AST AGM – Stan Kroenke vs Usmanov + some very interesting stuff

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Geoff normally lets me go to full-blown club AGM on his behalf, they’re pretty boring so I wasn’t really sure what to expect of the AST’s version. I arrived at a rather swanky building, greeted by none other than my good friend Peroni… I knew this was going to be ok.

Firstly, Nigel Phillips ran through the accounting side of things…

Key Info:

  • Wage bill is fairly low when compared to turnover, but don’t kid yourself, the kids aren’t going without their shreddies
  • The £110million you see in the cash reserves is bloated by season tickets and is used for operational expenditure like playing Diaby.
  • £25million sits in a secured account to pay down debt. This is a contractual requirement.
  • There is a transfer proceeds account that has the Ade and Toure money in it. We have £35million available for transfers.
  • 70% of net sale proceeds must go into the playing squad to avoid a firesale Leeds United type problem.
  • This rule is bypassed by Arsenal when they give out huge contracts extensions.
  • It is estimated that £15million of our wage bill is for paying our expensive commercial team who don’t do very much.
  • AST have asked Arsenal about buying out bad commercial deals, apparently it’s ‘not the Arsenal way’ and it’d be ‘expensive’
  • That 6.5% raise in season ticket prices raised an extra £3-4 million. Hardly worth it for the strife it caused you have to say? Just sell a Diaby and you’ll raise the same revenue.
  • Arsenal announce 60,000 capacity every game to convince fans the ground is full… on average, the ACTUAL gate for games of a non-essential nature have been 5000 short of capacity.

John Cross of the Daily Mirror, a self-confessed Gooner was introduced by Tim Payton and told some stories about the Arsenal, the best bits were as followed…

  • Arsenal are the best in the league for Press Conferences
  • Journo’s used to have a banter with Wenger, he’d talk about anything and the relationship was good. They’d even forgive his faux pas if he asked!
  • This year, Arsenal have scaled down press conferences… this is Wenger’s doing. He feels the criticism has been harsh on him and rumours about his personal life haven’t helped things.
  • Journo’s don’t write the headlines of their stories.
  • Arsenal fans tend to only focus on the negatives, forgetting all the amazing press coverage they recieved during the invincible season.
  • The feeling is that last week, Wenger was under prepared for his meeting with reporters. People were fair with him and they had to ask the tough questions because it’s clear the unhappiness at the ground is no longer the minority
  • Wenger is out of touch with the supporters, he genuinely believes 4th is some sort of trophy or at least worth one.
  • Thierry Henry used to phone up when he received bad press coverage!
  • Arsenal now require a sign off for all interviews, something many journalists do not agree with.
  • He agreed that there is a ‘cheating foreigner’ mentality amongst some sections of the media.

We then moved swiftly on to the big news of the night… Stan Kroenke and his buyout ambitions.

As part of the agreement, no acquisition debt will be put on the club. That said, he has to own 75% of the club to legally do that anyway.

Stan has always Championed supporter involvement, something the AST will remind him of in the coming months.

Gazidis has actively been keeping the AST abreast of all the things going on.

The rules of the takeover are as followed…

  • You must make a mandatory bid after you pass the 30% threshold
  • You then have 28 days to make an offer. Realistically, if you’re a shareholder, expect that offer in 2-3 days (It’ll be 90 pages long)
  • There will be three choices, accept, reject, do nothing
  • The offer price will be £11,750 per share

The vibe at the AST is that most minor shareholders won’t sell up. Most of the people who would have sold have already done so, the remaining people owning shares are holding onto them for sentiment. There is also the feeling that the offer document almost declares that Stan doesn’t think he’ll be buying more than his 62%. To take the club private, he’d have to buy up 90% of the remaining shares, which equates to a 93% holding. Usmanov not selling will put paid to a total buy out.

Stan will be loyal to the board short-term, he’s had to be, they’ve sold him their shares. Long term, the feeling is the board will take a new look and we’ll bring on some of the expensive commercial team who by then, will have made an incredibly large comical ball of elastic bands… you know, due to the inaction in their roles.

A few more tid-bits…

Stan cannot write a cheque for Arsenal tomorrow. He’s paying for the shares he’s bought out of cash flow.

Usmanov being involved keeps the fans involved. If he sells, we hand power to a single man who let’s be clear, we have no idea about. Being American and wearing a silly hat does not mean he’s going to be great for the club. It’s also worth noting that Usmanov was prepared to dilute some of his shareholding to the AST if Stan matched his share offering one for one. Guess what? Stan said no…

On the topic of Fanshare, since its inception, 50 shares are now in the hands of the AST. That’s £500k of hard-earned put in by Arsenal fans. Is there a club in the world that could muster that sort of support for part ownership? Not very many… that is an incredible achievement and one you should all be proud of. Too much slagging goes on about Arsenal fans… generally from the people who don’t put their hands in their pockets.

