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How does that feel Spurs fans?

Ex-Arsenal donkey puts two past you in the Champions League… for Real Madrid. That’s like finding out you Mrs has left you for the domino’s sandwich board man.

'Pizza is expensive babe...'

A highly enjoyable game to say the least, in fact, it was so enjoyable, I ended up going to the pub for a celebration beer. Sad times? Absolutely. Who cares though, Spurs were completely outclassed all over the park and I loved it. This was the first really tough game they’ve faced and they found themselves in all sorts of amusing trouble. Peter Crouch was sent off after 15 minutes for two dopey challenges and the rest is history.

Not sure why Bale didn’t start. His name was on the team sheet and everything. He’ll start the next leg and it’ll be a different story. They’ll win 5-0.

On the subject of Adebyor, is it bad that I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately? You know, in retrospect, he wasn’t that bad. Sure he treated us badly sometimes, but you know what, he did score some goals… he said he’s sorry and I’m thinking I’d take him back if he promised to treat us the way he did before he got that big pay rise.

Who’s with me?

Battered house wife story telling aside. The guy is a beast. When his head is on the game, he’s one of the most effective battering rams in the land. He’s fast, he can finish(ish) and I’m pretty sure he’d come back to Arsenal with his ego beaten into check.

I’m not sure if I’ve got the equivalent of footballing office syndrome. You know what office syndrome is right? When you’re in an office full of ugly people you’d never go near normally, then after a while, they start looking good… come the Christmas party… well… you know the rest.

I think I have the football equivalent. I’ve been looking at Bendtner and Chamakh for a while and they’re so poor, I’m glancing over at Adebayor fantasising about what it would be like to have a proper 6ft5 player who could head the ball and score a few goals. Obviously I’d rather Benzema but I think I’ve got more chance of Wenger joining me on my mates stag do in Magaluf than I have of that happening.

Adebayor will be available, we know he’s got goals in him, he’s scored 10 in 10 against Spurs and everyone loves a player who talks about themselves in the third person. What do you think?

… and yes, I did say Magaluf. Can you believe people do that past the age of 16? I’d rather party in a forest fire.

It didn’t take long for Wenger to utter the usual tantalising lines that will make us all believe that, finally, he has accepted he needs to make some changes this summer… via Independent.

Supporters have wondered for some time whether Wenger has overestimated the qualities of some of his players. Now, perhaps, he is doing the same – certainly he did not dismiss suggestions that he had taken this group of under-achievers as far as he can.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I want to finish the season and then we’ll see. But at the moment of course we are more concerned about the short term, to get this team to respond in a convincing way.”

For me, even if we do win the Premiership, I think changes will be needed. We’ve made tough work of this season. The frightening thing is that we still have a resurgent Liverpool side to face, we have United and we have Spurs away. There are 4 points between us and Chelsea and should we win our game in hand, City will be 6 points behind us. Don’t take 2nd for granted, we’re on a terrible run that shows no sign of abating. If we don’t rectify this, we could be staring down the barrel of 4th position and a Champions League qualifier.

That really would leave us quaffing down a large pint of crap season…

I’m hoping that Wenger is warned this summer. I told you last year that light pressure was placed on him to sign players. He refused. I wonder if the pressure will be so light this year? The last thing Arsenal need going into the next season is the possibility of losing out on Champions League qualification because the board didn’t take note of the warning signs. That really would be a nightmare scenario, you know why, I’ll tell you why… because that would mean we’d have to negotiate our new commercial deals off the back of Europa League football.

Imagine that. Thursday nights in for a season followed by a replica shirt with ‘Cost Cutter’ emblazoned across the front. More embarrassing than the time a new employee at my work sneezed and his tooth flew across my desk. It wasn’t even a nice tooth…

So, up tonight is the Champions League grudge match  between United and Chelsea. I’m hoping for a weak referee who allows some really nasty challenges to go unpunished hopefully resulting in a few strategic injuries. It’d be nice if someone took out Rooney’s mouth… filthy ******* animal.

P.S. For those who say Mourinho isn’t a good manager, did anyone see Schalke beat Inter 5-2 last night? Also, thanks to Steve for sending over the below photoshop!

Have a great day!

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510 Responses to “Adebayor: I’d have him back | Spurs exposed as poor | Pressure Wenger”

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  1. Steve Biko


    I cant say I am too angry that we are still not in the CL. I think our CC final at Wembley screwed our pysche. Even if we made it to the CL final at Wembley we would have choked as our famed “Mental strength” would have been lacking. The media would have had a field day with the line that Arsenal have a problem with Wembley.

