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Yesterday evening, Arsenal announced the sad news of Danny Fiszman’s passing. He fought a long and hard battle with cancer which he lost on Monday. Kind of makes the whole takeover feel a bit distasteful. Images of a man signing away his life’s work on a death-bed don’t sit well with me but there you are, that’s the harsh reality of business at the top-level.

He’s been a true visionary within the footballing world. He began the planning for a new stadium well before the arrival of Arsene Wenger. I think it should be recognised that he was the man who oversaw the planning and building of a £400million stadium in the middle of London. He managed that on time, on budget and timed it to perfection as only a few years later, the biggest recession the world has ever seen hit.

God knows what might have happened if the work had started then and what it would have cost us. We may have been looking at the biggest disaster since Gazza tried his hand at counselling and Peter teamed up with the Star.

I guess the sad thing about all this is, it really does drive home the importance of time. Danny was rich to a level very few in the world will ever know… however, nature doesn’t check your bank account and it can snuff out any of us at any time. That’s why constantly selling next year becomes tiresome. Some of us aren’t going to be around to see next season… 6 years is a long time for some and you have to hope that Stan is going to be a little more ambitious with the goals he sets Wenger going forward.

It’s a real shame Danny didn’t get to see us lift a Premiership trophy at the stadium that will cement his legacy in footballing history.

Still, if he’s looking down on us, perhaps he can sprinkle a bit of luck dust on the Emirates turf… or whack a pie in that fat ladies mouth to stop her singing! If we could win the league this year, that really would be a great send off!

Other news…

So, word hit me, then you a few weeks ago, about Vermaelen starting light training. Don’t get your hopes up about him returning before the end of the season. We’ve been here before. I’d prefer it if he was treated with kid gloves so he can start next preseason fresh and raring to go.

1 of our new signings sorted.

There’s been some rumours about Alex Song being out for the rest of the season. That conflicts with what I’ve heard, apparently he’ll be back in full training this week but I guess you never know these days do you? I’m not really fussed about him either way. If Diaby can keep up his form and avoid an RVP ass whopping… he could do a more dynamic job for us than Song.

The BBC latched onto the China/Malaysia tour I told you about last week. It’s a boring exclusive, but for ego reasons, I really felt I had to make mention of it.

I’ve heard that Eboue could be off at the end of the season. Well, with a bit of luck anyway. That leaves us without a cult hero, so I’ve randomly decided to foist one upon you. He goes by the name of Jack Jebb. He’s a bit of a player, he’s 17 and I hear he has a fake twitter account already. Life doesn’t get cooler than a fake twitter account… just so you know, there are two fake Le Grove accounts out there.

Jack Jebb

I can exclusively tell you his favourite number is 4 and he’s English. I like the cut of his J.I.B and I’ll be keeping you posted with his progress.

In other more comical news, Hilarious Gomes dropped an almighty clanger that prevented Spurs making that 5 goal come back we all sensed was on the cards because Gareth Bale’s holy presence was on display at White Hart Lane. If you haven’t seen the clanger, please source it (here), I reckon even Almunia laughed at that one!

Geoff received his offer letter for his shares yesterday. No expenses were spared with the document, I hear Mr Patel of Islington News did Arsenal a tremendous deal on the photocopying, thank the lord there wasn’t any colour ink involved. I can’t take a picture of the document, it says I’d be violating laws about saying stuff… wouldn’t want to jeopardise Geoff’s freedom or anything.

Anyway, the jist of it is a little something like this…

  • The offer is for £11,750 in straight pound notes
  • The club is valued at £731million
  • KSE are buying them, they’re an umbrella company that owns other sports clubs, which possibly means if one of their other sports interests lands themselves in trouble, we could be used to bail them out
  • Currently Stan has 62.38% of the shares
  • You can take your money in a cash lump or in loan notes
  • The club will be run the same as before… with an emphasis on self sustainability, without any leveraged debt (H&G said the same), with the same management structure
  • I’ve got a direct dial into Mark Gonnella’s office

After that, it all got very, very boring…

Geoff has said no to the offer, he suggests you do too, unless of course you are looking to buy an automatic Maserati Coupe 3200 from a second-hand car dealer in Sussex. If that’s the case… he says sell.

Usmanov isn’t going to sell, he has a Maserati already. By saying no, he’s saved the Fanshare scheme, so we should be happy about that. At least we’ve still got a voice and a bit of clout. We also have 50 shares more than Peter Hill-Wood. Hopefully we’ll always have involvement, I like the fact our club is unique in many ways and hopefully Stan can continue that over the long-term future.

