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So I said yesterday that Alex Song was complaining about his knee and now he looks set to miss the next month of the season. There have been questions about his committment going off in the background and now we look to have surrendered the league, it seems he probably won’t show his face too many times again this season. I’m not saying he’s faking his injury, I just wonder if he’s as injured as he’s making out? Would John Terry or Wayne Rooney be out for a month with the same injury? I’m not so sure…

It’s a sad fact with modern-day professional footballers. We’d all love to think they’re 100% focused and motivate for the game, the sad fact is they aren’t. Diaby is another player whose heart is clearly not with the club. If he’s not talking about Barcelona, he’s taking three weeks out for every single niggle. Certain players can’t cut it at the very top on the mental side. Both will always carve out good careers, I just wonder if it weren’t for Arsenal what they’d be doing?

Not playing for a team as prestigious as ours… that’s for sure.

One of my Liverpool supporting mates asked me yesterday if I’d take top four every year for the last 7 years and no trophies or whether I’d prefer to win the Champions League, lose a final, win a league cup beating United in the final and win the FA Cup… with some instability in the league.

Forget the off the pitch shenanigans. Purely on a footballing level, what would float your boat more?

If I was making a life comparison, I’d compare it to relationships. You can either go out and get hooked up with a person from your home town, settle down young, get a mortgage by 24 and live your life… or you can take the bull by the horns, live your life a little, have a real mixed bag of relationships… get judged by your friends, but ultimately have more memories when you get older.

Does the latter sound familiar to some Arsenal fans when talking about their rivals?

‘Oh my, look at how vulgar they are spending all that money, they’ll have to pay it back some day’

‘I’d prefer to live within my means’

‘They’re just paying for the name there, you can get exactly the same quality if you have a rummage. Even better, why not just make one yourself?’

At the moment, Arsenal are that stable couple saving the pennies for that rainy day that will probably never come. Sure, they’re having a nice time, they’ll get to see some places, but it’s a little boring. Would you exchange some of the boring for a bit of the exciting? Would you like it if Arsenal cut the purse strings, took a few risks and went of a trophy in the ruthless fashion? I’m not asking for the manager to bankrupt us, but wouldn’t it be nice if he just said…

‘You know what, that extra £2million they’re asking is a little too much… but I’m here to win trophies. No one will look back in 50 years time and talk about that profit I turned in quarter 3 2011, I’m going to buy him!’

Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancellotti, Alex Ferguson and Pep Guardiola all take big risks because the rewards are worth it. Sure, Wenger might make a mistake with a big name signing but I’d say it’s better to have tried and lost than to have sat on a big fat £40million cash surplus and not tried at all.

Someone is going to need to have a word with Wenger this summer, the simple fact is you can’t have fans fighting each other in the stadium because of his flawed policies and let’s get this straight right now… they absolutely were fighting over them. I wrote that after the cup final I was nearly involved in a tear up for being a Wenger apologist, people are angry. The manager is in serious danger of ruining his legacy. I don’t want to see him go, though I will say, if he doesn’t change his policies and start acting like manager with a budget, I see no other choice.

As fans, we can’t go into this summer saying the same old, ‘well, you know what, I’m pretty sure he knows what to do this year’, because guess what? We’ve said that for the past 3 years! We know that unless he is told, he won’t go out any buy the necessary players, we know he has no interest in equipping his squad to compete for a whole season.

He’d rather promote the talent of next years up and coming loanees. The last game of the season will see the kids, we’ll all whack skippy over Fimpong, JET and Wellington and that’ll be enough to appease us for another season… then the same process will happen again.

That said, a few people from within the Colney walls have told me they think he’s finally lost patience this time. That’s nothing more than gut feeling though, I’ve heard nothing about transfer plans as I’m pretty sure they’re not even being considered right now.

Anyway, lets put it to the vote…

In other news, Lukas, a German Grover sent me over this some information about standing in Germany. Apparently Bayern Munich have just installed the space for 12,000 standing fans at their 60,000 capacity stadium. Now, that is pretty exciting stuff in itself, but get this… a season ticket for the German double winners and Champions League finalists in the standing section goes for 120 Euros! Imagine that, getting a season ticket for a oner, that’s how much it would cost for you to have 2.5 seat plaques engraved for you at Arsenal.

