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How does that feel Spurs fans?

Ex-Arsenal donkey puts two past you in the Champions League… for Real Madrid. That’s like finding out you Mrs has left you for the domino’s sandwich board man.

'Pizza is expensive babe...'

A highly enjoyable game to say the least, in fact, it was so enjoyable, I ended up going to the pub for a celebration beer. Sad times? Absolutely. Who cares though, Spurs were completely outclassed all over the park and I loved it. This was the first really tough game they’ve faced and they found themselves in all sorts of amusing trouble. Peter Crouch was sent off after 15 minutes for two dopey challenges and the rest is history.

Not sure why Bale didn’t start. His name was on the team sheet and everything. He’ll start the next leg and it’ll be a different story. They’ll win 5-0.

On the subject of Adebyor, is it bad that I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately? You know, in retrospect, he wasn’t that bad. Sure he treated us badly sometimes, but you know what, he did score some goals… he said he’s sorry and I’m thinking I’d take him back if he promised to treat us the way he did before he got that big pay rise.

Who’s with me?

Battered house wife story telling aside. The guy is a beast. When his head is on the game, he’s one of the most effective battering rams in the land. He’s fast, he can finish(ish) and I’m pretty sure he’d come back to Arsenal with his ego beaten into check.

I’m not sure if I’ve got the equivalent of footballing office syndrome. You know what office syndrome is right? When you’re in an office full of ugly people you’d never go near normally, then after a while, they start looking good… come the Christmas party… well… you know the rest.

I think I have the football equivalent. I’ve been looking at Bendtner and Chamakh for a while and they’re so poor, I’m glancing over at Adebayor fantasising about what it would be like to have a proper 6ft5 player who could head the ball and score a few goals. Obviously I’d rather Benzema but I think I’ve got more chance of Wenger joining me on my mates stag do in Magaluf than I have of that happening.

Adebayor will be available, we know he’s got goals in him, he’s scored 10 in 10 against Spurs and everyone loves a player who talks about themselves in the third person. What do you think?

… and yes, I did say Magaluf. Can you believe people do that past the age of 16? I’d rather party in a forest fire.

It didn’t take long for Wenger to utter the usual tantalising lines that will make us all believe that, finally, he has accepted he needs to make some changes this summer… via Independent.

Supporters have wondered for some time whether Wenger has overestimated the qualities of some of his players. Now, perhaps, he is doing the same – certainly he did not dismiss suggestions that he had taken this group of under-achievers as far as he can.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I want to finish the season and then we’ll see. But at the moment of course we are more concerned about the short term, to get this team to respond in a convincing way.”

For me, even if we do win the Premiership, I think changes will be needed. We’ve made tough work of this season. The frightening thing is that we still have a resurgent Liverpool side to face, we have United and we have Spurs away. There are 4 points between us and Chelsea and should we win our game in hand, City will be 6 points behind us. Don’t take 2nd for granted, we’re on a terrible run that shows no sign of abating. If we don’t rectify this, we could be staring down the barrel of 4th position and a Champions League qualifier.

That really would leave us quaffing down a large pint of crap season…

I’m hoping that Wenger is warned this summer. I told you last year that light pressure was placed on him to sign players. He refused. I wonder if the pressure will be so light this year? The last thing Arsenal need going into the next season is the possibility of losing out on Champions League qualification because the board didn’t take note of the warning signs. That really would be a nightmare scenario, you know why, I’ll tell you why… because that would mean we’d have to negotiate our new commercial deals off the back of Europa League football.

Imagine that. Thursday nights in for a season followed by a replica shirt with ‘Cost Cutter’ emblazoned across the front. More embarrassing than the time a new employee at my work sneezed and his tooth flew across my desk. It wasn’t even a nice tooth…

So, up tonight is the Champions League grudge match  between United and Chelsea. I’m hoping for a weak referee who allows some really nasty challenges to go unpunished hopefully resulting in a few strategic injuries. It’d be nice if someone took out Rooney’s mouth… filthy ******* animal.

