, word hit me, then you a few weeks ago, about Vermaelen starting light training. Don’t get your hopes up about him returning before the end of the season. We’ve been here before. I’d prefer it if he was treated with kid gloves so he can start next preseason fresh and raring to go.

1 of our new signings sorted.

There’s been some rumours about Alex Song being out for the rest of the season. That conflicts with what I’ve heard, apparently he’ll be back in full training this week but I guess you never know these days do you? I’m not really fussed about him either way. If Diaby can keep up his form and avoid an RVP ass whopping… he could do a more dynamic job for us than Song.

The BBC latched onto the China/Malaysia tour I told you about last week. It’s a boring exclusive, but for ego reasons, I really felt I had to make mention of it.

I’ve heard that Eboue could be off at the end of the season. Well, with a bit of luck anyway. That leaves us without a cult hero, so I’ve randomly decided to foist one upon you. He goes by the name of Jack Jebb. He’s a bit of a player, he’s 17 and I hear he has a fake twitter account already. Life doesn’t get cooler than a fake twitter account… just so you know, there are two fake Le Grove accounts out there.

Jack Jebb

I can exclusively tell you his favourite number is 4 and he’s English. I like the cut of his J.I.B and I’ll be keeping you posted with his progress.

In other more comical news, Hilarious Gomes dropped an almighty clanger that prevented Spurs making that 5 goal come back we all sensed was on the cards because Gareth Bale’s holy presence was on display at White Hart Lane. If you haven’t seen the clanger, please source it (here), I reckon even Almunia laughed at that one!

Geoff received his offer letter for his shares yesterday. No expenses were spared with the document, I hear Mr Patel of Islington News did Arsenal a tremendous deal on the photocopying, thank the lord there wasn’t any colour ink involved. I can’t take a picture of the document, it says I’d be violating laws about saying stuff… wouldn’t want to jeopardise Geoff’s freedom or anything.

Anyway, the jist of it is a little something like this…

  • The offer is for £11,750 in straight pound notes
  • The club is valued at £731million
  • KSE are buying them, they’re an umbrella company that owns other sports clubs, which possibly means if one of their other sports interests lands themselves in trouble, we could be used to bail them out
  • Currently Stan has 62.38% of the shares
  • You can take your money in a cash lump or in loan notes
  • The club will be run the same as before… with an emphasis on self sustainability, without any leveraged debt (H&G said the same), with the same management structure
  • I’ve got a direct dial into Mark Gonnella’s office

After that, it all got very, very boring…

Geoff has said no to the offer, he suggests you do too, unless of course you are looking to buy an automatic Maserati Coupe 3200 from a second-hand car dealer in Sussex. If that’s the case… he says sell.

Usmanov isn’t going to sell, he has a Maserati already. By saying no, he’s saved the Fanshare scheme, so we should be happy about that. At least we’ve still got a voice and a bit of clout. We also have 50 shares more than Peter Hill-Wood. Hopefully we’ll always have involvement, I like the fact our club is unique in many ways and hopefully Stan can continue that over the long-term future.

Author switch…

In such a bad news days for the Fizman family, as well as all of those that liked Danny, I felt I had to say a few words. I met Danny a few times, he was a Diamond Geezer, pardon the pun, and he really was one of us, not one of them, he was an Arsenal fan too, I just hope as Pedro says this team can show him what their manager believes they can do and win the league now.

I’m often reminded by a minority on here how lucky I am to have two club level tickets and how those people would do anything to have them, well we have two such tickets available for the princely sum of £5,600 the pair, if you are one of those real Arsenal fans and you don’t mind not winning much other than qualification for the Champions league then put your money where your mouth is and email us, we’ll make that dream come true, please though, no plastics, these are for real fans only, you know who you are.

It’s alway sad when someone you know dies, but at 66 Danny had only just reached the age most of us think of as retirement, poor sod, let’s hope there is a TV where he is and let’s hope we can win something this season.

Congratulations to Spurs for losing out on the biggest aggregate score for an English club in the Champions League, I understand they will be doing a special edition DVD later this week, be first in the queue, they will sell fast. Ha, ha!

