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How does that feel Spurs fans?

Ex-Arsenal donkey puts two past you in the Champions League… for Real Madrid. That’s like finding out you Mrs has left you for the domino’s sandwich board man.

'Pizza is expensive babe...'

A highly enjoyable game to say the least, in fact, it was so enjoyable, I ended up going to the pub for a celebration beer. Sad times? Absolutely. Who cares though, Spurs were completely outclassed all over the park and I loved it. This was the first really tough game they’ve faced and they found themselves in all sorts of amusing trouble. Peter Crouch was sent off after 15 minutes for two dopey challenges and the rest is history.

Not sure why Bale didn’t start. His name was on the team sheet and everything. He’ll start the next leg and it’ll be a different story. They’ll win 5-0.

On the subject of Adebyor, is it bad that I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately? You know, in retrospect, he wasn’t that bad. Sure he treated us badly sometimes, but you know what, he did score some goals… he said he’s sorry and I’m thinking I’d take him back if he promised to treat us the way he did before he got that big pay rise.

Who’s with me?

Battered house wife story telling aside. The guy is a beast. When his head is on the game, he’s one of the most effective battering rams in the land. He’s fast, he can finish(ish) and I’m pretty sure he’d come back to Arsenal with his ego beaten into check.

I’m not sure if I’ve got the equivalent of footballing office syndrome. You know what office syndrome is right? When you’re in an office full of ugly people you’d never go near normally, then after a while, they start looking good… come the Christmas party… well… you know the rest.

I think I have the football equivalent. I’ve been looking at Bendtner and Chamakh for a while and they’re so poor, I’m glancing over at Adebayor fantasising about what it would be like to have a proper 6ft5 player who could head the ball and score a few goals. Obviously I’d rather Benzema but I think I’ve got more chance of Wenger joining me on my mates stag do in Magaluf than I have of that happening.

Adebayor will be available, we know he’s got goals in him, he’s scored 10 in 10 against Spurs and everyone loves a player who talks about themselves in the third person. What do you think?

… and yes, I did say Magaluf. Can you believe people do that past the age of 16? I’d rather party in a forest fire.

It didn’t take long for Wenger to utter the usual tantalising lines that will make us all believe that, finally, he has accepted he needs to make some changes this summer… via Independent.

Supporters have wondered for some time whether Wenger has overestimated the qualities of some of his players. Now, perhaps, he is doing the same – certainly he did not dismiss suggestions that he had taken this group of under-achievers as far as he can.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I want to finish the season and then we’ll see. But at the moment of course we are more concerned about the short term, to get this team to respond in a convincing way.”

For me, even if we do win the Premiership, I think changes will be needed. We’ve made tough work of this season. The frightening thing is that we still have a resurgent Liverpool side to face, we have United and we have Spurs away. There are 4 points between us and Chelsea and should we win our game in hand, City will be 6 points behind us. Don’t take 2nd for granted, we’re on a terrible run that shows no sign of abating. If we don’t rectify this, we could be staring down the barrel of 4th position and a Champions League qualifier.

That really would leave us quaffing down a large pint of crap season…

I’m hoping that Wenger is warned this summer. I told you last year that light pressure was placed on him to sign players. He refused. I wonder if the pressure will be so light this year? The last thing Arsenal need going into the next season is the possibility of losing out on Champions League qualification because the board didn’t take note of the warning signs. That really would be a nightmare scenario, you know why, I’ll tell you why… because that would mean we’d have to negotiate our new commercial deals off the back of Europa League football.

Imagine that. Thursday nights in for a season followed by a replica shirt with ‘Cost Cutter’ emblazoned across the front. More embarrassing than the time a new employee at my work sneezed and his tooth flew across my desk. It wasn’t even a nice tooth…

So, up tonight is the Champions League grudge match  between United and Chelsea. I’m hoping for a weak referee who allows some really nasty challenges to go unpunished hopefully resulting in a few strategic injuries. It’d be nice if someone took out Rooney’s mouth… filthy ******* animal.

P.S. For those who say Mourinho isn’t a good manager, did anyone see Schalke beat Inter 5-2 last night? Also, thanks to Steve for sending over the below photoshop!

Have a great day!

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510 Responses to “Adebayor: I’d have him back | Spurs exposed as poor | Pressure Wenger”

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  1. JJ

    I can’t believe you are considering taking Ade back. These are desparate times.

    In any case, what makes you think he would want to come back or that we would pay his new salary?

  2. Rohan

    Fuck Adebayor. Don’t want him back. Have you guys forgotten the City game where he celebrated in front of the Arsenal fans after running the length of the pitch and then stamping on Robin.

