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How does that feel Spurs fans?

Ex-Arsenal donkey puts two past you in the Champions League… for Real Madrid. That’s like finding out you Mrs has left you for the domino’s sandwich board man.

'Pizza is expensive babe...'

A highly enjoyable game to say the least, in fact, it was so enjoyable, I ended up going to the pub for a celebration beer. Sad times? Absolutely. Who cares though, Spurs were completely outclassed all over the park and I loved it. This was the first really tough game they’ve faced and they found themselves in all sorts of amusing trouble. Peter Crouch was sent off after 15 minutes for two dopey challenges and the rest is history.

Not sure why Bale didn’t start. His name was on the team sheet and everything. He’ll start the next leg and it’ll be a different story. They’ll win 5-0.

On the subject of Adebyor, is it bad that I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately? You know, in retrospect, he wasn’t that bad. Sure he treated us badly sometimes, but you know what, he did score some goals… he said he’s sorry and I’m thinking I’d take him back if he promised to treat us the way he did before he got that big pay rise.

Who’s with me?

Battered house wife story telling aside. The guy is a beast. When his head is on the game, he’s one of the most effective battering rams in the land. He’s fast, he can finish(ish) and I’m pretty sure he’d come back to Arsenal with his ego beaten into check.

I’m not sure if I’ve got the equivalent of footballing office syndrome. You know what office syndrome is right? When you’re in an office full of ugly people you’d never go near normally, then after a while, they start looking good… come the Christmas party… well… you know the rest.

I think I have the football equivalent. I’ve been looking at Bendtner and Chamakh for a while and they’re so poor, I’m glancing over at Adebayor fantasising about what it would be like to have a proper 6ft5 player who could head the ball and score a few goals. Obviously I’d rather Benzema but I think I’ve got more chance of Wenger joining me on my mates stag do in Magaluf than I have of that happening.

Adebayor will be available, we know he’s got goals in him, he’s scored 10 in 10 against Spurs and everyone loves a player who talks about themselves in the third person. What do you think?

… and yes, I did say Magaluf. Can you believe people do that past the age of 16? I’d rather party in a forest fire.

It didn’t take long for Wenger to utter the usual tantalising lines that will make us all believe that, finally, he has accepted he needs to make some changes this summer… via Independent.

Supporters have wondered for some time whether Wenger has overestimated the qualities of some of his players. Now, perhaps, he is doing the same – certainly he did not dismiss suggestions that he had taken this group of under-achievers as far as he can.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I want to finish the season and then we’ll see. But at the moment of course we are more concerned about the short term, to get this team to respond in a convincing way.”

For me, even if we do win the Premiership, I think changes will be needed. We’ve made tough work of this season. The frightening thing is that we still have a resurgent Liverpool side to face, we have United and we have Spurs away. There are 4 points between us and Chelsea and should we win our game in hand, City will be 6 points behind us. Don’t take 2nd for granted, we’re on a terrible run that shows no sign of abating. If we don’t rectify this, we could be staring down the barrel of 4th position and a Champions League qualifier.

That really would leave us quaffing down a large pint of crap season…

I’m hoping that Wenger is warned this summer. I told you last year that light pressure was placed on him to sign players. He refused. I wonder if the pressure will be so light this year? The last thing Arsenal need going into the next season is the possibility of losing out on Champions League qualification because the board didn’t take note of the warning signs. That really would be a nightmare scenario, you know why, I’ll tell you why… because that would mean we’d have to negotiate our new commercial deals off the back of Europa League football.

Imagine that. Thursday nights in for a season followed by a replica shirt with ‘Cost Cutter’ emblazoned across the front. More embarrassing than the time a new employee at my work sneezed and his tooth flew across my desk. It wasn’t even a nice tooth…

So, up tonight is the Champions League grudge match  between United and Chelsea. I’m hoping for a weak referee who allows some really nasty challenges to go unpunished hopefully resulting in a few strategic injuries. It’d be nice if someone took out Rooney’s mouth… filthy ******* animal.

P.S. For those who say Mourinho isn’t a good manager, did anyone see Schalke beat Inter 5-2 last night? Also, thanks to Steve for sending over the below photoshop!