There are rumours that we sniffing around Dortmund’s £15mil Neven Subotic, what about a nice little reunion then, Rosicky for Subotic plus £7mil, tidy deal, he won’t go to the spuds because they won’t be playing Champions League. Win, win!

Next up we have Liverpool, then the Spuds, thick and fast and must win games, we can still do it and for all the above reasons that would be fitting, starting this Weekend. All the very best Grovers – Geoff

It’s a sad day today, but let’s all remember Danny had a fantastic life and make sure we all celebrate it in a befitting manner on Sunday… on and off the pitch!

Come on you reds!

P.S. Check out my piece on David Dein if you get the chance (come back here immediately after and drop a comment)! Also, the Thierry Henry’s Red Bulls are mooted for the Emirates Cup and has anyone read that United have near enough tied up a deal to replace EvDS for De Gea… already. That’s how you do business. If what you have isn’t good enough, buy someone in who is.

See you in the comments!

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396 Responses to “Danny Fizman… Arsenal Legend and true gent, thanks for the memories | Injury updates and other stuff”

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  1. Savage

    What would have been truly distasteful is a scrap for DF’s shares after his death. I’m glad that the decision was made consciously by him (we assume) before his death. It’s the “least worst” of the scenarios.

  2. Rohan

    What’s up you mugs

    RIP Danny Fiszman.

    Hopefully, we can bring the premiership back to the Emirates.
    Come the fuck on you gooners!

  3. LAzer

    Terrific post. Lets do it for Danny.

    liked the support from player twitter accounts.

    I hope they know what a special special club we are.

  4. Gunner UNIT

    Haha spud fans proved yesterday what a small club they are..cheering you team for just being in the champions league…WE are ther every here and its still not good enough until we win it. That is why we are a BIG team!

  5. Geoff

    Nice double new post Pedro???

    Savage, I think it would have been nicer to announce the new bits a few days after, not before, but that’s just me.

  6. sol

    Why is it that the newspapers never make a big deal of people diving unless it’s Arsenal.

    Gareth Bale was 1 of many disgracing themselves in desperation to gain a penalty last night. I watched Torres do it disgustingly in both legs against Man. U and Hernnandez got in the act as well.

    Anythin said, BOLLOX. Remember the witch-hunt with Eduardo and the disgrace of Walcott.
    Seriously prejudice is taking a new level.

    R.I.P Danny

  7. Walking Wounded

    RIP Danny

    You were and always will be a true Gooner!

    How about naming a stand after him? Not while we are funded by Arab money, I guess, but it would be a shot a multiculturalism.

  8. Albo

    Great post Ped. RIP Danny. It’s easitly forgotten when we’ve discussed the board over the last 12 months that, whatever their percieved faults or failings, they were all GOONERS. DF was a lifelong fan who, off the pitch, built the club we see today. Bringing home that stadium on time and on budget was an extraordinary achievement and I think we can all be hugely grateful to him. Personally, I always felt the club was in safe hands when fans were at the helm.

    Thanks Danny! Now let’s go win him the Premiership trophy his stadium always deserved!

    And I agree with Savage – better to get things sorted before you go, no matter how distasteful that migh seem. None of us know the ins and outs, but hopefully what we have represents what Danny felt was best for the club…

  9. Tobias

    Bid Dave,

    It’s not just Wengers wrong doing. The whole board has been silent and done nothing.

    Hopefully some actions can be taken soon.

    But Wenger is not alone in the failure of the club in recent years.

  10. Geoff

    Gambon they’ll have to find a spare wall if they do that, all the existing ones are covered in Wenger is God stuff.

  11. gambon


    Edelman was the man that delivered the stadium, it was Fiszmans vision though.

    And I agree, Dein & Fiszman are totally responsible for the club we see today. True modern directors.

  12. Gooneroo

    Cahill’s ready for CL football…Chelsea just got Luiz, Utd have Ferdi and Vidic and City have Kolo and Kompany so we should be the best bet for him. He’ll also have a better chance to be a starter with us..