Peter Hill-Wood was given a ribbing from all sections of the AST yesterday. His comments should absolutely not be tolerated on any level and there have been many examples of people who have been caught out digging out the fans and their fates have always been the same… removal. I fully support the removal of Peter Hill-Wood from club and hopefully it’ll happen sooner rather than later. His comments were out of touch, unprofessional and wholly expected. Move him on and start a fresh… bring back Dein, the time is right.

Many people say Le Grove and the comments section is out of kilter with what ‘real’ Arsenal fans think. Well, I’ve always staunchly disagreed with this idea. If you go to the ground, you’ll know what the vibe is like and people aren’t happy. It’s no longer a minority. As was pointed out to me, a minority want Wenger out, the majority are unhappy with him and want him to change. This was a view shared by fans spanning generations. That was clear from last nights meeting. So don’t listen to people telling you that you’re a bad supporter for being concerned.

Overall, the event was very interesting, the most important thing to come out of it was that the AST will be recommending that all small shareholders and Fanshare owners do not sell out. Fan involvement is essential to the future of Arsenal. We need people speaking up for the club at all levels, by going private, we lose that power. I’m not pro either party taking over, I’m pro keeping our club special, I’m pro fan involvement and I’m pro for long-term stability and a return to winning ways.

Matt Scott of the Guardian made a very interesting comment about dissenting voices. It’s pertinent because many fans think it’s disrespectful to disagree with the club, the manager or the board…

‘As Arsenal fans, speak up, don’t become what you perceive Pat Rice to be to Arsene Wenger’

Absolutely spot on, this club is where it is today built of the back of fan loyalty, we have a right to an opinion… don’t ever forget that.

Hopefully the way things are playing out, we’ll keep our voice at the club.

That’s a healthy position to be in.

See you in the comments!

P.S. It was great to meet some of the good guys from twitter prior to the event and it was fantastic to have few beers with the AST members, the gooner journo’s plus two prominent figures from the Gooner. I also met Maria, one of Arsenal’s most prolific fans.

To say it was an orgie of Arsenal would be an understatement… I’m off to shower down.

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572 Responses to “AST AGM – Stan Kroenke vs Usmanov + some very interesting stuff”

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  1. KM

    the clubs in the prem are dumb as fuck and as we know prices in the EPL are highly inflated….and plus any player who leaves our stables has the Arsenal trademark which earns us a few extra bob.

  2. GRS87

    Breaking news – Guardian online;
    “Stan Kroenke could use Arsenal cash to fund takeover –
    in addition to the possibility of using dividends, Kroenke will have access to Arsenal’s unrestricted cash reserve, which is approaching £100m. Another £40m cannot be touched due to restrictions under Arsenal’s banking agreements.”

    WTF ? You mean you can get control of a Club/Company by taking a majority stake in shares and THEN use Club Cash Reserves to fund your own takeover ?
    The very same £100M cash reserves that AW parsimoniously built up by not spending on Big time players ???
    Somethin’s very rotten here in the system we have. I’m livid if this is true….
    We should not stand for this….

  3. albo

    Dutchman – I think its time to stop believing everything you read in the papers regarding Arsenal transfer talk! (Actually, I think it was time about 5 years ago!)


    Surely it’s now accepted wisdom that Denilson is a very poor player?

    A starter outside the top 6? I doubt it… he doesn’t have the physique!

    Yeah, I can’t believe even the most blinkered fan sees Denilson as anything other than a half decent squad player anymore. And most see him as a fair bit less I’d say.

    KM – you are being VERY generous with the fees you expect to get for some of our players. Diaby, Eboue and Clichy would go for WAY less than that I reckon. And wouldn’t Almunia be leaving on a free? (Or have I got my dates mixed up?)

  4. KM

    I hope I dnt sound silly but I think we need an English CB we’v got enough foreign players as it is. I’m not nationalistic because I’m Welsh myself 😉

  5. albo

    KM – the English thing is a red herring. What you mean is we need someone with the values traditionally attributed to English CB’s. But if you had to choose between Cahill and Vidic, I think we all know who you’d go for!

  6. Gooby

    i don’t want a billionaire to come and “give us” his money to buy shiny players, we have the money and it just needs spending, and we’ll have money for years to come because the club is well ran.

    i hate that kind of bitching, please usmanov come and give us money to spend on players.

    first of all it’ll never happen and second it’s childish and limited thinking

  7. Gooby

    cahill is average

    phil jones has huge potential, hope we sign him. And we already have bartley who turns 20 next year

  8. DB10(Jabba addition)

    Perfect and realistic summers transfer activity in my books

    Samba- Blackburn cb 8-10m
    Sven Bender -Dortmund dm 8-10m
    Kevin Gamiero – Lorient wing/striker 10-12m
    Benzema – Real st 20-25m

    fees 46m-57m

    wages 13m
    Samba 50k = 2.6m
    bender 50 k =2.6m
    gamiero 50k =2.6m
    benzema 100k =5.2m

    total outlay 59-70m


    bendtner 8m-10m
    almunia 2m
    denilson 5m
    rosicky 5m
    squilaci 4-6m

    some youth players for a total of 2-4m

    Pedro wage estimates of cutting 16m if all the above happened.