P.S. For those who say Mourinho isn’t a good manager, did anyone see Schalke beat Inter 5-2 last night? Also, thanks to Steve for sending over the below photoshop!

Have a great day!

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  1. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Bould would be nice… But we need a proven prospect… We had enough of potential not to be fulfilled…

    I don’t want another “wenger” surely…

  2. Big Dave

    Everywhere JM goes he allways makes sure he has a good defence, Inter, chavs and now at RM. Pepe was solid last night. You start from the back amking sure you have a decent keeper and strong CB.

  3. Big Dave

    Everywhere JM goes he allways makes sure he has a good defence, Inter, chavs and now at RM. Pepe was solid last night. You start from the back making sure you have a decent keeper and strong CB.

  4. Man

    I like how everyone seems to ignore Neil Banfield when we talk of internal coaching replacements. Being the manager of the reserves, he is ahead of any other internal coaching staff that is likely to replace Pat Rice.

  5. Wenger the liar

    Thats the problem with all you people, especially those like Gambon:

    You just wont give Arsene time to complete his ten year plan.

    “Judge me in 2015”

  6. pharo9ja

    Matthew, and to think those guys are yanks that call the game soccer!!! While the tomatoe farmer in kent is all about saving.Did

  7. leon

    ade is very very gifted player no dought about that but is to much of luxury player for me wenger does need to sigbn top striker though,with ever improving toteham man city around of course there is chelsea and manu i dont think will have a choice but change things as i dought this team will evon finish in top 4 next season.

    i feel players like almunia diaby delinson bretna have been given so many chances over the years alot more than most and for time is well and truely up

  8. dennisdamenace

    Yet another fucking teenager bought to go out on loan……

    Can’t find a decent centre back, but can find yet anothef teenager to add to the payroll.

  9. Master P

    Adams should definately be brought in as No2.

    No1 should be a proven manager.

    Guardiola gets my vote.

  10. Lurch LeRouge

    15-20 goals a season luxury player? Hardly injured (sometimes offside 🙂 ) and likes butting nordick planks?

    Wouldn’t mind some of that luxury.

  11. Master P

    ddm me old mungler, how you doin?

    how do you see the rest of the season panning out?

    is it all over?

    imo, it is, sadly 🙄

  12. Robbiec

    I never got why he outted adey – we took a lot of money for him and never replaced him. Whats the point of that.

  13. albo

    Big Dave – though in fairness, that defence didn’t look so rock solid at the Nou Camp…

    Re Adebayor – I never really had a massive problem with him. He flirted a bit with other clubs the way all footballers do via their agents, if we’re honest. He was just silly enough to do it in the media. The real problem with him is that he in one of those ‘mood’ players who really needs fan love. And unfortunately, he’s not a guy to fight for it on the pitch if it’s not forthcoming. But sing his name all day and he’ll work his ass off.

    The problem for me was that the Emirates took the ‘principled’ route and turned on him, when it might have been better to bite the bullet and cheer him on regardless (the way Man U fans did with Ronaldo after the ‘wink’ in the world cup).

    It’s easy to forget just how devastating he was in that one great season he had for us…

  14. KM

    Spurs were r.outclassed last night

    How embarrassing for them? 😉

    Spurs looked like West Brom out there.

    The British were exposed big time out there especially they’r lack of technique and skill on the ball

    The bet spurs player was Assi-Ekotto , their left back who I rate. Modric tried hard but he was the only 1 trying to do something against a superior Madrid side.

    I’m shocked this is a Mourinho team, because he’s usually v.negative but Madrid’s attacking play was sublime.

  15. bade the gooner (bernard)

    N21 tone

    Mind you, barca doesn’t have the best defence, even with krusty and shakira’s boy … They just press the opposition with their front 6. Their defence is their weakest link

  16. Man

    By all accounts van Gaal is a pompous ‘ayatollah’ of attacking football. He is probably more flexible than Wenger in changing tactics just as long as it is attacking football.