Have a great day!

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510 Responses to “Adebayor: I’d have him back | Spurs exposed as poor | Pressure Wenger”

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  1. jackthearsenalripper


  2. Dream10

    Adebayor scored two goals y’day…but frankly Spurs defended poorly.

    William Gallas, Gomes and Corluka were woeful.

    Inter going home. The league also looks past them.

    Samuel Eto’o is available.

  3. nuudles

    hmmm, I hate to say it but I would also have him back, he is far FAR better than Chamakh and Bendy, if we put up with Bendy’s ego for a year we can surely do the same with Ade, and I also think he is sorry

    We made a massive profit in selling him, now we can buy him back for a smidgen of what we paid for him, go for it! I would still prefer Benzema or Neymar, but if they are too expensive for us I would take a stab at Ade.

  4. ricardo

    Adebewhore back
    You are still pissed and still drunk from watching the Spuds get tonked

    Play him in the DM role next

  5. Dream10


    The Adebayor goals off corners are outstanding textbook material: “How not to Defend set pieces 101” 😀

    William Gallas was on the pitch along with a shaky goalie. Coincidence?

  6. TonyS

    I’d rather contract a dose of Cat Aids than have Ade back at the club. He’s so good that even though he was on a hat-trick, Jose subbed him for a half-fit striker.

  7. Santos

    Madrid played like Barca last night. They retained the ball and marked Totts at every misplacement of the ball. Harry is just lkke Arsene, he has no plan B and is tactically dodgy.

  8. Cescs_MyBoy

    What Wenger needs to do to convince me he still has the minerals to be a winner:

    1. Open, honest declaration about TV5
    2. Release/sell Denilson / Almunia / Diaby / Rosicky / Bendtner on 1 Jun

  9. Harry

    Why would Adebayor want to re-sign for Arsenal? I don’t want him too mind, but he’s currently playing for a team who have won 9 champions’ leagues.

    Arsenal have zero, whereever he is next season, his sights will have been raised considerably by being at a very, very big club.

    Arsenal are not a big club, we were on the brink in the early years of the 2000’s, but we’re not even close now.

  10. Dream10

    We need a top class striker more than a centreback.

    We need a top class DM more than a centreback.

    We need another centreback.

  11. FAHAD


  12. Santos

    Who said Mourinho wouldn’t adapt to new styles of play? The man makes average teams look good. See how Inter are struggling without him!

  13. nuudles

    TonyS, they were already up by 3 at that time, he didnt get subbed because he was poor, he got subbed because Higuan remains their no 1 striker and he needs game time to sharpen up.

    Jose isnt anyones daddy, he does not leave you on because you are on a hat trick, he merely manages his assets well, therefore he gave Higuan some game time to sharpen up when they already had the game in the bag.

    Is Benzema injured or was he rested or is Ade now above him in the pecking order? My first choice would be that they release Benzema in the summer because they can hold on to Ade, then we should surely get him!

  14. Cescs_MyBoy

    Bloody iPhones!!!

    3. Make a decision on lansbury / bartley / jet / frimpong / Randall / eastmond

    4. Hire Keown

    5. Make a marquee signing. You know, so the kids (me) can fight to get a new shirt with a new hero on the back

    6. Massage Arshavins ego. The man has sorted his work ethic out. Make him feel like the worlds best. Selling him would be a joke.

    7. Add Eboue to the departure list

    I had a (weird) dream last night that I discussed all the above with Arsene as we mused over Chase & Status playing at SW4.

    Go figure.

  15. tiarnan

    arsenal4ever – that story cant be true “in a fee that could rise to 1 million…”

    Wenger would shit his cacks if that happened. Anyway hes already signed a glass of my jizz to play left back next year, he bought it for 2 bags of smarties.

    As for Ade coming back? Would you come back to the biggest laughing stock of a club if you were playing for Madrid under one of the greatest managers in the modern era?

    I can feel a communist rant coming on I better go asleep….