  13. Albo

    And haha – I always felt Jebb was next in line for cult hero status. Might be the first cult hero to never actually play for the 1st 11! How very symbolic of ‘Project Youth’ 😉

  14. Big Dave

    He picks the team, he chooses to buy or sell, what formation we play. At the end of the day the buck stops with him. Therefore being a manager on £7mill a year he HAS to deliver us a trophy

  15. caiden_ceaser

    United have already signed De Geafor 17.8 million pounds. His only 20 so that’s a huge investment & he’s touted as Iker’s long term replacement. if only arsene did the same for the key areas we need to strengthen.

  16. Master P

    Geoff/Gambon, can either of you see a different approach from aresene/Arsenal in the transfer market this summer?

    Oh, great post once again!

  17. Albo

    You’re right there Gambon, Edelman’s contribution was enormous too. Was thinking more of DF being the visionary/driving force for it in the boardroom…

  18. gnarleygeorge9

    Lets send the Poo back down the S bend where they belong.

    Oh Merseyside is full of shit, oh Merseysdie is full of shit, its full of shit, shit & ……………… 😈

  19. Albo

    caiden_ceaser – well if all you want is for us to have a 20 year old potentially world class keeper then surely you must be pretty happy right now?

  20. gambon

    Jebb is way too young to be getting excited about, i remember people talking about ‘future goal machine’ Rhys Murphy, and Aliaidere etc.

    As for Alban Bunjaku, he just reminds me of a young Niko Kranjcar, who is OK but nothing special.

    The Dallas cup will be interesting though.

  21. gambon

    Master Pizzle…..not really, i think more of the same.

    Caiden….agree we need to spend big on a few areas, that said I couldnt care less about De Gea, why would we want the second best 20 year old keeper in the world?

  22. Iceman

    Danny F had a true vision of the future in football, and knew exactly what he wanted. He realised that Arsenal had to move to generate the sort of support and money it takes to survive in a ct-throat business world. What we have because of him is the best stadium in the PL and one of the best in the world. He truly did have vision – and there are now many other clubs who wish that they had built at the right time because now there is no way of ever affording such a venture. Trophies will come at the Emirates and I echo many thoughts of how fitting it would be if this year we nicked it. The decisions made by Danny – a true Arsenal fan – will live on and surely make his family very proud. We salute you, and hope that there is an afterlife, so that in years to come you will wear a replica shirt with pride and sit in the stadium which was your finest hour. RIP Danny.

  23. caiden_ceaser

    @Albo im happy with Chezzer & he will be great one day. I was refereeing to signing up players we need in the same fashion. I won’t be holding my breath but we’ll see.

  24. Pedro

    Jack Jebb just called, he said, ‘Wind your fucking neck in Gambon’

    He’s pretty tough, so I’d watch out…

  25. Pedro

    Dream, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Fab go to Madrid.

    He’s not going to Barcelona unless they find a lot of wedge from somewhere…

    I think we’ll lose Bends, Eboue, Denilson and Rosicky this summer… maybe Arsh. Lots of opportunity to buy in some talent!

  26. gambon


    He wont go Madrid, as that would prohibit him from ever going Barca.

    I think its Barca or stay put for him.

  27. Alfie

    From the sun – “But it was a naughty dive by Bale, who was not touched by Xabi Alonso and should have been booked.”

    AND THATS IT!!!!!

    Spurs diving summed up in 20 words!! Eduardo was flogged in public over SSN 24/7 and the cunting british media but because Bale is British he gets his cock sucked…… it pisses me off big time!

  28. caiden_ceaser

    3 key areas, CB, CM/DM, & a CF/ST. Right now we don’t have a proper spine that will last 40 odd games & that has been crucial. We already have Jack (future england captain) & Rambo (already the Welsh captain) in our ranks, you wouldn’t find talent like that in most top teams. We just need a few world class/ready made players to hold their own & compliment the ones we have.

  29. caiden_ceaser

    “Sad scenes afterward in the Spurs changing room. Harry Redknapp was seen holding Gareth Bale by the ears and shouting “We’ve won the European Cup” . LOL best line of the night.