    Thats saving between 42m and 48m. Our squad would be imeasurably stronger

  9. albo

    Right, here’s a red rag to a bull to distract people from all this takeover talk!

    Now he’s been here for a little while, is there really any evidence that Man City have bought a considerably better player in Dzeko than we got for free in Chamakh?

  10. bernard (bade the gooner)

    hello true people of the arsenal,

    great informative, though long, post there from you pedders…. nice job you could remember all the stuff even after that wild night out ….

    ah, & does that girl to tide you up 2 months ago met maria too …. MMMM i wonder

  11. realistic tony

    very informative post, and it would be great to have dein back.
    lets hope there is actually money available for 3 or more top quality players next season and that AW steps out of his “RUT” and has the balls to buy them!

  12. bernard (bade the gooner)

    now what i hope of this dramatic move, is to be the catalyser that would fire up again our sleepy team of the last month & half ….

    we wanted new blood back there at january, we want wenger to change, but maybe this move will do us the favor ….

  13. azed

    arsenal are the best run club in europe and u guys still blame wenger coz he haven’t won a trophy for six years, we i look back to arsenal history the never dominate england after chapman years.
    I agree with arsene, even arsenal fans are starting to complain about not winning a trophy.but since 2005:
    2006….arsenal were in the final of cl and lsot it to barca in z last 13minutes.
    2007:……arsenal were in the carling cup final.
    2008…….in this year arsenal were playing the beat football i seen under AW, and they were very close to winning the epl
    2009……arsenal reached cl semifinal, only for second time in the club history.
    2010……arsenal were clsoe to win the epl but injuries cost us.
    2011……arsenal were in the cc final, are still challenging for the epl.
    What i am trying to show is we have the best competative team in europe and we will change this postions to trophies, and all this was achieved with a relatively young side which is gaining experiance.
    So pedro and gambon why is it u want to trash arsenes efforts when they are intended to make the club go higher.
    dude u seem to be from mars??
    manu has won 3 epl
    1 ucl
    2 carling cups
    1 fa
    1 world club cup
    so wats makes us d most competitive?? we just make up d numbers.

  14. Lurch LeRouge

    bendtner 8-12m
    almunia leaves on a free
    denilson 2m
    rosicky 2m
    squilacci 1.5m

    feels nearer the mark to me.

    Unless we sell diaby i can’t see the point of M’Villa…with frimpong and LeCoq returning – unless of course we are trying for a real trophy.

  15. David

    He could rotate with Song, letting him cover in defence as well if need be.

    DB10(Jabba addition) says:
    April 12, 2011 at 10:59

    He is a winner and has never sold a % in any of his teams before. He wants arsenal to be a huge success and will make dam sure that hsi team off the pitch demand success from people on it. We should be happy with our new owner and anyone who knows American sport will back up this statment

    Thats obviously a pile of steaming bullshite

    Round 2 is coming shortly.

    Fuck i Have to work. 😀

  16. SUGA3

    harro 😉

    top, informative posting Pedro, nice to hear some of that stuff, you know?


    yes, Almunia is out of contract in the summer, you got that one right… website is one to look at for this kindo info!

    as for the transfer dealings:

    OUT: Almunia, D******n, Diaby, Rosicky, Bendtner, Arshavin (sadly)

    IN: Kompany/Subotic, Rodwell/M’villa, Hazard, Benzema + JET, Lansbury & Frimpong promoted


  17. ice

    My final offer is 27p and a packet of half-sucked Murrey Mints for Alumunia plus he will be paid on a satisfactory performance basis only eg the silly fucker ain’t gonna get any wages….now fuck off and join the circus El Coco!

  18. armourist

    I hope Diaby signs long term again, so far this season, he’s squared up to Robinson, Barton and Nolan… taken on RVP and looks like he has some fight in him, can spot a pass and actually runs from midfield into the box.

  19. 1886-2006

    I don’t care who is in charge anymore, it has become very divisive and is harming the club and supporter harmony, As long as they do the right thing for Arsenal I will swallow it and accept the change.
    I personally think it is going to be pretty seamless and we will not even notice the change, that will be a good thing. Most troubles at a club start from the boardroom and infest the rest of the football club, I cannot see this happening with us.

  20. DB10(Jabba addition)


    After your horrible beating with regards to NFL knowledge yesterday i thought you would be under a rock somewhere.

    Show me how Kroenke has been a poor owner in the US? He has a track record of building succesful teams Usmanov doesnt. nobody replied to Albo earlier Dezko a player Geoff wanted here immediately makes Bendtner look great. Torres is making Jeffers look prolific.