  16. afrogoon

    would some of you make your mind up…..we hated adebayor cuz he was a cunt,could nt hit a barn door,could nt stay onside and did i mention he was a cunt?suddenly he scores a few against the mighty spurs and he is the shiznit?no bottle!!!!!!very soon we would be saying alex song is world class when he leaves us and plays well against some english opposition.i mean gallas is great now that he plays for spurs right?the yid result was very interesting.see my older brother and old man are all yids.after our barca debacle, them and a lot of gooner friends were bigging up tottenham n harry saying they could have done better against barca.with super ape boy and that master fraudster, pardon the french, tactician, they would have put up better opposition against barca… were wiped face down on the floor against barca…tis a brave boy that would bet against them repeating that feet again in their upcoming games…anyway just some thoughts on my mind folks…..

  17. Gooby

    Di maria is a brilliant player, unlike Vela, shame we didn’t sign him, would have been the perfect replacement for bobby

  18. Queen of Suburbia

    Does nobody remember Ades celebration against us or his stamp on Robin?

    He’s not coming back. No way, not ever.

  19. Dream10

    Real Madrid won. But Crouch’s stupidity, woeful defending and Harry Redknapp’s tactical ineptness (NO plan B) cost Spurs the match. Lennon’s illness was a big loss because Marcelo did not have to defend all game.

    Real were good enough but Spurs made them look like the best team on planet earth.

  20. arsenal4ever

    we had Di Maria in the bag but stubborn Wenger didnt want to pay 2 mill more so Benfica got him. Fukking wanker he is and from now on will ever be. Lost his touch!!

  21. Alan109

    Arsenal fans getting more desperate. Season blown up in smoke and now nothing to play for but at least you’ll have tippy tappy football to keep you occupied.

    “Madrid were the first decent side spurs have faced”

    Yeap, we won our group. You had the easiest group in the competition yet failed to win that (losing against much easier teams than we have faced).

    You then came up against a decent side and were beaten without mustering a shoot at goal of any kind.

    I am sure you’ll blame the sending off and forget the fact that Messi had a perfectly good disallowed in the first leg and should have had a pen in the first half at the Nou Camp.

    The level of delusion amongst Arsenal fans had hit record levels. You’re all as bad as your idiotic manager who has completely lost touch with modern day football.

  22. Roger

    Don’t care about the arsenal new haha tottenham you got a worse treatment than arsenal to a team 2nd best to barca. How does your only achievement feel to go one round further than arsenal and then get destroyed in the first ten minutes of the game.

  23. tiarnan

    arsenal4ever – i was just takin the piss, due to the “exorbitant” fee….of course hell sign him – hes no experience and hes half mongolian or sumthin…

    I feel ill – I cant talk about Wenger anymore – he gives me fuckin diarhhea – I’m gonna tie myself to a load of pigeons on Saturday and shit on the cunts head

  24. Dream10

    Mesut Oezil and Xabi Alonso are out of this world. Oezil moves like he glides on water and Alonso is a world class footballer, top top drawer.

    With Song out, Diaby and Ramsey will see more playing time.

  25. tonyadamsisgod

    Great Post. Again.

    Adebayor? My heart says no. My head says yes.

    I’ve already sent that picture of Thierry to every spud I can think of!!

  26. Arsenal Tom

    we were never going to sign di maria, it was all a rumour started by to make the press look silly… the did the same with palacio a few years back as well

  27. paul mc daid

    ADE is a prick,dont want him back but have to say as a player even on his worst day he is better than Chamakh or Bendther,sad but true.

  28. Santos

    Ade is a closed chapter. We musn’t be thinking of getting him back! If I were playing for Madrid,well, I won’t leave for Arsenal. They have more ambition. And please people here should stop dreaming about signing Benzema. He is part of the galactico project and will hardly be sold.

  29. tiarnan

    Alan109 – Coming onto an Arsenal board after last nite – is akin to watching a tape of your missus getting banged by a load of ure enemies and then buying them a round of pints – ill have a heinkeken please – and tell ure mrs to wash her muff willya…

  30. Queen of Suburbia

    Hi Alan, thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy Channel5 next season. 🙂 (if you’re lucky).

  31. mel

    I think it is a little bit sad and shows how far we have fallen as a team when our supporters behave like scum supporters and start getting more pleasure out of spuds failures than our successes.