    Magarth has a good record but reports suggest he is obnoxious…might soil the Arsenal ‘mental strength’ image

    Joachim Low or Jupp Heynckes? Maybe, if Bayern allow it

    Okay okay enough German today!

    How about some Gaelic farts, if we haven’t had enough already?

    The boulanger at PSG is doing alright so is the one at Lille

    Or we could drop by at Bolton and pick that gritty Scot Coyle or fiery or chameleon eyed red hair Moyes

    No latin spice please don’t like their lisp

    Off to work I go

  17. Kushagra India

    Yep Drogba Adebayor and most of the African players are of the sentimental types needing fans love all the time

  18. albo

    At the risk of committing gooner heresy, is there any evidence whatever that Adams is a decent coach, or even a number 2? There’s no particular evidence that he made much of an impact at Portsmouth, and he certainly didn’t once he became manager (or at least, he did, but not in a good way!)

    It seems to me we’re falling into that age old (and peculiarly English) trap of believing a good footballer will be a good coach. Everyone seems convinced that if we have some of our old guard coaching that our defence will become sorted, but if you watch the under-18’s there’s no particular evidence that Bould is a defensive coaching mastermind (for example).

    Going back to Adams, everyone seems to think that he’ll inject some much needed passion and fight back to the dressing-room, but has anyone noticed that, off the pitch, he is actually an incredibly softly spoken guy who might not inject much of anything…

  19. Gooby


    who is this alan fella? first time in the cl and your second rate club, soon to be bankrupt by your “iconic” manager who might be going to jail soon, just been spanked nil

    enjoy it while it last, back to euro cup next season

    was bale playing last night?

  20. bernard (bade the gooner)

    the story about miyachi’s visa problems could be good for us …..
    send him to napoli & lure cavani back (although he is a palermo player playing on loan at napoli) ….

  21. Cescs_MyBoy


    Get the big man on the juice and that will all change!

    I am in agreement with you however. Legend as a player, distinctly average after.

  22. Hussain

    Who needs a right foot when you have a left foot like Di Maria’s, Ozil, Maria and Alonso were brilliant last night, and the worst part is we could have easily had them had it not been for the senile wanker!

  23. bernard (bade the gooner)

    oh please he is bad as he is too strict ….kind of a dictator
    players suffer always under his reign ….

  24. Hussain

    Isn’t it disgusting how we could have been exactly where Real were last night? Alonso, Ozil, Fabregas and Di Maria
    Adebayor as our striker and yes our back 5 is much better than Real’s!

  25. Pedro

    Van Gaal honours:

    3 × Dutch League (Eredivisie): 1993–94, 1994–95, 1995–96
    3 × Dutch Super Cup (Johan Cruijff Shield): 1992–93, 1993–94, 1994–95
    1 × Dutch Cup (KNVB Cup): 1992–93
    1 × UEFA Cup: 1991–92
    1 × UEFA Champions League: 1994–95
    1 × UEFA Super Cup: 1995
    1 × Intercontinental Cup: 1995
    2 × Spanish League (La Liga): 1997–98, 1998–99
    1 × Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey): 1997–98
    1 × UEFA Super Cup: 1997
    1 × Dutch League (Eredivisie): 2008–09
    Bayern Munich
    1 × German League (Fußball-Bundesliga): 2009–10
    1 × German Cup (DFB-Pokal): 2009–10
    1 × German Super Cup (DFB-Supercup): 2010

  26. bernard (bade the gooner)

    just look what happened to him with bayern, barca, etc ….

    also look at his latest replica (magath) that was thrown out of schalke

    we wnat dominant, not dictator ….

  27. Hussain

    What do you say about Porto’s current manager Andre Villas-Boas?

    and also

    Would most of you get rid of Wenger in the Summer? or wait one more year when Pep runs out of contract at Barcelona?

  28. Pedro

    Bernard, he’s left a year after getting to the Champions League final and winning the domestic treble.