    We now have owner who will bring in the best people to run the club well and within budget succesfully, god forbif becoming like citeeeh and getting humbled like last night

  21. ismaeel

    azed …
    challenging for cups
    against united and barca we don’t have the team to challenge them …. a mean would Barca or Madrid or United keep someone like Denilson, Almunia and sqiullcic in their team no they wouldn’t
    that’s the difference

  22. nuudles

    amourist, he didnt take on RvP, RvP took him for his idiocy just before the end of the half, probably told him to focus and not be an idiot, he probably said something in reply which he should not have given that RvP is vice captain and is well within his rights to give him some grief

  23. Wenger the liar


    “Getting Arsene to spend is the problem”

    And there is our greatest problem in a nutshell.

    Everyone will get excited by the change at the top of the clubs structure regardless of if it even makes a difference to the way the club operates however when all is said and done Arsene will be the same old same old tight fucker that he has always been.

    Just when progress was being made in so far as fans expectations we have this major distraction occur. This summer will be more smoke and mirrors and has giving the same people an excuse to say “I am giving Arsene one more year but then if….”

    Mark my words;

    This will make fuck all difference to the egos pursuit of his goal which is in his best interest and has nothing to do with utilizing all the resources availble to him, supplied by you, to make the club successful.

    Take that shit to the bank.

  24. Gopal

    Pedro you were asking questions of Wenger as to why he thought Lehmann was not good enough 3 years ago and why he is good now…
    You yourself in the very first blog of Le-Grove dated 6th September 2007, said that and I quote: –
    ” Jens has been a great servant but has of late been a liability at corners and a worry at set pieces, time to go despite your bleating in the press.”

    So all I have to say is… people change with time..and so do their opinions…
    Jens maybe had become complacent back then..who knows..
    the fact is.. Almunia and fabianski have been so bad off late that maybe in comparison Wenger thinks Lehmann is not that bad…

  25. KM

    If we want to go for the title nxt season and the Champions league then we need a top class player like M’Vila. We need depth in the DM dept. Yes we have Frimpong back from injury but can we wait for him to develop into a topclass DM?

    Also Coquelin is not ready yet…needs another year or so on loan

    Jimbo – We need a striker like Falcao / Gameiro… Folks we can’t get Benzema – he ain’t leaving Madrid when he’s 1st choice for 1 of the best teams in the world. Why would he leave Madrid to play for a team of chokers? 😉

  26. Wenger the liar

    Diabys a cock who is too stupid to learn from his mistakes, there is no one there to teach him either. RVP at least, from this, seems like he undandstands not to repeat errors.

  27. KM

    And guys we can’t sell Arshavin. He’s saved our ass so many times this year. Imo alongside Wislhere he’s been our best player this year. When the pressure goes up Arshavin stands up.

  28. KM

    Diaby puzzles me because he has talent but has purple patches once every 5 games where he seems world class but then he looks avg???

  29. Goonerpower

    The difference between Diaby’s and RvP’s incident is that Robin shot on goal, Diaby’s was just plain petulant behavior, no where near doing anything other than smashing the ball into the air. I would of slapped the long-streak-of-spit-fuck silly. He’s a total liability, if he does not sort his attitude out then he’s in serious danger of fucking his dream move to Barcafuckinglonia, tosser!!

  30. Arse&Nose©

    WTL -RVP never learns!

    I remember when he got sent off vs Southampton in his debut season. We all said he would learn from it and grow up, still waiting…

  31. Keyser

    Oh come on they’re not saying he has no money, it’s always been how much.

    But anything for a bitch and moan.

  32. Jimbo

    KM – we’ve been over this before, but Falcao and Gameiro are both REALLY average.

    Exact sort of signing that crap clubs make – good stats, but not much in the way of real ability to step up to the Prem.

  33. Goonerpower

    Defend their master? Just difference of opinion. I THINK he has money now, but not as much as you all THINK. The fact is that we really have no clue! It makes me laugh some of you THINK you know everything when more than likely we are ALL wrong…….on most things anyway

  34. Keyser

    Diaby got frustrated with Mason, got a silly yellow, Van Persie and Fabregas told him to cool it, don’t really see what’s wrong with it.

  35. Simon at Work

    We can speculate on ins & outs all we like, but Wenger won’t make any serious changes until Ivan & the yanks force him to. I don’t believe these stories in the press that there’ll be a fire sale- that looks like a smokescreen to take the heat off Wenger.

    Even if he was minded to shake things up, though, Wenger showed last year that he’s incapable of negotiating transfers. Remember the mess he made of the Schwarzer deal? No, the yanks need to strip him of some of his powers, maybe bring in a Dein-like figure to deal with this stuff. Not that it’ll be easy ‘persuading’ Wenger to cede power to someone else, he’d probably like the idea as much as Gadaffi does. Good luck yanks!

  36. Jimbo

    Back in 2005, when we were supposedly at our poorest, we had bids for Baptista AND Robinho accepted in the same summer, got neither, and pocketted the cash.

  37. ismaeel

    fuk me robinho that would of been one sik puchase … if itz 100% true then that’s wenger in his prime … now buying players like squillici and denilson

  38. Goonerpower

    Thank goodness we didn’t get either, useless baby fucks both of them. That would of been a total waste of cash.