    Ade scored two good goals but his first touch is still appalling and he would be offside 90% of the time as he was when he played for us.

    I can’t believe the amount of websites that are still so staunchly behing our disengenuous CFO M Wenger – he has let us down so badly and I love the way that when he talks about the teams abject perormances against Blackburn/WBA/Sunderland etc he does so as though it has absolutely nothing to do with him.

  32. Santos

    Alan is a Disgruntled spurs fan for saying Real Madrid are ‘decent’. The spanking continues nextweek.

  33. Gooneroo

    Adebayor’s like the more your partner treats you badly, the more you want them. Treat’em mean, keep’em keen I guess. And what’s better is I’m sure Mourinho will beat the lazyness out of him.

  34. Santos

    If Wenger had ambition , he must sign Cavani at all costs, add Eto’o to that, we will wkn trophies. Ade is still shite.. so shite.. I don’t rate him because of one good game, because he’s gonna be shite for the next five.

  35. Alan109

    tiarnan – sounds like you’re speaking from experience. That’s never happened to me so I can’t comment. But this is football, nothing as dramatic for me mate, sorry.

    I am delighted with our CL experience this year. The reality is that Arsenal fans had hoped we wouldn’t make the group stage, then when you were proven wrong, you hoped we wouldn’t get passed that and we won our group. Then you said we wouldn’t get further than you and we did.

    Our league form has not been brilliant but it’s been respectable. Nothing like the collapse you guys had hoped. We’ll enjoy the second leg and hopefully put some respectability on the scoreline but gooners celebrating that we were outclassed by Madrid are rather pathetic to be honest. They are one of the best sides in the world and managed by the best manager in the world. Enjoy your gloating for today and get back to reality tomorrow.

  36. Dream10

    Wenger seemed perplexed when we did not have a change of pace in our game on the weekend. Really?

    We lack pace in our team
    We play anywhere between four to six attacking MF per match, the majority who dont shoot.
    We have fullbacks who are not offensively competent
    No thrust, no width.

    My top 3 for the year.
    1) Arshavin
    2) Koscielny
    3) Chesney

  37. gambon


    Arsenal – 2nd
    Spurs – 5th

    Next season…

    Arsenal play champs league football
    Spurs play Mickey Mouse Europa Cup football!

    Now fuck off and have a wank over monkey boy.

  38. Pedro

    Mel, we’re not enjoying others failure more than our success… because we haven’t had any sucess to boast about!

    Mind you, we’ll make top 4 this year, Spurs won’t.

    I now that their objective was solely to finish in the top 4 this year and they’ve fucked it up.

  39. Jimbo

    Koscielny our 2nd best player?


    Our best three players, this season, have been :

    1 – Robin
    2 – Nasri
    3 – Djourou

  40. Lou

    Much amusement during last night’s game and I suspended my general distaste for all things Adebayor for 90 minutes and was richly rewarded. But the biggest laugh of the evening was surely the commentary of Uncle Fester Wilkins. I was longing for the return of Andy Gray at first but then decided to just enjoy the depths of inanity to which he plunged so regularly. You would have thought that Spurs were winning listening to Fester. He must have been given a 1950’s British novel from which to pluck his constant references. “Oh my word” or”That young man has done exceptionally well I feel” dropped from his lips as he heaped cliche upon banality every time a Spurs player managed to hoof the ball out of his own half. I particularly enjoyed the constant reminders that “This is an important part of the game for Tottenham” which turned out to be all the game or his revelation that when playing against Ronaldo you must always follow the man and not the ball. Which was in direct opposition to when you play against Real Madrid when you must always follow the ball and not the man. Priceless and a good way to forget our own lamentable form of late.

  41. choy

    Morning all,

    Just when you think you’re in the dumps, you just have to look across and think, “Hey, I could be a spud!”

    Brings a smile everytime!

  42. Jimbo

    I took no pleasure in Spurs getting thumped last night. Well, not much.

    Our own house is in such fucking disarray that it’s hard to worry too much about them.