    Bayern will finish 3rd at worst this year…

  29. Pedro

    Hussain, I’d worry that we’d be trying to replicate Mourinho if went for a Porto manager.

    I’d rather someone who’s been around for a bit.

  30. bernard (bade the gooner)

    i don’t argue his achievements, he is not a kind of long lasting manager, and arsenal suits better the long lasting ones …..

    he will get you trophies but that might cost you dearly, display wise & team character wise, & I don’t fancy that.

    I’m not comparing to our current display – as anything better than that – I’m talking about arsenal as we all want to see it.

    but as a manager for 2-3 years he could fill in, not more than that i’m affraid

  31. Hussain

    Pedro, But the guy has been brilliant, he knows Tactics, has worked under Maureen at Porto, Chelsea and Inter as well, he did wonders with Academica last season guiding them out of relegation when they looked destined for it, hasn’t lost a game in the league and won the league with 5 more games left, he is young and has a passion and wants to prove himself on the big stage! If we can stick with Wanker for 6 years, i would love to give this guy a season and see what he can do!

    But then again, that’s just my opinion though! Pep still remains my first choice, but if we can’t get him, I would have Andre!

  32. gambon

    “At the risk of committing gooner heresy, is there any evidence whatever that Adams is a decent coach, or even a number 2?”


    Is there any evidence that Wenger is a decent coach?

  33. Hussain

    Matt, Spot on!
    We have lost the character, drive and the passion! The players have started believing that they can get away with mediocre performances and have no body questioning them! We need change, instantly and considering our squad is talented enough, it surely has to be at the managerial level! trust me Fergie/Jose would have won the league with our squad by now!

  34. Lurch LeRouge


    1 x get rid of wanger – don’t trust him or his overly psychocentric leaderless approach.

  35. Queen of Suburbia

    gambon. Yes.

    Perhaps the question should be “still”?

    Even then, 2nd in the league, a cup final would suggest Yes.

    The issue as i see it, is not about him being a decent coach but whether he is still good enough to get us over the wall.

  36. albo

    gambon – yes, there is.

    Cescs – haha. That is so the answer. Buy the big man a beer, THEN send him into the dressing room!

  37. Hussain

    Come on you still think he is good enough? LOL he was out classed tactically by Alex McLeish in the League Cup Final! He is not good enough to get us over the wall, its not our players that choke, our manager Chokes!

  38. gambon

    We MAY finish 2nd this year, and right now that looks like a big if. We were 3rd last year, 4th the year before. We also choke everytime a big game comes round.

    Its hard to say wenger is anything other than an OK manager, certainly he isnt shit, but hes completely run out of ideas, and has no clue how to improve the team even though every fan, neutral, pundit can see exactly what to do.

    Note that I asked is there any proof wenger IS, not WAS.

  39. Hussain

    Absolutely mate, the guy has officially lost it, whats next? He has signed a LB from Charlton, he would promote Gibbs now and make profit on CLichy! He has made us a selling club, I am not a huge fan of Clichy but he is 1000x better than Gibbs! Wenger just won’t accept his defeat and move on and try something different! Egoistic Senile Wanker

  40. bernard (bade the gooner)

    matt, if you had bothered to read my whole post (the few lame lines), you would’ve found out i already surrendered our whole current display (includes character)….

  41. gambon

    Why the fuck have we gone into turbo drive with signing young kids?

    In the last year I make it:

    Leander Siemann
    Kid from Charlton
    German Midfielder
    Swedish Midfielder

    Thats 10 kids, yet we only signed 3 shit players for the senior squad in the summer, while letting 4 go.

  42. bernard (bade the gooner)

    why not someone with EPL experience?

    not harry, sure … but moyes? coyle? (they even have the same tune …)

    they are young but experienced, they want to prove themselves in the highest levels, they can deliver, they have charisma & big drive to succeed….

  43. David Smith

    Is there anyone else we can get back as well as Ady? Start re building from players we’ve sold? Even start an exchange program, exchange those players we don’t want for those we’d like back.
    Desparate times call for desparate measures.

