A message to Danny Fizman, all the very best from Le Grove.

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Ok let’s deal with these board room rumours, first of all my best wishes to Danny Fizman and his battle with cancer, that puts winning the league and boardroom shuffles into perspective, good luck Danny, I hope you get through this. What you have done for Arsenal is truly immense, if any statues are handed out then you are the one that should have one.

The only news we think will happen is that Usmanov and Red and White will get a seat on the board, but that doesn’t mean Dein will be back as he doesn’t work for them any more, I personally would love him to come back and deal with the monster he created but somehow can’t see the board suggesting that would be their good news.

Doctor Frankenstein didn’t get his practice back in that little Bavarian village once his creations problems were dealt with did he?

So as long as Peter Hill Wood is still around don’t expect us to bring back the only person capable of sorting out project youth. It won’t happen. I would love it to, can you imagine Gazidas and his enormous back room staff? All getting their marching orders? Ha, ha that would be a picture, imagine what that would save us on the wage bill!

Still if we have a manager that doesn’t win trophies, why should we expect a marketing team to get fantastic sponsorship deals? Unless there are deals we are doing that I haven’t heard about that don’t include ripping your own fans off with another WM club or a season ticket hike.

We hear that Vermaelen is back in training and that puts paid to the career ending rumours that have been flying about, but we have to put an end to having players that have a year off with injuries, by that I mean buy replacements should it happen again.

In recent times we’ve had RVP, Eduardo and Ramsey out for almost a year and Rosicky, Djourou, Diaby, Frimpong and Vermaelen out for a whole year. And the last five are from our current playing squad.

If we get long term injuries again, we need to replace the player and worry about what happens when they come back, when and if they come back. We have insurance, we don’t have to worry about their wages, or at least we should have. IVAN?

We also need to identify players that are becoming crocks and get rid of them, players like Song and Diaby need to be moved on, Eboue, Rosicky and Almunia likewise and then have a good look at our reserves and move on all those players we will never ever see in the first team.

I believe we could cut the wage bill in half easily. Get shot of what we should sell and we could buy a half decent team, Scott Parker has been mentioned but he is 31 and I fear too old, but if we bought Cahill we have plenty of DM options in our squad, I have often mentioned Vermaelen and been laughed at, but I was laughed at when I gave you my views on Song.

He has the bite that we lack and the pace and vision too. I also like Coquelin and Frimpong but we need some nasty stuff in there not another baby right now.

I’m not saying TV for the DM role, I’m saying as an option, for me he’s still our number one CB.

In other news Pedro tells me we are touring China and Malaysia in the pre season so there’s another source of revenue for the team.

I can’t believe the Mancs have appealed against that feral chav Rooney and his outburst to the cameras, how can you defend that unless you have had 16 pints of lager, he may have looked like he had whilst chewing on a wasp nest, but he hadn’t, so I now hope the FA add more games to his silly two match slap, cowards, just like that fat pikey granny shagger. If he did that on Hackney Marshes on a Sunday, he’d get he’s ugly head kicked in.

A final word about the state of affairs at Arsenal, whatever happens we will make changes next season, let’s just hope we still have Danny with us, he has done an awful lot for this football club and no one deserves what he has, get well soon Mr Fizman from all of us at Le Grove.

Have a great day Grovers only 3 to go until we get to show what we are capable of, again.

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  1. arsenal4ever

    G STAR says:
    April 7, 2011 at 21:07

    Cahill not on the bench but I would love Rodwell really much in an arsenal kit

  2. SUGA3

    Kompany pisses all over Cahill, partners TV in Belgian national team and would cost a few million less – if this is not a no brainer, then I don’t know what is…

  3. Santos

    And wait for it.. Van der Weil is joining Bayern too. They will be the team to watch out for next season. Are the Coentrao rumours true

  4. Dream10

    Watching Porto Spartak match. Radamel Falcao is a predator. Their leftback Parreira from Uruguay put in a wonderful cross for the only goal thus far.

  5. Santos

    Our glorious leader does not go for proven youngsters like Rodwell, Coentrao, Hazard, Ganso etc. At least they will make it at the highest level. All he does is to remind us how he ‘nearly signed’ them after so many years of missing out on them. Rodwell wearing an Arsenal crest is a major investment. I hope we get him but…..

  6. patthegooner

    How intriguing all these rumours of something massive being announced at Arsenal in the coming days.

    My money is on a seat on the board for a Red and White representitive (Maybe not Usmanov though) and an acceptance to take on his shares issue suggestion of last summer.