  39. Al

    Geoff says:
    April 12, 2011 at 11:09

    As for Arshavin, I always maintained that was forced on Wenger and that’s why he treats him so badly.

    Geoff thats not true he was never forced on wenger as I know for fact how much and hard wenger worked to actually get him.

  40. Jimbo

    Keyser – I don’t know. They were at different clubs. It’s hard to tell, because we don’t really know the exact dates that offers were on the table.

  41. Keyser

    Jimbo – Don’t really get your point there, we’ve bid for loads of players, it’s generally been that we’ll only bid what we think they’re worth.

    In the end pretty glad we didn’t go through with either, they’re careers have been a bit up and down since.

  42. NiXKiX

    Looking forwars to Wenger buying the next brazilian superstar… “Denilson II” The return of the Muppet.

  43. NiXKiX

    Looking forward to Wenger buying the next brazilian superstar… “Denilson II” The return of the Muppet.

  44. KM

    Also I might get slated for this but I think once Song & Cesc are fit then Wilshere should be rested…the boy has played in too many games imo.

    On a seperate issue is Wilshere good enough to take over Cesc’s position as CM? I personally dnt think so…needs more time. However I feel he’s mentally stronger than Cesc. If Cesc stays nxt year this should be our midfield:

    AM – Arshavin/Nasri/Ramsey
    CM – Cesc/Wilshere/Diaby
    DM – Song/M’Vila/Frimpong

  45. Jimbo

    Keyser – well, one of Baptista’s ‘downs’ was his year at Arsenal!

    The point is, we’ve had cash, Wenger’s kept it back when he’s struggled to find players he likes, and it’s been going on for years.

    That’s all.

  46. nuudles

    Jimbo, I agree

    KM, Benzema is not 1st choice, he has been for a while this season but that is because Higuan was injured. If Higuan is fully fit than Benzema will only get game time when Mourinho is resting Higuan. Remember they have the likes of Ronaldo, Ozil & Di Maria who can all play on the wing, add Kaka to the mix at AM (some say he is off in the summer) and they have many top attacking options. What we need is for them to buy Adebayor from City which would make them more willing to sell Benzema. Ade has shown the spanish league suits him and how effective he can be. If we make a decent bid for Benzema (something like £25m or something like Diaby + £12m-£15m) then they might just give it a real thought (especially since they could get Ade for a whole lot less).

  47. Keyser

    Yeah, but that doesn’t really clear anything up, I’ve got 3p in my Girobank account, doesn’t mean I’m made of money.

    I think Wenger’s had to be careful with how and where he spent the money we had, as in only spend what you can afford to spend on a player.

  48. Jimbo

    Which is precisely where Wenger’s gone wrong – he’s focussed too much on what a player costs, and not enough on what his squad needs.

  49. Kreshnik

    Lurch, it’s actually around 75% done, adding a the ability to comment and background comment gathering like twitter does.
    Have been stuck with a project launch for April 21 at work these 2 weeks and the coming one unfortunately and will resume after that.

  50. Master P

    Jimbo says:
    April 12, 2011 at 14:44
    Which is precisely where Wenger’s gone wrong – he’s focussed too much on what a player costs, and not enough on what his squad needs.

    spot on, son!

  51. Keyser

    Depends on who you buy and when, you weigh it up and at some point you have to make a decision one way or the other.

    There’s a margin of error you allign for yourself and you try to stay within it.

  52. Keyser

    I don’t think he has, football’s moved on and changed to make the margins far finer, if we’d moved stadiums 10 years ago, we’d probably have got through things far easier.

  53. Jimbo

    Nah. You have to be doing something pretty wrong to take a team from invincible to needing a dodgy lasagne to finish above Spurs, when you’ve got lots of unspent cash in the bank, within 2 years.

    But I know you disagree.

  54. Keyser

    Nah I just think it shows a poor understanding of how we got to the Invinicbles in the first place and how footballs moved on since.

    In your terms I’d simply state a 400 million pound stadium and say that’s enough of an argument as to why.

    I’m sure you’ll ignore or disagree though.

  55. Wenger the liar

    Keyser –

    Less than half an hour from crawling from under your rock and your being condescending, thats a new record.

  56. Jimbo

    And yet you ignore the original point – that we were having bids accepted for Premier talent around Europe back at the time we were supposedly at our poorest.

    That’s fine though, no need to let the facts get in the way of a good disagreement.

  57. Keyser

    Also we did do something else in the year of the lasagne that we haven’t ever achieved in any other year.

  58. Keyser

    Jimbo – Come on mate, it’s one thing having a bid accepted it’s completely another to having the player at the club and playing for us.

    If we’d bid for both at the same time and bid more than other clubs were willing to pay there’d be a point.

    I think we’ve always had some money, just not enough to spend loosely whenever we felt like it.

    Though as the years go on our position gets better.

  59. Keyser

    WTL – I dunno whether I should be worried that I’m under surveillance, or whether you actually sit there and time me ?!

    Heh, hows things ?!

  60. Wenger the liar

    Keyser –


    I missed you, besides that good.