    Is this our longest streak without a win since 1922?
    a) in all competitions
    b) in the league
    I’d really like someone to let me know

  44. dennisdamenace

    Master P says:
    April 6, 2011 at 11:33
    ddm me old mungler, how you doin?

    how do you see the rest of the season panning out?

    is it all over?

    imo, it is, sadly

    Mr P – Tired, tired of Wenger ‘s tired old excuses, tired of sub standard players who don’t even give 100% effort. For me, the season is now about holding onto second place. Anything less than three points at Blackpool and i truly believe we will be fighting Man City for third.

  45. Bush Gooner

    ********* NO MORE KIDS PLEASE **********

    I dont want to hear about us buying young kids as I not waiting 10 years to see them play for the first team.

    I mean, the issue we have is now. No high class player would wanna come to us when u have the likes of Bendtner (I am one of the best strikers in the world) and Eboue, Chamackh, and Denilson in the squad.

    Spend the bloody money and buy in the players that CAN do the job. FFS!!

  46. dennisdamenace

    However, on a lighter note, how much fun have i had texting & emailing the “How to Win in Madrid” DVD to all those pond life trolls from N17 i know……

  47. albo

    Come on guys. I don’t hold out too much hope of us winning the league, but let’s not turn into those idiots that leave a match in the 85th minute at 1-0. Or those Everton fans who left when they were 3-1 down at the 90th against Man U. (Or, dare I mention it, the Newcastle fans who left at half-time!)

    Football’s a funny old game. Why not leave the postmortems until we’re actually dead. After all, we’ll have an entire summer to do it!

  48. dennisdamenace

    Queen of Suburbia says:
    April 6, 2011 at 11:50
    You’re so ageist Dennis. Its because you are old.

    Ha Ha Ha!! Bang to rights QoS, you swine 😆

  49. albo

    Big Dave says:
    April 6, 2011 at 13:22
    We will have an entire summer of more lies

    Haha. I love all the melodrama on here. All part of the wonderful Grove experience 🙂

  50. KM

    Miyachi looks like a HOT talent!

    He’s enjoying himself at Feyenord

    It looks like the same situation as Wellington/Botello who’l have to spend 3yrs in Europe to get residence. He can be fast-tracked if he gets senior caps as well. That should be his aim

  51. jonners

    Is there any truth in the rumour that after 16 minures Harry’s twitch got so bad they thought he was break-dancing?

  52. Big Dave


    we do, wenger should be in polotics with the spin he spouts out, and BTW Iam not the only one who says this, think 1 other person does to !! 😕

  53. Master P

    on Emmanuel Frimpong’s return to action…
    It’s great for Emmanuel, he was distraught after doing his knee [in pre-season]. It’s great to see him back out on the pitch. He was giving himself every opportunity for the manager to pick him [before his injury] and now he has got to get himself back to that level. He is coming back and playing which, at this moment in time, is the best thing.

  54. SUGA3

    nice post Pedro, I would have Ade ahead of Aryan Pele any day, problem is that OGL has no cojones to manage him!

    Ade is a bully and he can only be managed by another bully like Maureen, Alchy, etc.


    we are dead and buried this season, there is NO WAY Manure will let the title out of their grasp…

    epic fucking fail!

    see you lot later 😉

  55. gambon

    “I am looking for super super class players”

    “I have money to overtake Chelsea”

    “the fans will be reassured by what they see”

    “Im taking my chequebook to the euros”

  56. Arse&Nose©

    gambon says:
    April 6, 2011 at 13:48

    “I am looking for super super class players”

    “I have money to overtake Chelsea”

    “the fans will be reassured by what they see”

    “Im taking my chequebook to the euros”


    not yet Gambon! wait for season ticket renewals in June/July

  57. albo

    Well, we’ll see. We know from earlier in the season that if our first team clicks we can easily put together a winning run. Chelsea beat Man U and the title is back in our hands.

    As I’ve said, I’m not at all confident, but I also don’t see the point in writing obituaries and post mortems before we’re dead.