  2. Santos

    Why do people mention David Moyes and Owen Cole as replacemens? They are hardly world class.

    Chamakh,I no longer rate him. He is not agile, being my reason.

  3. David

    Because David Moyes wins in the big games.

    Owen Coyle has taken a shite team to 6th on the table without spending millions like a certain brown paper ‘Arry

    Not saying i want Moyes at the club.

    But my feeling is that this team is good enough to win the PL by a thousand miles.

    They dont have the fight in them tho and thats down to the manager.

  4. tiarnan

    Gambon – that they are my friend – they control the 3 main centres in the world – washington dc (politics), london city mile (financial) and the vatican (religion) – all tiny sovereign jurisdictions within the countries that surround them – the head of the Jesuits the Black Pope is the most powerful man in the world….they make out its the “Jews” that run everything, and yes while the satanic Jews are proper cunts theyre well low down the ladder….

    All the banking families like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers are front men for the Jesuits.

    But, in saying all that – Wenger is still a cunt.

  5. Steve Biko


    I would take Moyes he has overachieved in what is a very cash strapped club that has frequently struggled with injuries. Sometime back it was reported that he would be in the running to succeed Fungus at OT.

  6. SUGA3


    people who mention Moyes and Coyle as replacements for AW are just, with all due respect, a bit dim 😉

    I mean, really? nowhere near the level required, IMO…

    Chamakh is a good option to have, we need one tall striker and play him to his strengths, but that involves tactics, which Wenger just does not do!

  7. Santos

    I’m glad the Chavs and Spurs are not going to Wembley. But wait… It is too early to judge the Chavs. They might turn it around at Old Trafford, if the Mancs don’t park the bus. Our mental recovery has been poor. The players must start regaining focus and showing great attitude once again!

  8. Norman "Wenger" Bates

    Norman “Wenger” Bates, stars in “Necro-fly-lia”


    “Norman, your dinners getting cold!!”

    “Yes, mother, Im coming!!”. I told her twice already didnt I Mr Fly? Mr Fly?! MR FLY! OH NO MR FLY….oh not another one, I can’t lose another…!!

    Why do you take my friends from me!!?? WHYYY!!??

    Oh look, Mr Fly… and I had just painted your little eyelashes bright pink, and put little crotchless panties on your…


    “Coming mother!! I’M COMING!”

    Oh yes Mr Fly Im coming.


    The End

  9. Steve Biko

    SUGA 3

    Moyes and Coyle have EPL experience and that is a crucial attribute. As I mentioned earlier Moyes has been touted before as a replacement of Fungus when he retires are the hierachy at manure also dim?

  10. David


    I thought you liked Bendtner?

    You can say the players let Wenger down when they tried their best and are not good enough, but when you create a culture that its okay to be second best you shouldnt be suprised if you come second best more specifically I cant think of any team in the world that plays like us really.

    Pissing about passing sideways with 5minutes to go in a death match.

    Even Wolves will fucking go for it.

  11. SUGA3

    Coyle has EPL experience? you may want to check your facts first, matey 😉

    with Moyes, it’s a bit of a risk, as Woy has also overachieved at Fulham massively and look how he fared at Pool…

  12. Santos

    Don’t you believe that was a smokescreen for getting Guardiola or Mourinho?
    Fergie would go for a world renowned ever-delivering coach as his replacement. Those smelly shoes of his would be hard to fill.

  13. Steve Biko


    Once again I agree with you. Wolves have shown tremendous fighting spirit against the big clubs. They came within minutes of beating manure at OT. They Beat Manure, Chelsea and Shitty at Molineaux. In the most interesting encounter they were 4-1 down against Shitty at City of Manchester stadium and with twenty or so minutes scored two goals causing a lot of tension in the stadium. Wolves are an average side but they have fight something you cant buy.

  14. tiarnan

    After a few years every team well and truly plays like the managers personality – so is it any wonder why every year Arsenal play more and more wanky football?….

  15. Santos

    At Everton you are not expected to challenge for trophies. Europa league spot at least, maybe. But Arsenal , you are expected to win trophies and big games or in Wenger’s case , finish top four. I don’t think Moyes will handle the pressure of coaching a big team inasmuch as he seems good.

  16. Steve Biko


    I don’t think it was a smokescreen at all I think it was the time when the Toffees finished fourth.