    Lets hear the AKB take on the takeover, ok ok the pro arsnene take!


  61. armourist

    Diaby kicked the ball away in frustration, to me that shows he cares, stupid… yes, and this when we are two goals up, personally I like that, RVP pulls him up and he fights back, I like that, shows he doesn’t back down.

    This team has no passion, at least he is showing some even if its because he feels robbed of his career, he obviously wants to play.

  62. Keyser

    WTL – Missed me.. Were you on debating the same things over and over again without me ? How you liking this one game a week deal ?!

    Not too bothered by the takeover, I don’t think we’ll be flush like Chelsea’s first few years under Abramovich and I think we’ll keep things steady, though we might see us spend 30-40 million in a window or two.

  63. azed

    Geoff wat did i do???
    How can anyone claim almost winning as a good thing except u r an offspring of Le Boss

  64. Wavy!(Too late Stan’s bought the mother load) He will never sell his shares to anyone because he’s playing the ‘long’ game with his arch rival in the oligarc stakes. He’s determined to own Arsenal FC if only, when he shares a toilet break with A-bram-homovitch, he can turn to him and say “Mine’s bigger than yours is! Just like my bank balance. And so is my beer gut – paid for with all my own money. So you can stick that up your Siberian arse and suck on it!”
    Sadly this make believe conversation will never take place Because uncle Sam Kranky will never let him in.
    Alisha, Alisha we all fall down!

    Let’s hope Stan the man is really a good guy and not an asset stripper. We’ll know soon enough – if Cesc stays Stan will be ok – if he goes I’m not so sure things will turn out for the better.

    We live in interesting times

  65. paul mc daid

    Wenger has had plenty off money to spend,the club have never refused him money,its just that he is a stubborn bastard,for five seasons we have needed a quality keeper,centre half,midfielder and striker,still do,he just buys average players and tells them their world class,its pathetic,any man that has AL the clown as a keeper is just being thick,their is at least ten players in our first team squad that if the truth is told are not good enough to wear our jersey,its Arsene buying into the hype that he is a god,which he is far from,sad thing is he only had too buy one great player a season, we did not need them all at the one time,now we do.

  66. Wenger the liar

    Keyser –

    No not really debating things, more having a laugh.

    One game a week suits our fragile squad well. Got my tickets for Pool and United sorted, gravy.

    30-40M is that net?

  67. Jimbo

    Keyser – Absolutely, but Robinho and Baptista didn’t fail to arrive because of cash, they didn’t come because Real were in for them, and Real Madrid were simply a much more prestigious and attractive option for South American players at the time.

    All this really demonstrates was that there was money in the bank to fund a marquee signing. We didn’t get one, which is fair enough, but at least SOME of that money should have been spent on making the signings that the team BADLY needed. After all, we went out that January and brought in Diaby, Adebayor and Walcott, when it looked like our season was going down the toilet. Why didn’t Wenger do his job properly the summer previously?

  68. Keyser

    WTL – Good, because it’d have been fucking weird if without any Arsenal games there were people on here going over the same old same old day in day out.

    Pool games going to be difficult, if we win our last 8, there’ll be hope for next year at least.

    30-40m net ? I dunno, depends on who leaves or how Wenger wants to do things.

    Considering how picky he is, I think it’d be a lot harder the more players that do leave to find the sort of players that will make the key differences we need.

    If everyone stays, then 2 20 million bids on top quality players doesn’t seem too far fetched.

  69. Wavy

    Does anyone know if Fanshares are currently available on the poen market now given the take over etc. Cos I wanr to buy in!

  70. Wenger the liar

    Keyser –

    What would your “this aint championship manager you know” in and out list look like in an ideal world this summer?

  71. Cloggs

    The problem ain’t the money and never was, the problem is Wenger being stubborn and tunnelvisioned, trying to prove the world of his project youth and he is hijacking the club for it. That’s it in a nutshell.

  72. Keyser

    Jimbo – I don’t think either were really marquee, they were both in 15million range weren’t they ?! Robinho straight from Brazil ? and Baptista had had na exceptional season for Sevilla ? I’m not too sure on the specifics.

    All three of those players, even Robinho, maybe not Baptista were players with potential, so I’d say it shows that we were willing to spend, but on players that would only grow in worth, hopefully, players with potential.

  73. Lurch LeRouge

    Wavy, i think theres a mention of a howto on the ashburton grove blog. You need a UK bank account I believe.

  74. Keyser

    WTL – I really want to see how far we get with this win all 8 games first.

    Djourou had a good year this year and Vermaelen, unless he retires will be back for next year, So a defender ? I dunno.

    I’m not too worried about the goalies.

    I’d want another winger, everyone goes on about Hazard, I think he’ll take time to adjust but could be an option.

    Then either another striker or an athlete for midfield.