    I think and I hope that the Board have finally realised that enough is enough and another season of failure will really start to show on the balance sheet. The gaps in the stadium on matchday are more more frequent and getting bigger. I also sense that season ticket renewals have not gone as well as hoped and that Corporate take up on boxes has also suffered.

    I am clinging onto some straws here, but I am hoping that the news will cheer us up.

    If the news is that Wenger has bought Fizman’s shares I am going to burn the stadium down.

  7. patthegooner


    Sadly Kompany will not be leaving Man City and certainly not to us in the current guise.

    They will CL football next season, and he will be looking at that.

  8. Santos

    Do you guys know Porto are on he verge of completing an invincible season? That would be awesome for such a young coach. I hope he stamps his name in football by winning the Europa league as well.

  9. G STAR

    Arsenal have been told they can sign Eden Hazard by Lille, but only if the Gunners loan the winger back to the French club next season.

    The Gunners have been looking to sign the 20-year-old since last summer and at times it looked as though they would get their man after the Belgium international indicated he was interested in leaving at the start of the year.

    However, Arsenal’s hopes of signing Hazard looked as though they had suffered a setback when in March he signed a contract extension to keep him in France until 2015.

    Lille are now thought to have told Arsenal they can sign Hazard if they loan him back to the club next season for their impending Champions League campaign.

    The French side are currently four points clear at the top of Ligue 1 and want Hazard to play in the Champions League next season, while also being able to cash in on one of their star assets.

  10. SUGA3


    IMO, Kompany + Djourou makes little sense, as both are essentially the same player – I am of the belief that it’s all about balance, i.e. ‘little and large’, one giant for aerial domination and one shorter but more mobile sweeper…

    Victory Through Harmony, you know?

    I have got a post in the oven on the latter 😉

  11. patthegooner

    I cant believe that SUGA, he is their best defender by a county mile and can also fill in at DM.

    I would love him at Arsenal, but that is one signing I cant see happening.

  12. Dream10


    They are on the verge of something special. Falcao is a star.

    It is absolutely amazing how Porto lose a bunch of players every year and rebuild. Outstanding

    Porto is an excellent to buy players from.

  13. Santos

    But I believe brings out the best in defenders; he is Like Cesc at the back. We should be hoping for players who are available. Kompany is good, but will be unavailable.

  14. SUGA3

    I would drill (and I mean drill the fuck out of both) two more or less equal units:



  15. Marko

    Isn’t this Porto manager apparently being looked at in terms of a future Arsenal manager? Cause that was some good watching right there boy

  16. Santos

    I like him because he plays good football. Has a sense of defending and motivates his players too. I dont care abot his age. Afterall Maureen, Moyes , Guardiola etc started young. He is one of my choices to replace Arsene when he’s gone.

  17. patthegooner

    I know you did Lurch, but it is the kind of fucked up shit you expect from this club at the moment. 🙂

  18. nishanth

    At the time of Villas-Boas’ appointment, Académica were at the bottom of the league and still without wins, but their luck started to change as he introduced a new style, leading them to a safe eleventh place, 10 points clear from relegation. In addition to that, Académica also reached the 2009–10 Portuguese League Cup semi-finals, losing against Porto at Estádio do Dragão with a late goal from Mariano González. His impact at Académica was immediate, not only because of solid results, but also because of the attractive football displayed by the team

  19. Lurch LeRouge

    it can go both ways though Pat, If he buys them that would signal the end of his management.

    but yeah, not thanks.

  20. patthegooner

    Lurch it could be worse, He could own the shares and be manager

    His plan to take over the world is nearly complete.

  21. Maciek

    I like Villas Boas and would love to see him replacing the French, stubborn jerk, but I feel that Villareal will win the Europa League.

    Falcao would have been good for us and that just means we aren’t going to get him.

    Only 3 years till someone strong will take over from the French, arrogant, stubborn clown.

    I will be waiting.

  22. SUGA3

    Our Glorious Leader – I am from the former Eastern Bloc country and I ripped the piss out of the pompous commie shit all my life 😉

  23. SUGA3

    cheers Santos, to be honest, I am not much of a regular writer, but I am trying to deliver some bang whenever I do – it’s the most recent debacle that brought me out of the coma, but I will be more than happy to post about champagne and fireworks too!

  24. Santos

    Next season’s champs league will be entertaining;
    Villareal, Napoli, Bayer Leverkusen, Napoli, Man City, Valencia, Fc Porto, Lille, PSV and the other usual teams. It will be a a cracker.

  25. Dream10


    Each one of those teams with the exception of PSV could get a result against us. Especially without the outstanding #15 Denilson struggling for fitness with a toe injury. He needs a solid preseason.