    The way I look at it, given how unpredictable the league has been this year, it is equally pointless writing as if we are certain to drop into 4th place as it is predicting we’ll win the thing.

    Like I say, if we have a poor end to the season we have the entire summer to moan about it. Why get started so early 😉

  58. gambon

    “Like I say, if we have a poor end to the season we have the entire summer to moan about it. Why get started so early”

    This is amusing…cos the same people that say this every season always start saying “oh lets wait and see what happens next season…give Wenger a chance”.

    In other words completely refusing to take their head out of the sand.

  59. Big Dave

    Because we lost a cup final . Have dropped pointless points against so called weaker sides, no leaders, no plan B. and a manager who is tactically inept

  60. ZARgooner

    Gambon you know we dont have all that money to spend… not sure why you exaggerate all the time like with Wengers “transfer bonuses”…

  61. Nick the Greek Gooner from Ealing

    Top post Pedro!! I was on a stag doo in Magaluf and I’m 35, no worries there boss. If there is grass on the pitch, let the game commence!!!
    I was thinking exactly the same with regards to Adebayor, let’s not kid ourselves. He’s twice the player of Chamack and Bendtner.
    Why we are on the case of strikers, does anyone know why Suarez just seemed to pass us by?

  62. salu_gunner

    Rooney may be a foul mouthed cunt but he knows how to fight for the fans and for the team I would love to have a player with that sort of attitude in my team

  63. Nick the Greek Gooner from Ealing

    Tom, if that’s the case then seriously the club has serious issues. You have to of had shit in your eyes to realise he was shot hot at the world cup! Is 20 mill really to expensive for us??
    I remember when we left Highbury, it was sold on the promise for us to compete with the biggest clubs in the world, I actually think we spent more before we moved.
    Never mind I’ll have my renewal on my door in a month to watch this all happen again!

  64. Wenger the liar

    Gambon @ 14:13

    Sorry mate thats not quite right. Come the summer they will be saying “The window has only just opened”

    Come on Gambon you know the routine by now.

    For 2 bonus points what follows the just opened excuse?

    Youre cracking me up today.

  65. bernard (bade the gooner)

    pedro, plz, he is fucking ugly!
    or have you been workin with him for so long … ?

    btw, i don’t about those stories of shrek talking to shitty …. as i’m sure they coulf offer him much more than the mancs, still hey stayed there & he’s playing with desire & commitment, something you can barely say about our “loyals”…. cesc & co ….

  66. albo

    Well, Gambon, I do think there is a difference between fighting for 4th and fighting for first at this stage of the season. It could all go horribly wrong in the next few games, but right now, we’re 2nd in the league and 1 Man U slip up away from having it all in our own hands again.

    If we lose to Blackpool, Liverpool and Spurs then let the moaning commence…

  67. BillikenGooner

    When Kroenke buys the team he will get the MLS title winning manager of his Colorado Rapids and former Wycombe Wanderer, Gary Smith, as our new manager.

    I kid… I kid…

  68. Wenger the liar

    We will be the first club in history to appoint a manager who has never played for, worked in the backroom staff of or managed a football club before. The Arsenal board will say that he has great business experience in a very challenging field, aviation.

    Welcome friends to our new manager:

    Michael O’Leary.

  69. 1886-2006

    Big Dave says:
    April 6, 2011 at 09:47
    What do spurs and heather mills have in common?

    The second leg is just for show…


  70. GoonerT1m

    sack the board, the fans are bored…..

    hahahaha lol at.. What do spurs and heather mills have in common?

    The second leg is just for show…

  71. Wenger the liar

    La profarter –

    Only when I find myself in a really small pub deep in the heartland of Northen Ireland whilst drinking nearby guys with bags that say Real IRA on the side.

    Thats when I change my name to O’Driscoll.