  30. Big Dave

    AA will go, along with MA, TR and maybe even NB.

    And hoping Denilson will to. If Roma want Song for 13mill, take it

  31. Big Dave

    Sick to think that Man u could be on for the treble.

    JM stuck to his game plan last night and won, kept a clean sheet, wonder how our manager will approach this game next week….

  32. Alfie

    Big Dave, what about NT and BC? have you forgotten GCSE and HIV? I did hear that DR, ABC and BA were available??

  33. nuudles

    Sad news about Danny 🙁

    Man it would be awesome to get Subotic, it is very hard to choose between him and Hummels, Subotic is perhaps a bit more no-nonsense while Hummels is probably a bit better on the ball, but seeing as we already have someone (Tommy) who is very good on the ball either will do nicely.

    In order of preference for a CB I would say:
    top preference: Hummels/Subotic
    2nd preference: Cahill/Vertonghen
    3rd preference: then Sakho/Jones/Mertesacker
    then: that kid with the long name who started for Schalke yesterday.

    Anyone who knows Vertonghen better know how his DM play is? I heard he can play CB, LB & DM, but is he any decent as a DM?

  34. Dream10


    I have never seen a top player like Arshavin bipolarize supporters.

    He deserves a new contract before Nasri does.

  35. nuudles

    Big Dave, I agree on Song, if they are willing to give us £13m then go for it and get M’vila/Sissoko as replacement.

    I sort of hope Squilly is also sold. If we get Subotic/Cahill/Vertonghen/Sakho then we have one of those and TV, JD & Kozzer. 4 quality CBs should do, send Bartley back out on loan (to a PL club) for half the season, if something horrific happens and 2 of our top CBs are injured we could recall Bartley from his loan. Miquel can play reserves and be used as emergency backup.

  36. gnarleygeorge9

    Anyone got their minds on kicking the @#$% outa the Poo this weekend other than me? There are matters at hand that need to be addressed before the business of whos going & whos staying be dealt with.

    Adios, I’m off to talk footy.

  37. Geoff

    Gambon, Edelman was responsible for the naming rights and the shirt sponsorship, that why he got sacked.

    Pedro, no one will go save maybe Almunia and Arshavin or Rosicky and only if there’s a deal in it so they are cheap.

  38. nuudles

    caiden_ceaser, very unlikely that Ryo will be available, we would need to prove that he has since become a “special talent”, and if I remember correctly it is near impossible to prove unless he has played a number of games for his home country (Japan).

    I doubt whether simply stating that he is first choice wing for an Eredivisie side will be proof enough, even though his talent is plain and simple for everyone to see. It is not a subjective thing if I remember correctly.

  39. Dream10

    Hernandez may have been the best value for money in the summer but just wait till Suarez hits top form.

    Suarez is a superstar and we’re gonna have a tough time for him.

  40. Gooby

    Geoff says:
    April 14, 2011 at 10:08
    Gambon, Edelman was responsible for the naming rights and the shirt sponsorship, that why he got sacked.
    maybe he was sacked for other reasons

  41. DB10(Jabba addition)


    Edelman got sacked as he wasnt a football man in a position where a degree of football understanding was needed. Can you quit with your crusade about the sponsorship and naming rights.

    You go on and on about how Wenger has decent money to spend but chooses not to spend it.

    If thats the case then the fact that we have a wonderful stadium in part due to getting a huge amount of money up front means the deals were good.

    We have money to spend or we dont either way your wrong with one of your oppinions

  42. Jerry

    Sad news about Mr. Fizmann, thoughts are with his family.

    Thanks to this site for bringing up the David Dein debate. For years the mere suggestion of his worth has been jumped all over by other “Arsenal” web sites who’s author’s are more interested in ensuring their continued acceptance by the current board. No point in jeopardizing possible club sponsored competitions with unpopular articles after all. The same sites that have the cheek to accuse the national press of licking up to Fergie for the same reasons.