  43. Big Dave

    I have also been told Pat Rice is yet to make his mind up about whether he’s to renew his contract with the club at the end of the season. It will be a huge change in the backroom team if Rice, who must be one of Arsenal’s longest serving employees, leaves Arsene Wenger’s side in the summer.

    C/O Ashburton Grove

  44. Alan109

    I hope CL qualification makes up for the ticket prices and the bargain basement prices.

    I’ll “fuck off” when this site returns back to being an Arsenal site.

  45. Alan109

    I hope CL qualification makes up for the ticket prices and the bargain basement players.

    I’ll “fuck off” when this site returns back to being an Arsenal site.

  46. Dream10


    I feel Nasri’s performance has been overrated by many of our fans this season. He was very good for a few matches, but very average in many more. Superb talent though.

    Koscielny 2nd best? Why not. Despite a few notable mistakes, he has had an excellent debut season for me. Defensively he has been better than TV5.

  47. nuudles

    Pedro, add to that that there is nothing else to talk about at the moment!

    How many times have we repeated the list of players we need to get rid of and the potential ones to replace them with!

    Dont know which commentary my local broadcaster (Supersport in South Africa) picked up but it was atrocious, so pro-Spuds it was not funny. Clear hand-ball, not 5 minutes later they praise him for having been top notch, not 2 minutes later Bale gets pushed wide by Ramos, “clear yellow, poor decision”, talking the whole time about “we need to keep more hold of the ball, we this, we that”, really irritating!

  48. Master P

    Queen of Suburbia says:
    April 6, 2011 at 09:46
    Hi Alan, thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy Channel5 next season. (if you’re lucky).

    I was just about to respond to the disillusioned spud, but copy-and-pasting this is the perfect response.
    QoS, I salute you 😉

  49. Jimbo

    Dream10 – I’ll tell you why not Koscielny – because Djourou’s carried him massively, and he’s fucked up too many times at crucial moments. That’s why not.

    I tend to agree with Nasri, but there aren’t many other options – you can’t leave out Nasri for being up and down, but then include Arshavin (and hey, I rate Arshavin).

  50. Bengali Gunner

    LOL at Alan. I dont get whats the deal with all these f’d up spurs fans. Every Arsenal website I read or go to these days are commented on by Spurs fans. Im sorry but thats just sad

  51. bernard (bade the gooner)

    Morning gaffers,

    Ade back? No way. He is not that top striker. He is bad character. He is greedy. Boy you all calling for him back should stop smoking ****. It kills your memory.

    Thanks for tonyS for that reminder. Just look around and you’ll find another of those clips of amazing misses of him.

  52. Jimbo

    Thierry Henry -> Adebayor -> Marian Crapmakh….

    What a scary trend – just need Franny Jeffers back next. Or Jeremie Aliadiere… Oh wait….

  53. pete

    Some of you are proper a..holes as you people did everything you colud to get Adeybayo out but do nothing to get Bendtner and the rest of idiots out.F..k

  54. Cloggs

    Adebayor is a 1st class striker and besides that a classless cunt, which shouldn’t be problem for managers like Fergy and Maureen. For Wenger it is.

  55. Jimbo

    Well, I think it’s pathetic that we have to treat our rivals getting beaten as the highlight of the last 6 weeks or so.

    Arsenal are a shambles at the minute. Get our own house in order before laughing at anyone else

  56. Cescs_MyBoy


    I love how your mock our implosion, yet it’s better than any season you’ve ever had in the EPL. Ever.

    Hope you enjoyed your night out in the Bernabau – we’ll send a postcode.

    Enjoy the next decade in the Europa league. Quick questions before you go:

    1. What will you do when Redknapp leaves for the England job
    2. How will you remain competitive without being able to spend any money (assuming you ever get a new stadium started)
    3. How strong do you think Bales loyalty
    4. Did you enjoy Gallas’ disappearing act last night
    5. Thank you for brightening my day. Tough being a gooner at present, but you’ve made feel a whole lot better.


  57. gambon

    Highlight of the Week ; Wenger looking like alost fool on saturday evening.

    2nd Highlight: Spuds getting done

  58. Queen of Suburbia

    Only Spurs fans think that Spurs are our rivals. Most of us just see them as an object of derision and scorn.

    Last night was awesome!