    He’s a cunt

  3. JJ

    I am with you Rohan. No one can come back after something like that. RvP would be kicking chunks out of him in training (at least until his leg shattered).

  4. ice

    Alright, I made that story up! But can you really imagine WHY some of the names mentioned on here would ever join us whilst we are in this mess? Who would want to play alongside Coco the f**cking clown, Billabong Song, Dopey Denilson, hokey cokey Thomas, the ego that is “no-good” Nicklas, Dire Diaby, and witless Walcott? Guess that’s why Wenger has to sign bambini huh?

  5. OH ARSENAL!!!!

    This entire thead and 300+ comments is all structed around one somber fact, we don’t have a striker. Period.

  6. Big Dave

    Their should be some news to come out about Fiszman sometime I reckon, Knowing that he is ill wonder what he will do with is remaining shares

  7. Robbiec

    Wengers brought throufh good young players and made money when of course we sell them and i think this is a reason behind why he is stubborn i just think he doesnt know or confident when spending alot as he seems to get it wrong in my eyes. Look at the big money signings not exactly set us alight reyes, wiltord as well for me took gim a long time to get going

    Then look at a seaman replacement richard wright

  8. SUGA3


    ‘never try, never fail’ strategy is a recipe for certain failure, you give yourself a chance of success otherwise…

    if he is afraid to use the resources at his disposal other way than improving contracts of certain individuals (you know who you are), then it is time for him to do the honourable thing and resign…

    I mean, he lived in Japan for a bit, did they not teach the surrender monkey anything about honour and accountability?

  9. Hitman

    Adebayor back? No thanks. Yes he can be good. Problem is he chose not to be. He had an attitude problem. Has he matured. Dont know.
    He is playing well at Madrid cos he is playing for a contract.
    Side issue:
    Funny how players lose their mojo when playing for Arsenal these days.
    Common theme – Mr Wenger?

  10. SUGA3


    Wenger’s team smacks of being led by a spineless manager: if you allow certain individuals to get away with murder, then you not only get no improvement from them, but it also leaves the others demoralised…

    if you work for your money, you will know what I am talking about…

  11. Kushagra India

    shava must be cursing himself……this year’s UCL brings so much pain to me really can’t help myself disgusted…

  12. SUGA3


    like I said, he went to watch some football, not eat gourmet food – I thought that is what one goes to a stadium for?

    outrageous idea, I know 😆

  13. Kushagra India

    Arsenal again not competing in Europe and they told us Emirates Stadium will be the game changer…

  14. Kushagra India

    Lurch really mate they don’t understand what a club means to the fans watchin halycon days of India in field hockey makin me more pissed can’t bring myself to watch UCL without Arsenal

  15. Kushagra India

    German media reported magic show is on in Olympics New Zealand reported Indians call it Hockey we call it magic!!

  16. Kushagra India

    African players last longer …..if they get it rite they can be unstoppable …ETo…the most consistent striker of the decade imo…

  17. SUGA3


    and that is why I consider the decision to rest players against Shakhtar away to be sheer fucking lunacy…

    the moment I saw that team, I went like ‘what the fucking fuck?’ – another piece of evidence in the Court of Protection case looking to section OGL!

  18. Kushagra India

    need to watch it now 🙂 shrek came into form when it mattered
    and we have got the likes of Cesc ,Nasri shitting their boots

  19. SUGA3


    it’s not just that he is African, he is just that type…

    we really need a top class battering ram like that – the problem is that we are no longer in position to attract top players, unless we make a massive statement of intent, no top player wants to play with mugs…

  20. zeus

    Poor goalkeeping an understatement. You take out that fucker simple as. Lehman would have killed dani just then.

  21. Gooby

    i’d prefer united to go through but i still want both of them out.

    to sum it up, a few injuries would be welcomed

  22. nishanth

    Lampard still has a couple of years in him i think.Chelsea really lack creativity.Instead of torres they should have bought a winger or a creative midfielder.I am glad they paid 50 mill for torres though

  23. Wenger the liar

    I was confident Chelsea would turn them over, didn’t back it but I have now at fives. Just seen the goal really nice, real quality. No doubt it will finish one all now I’ve back these mugs to win.

  24. zeus

    I want us to be the first London team to win the CL. Don’t mind Chelsea and spurs going out.

    Here’s to a cancellation of the CL this season. No to man utd, I hate barca and I wouldn’t want mourinho to have the satisfaction.

    Time fir the special one to come back down to earth.

  25. nishanth

    Kushagra-Not a big Hockey fan.I agree about etoo though.Brilliant player.Strength,pace,finishing he has got it all.No way we will sign him though.H

  26. Arse&Nose©

    Bosingwa is rubbish, he is like a right sided clichy :
    can’t defend, runs in a straight line down the touchline and no end product!