  72. Dutchman

    Have just read that elia can go for 15m!! Arsenal has to sign him, i love him. He is one of my favourites from Holland.
    I think that wenger has no choice this summer. Players like arshavin,clichy and fabregas will leave( i’am happy with that) and players like denilson,bendtner and almunia can go as well. So wenger can no other then buy some players.

    For me(realistic):


    hazard(wenger will do everything to buy him, believe me)
    and maybe vertonghen

    Promote bartley,frimpong and maybe coquelin

    This can happen. I remember that two years ago PSV had the same problem, some players were just not good enough and other players were out of contract and PSV had to buy! They bought six good players! And maybe this will happen in the summer. I don’t think that wenger will do it, but he looked angry and frustrated with the team. And like i said, vplayers as arshavin,clichy,bendtner and fabregas will leave.
    What do you think?

  73. CEL


    Watching the Spurs v Real Madrid game, I was drawn to the fact that 3 players on the pitch Ade – Gallas and Diara were ex Arsenal pros. They are all senior players with great experience (and talent), yet all were shown the door by Wenger.

    The link (to me) was that they were all supposed to be “difficult” to handle. Strange that!

    If I remember correctly Henry had a negative team presence,Toure was also faulty and Viera was approaching “that age”. Add one or a few
    others and a trend appears.

    From my distance, it seems to me that Wenger does not enjoy managing senior players whom might display attitude or self belief. Is this so?

    Young players and lower division budgets as opposed to the senior players will readily conform to Wenger’s ideas. Is there a problem here? Did the senior players oppose the Wenger method.

    The three named above in the first para would surely have made the difference this season in the winning of a trophy. Yet were all allowed to go without a class replacement.

    I will leave it to Geoff and Pedro for their take on the Wenger managing style.

  74. StillKingKolo

    Out – Denilson, Almunia, Eboue, Bendtner, Squillaci, Clichy, Vela and Fabregas (90m)

    If Wenger stays, then Diaby should go as well. If a new manager comes in then Diaby might just become the player he should be. I’d sell Fabregas just to show we mean business and I trust Nasri, Ramsey and Wilshere if we buy a couple of leaders on the pitch – imagine any of those next to Vieira and you get my drift.

    In – Baines, Inler (from Udinese), Cahill and Hazard

    I would trust Szceszny in goal. Vermaelen should be captain next to Cahill, Sagna and Baines. Szceszny, TV5, Inler and Nasri would be first names on the sheet everyone else fights to play. Jack would be rotated so he makes it past 25

  75. Arsene Nose Best

    It’s going to be a sad day when them chav cunts become the first london team to win the champions league….

  76. jay4741

    Ashley young would be a great signing and he’s a proper gooner just a shame he’s well out of bargain basement prices, command a £20m + fee

  77. Rohan

    Mata is the poor man’s David Silva. Hazard’s the one for me. He has it all.

    I’d also look into Gourcuff.

  78. okayplayer82

    Dear everybody,

    CEL post is closer to the truth than any that has been written so far on Le Grove.

    Study it.

  79. Baafuor from Ghana

    I remeber earlier on in the season wen Chamack was ‘Chamack’,I said on here that Ade was a better footballer than him.And that Chamack was better only attitude wise.People nearly murdured me for saying that.It turns out I was right then and I am right now!

  80. Gooby

    matta is a good option to replace sicky but we need a different type of winger.

    calm down people mourinho isn’t coming to arsenal, no chance

  81. Gooby

    i saw 2 kids on the street today, one was wearing rooney’s shirt the other one chamakh’s. rooney kicked him form behind and the chamakh kid responded with a high kick in the chest, not bad 🙂

  82. Arsene Nose Best

    im not saying we should sign them,im saying these are the players we are being linked with,can the 3 in question come to us and take us to the next level tho,that is the question..

  83. ice

    Was in Capri on Sunday where I met E. Cavani in Aneme e Core. Asked him he he’d heard of Arsenal FC in England and would he ever consider leaving Napoli to play for such a club. In neapolitan Italiano he said “you’re having a laugh mate. Why leave a team with fire, spirit and desire for a team of bambini”. I kid you not!