  59. Stuart

    adebayor on his day, in form and concentrating can be the best striker in the world, and yes he is better than bendtner and chamakh, however he has created too much conflict between him and the likes of rvp and to the fans when he celebrated.

    I also agree that we need to sort the mess we are in and totally agree that 2nd spot in not a guarentee. we must get results against united, spurs and liverpool and win all the rest. Blackpool will be a tough tough game, you know full well that blackpool will be practicing set pieces and to put pressure on almunia!!!

  60. Santos

    Jimbo lol…. Many are better than him, so that aint no problem.

    They will go back to midtable mediocrity.

  61. pharo9ja

    Oh the pleasure real to gave me…I’d have Ade too but I don’t see him taking a wage cut. But he’s waay better than Bedtner as a strikerand more recentlty, even in the attitude department. I was begining to dislike ur person pedro cause u usually can be childish and u like to play god by disclosing posters location and worse still using it to discredit a posters argument. But that mock DVD u put upwipes ur sins clean…
    Hey guys new ideas for a protest?

  62. Wenger the liar

    Thursday nights in for a season followed by a replica shirt with ‘Cost Cutter’ emblazoned across the front


    No way Ade comes back, theres an old saying in football – never go back.

    I dont like to derive pleasure from other peoples misery but last night was a good night.

  63. Queen of Suburbia

    Yeah that’s right, anybody who enjoyed watching The Spuds Great Adventure (TM UK Media) crash and burn whilst getting humbled and even The Worlds Greatest Player (TM Uk Media) not even look like he was playing, MUST be holding the club back.

    Thats pretty much all of us apart from you then Dimbo.

    Hahaha What a plank.

  64. Pedro

    Jimbo, I’m hard pushed that as an Arsenal fan, you didn’t enjoy that last night.

    Enjoying your rivals downfall is part and parcel of being a fan.

  65. Queen of Suburbia

    Don’t really have a strong view on individuals as such, Santos, as I don’t really know them, only what the media tell me, which could be massively inaccurate.

    As a candidate spec, ideally i’d want a strong character, modern ideas, Arsenal heritage, ambitious, and a good knowledge of world football would be perfect.

    Personally, i felt that Bomber Pat was a bit of internal appointment, sort of like the guy in the office who whilst being a safe pair of hands isn’t especially dynamic and got the job because of who rather than what they know.

    So for that reason, Arsenal heritage is the area that could be compromised on, i suppose.

  66. pharo9ja

    Gallas’ ass is still sore! Ask him and he’d confirm that Ade’s got a gynourmous ****! Ade took him to the corner flag and had him…there’s a loin cloth on that patch to prove it…Alan my man, don’t take my word for it,u can check it out for yourself

  67. Dream10


    The greatest #10 in our club’s history and Martin Keown are both strong characters.

    Would you consider them suitable?

  68. Lurch LeRouge

    I feel dirty…

    Kinda like when you’ve been probed rectally and the vet leaves the probe lying around in the surgery a while whilst he goes outside to take an urgent call.

    It hurts like hell but you can’t take your eyes of the probe. Sitting there half shinny half soiled. The smell of burnt hair and shit lingering in the air.

    You hate the cold mechanism but appreciate the artistry of it’s design. It makes you sick to the back teeth knowing you’ll need a good probing again next year but you know its got your own good.

    I put my hand up! I wouldn’t mind Ade back at the club….

  69. Santos

    Arsenal heritage is a prior qualification for the post. I share that thought too. A person who could motivate the team when the mental strength Is low. I love your analysis. Does that mean Tony Adams is the right candidate ?

  70. pharo9ja

    naah Santos! Don’t mean to sound like gambon, but the local movie industry doesn’t appeal to me. There hasn’t been any development if u ask me. But if there’s going to be Basket mouth on show live on tv or anyone close, I’d only check the highlites of the man u vs chav games. But u see, I love football, any football so it’ll be difficult for me to “look the other way”. Hell, I watch the scum sometimes.

  71. Rob The Goon

    Great post…

    You’re not alone when thinking about Adebayor, The thought has crossed my mind a lot lately…

    Great picture too!