Author switch…

In such a bad news days for the Fizman family, as well as all of those that liked Danny, I felt I had to say a few words. I met Danny a few times, he was a Diamond Geezer, pardon the pun, and he really was one of us, not one of them, he was an Arsenal fan too, I just hope as Pedro says this team can show him what their manager believes they can do and win the league now.

I’m often reminded by a minority on here how lucky I am to have two club level tickets and how those people would do anything to have them, well we have two such tickets available for the princely sum of £5,600 the pair, if you are one of those real Arsenal fans and you don’t mind not winning much other than qualification for the Champions league then put your money where your mouth is and email us, we’ll make that dream come true, please though, no plastics, these are for real fans only, you know who you are.

It’s alway sad when someone you know dies, but at 66 Danny had only just reached the age most of us think of as retirement, poor sod, let’s hope there is a TV where he is and let’s hope we can win something this season.

Congratulations to Spurs for losing out on the biggest aggregate score for an English club in the Champions League, I understand they will be doing a special edition DVD later this week, be first in the queue, they will sell fast. Ha, ha!

There are rumours that we sniffing around Dortmund’s £15mil Neven Subotic, what about a nice little reunion then, Rosicky for Subotic plus £7mil, tidy deal, he won’t go to the spuds because they won’t be playing Champions League. Win, win!

Next up we have Liverpool, then the Spuds, thick and fast and must win games, we can still do it and for all the above reasons that would be fitting, starting this Weekend. All the very best Grovers – Geoff

It’s a sad day today, but let’s all remember Danny had a fantastic life and make sure we all celebrate it in a befitting manner on Sunday… on and off the pitch!

Come on you reds!

P.S. Check out my piece on David Dein if you get the chance (come back here immediately after and drop a comment)! Also, the Thierry Henry’s Red Bulls are mooted for the Emirates Cup and has anyone read that United have near enough tied up a deal to replace EvDS for De Gea… already. That’s how you do business. If what you have isn’t good enough, buy someone in who is.

See you in the comments!

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396 Responses to “Danny Fizman… Arsenal Legend and true gent, thanks for the memories | Injury updates and other stuff”

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  1. Joppa

    But Rohan I am looking to get our pace angle back and counter attacking game. We are far too predictable nowdays in this 4-3-3.

    We need good wing play back and the pace up front which we don’t have right now. Young, Nasri and AA could do great stuff in the wings in a 4-4-2. We have to be adaptable and play both 4-3-3 and 4-4-2.

    When we only go with one up top at home against poor opposition it drives me nuts. I mean we only end up throwing the them on at the end, why not go with 2 up top from the start? Makes sense to me.

  2. Rohan

    We don’t have the personnel to play a 442 anymore imo.

    Jack, Cesc and a DM all have to play centrally and this achieves that. In RvP, we have one of the best players in the world in bringing all this together. Our first team is easily the best team in the league imo.

    Our problems are more psychological and mentally imo. We ARE good enough as far as I’m concerned. It’s just a lack of depth in some areas and injuries that have conspired against us.

  3. Rohan

    Yeah, cause Vela has a great attitude. He hasn’t been able to make an impact simply because he’s always injured after playing for Mexico who have handled him shockingly badly.

    And as for Bendter killing Jay fucking Simpson, lol. What has Jay Simpson ever done in his career? Score a couple goals in the CC? The guy’s level is the Championship.

  4. Joppa

    This team would win the EPL IMO in a 442 and 433.

    GK: Szchzney

    LB: Baines £15M
    CB: Cahill £15M
    CB: TV5 / Djourou
    RB: Sagna

    DM: Song / +1 new signing (Parker)

    LW: Young £25M / Arshavin
    CM: Wilshere
    CM: Cesc
    RW: Nasri

    CF: RVP
    CF: Walcott
    CF: +1 other (Defoe) £15M

    Now obviosuly that involves spending big bucks. BUT if we sold a lot of the dead wood we could say get the money back on signing Young. Also if Cesc leaves then we can play Nasri central.

    Arsenal are not a small club, Wenger has just got us thinking that way when it comes to signings.

    I would love to see that line up.

  5. SUGA3

    conspired? yawn…

    no mate, if you play the same best XI week in week out you run them into the ground, then you have to dust off the dross who are not properly match fit, don’t click with the rest and their mentality is shot for being in the ‘B’ team…

    not to mention that they are understandably inferior players and all of the above does not help them one bit…

  6. ismaeel

    defoe pfffffffft rather have demba ba …nnwaiz do u guys really think we can get hazard and benzema and who is this jack jebb ? arsenal player ?