  17. tiarnan

    In fact by 2014 I wouldnt be surprised if our players are genetically cloned to look like Arsene Wenger and just whack off in the centre circle for 90 minutes to the sound of Bronski Beat and Erasure…

  18. SUGA3

    …but he is unavailable, if there is a club in England that he would manage, it’s Chavs, plus, he is not a long haul kind of manager…

    like I said before, Louis van Gaal is a pretty viable option, this team needs a ‘do you have the balls like me’ moment 😉

  19. Steve Biko


    LOL. I agree if Stoke were relegated and the club went bust it would be wonderful. Add to that Pullis that prick gets a life ban and Shawcross gets a similar injury to Ramsey on the eve of a major tournament in which he expected to play. He returns as a useless player and ends his career as a waiter in the restaurant Chris Smalling was working in!

  20. arsenal

    suga 3- ha brilliant 😉

    if only he was 5 years old – Wenger would have him playing Left-Inside-Right-Defensive-Goalkeeping-100mHurdler-Dancing-On-Ice -Left Back for next season…… his new 2-3-2-4-5-5-43-4-5-5 formation

  21. Steve Biko


    There is a risk with Guardiola in England that is why I would prefer a homegwrown solution. Seriously a guy who has only coached in such a League in a team that plays the way Barca plays may struggle against England’s footballing culture. Remember the challenges Benitez faced despite winning the Primera Liga with Valencia.

  22. Santos

    I kinda liKe LVG . He is a nutter! Oh and some guy said he was a born to lose. Really? We will play differently under him. The reason Bayern Munich slumped was due to injuries and , well, the over-reliance on Ribery and Robben. Normally, LVG is world class. and has won the champs league, which Arsene, well, has not won.

  23. Steve Biko


    I have followed LVG career for a long time yes he is a winner but he has also had problems. I remember his last years at Barca they were terrible leading to his dismissal. I remember his last press conference, he told the Catalans to their faces that he had won more trophies with Ajax than Barca had won in 100 years or something like that! It was one of the most bizarre press conferences I have ever seen.

  24. Santos

    Steve Stevie Stevie,
    You have been indefatigable in your defense of David Moyes. At the end of the day, what we need is a new era and a new mentality and the hunger for success. LVG is talented. Why don’t you rate him.

  25. Steve Biko

    Santos and SUGA3

    I rate LVG I do all I was saying is that I disagree strongly with the way you guys are underrating Moyes. Mark my word Moyes will make it big when he does remember who told you guys. But fair enough lets get LVG I certainly want Wenger out, we Arsenal fans are tired of his BS.

  26. Santos

    Moyes has talent and promise. But are we going to be patient until his ability materializes? After all we have been through since 2005?

  27. Steve Biko


    I think U are onto something. If Lucas of Brazil could become world class so can these two tossers. The main issue is the environment in the club.

  28. Steve Biko


    Some guy here said Diaby has the mental strength of a Fetus! I guess it will be a challenge to build it up. But I guess a bigger problem for him is that he is injury prone.

  29. David

    Dont want Ade back,

    But thought he was unfairly treated by both Club and fans for the supposed “lazy” attitude we see week in and week out at the club.

    Ade was never the problem and i thought Wenger was a coward in making Ade take the blame for yet another failed season.

  30. zeus

    Realistically, we have too much to do in one window, so how many should go and come in?

    * the spine of the team needs addressing. A keeper, cb, dm and a forward.

    * this team is devoid of pace Walcott aside, therefore it should mean that the forward should possess that quality.

    *adaptability is also key. Wenger is fierce in his belief of not bringing in more than 3 in one window.

    I think it’s 4 coming at the most. Which 4 comes and goes. Just as well remembered that we have internal solutions. Too many parameters.

  31. David

    I firmly believe the players are more than Capable of winning the league themselves.

    We just dont have the right person to get the best out of these talented individuals. Half the team are captains of their own country yet Arsened doesnt believe in the concept.

  32. SUGA3


    you also think that Bendtner is a legitimate footballer 😆

    van Gaal pisses all over Wenger as far as tactical nous and flexibility is concerned!

  33. SUGA3

    what I mean is that yes, LvG may not do defensive stuff very well, but then again, neither does AW and this can be resolved by hiring a defensive minded no.2 (Keown? Adams? keeping Rice?), plus, van Gaal’s ability to adjust tactics depending on the personnel available and the opposition would surely be an improvement over playing one striker at home against a piss poor side or going through the same motions whether you play Barcelona or Leyton Orient?

  34. Bush Gooner


    Just been advised by sources close to the Arsenal board that an emergency meeting will be held today.

  35. Arse&Nose©

    Bush that may be true but the meeting will probably be about deciding which hue of red to use on the toilet seat covers in club level.