    Strange how ancelloti has played a defensivly strong left side (cole & Zhirkov) and a weak Right side.

  27. Kushagra India

    nishanth they need Torres as well as a creative midfielder a winger a RB … out in summer

  28. Gooby

    bosingwa is actually playing a lot worse than clishit ever did 😆

    sagna is by a country mile the best RB in the prem

  29. Dutchman

    Man united is so facking good. They are an example of a real team. They defend as a team and they attack as a team. i can see them beat barca. We have no chance in the league against this united. Wenger had to do the same ( play like a unit). United have not the best players but they play like a real team and that’s what makes them strong. Wenger really has to see that he needs to spend 20m+ on some players.

  30. Dutchman

    I don’t get it why wenger doesn’t spend 20m on players. We have the facking money but he just doesn’t spend it. Facking stubborn prick!

  31. nishanth

    Valencia playing as RB.Last game Giggs played LB.Talk about adaptibilty.Then again we have Eboue who can play anywhere

  32. BillikenGooner

    Giggs proves our Over-30 and you aren’t good enough for more than a year long contract policy is the way to go.

  33. gazzap

    fucking hell Chelsea are shit. they are worse than us. seriously they looked so poor tonight, no shape, no ideas, no width, nothing. Man City are a better team right now than the chavs. If we dont finish second we should finish third at the very least.

  34. tiarnan

    So Arsene what did you learn from tonights game?

    “I beleeeeeeeeve, that yes 4-4-2 looks good, and yes, I beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve that Man eweeue play very well with two physical strikers up front, and a team that wins and fights for each other…”

    So will you change for the Blackppol game from that useless piece of shit 4-2-3-1 wank face formation, with tippy-tappy football?

    “Eh, no, I beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve…”

    Ah fuck off.

  35. gazzap

    looks likely that man u will play schalke on either the tues or weds in Germany before they play us on the Sunday. Away trip to Germany should help us a little but more importantly we need to get our players fit and on form, and win 4 games before then.

  36. G STAR

    Wenger > Ancelotti
    Clichy > Bosingwa
    Song > Essien
    Wilshere > Lampard
    RVP > Torres


    ME > YOU

  37. G STAR

    Wenger > Ancelotti
    Clichy > Bosingwa
    Song > Essien
    Wilshere > Lampard
    RVP > Torres



  38. Norman "Wenger" Bates

    Its funny….whilst its shaping up to be the worst Premiership EVER – its turning out to be one of the best Champions Leagues in a long time –

    Theyre gonna be two great Semis – Barce v Madrid & Schalke v Man U – and I fancy Schalke to win it coz they’ll beat Man U at their own game – really work and fight as a team – actually we really need to get their manager for our team…..wats his name Jurgen Von Schnitzel-Burger or summat…

    Anyway its 10pm time for a sing song – Wenger is a shit-CUNT, Wenger is a shit-CUNT lalala – lalalala…

  39. OPG

    How am I a United fan now? United are just so efficient and organized. Chelsea were unlucky at times but still poor, Ancelotti got it wrong tactically. It was a pen but last time they played Chelsea did get a decision go their way which changed the game.
    Torres can’t seem to score so he dives instead as usual.

  40. Norman "Wenger" Bates

    G Star – if by “>” you mean getting down on your bended knees and sucking my nob, thats fine

  41. incesc

    so man u to win the league and get to another champions league final and everyone says they are shit…

    i wish arsenal were shit like that

  42. Arsene Nose Best

    That arshavin cunt should never play for us ever again,what the fuck does he think he’s doing.

    job half done for united,let’s hope they can finish it…..

  43. Norman "Wenger" Bates

    Arsene Nose Best says:
    April 6, 2011 at 22:01

    That arshavin cunt should never play for us ever again,what the fuck does he think he’s doing.


    wats he done now the jelly breasted, pillow faced fucker?

    actually hes been alright lately – about 6 months ago he was really gettin on my tits tho….

  44. Norman "Wenger" Bates

    Arsene Nose Best says:
    April 6, 2011 at 22:06

    to fucking right gooby,what’s he doing at a chav match,don’t give me that bollocks

    he was probably going to watch a real team play – ie Man U….

    wats it to fuckin u anyway – u his ma?

  45. Gooby


    so what? we all watched the game, i don’t see anything wrong with him going to some CL games, he probably likes football too don’t you think? and the game was played in London, no need to travel, easy

  46. SUGA3

    oh, come off it ANB, he may be mates with RA, so what?

    as far as I am concerned, he can go to watch whichever game of football he wants to, as long as it does not collide with our playing and training schedule…

  47. Hitman

    Just cant stand Utd.
    Some of their players are rank average. Bur they have something our player dont have. Desire. They have it in spades.