  7. SUGA3


    apart from the heading ability, Vela pisses pure Mezcal all over Bendtner…

    Wenger has mis-managed him big time – Mexico’s handling?

    do me a fucking favour: if he is played through injury, does that tell you anything about his value for the team?

    and don’t tell me what a superstar for Denmark your boyfriend is, as Mexico would fucking wipe the floor with them, ffs…

  8. Rohan

    Debatable whether Mexico would beat Denmark. Denmark are more than a decent team and have good players in Kjaer, Agger, Kahlenberg and Eriksen.

    Absolutely no evidence as to how Vela “pisses” all over Bendtner. Vela has done fuck all in his career.

    How has Wenger mis-managed him if he’s always been injured, has shit fitness?

    Also, I don’t appreciate your style of debate which I feel is crass, so as I said earlier, I don’t want to say anything more and I’m off.

  9. SUGA3

    and Simpson was not given a proper chance, he was always a new Wrighty in the making…

    better first touch, better ball control, more pace, stronger – is this a characteristic of a better player or what?

  10. Rohan

    If he’s so good, why isn’t he tearing it up in the Championship for Hull?
    Bendtner was part of the Birmingham team and played a major part in them being promoted when he was 3 years younger.

  11. SUGA3

    er, I think you will find that Vela was tearing up La Liga playing for an average team…

    what did Bendtner do at that age? hmmm, let me think, oh yeah, he played for Brum in the fucking Chamionship!

    as for my ‘crass’ style, I thought you were one of these who told me to ‘man up’?


  12. Rohan

    Where did he “tear it up” in La Liga? You mean the 8 goals he scored for Salamance in the Spanish Segunda?

    Yeah, strong arguments.

  13. Rohan

    He’s hardly had 12 starts this season ffs. He has 9 goals and 8 assists. Hardly shabby.

    Granted, I do think he can do a lot better, but have some perspective please.

    As I said, it’s clear that you don’t rate him and fair enough. Just lay off the hyperbole.

    This time, I really am off.

  14. SUGA3


    I know you’re off, but I just don’t consider him reliable – we might have gone past Barca (however undeservedly) if we had a decent player in his place!

  15. Stu

    Jesus Fucking Christ. I leave for a few months, barely even on here before. I come back and ye are still going about Bendtner this, Vela that and Walcott through the middle. Its as if i never fucking left.

    Theo is still as thick as shit with the ball but he has found his place playing counter attack on the wing. Vela still has good potential between injuries and Bendtner is still a cocky shit but gets good numbers to half justify it.

    The defence and managers reluctance to spend anything is our problem/ Hopefully with Stan taking over Wenger will be forced to buy, get some proper grown up players and we will win the treble…but im not betting on it.

  16. David

    Bendy is shite. Thats all that needs to be said on the matter.

    Especially since he was supposed to be the best thing since Ibrahimovic, 1 year ago.

  17. Stu

    Oh..and Diaby is fucking useless! Lazy cunt! Cant track a runner, jogs fucking everywhere and gets more injuries than successful passes. Its only when he’s half arsed that he does something good. Imagine what some motivation and gym membership would do for him.

  18. Stu

    I dunno David. I havent had any yet. When he makes the right decisions most of the time ill get my fork.

    Though its not all his own fault. The whole fucking team needs a kick up the arse.

  19. BillikenGooner

    Don’t forget that Diaby also thinks he has 8 hours on the ball everytime it is passed to him and thinks he can use those spindly legs to dribble out of any situation, usually past 5 players.

  20. ismaeel

    welcom bak back stu and come on u arsenal … this sunday gnna b one hell of a match … think we can pull of a 4 – 2 win

  21. Stu

    It drove me absolutely mad watching him against Blackpool at the weekend. I dont care that we won, we played like shite. We were ridiculously wasteful in front of goal. Anyone other than blackpool and we would have lost.

    Diaby at DM was a nightmare and his goal pissed me off. He scored a tap in without being tracked, well done. But when everyone heaped praise on him for winning the ball to start the move? BULLSHIT! The lanks cunt lost the ball himself by taking too long to do anything with it.

    Was nice seeing Jens back though…even if he should have been sent off because the fullbacks still havent learned what the offside trap means. Clichy and Ebowie – cant defend, wont defend.

  22. DaleDaGooner

    RIP To a true Arsenal fan, a man that lived and walked the Arsenal.
    That being said, Hope the guys can turn this one last hope around, The Premiership should have been in the bag had they just pulled their socks up and beat the teams they were beating half time.

    Wenger, you are failing again with this method, try something new! Get rid of the unnecessary players and replace them with solid buys, not that money buys you a win, lets just ask Chelsea…

    Hopefully we can beat Liverpool and the spuds on the throt.