A standing area really would be giving something back to the fans and Arsenal should take note especially in the current climate… I’m not sure they’ll go for it though, that sanitised feeling you get in stadium isn’t an accident, it’s by design, it’s called a ‘family environment. I’d ask Gazidis to come and sit with my family on a Sunday afternoon to see what a real family environment is like… it’s spicier than Arsenal v WBA at the Emirates, that’s for sure.

I had this letter drawn to my attention yesterday via twitter. Basically, Arsenal refused to sign a home shirt for a life long season ticket holder who is running the marathon for charity. Now, I can sympathise with the club from the point of view that they must have to deal with thousands of requests. I can imagine that plenty of merchandisers lie about Charitable events to wangle shirt signings. However, when you read through the letter, some very valid points are raised. If Arsenal can sign a shirt for Ladbrokes, have one signed to induce people to their away day screening events and sign one for a ticketing complaint, surely they can muster the effort to have one signed for a charity for a life long season ticket holder?

If there are problems with dishonest people, then the Charity should be sent the signed shirt direct to auction on behalf of whoever is raising money. All that needs to be put in place is a bit of process. Everyone’s a winner. If it’s about aggravating players, f*ck em’. I hate to use language like that, but seriously, for the amount of hours footballers put into a working week, the last thing they should be complaining about is putting ink to a few shirts.


We did get a response from Comms Director Mark Gonnella on the subject. Apparently Arsenal will only sign one shirt per charity per year. I’m not really sure why you’d need to be so strict with something like charitable donations. Arsenal do a huge amount for them in general and that can’t be forgotten, it just seems like an odd policy for a club as big as ours considering how little effort goes into the action of getting it done. Apparently even the classless lot from West London will sign things if you ask. It’s a bit of a petulant rule if you ask me… but there you have it, at least you all know now.

I wonder if Ladbrokes are given one shirt per year as part of their sponsorship quota?

To finish on a lighter note, Tony Cascarino reckons Arsene’s biggest mistake in the January transfer window was not signing Kevin Phillips. Yep, he said it and it wasn’t a joke. Possibly the most retarded statement you’ve ever heard come from a pundits mouth? It’s gotta be close…

On an even lighter note, Eboue is rumoured to be considering following William Gallas over to White Hart Lane. Now, I don’t like to see players leaving Arsenal for Spurs, but I know that the Ivorian has been sulking about his lack of first team opportunities, so the chances of him being here next year are slim. What would be funny is if a player with the moral compass of a taxman upped and left for our biggest rivals… I’ve always disliked him, I’ve always hated the cult of Eboue… if he left for Spurs, my oh my would I chortle!

Have a great day Grovers, good luck to Madrid later, I hope they can over come a Spurs side with God almighty strapped into a pair size 11’s tearing up and down their left-wing!

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  1. Dave27

    English media makes me sick. Look at the stats of the Spurs v Madrid game. 64% poss to Madrid 29 Shots for Madrid 4-0 been hammered. All your hearing from Sky commentators is Spurs do not deserve this and its all down to the red card for Crouch. They could not wait to talk about how Arsenal were taken apart from Barca. WHAT A JOKE

  2. Rohan

    lol, atleast we gave Barca a run for their money. This could get humiliating in the second leg if it isn’t already.

    Perhaps Jesus is human?

  3. Lurch LeRouge

    stand up! if you hate tottenham
    stand up!! if you hate tottenham!!!

    stand up! if you hate tottenham!!

    stand up!! if you hate tottenham!!!!!!!

  4. Rohan

    One Nicklas Bendtner strike in the dying minutes from going through after playing half the game with 10 men?

    Yeah, we did give them a scare.

  5. Kushagra India

    Rohan pls Dont want to remember that rope a dope we were humiliated….because we have players like Bendtner playing that sort of matches….

  6. Lurch LeRouge

    can’t believe how supportive the commentary was, scratch that i can…

    if it had been us it’d have been all about 6 years without a trophy, no leader blah blah

    fuckin fester purring on continuously…yuck – not in my adams family.

  7. Rohan

    We didn’t really deserve to win, but we did give them something of a scare imo. That’s all I’m going to say either.

    I’m off then. Good day

  8. Rohan

    Yeah losing 4-3 on aggregate to what is one of the best teams the world has ever seen makes us the laughing stock of Europe.

    And that’s without even mentioning the ridiculous red card. Don’t take pride in the defeat, by all means don’t, but don’t ridicule it or be ashamed of it.