    David Dein should be brought back this summer of that there is no question. He is a man that can hold his own and in the murky world of the LaPorta’s, Gill’s, Buck’s, Perez’s etc. Every big club needs a man who’s drive overrides conscience when his clubs benefit depends on it. Football is a greedy self centered world, you need a person who can negotiate, trade, out maneuver and at the very least keep up with the opposition. He was fired just as he was in the chair at UEFA ffs, how damaging & stupid was that?

    If UEFA & the FA continue to value his opinion then how could we so wasteful as a club. The obstacle’s for his return are less now, surely as a straight replacement & upgrade to Feel Wood this is the right time.

  43. Hussain

    Arsene Wenger: Jack Jebb has a lot of potential and also the hunger to fulfill his potential, he is disciplined, doesn’t lack courage, and we believe we have to stand by him and give him what we should and that would be some playing time at the biggest stage!

  44. andy spaughton

    eboue has only played twice recently vs barca home and blackpool away oh didn’t we win both of those in which he scored one? Oh and other than those two hands how many others did we win? Says something about sagna dont you think?

  45. Master P

    “I thought Jack did really well over there in Barcelona. I want to show I can hold my own in that company.”

    Cahill imo would be a very good signing. Proven Premiership quality with a lot of potential

  46. wattsy65

    Great post and RIP Danny, sorry you sold your shares to the wrong guy, but you had to act in a hurry, and I understand that. Nina just wanted her cash so here we are, stuck with Stan, who will in my opinion be rubbish.

    Good for you Usmanov and everyone else for not selling thus far, you could be our salvation, hope the big Russian gets a seat on the board, and somehow we David Dein back in the door, which will be pivotal in having someone who will be able to tell our ego maniac of a manager that he’s wrong on so many fronts, and needs to change direction.

    None of this will happen of course, I’m still in bed dreaming of a bright future, and now I’ve woken up to the reality of Stan and his stupid syrup, who’s already promising pretty much what we have now.

    So much for the revolution which is needed, Usmanov and DD would give us that, and if Wenger was not for turning then so be it, he knows the way out.

    Don’t get the slightest bit excited boys and girls, the yank and Wenger will be starting their love any minute now.

  47. nuudles

    caiden, I think once they decide to not award the special talent permit to a player they are very unlikely to go back and change their decision unless the player have met the required criteria in the meantime. I did not follow the transfer talk when we got Song way back, but did he not get a straight special talent permit, or did they also first say no and later changed it to a yes?

    I think Ryo’s situation is more likely to go the route of Vela’s where he had to play for a couple of seasons in Spain to get a Spanish Passport after he was refused a special talent permit in England.

  48. nuudles

    MasterP, I agree re Cahill. But I think anyone of Cahill/Subotic/Hummels/Sakho/Vertonghen would be a good signing, all quality CBs with a lot of potential.

  49. abnet

    “I still speak to Jack Wilshere after his loan spell here and when I watched him in the Nou Camp (against Barcelona ) the other week I couldn’t help thinking, ‘That’s where I want to be: testing myself against the best’.

    “I know there is extra pressure to deliver and prove you’re worth a place alongside top players but I like to think I could handle that.
    are you fucking hearing this ARSENE

  50. Big Dave

    Our merchandise turnover is one of the worst out of all the top clubs, things wont change untill 2014. It has cost us over £30 mill a year for the deal that Edelman did, is that correct?

  51. Dream10


    6 millon/yr for the biggest capital club in Europe’s financial hub.

    Something is not right. The worse part is that the club does not want to pay penalties for exiting.

  52. Wenger the liar

    I think we will probably miss the boat with Cahill now. But I am sure Arsene will regale us with a tale of “how close we came” in 4 years time when he is named in the premiership team of the season for the third straight year running.

  53. Joe

    Lets hope we can give Danny a real send off on sunday that will make everyone proud. A true gent and overall a bloody nice bloke. He will be missed, so lets pull our socks up and get balls deep and win this league!!!

  54. Geoff

    DB10 no I won’t, on account that I know what a shit deal is and you quite clearly don’t.

    However thanks for your advice and next time I write something I’ll bear it in mind.