  23. Stu

    Its gonna take a miracle for us to win the league. Liverpool, man u, spurs and stoke all left. Not to mention fulham can be tough with the cunt Hughes in charge.

    Bolton are no pushovers either with Coyle doing well and with Houiller, or however you spell it, under pressure he will probably get a result against us.

  24. Stu

    Spartak were awful. Wasteful in attack and just pethetic in defence. Porto scored with pretty much every attack tonight.

    I’d defo have Falcao though. The formation would need some shuffling up to accomodate an actual striker but it would be worth it for his clical finishing.

  25. Rohan

    We probably never were in it. He’d only come if Nasri left I feel given how similar they are. Maybe there’s definitive news on Nasri staying then.

  26. Maciek

    Hello Stu!

    You know, nothing has changed, we won’t win a damn thing once again.

    Nice to have you back, mate!

  27. phv

    I do not know if I am the first to correct you but Jack Jebb is not 17. He is 15 years old.He is born in the end of 1995.He will be 16 in 5 months.He might become a superstar but he needs 5 years.

  28. incesc

    anyone going glasto this year?

    line up is shite, but thank god tinie tepah is on the main stage.

    show wu tang how its done!

  29. KM


    Yep he is that good

    Built for the EPL as well

    clever,strong & clinical finisher

    He’s the striker we’v been lacking imo

  30. Cescs_MyBoy


    After waxing lyrical about Defoe, he doesn’t make your first dream team – then he makes your second dream team with 12 players in!!!

    It sums up why you think that donkey is a good player.

  31. joppa

    Cesc_MyBoy, don’t be a plonker. If you read what I am saying before trying to be clever you will see that:

    1. I am looking to strengthen the natural predator aspect of the team – hence Defoe.

    2. If you read at the top I make my team selections based on a 4-4-2 & 4-3-3 saying we have to be able to change. Now clearly we don’t play 12. Let me explain we play 4-3-3 we go with one less attacker e.g. Song comes in and Walcott is on the bench.

    But say we were at home against poor opposition or we needed to change how the game was going (something which Wenger can’t do) then we could drop a central mid and fire Walcott up front along side RVP.

    Fck me it’s not difficult. My pace argument was that in past great sides we had Anelka, Henry and could destroy teams on the break. We don’t have that now as our play is far too often predictable which why I was suggesting we play Theo centrally.

    Who knows if we had Defoe and RVP was injured then he could play in a front two with Walcott.

    For you to get all clever and say I picked 12 players just really makes you look a bit of a tit.

    Defoe would offer far more than Bendtner IMO. Of course he is too old for Wenger and it wont happen, I was just looking at how we could strengthen hence my signings of Cahill, Baines, Defoe and Young none of which should be too much trouble for a club of Arsenal’s stature to buy.

    They would also bump up the number of Englishmen which as you may know is a must for me, pref through our ranks though.

    Hope that clears things up.


  32. MatthewT


    If you are really in the category of thinking that Wenger just needs to change his transfer policy then you are deluded for two reasons.

    1) He is never going to change his transfer policy because he thinks the way he does things is correct and he belives its also successful. A person that belives those things is not going to change.

    2) if you think the board should force his hand and make him sign players then they may as well just get rid of him completely. Picking the team and bringing in the correct players to strenghten the squad is a big part of being the manager if wenger cannot do that then why is the manager at all. Also how are players going to react knowing they were brought to the club against the managers wishes.

  33. Stu

    I’d have Baines and Young no doubt…for the right price. But its never gonna happen with this manager.

    For all of Bendtners shortcomings, he is much better than Defoe.

  34. Jimbo

    The Europa league?

    We might as well scout the Johnstone paint trophy. The Europa league standard is dogshit.

  35. Jimbo

    On a delightful other note, I’m loving the rumours about Chamakh fucking off to Marseille. Waste of money on a free transfer that guy!

    On the bright side, if Wenger did spend £20m on Falcao, it would be the end of him – Kroenke would definitely sack him off the back of that transfer, after 12 months!

  36. Stu

    The europe league is of a surprisingly decent standard imo. Dinamo kiev knocked out city and Brage beat both us and liverpool.

    12 goals is pretty damn good imo. I doubt any of our players would get that many.

    Didnt hear that about Chamakh. Hope its true…he is useless as a striker.

  37. Raugaj


    It would be the best transfer ever if Shitmakh is transferred,along with Kolshitieny.Overrated useless mugs,who should be playing at that shit French league,where they belong to.

  38. Arsene Nose Best

    you know what,it beats that nasty yellow and redcurrent shirt,i like it,im gonna buy it,first shirt i would have bought in a while now.