  75. Jimbo

    Keyser – well, this was in the day when £15m got you quite a lot more than it does now. I suppose I’d call them marquee by our standards – Baptista had had a couple of superb years for Sevilla, Robinho was the hottest prospect coming out of Brazil. Compare Robinho to Neymar, for example, I think you’d get close to the ‘sort’ of player he was considered to be. Not Ronaldo or Kaka in their prime, admittedly, but you’d have expected to get pretty good, established players for that sort of money back then.

    And I don’t (and would never) disagree with the policy of only spending big bucks on players with the ability to grow and develop. What I do, absolutely, disagree with though is the that sometimes it’s better to get nothing at all than overspend a little. We ended up in real trouble that season, and ended up panicking and buying in January – fair enough, we couldn’t force Robinho or Baptista to sign for us, but signing nobody was a big, big mistake.

  76. BillikenGooner

    I think the best possible thing from a Kroenke ownership (majority stakeholding) is that he gets Wenger to spend the money that is in the transfer fund and markets us better globally…earning the club more money.

    He won’t be a sugar daddy who will spend 20mil of his won money for transfers, but I can see him being the type to say; “We have the money.. spend it. Don’t dither over an extra million or 2 on a player you think will help the team.”

  77. Jimbo

    Wavy – you need a UK bank account.

    One thing I’m interested in – how many more shares are going to be available on the open market for the Fanshare to buy? Surely Kroenke’s already snapped up everything that’s available?

  78. KM


    Just curious

    Why not Falcao / Gameiro?

    Just because they are playing in inferior leagues?

    Look at Adel Taraabt in the Championship – he’s looked fukking AMAZING in that league, much better than Walcott was when he was at Southampton.

    On a side note – Adel Taraabt is a sensational player he’s been top notch this season.

  79. Jimbo

    Billiken – that’s what I’m hoping for. I don’t think Kroenke will be a sugar daddy, or consider dipping into his own pocket until he owns 100% of the club. He’d be silly to do so.

    I hope he forces Wenger to spend the money we’ve already got though.

  80. Keyser

    Jimbo – A few years before that we were paying 10 million for the greatest player in our clubs history.

    15 million was a lot for us in a way, but for a hot prospect that was only going to get better, I dunno, we still had a ceiling and I think that’s fair.

    Since then Robinhos been sold on for more, Diaby, Adebayor, Walcott would all fetch more than we bought them for.

    Baptista is the only one that I’d say resembles a player who you’d want to move right in to the first team, marquee signing ? A top player from a top team.

    That’s my point though, we look at players from the outside and say look at how he turned out if only we’d spent a little more then he’d be worth soo much more to us now, trouble is for every player you show me there’ll be another who doesn’t quite make it.

    That’s what I’m saying about todays game and the way footballs moved on, Wenger didn’t have much trouble brining though players that made it into the Invincibles side, I think we’d struggle to get those same players for relvative prices today though.

    The hype surrounding players and the money changing hands is just ridiculous now.

    Think about how much Baptista or Robinho might have been worth a few years before that, or in todays’ market now.

  81. Jimbo

    KM – I don’t really think either look like players with the ability to step up. It’s not just because they play in inferior leagues, but Falcao for me looks like a player who’ll be quite easy to keep out of a game in the Premiership, and cost a shit load of money. Falcao, for example, I don’t think is any better than Eduardo, but will cost a shit load more.
    If that’s the kind of player we’re after, we should have signed Darren Bent in January – the fee will be the same, and Bent, for my money, is easily better.

  82. Keyser

    I think we have been overly cautious in transfer windows, and that’s where Wenger’s ideal of youth making it through may have hindered our chances, but at the same time.

    I like that we’ve waited for Wilshere and gotten him into the team, at the same time he’s been annoying of late with his comments and if he leaves it shows just how precarious todays game is.

  83. Rohan

    I like the setup as it looks to be now. Some change and some sort of direction but no total ownership. Everyone wins.

  84. Jimbo


    I don’t disagree with any of that, at all.

    But the bottom line is, you have to work with the squad you’ve got, and if you need a central midfielder, you need a central midfielder, and you have to get one from somewhere.

    Priority # 1 always has to be getting your squad in place, and that’s the most important thing a manager has to do.

  85. finestcuts

    The Women’s Super League is launching in April.
    Will Le Grove have coverage of the WSL during the summer while the mens team is on holiday?

  86. Jimbo

    Mike – I like Ashley Young, and I think he COULD be a much better player than he’s been for Villa, under better management. I think there’s more to his game than being an out-and-out winger, that he was under O’Neill, and Houllier’s just crap.

    BUT, he’s another one who will cost a bomb, and you have to wonder if you could do better. Would you rather spend youf £20m on Juan Mata, Ashley Young, or Eden Hazard?

  87. Keyser

    Jimbo – A manager of a club that’s got no other priorities but to Win for that particular season.

    You can’t ignore the impact of the stadium and because of that I’d say Wenger’s had to think about the future as well as the present.

  88. Goonerpower

    Well for a start Ashley Young is a proven prem player, not saying he’s worth £20 mil but we know what to expect. The other 2, well we really don’t know how they will cope with prem life.