    What says a lot about our country is Edelman gets sacked for doing a shit deal that is still costing us and he ends up being paid shedloads on the Olympic stadium commitee, it proves failures get rewarded in life, so it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

  55. DB10(Jabba addition)

    I dont see why we should be in the market for Cahill.

    Granted he looks like he could be a good player, but with his potential fee due to rumoured citeeh interest hitting the 20-25m mark can we really warrent spending over maybe half our transfer budget on one player when we have Vermalan, Djourou and Kozza already.

    Djourou and Vermalan for me would be wonderful starters for me and Kozza has shown when partnered with Johan he looks class.

    What we are in need of is a good decent 3rd/4th choice cb who can bring some much needed grit and physicality to the squad with Prem experience.

    We dont need to blow our budget on this position. Our defence is the 2nd best in the league.

    Winger, left back, dm and striker are all positions where i feel we have a more pressing need.

  56. DB10(Jabba addition)


    I fail to see how a deal thats allowed us to move into a great stadium on time with very managable debt that has allowed our manager to very good transfer funds 2-3 yeas after the move can be classified as ”rubbish” deals.

    If the move had happened and Arsene still had zero money i can see where your coming from but you always proclaim that our ‘hated’ manager has loads of money to spend. That to me is being an incredibly tough judge on things

  57. Geoff

    £100million for 15 years of stadium naming rights and 8 years of shirt sponsor ship. Do you really need me to tell you why that was a shit deal?

    The transfer budget, our manager spends fuck all, and sells loads, thats why we have a lot to spend.

    As for hated? I never said that, you did.

  58. Cescs_MyBoy

    Sad day all around.

    The stadium, and our ability to fill it, is without doubt the single greatest and most defining aspect of our post war status.

    Regarding the sponsorship deals, they were overloaded at the start to keep us liquid during the stadium move. Of course getting stung on a low annual fee now is hurting us. It was this or additionally financing.

    Very easy to see why our board made the correct decision.

  59. sarge

    Anyone with an an ounce of nous would have negotiated break clauses with the opportunity to either exit or re-negotiate at certain times.So, yes it was a very shit deal

  60. Geoff

    If it was that difficult then why move there?

    Kings Cross was always my preferred option, was bigger, closer to everything and the grants we were offered were awesome, also we wouldn’t have had the shit journey getting home after games as we do now, though for those that never go it wouldn’t matter, would it Cescs.

  61. DB10(Jabba addition)


    100m over 15 years with the opportunity cost to emirates of it all being paid for upfront really isnt a bad deal.

    In America naming rights have been around alot longer and if compared to many of their deals are’s is a good one.

    Remember the city council pay 50-60% of their deals otherise the ‘franchise’ leaves the city. so the need to be paid up front isnt there.

  62. Albo

    Whilst the sponsorship deals look, in retrospect, to have sold us pretty short compared to what other clubs are getting now, isn’t it fair to say that a lot of that is down to us needing all the cash up front. As a result the sponsors were able to drive a much harder bargain because we desperately needed hard cash?

    And I thought Edelman left simply cos his responsibility was to get the stadium built and once it was done they needed someone with a different set of skill. Or am I being a bit naive there?

    For me, even if the sponsorship deals were a misstep, they don’t outweigh the extraordinary achievement of building the Emirates on time and on budget. Just look at the farcical mismanagement of the building of Wembley in comparison… (Or, for that matter, the abortive and increasingly costly attempts by Spurs to move home)

  63. DeiseGooner

    RIP Mr Fiszman and thanks for your service to The Arsenal.

    No doubt Double D knows what hes about, but is there still too much bad blood about at the club to bring him back (just yet – or ever?)

    It seems to me that the board will will totally new in the years to come with the likes of Hill-Wood, Chips and Lord Harris etc moving out for a set of directors more in tune with the modern footballing landscape. So maybe Dein will be part of that? Maybe some of this team built up by Gazidas who seem to be on large salaries are those that are lined up for the boardroom??