  39. Raugaj

    Villa-Boas to Liverpool next season
    Hiddink to Chelsea
    Riijkaard to Man City
    and we will still be stranded with this French mug at the helm.

  40. Stu

    NVM, found em.

    Might not buy any kits for next season seeing as how much of a let down the season always ends up as…but the away one looks ok.

  41. Stu

    Villa-boas? Kenny Dalglish will be their manager next season. The board wont risk pissing the fans off again…especially with how well he has done there since coming back.

  42. Arsene Nose Best

    Villa-Boas to Liverpool next season
    maureen to Chelsea,anr thinks so
    Riijkaard to Man City
    and we will still be stranded with this French mug at the helm.

  43. Arsene Nose Best

    here’s what he said

    Last week I heard the next manger of Chelsea will be Jose Mourinho.

    Senior players want him back, it was revealed today.

    But does Roman? I think he does.

  44. Nishaad

    i did a little thinking, and i think we really need only three players: a CB, a winger and a striker. i would go for mertesacker or mexes (cahill, actually, but dont think its realistic) for CB, hazard for winger (maybe miyaichi can join in too) and a solid backup for v persie – maybe gameiro or benzema?
    this is provided almunia, denilson, rosicky, bendtner, maybe even diaby are sold. if clichy leaves, we can go for baines. with this squad, we’ll be pretty set for next season. we have 3 goalies (chezza, fabianski, mannone), 6 CBs (verminator, djourou, kosc6, new signing, squill, bartley), a solid CDM and his understudy (song, frimpong, coquelin), our famous center midfield, classic wingers (arshavin, nasri, walcott, hazard?, miyaichi?), top class strikers (van persie, chamakh, gameiro/benzema?). i figure we wont spend more than 50 million for these 3 players (cahill, benzema, hazard. clichy for baines will actually raise a few quid). our clear out should raise about 25-30 million i feel. who is for spending just 20-25 million in the summer? im all in!!

    chezza; sagna, cahill/djourou, vermalean, clichy/baines; song, wilshere/ramsay; cesc, walcott/hazard, nasri/arshavin; van persie/benzema.

  45. Stu

    Our first team isnt the problem. With everyone fit we are pretty fucking good. The problem is the back ups..they are pretty shit. Obviously the keeper needs sorting, Szczesny to the rescue.

    Clichy is the next weak link but when things are going well and he isnt being left exposed hes fine. After that ill go for the right wing. Yeah Theo has more or less made it his own but with injuries we cant rely on him. We could do with someone else or sort it in house and tell Arshavin to up his work rate so we can have Nasri on the right.

    Sort the back ups, win the league.

    People will point to injuries but most of them are because the first teamers burn out, because the back ups are shit and Wenger wont play them, thus running the XI into the ground.

    If Wenger gets in players that can relieve the stress on the first teamers through rest without weakening the team too much…we’re golden.

  46. Rohan

    Don’t really rate Falcao that highly.

    Speaking of which, Dzeko hasn’t been impressive at all at City. Thought he’d do better to be honest. Oh well.

  47. Nishaad

    @rohan: yeah i rated dzeko very highly. personally i wanted us to go for him but obviously that was never going to happen. well i guess the problem really is man city and the way they play.
    i feel if benzema is available, he would be a great buy for around 15-20 million (i think madrid bought him for 30 million?). so if madrid sign ade, benzema would become third choice center forward, and really he could do better. we should get him.
    and ive heard really good reviews about kevin gameiro from lorient. we have a good relationship with them, and if a 10-12 million deal could be worked out, it would be epic.
    our biggest signing this summer, however, has got to be david dein!

  48. SUGA3

    especially with our one-dimensional tactic: ball to fullback, go wide, cross, ball to fullback, go wide, cross, ball to fullback, go wide, cross…

  49. Dream10


    Mornin mate. Falcao is a predator who will score. We need to buy a left back to supply him.

    We need two strikers more than we need a CB. For me it was Suarez and one more. But sadly no.

    I would offer Walcott, Clichy and cash for Suarez.

    But we need a volume goalscorer

  50. Nishaad

    dream 10: are you kidding mate? walcott has finally come of age this season. he has been troubled by injury, but he has been great when he has played! i would never sell him – not anytime soon anyway!!

  51. Dream10


    Walcott has improved, but Luis Suarez is the finished product. He absoultely dominated Man United. He is a superstar. We need one like that and he is affordable.

  52. SUGA3

    all I am saying is that the team would be unbalanced that way – by any means, buy two, but keep Chamakh as ‘plan B’ striker and adjust tactics to get the best out of him…

    not saying primary tactics, just a plan B…

    off to work 😉