  89. KM


    Rather Hazard out of that group

    He has a higher ceiling than the other 2

    Re.Falcao – I disagree with u but time will tell

  90. Jimbo

    Keyser, I can certainly respect that there is always a balancing act between cost and return, both absolute and relative, but risking a whole season because a compromise cannot be found isn’t really acceptable, and to be honest, it isn’t really fair on the fans either.

    Arsenal had certain needs back in 2005, and Wenger got it very badly wrong that summer.

    A manager’s first priorty must always be his squad, and whilst he may have other competing considerations, this is what ALWAYS needs to take priority and highest consideration. If he can’t fill the squad out properly, and has been given the tools to do so, then you have to criticise him. The fact that he panic-bought in January is telling – he knew that he’d pushed it too far.

  91. Arse&Nose©

    Hazard will come to us like Nasri, and will take 3 years to show his worth.

    Young is an immediate impact player who is one of the most efficient in the league.
    His assists,crossing, set piece, dribbling stats are consistently good.

  92. Lurch LeRouge

    yeah i’d be tempted for young over hazard… the prospect of having to deal hazards DNA being questioned and the perpetual links to madrid might just pip the balance in youngs favour for me.

    JW, Young and Theo could develop quite an understanding. He’d be good for Gibbs as well i recon.

  93. Keyser

    Jimbo – See you say badly wrong, we got to a Champions League final that year, we set records getting there, you could say we didn’t win, but it’s sill something, especially when it’s a first in the clubs history.

    You say he panic bought, he bough an unproven striker from France, an unproven midfielder, and a 16 year old ?! Is that him panic buying or just using the transfer window.

    What you’re saying doesn’t make much sense, he panicked and bought those 3 ?!

    Think about it, if that’s a managers first priority, then it should be that of the board to make sure that is his FIRST priority.

  94. Josip Skoblar

    I don’t understand this general infatuation with Benzema. He’s erratic, has mediocre technique, has an attitude (like Anelka). Let’s get Hazard first. By the way, I hear that Ribery is unsettled in Bayern.

  95. Josip Skoblar

    I don’t understand this general infatuation with Benzema: attitude problem (like Anelka), mediocre technique, erractic form. Let’s get Hazard first who is pure class. How about Ribery who is unsettled in Bayern?

  96. KM

    The difference is when Nasri came to Arsenal he wasn’t the best player in the French league – Hazard is one of the top 3 best players in the league.

  97. Josip Skoblar

    L’Equipe says day in day out that Hazard has been by far the BEST player in the French league this year. Nice kid, great technique, scores goal. Nasri and him would play well together.

  98. dennisdamenace

    Yo Munglers!

    Just been speaking to my man from the club. Heed his words –

    Can you do me a flavour please… There’s mention on todays Le Grove referring to Matt Scott of the Guardian… “As Arsenal fans, speak up, don’t become what you perceive Pat Rice to be to Arsene Wenger”   

    Could you post the fact the what is displayed publically and what truly happens behind the scenes are two very different things.  Publically ALL Arsene’s staff are behind him 100% and so they should be. Can you imagine if his staff were publically talking negatively about him, it would be suicidal for the club and attract unwanted attention.  Privately many of Arsene’s staff have totally disagreed with him at times over many issues and heated debates have taken place, which blows the idea out of the water that he issurrounded by yes men.  This is a healthy environment to have in place as it provokes an honest safe place for the staff to talk about their concerns and for Arsene it shows trust that anything which is said is kept between the 4 walls.  This fallacy that the manager is surrounded by so called Yes men is a vicious rumour that has been sparked by supporters web blogs and from people who have absolutely no idea what goes on inside the dressing room. 

    Cheers Buddy

    Get a grip, and get realistic, what do you want? Arsene and Pat to fall out in public to satisffy the tatty journos needs fof a headline or for Arsenal to show a united front?

    Fucking Matt Scott, who fuck is he to comment, a fucking nobody that’s who, who knows nothing.

  99. Lurch LeRouge

    even the ‘great’ Tom Fox would struggle to sell ribery’s face in an arsenal top to the yanks… not a great export vehicle that one! 🙂

  100. Josip Skoblar

    I don’t think Pat is a Yes man and this rumor is indeed stupid and defamatory. The main issue is AW and transfers. He needs help there as he is not very good at it.

  101. Maximus

    Yes Lurch, perceive is the important word there, hes mearly stating what he feels the fans believe happens behind the scenes, whether he believes that to be true or not, and that if you have issues act on them, instead of acting the same way that you perceive the backroom staff do towards AW

  102. Josip Skoblar


    no i’m serious. awful first touch, better than bendy but still poor. i don’t understand why suddenly everyone rates him so highly. if he was so good, maureen would play him every game

  103. bernard (bade the gooner)

    how funny is that ….
    no matter what the subject is on the dialy post, you always end up talking the same debates about few players we should get/offload & how arsene should leave should he not change his recent ways…..

    don’t you have enough the same debate over & over? you act like a nagging wifr there 🙂

    why not to talk about other things from time to time ….