    It does now seem 100 mil was a bad deal but at the time it did help secure the new stadium – plus there was the caveat that all clubs who built a new stadium goes through long periods of hardship and therefore a sponsor wouldnt get their value for money – it just so happens that our high profile by keeping in the champions league made it a killer deal for the ems – just a thought.

  64. DB10(Jabba addition)


    You dont have break clauses on naming rights, its a huge commitment and negativity generated from continual changes is awful for both brands.

    Emirates are re nogtiating there shirt sponsorship with us anyway over the next year so says there head of corporate communications Boutros Boutros

  65. Mr Arsenal

    If Danny Fiszman is being cremated, we should scatter his ashes on the Emirates pitch or bury his Urn on the side of the pitch so he is always with us. Built a statue of the Legend outside the Emirates also. R.I.P Mr Arsenal

  66. Albo

    And as I understood it, the Kings Cross site was only feasible if the government had decided not to go ahead with the Channel Tunnel terminus at St Pancras…which of course they did…

  67. Albo

    Actually, anyone noticed thy Jim Cameron lately specialises in films everyone races to see and thinks are amazing, only for us to realise a year later that they are really very rubbish. Titanic is exactly the same.

    Bring back the days of Aliens and T2 please Jim!

  68. gambon

    When we can renegotiate sponsors for 2014/15 we will probably get £22-25m pa, so a boost of £17m or so….however it will be kind of a waste with Wenger in charge.

  69. Albo

    Gambon – did you reckon he’ll still be here by then? I kind of assumed he’d go at the end of this contract…

  70. gooner

    Pedro, that Dein article was excellent. Sums up my opinion on the matter perfectly, ive posted similar comments on LG since ive been here.

    I just hope Kroenke heeds your advice

  71. Big Dave

    “Danny’s unwavering commitment to Arsenal Football Club and the sport of football was amazing and inspiring. He taught me so much about the proud history and traditions of Arsenal. We not only lost a great business leader but a good friend. Our thoughts and condolences are with his family at this difficult time.”
    Stan Kroenke, Board Director

  72. gurkhaligunner

    I`ve got a bad news to diving players like nani, bale, torres. Players who perform theatrical dives could soon be a thing of the past thanks to new technology designed to expose cheats. A team of designers has developed anti-diving shin pads in a bid to stop players trying to trick referees. The futuristic pads come equipped with innovative sensor technology that detects physical contact and sounds an alarm. Going down when no alarm sounds will quickly have the referee reaching for their notepads. 🙂

  73. And_Arsene_Said...

    Danny Fiszman, true true Arsenal man, would never let Arsenal go to anyone who would intentionaly damage the club…i.e Glaziers type. I,ve been to his old offices (Star Diamond) years ago and the place was covered with Arsenal murals/deco. Believe me this guy truly loved Arsenal.BTW he was also pro AW.

  74. MatthewT

    we should spend the entire transfer budget on getting Mourinho to come to Arsenal, maybe the yank can put his hand in his pocket as well and bring a few of this target signings in to.

  75. Arsene Nose Best

    MatthewT says:
    April 14, 2011 at 13:24
    we should spend the entire transfer budget on getting Mourinho to come to Arsenal, maybe the yank can put his hand in his pocket as well and bring a few of this target signings in to.

    you should be ashamed of yourself

  76. gambon

    Have to agree with Matthew T here.

    We have lost our last 2 games vs Spurs 5-3, Mourinho beat them 5-0.

    The clues are there.

  77. Josip Skoblar

    Jack Wilshere on Jens Lehmann last week:

    “He was a bit like an assistant manager on the pitch. He was telling us what it is like and was giving a team-talk at half time. He is so passionate, you could see that. He was screaming and shouting at everyone.”

  78. Gooby

    MatthewT says:
    April 14, 2011 at 13:24

    we should spend the entire transfer budget on getting Mourinho to come to Arsenal, maybe the yank can put his hand in his pocket as well and bring a few of this target signings in to.

    if we spend all our budget on getting morinho we won’t have qny money left, crazy huh?

    gambon, what about the fact that we lost only 2 games against them in the last 15 years? we are by far the better club