  9. Big Dave

    when the spurs goes marching…………….


    At least we scored thier, someone post the Henry goal, great nite that was

  10. SUGA3


    come off it, we did not fucking exist at Cunt Nou!

    yet, we could have nicked it (undeservedly, but hey), shame the Aryan Pele is so fucking shit!

  11. Kushagra India

    Why can’t we be ashamed of defeat especially if we can’t muster a single shot on goal and then watching shite teams like Schalke running the show ……mediocre teams like Chelsea/Manure reachin the Semis…

  12. Kushagra India

    When a team has 24% possession, has 0 shots, and completes 199 passes to their opposition’s 724 then that team should start looking at themselves. There was no hint of bravery, no trace of that style that Arsenal are famed for, instead they stayed tight and hoped that for the best. The red card masked the true story of the game ….
    from net and very true..

  13. David

    whatever you do tonight everyone stay on your feet as opposed to staying on your fingers or your belly button Because Ray wilkins said so

  14. Lurch LeRouge

    pretty much dial…

    two stupid sliding tackles in his attacking t(h)urd within 5 min of each other

  15. Gooner786

    Reggie mate,Hawksby and Jacob were really taking the piss out of Arsenal on Talkshite this morning.One of them is a spud supporter.

    Cant wait till tomorrow.

  16. Dial Square

    It is a shame though isn’t it ?…………………………….oh no it’s not it’s fucking hilarious

  17. Big Dave

    crouch looking forward to the flight home, air hostess on board to greet him, and he wont be tired for her.

    Twitchy will be twitching on stop and trying to flog a 4×4 to stallios

  18. David

    Oh by the way,

    Whoever said Harry was a good manager needs a slap in the face.

    Route 1 football to monkey boy and then bringing the infant defoe to play with himself on the pitch are not good signs of quality management.

  19. Raugaj

    Kushagra India says:
    April 5, 2011 at 21:44
    The whole of Europe laughed at us after that game……against Barca
    More like the whole of world laughed at greedy Wenger the wanker.

  20. Dial Square

    Maybe they will do better when they move to their new ground in Stratford……………………..oh sorry my mistake

  21. timao

    Just heard on 5 Live the Spurs fans all still being detained in the Bernabeu are being ‘entertained’ by big screen replay of a North London derby – unfortunately one that they lost! Have to admire that.

  22. Kushagra India

    just watchin RM vs Arsenal for the umpteenth time and again ruminating how poorly we handled Arsha he would have been better than Fred..

  23. patthegooner

    A real taste of what could have been there tonight.

    Firstly what a different player Ade is when he is interested!!! Shame he wasted his talent with his off the field antics at Arsenal. I would never want him back, but he is a class above Bendtner and Chamakh

    Secondly Di Maria. What were we thinking by pulling out at the last minute.

    Thirdly Alonso, thought he led the midfield really well, Dictacted play and governed the midfield

    And they get to bring on Diarra, shame he couldnt be patient for another 6 months. He would have be a regular after Gilberto and Flamini fucked off.


    best nights tv for a long time

    a banner is needed for when we go white hart lane saying

    back where you belong on channel 5

  25. Steve Biko

    WTF is wrong with INTER MILAN? Last year they were the impregnable rock. Today they have conceded 5 goals at home to Schalke. Same players without Mourinho! The guy is a genius.

  26. km

    Beautiful game tonight.

    Madrid made Spurs look like Rotheram Utd….that’s how big the gulf was today.

    Wonderfully assembled squad…all the players so graceful on the ball.

    Ronaldo was looking but what a goal by Di Maria.

    Bale without space to run at a player is v.avg.

  27. 1886-2006

    We have to finish above that lot down the road……. at least then we manage to keep some sort of dignity..

  28. Norman "Wenger" Bates

    As I sit here with my mothers under garments on my head, I’m thinking – should we not be applauding Harry Redknapp and Spurs for getting where they are, because Harry has the balls to spenad a few quid and buy some attacking players like Modric and Van Der Vaart?

    Is it not a bad reflection of – sniffffffffffff – of ourselves that we look at them with such sour attitudes?

    Just putting that out there.

    “Norman, your dinners ready!”

    “Coming mother!!…”

    Come on Mr Fly, hide in my wrinkles she’ll never know….