  72. Santos

    I meant that I wouldnt stand watching the Chavs. I watched the Spurs collapse last night. I don’t watch A.magic likewise.Cuz the movies are crap

  73. Kushagra India

    I also have read somewhere Keon wasn’t influential,while he was coaching ,writing articles nitpicking is vastly different to be on the field extrapolating tactics on a day to day basis..

  74. Alfie

    David Moyes as number 2?? Very unlikely he would settle for that!

    Gambon…. extract from the trusted source Wiki

    Keown joined the coaching staff of Newbury in August 2005, but is now coaching back at former club Arsenal where he is taking his coaching badges. He has been identified by former Arsenal manager Terry Neill as a key figure behind the success of Arsenal’s inexperienced “new-look” defence (which the team resorted to after ongoing injury problems in the 2005/06 season, notably setting a record for minutes played without conceding in the Champions League).[12] In 2007–08 Keown was also a coach for the Oxford University Blues Football team on a part time basis.[13]

  75. mel

    Pedro – you are right about us not having any successes and spuds ambition to be in top four but sadly our managers ambition is the same and we should be on a different level to spuds.

    I have been going to arsenal since 1960’s and I gave up my club level ticket as I cannot justify in my head paying one penny towards the massively over inflated salaries of messrs NB52/EE/SS/MA/Diaby/TR7. When will Wenger realise you reward players when they are successful not to become successful.

  76. gambon

    “vastly different to be on the field extrapolating tactics on a day to day basis”

    Its not like wenger does that anyway!

    I have a few snippets from various team talks he has done:

    Vs Blackburn on sat;

    “Go out there and play your best, you are all 2% away from being the best, you have unbelieveable mental strengz, and there are new contracts waiting for you at full time”

    Vs barca in March;

    “Go out there and play your best, you are all 2% away from being the best, you have unbelieveable mental strengz, and there are new contracts waiting for you at full time”

    Vs Utd in December;

    “Go out there and play your best, you are all 2% away from being the best, you have unbelieveable mental strengz, and there are new contracts waiting for you at full time”

    Vs Spurs in November;

    “Go out there and play your best, you are all 2% away from being the best, you have unbelieveable mental strengz, and there are new contracts waiting for you at full time”

    His first ever teamtalk;

    “Go out there and play your best, you are all 2% away from being the best, you have unbelieveable mental strengz, and there are new contracts waiting for you at full time”

  77. Arselicked


    Are you saying you want Adebayor back?

    isn’t this the same that we might end up saying if AW goes and coaches another team into top 4 every season and we end up somewhere in midtable.

    What’s wrong with us is we have become more fanatic than fan. We need to be more patient.

  78. gambon

    “We need to be more patient”

    Funniest post of the day.

    How long do you suggest?

    10 years of no trophies?

    15 years?

    30 years?

    Also should we continue to charge the most expensive tickets in europe while winning nothing?

    Also should we continue to save cash? We have saved £110m since mving to the emirates? Is it acceptable for us to have £110m in the bank and Almunia on the pitch? What about £230m in the bank with Denilson on the pitch?

  79. Big Dave

    When we lose, we get hammered on radio, when the spuds lose it’s oh poor spurs, blah blah blah, Gray talking shit and Cunt brazil.

    They kept going on about how many passes Barca did, well spuds were out passed to, dont care if they had 10 men or not

  80. pharo9ja

    Arselicked, seriously how long will your patience last? I’m miffed to see that you still believe we will win anything(trophies) with this crop of players. Ademywhore has his issues but he’s right based 10x better than the strikers we have now(soley on their form) bar van persie.
    How can you not justify our loss of patience?

  81. Rob The Goon

    Arselicked says:
    April 6, 2011 at 11:01

    “…We need to be more patient.”

    Ha ha…that’s a good one!

  82. MatthewT

    This is what liverpools new owners said in the paper today

    “Our number one priority is to win the Premier League title,” explained Henry. “That is what we take with us each day to work as the force that drives us to excel. If we can accomplish that we will have put ourselves in a position to be successful on all fronts including Europe. Success is winning championships. It is nothing less than that.”

    That is the kind of attitude we need at Arsenal