    That comes from their manager.

    If you pamper you get less out. If you push them they give more.

    Wenger isnt demanding enough.

  48. tiarnan

    yeh geezers hes fackin muggin us off the spiccy russian cant! alwoight, i tell u wat geezaaahh, lets get im down to d ol vic tonite n wel get eem nice n drank, then when phil gives us the ol shuffley-i-o we’ll stick 2 fingers up his arse n gag him yehhh! …yehhh?…. yehhhh! …yehhh? ….yehhhh!… yehhhh? ….yehhhhh! …ud like that wouldnt we??

  49. Norman "Wenger" Bates

    Fuck me geezahs!! I just seen Arshavin havin sex wif Phil Mitchow!!

  50. Gooby

    Arsene Nose Best says:
    April 6, 2011 at 22:25
    he’s mugging us off,don’t you fucking get it……….it’s not on


  51. Jimbo

    Right, what’s going on this evening?

    The world’s proper teams playing in Europe, what’s left for us minnows?

  52. tiarnan

    fuck me geezahs I just seen Phil Mitchow tryna bum fuck Arsene Wenger – & Wenger was lovin it….,r:20,s:0

  53. tiarnan

    gambon says:
    April 6, 2011 at 22:43

    ANB, totally agree, he needs stabbing in the face.

    Theres a dark mood in this place tonight, perhaps its Phil Mitchow, or perhaps its the soulless carcasses that Lord Wenger has created with his bloodless gutless football…The joy has expired from your lives and you now roam the halls of Le-Grove looking for “stabbings” and “muggings”

    I wouldnt be at all surprised if Jack The Ripper was an Arsenal fan in the pre Chapman years.

  54. SUGA3


    out of that list, I would keep Ebowie, Koscielny and Chamakh…

    how about something constructive then? what is your ‘In’ list then?

    be realistic tho…

  55. incesc


    hill wood


  56. Jimbo

    Ideally, I’d like to see Koscielny and Chamakh made to headbutt each other until their brains spilled out of their gormless fucking faces.


  57. Steve Biko


    Maybe Chamakh but seriously why would Arsenal sell Koscienly after the first season? Fine you dont rate him but if we buy a new CB to replace Squid then Koz may become fourth choice why then would you prefer we sell him?

  58. Jimbo

    Why keep those three? They’re all shite.

    Anyway, Suga3, who’s on my ‘in’ list? As in, to sign?

    I don’t really know. I don’t really care, either, so long as it’s not Wenger doing the signing.

  59. SUGA3


    – Ebowie is a good squad player and more than decent backup right back, you will struggle to find better one willing to sit on the bench

    – Koscielny forms a good partnership with Djourou with a competent keeper (Szczesny) behind them, whether you like it or not

    – Chamakh, well, we have quite a bit to thank him for what he did at the beginning of the season, no? I don’t think he’s a bad player, IMO, if played to his strengths he is twice the player Bendtner is, not to mention the correct attitude

  60. David

    Some of these so called Arsenal fans incredibly thick as shyte.

    Happy enough to accept failure forever?

    If its war they want. War they will get.


  61. Norman "Wenger" Bates

    suga3 – it wouldnt surprise me man – if wenger had his Communist way wed all be living in caves – dancing around in our nighties and beards… thats what he wants…that is.

    Anyway Castro and Bin Laden work for the Catholic Church just like Kissinger, George Bush, Pol Pot, Stalin, Michael Jackson, Freddy Kruger, Ronald McDonald (he’s also a Jesuit co-adjutor), Daniel O’Donnell etc etc….. the list is endless – but what you probably didnt know, is that in 2012 when theres a Pole Shift, electricity will stop working and all those windmills that Arsene Wenger owns in Scotland will mean he’ll become the worlds richest man, and his plan to rule the world via windmills and Eboue will finally be achieved – the Communist Cunt.

  62. Santos

    We can’t sign DeRossi anymore. He is the ideal defensive midfielder we should be going for.. What a passionate lad! As the new takeover has happened at Roma, their new owner wants to spend big, and for a club who want success, DeRossi,going out, is not an option.

  63. tiarnan

    sorry suga3 – Norman “Wenger” Bates is me and I is he. We are one. but when we kiss are 3, free alove, alone forever but starved and cold and hot and sweaty like ice dripping in a shoe.

    Calvin Klein for Men.

    Gambon – I do think you need help tho seriously, some of the stuff u write is…its a bit mad isnt it?

  64. gambon

    I would bet money on batesey being charliegeorge or Wtl.

    Jesuits are looneys, and extremely prominent in banking, beyond what most people would understand.