  26. Dream10

    Denilson is a nice boy. Excellent sideways passer. Allows players to run past him. Wonderful teammate. Spirit, desire and quiet determination.

  27. km

    Very impressed by Falcao

    He’s a Drogba with more skill

    Would love to see more of him

    I hope Wenger was watching….a bid of 25million will do

  28. Raugaj

    AA23 says:
    April 7, 2011 at 22:54
    that fat Maltese cunt is always on here.
    Along with that other wanker BBK.
    Pair of fucking cunts.
    Sorry,we’ve been away wiv your mom,you cunt.

  29. phv

    Today, I decided to check what all the fuss on andre villas-boas is about. This is the first Porto match I see this season( and probably in the last 5 years) and I am just amazed. I have never seen such a direct football in my life.This was an absolute joy to watch.3 or 4 moves and they have reached opposition’s goal and they dont wonder (like Arsenal’s players), they just shoot. They were moving the ball at an incredible pace all game long(at least from the 35th min onwards coz I missed the beginning).They were testing the opposition from all kinds of angles and in all kinds of situations nonstop – one-twos,dribbles,crosses, runs from deep from their midfielders from everywhere.This is what football should be all about not just pass,pass,pass,pass and nothing. The transition from defense to attack …. just wow. When they see space, they just attack it. Spartak Moscow did not look so bad but they lost 5-1 in the end. Falcao and Hulk were brilliant. This is the first time I see Falcao but what a player. They probably cost a loooooot of money.Most of their players look very tall,strong and quick and really good at making crosses and shooting from long range.

  30. Kushagra India

    How foolish is the pessimist, despondent and forlorn, who always when he gets a rose goes hunting for the thorn.

    The optimist has better sense; the charm of life he knows. He doesn’t mind a scratch or two if he can get the rose.

    So don’t be a pessimist, bogged down with discontent; the optimist has heaps of fun that doesn’t cost a cent.

  31. SUGA3


    you could be excused for calling that ‘pessimism’ last season or a season after that (mind you, we would be out of the CL if it wasn’t for AA back then)…

    it’s not like I am pessimistic, I have just been there and done that, seeing the same pattern, it would be foolish or even insane to expect a different outcome, right?

    ‘Prove me wrong’ is the expression…

  32. Dream10


    It would not have been a suprise if Kompany won footballer of the year. He’s been that good

    Why only 15million???

  33. Moray

    Morning all. I’m not sure we could pay Kompany’s wages. He must be commanding about a few million a week at Shitty (especially if you consider Bridge was on over 100k)

  34. SUGA3

    and that’s why he probably is priced at £15M, Moray…

    and yes, he is quite good for them, but so was Bellamy last season, no? as far as Shitty is concerned, logic goes out of the window!

    as for the wages bit, some on here would not bat an eyelid if we were to pay Buffon £125K per week, whereas he is not that much of an improvement over Szczesny to warrant that…

    just saying…

  35. Dream10

    High unlikely that City would sell a star, let alone to Arsenal.

    Arsene Wenger has a chance to do something special this summer and completely reshape his squad within budget and make the club more competitive with United and Chelsea and other European powers.

  36. SUGA3


    I hope you don’t mind me saying that I have just published a rallying (in my own twisted way) post?


    they may well do, if they are in position to sign someone ‘superior’?

  37. Moray

    Yeah, shitty have screwed themselves with the wages.

    they are paying a fortune just to keep Bellamy out of the Premiership.

    Buffon is a bit of a busted flush, but his experience would be worth 80k alone per week in my humble estimation. Plus he has actually won something, which would be a rarity in our pampered squad. Tremendously stiff right arm too, by all accounts…

    I remember the days when we were notoriously tight-fisted payers. It wasn’t long ago. That is what made the assembly of the Invincibles squad such a marvelous achievement (I was in Spain when we stole Pires from the claws of Real Madrid)

  38. Dream10


    True but this summer the shit will really hit the fan.

    It’s highly likely Fabregas will want to leave and I am getting the feeling that Nasri and Clichy will be sold.

    It’s also highly unlikely I will see the type of changes I want to see.

  39. Moray

    Geoff – good point.

    Every season end I convince myself Wenger MUST now realise he needs a clear out and to replace the dross with quality, to find winners rather than losers, and to get rid of sicknotes and players with shot legs.

    Like the deer pining for its mother to return home, I will eventually have to accept that it’s never going to happen.

  40. Geoff

    Every window people berate me for not trusting in Wenger, and every window he lets them down, this window will be no different because he answers to no one.

  41. rob

    there are rumours we made enquiry about artur boruc- the guy used to be good until he started to drink like charlee sheen!!